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How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring for Your Hand Size

Finding the right engagement ring, there are many factors to consider. From diamond shape and size to setting and metal color. We’re here to take the process from “OMG What?!” to “That was so much easier than I imagined!”

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Why It’s Important To Pick A Diamond Shape And Ring That Suits Your Hand 

Shape is everything! Let’s break down what a diamond shape is and why it’s important. The shape of a diamond refers to its configuration, such as oval, round, or emerald. Different diamond shapes (and sizes) can appear differently on the wearer, depending on the size of their fingers and hands. Read on to see which shapes work best for which type of fingers and hands.

How to Determine Your Hand Shape

So what is your hand shape? Factors that determine your hand shape are:

  • Overall size: is your hand generally large or small?
  • Size & shape of your palm: is your palm more of a square or rectangle shape?
  • Finger size: are your fingers longer or shorter? Slimmer or thicker?

And don’t forget:

  • Fingernails: does your partner generally keep their nails long or short?

While figuring out your hand shape isn’t measurable like finding your ring size, it’s important to have a general idea in mind when you start ring shopping.

Suitable Rings For Slim Fingers

It is best to choose a diamond and ring that won’t overwhelm a slimmer finger, this can include choosing a smaller diamond size. In terms of shape, oval or marquise diamonds, especially when placed in a solitaire setting, are widely considered the most complimentary engagement ring option for slimmer fingers. If you are looking to add width to a slimmer finger, go for a horizontal stone or an East West setting. 

14K White Gold 1.5mm Comfort Fit Engagement Ring

Suitable Rings For Wider Fingers

If you want to create an illusion of a slimmer finger, then a pear, oval, or marquise shaped diamond is a great choice. A three stone setting, with the popular round diamond as the largest stone in the center, similarly has a slimming effect.

14K White Gold Classic Round Shape Three Stone Engagement Ring

Another option is to take advantage of a wider finger and choose an angular-shaped engagement ring.

Best Ring Shapes For Short Fingers

Short fingers are most flattered by rings with a round, square, or Asscher diamond shape. If you want a diamond that will elongate your short finger, go for a pearl, oval, or marquise diamond.

14K Yellow Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)

A narrow band will also help elongate a shorter finger. Solitaire and pavé settings both have wonderful slim band options.

Best Ring Shapes For Long Fingers

Lucky you! Experts advise that most diamond shapes work well for long fingers. In this case, focus on size. A larger stone will look particularly elegant. If a larger stone is not in your budget, go for an elongated shape such as emerald or pear.

14K White Gold Ridged Dome Solitaire Engagement Ring

Or, if you prefer a shape that will balance out the length of your finger, go for a round, princess, or Asscher cut. A wider band will not only complement a larger diamond but will fit well on a longer finger. Another option, stack multiple slim band rings instead!

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Engagement Rings For Large Hands

Larger hands mean more real estate for more dazzle. Go for a larger size diamond and/or larger settings such as a halo, multiple bands, or multiple stones. 

14K White Gold Pavé Split Shank Contour Diamond Engagement Ring

Take advantage of the real estate larger hand provide and get more dazzle with a split shank, double halo, or pavé ring setting.

Engagement Rings Best For Small Hands

Small hands are best complimented by shapes that won’t overwhelm them, including round, Asscher, princess, and cushion. 

14K Yellow Gold Cable Solitaire Engagement Ring

Another tip, go for a smaller stone that will be proportionate with your smaller hand.

Additional Engagement Ring Buying Tips to Consider

Beyond diamond shape and ring type, there are additional factors to consider when shopping for an engagement ring. But don’t fret! We’ve got more tips below to make the process easy peasy!

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Shop With Your Partner

This is a great option for a variety of reasons, including if you are unsure about the best shape for your partner. This is a big purchase and the most important thing is that you and your partner are comfortable. And yes, the proposal can still be a surprise even if you shop for the ring together.

Try On Before You Buy 

Seeing how different diamonds and rings look can be the best way to find the most flattering diamond shape for your hand. Thanks to our Virtual Try-On technology, you can try as many rings, diamond shapes, and different metals as you want! Even when shopping online, you can try before you buy and make the best decision for you and your love.

Consult With A Jeweler Before Buying Your Diamond 

It never hurts to ask an expert, especially before making such an important purchase. Make sure to assuage all your concerns by speaking to a fabulous member of our customer service team. James Allen has non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts available 24/7 to answer any questions.

Measure Your Ring Size Accurately

Get it right the first time by getting your partner’s correct ring size. While James Allen does offer free ring sizing within the first year of purchase, save yourself the headache by following these tips:

  • “Borrow” one of your partner’s existing rings and get it measured
  • Use the string & ruler method
  • Have a family or friend help you get your partner’s ring size
  • Use our Virtual Try-On with your smartphone
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Choosing an engagement ring is no easy task. After all, this is a ring you will wear everyday, for the rest of your life. You want to make sure it fits and flatters your finger and hand. Whatever size hand, whatever your style, the most important factor about an engagement ring is that you and your partner love it!


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