Bridesmaids Proposal Ideas And Gift Suggestions

Bridesmaid’s Proposal Ideas And Gift Suggestions

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, the support of your closest friends and family is invaluable. We’re here to help you find the best bridesmaids’ proposal ideas and gifts they’ll love!

Bridesmaid's Proposal Ideas And Gift Suggestions

What Is A Bridesmaid Proposal?

A bridesmaid proposal is a special, thoughtful, and often creative way to ask your closest friends or family members to be a part of your wedding. This generally involves presenting them with a personalized gift or a heartfelt message that officially invites them to be bridesmaids. In recent years it has become common for bridesmaids to propose to each other during the wedding planning process, adding a special touch of anticipation and sentiment.

When Should You Send A Bridesmaid Proposal?

Ideally, bridesmaid proposals should be sent well in advance of your wedding date. Typically, brides-to-be send out these proposals a few months before the wedding. Usually, after they have chosen the wedding date and venue and have a clear idea of who they want in their bridal party. Sending the proposals early allows your chosen bridesmaids to plan and prepare for their role, especially if they need to make travel arrangements or take time off work.

Additionally, it gives them ample time to find and order their bridesmaid attire, which can sometimes take several weeks. Bridesmaid proposals are best sent out 6 to 9 months before your wedding but feel free to adjust the timing to suit your wedding planning schedule and individual circumstances.

How Should You Propose To Your Bridesmaids?

As far as bridesmaid proposal etiquette goes, the sky’s the limit. You know your ‘I do crew’ better than anyone else and your proposal should reflect that. While some proposals may be more intimate and low-key in nature such as a one-on-one brunch, others may opt to send a personalized gift or organize a social gathering bringing all the bridesmaids together.

There truly is no shortage of creative ways to do the asking. The most important thing is to show your appreciation for their support by making it personal and memorable.

Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

1. Personalized keepsake boxes with a heartfelt note

One of the sweetest ways to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids is by gifting them personalized keepsake boxes. These boxes can hold cherished memories and tokens of your friendship. Include a heartfelt note expressing your gratitude and excitement for having them by your side on your big day.

2. Customized puzzle revealing the proposal

Create a unique and engaging experience for your bridesmaids by giving them a customized puzzle. As they put the pieces together, they’ll discover your heartfelt proposal. It’s a fun and interactive way to involve them in your special moment.

3. “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” scavenger hunt

Turn the proposal into an adventure with a scavenger hunt. Leave clues at significant locations that hold special memories for both you and your bridesmaids. This creative idea adds an element of surprise and excitement to the proposal.

14K White Gold Akoya Cultured Pearl Earrings

4. Virtual proposal with a heartfelt video message

In this digital age, you can connect with your bridesmaids no matter where they are. Create a heartfelt video message expressing your love and appreciation. Share your excitement about having them as part of your bridal party.

5. DIY proposal cards with a favorite memory

Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes. Craft personalized proposal cards that feature a favorite memory you share with each bridesmaid. It’s a touching and sentimental way to ask them to be a part of your special day.

Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry is a timeless and meaningful way to show your appreciation to your bridesmaids. It symbolizes the lasting bond you share and serves as a beautiful keepsake of your wedding day. Why not consider these options:

Simple Gold Jewelry Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings & Rings

Explore a selection of simple gold jewelry, including elegant bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Each piece is designed to complement your bridesmaids’ style, add a touch of elegance to their wedding look, and even a wink at their personality.

14K Yellow Gold Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Personalized Initial Jewelry

Make the gift even more personal with customized initial jewelry. These pieces are a beautiful way to showcase each bridesmaid’s unique identity and your deep connection. Whether it be an initial bracelet or an initial necklace, there are plenty of minimalist and extravagant styles to choose from.

14K Yellow Gold Mini Initial M Necklace

Minimalist Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is a thoughtful and personalized choice. Suggest birthstone rings, necklaces, or earrings that correspond to each bridesmaid’s birth month. It’s a gesture that shows you’ve considered their individuality.

14K Yellow Gold Dangling Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

Jewelry Gift Sets

This stunning idea proves that jewelry doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag to be a winning present. This thoughtful bridesmaid proposal gift can be anything from a diamond pendant and matching stud earrings to pearl or floral-themed jewelry sets.

Matching Metals

Another beautiful gift for your gals is to select jewelry that will perfectly match the colors of their dresses. For example, gold or rose gold would look stunning with a pink dress, whereas silver or white gold would gorgeously pop against a yellow or blue dress. When it comes to bridesmaid accessories like colorful jewelry, they serve as an excellent means to seamlessly blend additional wedding colors into your bridal party’s overall ensemble.

A Pop Of Color 

Depending on what your bridal party is wearing, gemstone jewelry may just be the perfect touch of color and sense of individuality you’re looking for. Gemstone jewelry allows each bridesmaid to showcase their unique style while maintaining a cohesive look. We offer a wide variety of gemstone options that make it easy to coordinate with the wedding’s color scheme or theme. Additionally, gemstones are renowned for their symbolic significance, making them thoughtful and sentimental presents that can elevate the wedding experience for both the bridesmaids and the bride.


Can I personalize jewelry gifts with names or initials?

Absolutely! Personalization adds a special touch to your bridesmaid gifts. You can include their names or initials on selected jewelry items to make them even more unique.

Are there affordable options for birthstone jewelry?

Yes, there are affordable options available for birthstone jewelry. You can find a range of beautiful pieces that fit different budgets without compromising on quality and style.

What is the process of ordering bridesmaid gifts from

Ordering bridesmaid gifts from is easy and convenient. Simply browse our collections, select your preferred items, customize as needed, and follow the simple ordering process. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

How long does shipping usually take for jewelry items?

Shipping times may vary, but we strive to deliver your jewelry items as quickly as possible. Use our online filter to see which items ship soonest, as many of our best-selling items are shipped for free overnight!


Make the moment you ask your nearest and dearest to be part of your bridal party special with creative proposals and heartfelt gifts. These thoughtful gestures will make them feel cherished and set the tone for the wonderful journey ahead.

So, go ahead and create unforgettable memories with your bridesmaids as you prepare for your big day. And remember, at, we’re here to help you find the perfect bridesmaid gifts to make your wedding day even more special.



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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2023 Graduation Jewelry Gift Guide

2023 Graduation Jewelry Gift Guide

Caps off to the graduates! It’s time to celebrate their achievements in style and start thinking about the best-in-class gift for your family and friends who are graduating in 2023.

A+ Gifts for Graduates

Graduating high school, college or university is a significant life moment and deserves to be recognized with something special. We know that finding the perfect gift to commemorate this special day can be a challenge, but nothing marks a milestone and says congratulations better than a beautiful piece of James Allen jewelry. 

Despite the variety of options available out there, jewelry has become a go-to graduation gift for a reason. It is a timeless and meaningful gift that the graduate can wear and cherish for years to come.
Whether you’re shopping for a graduate who loves classic pieces or someone who enjoys more modern, chic designs, our 2023 Graduation Jewelry Gift Guide will help you master gift-giving and show your graduate-to-be just how proud you are of them. We have plenty of gift options to choose from in our wide range of beautiful graduation gifts and styles for all budgets.

Choosing the Right Piece of Jewelry

Jewelry is a timeless and thoughtful gift that anyone will definitely treasure for years to come. It’s the perfect way to show your loved ones how proud you are of them.

As an added bonus, it’s something they can wear every day with their favorite outfit or boost their confidence during their first job interview after college. However, just like with any gift, there are a few factors to consider before buying 

1. Metal Preference

One of the first decisions to make when choosing a stunning piece of jewelry is the type of metal your graduate likes to wear. Do they prefer sterling silver, rose, yellow or white gold? Choosing a metal that complements their skin tone is always a good option if you aren’t sure which metal they prefer.

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2.  Personal Style

Knowing what style of jewelry your graduate likes is the key piece to gifting something to help mark this special milestone. Is their personality subtle and reserved or are they more outgoing and love the social scene? It’s also important to take into account if they prefer something classic or statement jewelry pieces that are unique and trendy. Answering this question will definitely help to find the recipient’s next favorite accessory so much easier – trust us!

3. Symbolism and Personalization 

Sometimes you may find that the perfect jewelry gift lies in the gorgeous details. In addition to making your gift more sentimental, it will also show that it was chosen specifically for them.

Luckily, we have a beautiful selection of personalized jewelry pieces. You can treat them to a signet ring from our zodiac collection, gorgeous initial necklaces, or beautifully handcrafted constellation stud earrings. 

Our variety of birthstone jewelry pieces is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something modern and trendy with a pop of color. Birthstone jewelry is unique and special that holds significant meaning and symbolism for many people. These types of jewelry items are typically adorned with gemstones that are associated with a person’s birth month. Each stone holds a specific meaning. For example, January’s birthstone, garnet, is believed to promote good health and happiness, while May’s birthstone, emerald, is said to bring peace and balance. 

How Much Should You Spend On A Graduation Gift?

The amount you should spend on a graduation gift depends on your relationship with the graduate and of course your personal budget. In general, it’s more important to think about the sentiment behind the gift than how much it costs.

Graduation gifts can be anything from heavy price tags and investment pieces to precious metal jewelry to suit all kinds of budgets. Ultimately, the amount you spend should be based on your own financial situation and what you feel comfortable with. Keep in mind there are no rules when it comes to how much you need to spend, it’s more important that the gift is meaningful and memorable, regardless of the cost.

Gifts For Her 

When it comes to graduation jewelry, classic pieces never go out of style. This can be anything from a pearl necklace to an elegant pair of diamond studs or even a simple gold bracelet. 

However, if your graduate would prefer something more unique or a statement piece, bold earrings or layered necklaces would be an excellent choice.

What else would pair beautifully with a shiny new diploma? Dazzling stackable rings of course! This jewelry gift. Whether she prefers to stack multiple rings on many fingers or pile sparkle on one finger, both make a shining statement. Stackable rings will add the perfect personal touch to her style and are also the perfect foolproof gift to spoil a loved one to mark a special occasion.

Gift Ideas for Male Graduates

Jewelry may not always come to mind as a graduation gift for men, but it should definitely be considered. A simple yet sophisticated piece of jewelry adds to a polished look, both day or night. At James Allen, we have some excellent choices for all kinds of men. Dog tags are popular options and have a very classic masculine look about them. Additionally, a religious piece of jewelry is also a great option. Some of our other top picks for male graduates include men’s fashion rings and diamond bracelets

More Tips for Gifting Graduation Jewelry

  • Plan Ahead
  • Consider the Presentation
  • Include a personalized note
  • Be Mindful of Religious and Cultural Considerations
  • Choose a piece that complements your graduate’s style 
  • Collaborate with family & friends
  • Ask the scholar! There may be a piece of jewelry they’ve had their eye on?

Reviews From Our Customers

We always love hearing from our own happy customers! Read what some of them said about the graduation gifts they purchased.

14K Yellow Gold 1.95mm Paper Clip Chain Bracelet

Purchased the bracelet for my granddaughter as a keepsake to remember her graduation. It’s a truly quality piece of jewelry that she’ll have for her lifetime. The bracelet is a fine-quality piece of jewelry that my granddaughter cherishes.

Katharine M.

I chose these unseen earrings as a graduation gift for my granddaughter. The order was filled promptly and arrived on time. The stones matched perfectly, and were gorgeous! The packaging made the gift a perfect presentation. I’m sure this will not be my last purchase! Thank you!

Evelyn F.

14K Yellow Gold Citrine Birthstone Earrings
14K White Gold Pavé Halo And Shank Diamond Engagement Ring (Pear Center)

This ring made for an amazing surprise when I proposed in front of 50+ people at her graduation party. She and all of the other women could not stop staring at the ring in awe of how much it shone and sparkled. Everyone kept asking where I found such a beautiful setting and stone. Thanks, James Allen!

Nicholas R.

This bracelet was my high school graduation gift, and I couldn’t be happier! It is impossibly elegant yet simple enough to wear with sweats. The diamonds are brilliant, they shine brightly even in low light. The size is perfect as well! It seems durable, but I suppose only time can determine durability. Highly recommend it!

Claire S.

14K White Gold Two Prong Lab Created Diamond Tennis Bracelet


What is an appropriate amount to spend on a graduation gift?

The amount you spend on a graduation gift will depend on your budget and your relationship with the graduate. Typically, a gift between $50 and $100 is appropriate for acquaintances, while closer friends and family members may choose to spend more.

What type of jewelry is appropriate for a graduation gift?

Any type of jewelry can be an appropriate graduation gift, as long as it suits the recipient’s personal style. Classic pieces like pearl necklaces or diamond studs are always a safe choice, while more modern pieces like personalized birthstone necklaces or layered necklaces can add a unique touch.

What are the most popular gemstones used in graduation jewelry gifts?

Gemstones used in graduation jewelry gifts differ depending on personal preference and even cultural traditions. However, certain gemstones are more commonly associated with graduation.
One of the more popular gemstones for graduation jewelry is the blue topaz, which often symbolizes wisdom, courage, and communication. Another popular option is amethyst, which is believed to be associated with spirituality, purity, and royalty. Additionally, gorgeous garnets are often thought to bring blessings, success, and protection.


Choosing the perfect graduation gift can be a daunting task, but with our Graduation Jewelry Gift Guide, you’ll easily find the perfect piece to celebrate their success. Whether you choose a classic piece or a more modern design, your loved one will cherish their gift for years to come. So, don’t wait any longer – start shopping today at!
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Tarryn Snoyman

An experienced content writer with four years' experience, Tarryn enjoys educating and guiding jewelry shoppers, providing them with valuable insights and best practices for making informed purchases.

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Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year Cover

Celebrate Your Love With Our Anniversary Jewelry Gift Guide

Find the perfect anniversary gift for your loved one with our guide to anniversary jewelry wedding gifts by year. From timeless classics to modern designs, we’ve got you covered.

Anniversary jewelry

Wedding anniversary celebrates the happiest day of a couple’s life, the start of forever together. Whether you are shopping for your own anniversary or want to celebrate a couple you love, whether you need the perfect gift for a first anniversary or a couple who’s been married so long they could (and maybe should!) write the book on marriage, we’ve got the perfect gift!

Read our guide to ensure that every anniversary shines as bright as the love that created it.

Why Anniversary Gifts Matter

A wedding anniversary is not just any day. It marks a significant, life-changing event. The day two people become one unit, a day two families are forever bonded. Such an important day deserves to be marked with a meaningful, beautiful gift. Anniversary gifts matter, because the date they celebrate matters.

Traditional vs. Modern Anniversary Gifts

So what kind of gift are you going to give? Most people go with either traditional or modern choices. But at James Allen, we prefer the not-so-secret, sparkling third category: gemstones! Not only are these gifts that will always shine, but they’ll always be in style too. Read on to see the gifts that will make everyone go WOW!

First Anniversary: Gold Jewelry

The first year of marriage is an exciting time, after all, time flies when you’re having fun! A time filled with many adventures and, of course, firsts, gold is both the metal, gemstone, and color (yellow) for these gifts

14K Yellow Gold Ball Station Bracelet

Whether you feel like you’re still recovering from the wedding or just bought them a gift, gold offers a myriad of options in various price ranges, including budget-conscious, to mark this beautiful moment.

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Second Anniversary: Garnet Jewelry

Garnets are said to symbolize perseverance and strength. What better way to mark a second wedding anniversary than with a gorgeous garnet? After all, you made it two years! That’s nothing to sneeze at;-)

14K Yellow Gold Oval Garnet Birthstone Necklace

Not only do garnets have a beautiful meaning, but they look good too! This gemstone comes in various styles and is sure to make you feel like royalty. Love the look but need a little more bling? Choose a piece with diamonds for that extra dazzle!

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Third Anniversary: Pearl Jewelry

We’re not afraid to say it, pearls are simply perfect! And happily, they are the gift to give for a third wedding anniversary.

14K Yellow Freshwater Cultured Pearl Drop Earrings

Timeless and stylish, classic yet modern, pearls look just as good dressing up a casual outfit as they do accessorizing an elegant, black tie look. Whether you wear them everyday or save them for a special occasion, like a third wedding anniversary celebration, pearls are the piece every jewelry box needs.

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Fourth Anniversary: Blue Topaz Jewelry

Blue topaz has long been thought to represent true love, making it an ideal gift for a fourth year wedding anniversary.

Also making this glorious gemstone a fab gift, is the fact that it is simply sumptuous! Its cool tones look good in both yellow and white gold, ensuring it will go with any look!

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Fifth Anniversary: Sapphire Jewelry

For your fifth wedding anniversary gift them the September birthstone, sapphire. Sapphires have long been beloved by royalty due to their symbolism and beauty. Thought to mean devotion and sincerity, while bringing good fortune and protection, we can’t think of a better gemstone to mark such a significant milestone.

14K White Gold Sapphire Birthstone Earrings

Most well known for their deep blue color, sapphires are actually available in a range of colors. It is no wonder monarchs throughout history have been drawn to this gemstone. So give a gift fit for a queen on such a special day.

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Tenth Anniversary: Diamond Jewelry

Ten years together is simply incredible and certainly something to celebrate. Such a significant anniversary requires a significant gift. Diamonds are strong and beautiful, just like a union that has lasted a decade, making them the perfect gift for such a momentous occasion.

14K White Gold Four Prong Lab Created Diamond Tennis Bracelet (4.00 CTW - F-G / VS2-SI1)

Choose a gorgeous, timeless piece such as a tennis bracelet, or take the opportunity to upgrade an engagement or wedding ring. Whatever piece you choose, you can’t go wrong with dazzling diamonds.

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Twentieth Anniversary: Emerald Jewelry

Two decades together is a true feat and calls for a massive celebration. Representing love, vitality, and an eternal relationship, what better gemstone to mark twenty years together?

Incredibly durable, just like the love of two decades ago, emeralds are versatile, beautiful, and rare (also like a marriage that’s lasted twenty years!). Perfect in yellow or white gold, emeralds are an elegant choice.

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Is it necessary to follow the traditional gift guidelines for anniversary gifts?

Absolutely not! A gift that comes from the heart will always be appreciated. But gift-giving isn’t always so easy either. What to give, how much to spend, there are so many variables. That’s why gift guides are a great tool. Follow our guide exactly or use it as inspo and find your perfect sparkle at

What are some other popular anniversary gift ideas besides jewelry?

Anniversary gifts range from paper to flowers, appliances to pottery. From traditional to modern choices, there are many options when giving an anniversary gift. We might be a bit biased, but we think bling is always a great gift!

What kind of jewelry is typically given for each anniversary year?

Each anniversary year is associated with a metal or gemstone, not a specific jewelry piece. However, earrings are the most popular choice no matter what the year. Classic, perfect for everyday wear, and no size needed.

What is the significance of giving jewelry for each anniversary year?

Giving jewelry for an anniversary, whether it’s the first year or the tenth, shows love and affection. It is a gift that is beautiful, unique, and has a personal touch. No matter what type of jewelry or style, giving a beautiful piece of gemstone jewelry adds the perfect amount of sparkle to the celebration.

What is the tradition of giving jewelry for wedding anniversaries?

Noone knows for sure where the tradition of giving gifts, let alone jewelry gifts, for wedding anniversaries comes from. However, it is widely believed that the idea originated in the Middle Ages when husbands give their wives silver and gold wreaths or garlands to celebrate their 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries.

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Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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Cover Image

2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Every Budget

The weather outside might be getting frightful but the shopping is going to be so delightful! The holiday season is fast approaching, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for the James Allen Holiday Sale!

2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Every Budget

As the season of gifting approaches, you may be starting to worry about how much you’ll need to spend to find the best gifts for your friends and family. But don’t fret, our gift guide has you covered no matter what your budget is!

James Allen Holiday Sale

It’s that time of year and once again, you’re making a list and checking it twice. Naughty or nice, has sparkles and shine for everyone on your list so you can be the gifting master of 2023.

Everyone will oooh and aaah when they unbox your gift, so let’s get shopping! Whether you need something for every day or a once-in-a-lifetime event, whether you want to spend big bucks or stick to a budget, we’re sharing our favorite pieces that are sure to suit all the personalities on your list.

Gifts Under $300

Perfect pieces for everyday wear, our fine jewelry collection is filled with sparkles to fill their stockings and so much more! From minimalistic metal magic to beautiful birthstone options, this shine is a great place to start.

14K Yellow Gold Mini Initial H Necklace
14K Yellow Gold Fleury Cross

Go for personalized options like those from our initial jewelry or zodiac collections, or choose something with religious significance like a lovely cross pendant. Whatever you decide, the dazzle will be real.

Gifts Under $550

The colors of the holidays shine especially bright in our gemstone jewelry, featuring all 12 birthstones, another personal, budget-friendly gift that is sure to please!

14K White Gold Evil Eye Diamond Ring
14K Yellow Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearl Double Strand Bracelet (6.0-7.0mm)

Perfect pearls and dazzling diamonds fit here too. And don’t forget the guys! Our collection of alternative metal rings looks so good they’ll think you spent a lot more. Check out our favorites below and get ready for all those thank you notes.

Splurge – Gifts Under $1,000

Want to splurge but just a little bit? We got you. Our collection of glorious glitz under $1,000 is so vast we could barely choose a few favorites to share here. We’ve got sumptuous metal choices, delicious diamond shine, and so much more!

14K Yellow Gold Inside Out Round Hoops, 1/2 Inch Diameter (0.25 Ctw.)
14K Yellow Gold Amethyst Line Bracelet

Whether you’re looking for rings, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces, whether you want to build it yourself or choose a ready-to-wear option, we’ve got you covered for the holiday season and beyond.

Investment Pieces – Gifts Under $5000

Are you looking for the ultimate WOW? Do you want a piece that will literally never go out of style? These classic diamond pieces are exactly what you’re looking for.

18K White Gold Double Halo Oval Diamond Earrings
14K Yellow Gold Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet (2 CTW - H-I / SI1-SI2)

Many experts suggest that jewelry is a true investment, specifically, diamond jewelry, along with emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. In addition to sentimental value and timeless design, these versatile and seamless pieces can go from casual to black tie and back again. 

Looking for pieces that are sure to be beloved? Try our diamond tennis bracelets and eternity rings.


Does James Allen have free shipping for the holidays?

We sure do! James Allen offers fast and free worldwide shipping!

Can I see my diamond before I buy it for the holidays?

Absolutely! Thanks to our 360° HD diamond display technology, you can explore your diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and sparkle in up to 40x magnification.

Is financing available for the holidays?

Of course! James Allen has multiple financing options available.

What if I need help after hours when holiday shopping?

There is no such thing when it comes to our customer service team. Our experts are here to help you 24/7!

What should my budget be for a meaningful gift?

Budgets are a very personal thing and a gift’s meaning is not tied to its price tag. What makes a gift meaningful is the thought (cheesy but true!). If you keep in mind the recipient’s style and what is important to them, that is what counts. And lucky for you, we’ve got a wide variety of options in a large array of price points. 

Does James Allen have more extravagant options for higher budgets?

Yes, yes, and yes! James Allen has some fabulously luxurious, and I do mean fabulous, options for those choosing to adhere to a higher budget. Drape yourself in diamonds to die for or get that perfect piece just in case you go to the Oscars or get invited to tea with a King.

Keep It Gorgeous

Best of all, you can do all this shopping from the comfort of your home…or anywhere else. Avoid the lines, shop on your schedule, and best of all, get gorgeous gifts for everyone on your list at prices that will let you stay within your budget. Check us out at

Wedding Rings
Fine Jewelry

Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Every Budget

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we can’t think of a better way to show your love and appreciation than with a beautiful piece of jewelry! But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect piece. That’s why we’ve put together this gift guide with fine jewelry ideas perfect for every budget.

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift

Why Choose Jewelry As A Mother’s Day Gift?

Jewelry is a timeless and thoughtful gift that your mom is sure to treasure for years to come. It’s a way to show your mom how much you appreciate her and how much she means to you. Plus, it’s something she can wear every day to remind her of your love and of course, show off to all her friends!

Getting Started

Before you start shopping, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First, set a budget. Not only will this help to narrow down your options from our seemingly limitless possibility, but it will help to ensure that you don’t overspend.

Next, keep in mind your recipient. Is their taste more classic or trendy, minimalist or sparkling? And finally, whether you are shopping for your mom or any mom in your life, we have a wide range of options to ensure you find the perfect gift no matter your budget. 

Choosing The Right Metal

When choosing a piece of jewelry, a good place to start is the metal. Gold, whether yellow or white, is always a classic choice, while platinum is a popular, luxurious option. Consider your mom’s style, skintone, and other pieces when selecting the metal for your gift.

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Gift Ideas Under $2,500

Ok, this Mother’s Day you are ready to splurge! And lucky for you (and your mom), the options are simply incredible! These show-stopping gifts are sure to 

If you really want to splurge, there are plenty of stunning jewelry pieces under $2,500. A diamond eternity band or a gemstone cocktail ring are both show-stopping gifts. You can also opt for a diamond necklace or a set of diamond drop earrings.

Gift Ideas Under $1,000

Your mom is your hero, she deserves a gift worthy of that status. Give your mom a gift that shows her you put a lot of thought into her special gift for this special day.

Pro Tip:
Choose a lab created diamond gift and give your Mom more bling without spending more money.

Go for a timeless pair of diamond stud earrings, an elegant diamond bracelet, a unique stackable diamond ring, and so much more! With tons of fabulous options to choose from, good luck picking just one!

Gift Ideas Under $500

While Mother’s Day is really every day, the second Sunday in May is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation. And we think a little bling can go a long way, so give a rock to your rock and gift your mom a gift that keeps on glistening.

Make her feel like royalty with pearl jewelry fit for a queen. Whatever gloriously glitzy gift you choose from this group, your mom is sure to feel majestic.

14K Yellow Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearl Double Strand Bracelet (6.0-7.0mm)
14K Yellow Gold Freshwater Windsor Pearl And Diamond Wire Earrings

Looking for items with more color and a personalized touch? Here are some of our favorite birthstone items under $500.

emerald and diamond birthstone necklace
8341403_W_1_aquamarine solitaire necklace_March Birthstone Blog
morganite and diamond halo necklace

Gift Ideas Under $200

If you are looking for more budget-friendly options don’t worry, we have lots of beautiful pieces for you to choose from. From beautiful, modern minimalistic gold necklaces, to absolutely adorable stud earrings in various designs. Up the glitz with a pair of birthstone earrings so stunning your mom will never want to take them off!

Choose from magnificent metals, perfect pearls, dazzling diamonds, or glorious birthstones. With so many options under $200, you are sure to find the perfect gift for mom this year. Scroll through some of our top items, from birthstone jewelry to gold staples.

Design It Yourself

If you are looking for the grown-up version of a homemade gift, then look no further! Gone are the days of homemade drawings for the fridge, and in are the days of dazzling gifts to leave your mom speechless.

At James Allen, you can design a pair of earrings or a necklace yourself! Choose the metal, the setting, and the diamond or gemstone. This Mother’s Day, gift mom a luxurious, sparkling gift from you, designed by you.


What is the shipping estimate for Mother’s Day gifts?

Shipping times can vary depending on your location and which piece(s) of jewelry you choose. We recommend to order early to be double sure that your gift arrives on time.

Also, be sure to select a gift with the “fast shipping” icon. Make sure to place your order by 2:00PM EST in order to receive your item(s) by the listed date.

What is the best jewelry to give on Mother’s Day?

Whatever your mom will love the most! Whether she prefers classic diamond stud earrings, a timeless pearl necklace, or a gorgeous gemstone ring, we have the right piece and the right price to ensure you give the perfect gift.

What are the best materials to consider when choosing a piece of jewelry?

The best materials are the ones your mom will love the most! Some people prefer gold, others platinum, and some silver. Some will prefer minimalist metal jewelry while others will pieces dazzling with diamonds and gemstones. Choose the piece that fits your mom best!

What is the price range for jewelry gifts for Mother’s Day?

At James Allen, we have gifts for Mother’s Day (and everyday!) in various price ranges. Whether you are more budget conscientious or want to splurge, we have spectacular options in every category to ensure your mom shines bright.

Can I customize a piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day?

Yes! James Allen offers multiple options for customizing your jewelry. From choosing the diamonds or gemstones in a pair of stud earrings, to choosing the metal and setting in a perfect pendant necklace, you can give a gift you design yourself!

Because Mom’s The Best

Mothers are some of the most important women in our lives. Whether it is your biological mom, aunt, sister, wife, or just someone who gives that good motherly advice, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show your appreciation.

And we can’t think of a better way to say “Thank you for being you” than with a beautiful piece of jewelry. So no matter your budget, show your mom your love with some sparkle.

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Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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Black Friday Jewelry Gift Guide 2022

Black Friday Jewelry Gift Guide 2022

If you’re looking to check off your holiday gift list and save money, then it’s your time to shine…literally! James Allen’s Black Friday deals are here! Read on to check out the best bling at the best prices. Shop early, save, and, best of all, sleep in on November 25th.

Black Friday jewelry gift guide 2022

James Allen Black Friday Deals

It’s that time of year again, the annual James Allen Black Friday sale! 25% off SITE WIDE! Save on everything! That piece you’ve been eyeing all year? Treat yo self! That engagement ring your love has been sending hint after hint for? Blow their mind with the bling!

Sparkle so bright they won’t remember you forgot their birthday? They’ll wish you would forget it every year! Shop early, save, avoid the chaos, and savor those turkey day leftovers.

Best Selling Black Friday Engagement Rings

A chill in the air and some ice on the finger. The most romantic time of year is upon us once again, the perfect time to pop the question or upgrade your current hardware. Whether you prefer a perfect pavé, a sophisticated solitaire, or a heavenly halo engagement ring, this is the ideal time to grab one of our 2022’s top trends.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Oh, how we love a solitaire engagement ring! You just can’t go wrong with this timeless, classic, and simply stunning style. Not only are solitaire settings budget-friendly and allow the focus to be solely on your center stone, but they also give an understated elegance beloved by all.

Worried a solitaire is too simple? Pshaw! Go for a thick or thin band, get modern with a knife edge or a six prong shank, or amp up the style with a rope or cable band. The options go on and on!

Choose from timeless yellow gold, romantic rose gold, brilliant white gold, or go for the strength of platinum. Whichever metal or style you choose, a solitaire engagement ring will always be in style. Check out these best-sellers for inspo, and go to for more!

Halo Engagement Rings

Stand in the light of a halo when you give your loved one of our halo engagement rings. This style, where your center stone is surrounded by a literal halo of diamonds, gives your already shining ring enhanced elegance and sparkle.

Do you subscribe to the bigger is better theory? Then halo rings are for you! The halo of diamonds around your center stone will make your ring look even bigger than it is. It’s no wonder their popularity continues to grow.

After all, is more shine ever a bad thing? Take a look at some of the halos our customers just love, and check out more here!

Pavé Engagement Rings

Love the look of being surrounded by diamonds but don’t have the budget of being surrounded by diamonds, then look to the pavé! Pavé literally means to cover, as in to pave something. Pavé engagement rings feature bands that are covered in diamonds.

What is great is that the diamonds are tiny, making them affordable and allowing you to satisfy that champagne taste! All these tiny diamonds reflect light, allowing a beautiful sparkle that can be seen from every angle.

A ring that dazzles this bright is sure to get that yes! Need some inspo? These beauties are best sellers for a reason!

Fine Jewelry Black Friday Deals

Figuring out what to get all the people on your list can be a pain in the you know what! Fine jewelry to the rescue! It always makes a great gift! Whatever their style, whomever the recipient, whichever pieces are preferred, jewelry is the gift that never fails.

Gold Jewelry

There’s a reason it’s called The Gold Standard. Gold is always great; whether you prefer yellow, white, or rose, gold is the gift that keeps on going. Get in on the minimalist trend with gold pieces that you’ll never want to take off. Sport a perfect pair of gold hoop earrings, a cute cuff, an initial necklace, and a statement ring. 

Speaking of statement rings, why go for just one when you can stack ‘em? Wear them on the same finger or get multiple for different fingers because when it comes to stackable rings, it’s like holiday guests, the more the merrier!

Wear your gold jewelry together, separately, or mix and match for a clean, elegant look.

Lab Created Diamond Jewelry

Love diamonds but want to save even more? Then our lab created diamond jewelry collection is for you! Lab created diamonds are great because they are 100% real diamonds, cost less than their counterparts found in the earth, and at James Allen, are certified conflict-free.

Lab grown diamonds are also the perfect way to build your fine jewelry basics collection. Go for a timeless tennis necklace, a perfect solitaire ring, a set of cluster earrings, and a station dash bracelet to pull the collection together.

Is your best friend such a Libra? Is your sister the ultimate Gemini? Sounds like they need a piece from our gorgeous constellation collection. No matter their sign, we got the shine to match!

Complete the set with a pair of lab grown diamond hoop earrings, go for a heavenly halo ring, or choose a perfect pendant. No matter what you choose, our lab created diamond pieces are just what every jewelry box needs.

Birthstone Jewelry

Celebrate a birthday this holiday season, no matter when you were born! Rock the wintery gem of December with beautiful topaz pieces and feel hot hot hot while sporting these icy cool blues. Choose the deep red of January’s garnet and feel regal everytime you put it on.

From the deep shades of September’s sapphires to the engaging greens in May’s emeralds, birthstone jewelry looks good every month of the year. Were you born in October but have the soul of an April baby, pair a stunning opal necklace with a diamond bolo bracelet. Throw in a ruby ring for a pop of color to honor all those July babies you know and love.

James Allen’s collection of birthstone jewelry is so gorgeous you’ll wish you had a birthday every month of the year!

Black Friday Wedding Rings For Women

The James Allen Black Friday sale is also a great time to get that dream wedding ring! Whether you’re looking for your perfect wedding ring for the big day, to add a beautiful piece to your wedding ring collection, or simply want to upgrade your current wedding ring, we have the style for you.

Want a classic ring to match your timeless love? Go for one of our simply sophisticated classic wedding rings. Available in yellow, white, rose gold, and even platinum, as well as different widths, and even styles (check out our knife edge for a classic ring with a twist); we’ve got the right ring for you!

Do you need a ring that sparkles as bright as your smile? Our collection of diamond wedding rings will leave you wanting for words.

Whether you want diamonds that go on and on, like our dazzling eternity rings, or maybe you want a pavé wedding ring to match your pavé engagement ring, our seemingly endless collection of women’s wedding rings has the perfect ring waiting for you.

Black Friday Wedding Rings For Men

Your man deserves a ring that will make everyone go wow! We know this is an important purchase, one of the most important pieces of jewelry you’ll ever buy, and you don’t want to buy just any old ring. 

Classic men’s wedding rings are simply timeless. Whether you prefer a slimmer 4mm ring, or want a slightly thicker 6mm band, these enduring rings are available in varying widths, metals, and finishes. From comfort fit to slightly flat or slightly curved, these stylish rings allow you to take a classic look to the next level.

Do you love the classic look but want to give it a twist? Go for a bold, black tantalum ring. Whether you prefer one with a pattern, a satin finish, or one mixed with gold, there are so many choices for men’s wedding rings that you are sure to find your favorite.

Final Thoughts

It’s never a bad thing to be ahead of the game, at least when it comes to holiday shopping! Get that list, check it twice, and finish shopping before everyone else has even started. As they elbow their way through the crowds and set their alarms before the sun, you’ll be fast asleep, dreaming of how you got gifts everyone will love and at a discount. So head on over to because sparkle season starts now!


Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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10 Stylish Jewelry Pieces To Gift Your Bridesmaids

10 Stylish Jewelry Pieces To Gift Your Bridesmaids

Say thank you to your bridesmaid squad in style. James Allen has a stunning range of quality jewelry pieces that you can gift for your bridal party, and we’re sharing the best bridesmaid jewelry gifts for 2022. 

10 Stylish Jewelry Pieces To Gift Your Bridesmaids

As a bride-to-be, you will have many different things to plan and organize for the big day. And if you’re having a bridal party, this can also add to the stress of your endless to-do list. While giving your bridesmaid’s thank-you gifts isn’t always required, it never goes unappreciated. After all, your bridesmaids are there to provide support throughout the entire wedding planning journey and, of course, stand by your side as you say ‘I do.’ 

So what better way to show how much you value their time and assistance than with a gorgeous piece of fine jewelry? This is truly one of the best ways to help accessorize your bridesmaids (the way you want) for your wedding day. 

When selecting a jewelry gift, don’t forget to choose an item that reflects their individual taste and personality. But what’s most important is that their gift is filled with lots of gratitude and sparkle. 

How Much to Spend on Bridesmaid Gifts?

The big question that always comes to mind is, “how much should I spend”? A bridesmaid gift doesn’t need to be extravagant but simply a token of appreciation. Just like with any gift, this really depends on your budget. 

Scroll through our bridesmaid gift guide to find the most special gift they are sure to cherish. And, whatever you choose, be sure to add a handwritten note for each of your bridesmaids – they will love that! 

Gifts under $200

Cultured Freshwater Pearl Birthstone Earrings – $150

Earrings are a classic choice when it comes to bridesmaid accessories, which is why we love these freshwater pearl earrings. These timeless pearl earrings are the definition of elegance that your besties will cherish on your big day and are versatile enough for everyday wear.

Did you know that in some cultures, it is customary for a bride to gift her bridesmaids’ pearls as this gift is believed to symbolize enduring friendship or sisterhood? 

Yellow Gold Mini Initial K Necklace -$200

Whether you have one bridesmaid or ten, chances are they are part of your I do crew for a very special reason. This is why we believe personalized jewelry is truly one of the most meaningful gift ideas.

This mini initial bracelet is the perfect way for you to say ‘thank you’ and show your appreciation for your besties. Check out our matching mini initial bracelets.

14K White Gold Cultured Freshwater Pearl Birthstone Earrings
14K Yellow Gold Mini Initial K Necklace

Gifts Under $350 

Yellow Gold Square Tube Hoop Earrings -$310

No matter the theme of your bridal party, these classic gold hoop earrings are sure to make the perfect bridesmaid gift. Simple and chic, these will definitely help your gals go from a graceful everyday look to wedding-ready in no time. 

Diamond Open Heart Chain Bracelet – $350

This dainty white gold diamond bracelet features a pavé diamond heart. Meaningful and super versatile, what better way to show your besties just how much you love them?

This beautiful bracelet is available in both white and rose gold, allowing you to choose the most suitable metal for each member of your entourage.

14K Yellow Gold Square Tube Hoop Earrings
14K Rose Gold Diamond Open Heart Chain Bracelet

Gifts Under $500 

Oval Sapphire Birthstone Necklace – $370

Birthstone jewelry is a beautiful gift idea if you so happen to be looking for something that is truly meaningful and personalized. This is why we suggest that you choose a piece of jewelry that features your special bridesmaids’ birthstone.

It makes for a perfect touch that your bridesmaids will appreciate as it is unique to each individual. And, of course, each birthstone has its own lovely meaning. For example, September’s birthstone, the vibrant sapphire, is rich with symbolism.

It is often associated with royalty, wisdom, virtue, and good fortune. Remember, a versatile birthstone necklace that will last forever! 

Evil Eye Diamond Ring -$420

With a history dating back hundreds of years, in many cultures around the world evil eye jewelry is traditionally believed to be a symbol of protection against harm of the wearer. And this is just one of the many reasons that we LOVE this special gift idea for your bridesmaids.

Not only are evil eye rings so trendy right now but they are gorgeous accessories that will complement almost any outfit too. Many celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian, and even Rihanna have been spotted wearing all different types of evil eye jewelry.  

14K Yellow Gold Square Tube Hoop Earring
14K Yellow Gold Evil Eye Diamond Ring

Gifts Under $800

Interlocked Disk Paper Clip Bracelet – $540

Looking for a gift that is all the rage right now? Then this paper clip bracelet is exactly what you need to wrap up for your bridal besties. This yellow gold bracelet is bold yet lightweight and features elongated links that create a chic and modern design.

This kind of bracelet is a trend that won’t be going anywhere any time soon, so you’ll be guaranteed many smiles and happy bridesmaids. 

Taurus Zodiac Signet Ring – $790

As we mentioned before, a personalized piece of jewelry is the perfect gift for each of your bridesmaids. What could be better than a unique yellow gold zodiac ring? Each star sign symbolizes something different and meaningful.

Did you know that for many generations, people from all over the world have been wearing their astrological signs as jewelry for good luck, protection, and empowerment?

No matter your bestie’s personal style, they will definitely love a ring from our Zodiac Signet Ring collection.

14K Yellow Gold Interlocked Disk Paper Clip Bracelet
14K Yellow Gold Taurus Zodiac Signet Ring

Splash Out – Gifts under $1300

Yellow Gold Solid Round Box Chain Bracelet -$940

Thinking about the ultimate statement piece? Gift your ‘I do crew’ with this special 14k gold piece of jewelry that they can wear on your wedding day and then treasure forever.

Your friends are going to be with you every step of the way. So show them how much you appreciate their support with this elegant and modern take on the classic friendship bracelet.  

Cushion Halo Morganite & Diamond Stud Earrings – $1260

Perhaps you’re looking to splurge on a truly special gift for your maid of honor? If so, why not opt for these gorgeous rose gold, morganite studs?

Considered to be the gemstone of divine love, morganite also showcases a statement style. Meaning, that without a doubt, she will absolutely love this gift that she can show off anytime, anywhere! 

14K Yellow Gold Solid Round Box Chain Bracelet
14K Rose Gold Cushion Halo Morganite And Diamond Stud Earrings

Which of these gorgeous pieces would you gift your bridesmaids’? We can’t wait for you to share with us on one of our James Allen social channels: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter!

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