Pavé Engagement Rings: A Complete Guide

Pavé engagement rings are perfect for so many sparkling reasons. Available in multiple styles, there is much more to pavé engagement rings than meets the eye. Confused? Don’t worry! Read on to get all the info you need and more so that you can pick out the perfect pavé engagement ring.

If you are looking for a ring with incredible sparkle and shine, then look no further! Pavé engagement rings give your center stone that extra oomph, taking your shine to the next level.

This popular style is perfect if you love romance, glitz, and glamour. If you want an engagement ring that maximizes every spot for sparkle, then pavé engagement rings are for you.

What Is A Pavé Engagement Ring?

A pavé engagement ring is a ring where the band is literally paved with dazzling diamonds. It gets its name from the French word for paved, meaning that Pavé engagement rings include bands that are completely or partially covered with smaller diamonds, set so close together to resemble a paved road. A pavé engagement ring can include one or multiple rows of these diamond bands.

How Is A Pavé Ring Different From Other Engagement Ring Styles?

A pavé engagement ring is unique for a number of reasons. In addition to its unique style, the number of stones, as well as the density of those stones, is normally far higher for pavé rings.

While similar styles, like a side stone engagement ring, will include larger stones on the side to accentuate the center stone, pavé engagement rings have small diamonds set across half or the entirety of the band to accentuate the center diamond, as well as give the entire ring sparkle.

14K White Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)

What Are The Advantages Of A Pavé Engagement Ring?

Pavé engagement rings have many advantages, but most of all, its the increased sparkle and shine from every angle. Yet this increased shine only highlights the beauty of your center stone. Does it get any better?!

14K White Gold Pavé Rope Engagement Ring

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Pavé Engagement Ring?

While we love love love pavé engagement rings, we have to recognize there are some drawbacks. Their intricate design also means they are delicate and the ring can snag. So you need to be more careful, and this may require some maintenance in the future. Resizing can also be difficult with this setting, so do everything you can to get the right size the first time around.

14K White Gold Cathedral Pavé Crown Diamond Engagement Ring

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What Should You Look For When Choosing A Pavé Ring?

When choosing your pavé engagement ring, it is important to keep in mind a few things. It’s all in the details. In addition to traditional pavé bands, there are hidden details such as pavé halos, which can add additional sparkle and support to your center stone. There are also different styles of pavé engagement rings. Keep an eye out for micropavé and petite pavé, among others.

14K White Gold Trio Micropavé Engagement Ring

Pavé Wedding Bands

Give your pavé engagement ring a sparkling partner in a pavé wedding ring! Not only do they look seamless together, but the added sparkle is simply incredible! Be prepared to shine bright with these beauties.

Pro Tip:
Pavé wedding rings also look great on their own!

Caring For Your Pavé Engagement Ring

Caring for your pavé engagement ring is important, especially because of its delicate nature. Follow the steps below to keep your perfect pavé rings sparkling.

  • Always remove your ring before possibly harmful activities
  • Keep it clean (Do it yourself or get it professionally cleaned)
  • Consider an annual check up to make sure the settings are secure
How to clean your diamond ring

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What is the difference between a pavé engagement ring and a solitaire engagement ring?

Pavé engagement rings include a partial or full band of small diamonds set in a pattern meant to resemble a paved street, in addition to the center diamond. A solitaire engagement ring focuses solely on the center diamond.

What are some popular styles of pavé engagement rings?

Popular styles of pavé engagement rings include micro pavé, French pavé, and petite pavé. Micro pavé engagement rings feature very small diamonds, often in multiple rows, to create beautiful sparkle. 

French pavé engagement rings are known for their textured style, with diamonds set in v-shaped grooves in the band of the ring. 

Petite pavé rings utilize very small prongs to keep the small diamonds in place, ensuring that each diamond, despite its small size, is distinctly highlighted.

What metals are typically used to make pavé engagement rings?

Pavé engagement rings, similar to engagement rings generally, typically come in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum.

Are pavé engagement rings more expensive than other styles of engagement rings?

Pavé engagement rings cost more than some styles and less than others. This is due to the increased number of diamonds. Therefore, a pavé engagement ring is likely to cost more than a classic solitaire setting. Also, similar to all styles of engagement rings, the cost of a pavé engagement ring heavily depends on the size, cut, and quality of the center stone.

Can you customize a pavé engagement ring?

Sure! Is every customization possible? No. But you can customize your pavé engagement ring by selecting a center stone of your choosing. Go with a colorful gemstone or a fancy colored diamond for a unique hue, or choose a fancy shaped diamond that can also create an individual look.

Where can you purchase pavé engagement rings?

Pavé engagement rings are a mainstream and very popular style and be found at just about any reputable diamond and jewelry dealer. Try shopping online for a large selection of styles!

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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How To Create The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Budget

You’ve finally found “the one,” now you need to find “the ring.” This process can often have you feeling like Goldilocks. Looking at ring after ring, they are beautiful, but they aren’t quite right. So, it’s time to bring out your inner-designer and we are here to help!

Engagement rings and Diamonds

We’ll walk you through the entire process (it’s WAY easier than you think!) and you’ll end up with the perfect ring. The only thing you will need to worry about, is how to pop the big question!

How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?

This is a loaded question if there ever was one. Here at James Allen, we believe you should spend as much as your budget allows. It doesn’t help that there are many myths on the topic: “You need to spend three months salary” or “the ring HAS to be big.”

Fear not, we are here to help guide you in creating beautiful, budget-friendly engagement rings. Because creating and buying an engagement ring should be an easy and even, dare we say, a fun process!

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How To Create An Engagement Ring Under $1000

How To Create An Engagement Ring Under $1000

Choose A Setting

First things first, you want to choose a setting. Solitaire settings are not only a great choice when working with a budget, but they are a classic, timeless style. They will also pair beautifully with just about any wedding ring.

Second, choose a setting under $300, which will allow you maximum wiggle room when choosing a diamond for your center stone, i.e. the main event!

Third, choose your metal. We recommend going for a 14K gold setting as these are not only the most budget-friendly, but they are durable, making them perfect for everyday wear. Looking for a metal that will not need replating? Go for yellow gold! 

If you feel like splurging a bit here, you can go for platinum. But keep in mind, this metal is as rare as it is beautiful, resulting in a higher price point. Love the look of platinum but not the price? Go for white gold, just keep in mind there will be future costs for replating. 

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Select A Diamond

Now for the star of the show, selecting your diamond. First off, we recommend going for a lab created diamond. Not only can it save you up to 30%, but it is 100% a real diamond in every single way. And just because you are on a budget, does NOT mean you have to compromise on color or clarity.

Want your diamond to punch above its weight? Go for an elongated fancy shape diamond, such as an emerald cut, oval, or marquise. These diamond shapes have large table surfaces, allowing them to appear larger than their actual carat size.

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How To Create An Engagement Ring Under $1500

How To Create An Engagement Ring Under $1500

Choose A Setting

The first step is to choose a setting. Similar to the above, we recommend a solitaire setting of no more than $300. Not only are they beautiful and versatile, AND the most popular choice for engagement rings, they are also the most budget-friendly option around. Once you’ve chosen your solitaire style, you’ll need to pick a metal. 

Once again, we recommend going for gold here. 14K gold is popular, durable (making it an ideal choice for a ring that will be worn everyday), and available in yellow and white. If you prefer a more low-maintenance metal, go for yellow gold.

Love the look of white gold but want to spend a bit more? Or maybe you have very sensitive skin? Then go for platinum. This metal will be easier on your skin thanks to its purity, however keep in mind, this will also result in that higher price point.

Select A Diamond 

Now for the pièce de résistance! Selecting a diamond can be overwhelming, but we are here to help. We recommend choosing a round cut diamond. This diamond shape is not only incredibly popular and shines bright, but, when selecting a lab created diamond, you can choose a whole carat (or just under), and still get a high color and clarity grade.

Prefer an earth created diamond? The rules still apply, but you will need to select either a lower grade diamond or choose a carat weight under half a carat.

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How To Create An Engagement Ring Under $2000 

How To Create An Engagement Ring Under $2000 

Choose A Setting 

Designing an engagement ring with a higher budget allows for more options. In this case, you have two choices. You can go with a classic solitaire setting, choosing a budget of no more than $500 here, and use the rest of your budget to splurge on a big diamond. So if bigger is indeed better for your beloved, this might be the way to go.

Or, you can choose a setting with more sparkle, such as a pavé, halo, or side stone. These settings feature diamonds that will enhance the dazzle of your center stone. They will also come with a higher price point than the solitaire option, resulting in a smaller center stone diamond (if you plan to stay within budget of course).

In this case, you will need to choose a smaller diamond but can design a more unique looking ring. Whichever route you choose, your ring will shine bright!

Select A  Diamond

And of course, the main event! While a higher budget can mean you have more options when choosing a diamond, we still recommend going with a lab created option. Saving up to 30% will allow for a significantly bigger carat size and higher clarity grade.

If you prefer an earth created diamond, you will need to select a near-color diamond of SI1 or lower, and a carat size of 0.70 or smaller. We also recommend in this case, to stick to a solitaire setting so you are sure to stay within budget.

Factors To Keep In Mind When You Shop For An Engagement Ring Online 

There are multiple things to keep in mind when shopping for an engagement ring, especially online. Check out our tips below to ensure that buying your engagement ring is as seamless as possible…and even fun!

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Buying Online

Shopping online for an engagement ring has a number of benefits. First of all, if the proposal is a surprise, you can do your shopping whenever your partner is out. Midnight, lunchtime, while they are at work! The options are limitless.

And of course, buying an engagement ring online is great because of the seemingly endless selection of loose diamonds, settings, and ready-to-buy rings. Whatever you are searching for, shopping online will ensure a selection like no other.

Finally, shopping online allows you to take advantage of cutting-edge technology. At James Allen, you can view all our diamonds and rings in our highly magnified 360° HD Diamond Display Technology. This will allow you to look at every nook and cranny, so you can be sure you are buying your perfect diamond.

Access To 24/7 Customer Service 

Another great feature to shopping online, at least with James Allen, is access 24/7 to our excellent customer service team. Our experts are always available to answer any questions. So if you need to stealthily shop in the middle of the night, you can chat our experts with any to guide you through every step. Your secret will be safe!

More Engagement Ring & Diamond Variety 

As they say, variety is the spice of life. With online shopping, the selection of engagement rings and diamonds is seemingly infinite! Compare lab created with earth created diamonds, compare different styles of rings, and not just the ones limited to a display case. 

Thanks to online shopping, you can browse through literally hundreds upon hundreds of different styles, options, and combinations.

Added Technological Features

  • 360° HD Diamond Display Technology: This technology allows you to view and compare diamond characteristics including: cut, color, and clarity, so you can make the best-informed decision.
  • Real-Time Diamond Inspection: Browse loose diamonds with the assistance of one of our non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts. Ask questions and review everything together, all for free!
  • Virtual Try-ON: Don’t miss out on trying the ring on just because you are shopping online. See how the ring you design looks on your hand so you can make the most informed decision before such a big purchase. You really can try it before you buy!
  • Free Engagement Ring Engraving: Give your engagement ring an added level of meaning with a personal engraving. Choose a special date or a private joke, and add it for free!
  • Matching Bridal Sets: If you like things to match and you want your engagement ring to match seamlessly with your wedding ring, then online shopping is the way to go. Shopping online will allow you to easily see the recommended matching wedding ring when viewing the engagement ring of your choice.


What factors do I need to consider when creating an engagement ring budget?

When creating an engagement ring it is important to remember the price of the setting is separate from the price of the diamond. A setting’s price will be affected by metal choice and style.

Styles with diamonds such as halo or side stone, will cost more than a metal-only setting such as solitaire. Additionally, a setting with more intricate details can cost me, even if no additional diamonds are involved.

When choosing a diamond, lab created options will cost less than earth created diamonds. And with diamonds, the higher the clarity grades and the heavier the carat weights, the higher the price point.

How can I save money when designing an engagement ring online?

Choose a simple yet stylish setting, such as a solitaire. This is by far the most budget-friendly setting (it is also quite popular). Then go for a lab created diamond, this will truly allow you to get more bang for your buck, saving you up to 30%.

Is it better to choose a diamond or a gemstone for my engagement ring?

This is a matter of personal taste. While diamonds are certainly the more traditional choice, more and more couples are choosing gemstones for a variety of reasons. Whether it is sentimental value, a desire to be different, or a wish to choose a birthstone, both diamonds and gemstones make great choices for engagement rings.

What do I need to keep in mind when choosing the style and setting for my engagement ring?

There are multiple factors to keep in mind when choosing a setting for your engagement ring. Cost, style preference, and of course, life style. If your intended plans to wear their ring every day and have a job that is very hands on, then they may want a sturdier setting, such as the bezel setting.

How can I be sure that I create an engagement ring my partner will love?

This can be tricky. Check out the style of rings and other jewelry your partner wears on a regular basis. Maybe get their friends and family involved. Have you had friends get engaged recently? Make sure to comment on their ring to your partner to get their reaction.

And of course, you can always design the ring together. Rather than ruining the surprise, creating a ring together can be a beautiful bonding experience.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, creating an engagement ring can seem like a daunting process. Even more so when you apply a budget to the situation. But thanks to our wide selection of settings, the options for lab created, as well as earth created diamonds, cutting edge technology, and 24/7 assistance from our team of experts, creating the engagement ring of your dreams is easier than ever. 

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Colored Diamonds

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Fancy Color Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds are all the rage, but what exactly are they? Are they real? Are they like regular diamonds? And how do they get their color? Read on to get all the answers and some inspo too!

Colored Diamonds

In 2021, a new record was set. The largest, most valuable blue diamond was discovered in South Africa. It was larger, had a deeper color than the previous record holder, and was awarded the highest color rating available by the GIA, a prize offered to less than 1% of blue diamonds.

The stone took over a year to polish and facet into the 15.10-carat step-cut diamond it is today. Now The De Beers Cullinan Blue diamond is valued at $48 million USD.

Blue Diamond

While THIS fancy colored diamond is out of reach for most of us here on the ground, getting your own fancy colored diamond is easier than ever. James Allen carries a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

So get on board with the trend that is here to stay! From engagement rings to fine jewelry, fancy colored diamonds give that unique, personal edge to your bling. So get ready to sparkle, because embracing color has never been more in style.

What Exactly Are Fancy Colored Diamonds?

Essentially fancy colored diamonds are diamonds that feature a variety of colors. Diamonds normally come in an assortment of colorless options. Meaning that diamonds are either completely colorless all the way to a variety of light yellow.

How Do Fancy Color Diamonds Get Their Color?

While in traditional diamonds color is not desired, in fancy colored diamonds, color is EXACTLY what you want! From dark to light, color is what you are after. So how do they get their color?

These highly prized diamonds, similar to their traditional counterparts, get their color when they are formed. Intense heat and pressure during the diamond’s formation create trace elements that present themselves in a way to create either no color, or for fancy colored diamonds, brilliant color.

The strength of the color depends on the interaction of the trace elements. Whether you prefer a lighter pink or a brighter blue, it’s all about the carbon atoms.

Fancy colored diamonds

The Colors Of The Rainbow

Fancy colored diamonds are available in every color you can think of: pink, blue, purple, green, orange, brown, black, and even red or gray. While traditional diamonds lose value as they gain color, fancy colored diamonds do the opposite.

The stronger the color, the higher the value. Similar to traditional diamonds, fancy colored diamonds gain value the larger the size. The most common colors are in the yellow family, which is great because they are often the most economical choice of fancy colored diamonds.

Round colored diamond

Hue, Saturation, and Tone

Hue, saturation, and tone: what are they and what do they mean? Hue is the main or strongest color of the fancy colored diamond. Fancy colored diamonds can be one color but the hue is the strongest, followed by secondary colors and tints.

Saturation is just how strong the color, or hue, of the fancy colored diamond is. As in, how saturated is the color of the fancy colored diamond. A fancy colored diamond’s saturation can go from “light” to “intense,” all the way to “vivid.”

And finally there is tone. Tone is how light or dark the fancy colored diamond appears and is decided by the amount of brown, black, gray, or white color.

Hue, saturation, and tone all come together to determine a fancy colored diamond’s grade (light, fancy, fancy light, fancy intense, vivid, fancy dark, and fancy deep). Similar to their traditional diamond counterparts, fancy colored diamonds’ value and fit are not determined solely on their grade.

Different strokes for different folks, different grades for different fancy colored diamonds, for different engagement rings.

Engaging Color, Exclusive Style

Fancy colored diamonds are just as real as traditional diamonds and can be used in just as many ways. Fancy colored diamonds are a popular choice, especially for engagement rings and wedding rings. So how do you know which fancy colored diamond is right for you?

Fancy Pink Diamonds

Let’s start with fancy pink diamonds. Fancy pink diamonds have long been a favorite for those who love a burst of color. As part of the rarest of diamond colors, earth created pink (and red) fancy colored diamonds are an extraordinary find, with reports of only approximately 30 being in existence.

Get your very own fancy pink diamond engagement ring with James Allen!

Pink diamond
Pink diamond ring

Fancy Blue Diamonds

Love of color is not specific to pink. Fancy blue diamonds make a beautiful, calming choice. Another rarity, fancy blue colored diamonds are thought to represent spirituality, eternity, truth, and devotion. Getting their hue from boron, with their resemblance of a clear spring sky or a sparkling ocean, it is no wonder fancy blue diamonds are so popular.

Check out this example of a Fancy Blue Diamond Engagement Ring!

Fancy blue diamond
Blue engagement ring

Fancy Black Diamonds

Or maybe you wanna go dark like the black diamond ring? Fancy black diamonds have a strong color intensity and sparkle with a metallic shine. These exotic diamonds are a darling of the fashion world.

Found only in a few locations, fancy black diamonds are thought to symbolize love and eternity, making them a fabulously unique way to adorn your finger. Get your own version from James Allen and start showing off!

Black diamond
Black diamond ring

Fancy Green Diamonds

Representing life, renewal, and growth, green is a great color for a fancy diamond. Fancy green diamonds are extremely rare, as they are created due to exposure to radiation. The radiation can come from groundwater or radioactive rocks near the earth’s surface.

Often pricier than their counterparts due to their rarity, green diamonds are a lively colorful choice for an engagement ring. And don’t worry, while the stone may get its color from radiation, it is totally safe!

Green diamond
Green diamond ring

Looking for another color of the rainbow to make your engagement ring stand out? Check out the many colors of fancy diamonds that James Allen has to offer!

colored diamonds vs traditional diamonds

Real Diamonds, Real Fancy

Fancy colored diamonds are not to be confused with gemstones (which also go great with diamonds). Fancy colored diamonds are just as much diamonds as their traditional counterparts.

The advantage is that you can express your personal style in a particularly unique way using color. Check out these examples below or create your own!

And let’s not forget fancy colored brown diamonds, better known as chocolate diamonds.

In addition to their rarity and value, fancy colored diamonds are extremely popular. At once elegant and trendy, fancy colored diamonds allow you to add an extra level of personal expression. But don’t be fooled by the name, fancy colored diamonds are also good to wear every day!

Pair with white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, James Allen has a variety of fancy colored diamonds to create the perfect engagement ring. Start shopping today!


1. How are fancy colored diamonds graded?

Fancy colored diamonds are graded using the GIA’s color grading system, which assesses the diamond’s hue, tone, and saturation. The more intense the color, the higher the rating, and the higher the price.

2. Are fancy colored diamonds a good investment?

If you know what to look for and you purchase a diamond with a proper GIA rating- then, yes! Fancy colored diamonds make a great investment. While the colored diamond market can be volatile at times, there is comfort in knowing that fancy colored diamonds are rare, coveted, and stunningly beautiful- forever!

3. How rare are fancy colored diamonds?

While the rarity of a colored diamond depends on the intensity of its color, the short answer is yes! Fancy colored diamonds are incredibly rare and highly coveted. For example, less than 0.1% of diamonds mined are fancy yellow diamonds!

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Celebrate Your Love With Our Anniversary Jewelry Gift Guide

Find the perfect anniversary gift for your loved one with our guide to anniversary jewelry wedding gifts by year. From timeless classics to modern designs, we’ve got you covered.

Anniversary jewelry

Wedding anniversary celebrates the happiest day of a couple’s life, the start of forever together. Whether you are shopping for your own anniversary or want to celebrate a couple you love, whether you need the perfect gift for a first anniversary or a couple who’s been married so long they could (and maybe should!) write the book on marriage, we’ve got the perfect gift!

Read our guide to ensure that every anniversary shines as bright as the love that created it.

Why Anniversary Gifts Matter

A wedding anniversary is not just any day. It marks a significant, life-changing event. The day two people become one unit, a day two families are forever bonded. Such an important day deserves to be marked with a meaningful, beautiful gift. Anniversary gifts matter, because the date they celebrate matters.

Traditional vs. Modern Anniversary Gifts

So what kind of gift are you going to give? Most people go with either traditional or modern choices. But at James Allen, we prefer the not-so-secret, sparkling third category: gemstones! Not only are these gifts that will always shine, but they’ll always be in style too. Read on to see the gifts that will make everyone go WOW!

First Anniversary: Gold Jewelry

The first year of marriage is an exciting time, after all, time flies when you’re having fun! A time filled with many adventures and, of course, firsts, gold is both the metal, gemstone, and color (yellow) for these gifts

14K Yellow Gold Ball Station Bracelet

Whether you feel like you’re still recovering from the wedding or just bought them a gift, gold offers a myriad of options in various price ranges, including budget-conscious, to mark this beautiful moment.

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Second Anniversary: Garnet Jewelry

Garnets are said to symbolize perseverance and strength. What better way to mark a second wedding anniversary than with a gorgeous garnet? After all, you made it two years! That’s nothing to sneeze at;-)

14K Yellow Gold Oval Garnet Birthstone Necklace

Not only do garnets have a beautiful meaning, but they look good too! This gemstone comes in various styles and is sure to make you feel like royalty. Love the look but need a little more bling? Choose a piece with diamonds for that extra dazzle!

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Third Anniversary: Pearl Jewelry

We’re not afraid to say it, pearls are simply perfect! And happily, they are the gift to give for a third wedding anniversary.

14K Yellow Freshwater Cultured Pearl Drop Earrings

Timeless and stylish, classic yet modern, pearls look just as good dressing up a casual outfit as they do accessorizing an elegant, black tie look. Whether you wear them everyday or save them for a special occasion, like a third wedding anniversary celebration, pearls are the piece every jewelry box needs.

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Fourth Anniversary: Blue Topaz Jewelry

Blue topaz has long been thought to represent true love, making it an ideal gift for a fourth year wedding anniversary.

Also making this glorious gemstone a fab gift, is the fact that it is simply sumptuous! Its cool tones look good in both yellow and white gold, ensuring it will go with any look!

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Fifth Anniversary: Sapphire Jewelry

For your fifth wedding anniversary gift them the September birthstone, sapphire. Sapphires have long been beloved by royalty due to their symbolism and beauty. Thought to mean devotion and sincerity, while bringing good fortune and protection, we can’t think of a better gemstone to mark such a significant milestone.

14K White Gold Sapphire Birthstone Earrings

Most well known for their deep blue color, sapphires are actually available in a range of colors. It is no wonder monarchs throughout history have been drawn to this gemstone. So give a gift fit for a queen on such a special day.

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Tenth Anniversary: Diamond Jewelry

Ten years together is simply incredible and certainly something to celebrate. Such a significant anniversary requires a significant gift. Diamonds are strong and beautiful, just like a union that has lasted a decade, making them the perfect gift for such a momentous occasion.

14K White Gold Four Prong Lab Created Diamond Tennis Bracelet (4.00 CTW - F-G / VS2-SI1)

Choose a gorgeous, timeless piece such as a tennis bracelet, or take the opportunity to upgrade an engagement or wedding ring. Whatever piece you choose, you can’t go wrong with dazzling diamonds.

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Twentieth Anniversary: Emerald Jewelry

Two decades together is a true feat and calls for a massive celebration. Representing love, vitality, and an eternal relationship, what better gemstone to mark twenty years together?

Incredibly durable, just like the love of two decades ago, emeralds are versatile, beautiful, and rare (also like a marriage that’s lasted twenty years!). Perfect in yellow or white gold, emeralds are an elegant choice.

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Is it necessary to follow the traditional gift guidelines for anniversary gifts?

Absolutely not! A gift that comes from the heart will always be appreciated. But gift-giving isn’t always so easy either. What to give, how much to spend, there are so many variables. That’s why gift guides are a great tool. Follow our guide exactly or use it as inspo and find your perfect sparkle at

What are some other popular anniversary gift ideas besides jewelry?

Anniversary gifts range from paper to flowers, appliances to pottery. From traditional to modern choices, there are many options when giving an anniversary gift. We might be a bit biased, but we think bling is always a great gift!

What kind of jewelry is typically given for each anniversary year?

Each anniversary year is associated with a metal or gemstone, not a specific jewelry piece. However, earrings are the most popular choice no matter what the year. Classic, perfect for everyday wear, and no size needed.

What is the significance of giving jewelry for each anniversary year?

Giving jewelry for an anniversary, whether it’s the first year or the tenth, shows love and affection. It is a gift that is beautiful, unique, and has a personal touch. No matter what type of jewelry or style, giving a beautiful piece of gemstone jewelry adds the perfect amount of sparkle to the celebration.

What is the tradition of giving jewelry for wedding anniversaries?

Noone knows for sure where the tradition of giving gifts, let alone jewelry gifts, for wedding anniversaries comes from. However, it is widely believed that the idea originated in the Middle Ages when husbands give their wives silver and gold wreaths or garlands to celebrate their 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries.

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Every Budget

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we can’t think of a better way to show your love and appreciation than with a beautiful piece of jewelry! But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect piece. That’s why we’ve put together this gift guide with fine jewelry ideas perfect for every budget.

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift

Why Choose Jewelry As A Mother’s Day Gift?

Jewelry is a timeless and thoughtful gift that your mom is sure to treasure for years to come. It’s a way to show your mom how much you appreciate her and how much she means to you. Plus, it’s something she can wear every day to remind her of your love and of course, show off to all her friends!

Getting Started

Before you start shopping, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First, set a budget. Not only will this help to narrow down your options from our seemingly limitless possibility, but it will help to ensure that you don’t overspend.

Next, keep in mind your recipient. Is their taste more classic or trendy, minimalist or sparkling? And finally, whether you are shopping for your mom or any mom in your life, we have a wide range of options to ensure you find the perfect gift no matter your budget. 

Choosing The Right Metal

When choosing a piece of jewelry, a good place to start is the metal. Gold, whether yellow or white, is always a classic choice, while platinum is a popular, luxurious option. Consider your mom’s style, skintone, and other pieces when selecting the metal for your gift.

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Gift Ideas Under $2,500

Ok, this Mother’s Day you are ready to splurge! And lucky for you (and your mom), the options are simply incredible! These show-stopping gifts are sure to 

If you really want to splurge, there are plenty of stunning jewelry pieces under $2,500. A diamond eternity band or a gemstone cocktail ring are both show-stopping gifts. You can also opt for a diamond necklace or a set of diamond drop earrings.

Gift Ideas Under $1,000

Your mom is your hero, she deserves a gift worthy of that status. Give your mom a gift that shows her you put a lot of thought into her special gift for this special day.

Pro Tip:
Choose a lab created diamond gift and give your Mom more bling without spending more money.

Go for a timeless pair of diamond stud earrings, an elegant diamond bracelet, a unique stackable diamond ring, and so much more! With tons of fabulous options to choose from, good luck picking just one!

Gift Ideas Under $500

While Mother’s Day is really every day, the second Sunday in May is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation. And we think a little bling can go a long way, so give a rock to your rock and gift your mom a gift that keeps on glistening.

Make her feel like royalty with pearl jewelry fit for a queen. Whatever gloriously glitzy gift you choose from this group, your mom is sure to feel majestic.

14K Yellow Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearl Double Strand Bracelet (6.0-7.0mm)
14K Yellow Gold Freshwater Windsor Pearl And Diamond Wire Earrings

Looking for items with more color and a personalized touch? Here are some of our favorite birthstone items under $500.

emerald and diamond birthstone necklace
8341403_W_1_aquamarine solitaire necklace_March Birthstone Blog
morganite and diamond halo necklace

Gift Ideas Under $200

If you are looking for more budget-friendly options don’t worry, we have lots of beautiful pieces for you to choose from. From beautiful, modern minimalistic gold necklaces, to absolutely adorable stud earrings in various designs. Up the glitz with a pair of birthstone earrings so stunning your mom will never want to take them off!

Choose from magnificent metals, perfect pearls, dazzling diamonds, or glorious birthstones. With so many options under $200, you are sure to find the perfect gift for mom this year. Scroll through some of our top items, from birthstone jewelry to gold staples.

Design It Yourself

If you are looking for the grown-up version of a homemade gift, then look no further! Gone are the days of homemade drawings for the fridge, and in are the days of dazzling gifts to leave your mom speechless.

At James Allen, you can design a pair of earrings or a necklace yourself! Choose the metal, the setting, and the diamond or gemstone. This Mother’s Day, gift mom a luxurious, sparkling gift from you, designed by you.


What is the shipping estimate for Mother’s Day gifts?

Shipping times can vary depending on your location and which piece(s) of jewelry you choose. We recommend to order early to be double sure that your gift arrives on time.

Also, be sure to select a gift with the “fast shipping” icon. Make sure to place your order by 2:00PM EST in order to receive your item(s) by the listed date.

What is the best jewelry to give on Mother’s Day?

Whatever your mom will love the most! Whether she prefers classic diamond stud earrings, a timeless pearl necklace, or a gorgeous gemstone ring, we have the right piece and the right price to ensure you give the perfect gift.

What are the best materials to consider when choosing a piece of jewelry?

The best materials are the ones your mom will love the most! Some people prefer gold, others platinum, and some silver. Some will prefer minimalist metal jewelry while others will pieces dazzling with diamonds and gemstones. Choose the piece that fits your mom best!

What is the price range for jewelry gifts for Mother’s Day?

At James Allen, we have gifts for Mother’s Day (and everyday!) in various price ranges. Whether you are more budget conscientious or want to splurge, we have spectacular options in every category to ensure your mom shines bright.

Can I customize a piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day?

Yes! James Allen offers multiple options for customizing your jewelry. From choosing the diamonds or gemstones in a pair of stud earrings, to choosing the metal and setting in a perfect pendant necklace, you can give a gift you design yourself!

Because Mom’s The Best

Mothers are some of the most important women in our lives. Whether it is your biological mom, aunt, sister, wife, or just someone who gives that good motherly advice, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show your appreciation.

And we can’t think of a better way to say “Thank you for being you” than with a beautiful piece of jewelry. So no matter your budget, show your mom your love with some sparkle.

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Online Engagement Rings: Shopping With James Allen

When it comes to shopping for engagement rings, we understand that the process can be daunting, overwhelming, and even stressful! With so many options to choose from, how do you even know where to start? That’s where James Allen comes in! We’re here to make shopping for an engagement ring easier than ever. 

In this article, we will explore how James Allen is part of the revolution of shopping for an engagement ring online by offering an extensive selection, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional customer service.

a couple shopping for rings on

What Is

Founded in 2006, James Allen is a leading online jeweler known for its vast collection of engagement rings, wedding rings, loose diamonds and gemstones, and fine jewelry. Our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality diamonds at affordable prices, while also offering a stress-free and unique online shopping experience.

At James Allen, we proudly present all of our diamonds and customizable engagement ring settings in our highly magnified 360° HD Diamond Display Technology. This technology allows us to photograph most of the world’s diamonds and pick the best ones for you.

The Advantages of Shopping with James Allen

There are so many advantages to shopping with James Allen! From the convenience of our extensive collection at your fingertips, our cutting-edge technology, and top-notch customer service, we’re here to make sure that shopping with us is a stress-free experience.

Extensive Selection

One of the most significant advantages of shopping for an engagement ring with James Allen is our vast selection of GIA-certified diamonds and engagement ring settings. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar jewelers, we offer the ability to customize your engagement ring from start to finish.

From selecting the diamond’s shape and size, to the type of metal used for the setting, our customers have complete control over the design of their ring. Additionally, James Allen offers a range of diamond cuts and shapes, including round, princess, emerald, and cushion, ensuring there is a diamond for your taste and budget.

An infographic of different diamond shapes offered at

Cutting-Edge Technology

Another advantage of shopping with James Allen is our use of cutting-edge technology. We are proud to show all our diamonds and rings in our highly magnified 360° HD Diamond Display Technology, allowing you to view your diamond from every angle before purchasing.

We also use advanced imaging technology, which allows our customers to see the diamond’s microscopic inclusions and flaws, providing a level of transparency and detail that is hard to find elsewhere.

Exceptional Customer Service

At James Allen, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service to our customers. This includes offering free shipping and easy returns. If needed, we also provide the option to return your purchases, if you are not 100% satisfied, within 30 days for a full refund, making it easy to shop confidently.

In addition to offering free shipping and returns on all orders and a lifetime warranty on all jewelry purchases, our team of diamond and jewelry experts are available to answer any questions you may have 24/7.

We are here to help guide you through every step of the shopping process from start to finish and ensure that you get a product you love.

Technological Features of

360° HD Diamond Display Technology:

One of the most innovative technological features at James Allen is our 360° HD diamond display technology. This technology allows customers to view and interact with high-resolution 3D images of the jewelry items they want to purchase.

This feature lets our customers view and compare diamond characteristics, such as cut, clarity, and color, using our unique interactive visual aids. 

This technology ensures that our customers are able to comfortably make a well-informed decision when making such a significant purchase and ensures that they get the best value for their money.

You can zoom in and out of the images, rotate them 360 degrees, and even see how the jewelry looks on a hand thanks to our virtual try-on technology! This feature provides customers with a more immersive and realistic shopping experience and allows them to make a more informed purchasing decision.

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virtual engagement ring try-on

Ring Building Technology:

At James Allen, we offer the ability to design your engagement ring yourself! You start by selecting the diamond, then choose a ring setting, and a metal of your choice. 

Then you can view a 3D image of your custom-designed ring and make any adjustments as needed. This feature allows you to create a unique and one-of-a-kind engagement ring that perfectly fits you and your beloved’s style.

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How to Shop for an Engagement Ring at James Allen

Shopping for an engagement ring on is a straightforward process. 

You can either browse our extensive collection of ready-made engagement rings using a number of filters, including diamond shape, setting style, metal type, and more!

You can also choose to design your ring by starting with a loose diamond, gemstone, or setting. And, of course, once your design is complete, you can view the ring in 360-degree detail and make any final adjustments before placing your order.


What makes James Allen different from other online jewelers?

Our extensive collection of the highest-quality diamonds and gemstones, our top-notch customer service, and of course, our cutting-edge technology.

Is James Allen a trusted online jewelry retailer?

Yes, prides itself on being a trusted online jewelry retailer with a reputation for offering high-quality diamonds and exceptional customer service.

Can I design my own engagement ring on

Yes! At James Allen, you can design your engagement ring from start to finish.

Does James Allen offer free shipping and easy returns?

Yes! offers free shipping to customers in select countries and an easy return policy, including full refunds within 30 days of purchase.


Buying an engagement ring and other fine jewelry can be overwhelming. You want it to be perfect after all! And with so many options out there, how do you know where to start?!

As a leader in the industry, we here at James Allen understand this and are here to make this journey as stress-free as possible…even fun! Between our extensive collection of top-quality diamonds and ring settings all viewable in 360° HD, our numerous, stylish options of ready-made engagement rings, wedding rings, and other fine jewelry, and of course, our expert customer service agents, who are here to help you 24/7; we are here to ensure you have the best for all your milestone moments.

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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What Is The Average Carat Size For An Engagement Ring?

Shopping for an engagement ring is a wonderful yet stressful time. Once you have decided it is the right time, you need to pick out a ring. But not just a ring, you need to choose a diamond, which comes with its own set of factors. Arguably the biggest (yes, pun intended) thing to consider is the carat size of your diamond. 

What is the average size and is that the right size for you? Read on to learn what you need to know when choosing the right diamond.

3 diamond engagement rings

What Is the Average Carat Size for Diamond Engagement Rings?

The average carat size for a diamond engagement ring varies widely depending on a number of factors such as location, cultural norms, and personal preferences. According to recent studies, the average carat size for a diamond engagement ring in the United States is approximately 1.2 carats. 

It’s worth mentioning, though, that this figure can be affected by factors such as the age and income of the individuals involved and regional differences. Additionally, the trend towards alternative engagement rings featuring gemstones or smaller diamonds has become more popular in recent years.

Ultimately, the size of the diamond in an engagement ring is a personal decision and will depend on individual tastes, preferences, and budget.

Various Diamond Rings

How to Find the Right Carat Size for You

When it comes to finding the right carat size for an engagement ring or any other piece of diamond jewelry, there are several factors to consider. Here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind:


It’s important to establish a budget early on. This will ensure you avoid overspending and focus on diamonds within your budget. The size of the diamond you can afford will depend on multiple factors, primarily the 4Cs. (More on that below).

Lab created diamond price infographic

Personal Preference

Bigger does not always mean better. Some people prefer larger diamonds, while others prefer smaller ones. The setting you choose can be an important factor. Certain settings will amplify your diamond, making it appear bigger than its actual carat weight. Make sure to choose a diamond that matches your style and personality because after all, this diamond IS forever.

Not sure about your style? Try before you buy! Testing out different styles, whether in-person or virtually, will help you get an idea of what style of engagement ring and diamond you prefer.

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Finger Size

The size of your finger also impacts how your diamond will look on your hand. A larger diamond may overwhelm a small/short finger, while a small diamond may not have as much impact on a larger/wider finger. 

Pro Tip:
Make sure to know your ring size! Check out our Virtual Ring Sizer to be sure you get the perfect fit!

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If you lead an active lifestyle or work with your hands, a larger diamond (as well as certain diamond shapes) may not be practical or comfortable to wear daily. If you plan to wear your diamond engagement ring all day, everyday, then your day-to-day lifestyle is an important factor to keep in mind.

Quality Over Size

As we said before, bigger is not always better. A smaller diamond of higher quality can often be more impressive than a larger diamond of lower quality. Remember the 4Cs? Cut, color, and clarity are all things to consider, in addition to a carat weight, i.e. size.

Ultimately, the right carat size for you is a personal decision that should be based on a combination of these factors. Take your time, do your research, and work with a trusted jeweler who can help guide you in your selection process.

How to Change Your Diamond’s Carat Size

Changing the carat size of a diamond is not a simple process, and it may not always be possible depending on the setting and other factors. Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking to change the carat size of a diamond:

  1. Resetting the diamond: if the diamond is currently set in a ring or other piece of jewelry, it may be possible to have it reset in a new setting that can accommodate a larger or smaller stone. This can be done by a professional jeweler.
  1. Upgrading or downsizing the diamond: if you’re looking to upgrade the size of your diamond, you can trade in your current diamond to purchase a larger one. If you want to downsize, you can sell your diamond and purchase a smaller one. Some jewelers offer diamond upgrade and buyback programs. 

Keep in mind, if the diamond you are looking to change is currently set in a piece of jewelry, there may be a fee to remove/reset it.

  1. Re-cutting the diamond: it may be possible to re-cut the diamond to change its carat weight, but this is a complex and expensive process that should only be done by a skilled diamond cutter.

It’s important to remember that changing the carat size of a diamond can be costly and may impact the overall value of the diamond. Before making any changes, consider consulting with a trusted jeweler to explore your options and determine the best course of action.

Which Diamond Cut Looks Biggest?

When it comes to diamond cuts, certain shapes can appear larger than other shapes with the same carat weight. This is thanks to how they are cut and how they interact with light. Here are a few diamond cuts that can look bigger than their carat weight suggests:

Oval: The elongated shape of an oval cut diamond can make it appear larger than a round shaped diamond of the same carat weight. Its elongated shape can also make the finger appear slimmer.

Oval diamond ring

Pear: The pointed end of a pear cut diamond can create the illusion of an elongated finger, while the rounded end can make the diamond appear larger.

Pear shaped diamond ring

Marquise: The elongated shape of a marquise cut diamond can make it look larger than a round cut diamond of the same carat weight. The pointed ends can also create the illusion of an elongated finger. Compare the oval and pear shapes to the marquise below:

Marquise diamond ring

Princess: The square shape of a princess cut diamond can make it appear larger than the popular round cut diamond of the same carat weight due to its square face up appearance.

Princess cut diamond ring

It’s important to keep in mind that a well cut diamond, regardless of the shape, will maximize its brilliance and fire, making it more visually stunning. Ultimately, the diamond that fits your size and sparkle needs is the best one for you. 

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How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

The amount you should spend on an engagement ring can vary widely depending on factors including your budget and personal preferences. It’s important to remember that there is no set rule for how much you should spend on an engagement ring, and ultimately, the amount you spend should be based on what you and your partner are the most comfortable with.

It has been suggested that you should spend anywhere from two to six months’ salary on an engagement ring, but this is just a guideline and should not be taken as a hard and fast rule. 

An important recommendation is to spend an amount that you can comfortably afford without going into debt or compromising your financial goals. On average, most couples budget for anything from $1000 to $6000. 

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How to Get the Best Value Diamond For Your Budget

If you’re looking to get the best value diamond for your budget, here are a few tips to consider:

Prioritize the 4 Cs

The 4 Cs of diamond quality are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. While carat weight is often the most visible factor, cut quality has a very high impact on a diamond’s sparkle and brilliance too. Don’t forget to prioritize cut, in addition to a carat weight, and aim for a diamond with a good balance of all 4 Cs.

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Consider Shape

Different diamond shapes can be priced differently, with round cut diamonds often being the most expensive. Consider looking at other shapes, such as oval or pear, which can offer more value for your budget.

Choose a Lower Clarity Grade

While a diamond with a high clarity grade is desirable, choosing one with a lower clarity grade can offer more value for your budget. And a lower grade does not mean poor quality. In fact, multiple categories of diamonds are part of the “flawless or “near flawless” families.

Consider a diamond with a clarity grade of SI1 or SI2, part of the “slightly included” family, which can offer a good balance of quality and affordability. 

Pro Tip:
The important factor in a diamond’s clarity is what is visible to the naked eye. Unless your betrothed-to-be carries around a jeweler’s loop or a magnifying glass, you can focus on diamonds that appear flawless when viewed normally.

Shop Online

Online diamond retailers often offer better value for your money (we can’t argue there!) than traditional brick-and-mortar retailers due to their lower overhead costs. Be sure to do your research and choose a reputable online retailer that offers certified diamonds.

Ultimately, the best way to get the best value diamond for your budget is to do your research, prioritize your preferences and budget, and work with a reputable jeweler to find the best diamond that fits your needs.


Is a 2 carat diamond considered to be big? 

While big is in the eye of the beholder, a 2 carat diamond is about twice the size of the average engagement ring, which is around 1 carat.

Does carat size really matter?

Yes and no. A diamond’s carat size will be a significant factor in determining its cost. However, it is far from the only important consideration when choosing a diamond.

Is a 1.5 carat diamond too big? 

Too big is relative. While a 1.5 carat diamond is larger than the average, what is considered “too big” is personal. If you prefer a more petite diamond of around 0.5 to 1 carat, then yes, it would be too big. However, if you are looking for a larger stone of 2 carats and up, then a 1.5 carat would be too small.

How much does a 2.5 carat diamond engagement ring cost?

There are many factors to determine the cost of any diamond engagement ring. A lab created diamond will cost less than a diamond mined from the earth. A diamond with a higher cut, color, and clarity grades will be more expensive than diamonds with lower grades. On average, a 2.5 carat diamond engagement ring will start at approximately $10,000.

Don’t forget that the setting is a factor too! If you go for a sparkly setting, such as pavé or halo, cost more than a more simple setting, such as a solitaire.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an engagement ring can be a stressful process. Here at, we aim to make this as simple, easy, and fun as possible. Keep in mind your budget, your style, and the 4Cs. Do your research, work with a reputable jeweler, and remember that the right carat size is the one that works best for you and your partner.

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Princess Cut Engagement Rings: The Ultimate Guide

Give her a ring she will love and make her feel like the princess you know she is with a princess cut diamond engagement ring. This ring is beloved by so many for so many reasons. Read on to find out why your fiancée needs…and will love, a princess cut diamond engagement ring.

Princess cut engagement ring

Are you thinking of getting a princess cut engagement ring for your partner? Finding the perfect engagement ring can be an intimidating process, from deciding on the metal to choosing the perfect diamond.

Below we will guide you through the various factors to consider when buying a princess cut engagement ring so you can find both the best ring for your partner and something they are sure to love forever.

What Is A Princess Cut Diamond?

First things first, what IS a princess cut diamond? The princess cut diamond is one of the most popular diamond shapes available today. It is a square cut diamond with pointed corners and has a distinctive sparkle and brilliance. The princess cut was originally developed in the 1960s and has since become a stunning fancy shape and top choice for engagement rings and other jewelry. 

The princess cut diamond is renowned for its brilliance and light reflection and is often chosen thanks to its geometric shape. It can be cut in different sizes including 0.50 carats up to 3 carats, and combines seamlessly and stylishly with other cuts including round, cushion, emerald, and marquise. 

Overall, the princess cut diamond is a timeless and stylish choice that will continue to be a favorite for many years to come. 

What Does A Princess Cut Diamond Symbolize?

A princess cut diamond is often seen as a symbol of everlasting love and commitment, making it a great choice for an engagement ring. What better cut for a ring your love will love than a diamond that symbolizes love? (Say THAT three times fast!) The cut of the diamond is square and is designed to maximize its sparkle and brilliance. 

For many people, the princess cut diamond symbolizes a relationship that is strong, powerful, and timeless. It is a reminder that love can last through any obstacles or hardships, just like how the diamond itself is able to withstand the pressures of a tough cut.

This cut is also a symbol of luxury and opulence, as princess cut diamonds are often seen as one of the most valuable and sought after diamond cuts. Whatever the reason, a princess cut diamond is widely viewed as a symbol of beauty, love, and commitment.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Metal Types 

When choosing your princess cut diamond engagement ring, the first thing to consider is the metal. The most popular metals for engagement rings are gold, platinum, and palladium. Each metal has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Gold is the most popular metal for engagement rings because it is affordable, easy to work with, and offers color options: yellow, white, or rose. Platinum carries a higher price point, but it is accompanied by its high durability, and it’s hypoallergenic. 

The 4Cs

The next thing to consider is the diamond itself. Princess cut diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings because they are a very versatile cut. They look fabulous in a simple yet stunning solitaire ring but also look great surrounded by rows of multiple diamonds if your bride-to-be prefers a glitzier look.

When choosing a diamond, you need to consider the 4 Cs: carat, clarity, color, and cut. Let’s break those down briefly:

4Cs of diamonds

Carat is a measure of the diamond’s weight and is one of the most important factors in determining the price of the diamond. 

Clarity is a measure of inclusions in the diamond. The fewer inclusions, the more expensive the diamond will be. 

Color is a measure of the diamond’s color on a scale from D (no color detected) to Z (a yellowish color). The more colorless the diamond, the more expensive it will be. 

Cut is a measure of how well the diamond has been cut and includes height, depth, angles, and other factors. A well cut diamond will be more expensive than a poorly cut diamond.

Keep all of these factors in mind when shopping for your princess cut diamond engagement ring and you will be sure to find the perfect ring for your perfect partner.

Pros And Cons of Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are one of the most popular choices for diamond engagement rings and for good reason! The princess cut is a square shaped diamond with pointed corners that gives it a modern and elegant look. Although the princess cut is beautiful, it is important to understand both the pros and cons before making a purchase.

Let’s start with the pros. The main advantage of the princess cut is that it is highly versatile and looks great in a wide variety of settings and styles. The cut also maximizes the brilliance of a diamond and gives it a unique sparkle.

On the other hand, the princess cut is more expensive than other fancy cut diamonds (but less expensive than the also very popular round diamond). They are also more prone to chipping and breakage than other diamond cuts. The pointed corners also mean that the diamond will require more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

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Overall, the princess cut is a beautiful and timeless diamond choice that will look stunning in just about any setting. But remember, it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making such a substantial purchase.

Princess cut engagement ring size guide

The Best Ring Settings For Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are one of the most sought after shapes for engagement rings for so many reasons, chief among them, they look great in a wide variety of settings. For those looking for a classic style, the solitaire setting is always a safe bet. This timeless design features the diamond on its own and is the perfect choice if you want to show off the diamond’s unique shape and sparkle. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, the tension setting is an excellent choice. This setting creates an illusion of the diamond floating in mid-air and is sure to stand out from the crowd.

The bezel setting is a metal band that encircles the diamond and holds it securely in place, safeguarding it from chipping. This setting is ideal for those who want a more secure option that won’t snag on clothing. 

Finally, there is the halo setting, which features a ring of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone. This style is perfect for those who want an eye-catching look that maximizes the sparkle of the diamond.

Perfectly Princess

Finding “the one” is hard enough, finding “the ring” doesn’t have to be! Whether your love prefers the elegance of a solitaire or the sparkle of a heavenly halo, has the perfect setting for your princess cut diamond to ensure you get the diamond engagement ring of your dreams, and more importantly, your partners.

Browse our selection today and get ready to hear the best three letters in the English language!

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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8 Jewelry Trends You’ll See Everywhere In 2023

New year, new you. It’s that time of year, reinvention, renewal, and of course, revamping your look…starting with your accessories collection. After all, it’s the details that make the outfit. So to make things easier, we’ve gathered the top trends for the coming year so that your style and shine stay ahead of the game.

Jewelry trends for 2023

Jewelry Trends We Expect To See In 2023

Every year different looks make their way to the forefront of fashion. It’s no different with jewelry. This year we’re seeing lots of color, shine, and personal expression. The best part is that all these trends involve timeless classics, making each one a drool-worthy purchase.

We all know it is the accessories that complete the look. So check out these unique pieces and create a look that makes a statement.

Top Trends at a Glance

  • Silver’s Back
  • Pearls & More Pearls
  • Cocktail Rings
  • Drop Down Earrings
  • Cuff Bracelets
  • Punk Pieces
  • Signet & Pinky Rings
  • Enamel Accessories

Silver’s Back

Sumptuous silver is back! (But did it ever really leave?) Not that gold is going anywhere, but 2023 is giving silver its moment in the spotlight. This budget-friendly metal looks fabulous alone or mixed with other metals for a nice, layered look. Silver chains, in particular, create a modern vibe perfect for literally anyone. Check out these options below and get your silvery shine on!

The More Pearls, The Better

Have pearls ever really been out of style? We say no! Thankfully, pearls are getting their due this year as a top trend. Pearls on pearls on pearls, wear them on your ears, your wrist, your neck, and your finger! Give your pearls some pearls! What we love most about pearls is not just how classic and timeless they are but that they are pretty versatile too!

Pearls are perfect for Sunday brunch with the in-laws, yet they can be styled up for an endless night of dancing with the girls. Whether you prefer a classic string of pearls, a modern necklace, or a pearl enhanced by dazzling diamonds, we have the perfect pearl piece for you (say that three times fast!) See some of our favs below and check out more pearl jewelry here!

Cocktail Rings

Better believe that cocktail rings are at the top of that comeback list. Known for their fabulosity, cocktail rings make a fashionable statement with minimal effort.

Cocktail rings are larger than your average ring and were originally intended for special occasions. And while they are perfect for such events, we say wear them everywhere! Amp up an everyday outfit with a colorful cocktail ring. After all, happy hour has no limits with the fabulous accessories!

Drop Down Earrings

Earrings are making a comeback, and this year the runways were filled with long, dangling earrings. Not only do they elongate the face, but drop down earrings can go from casual to dressy and are always elegant. These effortlessly luxurious accessories are easy to wear, work with your hair up or down, and are simply a must-have.

Cuff Bracelets

Who doesn’t love a cuff bracelet? One piece that just pulls a whole look together makes a statement and is endlessly stylish. Oh, and it’s trendy now too? Fab! Wear them right on your wrist or higher up on your arm. Stylization is all you! Dainty or big, dazzling or minimalistic, a cuff is the perfect way to elevate any look. Check out some inspo below.

Punk Pieces

Punk is back baby! If you loved the bold shapes and looks of the punk era, then you will love 2023. With sharp shapes and mixed metals, the counterculture is making its way right into the mainstream. Get on board with the Westwood-inspo and try on these picture-perfect punk looks for size.

Signet & Pinky Rings

Have you thought, what is a signet ring? And how do I pull off a pink ring anyways? We’re here to help! Signet rings, simply put, are rings bearing a mark or seal, and are frequently worn on the pinky finger. Signet rings are part of the perfect pinky ring category.

Pinky rings aren’t just for the Godfather anymore. Pinkies provide one more opportunity to make a stylish, sparkling statement. There’s a reason it’s called the power pinky.  Some argue pinky rings are the most feminine piece of jewelry one can wear. Dating back to the suffragette movement, back then women wore them as a symbol of self-love, and we are here for it!

Enamel Accessories

Dating back to Mycenaean goldsmiths of the 13th century, the decorative art of enameling jewelry became particularly popular during the 1920s Jazz Age, when flapper girls wore jewelry and vanity cases accented with graphic blocks of color.

Now in 2023, these vibrant enamel accessories continue to prove a popular choice among jewelry lovers. This is a trend that’s been growing over the past few years, and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon!


Are pearls in style in 2023? 

Yes, yes, and yes! While pearls are timeless and never really go out of style, in 2023 pearls are making a major statement as part of this year’s jewelry trends. From a classic string of pearls to big bold pearls and everything in between. Mix your pearls with diamonds and gold or let them shine on their own, pearls are back in a big way, and you won’t want to be left out of this gorgeous trend.

What jewelry will increase in value?

Jewelry made with diamond, gold, platinum, and even silver is likely to increase in value thanks to the rareness of the materials. Pieces with a more classic look will also retain their value better than pieces considered to be more trendy.

What jewelry does not depreciate? 

Generally, fine jewelry does not depreciate and, in some cases, can appreciate or increase in value. Jewelry made from gold, platinum, silver, and diamonds will usually hold or increase its value.

What should I buy instead of gold?

Try silver or platinum if you are interested in fine jewelry but prefer a metal different from gold. And, of course, don’t forget about dazzling diamonds!

Stay Trendy

The trends ahead for 2023 are some of the best yet! In fact, most of these looks are actually timeless trends just finding their way to the current spotlight.

From sumptuous silvers, precious pearls, bold, beautiful cocktail rings, dazzling drop earrings, show-stopping cuff bracelets, raging punk pieces, and perfect pinky rings. The trends this year are some of the yummiest yet. So get yours today at to set the trends others follow.

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him 2023

It used to be that men were overlooked when it came to Valentine’s Day…but no more! We know the man (or men) in your life need love, and more importantly, gifts on this Day of Love. But instead of the uninspiring gifts you see year after year on some top 10 list, get him something that is sure to WOW! Read on to find the perfect gift he never knew he wanted (or was too shy to ask).

Men's rose gold ring

What Is Valentine’s Day?

The romantic origins date back to ancient times, when Saint Valentine defied Roman Emperor Claudius II by performing marriages despite the Emperor’s ban. Claudius believed men made better soldiers than husbands and fathers. Valentine’s Day honors the Saint, who was eventually caught and executed.

Luckily, Valentine’s Day is now about celebrating love. It is a day of hearts, candy, flowers, teddy bears, and presents. Read on for stylish suggestions for your man, and then get him one more. After all, James Allen is giving 25% off site-wide for the occasion.

Why Do We Give Gifts On Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day presents have evolved over the years, from sending love letters to treating the one you love to meaningful (and might we add, fabulous) gifts. 

So why do we give a gift anyways? Well, giving presents is a sure-fire love language, helping many people express feelings of love by giving or receiving beautiful gifts. And as we all know, the best gifts are those that sparkle and shine! 

But giving your man, or men, the perfect gift isn’t always easy. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Luckily, you can’t go wrong with jewelry! An engagement for your soon-to-be fiancé? Diamond stud earrings? A classic gold necklace? We got you covered.

Check out our list of stunning Valentine’s Day gifts for him below! 

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Husband

He’s your soulmate, your better half, the love of your life. He deserves a present that will dazzle him as much as he does. Whether he prefers devastatingly gorgeous diamonds or goes for gloriously bold gold jewelry, we have a gift to fit every budget.

Gifts Under $500

Gifts Under $1000

Gifts Under $2000

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

You love him, you love him, you love him! You want to get him the perfect gift, not too small, not too big, and that sends the right message. That’s a toughie! Check out some options below because no matter your budget, we have a gift he’s sure to love for the day of love…and everyday after that!

Budget-Friendly Options

Top-Tier Options

Men’s Engagement Rings

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Son

He may not be a baby anymore but he’ll always be your baby boy! He is the star of your world, so this Valentine’s Day, give him a gift that shines as bright as he does. Go for a classic necklace or a trendy dog tag. Whatever you choose, he won’t just love it because it came from you, he will love it cuz it’s awesome!

Be His Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, give the man you love a gift they’ll never forget. From delicious diamonds to bold gold looks, we have the pieces every man in your life is dying to get. Visit James Allen for even more bling, and make sure to check out our socials for all the inspo: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter!

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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The Perfect Engagement Rings For An Action Packed Destination Wedding

Whether you are planning a grand destination wedding or turning your backyard into a DIY wedding venue, you need an engagement that will make your spine tingle. Read on to find the ring for your perfect wedding location, because no matter where you get married, that IS the destination.

Are you looking for some ring inspo? Need a unique way to drop a hint? How about a movie night featuring your favorite faces, filled with laughs and action?  Shotgun Wedding, streaming now on Prime Video, is the perfect blend of the rom-coms you love, the action movies he loves, and the comedies you both enjoy.

Oh, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show him this beautiful James Allen engagement ring that’s featured in the film that can go straight from the main character’s hand to yours.

18K White Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Call Shotgun And Get A Front Row Seat

Weddings are a magical time, but they are also filled with family, stress, endless checklists, and sometimes cold feet. Your wedding party may not get taken hostage, unlike our favorite bride and groom-to-be in Shotgun Wedding, but when push comes to shove, that love will get you down the aisle.

And when you do walk down the aisle, why not sport this ring worn by Jennifer Lopez’s character Darcy in her latest blockbuster? Oh, and you can complete the look with the matching wedding ring!

So grab some snacks, get cozy, and when you’re done watching the movie, check out for even more engagement ring inspo!

Creating Your Own Three Stone Engagement Ring

Much like Tom and Darcy, the film’s two main characters, you and your partner will need to work together to make sure the big day is a successful one. That’s marriage, right? Start that teamwork with the engagement ring. Take that movie inspo and design your very own three stone engagement ring.

Pick a setting, choose your metal color, and even add a personal engraving (for free!). Go for a traditional colorless diamond, or choose a colorful gemstone or fancy colored diamond for the center stone. Another option, select colorful gemstones for the side stones!

There are a plethora of styles to choose! From pavé to halo, three stone engagement rings come in every style, every color, and every sparkle, the choices are endless!

Shotgun Wedding Three Stone Engagement Ring Lookalikes You’ll Love

Did you love the movie AND the featured James Allen ring, but you need options? We got you covered. These three stone engagement rings aren’t just great because they look like the one featured in the movie! 

They are stylish, unique, have incredible sparkle, and of course, a special meaning. It is said that three stone engagement rings represent a couple’s past, present, and future…what could be more beautiful! It is no wonder this style, nicknamed the Holy Trinity, is one of the most popular styles of engagement rings.

Top Shopping Tips For Three Stone Engagement Rings

  • Lifestyle: Keep in mind your bride-to-be’s habits. Generally, a more active lifestyle tends to give more opportunities for the ring to get snagged or damaged. This also applies to people with physically active jobs or hobbies. 
  • Color Grade: It is recommended to choose all three stones or diamonds from the same color grade to ensure fluidity with the stones’ shine.
  • Budget: A lab created diamond is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for more value for your money.
  • Check it Out: Inspect each diamond carefully with our remarkable Diamond Display Technology and get help from one of our diamond experts. We offer a free, interactive Real-Time Diamond Inspection service. With the use of Super Zoom magnification, our experts will walk you through the specifications of your diamonds.

Shine Like A Star

Hopefully your wedding day is a little less eventful than Darcy and Tom, but either way, we are here to make sure your ring shines just as bright. Whether you choose Darcy’s exact ring, a lookalike, or a whole other style, we have the ring for you. Now don’t forget to stream Shotgun Wedding on Prime Video out now and be wowed by the movie, her ring, and your future ring too!

Ring shopping can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Utilize our experts, review our guides and get top tips at our blog, and we’ll make sure you have the perfect ring and a stress-free shopping experience.

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Design engagement ring

Designing Your Ring Together: Here’s Why You Should

Good communication is a key tenet of any relationship. This means being open and honest about everything and anything. So why wouldn’t you work together on your engagement ring, one of the most significant pieces of jewelry you’ll ever wear?

Design engagement ring

Gone are the days when partners are expected to be mind readers. Thankfully, the days of open and honest communication are here. Don’t wait in silence for what you want, work together to ensure your engagement ring is one you both love.

Should You Pick An Engagement Ring Together?

More and more couples are choosing to experience picking out an engagement ring together. By working together, you can ensure it is a ring you will love, that it is your size, and that it contains any and all meaningful touches. This is one of, if not the most important ring you’ll ever wear, so why not make sure it’s perfect?

Working together is an added benefit when designing the ring. Instead of guessing based on the jewelry you own, you can ensure it is the exact metal, diamond, or gemstone cut, carat, clarity, and of course, style.

Is It OK To Shop For Engagement Rings Together?

Of course! The tradition of surprise, while a lovely one, is something more and more couples are saving for popping the big question itself. After all, a surprise proposal is that much less stressful when you know you are asking with a ring your partner absolutely loves!

What Are The Benefits Of Ring Shopping Together?

How to buy an engagement ring

The better question is, what aren’t the benefits? Shopping for an engagement ring together has so many benefits! From ensuring it is the right size and style, you can rest easy knowing you won’t need to make a return or exchange. Shopping together reduces stress and ensures a successful purchase.

Less Engagement Ring Stress

Most people have an idea of what they want their engagement ring to look like. They have a vision, if not of one design they love, then of a few. But those visions are in their head, and unless you are a mind reader, shopping together takes away the stress of “What if they don’t like it?”

By shopping together, you remove the stress of sizing, and instead of hoping it fits, you will KNOW it does. After all, this is a ring they will wear for the rest of their life, you want it to be perfect.

Openly Discuss Budget

This is a great perk of shopping together for a ring. Instead of overspending or accumulating debt, by working together, you can ensure to buy a ring your partner loves on a budget you can afford and are both comfortable with.

You can also discuss how to get the perfect ring within your budget. For example, choosing a lab grown diamond engagement ring will allow you to get a diamond she loves for a price that you love.

Risk-Free Proposal

Shopping together ensures your partner will say yes. No sweaty palms, no wondering what the answer is. You KNOW they will say yes, so you can save all your stress for planning the perfect proposal.

What Are The Benefits Of Designing Your Engagement Ring Together?

Just like shopping for a ring together, designing your engagement ring together has many benefits. Ensuring it is the right size, it incorporates both of your styles, that it is a ring you love, and of course, making the experience that much more special.

Style Preferences Are Guaranteed

While you can get hints when perusing (see spying) your partner’s jewelry box, they may have a totally different vision for their engagement ring. Someone with funky taste may opt for something more traditional for this momentous piece of jewelry. 

Not only can you ensure they love every detail, from the metal color and style, to the diamond or gemstone, but you can choose together a beautiful sentiment to have engraved.

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Ensure It Fits Correctly

Being sure the ring fits from day one is a huge benefit to shopping together. While James Allen offers free resizing (get more details here), some styles are harder to resize, some styles simply cannot be resized, and of course, resizing takes time. Getting engaged is so exciting! Having to wait to wear your ring because it is getting resized can really take the wind out of your sails.

Designing Your Engagement Ring Together

Shopping together guarantees that from the moment you hear “yes,” your partner can wear their ring comfortably. And comfort is important because they will wear this ring everyday forever.

No Subtle Hints Needed

Who knows what women are thinking? Who knows what anyone is thinking?! Shopping and designing your ring together removes the guesswork. No worrying your hints are too subtle, no being frustrated when they miss your hints altogether. 

Instead, complete security in knowing you will get the exact ring you want. How refreshing!

Avoid Redesigning & Resizing

Shopping for a ring together means you won’t hear that dreaded “I love it, but I just need to change a few things.” No worrying about the size or style, instead, you’ll have the full confidence that it fits because your partner was there with you to give their ring size. No fretting if they will like it because your partner was there to tell you what style they wanted. Instead of getting the ring almost perfect but they wanted a different metal color, you will simply get the ring perfect the first time.

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Spend Quality Time Together

Getting engaged is a special time. You are starting your journey to forever, committing to each other in a very meaningful way. Taking the time to design your engagement ring together gives this important piece of jewelry that much more meaning. From start to finish, getting married is a special experience, so make the most of it and start earlier by designing your ring together.

Engagement Ring Designing Tips For Couples

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing to design your own engagement ring. Read below for some tips and tricks, and of course, our experts at James Allen are always here to help.

Learn The 4Cs

Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight: these are the 4Cs, i.e., the 4 things you want to keep in mind when shopping for an engagement ring. In addition to applying to a center stone, many styles have accessorizing diamonds and side stones where this information is also useful.

Cut refers to the facets, angles, and proportions of a diamond or gemstone, color refers to the clarity or colorlessness of a diamond, clarity refers to how free of inclusions your stone is, and carat weight refers to the weight or size of your diamonds and stones.

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Design Your Ring Online

There are many benefits to designing your ring online, and most of all convenience. You can start this process anytime, whatever your schedule. No more running to the mall before the store closes or skipping brunch to spend the morning in some office.

Another perk is options! Options online are endless, you can choose from lab grown and earth created diamond options, as well as diamond alternatives like moissanite. You can look together at the different shades of gemstones that are available, see how different sizes will look, try your dream center stone in different settings, and so on and so forth.

Designing a ring online ensures you will get a ring you and your partner love, the only limit is your and your partner’s imagination!

Consult An Expert

There is a LOT to know about diamonds and fine jewelry, and at James Allen, our experts are here to help. Our Real-Time Diamond Inspection allows you to browse our loose diamonds while simultaneously speaking to one of our diamond experts. You can ask about everything from the specs of a diamond to reviewing a grading certificate.

When making an investment purchase like an engagement ring, speaking to an expert is just as important as doing your research, so make sure you get all the advice.  Speaking to experts and consulting with couples who have already gone through the process will help ensure that together, you pick out the perfect engagement ring.


Is it rude to change your engagement ring? 

We don’t think so! Your engagement ring is for life, you and your partner need to absolutely LOVE it! Just make sure to check the return policy of wherever you shop.

Should your rings match? 

This is entirely up to you. Some couples choose to get matching engagement rings, some choose to get matching wedding rings, while some brides choose to match their engagement ring to their wedding ring. While you are shopping, discuss with your partner the various options as you may want to purchase your engagement and wedding rings together.

What is the rule for engagement rings? 

The rule is…there are no rules! How much you spend, what style you choose, going for a diamond or gemstone as your center stone, these are all decisions that are personal. You will wear this ring for the rest of your life, so whether you go for a blinged out diamond engagement ring or prefer a simply sophisticated solitaire style, your engagement ring needs to be your way.

Better Together

It is not an easy mission to find the ring of your dreams. Even if you have a style in mind, the shopping process can be overwhelming. There are many factors to consider, including choosing a retailer, deciding on your budget, and picking a style.

When embarking on such an important mission, why not have your partner by your side? After all, they will present the ring when popping the big question; let’s make sure it’s one you both love!

Visit us at and start designing your dream ring today!

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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A Guide to White Gold Wedding Rings For Women

How do we love white gold wedding rings? Let us count the ways! Available in multiple styles, a timeless yet trendy option pairs seamlessly with your engagement ring yet looks perfect standing alone. White gold wedding rings are an increasingly popular choice. Read on to find out why!

White gold wedding rings

White gold looks amazing, but is it the right metal for your wedding ring? Let’s find out! White gold wedding rings are popular thanks to their icy color and how they enhance the shine of diamonds within the ring and adjacent rings. But beauty isn’t the only allure of white gold wedding rings. Their durability, as well as being lightweight, makes them the top choice of many with an active lifestyle.

Whether you want a white gold wedding ring to create a seamless look with your white gold engagement ring, you want to mix and match your metals, love the look of platinum but prefer a lower price point, or you simply love the look, we’ve got you covered!

What Is White Gold?

White gold happens naturally but is not a pure white metal, unlike platinum. (Want to know more about the differences? Check it out HERE). White gold is created when you mix yellow gold with nickel or zinc and is completed with rhodium plating. Essentially, white gold is a beautiful combination of alloys.

White Gold Wedding Rings Pros & Cons

White gold wedding rings are indeed fabulous! But like everything in life, they have pros and cons. Let\s dig in so you can make the most informed decision. After all, this is your wedding ring we’re talking about. It has to be PERFECT!

Great For Everyday WearNot A Pure Metal/Hypoallergenic
AffordableWill Need Replating
LightweightColor Can Yellow Over Time

Classic White Gold Wedding Rings

There’s nothing like a classic! Classic white gold wedding rings are a simply sophisticated choice, perfect if you prefer a more minimalistic look. It is also a good choice if you want the focus to be on your fabulous engagement ring. Got small hands? This clean style will work well for you.

14K White Gold 2mm Knife Edge Women's Wedding Ring

Diamond White Gold Wedding Rings

Looking to take the dazzle of your diamond engagement ring up a notch? You can’t go wrong with a diamond white gold wedding ring. The perfect way to up the dazzle and shine on that all important finger.

14K White Gold Flush Fit Pavé Wedding Ring

Did you forgo an engagement ring and you need your wedding ring to do the work of two? No problem! Diamond white gold wedding rings can do just that while highlighting your personal style.

Eternity Rings

Showcase your eternal love for your partner…and for sparkle with an eternity ring. Your go-to choice if you love endless sparkle, eternity rings feature diamonds that go all the way around the band offering, wait for it, eternal shine. If you need your rings to dazzle from every angle, you need an eternity ring.

14K White Gold Low Dome Basket Lab Created Diamond Eternity Ring (3 CTW F-G / VS2-SI1)

Curved Wedding Rings

Curves. Are. In. Known as “V” or “Chevron rings,” these rings are designed with a curve to snuggly fit your diamond engagement ring (or any ring featuring a center stone). Available in multiple styles, these rings have one thing in common, they are fabulous! 

Curved wedding rings look great alone or paired with a perfect diamond ring, shine bright, and show off your unique style. 

Chevron Diamond Station Engagement Ring

Love this look? Shop these styles below and find more at

18K White Gold Chevron Diamond Station Engagement Ring
18K White Gold Chevron Diamond Station Wedding Ring

Vintage White Gold Wedding Rings

Are you an old soul? Do you have a penchant for that old world charm? Do you want your something old to also be your something new? Enter vintage white gold wedding rings. While even rings as recent as the 1990s can be vintage, there are four popular eras of vintage rings: Victorian (1835-1900), Edwardian (1900-1920), Art Deco (1920-1940), and Retro (1940-1960).

Not to be confused with heirloom wedding rings, vintage indicates a nod to a certain era of time, while heirloom rings indicate they have been passed down through the generations. (We know what you are thinking, can a wedding ring be vintage and heirloom? Yep!)

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So get your vintage white gold wedding ring today because, as the saying goes, vintage is the new modern.

White Gold Wedding Ring Sets

Are you and your partner truly two peas in a pod? Have you become one of those couples that dress alike? Then you need to check out our matching wedding ring sets! Now when we say matching, we don’t mean the exact same ring (although you can do that too!), we are referring to rings that go together…kinda like you and your partner;-).

For the dazzling duo

White gold wedding ring sets

The yin to their yang

white classic gold wedding ring sets

The classic pair…with a twist

Classic white gold wedding ring sets

No matter your style or vibe as a couple, we have the white gold wedding rings to ensure you both shine bright.

How Much Do White Gold Wedding Rings Cost?

This is a great question but not an easy one to answer. The cost of a ring is personal and depends on the metal, in this case, 14K white gold vs 18K white gold, the style, and the number of diamonds or gemstones.

Classic wedding rings will be on the more budget-friendly side, starting at just over $200, while dazzling eternity rings will cost more thanks to the unending row of diamonds, and starting from around $2,000.

Another way to maximize your budget is to choose lab created diamonds, which will lower the price, as will choosing a design with fewer diamonds, for example, a half eternity ring that features diamonds on only the top half of the band.

Where Should You Buy A White Gold Wedding Ring?

Online shopping is not just convenient, it is often the most affordable option, particularly if you want to buy your engagement ring together with your wedding ring. This way, you can save money while being sure that your rings go together.

Shopping online also gives you access to an abundance of styles, customization options, and experts to answer your questions, often 24/7. Shopping online can be done alone, as a surprise, or done together as a couple.

Love the idea of online but aren’t sure it’s for you? Check out an in-person showroom of online retailers (such as our Washington, D.C. location), or if online isn’t for you, then head on over to your nearest jewelry retailer.

Wherever you choose to shop, make sure you get that perfect shine for that perfect partner.

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Is white gold OK for a wedding ring?

Of course it is! A white gold wedding ring will give a glowing, seamless look when paired with a white gold engagement ring. Or pair it with a yellow or rose gold ring to mix up your metals. And, of course, a white gold wedding ring can hold its own.

Do white gold wedding rings scratch easily? 

White gold wedding rings are popular thanks to their durability, making them great for everyday wear. However, they are still susceptible to scratching. White gold is less prone to scratching than yellow gold, yet more than platinum. The bottom line, wear your ring everyday, but wear it with care.

What do white gold wedding rings symbolize?

White gold symbolizes friendship, making it perfect for your wedding ring because, after all, you are marrying your best friend.

White Hot Thoughts

Beautiful, durable, and lightweight, white gold wedding rings are a great choice to seal forever with your love.  Match it to your white gold engagement ring, pair it with a yellow or rose gold ring, or let it shine on its own.

If you want a white gold wedding ring because it is a cost efficient alternative to platinum or you just love the way it shines, we have the style for you. So start shopping and find your perfect white gold wedding ring.

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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6 Fancy Shaped Eternity Rings To Pair With Engagement Rings

You have found your forever, you’ve said yes, and now you need a ring to represent it all: a fancy shaped diamond eternity ring. Also referred to as infinity rings, an eternity rings band of nonstop sparkle is the perfect ring to represent your unending love. Read on to find your perfect fancy shaped diamond eternity ring.

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings get their name from the eternal or unending ring of diamonds around the band. Fancy shaped diamond eternity rings feature diamonds that are any shape other than round diamonds, but still in an unending ring of sparkle. Give your dazzling engagement ring a buddy and shine so bright you won’t need a flashlight!

What Is An Eternity Ring?

So, what exactly is an eternity ring? Is it a wedding ring? Is it a fashion ring? We’ll explain. Eternity rings come in two types, full and half (see more on that below), but both involve a row of shining diamonds. The unending sparkle of the diamonds represents your eternal love. 

The nonstop shine of an eternity ring is also eternally in style, I mean, are diamonds ever out of style? Eternity rings are available in a variety of diamond shapes and sizes, as well as different metal types, ensuring there is sure to be an eternity ring for you!

What Occasions Are Eternity Rings For?

Eternity rings have traditionally been given on special occasions such as significant wedding anniversaries; think five and ten years. Many people also choose an eternity ring as a wedding ring. After all, is there a more special occasion than when you say I Do?

But eternity rings are perfect for commemorating ALL special occasions. Many people show themselves or loved ones eternal affection for birthdays, graduations, getting THE job, and so much more. Any occasion can be made special by gifting yourself or someone you love a fabulous eternity ring.

Full vs Half Eternity Rings

Let’s get into the details, full vs half eternity rings. What is the difference, and which is better? Full eternity rings have diamonds that go ALL the way around the entire band, while half eternity rings have diamonds that go across the top half of the ring, in either five, seven, or nine stone options. Which is better? That’s up to you!

Many factors come into play, including a budget, lifestyle, and design preferences. Check out the chart below to see which ring is best for you:

14K White Gold Low Dome Basket Lab Created Diamond Eternity Ring (3 CTW F-G / VS2-SI1)
14K Yellow Gold Seven Stone Cushion Shape Diamond Ring (1.50 CTW - H-I / SI1-SI2)
Full Eternity RingsHalf Eternity Rings
Diamonds All Around The BandDiamonds On The Top Half Of The Band
VERY Difficult To ResizeMore Budget-Friendly
Great For Any Special OccasionGreat For Any Special Occasion
Symbolize Unending LoveLarger Carat Options Are More Comfortable

What Diamonds Are Best For An Eternity Ring?

The diamonds for eternity rings come in many shapes, but the best shapes are square and round diamonds, which include radiant, cushion, princess, oval, Asscher, and emerald; with round shapes being the most popular choice. Square shapes can be set more closely together, creating a seamless dazzle of diamonds, while round shapes are a classic choice that yet maximum light.

These shapes are also the best shapes for stacking, allowing for the most comfortable mixing and matching of various rings, including engagement rings, wedding rings, and anniversary rings. Because after all, diamond rings are like chips, you can’t have just one!

How To Wear An Eternity Ring

Eternity rings are great because there is no hard and fast rule for how to wear them. If you are using it as a wedding ring, you may choose to wear it on the ring finger on your left hand, with your engagement ring. If you received an eternity ring as an anniversary ring, you might choose to stack it on your left hand’s ring finger, along with your engagement and wedding rings.

Check out the inspo below and get the look!

Eternity Ring

If you received an eternity ring for another special occasion, you may choose to wear it on your right hand. Which finger is up to you. Put it on the ring finger of your right hand, go with the index finger, or even jazz up that finger in the middle.

The bottom line is you can wear your eternity ring any way you want. Stack it with other rings or let it shine on its own, whichever style you choose, get ready for the light.

What Setting Is Best For An Eternity Ring?

The best setting for an eternity ring is the one you love the most! Don’t know where to start? Love ‘em all? Us too! We’ll help you narrow it down. Bezel and prong are very popular settings. A bezel setting is considered to be a very secure setting, protecting your diamonds from chips, snags, and anything else daily wear might incur.

Prong settings are great because the way the stones are held in the ring allows for maximum light reflection. They are also considered more budget-friendly and come in a variety of styles. Whichever setting you choose, wear your ring with care.

How Much Should You Spend On An Eternity Ring?

There is no “should” when it comes to buying a symbol of love. That being said, eternity rings are certainly not something that will be considered “cheap.” There are eternity rings, such as prong settings, that are considered more affordable. And of course, half eternity rings will generally cost less than full eternity rings.

However, since eternity rings, both half and full, get their names from the dazzling row of diamonds, the price is certainly something to consider. Price is also affected by diamond size.

An eternity ring with a half carat weight will cost considerably less than an eternity ring with a six carat weight. Additionally, lab created eternity rings will be priced lower than earth created diamond eternity rings.

For example, with lab created full eternity rings, you are looking at prices from ~$2K-$5K, while with earth created full eternity rings you are looking at ~$3-$17. Prices are affected by cut and carat, and with earth created diamonds, the color grade has a significant effect on price.

Eternity rings are an investment piece. It is highly recommended to do your research and save for that perfect piece, because after all, it will be in style for….eternity.


What comes after an eternity ring?

If we are talking about ring order on your finger…anything! When stacking, many women choose to wear their engagement ring, followed by the eternity ring, followed by the wedding ring (if your eternity ring is different from your wedding ring).

If we are talking about what ring to buy next, well the sky’s the limit! If you got a half eternity ring, go for a full one! If you got a full emerald, go for a full Asscher cut. Or get a half eternity ring to pair with your full eternity ring. OR choose from our huge selection of fine jewelry rings and add a whole other style to your ring collection.

When should a woman get an eternity ring? 

Whenever she wants! Traditionally eternity rings are given as wedding rings at the marriage ceremony or landmark wedding anniversaries. However, many women get them for other reasons including just because, significant life milestones like college graduation, or as a push present. Any reason is a good reason to give an elegant eternity ring.

What ring goes with an eternity ring? 

A popular way of wearing an eternity ring is stacked with an engagement and wedding ring. However, if using your eternity ring as your wedding ring, you can pair it simply with your engagement ring for a traditional look.

Eternity rings also stack well with fine jewelry fashion rings in general and can be worn on either hand, or on the finger of your choice. Wear it alone or stack it with others, an eternity ring will always look great.

Eternal Thoughts

Fancy shaped diamond eternity rings will be your new favorites. Available in different diamond shapes and settings, half or full styles, it is easy to find the right ring for you.

Pair it with an engagement ring, wear it alone, or give it for a landmark occasion, eternity rings are always in style, always shine bright, and are worth the investment. Search our collection at James Allen and find your new favorite.

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Engagement rings

How To Protect Your Engagement Ring During Winter

Winter is coming. Snow, sleet, and dropping temperatures. But while you fight the winter chill and navigate those icy roads, the most important ice in your life needs protection.

Your engagement ring, whether you are newly engaged or are a veteran at marriage, requires special protection during this snowy season, and we’re here to help.

Engagement rings

Your engagement ring always needs protection and care. But the cold winter months require some extra considerations. You’re wearing gloves or mittens, maybe you go skiing, and your fingers shrink due to the cold. Read on to make sure you keep your ring shining bright through all season long…and beyond.

Why Does Your Engagement Ring Become Loose During Winter?

As it gets colder, your ring may feel a little looser. And unless your fingers are on a diet, it’s probably due to your body reacting to the dropping temperatures. As it gets cold outside, your body responds with something called vasoconstriction. This is the process of your blood vessels contracting in order to essentially keep your body warm.

This is similar to when your fingers get all pruney and shrink after swimming or soaking in a long (and hopefully relaxing!) bath. It is this contracting of the blood vessels that causes your fingers to shrink.

If your ring was sized during the warmer months of summer or spring, or even during fall, then your ring is likely to loosen during the winter. Just how loose can vary from person to person.

Whether your fingers shrink just a tad or your blood vessels are super contractors, your engagement ring will need protecting.

5 Tips On How To Protect Your Engagement Ring During Winter

So now you know why your finger shrinks, but what can you do? Check out our five top tips below on protecting your engagement ring this winter…and all year round.

2 diamond engagement rings

Buy A Ring Guard

First of all, what’s a ring guard? Unfortunately, it’s not a security guard for your ring. A ring guard is a piece, usually some kind of bendable plastic, that subtly goes on the band of your ring in order to make it fit more snuggly. 

Ring guards, also known as ring adjusters, usually come in clear plastic that is easily hidden and comfortable to wear. Whether your ring is just a bit too big and you prefer not to resize it, or you need to make sure your ring fits well during the cold winter months, a ring guard is a great way to go to ensure your engagement ring, or any ring, stays put on your finger where it’s supposed to be.

Be Mindful Of Your Glove Choice

Diamond engagement ring

Baby, it’s cold outside! When outfitting yourself this winter, keep in mind your hand accessories. How you keep your hands warm can affect your ring…yes really! A pair of mittens knitted by hand might be super cozy, but save them for your ring-free days. Rings can easily get caught on knits and similar materials.

2 engagement rings

The basket and other details of your engagement ring can easily snag the material and ruin your favorite wool gloves or even slip off in the process. This risk is true for all knits, gloves, mittens, and even your favorite holiday sweater.

Does that mean your hands will just be cold? Of course not! But you do want to proceed with caution when wearing such pieces and materials.

Keep Your Diamond Ring Off During Outdoor Activities

Remember when we taught you How To Protect Your Engagement Ring At The Gym: And Other Times To Remove Your Ring? Well, this is one of those other times. Let’s start with winter sports: skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and snowshoeing, all these sports require you to keep warm, which means gloves or mittens. In addition to the risks we discussed above, these sports, let’s face it, no matter how good you are, involve falling down.

Every time you fall, your hands can bang against the ground, your equipment, or someone else, and this can cause damage. Every time you take off your gloves, whether to adjust your equipment, grab a cup of hot chocolate, or scan your ski pass, you risk losing or damaging your ring. It’s simply not worth risking damaging or even losing the ring you love for a sport you love. Leave the bling at home.

Are you escaping the blistering cold for fun in the sun? You’re not off the hook. Just because you are not dealing with shrinking fingers doesn’t mean you are out of the woods. From corrosive saltwater and sand to abrasive pool chemicals and the slipperiness of that suntan lotion, your ring could get damaged or lost.

Hiking, swimming, the beach, and other summer-style escapes all pose risks to your engagement ring, and are all activities where it is best to leave your ring at home where it’s safe.

Avoid Taking Your Ring From One Extreme Temperature To The Next

Do you preheat your car? Do you go straight from a freezing cold ice bath to a hot sauna? Proceed with caution. A little known fact, when a diamond goes from one extreme temperature to another can affect your diamond and not for the better.

While not a common occurrence, it is certainly something to be aware of. Extreme change in temperature can highlight or exacerbate inclusions in your diamond.

Diamond ring

Why risk it? Experts recommend keeping your diamond and jewelry covered when braving the cold temps when going between your cozy house and warm car, warm car and heated office, and any situation that would expose your engagement ring to an extreme temperature change.

But don’t forget to be careful with those mittens as we explained above!

Keep It Clean

This one really applies all year but is especially important during the winter. Over time your precious diamond engagement ring can collect dust, dirt, and other gunk (this applies to a gemstone and any other engagement ring, by the way). Keeping your ring clean will ensure it always sparkles bright.

How To Clean diamond ring  Infographic

Check out our blog on How To Clean Your Jewelry At Home & Other Useful Tips, which gives you all the tips, including how to clean your ring, how often to clean your ring, what to use to clean your ring, and how you can keep your ring clean.


Does cold weather make your ring loose? 

Essentially, yes. Cold weather causes your fingers to shrink, which in turn, makes your ring feel loose.

How do I keep my ring from tarnishing?

Most importantly, keep it clean and dry. Moisture is the culprit that can cause your ring to tarnish. So make sure to remove your ring when showering, swimming, applying lotion, and any other activity that could cause moisture to come in contact with your ring.

Where do you keep the engagement ring when not wearing it?

A safe and secure place! Where that is depends on the situation. Are you on vacation? Utilize the room safe, or better yet, ask the front desk about a hotel safe.

At the gym? Invest in a solid gym lock, or put it in a locked bag and ask that bag to be kept at the front desk. And, of course, your jewelry box at home is always a safe bet.

Don’t Get Those Winter Blues

Winter is a magical time. The falling snow, cozying up by the fireplace, and of course, romance. We want to ensure that your engagement ring, and all your diamond jewelry, shine bright all season long. Watch out for snags, keep it clean, and remove it when necessary. Make sure your engagement ring keeps its shimmer and shine all winter long.

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Fine Jewelry

James Allen Jewelry That Arrives In Time For Christmas

Are you a procrastinator? Have you delayed your shopping but don’t want gifts that reflect it? Then you’re at the right place! We have a fabulous selection of gifts to arrive in time for Christmas. Gifts that sparkle so bright, at such great prices, they’ll have no idea you waited to shop!

Fine Jewelry

We understand holiday shopping can be overwhelming, and maybe, you put it off and now that has added to the stress. Well, relax, we are here to put the joy back into gift giving! Whether you’re shopping for family, friends, or a significant other, they’ll have no idea you procrastinated at all!

So save 25% on an incredible number of options and go to, where we will show you exactly when your gift will arrive based on what day you order. We have a myriad of options that sparkle bright, are on sale, and will comfortably be under the tree on Christmas morning.

How Will You Know Which Items Arrive In Time For Christmas?

Not sure how to tell which items will arrive in time? Sort items by “Fastest Shipping and starting December 1, 2022, look for the Santa hat.

Make sure to place your order by 2:00PM EST in order to receive your item(s) on the listed date.* Check out below for more details and of course, Happy Shopping!

*Please note that this only applies to orders in the continental United States.

How To Order An Engagement Ring That Will Arrive In Time For Christmas

Are you looking to make this the best, most memorable Christmas ever? Have you decided to make the Holiday season an engaging one? Then you really want to make sure your ring arrives on time!

Keep in mind that when ordering an engagement ring both the setting and the diamond need to be available to arrive by the big day. That means that you’ll want to:

  1. Select “Fast Shipping” when looking at the settings
  2. Select “Fast Shipping” again when looking at diamonds
  3. Ensure that the setting AND the diamond of your choice ship by the same date

After all, this is not a situation where you want to say here is part 1, you want to present the grand finale!

Best-Selling Gifts That Will Arrive In Time For Christmas

Just because you’re not an early shopper doesn’t mean you can’t get the most dazzling gifts…at least not at James Allen! Christmas is a magical time of year, and you need presents to match.

Whether you’re proposing to the love of your life or are looking to cement your place as the family favorite, read on to get the best gifts at the best prices, comfortably under the Christmas tree.

Engagement Rings

We said it before, Christmas is a magical time. Snow, the tree, family and friends, mistletoe, and of course, presents! Now there are presents, and there are PRESENTS. And some presents, like an engagement ring, will outshine all other presents.

This is a gift that will last a lifetime. It is a gift they will wear every day and show everyone. You may not have shopped ahead, but that doesn’t mean you will be stuck with the leftovers either. 

Check out some options below and go to for more! But don’t dawdle too long! We can ship things fast, but unfortunately, we don’t have magical reindeer.

And don’t forget to check out our engagement rings for men, because everyone deserves to shine bright.

Fine Jewelry

Jewelry is the gift that keeps on giving, or in this case, shining. Whether it is a piece they can wear every day or you are gifting something to be saved for special occasions, fine jewelry is sure to bring a smile to the face of whoever receives it. And remember, from earrings to bracelets, necklaces, and rings, SHINE. IS. IN. for everyone. 

Let’s hear it for the boys! Give all the men in your life a little bit of fabulous and help them proclaim their personal style.

Nothing can dim the light of a strong woman, but you can certainly add to it. Why not enhance her natural light with some sparkle and shine? Check out these pieces below. Love what you see? 

Wedding Rings

It’s happening! The big day is approaching! Whether you are doing a Christmas-themed wedding or are just feeling inspired by the holiday season, now is the perfect time to grab the wedding ring of your dreams. From classic to trendy, uniquely modern to elegant and dazzling, we have the wedding for you…and in time for Christmas of course!

Your man will love these!

Seal forever with one of these beauties:


How long does it take to get a ring from James Allen?

When ordering a ring from us, it is important to keep in mind that the setting AND the diamond or gemstone need to have that fast shipping tag. The date listed for arrival applies to orders placed by 2:00PM EST and only to orders within the continental U.S.

Important to note: the last day to ship for Christmas is December 22, 2022 by 2:00PM EST and applies ONLY to items that qualify for same day shipping.

Where does James Allen’s jewelry ship from?

The majority of our products are shipped from our headquarters in New York City.

Does James Allen ship on Saturday? 

Yes! We do ship on Saturdays.

Faster Than Rudolph

Like it or not, the holidays are HERE! It seems every year they just sneak up on us. But don’t let the present pressure stress you out. has numerous products to choose from that will arrive in time for Christmas.

So, whether you are shopping for a ring to pop the big question, need the perfect ring to start forever, or just want to win gift-giving with your friends and loved ones, we are here to make sure you get the perfect gift in time. 

Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Evil Eye & Hamsa Hand Jewelry Meaning: A Hanukkah Gift Guide

Put on your yarmulke, here comes Hanukkah. We all know that famous Adam Sandler song, but do we all know just what Hanukkah is? And more importantly, what do you give on Hanukkah? (Or is it spelled Chanukkah? Or Channukah?) However you spell it, many have the tradition to give gifts.

Some give a gift for each of the eight nights of Hanukkah, while others prefer to give one great gift for the whole holiday. Whatever your tradition, we’re here to help make sure you give a gift that lights up their entire holiday season!

A Hanukkah Gift Guide

Hanukkah is known as the Jewish “festival of lights,” this is because every night of the eight night festival, people gather around what is known as a Menorah and light a candle. Each additional night, another candle is added.

Celebrating a rededication to Judaism’s Holy Temple, lighting the Menorah is a reminder that after the Greek destruction, a single drop of oil was found and used to light the Menorah, which lasted for eight nights.

This oil is also a reason Hanukkah is so delicious! Think latkes (fried potato patties) and sufganiyot (hello doughnuts!), and really any food fried in oil, and of course…presents!

Do You Give Gifts on Hanukkah?

In a word, yes. Originally, the tradition was to give the gift of money, or gelt, in order to teach children, in particular, to give to charity. This custom has grown, and today, many people still give gelt (real money and the delicious chocolate kind).

And while not part of the original celebration, giving and exchanging gifts on Hanukkah…some every night, is very much a part of the holiday! Not only does this gift giving allow those who celebrate to feel a part of the general holiday season, but gift giving is prominent throughout Jewish tradition.

How Many Gifts Do You Give for Hanukkah?

The short answer: as many as you want! Some people have the tradition to give a gift every night of Hanukkah. In this case, many choose for more budget-friendly options as there are eight crazy nights. While others choose to give one great gift for the entire festival, giving it either on the first or last night to start or close off the holiday.

Still, others have a tradition to give presents every other night. This allows continuous gift giving without feeling excessive. If you are participating in a holiday gift exchange and are purchasing for someone who celebrates Hanukkah, or want to impress someone who celebrates Hanukkah, or are just feeling super festive, any gift, small or big, one or eight in number, is sure to spread the holiday cheer.

Best Hanukkah Gift Ideas for 2022

Do you need some ideas? We thought you might! Whether you want something more holiday-themed, budget-friendly, or you wanna give the gift to be known as “the big shebang,” we got you covered. See below for some fabulous options and go to for more!

Evil Eye Jewelry

The Evil Eye, or Ayin Hara in Hebrew, represents negative energy. From jealousy to the concept not to covet, the evil eye is the negative feeling that comes from envy or ill will. You might be thinking, if the Evil Eye is so bad, why would you want to wear it?

The Evil Eye is a concept, not an actual, physical eye. In fact, dating back to various ancient cultures, wearing a symbolic evil eye charm has come to be thought to offer protection against the negative energy associated with the concept. And can’t we all use a little extra protection these days?

Check out some options below, whatever your budget, we’ll make sure you’re protected in style.

Under $200

These beautiful earrings offer style and sparkle while giving you protection. The perfect gift for anyone on your list, these minimalistic earrings can be worn every single day.

14K Yellow Gold Evil Eye Diamond Stud Earrings

Do you need a bracelet to match those earrings? Or do you prefer some golden wrist action? Check out this gloriously golden Evil Eye bracelet and carry your protection daily. And if you love how it’s styled below, then get on the layer train and add a classic diamond tennis bracelet.

14K Yellow Gold Evil Eye Bracelet
tennis bracelets

Under $300

This sweet bracelet and elegant necklace make quite the pair! Wear them together or separately, the yellow gold with the dazzling diamond detail is the height of simple sophistication.

14K Yellow Gold Evil Eye Diamond Bolo Bracelet
14K Yellow Gold Mini Evil Eye Diamond Necklace

Under $400

Do you prefer your protection to come with a pop of color? Then look no further! The light blue enamel on this evil eye necklace will certainly protect you from the evils of looking boring! Grab it today and enjoy stylish protection year round.

14K Yellow Gold Enamel Evil Eye Station Necklace

Under $500

Are you in the market for a gift with a bit more glitz? Something dazzling yet understated, can be worn everyday, and will literally go with everything in any closet? This Evil Eye diamond ring is for you. Gorgeous, available in white or yellow gold, and of course, covered in diamonds, this is the kind of protection we could all use.

14K Yellow Gold Evil Eye Diamond Ring
14K White Gold Evil Eye Diamond Ring

Hamsa Jewelry

The Hamsa symbols can be seen in many cultures and is symbolized by a hand with an eye in the middle. Some say it symbolizes the Hand of God. Similar to Evil Eye jewelry, the Hamsa symbol is thought to ward off evil and offer protection against general bad energy.

Many people hang Hamsas in their homes, use the symbol as a keychain, and even wear the symbol on their clothing. It is also used in jewelry, and why not? It is also thought to bring good luck and happiness to those who wear it. No bad vibes and some good luck to boot? Sign us up!

These gold Hamsa earrings have a diamond for a touch of glitz. Perfect for the holidays and everyday, bring on the good luck and good fashion with this well priced pair at under $200.

Good luck and protection against evil meet romance and sparkle with this incredible necklace. Rose gold with a ruby and diamonds brings the perfect pops of color to this understated piece.

14K Rose Gold Hamsa Ruby And Diamond Necklace

Star Of David Necklace

The Star of David is arguably the most visible symbol of Judaism. Also known as the Magen David, or Shield of David, it is made of two overlaid triangles, one pointing up, one pointing down.

While little is known of its true origin, it is thought that God gave King David a shield with a star on it to protect him from his enemies. The symbol is said by some to remind those who wear it of God’s presence.

A necklace is a very popular way to wear the Star of David. Many who have such a necklace wear it daily. Check out our fabulous option below!

14K Yellow Gold Mini Star Of David Necklace

Thoughtful Gifts For All Eight Nights

Many people have the tradition of giving a small present each night, but that can get expensive fast! After all, there are eight nights! Luckily, James Allen has some fantastic new pieces for $200 or less. Allowing you to make each night shine as bright as the flames of the Menorah.

Night 1: These ball stud earrings are the perfect gift! For less than $100 (yes that’s right!) you can start the holiday with a perfectly pretty pair of earrings.

14K Yellow Gold 5mm Ball Stud Earrings

Night 2: This sterling silver chain will show off the fashion forwardness of whoever wears it (& reveal the trendiness of whoever gave it). Add some bling to your wrist on night two!

Sterling Silver 5.5mm Figaro Chain Bracelet - 8.5 Inches

Night 3: Keep the shine going on night three with this simply sophisticated gold plate ring. Perfect for everyday and every occasion, this ring is just the right price at $150.

14K Yellow Gold Plate Ring

Night 4: You’re at the halfway point and now it’s time to up the shine. This gold beaded row ring gives just enough style to this minimalistic masterpiece.

14K Yellow Gold Beaded Row Ring

Night 5: These earrings will take you from the Menorah lighting straight to the Hanukkah party. A gold bar accompanied by a drape chain shows everyone you’re receiving gifts that will last far beyond the latkes.

14K White Gold Bar And Drape Chain Earrings

Night 6: Looking for a present to accompany that Evil Eye necklace? These earrings match PERFECTLY! And at less than $200, you cannot go wrong!

14K Yellow Gold Turquoise Enamel Round Stud Earring

Night 7: You’ve made it to a full calendar week of lighting candles and eating fried foods. Add to the revelry with these entwined hoop earrings. Classic, stylish, and trending for countless generations, you’ll want to gift this to everyone on your list.

14K Yellow Gold Entwined Hoop Earrings

Night 8: Finish out the holiday with a gorgeous pair of amethyst earrings. February’s birthstone looks great no matter when you were born! 

14K White Gold Amethyst Birthstone Earrings

Big Gift Options

Perhaps a bunch of small gifts is not your style. You’re looking to make a big, one-time gift splash. You’re a showman, you want to go all out. We can help! Check out the sets below. Pick one piece or choose both, either way, you are sure to leave only “ooohs” and “aaahs.”

White gold, emeralds, diamonds: elegant, elegant, and elegant. Bling up your casual wear and pair them with your black tie attire, alone or together these pieces shine brighter than the stars.

14K White Gold Diamond And Emerald Ring
14K White Gold Emerald Station Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Maybe you want something that just screams romance. Perfect for the modern-day princess in your life (or you!). These rose gold diamond hoop earrings literally shine inside and out. Pair them with a blossom diamond tennis necklace, also in rose gold. So beautiful whoever gets one or both will be left speechless.

14K Rose Gold Marquise Round Diamond Inside-Out Hoop Earrings
14K Rose Gold Blossom Lab Created Diamond Tennis Necklace

Or perhaps you are looking for some whimsical diamond fine jewelry. The kind that leaves the wearer feeling like they are an ice princess in a winter wonderland. Check out these stylish pieces below. Worn together or on their own, these pieces will give that regal feeling.

14K White Gold Twisted Diamond Hoop Earrings
14K White Gold Whimsical Scatter Diamond Ring


Is it OK to wear evil eye jewelry?

Not only is it OK, it is even a good thing! Many say wearing the evil eye can help to protect you from bad juju.

What happens if you wear the evil eye?

It is said you will be protected from evil energies, we say you will be protected while looking stylish!

Is the evil eye good or bad?

The evil eye itself is a symbol to ward off bad energies. The term Evil Eye does not refer to a physical eye. One could argue that since it is a form of protection, it is good.

Can you wear the Hamsa hand and evil eye together?

Yes. In fact, many Hamsa designs incorporate the Evil Eye.

Make The Light Last

Hanukkah is a wonderful time of year. Family, friends, fried foods, and lights, and of course…presents! Whether you go for a gift with Jewish symbolism in honor of the holiday, you prefer to go for straight glitz and glam, or are shopping for multiple budget-friendly options so you can share the light of the holiday season far and wide, we have the options for you!

Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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1024x500_Cover_1 – 1

2022 Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide For Her

They are women, hear them roar, but this holiday season, you want gifts so fabulous you leave the women of your life speechless. Finding gifts for these bad bitches on your list can be tough! Luckily, James Allen is here to help.

From glorious diamonds and gemstones to fashion forward fine jewelry and everything in between, we’ve got gifts to please everyone and anyone. Whether you are shopping for family, friends, coworkers, or romantic partners, we have the gift that will inspire the “Wooooow!”

Jewelry gift guide for her

James Allen Holiday Sale

Buying lots of gifts doesn’t have to require lots of shopping. Check off everyone on your list thanks to James Allen’s site-wide sale. With 25% off across the board, you can save on every gift you need…and a few you don’t;-)

Jewelry Gifts For The Women In Your Life

So you want to get the woman, or women, in your life the perfect gift? You can’t go wrong with jewelry! An engagement for your soon-to-be fiancée? We got it! Gemstone earrings for your mom? We got it!

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, daughter, aunt, girlfriend, wife, mentor, or sister, we have the right gift, on the right budget. From easy-on-the-wallet options all the way to how long did you save for that?! Whatever your budget, whichever wonder woman you are shopping for, read on to find the perfect gift.


She’s your better half, the apple of your eye…she completes you. So clearly, she deserves the ultimate, sparkling, I can’t believe you did this!, holiday present. No matter if her style is minimalist, classic, trendy, or ultimate glam, these dazzling diamond pieces will fit perfectly in her jewelry collection.

Diamond jewelry

Ready to pop the big question? Go for a fabulous engagement ring. Want a present that’s befitting the wife of the year? You can’t go wrong with an elegant eternity ring. Have you already adorned your partner’s fingers with all the diamonds she could ask for? We got you covered.

14K White Gold Triple Row Pavé Cathedral Engagement Ring
14K White Gold French Pavé Lab-Created Diamond Eternity Ring (1 CTW F-G / VS2-SI1)
14K Yellow Gold Kite Set Solitaire Lab Created Diamond Pendant (0.75 CTW - F-G / VS2-SI1)

A classic diamond tennis bracelet or necklace is not only a gift she can wear everyday, but one that will remind her how much you love her every time she puts it on. Looking for something a bit more trendy? Does your girlfriend set the fashion standard? Go for these diamond hoop earrings or grab a piece from our constellation collection. After all, your love takes you to the stars.


Mom, your first friend, lifetime cheerleader, the woman who made you who are your. She deserves the best! Because she is Mom, she will love anything you give her, but make sure it’s something that will impress everyone she shows it to, because you know she’ll show it to everyone!

Give her something personal. Did you sign “I:white_heart:U” on every picture you drew her as a kid? Then this yellow gold diamond necklace version is perfect. Nostalgic, stylish, and simply…perfect.

14K Yellow Gold I Heart You Necklace

Were you and your sibling best friends? Did you hold hands when you crossed the street together (looking both ways first OF COURSE!)? Are your children the (new) apples in your mom’s eye? Then you can’t go wrong with the adorable Boy-Girl Diamond necklace. Combine style with nostalgia and she’ll wipe away happy tears every time she puts it on.

14K Yellow Gold Boy-Girl Diamond Necklace

Does your mom prefer the minimalist look? Is she a woman of simple sophistication? Try a gold necklace from our initials collection. Go with “M” for mom, or choose the letter of her first name. These necklaces are so affordable you could get the first initial for everyone in the family and give your mom the layered look! 

14K Yellow Gold Mini Initial M Necklace


Did you drive your siblings crazy as kids? Do you regret switching the sugar for salt and ruining their cereal? We’re here to help you say I’m sorry with some shiny jewelry. Or maybe you were BFF’s, peas in a pod who have had a lifelong bond, and you want to give your sibling a gift as golden as your relationship.

rose gold jewelry

No matter if you constantly fought in the back seat or always shared your toys, these pieces are the perfect way to say Happy Holidays to your favorite, and even your not-so-favorite siblings.

14K Yellow Gold High Polished Faceted Ring
14K Yellow Gold Polished Bangle Bracelet
14K Yellow Gold Entwined Hoop Earrings

Did you forget their birthday? Or gasp! Do you always forget their birthday? Go for a piece of birthstone jewelry to remind them that yes, you DO know their birthday. 

Birthstone jewelry

Are you making up for last year’s holiday season? Go for a beautifully simple set like the one below and be back in everyone’s good graces for this holiday season and beyond!

14K Yellow Gold 1.8mm Petite Single Ruby Birthstone Ring
14K Yellow Gold Knife Edge Hoop Earrings


Do you have the best Mother-in-Law in the world? Do you consider her your second mom? Get her a present that shows her how happy you are to be part of the family. Or maybe your mother-in-law is one tough cookie and you need the perfect gift to break the ice? Either way, we got you covered.

Pearl Hoop Earring
14K Yellow Gold Minimalistic Freshwater Cultured Pearl Hoop Earring

Go for these simply sophisticated pearl earrings. Perfect to take her from day to night, the office to dinner, and durable enough to wear around any grandkids. If you weren’t best friends before, you might be after you give her these.

Diamond jewelry

Does your mother-in-law have a flair for fashion? Does she always choose classic shine? Check out the pieces below and give her the perfect additions for her accessories collection.


They say friends are the family you choose. They’ve seen you through thick and thin; whether you’ve been friends since childhood or they are your new bestie, we’re here to make sure you get them the perfect gift. Because nothing is better than a friend, unless it’s a friend with presents.

Looking for something for the friend that is the trend-setter of the group? Look no further! Paperclip necklaces are the trend that is here to stay. Grab this version with a golden push lock because your friendship is locked for life.

Paperclip necklaces
14K Yellow Gold Pad Lock Push Lock Paper Clip Split Chain Necklace

Do you need a gift for everyone in the friend group? These Zodiac signet rings with a vintage feel are perfect!

Zodiac signet rings

Get one for everyone in their sign because THIS will be the ring to unite you all.


No matter who you are shopping for this holiday season, jewelry is always a winner. Whether you go for gold, shower them in diamonds, or go for the classics, all the women in your life deserve to shine. Because, after all, there’s nothing like a woman who loves you, so treat her well and shower her with all the goodies.

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Gorgeous Garnets: The January Birthstone

Time to be well-red! Find the perfect jewelry gift with garnet, the January birthstone.

Start off the new year by shining in garnet’s fierce red. Garnets get their name thanks to their resemblance to pomegranate seeds. In face, the name derives from the Latin granatum, meaning seed. While garnet comes in multiple hues, red is the most popular color, and perfect for someone born in January…or anytime!

What Is The January Birthstone?

January’s birthstone is garnet, which can be found in mines and streams, where the water has worn away the rock and exposed the gem. They naturally occur in green, yellow, and even colorless, but the vibrant and deep red option is its most popular color.

While the garnet we are most familiar with is the gemstone found in fine jewelry, it can also be mined for its industrial abrasive version, which is used to polish glass and metal.

At James Allen, our collection of garnet fine jewelry is strictly for looking fabulous. In this case, garnets are for fashion…not function.

Garnet Birthstone Facts

The sparkle from garnets is so extraordinary it is often described by gemologists as fire. The best sparkle can be seen in soft, romantic lighting, such as candles.

The hardness of garnets is not as impressive as their sparkle and they should be handled with care. However, rating between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, out of a maximum of 10, garnets are still quite strong.

Garnet Birthstone Symbolism

Garnets are thought to bring blessings, love, wellness, friendship, and devotion to those lucky enough to be born in January. It certainly worked for Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Prior to marrying her now-husband, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Kate was gifted a gorgeous ring with her garnet birthstone, as well as pearls, her now-husband’s birthstone. The ring was a sign of the Prince’s commitment to his now-wife.

Garnets are always a great choice because, as the epitome of affordable luxury, they make for a great birthday gift….or anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just a day ending in a day!

Kate Middleton isn’t the only celebrity sporting garnet, some other famous faces such as Kristen Bell and Sofía Vergara have rocked this gorgeous gem. Check out James Allen’s collection of luxurious garnet earrings and receive all the good energy garnet has to offer.

Garnet Birthstone History

Once believed to offer protection from poison and even nightmares, garnets have a long and storied history.

Garnets have been found in the tombs of pharaohs in Egypt and in ancient Persia, where only kings were allowed to own or wear the gem.

In ancient Rome, garnets were typically worn by noble patriarchs, in the form of carved signet rings. They also believed the gem provided protection to travelers and that sparkles were a sign of impending danger.

Children in ancient Greece thought they were protected from drowning by the gem and in ancient China, it was believed that the gems were the incarnation of a tiger’s soul. The Navajo use the gem to bring luck and protection. Navajos also believe, similar to ancient Romans, that garnets bring protection to travelers.

Numerous famous historical figures are thought to have been adorned by this famous gem, including Plato and the King of Saxony, who is said to have had a garnet of over 465 carats!

How to Wear Your Garnet

The deep red brilliance of garnets makes it a beautiful choice to wear as earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. They can glamorize an easy-going day look, accessorize a night on the town, or compliment a black-tie outfit.

The hues of garnet are complementary to all skin tones, allowing everyone to achieve that royal look.

Garnets look exceptionally spectacular when paired with black or white outfits, however, they also go great with more neutral tones like deep greens and browns.

January Birthstone Gifts: Garnet Rings

Garnets are the perfect January birthstone. As the gem of love, they are an ideal romantic prelude to Valentine’s Day. Garnets are often given as signs of intimacy and romance, and their rich color makes them a meaningful and gorgeous gift to receive.

January Birthstone Gifts: Garnet Earrings

Garnets are said to have healing properties, in addition to their protective ones. Many people believe that the gems bring peace, passion, and can help cleanse and balance energy. These are just some of the many reasons that garnets have retained their popularity, from ancient times to today.