A Complete Guide to Promise Rings

The exact meaning and symbolism of a promise ring is fluid. For some, it is a pre-engagement ring, or it’s a symbol of friendship, and for others, it represents a romantic commitment without titles. We will explain everything you need to know about what a promise ring is, how you wear it, why you give it, and who you give it to.

A couple holding hands while wearing diamond and plain gold promise rings

Love, whether it is friendship, romantic, or platonic, is a beautiful thing. Many choose to mark this love with a promise ring. That promise can represent a monogamous commitment, mark a special occasion, represent a significant period of time, or simply be an expression of your heart. Promise rings are a beautiful way to celebrate your love, commitment, and unique story.

What Is A Promise Ring?

A promise ring is simply a ring. It can be pure gold, decorated with diamonds, be inscribed with a personal message (all options at James Allen, of course!), feature a birthstone, or be imbued with gemstones of your choice. It can have a simple solitaire style, featuring one key diamond, or have that perfect pavé sparkle.

The physical promise ring can be any ring you want, as long as it is special to you and your partner, then it is perfect!

Promise Ring Meaning & Symbolism

Traditionally, a promise ring is given after a period of dating, the “next step.” You are more than “in a relationship” but not yet ready for the next Facebook definitive term for your relationship.

A promise ring is also a great way for people to mark their commitment to each other outside the traditional bounds of marriage. For couples who are bucking the ideas of traditional marriage but still want to symbolize their commitment to each other, a promise ring is a great alternative. After all, you don’t need to want the paper or the ceremony to want the bling!

Due to youth, status, or simply a bucking of tradition, a promise ring is used to symbolize love, and, more importantly, the commitment between two people.

Promise Rings vs. Engagement Rings

You might be thinking if you are making a commitment anyway, why not just get an engagement ring? Because they are different. A promise ring is a precursor or instead of an engagement ring.

An engagement ring symbolizes an impending wedding, while a promise ring symbolizes your commitment to each other, without the need to hire a planner and start planning a wedding. There are a lot of reasons couples choose to go the promise ring route.

Maybe you are too young to think about planning a wedding, maybe one of you is overseas, and it doesn’t make sense to get engaged just yet, or maybe you prefer a more non-traditional commitment.

Promise rings can also have non-romantic meanings. If you are marking a unique friendship, for example, you probably do not want to propose marriage! Whether it’s a placeholder or instead of, a promise ring can look similar to an engagement ring but certainly isn’t one.

How Do You Wear A Promise Ring?

Ok, so we know what a promise ring is, we know why it isn’t an engagement ring, now let’s cover how to wear it.

Which Hand Does A Promise Ring Go On?

This is an easy one, whichever hand you want! If you are wearing it as a pre-engagement ring or a symbol of romantic commitment, many choose to wear it on the left hand.

Which Finger Does A Promise Ring Go On?

This is another easy one! You can wear your promise ring on any finger. However, if your promise ring is a step on the road to marriage or symbolizes a monogamous, romantic commitment, it is traditionally worn on the ring finger on your left hand.

Can A Promise Ring Be A Wedding Ring?

A promise ring can be anything you want! It can be a replacement for a traditional wedding ring or as a step on the road to the wedding. While many couples choose to purchase a separate wedding ring, many also use the promise ring as a wedding ring once they have reached that step.

Promise Rings For Her

Promise rings come in all shapes and styles, a small solitaire, a classic band, a brilliant birthstone, or a dazzling ring filled with diamonds and gemstones. Check out these below and go to our website for more!

Promise Rings For Him

Promise rings aren’t just for the ladies! Love and commitment can be shown to anyone and everyone. Check out these promise rings your man is sure to love!

How Long Should You Be Together Before Giving A Promise Ring

While there is no official timeline for giving a promise ring, as it symbolizes a commitment, you want to have dated long enough to make a loving commitment to that person. For some, that could be as little as three months or as much as three years. Many choose to make such a commitment after six to twelve months.

When To Give A Promise Ring

A promise ring is not something that should be given lightly, it should be given when you are ready to show your commitment to someone you love. You give a promise ring when you are ready to show your partner that you are committed to them, and solely to them.

Whether given as a precursor to an engagement or as a stand-alone commitment, a promise ring should be given with serious intentions and a full heart.

How To Give A Promise Ring

Ok, so HOW do you give a promise ring?! Don’t worry, we’ll explain this too! When giving a promise ring, one must be careful that it is momentous, but not so much so that it will be confused for a marriage proposal.

Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and the holidays are great times to give a promise ring. A special occasion to give the moment extra meaning without conveying the wrong message.

But like so many things, giving a promise ring is personal, and how you do so will likely be personal to you and your partner. There is no right or wrong way or time to give a ring that shows your love and commitment.

How Much Should A Promise Ring Cost?

You might think we are repeating ourselves….and we are! Like many things about promise rings, there are no rules. If your promise ring is a step on the road to marriage, you may want to spend less and save up for bling-tastic engagement and wedding rings.

If price is not a concern, then the only limit is your imagination. But for most of us, price is indeed a consideration. Like anything else, you need to consider your budget, your partner’s taste, and of course, the occasion (is this a stand-alone symbol of your love or the first ring you will buy to cement your relationship.

FAQs About Promise Rings  

  1. What is the point of a promise ring? 
    1. A promise shows that you are taking a relationship seriously and that you are committed to the person you are giving it to. Whether out of friendship, romance, or another unique reason, promise rings are given out of love.
  2. What do you say when giving a girl a promise ring? 
    1. This is something very personal and often unique to every couple. What you say also depends on the exact reason you are giving the ring. You can pledge to be faithful, promise your commitment, or express your friendship. You can be traditional or creative, the sky’s the limit!
  3. Can you buy two promise rings? 
    1. Of course! If, as a couple, you are making a commitment to each other, just like engagement rings or wedding rings, you can surprise your partner, or you can buy them together. You also have the option of buying for your partner and yourself, offering both rings as part of your promise.
  4. Are promise rings still a thing? 
    1. Absolutely! People will always love and want to express that love, and one of those ways is through promise rings. Rest assured, promise rings are a classic that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Parting Thoughts

A promise ring is how many couples express their love and commitment. Whether it’s teenagers who are deeply in love but too young to take those next steps, partners who are too far apart, a couple who want to make a more non-traditional commitment, or two people expressing a committed relationship all their own, promise rings are a great way to express these special and loving sentiments.

No matter your style, no matter your reason, JamesAllen.com has the perfect promise ring for you!

Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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A Guide To Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald cut engagement rings are elegant, popular, and timeless. It is no wonder this distinctively glamorous shape has long been a favorite of royals, celebs, and of course, brides everywhere.

Emerald cut engagement ring with red background

Emerald cut engagement rings favor an art deco style. Hugely popular in the 1920s, they are once again seeing a resurgence. Their long, clean lines, geometric shape, and brilliant reflections make them a fantastic choice. 

Named after the technique used to cut the center stone, emerald cut diamond engagement rings have an enduring style. Their many facts and straight lines also make them appear bigger and brighter than their carat size.

So whether you go for a classic halo setting or a modern east-west setting, your emerald cut engagement ring is sure to always be in fashion.

What Is An Emerald Cut Diamond?

So what exactly is an emerald cut diamond? Is it an emerald? Is it a diamond? Don’t worry, we’ll explain. We understand the name seems a bit confusing. Emerald cut diamonds derive their name from the technique used to cut the diamonds, which was originally used to cut emerald gemstones.

They feature long lines and a rectangular shape with cropped corners, which helps them be as durable as they are brilliant. Another reason they are so popular is that you can choose a larger size without a larger price tag. This is because of their lines, which show ample reflections and allow them to shine bright, showcasing their size better than their counterparts.

Glitz, glamor, and timeless elegance, an emerald cut engagement ring will never steer you wrong.

The History Of The Emerald Cut

Dating back to the 1500s, emerald cut diamonds are one of the oldest diamond shapes around. The technique for crafting emerald cut diamonds was originally used on emerald gemstones, to give more durability to the stone, long considered to be softer and more brittle.

The success of this technique caught the attention of jewelers and was quickly put into use for cutting diamonds. Eventually, the style of this cut created the name of the diamond we know today, emerald cut diamonds.

The cut then gained popularity in the art deco movement of the 1920s and has remained popular since then. From royals to your favorite celebrities, emerald cut diamond engagement rings are a style staple sure to impress.

Lab Created Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are already more affordable thanks to the lower demand and losing the least amount of carat weight in the cutting process. Another way to save is to choose a lab created diamond.

Lab grown diamonds are popular for many reasons, including being a more affordable option than their earth created counterparts. Emerald cut diamonds, like all diamonds, whether they come from a lab or deep in the earth, have the same properties and visual appearance.

Another perk, lab created diamonds, including emerald cut diamonds, are far less environmentally problematic. Saving money, helping mother earth, and shining just as bright? Sign us up! Click here to check out our supply of lab created emerald diamonds!

Choosing An Emerald Cut Diamond: Pros & Cons

Pros Of Emerald Cut Diamonds:

  • More bling for your buck
  • Durable
  • Slimming to your finger

Cons Of Emerald Cut Diamonds:

  • More easily shows inclusions
  • Better clarity requires a higher color grade
  • Supply is not as plentiful as other cuts

Buying An Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

So you’ve chosen an emerald cut diamond, now for the ring. Where to begin? You’ve already completed a big hurdle by choosing your center stone. Now it’s time to choose the ring setting. Metal, side stones, styles, the choices can seem endless and overwhelming, but we are here to help.

While there’s really no setting emerald cut diamonds look bad in, below you can read about the settings that will best highlight your emerald cut diamond. Need some inspo? See examples in each section. From pavé to vintage, we’ve got you covered.

Pavé Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

A pavé engagement ring is a great choice as it will always up the sparkle. Keep the focus on your center stone while still having that extra wow factor. After all, bling begets bling, right? This elegant setting works in yellow or white gold, as well as rose and platinum. Amplify your emerald cut diamond while adding to its shine with a perfect pavé setting.

14K Yellow Gold Pavé Split Shank Contour Diamond Engagement Ring

Solitaire Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The solitaire setting is a fabulous choice as it keeps the focus on your emerald cut diamond. Simple and sophisticated, this setting works in yellow, white, and even rose gold, as well as platinum. A setting that is anything but basic, a solitaire engagement ring will always be in style.

Bonus, solitaires are a great setting for the budget-conscious as well.

14K Yellow Gold 1.5mm Comfort Fit Engagement Ring
14K White Gold 2mm Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

Three Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

If you love the bling of a pavé ring but want a bit more oomph, a three stone setting is for you. Go for a cohesive look by choosing emerald cut side stones or mix it up and contrast the emerald cut with shapes such as pear or Asscher cut.

14K Rose Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Three Stone Emerald And Pavé Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

If your love of emerald cut diamonds comes from its art deco origins, a vintage style setting is for you. Pay home to a by-gone era with an emerald cut engagement ring that captures that vintage feel with a modern flair. Make a statement with one of these sophisticated settings.

14K white gold emerald cut engagement ring
14K Yellow Gold Regal Frame Diamond Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings On A Hand

You love the shape of the stone but will it work on your hand?

Emerald cut diamonds have an elongating effect, making them incredibly flattering. If there is a concern or a desire for elongating the finger, then emerald cut diamond engagement rings are a great choice.

Because of their large table surface, they also appear larger than the actual carat size, so if you feel bigger is better, an emerald cut engagement ring will look fab on your hand.

Check out this inspo below and get your own!

14K White Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)
14K White Gold Diamond Chevron Knife Edge Engagement Ring

FAQs About Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

  1. Is emerald cut OK for engagement rings? 

The emerald cut is a great choice for engagement rings. Whether choosing a diamond or a gemstone, the emerald cut is elegant, timeless, and looks good alone or with additional sparkle.

  1. Why are emerald cut diamonds cheaper? 

While historically popular and rising, emerald cut diamonds are not as in demand as more traditional round cut diamonds, for example. Therefore, the lower demand allows their price to be lower.

Another fun factor is that the technique used to create emerald cut diamonds loses minimal carat weight, so this low price comes with maximum shine.

  1. Do emerald cut diamonds look better in white or yellow gold?

Emerald cut diamonds look great in both white and yellow gold so the real answer is, it is up to you! Yellow gold will bring out the color of a diamond more, while white gold will give your emerald cut diamond a cooler tone.

Many prefer white gold with diamonds because it will hide any possible inclusions the best. This is especially true for emerald cut diamonds with their large facets.

  1. Is emerald cut classy?

The emerald cut is the epitome of class. Reminiscent of the many historical and current fashion icons who sport them, emerald cut diamonds and gemstones are as classy as they are iconic.

Final Thoughts

Emerald cut engagement rings offer timeless, elegant, and luxurious style. Bigger brilliance without the price to match, emerald cut engagement rings are perfect if you are looking for a center stone with a more durable cut, a diamond that shines above its carat weight, and a look that is classic yet modern.

Celebrate your love in style with an emerald cut engagement ring from James Allen.

Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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cover_Blog - The Top Engagement Ring Trends Of 2022

The Top Engagement Ring Trends Of 2022

Keeping up with trends can be difficult. If you’re planning for 2022 to be the year of your proposal, start off on the right foot by taking a look at what’s trending in the world of engagement rings

Engagement ring

As we make our way through 2022, we see what engagement rings are already trending. Whether you are shopping together or planning a surprise proposal, you want a ring you’ll both love forever.

After the upheaval of the past few years, it’s becoming clear that ring-shoppers are finally feeling more stable and certain regarding the future – and they’re no longer holding back on the sparkle. 2022 is shaping up to be the year of the bling. Get ready for large diamonds and lots of them!

Pavé Engagement Rings

Pavé is popular, has always been popular, and will likely always be popular. It is no wonder why pavé engagement rings are dominating in 2022. They’re beloved due to their impact: size ratio.

Pavé diamonds are tiny – so they’re affordable, and pavé rings normally contain dozens of them – so you get ALL the facets. Pavé-set diamonds give rings a uniquely glittery quality, thanks to the hundreds of delicate facets that refract light in different directions with even the slightest shift of the finger. 

Why aren’t pavé rings more expensive if they’re set with so many stones? Well, it’s because diamonds increase in value as their carat weight goes up, but the price increase is somewhat exponential.

In other words, a ring with a handful of tiny diamonds with a total weight of 1 carat will almost always cost less than a single, 1 carat diamond engagement ring. You get more diamonds, and you pay less.

14K White Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)
14K White Gold Pavé Rope Engagement Ring

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

We have all seen how thrifting and second-hand shops are all the rage in fashion, and engagement rings are no exception. Vintage-inspired engagement rings give that one-of-a-kind, antique feel. You get the style of today, inspired by the best styles from the past.

Cathedral settings are part of this popular trend thanks to their style, which mimics the arches of old church cathedrals. Whether you are choosing a classic diamond or a colorful gemstone, this eye-catching design will highlight your choice beautifully. 

Cushion cut engagement rings are also part of this trend. With their timeless style and vintage appeal, cushion cut diamond engagement rings are a classic choice that will always be on the cutting edge of fashion.

14K White Gold Beaded Filigree Cathedral Kite-Set Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Diamond Filigree Engagement Ring

Contoured Ring Sets

Everyone loves a matching set, right? Well, that’s why this style is at the top of 2022’s trends. These sets, which include a curved wedding ring to match your gorgeous engagement ring, were made to go together…just like you and your beloved!

There’s something particularly satisfying about a wedding ring that’s literally made for your engagement ring. Your center diamond is lovely on its own, wait until you see how it looks with your custom-made wedding band!

Advantages of matching wedding sets:

  1. No need to search for a wedding band
  2. It’s guaranteed that your wedding set will sit perfectly flush to your engagement ring
  3. More of a good thing: if you love your engagement ring, you’ll get more of what you love in your wedding ring
  4. All-in-one purchase: you can purchase both your rings at once, which can save you money.

Check out this inspo and get your own matching set!

Rose Gold Engagement Rings 

Rose gold just oozes romance. Its vintage appeal with modern flair makes it doubly trendy and its warm color makes it irresistible. Rose gold engagement rings are a great choice in addition to the more traditional yellow or white gold options and are ideal for the lover who wants a ring that is timeless, elegant, and effortlessly stylish.

This gorgeous metal looks great with both classic colorless diamonds and gemstones that share the metals warm hue. A favorite of many celebs, rose gold engagement rings are no longer just the choice of those seeking an “alternative,” rose gold is now a mainstream trend that looks like it is here to stay.

14K Rose Gold "Danhov" Spring Blossom Six Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring By Danhov
14K Rose Gold Pavé Halo And Shank Diamond Engagement Ring (Pear Center)

Hidden Diamond Details

They say the devil is in the details, but in this case, the dazzle is in the details. Hidden diamond details are all the rage for 2022 and why not? Who doesn’t want to sparkle more?

Hidden diamond details are simply, small diamonds hidden in details on your engagement ring. More sparkle where you’d least expect it. Nothing wrong with that!

At James Allen, we believe sparkle is life, the more the better! That’s why our Ring Studio has this feature.

Ring studio

But wait, what’s the Ring Studio? Our Ring Studio allows you to design your engagement ring with the metal, stone, and setting of your choice. Numerous personalization options will have you feeling like a jeweler yourself!

One of these many options is the “Surprise Diamond.” This diamond is neatly placed at the base of the prong setting on your engagement ring. Adding just a bit more bling for the love that makes you shine.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

A pop of color doesn’t just complete a room, it can also complete your dream engagement ring. While diamond engagement rings often get all the glory, gemstone engagement rings have been popular since time immemorial and have fast become a top trend of 2022.

Gemstone engagement rings don’t just add color, allow you to express your personal style, or look gloriously glamorous; gemstone engagement rings add that something special you just can’t put your finger on (pun intended!).

Check out this inspo and create your own colorful masterpiece!

14K White Gold Cushion Outline Pavé Engagement Ring
14K Yellow Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Fancy Black Diamond Engagement Rings

A black diamond to match your black heart? Try a fancy black diamond to match your incredible style and stay with 2022’s top trends. Nothing goes against the grain of traditional colorless diamonds while staying chic AF, as a fancy black diamond engagement ring.

Rock that Main Character Energy when you sport one of these black beauties; whose popularity has only grown since being spotlighted by the one and only Carrie Bradshaw in the hotly anticipated Sex and the City reboot

14K White Gold 2mm Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Falling Edge Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval Diamonds

Oval diamond rings have always been popular and continue to find their spotlight in 2022. The way the oval elongates and flatters just about any finger makes this stone a modern classic. The soft edges allow the diamond to look stunning on its own or shine extra bright when highlighted by a pavé or halo setting.

Seen on the hands of royals for centuries and consistently worn by a bevy of celebrities, oval diamond engagement rings are a trend that will forever be in style.

14K White Gold Petite Pavé Crown Diamond Engagement Ring

Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: lab created diamonds are the stones of the future. Though lab diamonds were popular before 2022, the COVID pandemic and supply chain disruptions made them an even more attractive choice for ring shoppers.

Their alluring pricing and superb quality earned them first place on diamond enthusiasts’ wishlists, particularly those who are budget-conscious; for the same price as an earth-created diamond, consumers can get a lab grown diamond that’s 30% larger!

We don’t see this trend waning; on the contrary, sales of lab created diamonds have continued to increase year after year. Despite their different origins, earth created and lab grown diamonds are 100% chemically and structurally identical.

The difference in price comes from the fact that it’s much easier, and quicker, to grow a diamond in a lab than it is to locate and wrest it from deep within the earth. Creation process aside, once they arrive at your door they are completely identical in terms of quality, durability, and sparkle. That’s why we consider lab created diamonds to be the ultimate life hack.

Final Thoughts

If you’re shopping for rings in 2022, keep an eye out for pavé, vintage-inspired, lab created diamonds, and more! Creativity is king in 2022, and you are the designer. 

Go for a classic oval diamond or a bold fancy black diamond, be perfectly seamless with a contoured set and grab a rock bigger than you imagined with a lab created option, either way, these 2022 trends will be in style long after we ring in the new year.

But most importantly, choose what you and your partner will love. Still unsure? Check out our Virtual Engagement Ring Try On so you can try it before you buy from the comfort of literally anywhere! Learn more about our virtual try on here.

Got more questions? Just Ask! At JamesAllen.com we’re at your service 24/7.

Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Blog - How to pick the right earrings for your face shape_cover

How To Choose The Best Earrings For Your Face Shape

Earrings are a perfect accessory to wear every day, bringing any look from blah to beautiful. That is why you want to make sure you are wearing the most flattering pair. Read on to learn how to choose the best earrings for your face shape.

Earrings for face shape

You are uniquely beautiful: your taste, your style, your face. This is why it is important to choose earrings that flatter and highlight your unique beauty. Often when choosing jewelry we take into account many things, does it go with our outfit, is it right for the occasion, can we afford it?

But face shape, which is key for something like earrings, is often left to the side. In this piece, we will explain how to choose the right earrings for your face shape, so that you shine as bright as the pieces you love.

How To Find Your Face Shape

While we are all different, there are five main face shapes: round, heart, square, diamond, and oval. Determining your face shape will allow you the freedom to play and choose the most flattering earrings that also match your personality, lifestyle, and taste in fashion.

How Do I Determine My Face Shape?

Unsure what your face shape is? You are not alone! But never fear because we are here to help you figure out your face shape in just a few easy steps!

  1. Measure from the peak of one eyebrow arch to the other FOREHEAD
  2. Measure from the point of your upper cheekbone to the other CHEEKBONES
  3. Measure your jaw across at its widest point (approximately an inch below your ears) JAWLINE
  4. Measure from the center of your hairline to the bottom of your chin FACE

If the numbers for 2 and 4 are similar and are higher than 1 and 3, you have a round shaped face. If 1 is higher than 3, and 2 is about the same as 1, with a narrow jawline, you have a heart shaped face.

If all your measurements are similar, you have a square shaped face. If 4 is the highest number, followed by 2 then 1, with 3 being the smallest, you have a diamond shaped face. If 4 is higher than 2, and 1 is higher than 3, you have an oval shaped face.

Face shape chart

Round Face

Round-shaped faces are greatly flattered by long, dangling or drop earrings, which have a lengthening effect. Long, slim earrings will compliment the roundness of your face’s shape. Tassels are another great, stylistic way to add a lengthening effect using earrings.

Most experts recommend avoiding rounder, wide, and chunky earrings, as these shapes can enhance the roundness of your face.

Check out these options from James Allen and check out our entire earring collection for more!

14K Yellow Gold Chained Pierced Diamond Front And Back Earrings By Brevani
14K Yellow Gold Petite Lined Bar Diamond Earrings

Heart Face

Heart-shaped faces are most flattered by earrings with a wide bottom, creating a proportional balance. Your face’s shape screams love, grab earrings that do the same by choosing earrings that start slim at the top and get wide at the bottom.

Check out these options from James Allen and keep in mind that earrings that stick close to the face like studs and clusters flatter equally as well.

14K Yellow Gold Freshwater Pearl And Bezel Set Diamond Drop Earrings (8.0-8.5mm)
14K Yellow Gold Link Pavé Diamond Drop Earrings

Square Face

Square-shaped faces look great with earrings that Softline your beautifully strong jawline. Go for earrings that are round or have flowing styles with fewer angles. It is best to choose earrings that balance the strength of your face’s angles; hoop earrings are a great option here.

14K Yellow Gold Inside Out Round Hoops, 1 Inch Diameter (0.50 Ctw.)
14K Yellow Gold Inside Out Round Hoops, 3/4 Inch Diameter (0.25 Ctw.)

Classic yellow gold hoops or sparkling gemstone hoops, the shape of this timeless style will enhance any look while flattering your face.

Diamond Face

The highlight of diamond-shaped faces is usually the eyes at the widest part of the face. Enhance this gorgeous feature with earrings such as studs that stay close to the ear to create balance.

14K Yellow Gold Scallop Basket Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings (1.00 CTW - F-G / VS2-SI1)
14K White Gold Four Prong Round Brilliant Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings (1.00 CTW - F-G / VS2-SI1)

The key with a diamond-shaped face is to balance out the widths and angles. Sticking to simple, classic styles, that are also versatile, will best achieve this. 


Oval Face

Oval-shaped faces are flattered by the largest variety of shapes, both a blessing and a curse. You can wear almost anything, but the options are enormous! Studs, hoops, small drops, huggies and more all highlight your face’s shape.

Try these fabulous styles from James Allen:

14K White Gold Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings
14K Yellow Gold Three Prong Martini Round Brilliant Diamond Stud Earrings (0.75 CTW - H-I / SI1-SI2)

But be careful, earrings that dangle too much or have a large drop, as this can elongate the face more than is desired.

The Best Earrings For Your Face Shape

RoundLong, dangling
HeartClose to the face, thin at top and widens at the bottom
SquareMedium to long rounded edges
DiamondClose to the ear or wider at the bottom
OvalPretty much anything!

FAQs About Earrings For Your Face Shape

Got some more questions? You’re not alone! See below for some more info on finding the perfect earrings for your face shape!

What earrings look good on any face shape?

Hoop earrings are a universal classic. Coming in a variety of sizes and shapes! Go for large, small, long, or round, classic metals or dazzling diamonds, you are sure to find the perfect pair to flatter your face!

Simple studs are also a fantastic choice as they look good on everyone! A cute pair of gold clusters, a great pair of gemstone studs to mark your birthday or a perfect pair of diamond studs to match your tennis bracelet.

What about bone structure?

Your face’s bone structure, while a clear part of your face shape, has additional considerations. A general rule of thumb is that the finer your bone structure, the finer your earrings need to be.

If you have a thinner bone structure, go for earrings that are more delicate, gentle, and thin. Faces with more medium bone structure should be like goldilocks, go for earrings that are not too thin but not too thick. If you are rocking a large bone structure, then go for those chunky earrings you’ve been dreaming of, your bones will support them!

What earrings make your face look slimmer?

No one style slims every face shape, however, a good rule to follow is to avoid round, particularly large round earrings. This shape will give the appearance of widening your face and make it look fuller.

How do I know which earrings look best on me?

The earrings that will best on your face are the ones that make you smile the brightest! Choosing an earring recommended for your face shape is a great way to start, take into account your personal style, the event, and your outfit, and will sparkle as bright as a diamond!

What other factors should I consider?

Lifestyle, environment, personality, and skintone are all factors to keep in mind when shopping for earrings or any fine jewelry.

Your office may have a more conservative vibe, in this case, stick to classic styles in gold and save the more artsy, dangly pieces for after work. If you are more active or physically busy throughout the day, small studs and other earrings close to the face will be best to avoid getting in the way while still shining bright.

Earrings are a great way to express your personality as well. If you are more artsy, you may prefer something more dangly with more intricate detail. If you live for the drama, go for bold colors and shapes. Are you a classic? Go for those classic shapes and styles.

And of course, skin tone. Different metals suit different skin tones better. Cooler skin tones look best with white gold or platinum, warmer skin tones look best with yellow gold, and neutral skin tone looks great with both. Want to know more, including figuring out your skin tone?

Check out our blog HERE to learn how to choose the right jewelry for your skin tone.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to fashion, the rule is there are no rules. As we have seen, different shapes flatter the uniqueness of different facial shapes.

The thing to keep in mind while shopping is to look at earrings whose features are the opposite of your face. This way, no matter what your face shape, the earrings will balance out proportions and highlight your best facial features.

But no matter what your face shape is, the most flattering earrings are the ones you love! Whether long and dangly, spectacular studs, classic hoops, dazzling diamonds, precious pearls, or gorgeous gemstones, James Allen has the earrings for you.

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict Free Diamonds: Your Guide To Ethical Sourcing

Choosing the perfect diamond is already hard enough (no pun intended!), but as a global community, we have become more aware of where what we buy comes from. Read on to learn how to be sure you are buying a conflict free, ethically sourced diamond. 

Conflict Free Diamonds

Diamonds are the gift that keeps on dazzling. Your diamond should represent love and other momentous occasions, unfortunately, diamonds that come from conflict zones or unsafe conditions take away that dazzle.

Read on to find out about conflict free and ethically sourced diamonds. So your only issue as a conscious consumer is which diamond to buy.

What IS A Conflict Free Diamond?

A conflict free diamond is a diamond that has not financed a civil war. This term is in response to the infamous blood diamonds. Made famous by the movie of the same name, blood diamonds are diamonds that are mined in war zones and used to finance civil wars.

Conflict free diamond

What Is A Blood Diamond?

Blood diamonds come from areas controlled by rebel and terror groups, blood diamonds are problematic to both human rights and the environment.

The conditions and treatment of workers in these war zones are horrific. Workers are underpaid and subjected to intimidation tactics and threats. Miners of blood diamonds frequently utilize child labor as well.

In addition to the horrendous human rights violations, blood diamonds wreak havoc on the environment. Regulations to protect the earth and air, particularly for surrounding areas, are wholly ignored.

The only concern when it comes to blood diamonds is their value and using this value to finance violence. Blood diamonds have understandably become a pariah of the diamond industry. Neither customers nor reputable retailers want blood diamonds. 

Are Conflict Free Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Conflict free diamonds are absolutely real diamonds. They are simply diamonds that have not been used to finance a civil war. Conflict free diamonds are available in both earth-created and lab created diamonds.

Where Do Conflict Free Diamonds Come From?

Diamonds either come from the earth or a lab. Earth-created diamonds are formed far below the Earth’s surface. They are compressed over millions of years and ultimately form the diamonds we know today.

Conflict free diamonds are diamonds that have been mined responsibly. Coming from countries that are certified by what is known as The Kimberley Process (see below for more), conflict free diamonds cannot finance civil conflicts.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) offers origin reports on some of their certified diamonds. These reports help to identify the country a diamond was mined in, as an additional step to ensure a diamond’s ethical origin. All diamonds sold by James Allen are certified by either the GIA, the American Gem Society (AGS), or the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Conflict Free VS Ethically Sourced Diamonds: What’s The Difference?

Conflict free diamonds do not finance civil conflicts. Ethically sourced diamonds go further.

Not financing a civil war is hugely important, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Ethically sourced diamonds go further to ensure that diamond miners do not utilize harmful practices.

Miners of diamonds considered to be ethically sourced must abide by regulations to protect human rights, civil rights, and the environment.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Ethically Sourced?

Yes! Lab grown diamonds are conflict free and ethically sourced. So unless Susan puts her fish in the microwave again, everything about lab created diamonds is conflict free and ethically sourced. 

Because as the name suggests, these diamonds are created artificially in a lab, there are far fewer people involved than a traditional mine, no back breaking labor, and minimal environmental impact.

Advanced technologies are utilized in a highly controlled laboratory environment, which is able to replicate the process and conditions that bring earth created diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are just as real as mined diamonds, with the same characteristics, brilliance, and sparkle, but at a much lower price point. It is no wonder their popularity continues to increase. 

FAQs About Ethically Sourced Diamonds

At James Allen we share your commitment. This is why we only offer conflict free, ethically sourced, top-quality diamonds.

What Is The Kimberley Process?

The Kimberley Process was created to increase transparency and oversight in the diamond industry. It is an international, multi-stakeholder initiative that was created to end the trade of conflict diamonds sold by rebel groups or similar, which fund civil war and similar conflicts.

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme or KPCS, outlines the rules and minimum requirements that govern the trade of rough diamonds.

How Can I Be Sure I Am Buying A Conflict Free Diamond?

Research, research, research. In order to ensure you are buying a conflict free diamond, you need to look at the jeweler, vendor, or retailer.

Many retailers claim they sell conflict free and ethically sourced diamonds. But you need to make sure to ask questions. Do they provide information on where their diamonds are sourced?  Have their diamonds been KPCS certified? Do they go above and beyond KPCS certification?

KPCS is a great place to start. But it is not a full-proof system and has many loopholes that can be exploited. This is why James Allen goes above and beyond the KPCS.

Are James Allen Engagement Rings Conflict Free?

James Allen surpasses accepted industry standards so that we can offer diamonds, including our engagement rings, that have been carefully selected for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins.

14K White Gold Falling Edge Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

James Allen only works with vendors that sign and comply with our proprietary Diamond Responsible Sourcing Protocol (DRSP), which ensures that they are in compliance with the Kimberley Process and are also committed to social and labor ethics.

In addition, James Allen is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the world’s leading standard setting organization for the jewelry and watch industry.  

At James Allen, we have over 500,000 diamonds, all of which are certified conflict free and we are proud to go above and beyond many of the current industry requirements and standards to ensure we are offering you the best quality diamonds from the most responsible sources.

Visit our Education Center to read everything you need to know about selecting the best center diamond for you. You can also learn all about loose diamonds, engagement rings, diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry, insurance, and more! And take advantage of our expert diamond consultants when choosing your conflict free James Allen diamond.

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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The Best Locations & Rings For A Summer Proposal

Summer is here, love is in the air, and wedding season has arrived. You found the one, you’ve decided to ask, and now you have to decide where to ask, how to ask, and most importantly, to pick out the ring.

The Best Locations & Rings For A Summer Proposal

Getting engaged is a moment you’ll never forget. Everything has to be perfect, from the setting to the story, and of course the ring. This is a story you, your family, and your friends will be telling until your wedding day and beyond. 

Whether you jet off to Paris, do it at dinner, or make it a family affair, we are here to help you pick the perfect place and the perfect engagement ring for your dream summer proposal. 

Destination Proposal Tips

They say go big or go home, and you’ve decided to go big.  You’ve got a special trip planned, so let’s make it the vacation of a lifetime. Let’s start with a few tips to ensure it is the most epic yes!

Propose early. Don’t spend the entire trip being a nervous nelly, instead, start your vacation off with a bang.

Practice, practice, practice. Prepare what you are going to say ahead of time. You WILL be nervous, so rehearsing what you say will ease some of the stress.

Do your homework. No matter if you are going for romance, quirk, or privacy, make sure you have researched your location. Proposing will be difficult if you are amidst a sea of tourists if there’s another event taking place, or gasp, your location is closed! Take out the guesswork and take out the stress.

Trick them into it. Everyone should be dressed for the occasion. Nails did, hair did, everything did…right? So a little white lie here is OK. Plan a fake outing with a dress code similar to what you would like the big question to be. Going for glam? Fake an opera night. You get the idea.

Pics or it didn’t happen. You’ve gone through all this trouble. Make sure it is documented. Hire a photographer to document the moment. Remember, the more isolated and private, the harder incorporating a photog will be. Hire a pro and you’re sure to come up with a master plan no matter the scenario.

Celebrate. You’ve asked, and they said yes! (Congrats by the way!) Have something on hand to celebrate. A bottle of champagne, their favorite cookies, or reservations at their favorite restaurant.

Check out these halo engagement rings that will stop them in their tracks!

14K Rose Gold Compass Point Diamond Accents Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Sunburst Diamond Tiara Engagement Ring

Private Locations For A Private Moment

This is a huge moment between two people. If you want your proposal to be something for JUST the two of you, then pick a private location. Does that mean no one else can be around? Of course not. It just requires some research. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. New York, New York. We know what you’re thinking, New York?! Privacy?! Actually yes! This iconic city is so sizable, so large, that you are sure to find a private spot. A romantic picnic, a private stroll, or grabbing a view of the unforgettable New York City skyline, are just a few ideas.
  1. Pagosa Springs, Colorado. These hot springs ooze romance. With multiple secluded spots and a gorgeous natural background of mountains and forest, give your partner a piece of ice hotter than any spring in the state.
  1. Isle of Skye, Scotland. You’ll feel as if you are in a fairy tale at this gorgeous location that feels straight out of your fantasies. As beautiful as it is private, jump into the pools of the cascading river to celebrate….if you dare!
  1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia. You don’t get much more private…or romantic than the bungalows of Bora Bora. Take an intoxicating vacation to the next level by popping the ultimate question.

These engagement rings sparkle so bright they will light up the night sky!

14K White Gold Falling Edge Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring
14K Yellow Gold Rope Solitaire Engagement Ring

Budget Conscientious Proposals

Your proposal is a special moment, that does not mean it has to be an expensive one. Sometimes simple is best. Or maybe, you want the ring to have all the budget! Either way, check out some of these ideas for a great summer proposal that will be easy on your wallet.

Summer Proposal At The Beach

Most public beaches are free, and if you manage to find free parking even better! Go for sunset (or if you’re an early bird, sunrise). The sand, the water, the view, and you! Write it in the sand or celebrate by frolicking in waves, you just can’t ask for a better spot!

Propose At Your Local Park

Being out in nature and enjoying the summer breeze is about as cute as it gets. Being somewhere familiar will make it feel like home. So pack a picnic and make a day of it (make sure to pack it yourself so you can hide the ring!). Find a secluded spot, snuggle under your favorite tree, or have fun on the swings. Your local park is the perfect spot to create a million-dollar summer proposal for mere pennies on the dollar.

Have Your Proposal At A National Park

National parks are not only beautiful, but they are also affordable too. Choose one with free entry for the utmost frugality. But don’t worry, if your chosen national park has an entry fee, it will be minimal and only exists to help support the park. Feel the romance of nature when you pop the question. The beautiful, awe-inspiring geological features of national parks make them a perfect, economically conscientious scene to ask the most beautiful of questions.

Picture Your Summer Proposal On A Scenic Drive

Fancy a drive? Beauty is literally all around you. For this summer proposal, all you need is a bit of gas in your tank and the open road. We recommend getting your car cleaned first (fast food wrappers have a tendency to take away the romance) and pulling over (no distracted driving here!). This proposal is low cost, high intimacy, and all romance. Pick your spot and head out on the open road.

Check out these solitaire engagement rings that are so beautiful you’ll forget they don’t break the bank.

14K White Gold Ten Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
14K Yellow Gold Woven Solitaire Engagement Ring

Make It A Family Affair

If you and your partner are very family-oriented or maybe mom is their best friend, perhaps they have a gaggle of cousins who are just always around? More and more people are making their proposals a family affair. After all, they say you don’t just marry the person, you marry the whole family.

Having the family involved can be VERY helpful. They can help with everything from the ring all the way through to the big moment. Mom can find out the ring size, dad can insist they come to your desired location, big sis can find out what styles they love….and hate! And baby brother can record it all on his new phone.

Not only will having the family involved let them know you have their family’s blessing, but your partner will also appreciate having the people who love them most around for their biggest moment.

Whether it’s a family dinner, a family vacation, or maybe the family pops up out of nowhere, having family around for such an important moment can make it that much more meaningful.

Here are some pavé engagement rings the family is sure to approve of and will make amazing selfies with your family furbaby!

14K White Gold Graduated Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Proposals Fit For Royalty

They are royalty to you so make them feel like a monarch for a day. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Roses Are Red. For a romantic summer proposal, we suggest you fill the room with their favorite flower. Whether it’s roses or lilies, fill the room from top to bottom with their favorite petals. The scent will be gorgeous, the scene unforgettable, it will be a moment fit for royalty.
  1. I’m On A Boat. Summer proposals and boats? we think yes! Something about being ferried on a boat feels simply regal. Oh captain! Take us towards the sunset! Go for the wine and cheese package (if offered – if not BYOW&C) and amidst the luxury of the moment, present them with a diamond engagement ring just as elegant.
  1. Viva Italia! From the balconies of Verona to the canals of Venice, Italy is filled with regalia. Luxuriate with wine for the ages and the best pasta of your life. Enjoy views straight from a postcard and create a straight up Cinderella moment as they stare nonstop at their new icy finger.
  1. Literally A Castle. Europe’s royal families left castles all over the continent, many are open to visitors, and some even allow you to stay overnight. Visit one for the big moment and have a location as fabulous as the ring you are presenting. It does not get more regal than being in an actual castle.

Want a ring fit for a coronation? Here are some of our favorite summer-inspired engagement rings they are sure to love….almost as much as they love you!

14K White Gold Scalloped Cathedral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
14K Yellow Gold Double Row Majestic Diamond Tiara Engagement Ring

Find Out Your Partner’s Ring Size

You know what ring you want but you need the right size. We are here to help! Firstly, you can order a free ring sizer from JamesAllen!

Looking to be more sly? Check out the tips and tricks below to ensure you get their ring size right the first time!

How to measure ring size

No Time Like The Present

The perfect time, place, and ring are personal to you and your partner. Whether you want no one there or everyone there, want to save your pennies or prefer to put on a big show, we have the ring perfect for your summer proposal moment. Love what you saw here but need some more options? Visit JamesAllen.com to see all our engagement ring options or design your own!

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Cover - How To Protect Your Rings While Working Out

How To Protect Your Engagement Ring At The Gym: And Other Times To Remove Your Ring

Engagement rings are often your first piece of true diamond jewelry. But this piece presents a unique problem, you are meant to wear it every single day! Often fine jewelry is kept safe in a jewelry box, brought out on special occasions and worn with care. Even pieces meant for casual wear are kept safe.

Yellow Gold Oval Diamond engagement ring

So what are you to do when you’re a newly engaged fitness fanatic? Read on to learn how to keep your ring safe from your fitness routine and other opportune moments.

Why Do I Need To Remove My Engagement Ring?

The idea of needing to remove your ring at any time is new for many people. We don’t remember seeing our parents take them off. You also likely see other people working out with their rings on and you wonder, if they can do it, why can’t I? Yet this is not a pattern you want to repeat if you intend to protect what is arguably your most prized piece of jewelry. 

Of course you want to wear it all the time; you want to show it off! And rightly so! Whether an engagement ring symbolizing your love, or a gorgeous birthstone ring and fine jewelry are investment pieces. They are bought with love and made with expertise. The best materials and the most gorgeous gemstones merit the ultimate protection. Make sure that when you do show it off, it looks its best! Buying insurance is not the only way to protect your valuables.

yellow gold emerald diamond engagement ring

Is It Safe To Wear Your Engagement Ring AND Lift Weights?

When working out, you risk chipping the band, scratching a center gemstone, or damaging the prongs, causing your diamond to fall out, and even thinning the band to the point it can break. You don’t have to be clutz or a gym novice for this to happen. So how does this happen?

It doesn’t matter if you lift heavy weights with fewer reps, or lower weights at higher reps, the pressure of the weights, no matter if it’s a bar or dumbbells, will cause your band to bend. Pavé bands are particularly at risk. When the pressure of the weights causes the band to bend, on a pavé bend, there is an increased risk of the small stones falling out.

Even if you use weight machines instead of free weights, this still applies to you. And weight machines carry an added risk…your ring can get caught in the machine. Changing the weight load, your ring can get caught between plates or even when holding on it can get caught in the crevices of the machine.

Free weights or machines, bars or dumbbells, you risk damage if you wear your ring while pumping iron.

Avoid The Avulsion

In addition to risking damaging the ring, you can damage yourself! Working on that perfect push up? Trying to get that PR on pull ups? Or working on that perfect down dog? As the ring gets pressure from the bar or the ground, you will feel your ring press against your finger, which at a minimum is very uncomfortable and at a maximum, is painful.

Along with the pain, calluses can form around your ring that can be very uncomfortable as well. Especially when they peel and harden. Even if you’re tough enough for that pain, wearing your ring can cause a ring avulsion.

What is an avulsion you ask? This is what happens when your ring finger, or another finger sporting a ring, gets caught and the ring gets yanked off so fast that you damage your finger tissues, muscles, tendons, and even bones.

Also known as “Degloving,” while ring avulsions aren’t common, they sure are painful. And working out with your rings on puts you at increased risk. Another reason to get fit with your rings safely tucked away.

What About Cardio? Is That Ring-Safe?

Cardio is not a one size fits all and can still have an impact; sticking to running or spin classes can still cause damage. Tennis players, for example, have to watch for flying tennis balls and the impact from their rackets. Using cardio equipment like spin bikes, ellipticals, stair climbers, and even when doing floor exercises, your ring will get knocked every time, which can damage your precious wedding ring.

white gold diamond tennis bracelet and pave band round diamond engagement ring

Sports like running don’t have impact concerns, but they do come with other risks. Sweat can loosen your ring and cause it to fall off; ensuring your ring is the correct size will minimize, but not eliminate, this risk. See our tips and tricks, including our online ring sizer, to ensure you get the right size.

Another risk is sweat and dirt, this can tarnish your engagement ring and other fine jewelry, and while we can advise you on how to clean your engagement and wedding rings, it is still best to keep them as clean as possible, right from the start.

Dirt and other muck will affect your ring’s appearance and take away its brilliance. The more detailed your ring, the more easily dirt will get trapped in all the nooks and crannies. And we want to make sure your ring shines bright.

Swimming is another great workout, low impact, easy on those joints, BUT pools are not ring-friendly. The chemicals used to treat pools can dull your metal, diamonds, and other precious gemstones. Another risk, is prune fingers! When your fingers shrink and get all pruney from swimming, your ring can fall off! A damaged AND lost ring? No thank you!

white gold round diamond engagement ring

What About Yoga?

You still need to be careful when participating in activities like yoga, pilates, or barre. Not only can engagement rings get damaged when knocking against the floor or the ballet bar, but they can also throw off your balance, negatively affecting your workout.

The same is true for gymnastics, stretching, and even if you’re training to be a ninja warrior. Play it safe and ensure the best workout and remove your rings during your fitness routine.

Isn’t Gold Strong?

Gold, platinum, and other alternative metals ARE strong. But so are you! And the pressure of bars, barbells, bodyweight exercises, and other gym activities will bend and scratch these metals. Even stronger metals like platinum will eventually snap under the pressure.

Other Times To Remove Your Ring

Washing your hands, especially when using hand sanitizer. Typical hand soaps and sanitizers have harsh chemicals that can damage your ring. The same is true for cleaning products, so whether wiping down the machine after using it or cleaning the house and doing laundry, those chemicals can cause damage so it’s best to put your ring in a safe place. 

When cleaning your ring yourself, you want to stick to gentle soaps. See more about how to care for your ring here.

Sleeping and showering? You betcha! Your favorite body wash, shampoo, lotions, potions, and other cosmetics can cause damage. The chemicals can tarnish your jewelry, and lotions and cosmetics can also cause build-up in the crevices of a ring. Put your ring and other fine jewelry on once you’re fully quaffed but not during the beautifying process.

Experts also recommend taking your engagement ring off before you enter dreamland, as your engagement ring can get caught on your sheets or even your hair when you sleep. This can damage the prongs, causing them to loosen and thus damage your ring. Best to take off your engagement and wedding rings while you catch those Z’s.

The beach is also a hazard for multiple reasons! The saltwater is corrosive, and the sand can make your ring and jewelry dirty and actually damage your metals. Sand can also damage the prongs and cause your stones to fall out. A lost ring is not better than a damaged ring

Top Times To Remove Your Engagement Ring

  1. Working Out
  2. Cleaning
  3. Showering
  4. Applying Lotion & Makeup
  5. The Beach
  6. Swimming (pools & natural bodies of water)
  7. Hiking
  8. Sleeping

So How Do I Protect My Engagement Ring?

There are multiple products out there that claim to protect your ring. Some women suggest tucking it into your sports bra or putting it into pockets that are meant for your keys or your phone. And while these options and products work to varying degrees, none are full proof. One product may work great if you’re going for a run but may be totally useless if taking a HIIT class.

Different forms of physical activity have different risks of damaging your diamond engagement ring and other fine jewelry. Scratches, dents, dirt, they all affect it. Some products protect you from losing your wedding ring but fail to ensure it does not get dirty, some products make sure the band is protected but leave the diamond exposed for chipping. Truly the best way is to hold onto and utilize that original packaging.

How to protect your engagement ring?

Your James Allen ring box is a sure-fire way to protect your ring. Whether leaving it at home before heading to the gym or in your gym bag before heading out for a hike, your ring box and other original packaging are the easiest way to protect your fine jewelry.

yellow gold oval diamond engagement ring

You may worry, like so many of us, that you’re on the go and too busy to stop at home, but you don’t want to leave it in a gym locker. Investing in a good lock will protect all your valuables, your wallet, laptop, and other important things you carry with you on a daily basis.

Still worried? Take your ring box, put it in a locked bag or case, and leave it at the front desk or manager’s office.

Final Thoughts

We understand that when you get engaged, married, or treat yourself to a gorgeous piece of fine jewelry, you want to show it off. You want to wear it every day! You want to show your anniversary bling all the time to everyone….and you should! And while it might feel weird to take your rings off, you also need to protect them and protect yourself.

It is important to remember these pieces are true fine jewelry and need to be treated as such. They need to be cared for and protected just as much as they need to be shown off. Having a fabulous engagement ring, wedding band, and other fine jewelry does not need to interfere with your fitness routine or active lifestyle. 

Protect your fine jewelry while also living your best life. Whether at the pool, the beach, hitting the weights, or going for a run, safeguard your jewelry and ensure it always sparkles brightly.

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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cover National Paperclip Day

Perfectly Trendy: Get On Board With Paper Clip Jewelry

Remember when you were bored in homeroom and you strung together with paper clips from your pencil case to pass the time. Or maybe you gave them to your friends to cement your friend clique. Either way, paper clip jewelry has come a long way! They are now THE trend so get on board! Whether a single strand or layering, paper clips have reached a new level of chic.

Paper clip jewelry

National Paper Clip Day

There truly is a day for everything and paper clips are no different. Created back in the 1800s and popularized in the early 1900s to the shape we know today, the paper clip was originally created to attach tickets to the fabric. Its use to keep paper together was soon discovered and thus it got its current name.

The man who popularized the paper clip’s current shape, Johan Vaaler, was mistakenly thought to be Norwegian. This led students at Oslo University to wear the paper clip during World War II as a symbol of resistance, unity, and national pride. The non-violent symbol was chosen because it represented binding things together.

Paper clip necklace

National Paper Clip Day came into existence in 2015 and continues to be celebrated annually. Join James Allen as we celebrate National Paper Clip Day with our collection of paper clip fine jewelry.

Paper Clip Jewelry: Style Revamped

Whether this trend takes you back to homeroom or makes you nostalgic for the style of the 80’s, the paper clip necklace may be trendy but is anything but new. Created by Coco Chanel and made famous by none other than Jackie O herself, paper clip jewelry is actually a classic masquerading as a trend.

Paper clip necklaces have come a long way since you strung them together as a kid. Available in both yellow and white gold, as plain paper clip chains, and even accented with pearls, paper clip pieces need to be part of your fine jewelry collection. After all, if Jackie O and Coco Chanel approve, how can you go wrong?!

Join these style icons with a paper clip necklace from James Allen:

Why We Love The Paper Clip Jewelry

This industrial-chic style utilizes anywhere from one to multiple strands of paper clips in both slim and chunky styles. You can also jazz it up with a locket or something similar to close the piece, wear it in white or yellow gold, and pair it with both casual and fancier looks.

Traditionally, paper clip jewelry has been necklaces, but now you can find them as bracelets and earrings too! We love the versatility of this little piece of office equipment turned fine jewelry!

This fashion statement works great on its own but we love that it pairs effortlessly with diamond and gemstone jewelry. Any color, any shape, any size, it all works because the paper clip is so adaptable. Grab your own magnificently malleable paper clip pieces today!

How To Wear Paper Clip Jewelry

You already know this style is so amazing that you can wear it alone, layered, and with multiple other styles! But another reason to love this style is that it looks good in both short and long lengths. So whatever your height or body type, there is a paper clip necklace that is right for you! Are you taller? Go for a longer necklace to accentuate your height.

Are you all about that bass?  Go for a necklace that stops just below your neckline. But truly, the right length for you is the one you love best! No matter which length you choose, the paper clip is sure to flatter.

And if you’re thinking, well I can only pair this with other modern pieces, think again! The paper clip look goes great with both modern, classic, and even vintage pieces. You truly have the freedom to express your personal style with this staple.

Layered or a single strand, around your neck, around your wrist, or hanging from your ears, paper clip jewelry is a look that continues to top the trendy charts. It is no wonder that everyone, including countless celebs, are loving this look.

Gold paper clip necklace

Paper Clip Trivia

The world’s largest paper clip is currently a stainless steel creation standing approximately 30 feet high in Miass, Russia. Before this, a red paper clip memorial in Kiplin, Saskatchewan, stood as the largest paper clip in the world.

The red paper clip stood as a monument to Kyle MacDonald, who traded his way from a single red paper clip to a house. Prior to this, the world’s largest paper clip was in Sandvika, Norway, standing five meters tall as a national monument and a reminder of the paper clip’s role in the country’s history.

Paper Clip Trivia

Paper Clip FAQs

  1. Is it spelled paperclip or paper clip?

You can actually spell it both ways, but the more common way to spell it is as two words: paper clip

  1. What is the paper clip theory?

Some philosophers have hypothesized that if AI or artificial intelligence were tasked with creating paper clips, it could cause an apocalypse! This is because more and more resources would be diverted to this effort and the AI would ultimately rebuff attempts to be turned off.

Better be safe and stick to paper clip jewelry instead!

  1. What is a paper clip used for?

Paper clips were originally created to attach tickets to fabric and then became famous for what we know today, holding papers together.

Yet they do so much more! Forms of the paper clip are used to hold bags of unfinished chips together, fresher is better for that extra crunch! Or to hold fabric while a seamstress takes in that dress, or as a symbol to attach a document to an email.

The essential technology of the paper clip is unchanged. It is both as classic in its technology as it is in fashion.

Gold paper clip chain necklace
  1. What can I use instead of a paperclip?

You can use various clips, versions of the paper clip, rubber bands, or other binders. Instead of paper clip jewelry you can wear classic style chains or ball chains.

Clip That Paper

As the world moves in a more and more paperless direction, the paper clip continues to remain relevant. The paper clip emoji or symbol is used to indicate there is an attachment or as an indication that you can attach a relevant document or picture by clicking on the symbol.

White gold paperclip necklace

While paper clips have many uses, our favorite is of course fine jewelry. Holding papers together is well and good, but completing an outfit is the best! So celebrate National Paper Clip Day every day with one of our fabulous pieces and always be on trend.

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Game, Set, Bling: Jewelry Inspired BY The French Open

The second Grand Slam of the year, the French Open held at the Roland-Garros tennis complex in Paris is known for its challenging red clay courts. The sport has long been known for its white outfits as classic as its namesake, the diamond tennis bracelet, yet just as tennis has evolved so has its looks….and its inspo.

Read on to find out how you can shine as bright as the La Coupe des Mousquetaires (The Musketeers’ Trophy).

Jewelry Inspired BY The French Open

Chris Evert & Her Flying Diamonds 

Tennis legend and winner of multiple French Opens, champion Chris Evert is credited with popularizing the modern-day tennis bracelet. The accepted story is that in 1987 at the US Open, during a long volley, her diamond bracelet broke and flew across the court. Ever since they say, it has been known as the tennis bracelet.

While a fitting anecdote, it’s not quite true. The style has been around since the 1920s and the name since the 1970s. However, Evert certainly skyrocketed its popularity and familiarity, thanks to sporting one as she rose through the ranks to become an internationally known tennis star.

Chris Evert & Her Flying Diamonds 
Chris Evert wearing a tennis bracelet while she faces service from Martina Navratilova in the 1978 Wimbledon Final
Photo Getty

Beyond the court, it is no wonder tennis bracelets and necklaces have fast become a staple of fashion. A simple yet elegant, and timeless design, these pieces are made up of a string of diamonds in your chosen metal (platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold).

From royals to celebs, these diamonds can be seen everywhere! Perfectly appropriate for a black tie event yet just as stylish with a pair of jeans, there’s nothing diamond tennis bracelets (or necklaces) don’t go with! In fact, many brides sport this classic look on their wedding day.

No matter what style you sport on your special day, a diamond tennis bracelet will add those perfect sparkling touches. See below and go to JamesAllen.com for more options!

More Than Just Red Dirt

There are four types of tennis courts: fresh grass, artificial grass, hard courts, and clay. A clay court has multiple layers: thick gravel, crushed gravel, coal residue, crushed white limestone, and finally, red brick dust. It is this final layer that gives the courts of Roland-Garros their famous red color.

Clay is considered the most difficult surface to play on. While grass allows for fast tennis, the dirt of red clay courts is heavier, causing a slower, more tactical game. Likened to a game of chess, every move on a clay court carries that much more importance. One shot can affect the outcome four to five moves later!

Clay is also favorable to players who have a terrific topspin, a spectacular slice, or a dazzling drop shot. Players who master such skills often get to lift the Roland-Garros trophy as champion.

Want to style the color of these hallowed courts? Go for gemstones with red rubies or get yourself gorgeous garnets. Prefer a diamond? Choose a fancy red colored diamond! The gemstones from the fancy dark group are especially perfect. See below for inspo!

Who Was Roland Garros?

Roland-Garros is not only the tennis complex where the French Open takes place, its name is synonymous with the Grand Slam itself. Named after French aviator Roland Garros, the complex was built in 1928, originally for French players to defend their titles in the Davis Cup.

You might assume Garros was a tennis champion himself, or at least a tennis aficionado, even a great fan, but in fact, he was none of these things. Garros was an athlete in just about every sport besides tennis! So who was its namesake?

Roland Garros

In 1909, Garros went to an air show and it was love at first sight. Garros went on to buy a plane, become a self-taught pilot, was the first to complete multiple daring flights, and finally, became a war hero.

Not enough to have taught himself how to fly, Garros invented the first on-board machine gun in planes. A technology the Germans were able to co-opt to their advantage when he was shot down and captured without time to destroy his invention. 

After escaping captivity, his health, including his sight, severely deteriorated, but Garros insisted on getting back in the cockpit. A decision that proved fatal as he was killed in battle in 1918. Years later, a university friend of Garros who was President of the Stade Français, successfully campaigned to have the tennis complex named after his old friend.

The complex’s logo is identifiable to even the most novice tennis fan, and its colors are not random. The green represents the lush trees and lawns around the courts, the white lettering is for the colors of the complex, and red-brown center marks the famous clay courts.

Check out these pieces that are perfect for any match.

Stars To Watch

The French Open is where the stars of tennis from all over the world come to shine. This challenging court brings out the best of the best. This year’s tournament is no exception, with Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Naomi Osaka who are just a few of the familiar names.

Rising stars to watch are Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz and American Coco Gauff. Both are young, powerful, and considered to be dangerously talented. Alcaraz, who went pro at 18 and is the youngest player at 19 years old to reach the Madrid Open semi finals, beating fellow Spaniard Rafael Nadal. Alcaraz went on to win the entire tournament.

With his whole career ahead of him and a streak as hot as fire, you will not want to take your eye off this young champion.

Right alongside Alcaraz is Coco Gauff. The American is the youngest ranked player at just 18 years old, she is ranked #10 for singles and #15 for doubles, all before she can legally have a drink! Gauff is most famous for beating tennis great Venus Williams when she was just 15 years old!

Gauff is ready to set the tennis world on fire, inspiring young girls everywhere! Want to feel like a champion? Or looking for the perfect gift for your future champion? Check out these options below!

The French Open is the premiere tournament on clay courts. In a complex named after a war hero, riddled with current and future tennis stars, it is a Grand Slam not to be missed! Whether you want to shine as bright as these tennis stars, luxuriate in the beauty of a tennis bracelet (or necklace!), or are looking for a championship-level gift, James Allen has what you need.

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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How To Choose The Best Diamond Shape And Size For Your Finger

When choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring, size matters. BUT this does not mean that bigger is always better. SO how do you know the perfect size diamond for you? Read on to see how different diamond sizes look and learn how to choose the best diamond size (& shape)!

Diamond Shapes

No two fingers, hands, or taste are exactly alike. Some people want as large a diamond as possible, some people prefer a smaller one. Whether it’s a lifestyle, budget, or a fashion choice, different diamond sizes and shapes work best on different hands.

Read on to learn how to see how different sized diamonds measure up and choose the best diamond size and shape for your beloved’s finger.

The Best Size & Shape For Small/Short Fingers

The best diamond size and shape is truly the one that will be loved the most. Engagement rings mark a monumental moment in one’s life. They will be shown off in endless pictures and conversations. Therefore, you want to make sure the diamond is the perfect fit.

A smaller, more petite hand requires proportion. A lower carat weight that will not overwhelm the hand may look best. Shapes such as the very popular round cut, Asscher, and princess cut diamonds are exceptionally pleasing to the eye on a smaller hand.

14K White Gold 2mm Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

Set these shapes in a simpler setting, which will enhance and not overwhelm a smaller, more petite hand. Solitaire or split shank bands are ideal. Larger side stone settings can make a smaller hand look unbalanced.

If you want the maximum amount of shine on a smaller hand, go for a pavé setting, which will add incredible yet subtle sparkle.

3 different diamond shapes

The Best Size & Shape For Wider/Longer Fingers

Wider or longer fingers, and larger hands generally, are flattered by diamond shapes that have an elongating effect such as oval, marquise, pear, and emerald cuts. If you feel your fingers are a bit too long, then go for shapes like round, princess or Asscher cuts. Their width will help balance out the length.

While a lower carat weight can be more fitting to a petite hand, larger fingers and hands can more easily support a larger carat weight, whatever your preferred shape. Wider fingers and larger hands also are flattered by bold settings such as our Tiara collection, and large three stone and side stone settings.

You can also go for a thicker band like this Cathedral Solitaire; a simpler style that will flatter any hand, but particularly larger hands and wider/longer fingers.

14K White Gold 3.8mm Rounded Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

If your budget doesn’t quite allow for a larger diamond, then bump up the shine with a halo setting and make a ring with shine that dazzles far brighter than its actual carat size.

Shapes That Punch Above Their Weight

Different cuts and shapes shine in their own way. Shapes like the emerald cut, oval, and marquise diamonds have a larger table surface, which can make them appear larger than other shapes in the exact same carat weight.

Oval not only has a large table surface, making it appear bigger than its actual carat size, but it also elongates shorter fingers. Along with pear and marquise shaped diamonds, oval is great if you are looking to give the impression of longer, leaner fingers.

14K White Gold Bow-Tie Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Learn more about table surface and other diamond characteristics in our Education Center.

Is There A Shape For Everyone?

Yes! While the most flattering shape is the one that will be beloved, round cut diamonds are universal. They are the most popular shape for engagement rings for a reason. Looking good on any hand, in just about any setting, a round diamond is always a great choice!

Diamond shapes for rings

See For Yourself

Seeing is believing! It is one thing to read about different diamond sizes on a finger, it is another to see it. Below you can see a scale of round cut diamonds from 0.5 carats all the way to 2.5 carats.

Check Out Our Virtual Try-On

Sometimes the best way is to see for yourself. Lucky for you, James Allen has the technology to let you do this on the go or from the comfort of home. No pants, no shoes, no problem!

Our virtual engagement ring try-on allows you to see how different rings, different diamond shapes, and different metals will look on your hand. You can “try on” a limitless number of rings until you find the diamond shape, setting style, and metal that works best for you.

Click HERE to learn more about our Virtual Try-On and start shopping today!

Top Factors For Choosing The Best Diamond Size & Shape

While there are many things to consider when choosing the perfect diamond, keeping in mind the factors below will ensure you choose the perfect diamond for your beloved’s hand.

Finger Size

Shorter or wider fingers will appear longer with diamond shapes like emerald or oval. Whereas longer or skinnier fingers can appear truncated by round cuts. This rule is certainly not universal but a good guide.

Finger Size

If your partner is more self-conscious about their hands, the above is important to keep in mind. This is the ring of a lifetime so you want them to feel as comfortable as possible.

Band With

Simple, thinner bands, such as solitaire engagement rings, will allow the focus to be on the center stone. This focus will allow the diamond to appear larger on the finger.

A thicker band may diminish the apparent size of a diamond or gemstone. A thicker band may also be overwhelming on a smaller, skinnier finger, yet be wholly flattering and fitting on a larger finger or hand.

The band and the center stone go hand in hand (pun intended), so keep both in mind when choosing your perfect setting.

Accent & Side Stones

Sparkle begets sparkle. Accent diamonds and side stones can greatly enhance the shine of a center stone, making it appear bigger and dazzle brighter than its actual size.  

14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Pavé, halo, three stone, and side stone engagement rings are the perfect way to highlight your diamonds dazzle with even more shine!


Certain shapes are more flattering to smaller or larger fingers. Just like certain shapes look larger or smaller than their actual size in different settings. A smaller diamond in the perfect shape may be the best bet over a larger diamond in an unflattering shape.


Certain shapes and settings are better for more active lifestyles. Rounded shapes are less likely to catch than more pointed edges. A bezel setting can be more protective than a vintage setting. 

While it is recommended to take off your engagement ring during activities like working out or going to the beach, if the recipient will wear the ring frequently and has a more active lifestyle, such as working with their hands, this is something else to keep in mind when choosing the perfect diamond shape.


Budget is a key factor when shopping for a diamond engagement ring, but it is not the only one. A lower budget does not equal a smaller stone, less shine, or minimal shimmer. 

Factors including shape and color grade will allow you to not only get the best fitting diamond, but ensure you get the biggest bang, or in this case sparkle, for your buck. Visit the James Allen Education Center to learn all about the different diamond color grades.

Pros of Different Diamond Shapes

RoundUniversally Flattering & Popular
EmeraldLarge Table Makes This Cut Shine Larger Than It’s Carat Weight
AsscherFlattering For Shorter Fingers / Petite Hands
PearFlattering For Wider Fingers / Larger Hands
OvalElongates The Finger, Shines Above Its Carat Weight

Final Thoughts

You found The One, you may even have an engagement ring style, but choosing a diamond is a whole other animal. Different sizes and shapes flatter different size fingers and hands.

There are so many factors to consider but luckily, James Allen has a selection of over 500,000 diamonds in a myriad of sizes and shapes. Our large selection ensures you get the best quality diamond, whatever size and shape you choose!

Because ultimately, the best shape for you is the one you will love the most!

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Eternity Rings vs. Anniversary Rings: What’s The Difference?

Jewelry that is given in the name of love always has extra sparkle. Eternity rings and anniversary rings definitely fall into this category. Symbolic of life-changing moments and epic love, these diamonds are not just your best friend but remind you of your best friend.

Eternity Rings vs. Anniversary Rings

Eternity Rings vs. Anniversary Rings: What’s The Difference?

While similarly popular, eternity rings and anniversary rings are different in both look and purpose. From the number of stones to the style of the band and the dates they are given, we explain the differences and clear up which ring you should buy and when.

Eternity rings are characterized by a band of uninterrupted diamonds, while anniversary rings feature a row of diamonds on the upper half of the band. Both consistently feature diamonds, which is not necessarily the case for wedding rings.

Whether you prefer sparkles so bright you need sunglasses, or something more muted, James Allen has the right ring for you.

What IS An Eternity Ring?

Eternity rings are available in a variety of diamond shapes and sizes, as well as different metal types, ensuring there is sure to be an eternity ring for you!

You might be wondering, can’t I just use an eternity ring for my anniversary or wedding ring? The answer is yes and no. Eternity rings have come to be given on very special occasions, and certainly, a wedding and an anniversary ARE special occasions!

Eternity rings are given on birthdays, landmark anniversaries (such as at the five, ten, and twenty-year marks), or even graduation!

Eternity rings shine bright with diamonds along with the entire band. The seemingly never-ending diamonds symbolize your never-ending love. And since your love is eternal, an eternity ring does not need an occasion! So feel free to profess your eternal love any day with an eternity ring! 

These diamonds are your pledge to your partner. And since diamonds are ALWAYS in style, so will be your eternity ring. This piece of jewelry is not just a momentary trend, you can safely wear your eternity ring for well…eternity! And you will always be en vogue!

Eternity Rings: How To Wear Them

While there are no hard and fast rules, eternity rings are often worn next to the engagement ring and wedding ring sitting on the ring finger on your left hand.

When choosing an eternity ring, you want to keep in mind the style of the engagement and wedding rings. If your engagement ring and wedding ring are more subtle, then you may want to go for ALL the flash of an eternity ring.

And if your engagement and wedding rings are already blinged out, you may want to match that bling with styles such as a pavé or fishtail style, as seen below.

If you like a consistent look, then you’ll want to stick to the same diamond shape. So, if your engagement ring features an Asscher cut diamond, you’ll want to stick with that and choose an Asscher cut eternity ring.

Whatever style you choose, your eternity ring will certainly enhance the radiance not just of your ring finger, but of your whole hand!

If your engagement ring features a gemstone, then you will want to keep that color in mind when choosing the metal for your eternity ring. Not sure which metal goes best with which gemstone? Click here to learn about gemstone engagement rings!

Most importantly! When choosing your eternity ring KNOW YOUR SIZE! Eternity rings are VERY hard to resize due to the entire band being covered in diamonds. Often, it simply isn’t possible.

If the ring is a surprise, click here to get tips and tricks to get your partner’s ring size. Measure their finger in their sleep if you have to! We promise it is easier than trying to resize an eternity ring.

What IS An Anniversary Ring?

Anniversary rings are often given on the anniversary of your wedding and are meant to enhance your wedding ring. They feature diamonds, with a variety of settings, along with half the band, which is available in multiple metals. The metal of an anniversary ring is also chosen to compliment an existing wedding band.

Rings are a VERY popular choice for an anniversary gift. Traditionally, gold is the gift for your first wedding anniversary, so for this event, many couples will choose a white or yellow gold band as seen below:

Whether choosing a five, seven, or nine stone option, you can’t go wrong with an anniversary ring. Enough diamonds for those who want to look ballin’ but not so much for those who prefer a quieter glam.

Anniversary rings are the goldilocks of iced out rings. However many diamonds, whichever metal, James Allen has a ring your partner is sure to love.

How To Wear Your Anniversary Ring

So if your engagement ring and wedding ring are on your ring finger on your left hand, where do you wear your anniversary ring? Literally, any finger you want! One of the beauties of an anniversary ring is that there is no “traditional” finger to wear them on, so choose any finger you like!

Many people do choose to wear their anniversary ring on the ring finger on their right hand (the finger next to your pinky). This allows the ring to both compliment your engagement, eternity, and wedding rings, but stand out on its own as well.

You can also wear your anniversary ring on your left hand on a different finger, allowing your left hand to be dripping in diamonds. Or you can stack your anniversary ring with your engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity ring, giving your left hand’s ring finger the appearance of a diamond-encrusted wand!

Wherever you decide to wear it, you are sure to enjoy the sparkle that came from a place of love.

Which Ring Is Right For You?

Top Things To Remember

Eternity Rings Anniversary Rings
Diamonds All Around The BandDiamonds On Top Half Of The Band
VERY Difficult To ResizePopular For Wedding Anniversaries
Great For Any Special OccasionAvailable In Five, Seven, Or Nine Stones
Symbolize Unending LoveSymbolize Continued Commitment

Eternity and anniversary rings are a gorgeous way to express your love for your partner. Something they can always wear, that will always be in style. These rings tell your partner how special they are, without you even having to utter the words.

Whether expressing your love with an anniversary ring or celebrating your love with an eternity ring (or both!), you are sure to be nominated for the partner hall of fame after gifting one of these beauties!

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Cover - The Perfect Gift For Husband Appreciation Day

The Best Jewelry Gifts For Husband Appreciation Day

Show your husband that every day is Husband Appreciation Day with a gift that celebrates his unique style. James Allen has a brilliant array of accessories, ensuring you will find the perfect gift for your perfect husband.

Best Jewelry Gifts

At first this might sound like one of those random “holidays,” but Husband Appreciation Day is actually a great opportunity to spoil your spouse, and give the gift of sparkle to the man who makes you shine everyday.

Didn’t know this was a holiday? No need for panic-Googling, let James Allen ease your anxiety! Read on to find the gift your husband didn’t even know he wanted! We have options for every husband, in every budget.

Whether you want your husband dripping in diamonds, or you’re looking for a more classic look, we are here to help. Whatever his taste and lifestyle, we’ve got the perfect gift.

Isn’t Jewelry A Weird Gift For Husbands?

While funny beer mugs, monogrammed boxers, or survivalist knives might be more “traditional” gifts, more and more partners are choosing to get something sophisticated that reflects their husband’s unique style.

Get them the gift that not only expresses their personal taste, but that they can sport everyday. Allowing them to feel the spirit of Husband Appreciation Day everyday.

The best gift is the one they love but would never buy themselves, the one they moon over but never buy because they don’t need it. Below we showcase a variety of pieces from traditional to luxurious, from understated elegance to show stopping sparkle.

When selecting your gift, keep in mind that many of our options, particularly rings, can be engraved with a personal message. Show your love for your pookie bear (or insert your own nickname) with a personal inscription.

No matter what you choose, any gift filled with love, to show your appreciation, will make their heart shine.

Alternative Metal Wedding Rings

Whether you want to upgrade your husband’s wedding ring, buy an additional wedding ring, or gift him a unique fashion ring, we have what you need. After all, your husband should have a ring as amazing as he is.

Alternative metal rings for men are increasing in popularity for a reason. Allowing them to express their personal style and showcase their unique taste, non-traditional rings for men for engagements, weddings, and of course for fun, come in a variety of gorgeous patterns and materials.

This is the ring your husband wears everyday to show the world his love and commitment to you. Give him a ring as beautiful as your partnership. Love the rings above but need to see more? Check out more non-traditional wedding rings for men HERE.

Give Him The Classic Look

Perhaps your husband has a more traditional style. The classic partner sporting a classic look. If alternative rings aren’t his thing, we have a variety of traditional rings he will love.

Perfect for the man who prefers a simple, unadorned look. Classic wedding rings are the perfect way for your husband to be reminded of how much you love and appreciate him, every single day.

And don’t forget you can update your classic gift with a meaningful, personalized inscription on the inside of the ring, which James Allen will add for free! Whatever you decide, adding a personal sentiment to such a special gift allows you to take your appreciation of your husband to the next level.

See the inspo below and check out more options HERE.

The Gift Of Creative Carvings

Looking for something in between alternative and classic? Carved rings are your jam! Combining classic metal with alternative design, carved rings allow your husband to showcase his unique style.

Carved rings

Does he already have a wedding ring? No problem! Carved rings work great as fashion rings. Available in different colors and materials, carved rings make a stunning gift. Show him you appreciate his style as much as you appreciate him.

Diamonds Are ALSO Your Husband’s Best Friend

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but husband’s are also getting in the game. From sporting stud earrings to blinged out rings, diamonds are a great way to show your husband he is more than just the apple of your eye, he is your diamond in the rough.

Give your husband a pair of classic diamond studs so he can shine bright:

Or give your hubs a blinged out ring to add to his sparkle:

Diamonds are always in style. Whether dressing up a suit or accessorizing a more casual look, diamond jewelry can make a bold and classic statement all at once.

Diamond jewelry is no longer just for rockstars and rappers, more and more men are hoping for this dazzling trend. Explore our collections of diamond jewelry and help your husband take on the look of icons.

Because He’s Famous To You

Male celebrities have been spotted more and more wearing unique wedding and fashion rings. While your husband may not be a celebrity, show him he is famous in your eyes with a gift of superstar style.

Give your husband the style of a black ring that will have him fighting off his own paparazzi.

Love the look? Grab a similar ring or two to mix and match!

Is your husband the rock star of your life? Is he cutting edge and not afraid to break fashion barriers? Then bold rings like these are the perfect choice!

Is your husband as famous for his forward fashion choices as much as for being an incredible partner? Does your husband bend the rules of style? Then these rings for him!

Which of these amazing pieces will you give to celebrate Husband Appreciation Day? Love what you see and want to see more? Go to JamesAllen.com and start shopping today!

And check out these articles for even more inspo and tips!

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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How To Figure Out Fancy Colored Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds are all the rage, but what exactly are they? Are they real? Are they like regular diamonds? And just how do they get their color? Read on to get all the answers and some inspo too!

Fancy Diamonds

In 2021, a new record was set. The largest, most valuable blue diamond was discovered in South Africa. It is larger, has deeper color, than the previous record holder, and this gem is flawless, with the highest color rating available by the GIA. A prize offered to less than 1% of blue diamonds.

The stone took over a year to polish and facet into the 15.10-carat step-cut diamond it is today and now The De Beers Cullinan Blue diamond is valued at $48 million USD.

The De Beers Cullinan Blue diamond

While THIS fancy colored diamond is out of reach for most of us here on the ground, getting your own fancy colored diamond is easier than ever. James Allen carries a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

So get on board with the trend that is here to stay! From engagement rings to fine jewelry, fancy colored diamonds give that unique, personal edge to your bling. So get ready to sparkle, because embracing color has never been more in style.

What Exactly Are Fancy Colored Diamonds?

Essentially fancy colored diamonds are diamonds that feature a variety of colors. Diamonds normally come in an assortment of colorless options. Meaning that diamonds are either completely colorless all the way to a variety of light yellow.

How Do Fancy Color Diamonds Get Their Color?

While in traditional diamonds color is not desired, in fancy colored diamonds, color is EXACTLY what you want! From dark to light, color is what you are after. So how do they get their color?

These highly prized diamonds, similar to their traditional counterparts, get their color when they are formed. Intense heat and pressure during the diamond’s formation create trace elements that present themselves in a way to create either no color, or for fancy colored diamonds, brilliant color.

The strength of the color depends on the interaction of the trace elements. Whether you prefer a lighter pink or a brighter blue, it’s all about the carbon atoms.

Colored diamonds

The Colors Of The Rainbow

Fancy colored diamonds are available in every color you can think of: pink, blue, purple, green, orange, brown, black, and even red or gray. While traditional diamonds lose value as they gain color, fancy colored diamonds do the opposite.

The stronger the color, the higher the value. Similar to traditional diamonds, fancy colored diamonds gain value the larger the size. The most common colors are in the yellow family, which is great because they are often the most economical choice of fancy colored diamonds.

Fancy colored diamonds

Hue, Saturation, and Tone

Hue, saturation, and tone: what are they and what do they mean? Hue is the main or strongest color of the fancy colored diamond. Fancy colored diamonds can be one color but the hue is the strongest, followed by secondary colors and tints.

Saturation is just how strong the color, or hue, of the fancy colored diamond is. As in, how saturated is the color of the fancy colored diamond. A fancy colored diamond’s saturation can go from “light” to “intense,” all the way to “vivid.”

And finally there is tone. Tone is how light or dark the fancy colored diamond appears and is decided by the amount of brown, black, gray, or white color.

Hue, saturation, and tone all come together to determine a fancy colored diamond’s grade (light, fancy, fancy light, fancy intense, vivid, fancy dark, and fancy deep). Similar to their traditional diamond counterparts, fancy colored diamonds’ value and fit are not determined solely on their grade.

Different strokes for different folks, different grades for different fancy colored diamonds, for different engagement rings.

Engaging Color, Exclusive Style

Fancy colored diamonds are just as real as traditional diamonds and can be used in just as many ways. Fancy colored diamonds are a popular choice, especially for engagement rings and wedding rings. So how do you know which fancy colored diamond is right for you?

Fancy Pink Diamonds

Let’s start with fancy pink diamonds. Fancy pink diamonds have long been a favorite for those who love a burst of color. As part of the rarest of diamond colors, earth created pink (and red) fancy colored diamonds are an extraordinary find, with reports of only approximately 30 being in existence.

Get your very own fancy pink diamond engagement ring with James Allen!

Split Prong Cathedral Engagement Ring

Pink diamond
14K White Gold Split Prong Cathedral Engagement Ring

Fancy Blue Diamonds

Love of color is not specific to pink. Fancy blue diamonds make a beautiful, calming choice. Another rarity, fancy blue colored diamonds are thought to represent spirituality, eternity, truth, and devotion. Getting their hue from boron, with their resemblance of a clear spring sky or a sparkling ocean, it is no wonder fancy blue diamonds are so popular.

Check out this example of a Fancy Blue Diamond Engagement Ring!

Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Blue diamond
Lab-Created 1.37 Carat D-VVS2 Ideal Cut Round Diamond Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Fancy Black Diamonds

Or maybe you wanna go dark like the black diamond ring? Fancy black diamonds have a strong color intensity and sparkle with a metallic shine. These exotic diamonds are a darling of the fashion world.

Found only in a few locations, fancy black diamonds are thought to symbolize love and eternity, making them a fabulously unique way to adorn your finger. Get your own version from James Allen and start showing off!

Petite Pave Engagement Ring

Black diamond
14K White Gold Petite Pave Engagement Ring

Fancy Green Diamonds

Representing life, renewal, and growth, green is a great color for a fancy diamond. Fancy green diamonds are extremely rare, as they are created due to exposure to radiation. The radiation can come from groundwater or radioactive rocks near the earth’s surface.

Often pricier than their counterparts due to their rarity, green diamonds are a lively colorful choice for an engagement ring. And don’t worry, while the stone may get its color from radiation, it is totally safe!

Grande Falling Edge Halo Engagement Ring

Green diamond
14K White Gold Grande Falling Edge Halo Engagement Ring

Looking for another color of the rainbow to make your engagement ring stand out? Check out the many colors of fancy diamonds that James Allen has to offer!

Pros of Fancy Colored DiamondsPros of Traditional Diamonds
Showcase Unique StylePlentiful Choices in Clarity and Cut
Great InvestmentNumerous Affordable Options
More RareClassic Choice

Real Diamonds, Real Fancy

Fancy colored diamonds are not to be confused with gemstones (which also go great with diamonds). Fancy colored diamonds are just as much diamonds as their traditional counterparts.

The advantage is that you can express your personal style in a particularly unique way using color. Check out these examples below or create your own!

And let’s not forget fancy colored brown diamonds, better known as chocolate diamonds.

Bead Accent Pavé Trio Diamond Engagement Ring

In addition to their rarity and value, fancy colored diamonds are extremely popular. At once elegant and trendy, fancy colored diamonds allow you to add an extra level of personal expression. But don’t be fooled by the name, fancy colored diamonds are also good to wear everyday!

Pair with white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, James Allen as a variety of fancy colored diamonds to create the perfect engagement ring. Start shopping today!

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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St. Patrick’s Day: Get Your Green Glitz On

St. Patrick’s Day: Get Your Green Glitz On

Tradition says that we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, but it does not say that green can’t sparkle and shine! You do not have to be from the Emerald Isle in order to rock these fabulous pieces. From engaging emeralds to radiant earrings, celebrate with the utmost luxury and style.

Who Was St. Patrick?

There are many legends around this 4th-century saint: that he drove snakes out of Ireland and explained religious doctrine using a shamrock. This slave turned saint was first celebrated in Ireland with religious services.

However, immigrants to the United States transformed this holiday into a largely secular celebration. St. Patrick’s Day is now famous for its fun celebrations, marked by parades and the color green, where both Irish and non-Irish participate in this sparkling shamrock fest.

The Chicago River dyed green for St. Patrick's Day
green water coming out of a fountain for St. Patrick's Day

Going Green

The entirety of March is often dedicated to going green for St. Patrick’s Day. Events can be found all over the country, marked by this signature color. 

Green is associated with St. Patrick’s Day for many reasons. Green is a color of nationalism on the Irish flag, it is the color of the shamrock, an Irish symbol, and many believed that wearing green made you invisible to leprechauns.

Wearing green would protect you from these mythical creatures who would pinch anyone NOT wearing the color.

Leprechaun asking are you wearing green?
Dancers for St. Patrick's Day in Boston

Celebrants have come to pinch anyone not wearing green, to remind them of their risk of being pinched by these supernatural beings of Irish folklore.

Green is also the color of spring and the shamrock, and for the last several decades, the Chicago River on St. Patrick’s Day.

Learn more about May’s birthstone and see celebrity-inspired ways to wear the gem here!

The Emerald Isle

Ireland is revered for its lavish green landscapes, earning it its famous nickname. The perfect green hue of emeralds matches the rolling hills of the Irish countryside; it is also quite symbolic. 

Green emeralds symbolize spring, rebirth, renewal, wisdom, and are even thought to have healing properties for eyes, ears, and skin. The gemstone is also thought to represent love, faithfulness, and eloquence.

Emeralds are also thought to improve wealth, intelligence, and creativity. Emerald engagement rings symbolize the love that will last forever. It is no wonder this sparkling lush gemstone is the choice of many for their engagement rings.

Check out some emerald engagement rings from James Allen or go here to design your own!

Round Split Halo Engagement Ring 

18K White Gold Round Split Band Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, 1.06 Carat Round Green Emerald

“May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold—and at the end of your rainbows ay you find a pot of gold.”

-Old Irish Blessing

 Pavé Trio Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Pavé Trio Engagement Ring, 1.02 carat Emerald Natural Green Emerald

“Wishing you a pot o’ gold and all the joy your heart can hold.”


Bezel Set Engagement Ring

“We may have bad weather in Ireland, but the sun shines in the hearts of the people and that keeps us all warm.”

-Marianne Williamson

Cathedral Star Engagement Ring

14K Rose Gold Cathedral Star Engagement Ring, 1.40 carat Round Natural Green Emerald

“You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it.”

-Jimmy Dean

Dazzle For St. Patrick’s Day

James Allen has many options to rock this glimmering green gemstone and sparkle with sophistication. Whether choosing a great pair of earrings, a beautiful bracelet, or a stunning necklace, you can avoid getting pinched with these perfectly green pieces that shine brighter than any pot of gold:

Alternating Oval Hoop Earrings

14K White Gold Alternating Oval Emerald And Round Diamond Hoop Earrings

“The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.”

-Wilson Mizner

Emerald Birthstone Necklace

14K Yellow Gold Emerald Birthstone Necklace

“May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow. And may trouble avoid you wherever you go.”

-Irish Blessing

Emerald Birthstone Earrings

14K Yellow Gold Emerald Birthstone Earrings

“Ireland is a land of poets and legends, of dreamers and rebels.”

-Nora Roberts

Infinity Emerald Birthstone Ring

14K Yellow Gold Infinity Emerald Birthstone Ring

“The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.”

-Douglas MacArthur

May Birthstone Gifts

Emeralds might be May’s birthstone, but you’ll want to wear this charming gem no matter when you were born. Check out these pieces from James Allen and add color to your jewelry collection. Receiving pieces with this gemstone will truly have you feeling the luck of the Irish.

Oval Halo Earrings

18K White Gold Oval Halo Emerald And Diamond Earrings (6.0x4.0mm)

“The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act.”

-Barbara Sher

Alternating Arrow Milgrain Bezel Ring

14K Yellow Gold Alternating Arrow Shape Milgrain Bezel Emerald And Diamond Ring

“Love is never defeated, and I could add, the history of Ireland proves it.”

-Pope John Paul II

Marquise Emerald Pendant

14K White Gold Marquise Emerald And Diamond Pendant

“Luck is believing you’re lucky.”

-Tennessee Williams

Halo Emerald Earrings

18K White Gold Oval Halo Emerald And Diamond Earrings (6.0x4.0mm)

“A good friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.”

-Irish Proverb

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Trailblazing Women Creating Historic Style

Trailblazing Women Creating Historic Style

Timeless Influence

For a long time, women’s contributions to jewelry were overshadowed, shelved, or ignored. Yet, as in all things, women persevered and their contributions to this wearable art form have shaped and shifted the jewelry landscape.

These brave women rejected the normative ideas of beauty and style and on International Women’s Day, we take this opportunity to honor some of these great women and how they changed the face of this artform.

Bringing Elegance To Everyday Life

Renée Puissant was an heiress in the jewelry world. While her parents, Alfred Van Cleef and Esther Arpels, of the famed Cleef and Arpels, gave her a remarkable foundation, Renée forged her own path and changed the face of jewelry forever.

Acting as the artistic director of this famed house and working with key designers, Puissant wed elegance and practicality, to bring everyday life into the design of fine jewelry.

Noted for her innovation, Puissant was the first to think to have an “end-of-year” sale, offering jewelry at prices less expensive than their normal collection, making jewelry more accessible and “ready-to-wear.”

Every time a diamond necklace is paired with jeans, whenever gemstones adorn leisure wear, and wherever designs as practical as a paperclip are highlighted in fine jewelry, Puissant’s contributions can be seen. 

Get yourself some of these Puissant-inspired pieces from James Allen:

Going Global

Carolina Bucci was born and raised in Italy, educated in the United States, and has partnered with celebrities and retailers all over the world. Similar to Puissant, Bucci was born into the business. A 4th generation jeweler, Bucci brought her own style, pushing the boundaries of tradition for her collections.

Despite her heritage, Bucci bravely cut her own path, creating jewelry that has been described as having “effortless elegance” and a modern “sense of luxury.” This boldness helped get her pieces on celebs like Salma Hayek, who famously wore a Bucci piece on her UK Vogue cover in 2003.

Carolina Bucci

Bucci’s influence has helped reinvent how jewelry can be worn. Using bright colors and textures, Bucci’s mark on the jewelry world has only just begun. See below for Bucci-inspired pieces available at James Allen:

Award Winning Legend

Coreen Simpson’s long and storied career did not start in jewelry. This pioneer began as a photojournalist covering everything from politicians to musicians to athletes. As one of a few female photographers regularly covering Fashion Collections in Paris and New York, Simpson got noticed, but not JUST for her photography.

When not on assignment, Simpson designed and created jewelry pieces she could not find. She wore her original pieces featuring black cameos while covering these Fashion Collections.

It was not long before designers started requesting pieces. What followed was Simpson’s signature collection, “The Black Cameo,” an antique-inspired collection featuring black cameos.

Simpson has been honored for her various talents, including her contributions to jewelry and design by the Smithsonian Institute.

Check out these pieces inspired by the coloring and style of Simpson’s signature collection:

Reviving A Golden Artform

Bai Jingyi has been designing jewelry by hand for over 50 years. Born and raised in China, Jingyi has become a master of the ancient art form of imperial filigree inlay, reviving it to create stunning gold pieces.

Jingyi uses her understanding of the ancient masters of this art in order to create new and innovative ways to utilize the technique. Jingyi also teaches others this skill, which has a history of over 2,000 years, because she feels a responsibility to keep this ancient art form alive.

So what exactly is this style? Filigree inlay, a fine metal workman’s technique, weaves and piles gold which has been pulled into thin threads and divided into small sections. It is then organized into a design, using the various sections.

Jingyi loves working with gold because, as she has said, its color is dignified and radiant like the sun, unmatched by any other metal. Filigree inlay demands the highest quality, resulting in luxurious and elegant designs.

Want to shine like the sun? Check out these golden pieces from James Allen:

The Boss Babes Of James Allen

Puissant, Bucci, and Simpson are not alone. They are amongst a myriad of women in jewelry who have broken barriers to create the landscape we know today. From color, to design, to push the accepted boundaries of style, women have and continue to impact the world of jewelry in numerous ways.

Here at James Allen, we are inspired by the great women who lead us every day; from co-founder Michele Sigler, to CMO Shannon Delaney, Art Director Leehe Bok, and Daniela Tarantino, James Allen’s Director of Jewelry.

Along with Tali Gur, our Senior Vice President of Finance and Accounting, and Emmanuelle Glazier, our Digital Product Manager; these amazing women are amongst the army of women at James Allen who inspire every day.

Their leadership and talent help to ensure James Allen fulfills its mission of offering the most prized diamonds and the best selection, using the newest technology.

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Inspired By Nature: Celebrate Earth Day In Style

Earth Day is more important with each passing year. A time to stop and appreciate our planet and all its beauty. All the colors of the rainbow, all shades and textures can be found in every corner of the planet. Want to don jewels of all the hues of mother earth? Read on to see how!

Diamond engagement ring

Earthly Greens

The color green symbolizes nature and serenity. It is also said to bring good luck! Coming in a variety of shades, green can be as rich as freshly cut grass, as subtle as green tea, and as dark as a mighty evergreen tree.

You have multiple options if you want to dazzle in green. First gemstones, look no further than May’s birthstone, the Emerald. Harnessing more than just the luck of the Irish, sporting emeralds will give you a downright royal look!

However, May’s birthstone is not alone in rocking the lucky green! Fancy colored diamonds also come in this luscious color. Fancy green colored diamonds, which are thought to represent prosperity and abundance, are not only another great way to sport this look, but fancy green colored diamonds make beautiful, stylish, and unique engagement rings.

See options for emeralds and fancy green diamonds below!

Grande Falling Edge Halo Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Grande Falling Edge Halo Engagement Ring

Bringing to mind images of grassy knolls, tall trees, and commanding plants, green is a color that reminds us of the serenity and power of the earth. Such a dynamic color, you can also adorn yourself in green by wearing the gemstone peridot.

Practically screaming the freshness of a summer’s day, peridot gemstone jewelry is the perfect birthstone for August. Grab some peridot pieces today and always have that summer feeling.

Ocean Blues

Producing images of the sky above and the sea below, blue represents loyalty, wisdom, and sincerity. The color also brings to mind ideas such as freedom and intuition. Like water, which covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface, with ocean’s holding almost 100% of the Earth’s water, blue has a myriad of shades.

Some of blue’s many shades can be found in fancy blue colored diamonds, as well as the gemstones aquamarine, blue sapphires, blue topaz, and tanzanite. Its many shades allow it to create varied looks; from incredibly luxurious to sparkling fun, and everything in between.

The flexibility of blue’s multiple shades also allows it to pair well with yellow, white, and rose gold. Whatever shade, whatever metal, whatever stone, James Allen has a blue approved by mother earth, ready to add to your collection.

Sun Rays

When you think yellow you think sunshine, happiness, and warmth. Symbolizing youth, energy, and optimism, yellow can be found in the gemstone citrine, a fancy yellow colored diamond, and of course, yellow gold. 

The sun provides solar energy and the light and heat that makes life possible. Showcasing the brightness of the sun, and the yellow of a sunflower, these citrine and yellow sapphire gemstone pieces, yellow pearls, and yellow gold fine jewelry are giving us life!

Fancy yellow colored diamonds are all the rage. It is no wonder more and more celebrities are being spotted sporting fancy yellow colored diamonds. With their timeless, gorgeous, and unique style, fancy yellow colored diamonds are a perfect choice to create a jaw dropping engagement ring.

Whichever your shade of yellow, James Allen has the piece for you to start shining like the sun!

Textures Of Nature

Planet earth is an amazing marvel, featuring every texture you could ever imagine. Tree bark, mud, mountains, and stone; the earth’s textures are something to be celebrated everyday. See how bamboo brings the feeling of tranquility and nature to these engagement and wedding rings.

Playing with texture is a great way to bring depth to your look, but textures are not limited to textiles! Inspired by the different textures of nature, James Allen has a plethora of choices for rich textures when it comes to rings, especially engagement and wedding rings.

The style of these rings allows them to work fabulously as fashion rings too!