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The April Birthstone: Discover Diamond

Diamonds are not only everyone’s best friend, they are also April’s birthstone. The hardest gemstone around, diamonds are a true wonder. Natural or lab grown, these beauties look good on everyone, for everything. Wear them daily, dress up those sweats or pair them perfectly for an elegant event. Whatever the occasion, whatever your style, wear diamonds and sparkle like the stars.

April Birthstone

What Is the April Birthstone?

April’s birthstone is the dazzling diamond. That’s right, diamonds are a birthstone! Diamonds are traditionally known for their colorless variety, however there are also beautiful colored diamonds.

Diamond Jewelry

The Symbolism and Meaning of Diamond

Ancient Romans believed if you were hit by Cupid’s arrow, tipped of course with the dazzling gemstone, your love would be unbreakable. While others, including sources in Hinduism, associate diamonds with beauty and happiness. It is no wonder diamonds are traditionally used for engagement rings, wedding rings, and are given on multiple anniversaries. Celebrate your love with the gemstone representing love.

Other benefits thought to be associated with April’s birthstone are good energy, good health, both mental and physical, and even ridding the body of toxins. Still others believe that diamonds’ abilities go so far as to be an antidote to poison.

What Color is the April Birthstone?

Diamonds are a true wonder as they are available in both colorless and fancy colored options. Colorless diamonds refer to a diamond’s lack of hue, meaning the more color or yellowing it has, the less desirable it is. These diamonds are measured on a scale of D to Z, D being the most colorless, and therefore the most desirable option.

Colorless Diamond Grading Scale

Whereas with fancy colored diamonds, they are available in a rainbow of colors and the stronger the hue, the more desirable it is. These diamonds are graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and these grades are based on tone, hue, and saturation.

Fancy Colored Diamond Hues

A Brief History of the April Birthstone

Beloved for generations, diamonds have an incredibly long history. In fact, it is believed some ancient civilizations thought diamonds to be lightning materialized on Earth.

It is believed that diamonds were traded as early as the 4th century BCE, as they were sought after by royalty and the elite. Dating back to the Mongols, diamonds were popular in India, where they were easily mined at the time. Continuing to the 1400s, diamonds continued to be a favorite for the upper class.

As the diamond supply in India dwindled, the gemstone was discovered in Brazil and ultimately, South Africa in the late 1860s, the start of the modern-day diamond market.

Understanding Diamond’s Sensitivity and Fragility

Moh Scale

Diamonds are the hardest gemstone around, a key part of their value. Rating at the top of the Mohs Hardness Scale, diamonds get their durability thanks to their atomic structure. Being made of pure carbon, diamonds are so strong they can only be scratched by other diamonds. It is this strength that makes them incredibly popular, particularly for engagement rings.

Practical Tips for Cleaning and Preserving Diamond Jewelry

How To Clean Diamond Jewelry

No matter when you were born, it is important to properly care for your diamond jewelry

Follow these tips to protect your April birthstone jewelry.

  • Store your diamond jewelry separately, preferably in their original packaging such as soft jewelry bags or boxes.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures, particularly intense heat and strong light.
  • Remove your jewelry in situations such as the beach, chlorinated pools, the gym, showering, cleaning, when dealing with lotions and makeup.

Follow these tips to clean your April birthstone.

  • Fill a bowl with warm water and mild soap. 
  • Allow the jewelry to soak.
  • Then use a soft-bristle brush to gently remove any dirt.
  • Rinse clean with water and air dry.

What Are the Other April Birthstones?

Just like most months of the year, April has more than one birthstone. In addition to the dazzling diamond, white topaz and clear quartz, which have visual similarities to colorless diamonds, are also birthstones for April.


What makes diamonds special as April’s birthstone?

Diamonds are special because of their strength, their meaning, and their universal popularity. This gemstone has long been the traditional stone for engagement rings, wedding rings, tennis bracelets, and other timeless pieces of fine jewelry.

What are the characteristics of diamonds? 

Diamonds are graded by characteristics known as the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Cut refers to a diamonds facets, angels, and proportions. Color refers to the lack of color, or colorlessness of a diamond. Clarity refers to a lack of inclusions, how clear is the diamond. And carat weight refers to the size of the diamond.

What are the various shapes and cuts of diamonds available?

While these terms are used interchangeably, a diamond’s shape refers to its overall form. Think oval, heart, round, or emerald. A diamond’s cut refers to its symmetry, proportions and polish.

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes and cuts. Round diamonds are incredibly popular as they are considered to be universally flattering. Other beloved options include princess, cushion, emerald, marquise, oval, radiant, pear, and Asscher. And of course, there are heart shaped diamonds.

What are conflict-free diamonds?

Conflict-free diamonds are diamonds that were not obtained due to human rights abuses, civil war, child labor, violence, or environmental degradation. At James Allen, we make sure that our customers receive conflict-free diamonds. In fact, our internal guidelines exceed government requirements. When you shop with us, you can be certain that your diamonds are coming from the most reputable providers.



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring for Your Hand Size

Finding the right engagement ring, there are many factors to consider. From diamond shape and size to setting and metal color. We’re here to take the process from “OMG What?!” to “That was so much easier than I imagined!”

Diamond engagement ring

Why It’s Important To Pick A Diamond Shape And Ring That Suits Your Hand 

Shape is everything! Let’s break down what a diamond shape is and why it’s important. The shape of a diamond refers to its configuration, such as oval, round, or emerald. Different diamond shapes (and sizes) can appear differently on the wearer, depending on the size of their fingers and hands. Read on to see which shapes work best for which type of fingers and hands.

How to Determine Your Hand Shape

So what is your hand shape? Factors that determine your hand shape are:

  • Overall size: is your hand generally large or small?
  • Size & shape of your palm: is your palm more of a square or rectangle shape?
  • Finger size: are your fingers longer or shorter? Slimmer or thicker?

And don’t forget:

  • Fingernails: does your partner generally keep their nails long or short?

While figuring out your hand shape isn’t measurable like finding your ring size, it’s important to have a general idea in mind when you start ring shopping.

Suitable Rings For Slim Fingers

It is best to choose a diamond and ring that won’t overwhelm a slimmer finger, this can include choosing a smaller diamond size. In terms of shape, oval or marquise diamonds, especially when placed in a solitaire setting, are widely considered the most complimentary engagement ring option for slimmer fingers. If you are looking to add width to a slimmer finger, go for a horizontal stone or an East West setting. 

14K White Gold 1.5mm Comfort Fit Engagement Ring

Suitable Rings For Wider Fingers

If you want to create an illusion of a slimmer finger, then a pear, oval, or marquise shaped diamond is a great choice. A three stone setting, with the popular round diamond as the largest stone in the center, similarly has a slimming effect.

14K White Gold Classic Round Shape Three Stone Engagement Ring

Another option is to take advantage of a wider finger and choose an angular-shaped engagement ring.

Best Ring Shapes For Short Fingers

Short fingers are most flattered by rings with a round, square, or Asscher diamond shape. If you want a diamond that will elongate your short finger, go for a pearl, oval, or marquise diamond.

14K Yellow Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)

A narrow band will also help elongate a shorter finger. Solitaire and pavé settings both have wonderful slim band options.

Best Ring Shapes For Long Fingers

Lucky you! Experts advise that most diamond shapes work well for long fingers. In this case, focus on size. A larger stone will look particularly elegant. If a larger stone is not in your budget, go for an elongated shape such as emerald or pear.

14K White Gold Ridged Dome Solitaire Engagement Ring

Or, if you prefer a shape that will balance out the length of your finger, go for a round, princess, or Asscher cut. A wider band will not only complement a larger diamond but will fit well on a longer finger. Another option, stack multiple slim band rings instead!

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Engagement Rings For Large Hands

Larger hands mean more real estate for more dazzle. Go for a larger size diamond and/or larger settings such as a halo, multiple bands, or multiple stones. 

14K White Gold Pavé Split Shank Contour Diamond Engagement Ring

Take advantage of the real estate larger hand provide and get more dazzle with a split shank, double halo, or pavé ring setting.

Engagement Rings Best For Small Hands

Small hands are best complimented by shapes that won’t overwhelm them, including round, Asscher, princess, and cushion. 

14K Yellow Gold Cable Solitaire Engagement Ring

Another tip, go for a smaller stone that will be proportionate with your smaller hand.

Additional Engagement Ring Buying Tips to Consider

Beyond diamond shape and ring type, there are additional factors to consider when shopping for an engagement ring. But don’t fret! We’ve got more tips below to make the process easy peasy!

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Shop With Your Partner

This is a great option for a variety of reasons, including if you are unsure about the best shape for your partner. This is a big purchase and the most important thing is that you and your partner are comfortable. And yes, the proposal can still be a surprise even if you shop for the ring together.

Try On Before You Buy 

Seeing how different diamonds and rings look can be the best way to find the most flattering diamond shape for your hand. Thanks to our Virtual Try-On technology, you can try as many rings, diamond shapes, and different metals as you want! Even when shopping online, you can try before you buy and make the best decision for you and your love.

Consult With A Jeweler Before Buying Your Diamond 

It never hurts to ask an expert, especially before making such an important purchase. Make sure to assuage all your concerns by speaking to a fabulous member of our customer service team. James Allen has non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts available 24/7 to answer any questions.

Measure Your Ring Size Accurately

Get it right the first time by getting your partner’s correct ring size. While James Allen does offer free ring sizing within the first year of purchase, save yourself the headache by following these tips:

  • “Borrow” one of your partner’s existing rings and get it measured
  • Use the string & ruler method
  • Have a family or friend help you get your partner’s ring size
  • Use our Virtual Try-On with your smartphone
468x60 Blog Banner Virtual Ring Sizer Blog Banner 1

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Choosing an engagement ring is no easy task. After all, this is a ring you will wear everyday, for the rest of your life. You want to make sure it fits and flatters your finger and hand. Whatever size hand, whatever your style, the most important factor about an engagement ring is that you and your partner love it!



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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The March Birthstone

March Birthstone: A Guide To Aquamarine

March’s birthstone is beloved for so many reasons. From its entrancing blue color to the many properties it is said to hold, this gemstone is a favorite no matter when you were born. Read on to learn all you need to know about aquamarine.

The March Birthstone

What is the March Birthstone?

Aquamarine is the March birthstone. The month that brings us spring, March’s birthstone features beautiful blues reminiscent of a spring sky or a calm sea. Originally found in Brazil, it is no wonder this gemstone’s name literally means “sea water” in Latin.

Aquamarine Necklace

The Symbolism and Meaning of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is as meaningful as it is beautiful. Sometimes called “the soothing gemstone,” it is thought to have calming properties. Many use this gemstone in meditation and to help release anger.

March’s birthstone is also believed to have healing properties and the ability to provide clarity, as well as promote compromise and strength. A beautiful gemstone that is thought to promote good health? How can you go wrong?

What Color Are the March Birthstones?

Aquamarine is known for its sea-blue hues. Due to its blue color, aquamarine can be confused with blue topaz, December’s birthstone. This gemstone actually comes in shades of blue, from very pale to dark. It is even found in green-blue tones. 

March’s birthstone, a member of the beryl family, gets its blue color from trace amounts of ferrous iron. The most sought-after shade is medium blue.

Aquamarine Colour Chart

A Brief History of the March Birthstone

Ancient Greeks thought aquamarine’s soothing effects on the unpredictable ocean would aid in safe passage and thus was carried by many sailors.

In the Middle Ages, knights also thought the gemstone could make them untouchable. It was believed aquamarine could reignite loving feelings in a marriage that had lost its spark. Making aquamarine a marriage charm which is now used to celebrate 19th wedding anniversaries.

Understanding Aquamarine’s Sensitivity and Fragility

Aquamarine rates between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means it is quite durable and highly resistant to chips and scratches, making it perfect for everyday wear. But be careful, while this gemstone is strong, it is still susceptible to damage over time, so be sure to properly care for and clean your gemstone jewelry.

Moh Scale

Practical Tips for Cleaning and Preserving Aquamarine Jewelry

No matter when you were born, it is important to properly care for your aquamarine jewelry

Follow these tips to protect your March birthstone jewelry.

  • Store your aquamarine pieces separately, preferably in their original packaging such as soft jewelry bags or boxes.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures, particularly intense heat and strong light.
  • Remove your jewelry in situations such as the beach, chlorinated pools, the gym, showering, cleaning, when dealing with lotions and makeup.

Follow these tips to clean your March birthstone.

  • Fill a bowl with warm water and mild soap. 
  • Allow the jewelry to soak.
  • Then use a soft-bristle brush to gently remove any dirt.
  • Wipe with a clean cloth and air dry.

What Are the Other March Birthstones?

Like so many other months, March actually has more than one birthstone. In addition to aquamarine, bloodstone is March’s second birthstone. Known for its dark appearance, featuring streaks of red and green, this gemstone was said to remind people of a setting sun. Similar to the main March birthstone, bloodstone is also believed to have healing properties.


What is the Zodiac for March? 

Depending on what date in March one is born, their Zodiac sign will either be Pisces (March 1-20) or Aries (March 21-April 19). Whenever your birthday, we have stylish Zodiac jewelry to match!

How rare is the aquamarine gemstone? 

This gemstone is more common than many of its counterparts. Ranking in the top 30, this gemstone is considered to be moderate.

Which is more expensive, aquamarine or amethyst? 

Thanks to its incredible popularity, especially in jewelry, as well as its rareness, aquamarine generally costs more than amethyst. 



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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Engagement Ring Trends 2024: A Stylish Look Ahead

Goodbye 2023, hellooooooo 2024! A new year means new engagement ring trends and WE ARE HERE FOR IT! If you are about to be a bride-to-be this year then you are in luck because the styles trending this year are stunning. Check out all the details below and find your perfect sparkler.

Cover 1

Our Top Engagement Ring Trends Of 2024 

Engagement rings are obviously always in style, but this year, a few settings really stand out.

  • Simple Solitaire: classic style featuring a plain band and a center stone
  • Vintage Revival: elegant, antique style rings for the modern age
  • Three Stone: two side diamonds or gemstones highlight the center stone
  • Abstract Designs: unique designs, unlike traditional styles
  • Mixed Metals: combine the style and color of multiple metals
  • Lab Grown Diamonds: engagement rings featuring diamonds sourced in a lab
  • East West: engagement rings featuring a center diamond set horizontally
  • Unique Gemstone Choices: engagement rings featuring a unique, colorful gemstone as the center stone

Simple Solitaire

Solitaire engagement rings may be simple, but they are also sophisticated, stylish, and downright timeless. This 2024 trend will shine the whole year and long afterwards. The classic design of a solitaire ring allows it to seamlessly match with a wide variety of wedding rings, as well as other jewelry.

This style is understandably popular. Subtle and understated yet wholly elegant, solitaire engagement rings are always a winner.

14K Yellow Gold Comfort Fit Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement Ring

Vintage Revival

Vintage engagement rings are all the rage and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they a great way to express personal style, but they are wearable works of art. These rings incorporate delicate and detailed designs, as well as bold geometric lines. Vintage engagement rings are perfect for those who love the art deco look.

18K White Gold Pavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring (Oval Center)

Three Stones

Three stone engagement rings have always been in style but are set to become a trend-to-see in 2024. The beauty of a dazzling stone on either side of the center stone highlights it in a very special way. Whether the side stones or center stone are diamonds or gemstones, three stone rings feature incredible sparkle that will never go out of style.

14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Abstract Designs

Featuring distinctive designs and unbelievable details, engagement rings with abstract designs are a great choice for the bride-to-be who loves an elevated look. From unexpectedly placed diamonds to artful conceptions, these rings will always leave you going wow.

14K White Gold Ridged Dome Solitaire Engagement Ring

Mixed Metals

Are you indecisive? Do you just love multiple metals and can’t decide? Well, with mixed metal engagement rings you can have it all! Mixed metal rings feature the best of everything. Combining two or more metals, frequently yellow, white, or rose gold, these rings are loved for their fun design and unique look.

A nice benefit is that you can easily match one of these engagement rings to your wedding ring of choice.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are incredibly popular, and with so many advantages, their popularity is only expected to grow.

Pros Of Buying A Lab Grown Diamond Ring

East West

If you are looking for tradition with a twist, east west engagement rings are for you. Featuring a center stone set horizontally, these rings truly stand out for all the best reasons. Their bold, contemporary style is why this style is on the rise.

14K Yellow Gold East West Knife Edge Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring

Unique Gemstone Choices

Gemstone engagement rings are a beautiful, unique choice for brides-to-be. More and more, couples are choosing to express their personal style through color, and this means gemstones replacing colorless diamonds as the center stone in engagement rings.

This has been done for centuries by royalty and now can be done by you! Whether choosing  a personal birthstone or a color that speaks to your partner’s personality, this trend is one you will want to join.

14K Rose Gold Pavé Halo And Shank Diamond Engagement Ring (Pear Center)

Virtual Engagement Ring Try-On

Choosing an engagement ring can be hard. There are so many beautiful options out there! Here at James Allen, we understand. Thanks to our Virtual Engagement Ring Try-On, you can “try before you buy.” All you need is a smartphone!

Virtual Engagement Ring Try On

First, tap the “Try-On” icon. Next, take a picture of your hand. Finally, see your ring on your hand! You can even share the photo to get those critical opinions.

Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring Online?

Shopping for an engagement ring can be stressful, we get it! If you are keeping the ring a secret, when will you go? How will you choose from all the styles available? What if you have a question? Or a LOT of questions? James Allen to the rescue!

There are SO MANY reasons why buying your engagement ring online is a good idea, these advantages are particularly enticing:

  • Huge selection (settings and diamonds/gemstones)
  • Free diamond consultation
  • 24/7 access to non-commissioned jewelry experts
  • Free engraving at checkout
  • Virtual Try-On technology
  • Multiple customization options
  • 360° HD diamond display technology


Are vintage-inspired engagement rings timeless?

Absolutely. These styles were on-trend before, currently, and will continue to be.

What gemstones are considered unique for engagement rings in 2024?

Gemstone engagement rings themselves are considered a unique, colorful option. Some of the most popular options include sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

Can I customize an engagement ring on

Yes! At James Allen we have multiple customization options. From designing the ring yourself, utilizing our Ring Studio, and adding a personalized engraving, to choosing your metal, diamond shape, and so much more. 

Are there financing options available for purchases on 

Of course! We have multiple financing options available to help ensure you get the ring of your dreams.

Final Thoughts

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important purchases you will ever make. Whether you go for a classic or a trend, what’s important is that you and your partner love it. At, we have a plethora of options to ensure that you get that all important “Yes.”



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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Black Diamond Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

Black is back, baby! Black diamond engagement rings are the perfect marriage of traditional and unique. Stunning and versatile, this wow-worthy option looks beautiful with any metal, in practically any setting.

3 black diamond engagement rings

If you are looking for something that is edgy yet sophisticated, then black diamond engagement rings are for you. Because turning to the dark side never looked so good!

What Are Black Diamond Engagement Rings?

Black diamond engagement rings are engagement rings that feature black diamonds, part of the colored diamonds family. Big was really onto something when he gifted Carrie that black diamond engagement ring in that iconic Sex and The City scene.

Both on the big screen and in real life, this trend has grown in popularity and is expected to explode this year, and it’s no wonder why. With more and more couples wanting engagement rings that express their individual style but still have that wow factor, this outside-the-box option is finding its way to the fingers of more and more brides-to-be.

Understanding Black Diamonds

Black diamonds were first discovered in 1840 in Brazil, and are almost exclusively found there, as well as in central Africa. Natural black diamonds are extremely rare, with most on the market today being lab grown or enhanced. This is when natural, white diamonds are put under heat and pressure to result in the rich, black color.

This dark diamond has a rich history. It has been associated with wealth and power, the belief that just touching it can help save one’s marriage, and that it provides protection from evil. Others believe black diamonds symbolize a link between the spiritual and physical worlds, as well as a strong emotional connection.

Some used to believe the gem was cursed because it resembles the eyes of snakes and spiders. Today, black diamonds are not feared but beloved for their incredible style.

Why Choose a Black Diamond Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring should not only reflect the personal style of the wearer, but symbolize the love story of the couple. Black diamond engagement rings are a great choice for couples who have bold style and want a ring that projects their one-of-a-kind love.

14K White Gold Classic Round Shape Three Stone Engagement Ring

Advantages of Black Diamond Rings

These rings have a number of advantage, but let’s name a few:

  • Bold style
  • Very strong
  • Rare
  • Pairs beautifully with all metal colors & gemstones
  • Less expensive than colorless diamonds & other colored diamonds

Types of Black Diamond Engagement Rings

The types of black diamond engagement rings are as numerous as engagement rings themselves. However, the most popular styles are halo, solitaire, side stone, pavé, and vintage.

Types of Black diamond engagement rings

How to Select the Perfect Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Similar to any engagement ring, you need to keep in mind your partner’s style, as well as your budget. Do they want something more minimalist like a solitaire, or do they love a vintage look? Are they inspired by a certain celebrity’s ring, or are they looking for something wholly unique?

Check out our extensive collection of engagement ring settings. We’re sure to have whatever style your partner prefers.

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Caring for Black Diamond Engagement Rings

It is important to properly care for your ring so it always sparkles as bright as the day you say “Yes.” Make sure to remove your ring in certain situations such as the gym, the shower, chlorinated pools, the beach, when cleaning, and so on.

This may seem like a lot but you want to protect your ring from harsh chemicals, abrasions, and scrapes and dents. Black diamond engagement rings are strong, but they are not invincible.

And of course, make sure to clean your ring! Luckily, cleaning your black diamond ring is similar to cleaning any diamond ring. Simply follow the steps below and of course, you can always arrange to have your ring cleaned by a professional.

  1. Always remove your ring when applying lotions or taking a shower
  2. Fill a bowl with hot water and fill it with a few drops of dish soap
  3. Let your ring soak for 15-20 minutes
  4. Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub it clean
  5. Rinse clean and allow to air dry
How To Clean Your Diamond Ring At Home

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Are black diamonds real diamonds?

Black diamonds are absolutely real diamonds. In addition to traditional colorless diamonds, colored diamonds are available in multiple colors, including black. Because finding black diamonds naturally is so rare, the majority of black diamonds in jewelry today are treated colorless diamonds.

Do black diamonds chip or scratch easily?

In short, no. While for professional diamond cutters, black diamonds present a challenge, once they reach you, they are strong just like colorless diamonds, and will not chip or scratch easily.

Can you customize a black diamond engagement ring?

Yes, at James Allen, black diamond engagement rings can be customized. Whether you choose a personal engraving, or want to design your ring from start to finish utilizing our ring studio, you can make your black diamond ring uniquely yours.

Are black diamond engagement rings suitable for all occasions?

Absolutely! Black diamond rings are so stylish and versatile. Perfect to wear everyday, after all, what doesn’t go with black?! In addition to pairing perfectly with all metal colors and gemstones, black diamond engagement rings can be worn everywhere. From the most casual event to the fanciest ball, and everything in between.

Back In Black

Black diamond engagement rings are not new but they are making a monster comeback. Their incredible style, bold look, versatility, and of course, affordability, are making them an increasingly popular choice for couples looking for options that are equally timeless and unparalleled. Grab your one-of-a-kind engagement ring today and showcase your unique love and style.


Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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February Birthstone: A Guide To Amethyst

February is one lucky month because it can boast amethyst as its birthstone. Once reserved for royalty, this luxurious gemstone is known for its beautiful purple color. Read on to learn all about this gemstone and get that regal feeling.

Amethyst jewelry

What is the February Birthstone?

February’s birthstone is amethyst. This precious gemstone, which gets its name from the Greek word amethystos, meaning not drunk (more on this below), is as beautiful as it is meaningful. Whether you love this gemstone for its stunning purple hues, its symbolism, or you’re just ready to enter your royal-era, amethyst is a great choice.

Wear this gorgeous gemstone day or night, for casual or fancy events, because in addition to everything else, the February birthstone is versatile.

18K Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Amethyst Drop Earrings (15.0x10.0mm)

The Symbolism and Meaning of Amythest

There are many beliefs associated with this stunning gemstone. Ancient Greeks believed it could keep you sober, while others believe amethyst brings strength, clarity, and provides protection for those who wear it.

This gemstone is also associated with keeping a clear head, staying calm, and even healing wounds. Many wear amethysts as a means of stress relief and in an effort to attract positive energy. Some even believe amethysts can help strengthen your immune system.

What Color is the February Birthstone?

Amethyst Infographic

Amethysts are known for their purple color. This color is derived from the presence of trace elements such as iron, as well as natural irradiation. This process occurs naturally in the earth over the course of millions of years. This color can range from light lilac to a deep, dark purple with reddish tones.

Amethysts can also be heat-treated to achieve other colors including green, blue, and yellow. However, at this point they are no longer considered to be amethysts.

A Brief History of the February Birthstone

While amethysts are stylish gemstones now, they actually have a long history. In ancient Egypt, they were used for protection, as well as in prayer. In medieval Europe, soldiers wore Amethysts to protect them in battle. This stone even appears on the Breastplate of Aaron in the Bible and St. Valentine is said to have worn an amethyst ring with a carving of cupid on it.

Amethysts were not just reserved for royalty, but they were beloved by them, including Catherine the Great of Russia who had an entire collection of amethyst rings, earrings, and more. Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor was also said to favor the gemstone, famously wearing an amethyst necklace to a gala in 1953.

Understanding Amethyst’s Sensitivity and Fragility

Moh Scale

Amethyst ranks 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. What does this mean exactly? It means that the February birthstone is durable enough for everyday wear but that you should still be careful around harder gemstones, because those can scratch and dent your amethyst.

Practical Tips for Cleaning and Preserving Amethyst Jewelry

Like all precious gemstones, it is important to properly care for your amethyst jewelry so it will stay as beautiful and bright as the day you buy it. You want to keep it clean and avoid scratches and dents as much as possible.

Follow these tips to protect your February birthstone jewelry.

  • Store your amethyst pieces separately, preferably in their original packaging such as soft jewelry bags or boxes.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures, particularly intense heat and strong light.
  • Remove your jewelry in situations such as: the beach, chlorinated pools, the gym, showering, cleaning, when dealing with lotions and makeup.

Follow these tips to clean your February birthstone.

  • Use an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Avoid steam cleaning.
  • Fill a bowl with warm water and mild soap. Allow the jewelry to soak, then use a soft-bristle brush to gently remove any dirt. Wipe with a clean cloth and air dry.

What Are the Other February Birthstones?

The main birthstone for February is amethyst, it is both the modern and traditional choice. An alternative option, Jasper is also considered a birthstone for February. 


Can amethyst fade or change color over time?

There is a risk that if exposed to extreme heat or sunlight, the color of your amethyst can fade or change.

What is the benefit of the February birthstone? 

There are numerous benefits. In addition to the incredible style amethysts add to your look, they are associated with healing and protection.

What is the color for February? 

The color for February is purple, the color of its birthstone amethyst.



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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2024 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide

The annual day of romance is here, and with it can come big gift expectations. But don’t worry, at James Allen we have you covered for Valentine’s Day. No matter your budget or the recipient, we’ve got the glitz to make this their favorite holiday.

Valentine’s Day Jewelry

James Allen Valentine’s Day Sale

It’s corny, it’s romantic, and sometimes it feels like too much! After all, wasn’t it just the holiday season yesterday? Don’t worry, whether you love this day of love or pray you don’t see one more box of candy, our annual Valentine’s Day sale will help you get the perfect gift. 

14K Yellow Gold Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet (2 CTW - H-I / SI1-SI2)
18K White Gold South Sea Cultured Pearl And Diamond Earrings

Valentine’s Jewelry

No matter if you’re shopping for yourself, the one that holds your heart, or you want to make your entire girl gang shine, shopping for Valentine’s jewelry can be a challenge. But never fear! We’ve got glitz in every budget so that everyone on your list can sparkle from head to toe.

Gifts Under $200

Sticking to a budget does NOT mean compromising on quality and style when you shop with James Allen. Choose from earrings, bracelets, rings, and more! There’s no need for Cupid when you have options like this!

14K Yellow Gold Script Love Ring
14K Yellow Gold White Enamel Bead Bracelet

Our fine jewelry collection has multiple, beautiful pieces created by expert craftsmen, from glorious gold pieces to precious pearls, we’ve got something to make everyone shine.

Gifts Under $500

Who doesn’t love diamonds? Diamonds are always on trend and luckily, we’ve got multiple pieces to make everyone dazzle. Go for a perfect pair of diamond studs, a blingy bracelet, or select one of our many diamond necklaces.

14K White Gold Four Prong Round Brilliant Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings (0.25 CTW - F-G / VS2-SI1)
14K White Gold Diamond Infinity Necklace

We’ve got everything from classic pieces to modern designs, ensuring there’s something to suit everyone’s style. These are some of our faves but the best gift is the one that comes from your heart.

Splurge! Gifts Under $1,000

Are you in the mood to splurge? We’re here for it! When your budget is capped at $1,000 the options seem endless. We were barely able to choose a few favorites to show you!

14K Yellow Gold Rainbow Bar Bracelet By Brevani
14K White Gold Inside Out Round Hoops, 1/2 Inch Diameter (0.25 Ctw.)

Our collection features multiple pieces with gorgeous gemstones, dazzling diamonds, precious pearls, and yummy metals.  This budget allows you to up the dazzle and splurge on that luxurious piece you’ve had your eye on.

Investment Pieces – Gifts Under $5,000

If you’re ready to invest in the ultimate luxury and are looking for timeless pieces that will never go out of style, look no further! From eternally elegant tennis bracelets to opulent diamond and pearl earrings that future generations are sure to praise, we’ve got a myriad of options for you.

18K White Gold South Sea Cultured Pearl And Diamond Earrings
14K Yellow Gold Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet (2 CTW - H-I / SI1-SI2)

When making such an investment it is important to avoid trends in favor of time-honored styles. Many experts recommend when investing in jewelry, to choose pieces featuring diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.

Check out our diamond basics, then take a look at our gemstone jewelry collection, and find all your enduring shine.

Top Tips For Buying Jewelry For Valentine’s Day

  • Find out their style: Different people prefer different styles, so pay attention. Do they always wear yellow gold? Do they stick to diamonds instead of gemstones? And if you’re not sure, go for a classic. The timeless style of these pieces is always a winner.
  • Make it personal: From their birthstone to their zodiac sign, choosing a piece with personal meaning can make any gift extra special.
  • Set a budget: It’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out, before you shop, set a budget so you can find a glitzy gift they will love at a price you are comfortable with.
  • Do your research: For example, if you are going for diamonds, it might be time to learn about the 4Cs.

Shop smart: Make sure to shop from a reputable retailer. At James Allen, we pride ourselves on being a trusted online jewelry retailer that offers high-quality jewelry and exceptional customer service.


Does James Allen have free shipping for Valentine’s Day?

Absolutely! We’re happy to offer fast and free worldwide shipping.

Is jewelry a good gift for Valentine’s Day?

Jewelry is always a great gift but on Valentine’s Day, it is extra special.

Is financing available for Valentine’s Day?

Yes, James Allen offers multiple financing options.

Can I get help after hours when shopping for Valentine’s Day?

Our fabulous team of experts in customer service are happy to assist you 24/7.

What should my budget be for a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift?

This is a question that only you can answer, at least the budget part. And it may be cliché, but the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. Make sure to keep in mind the style of your recipient, and big or small, we have a variety of shining gifts that are sure to make your Valentine’s Day filled with sparkles.

Does James Allen have more extravagant options for higher budgets?

We definitely do! We have a large variety of incredibly luxurious, elegant, and simply fabulous options for those shopping with higher budgets. Whether you want to be dripping in diamonds to find something any royal would be jealous of, we’ve got you covered.

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, romance, friendship, and yourself! Whether you are planning to propose or want to celebrate you, our multiple collections of beautiful jewelry are sure to warm even the biggest cynic’s heart.



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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Dog Tag Necklaces: All Your Questions Answered

Dog tag necklaces were originally part of the military chic fashion trend. Now, you can find gold dog tag necklaces everywhere. Read on to learn all about the history of this piece and where it stands today.

Cover 1

Whether you enjoy the strength in the symbolism of this piece or simply love the trend, our collection is sure to have the dog tag necklace for you.

What Are Dog Tag Necklaces?

Dog tag necklaces have become a prominent fashion trend. Originally a form of identification connected to the military, these necklaces involved a stylized dog tag pendant which is then paired with a chain necklace.

What Is The Origin Of Dog Tag Necklaces?

Dog tag necklaces were long associated with militaries, as a means of identification. This dates back as far as the Roman Empire and Qing Dynasty. These pieces have evolved to also be used as a form of medical identification. While the materials have evolved, the original purposes continue.

As the military chic trend in fashion grew, dog tag necklaces were included in this aesthetic. These pendants have grown to be the fashion-forward pieces we know and love today.

Why Are Dog Tag Necklaces So Popular?

Their bold look, as well as their ability to be casual or elegant, have certainly helped their popularity. Dog tag necklaces look great alone or layered with other pieces, another reason they are so beloved. And of course, they can also be easily personalized with a meaningful engraving, making them a great gift.

14K Yellow Gold Ribbed Dog Tag Pendant
14K Yellow Gold Fancy Black Enamel Dog Tag

Are Dog Tag Necklaces For Men or Women?

While primarily thought of as a style for men, these necklaces are great for everyone! Remember, their original purpose as a means of identification was meant for all members of the military. And the dog tag necklaces in our collection are so stylish, that we’re sure everyone will want one!

Top Reasons To Wear A Dog Tag Necklace

If trendy and bold weren’t reason enough, there are even more reasons to add one of these to your collection! Check it out:


Many people appreciate the symbolism of the military affiliation. Whether you simply appreciate your armed forces or have a family member who served, the original use and meaning of these pieces only add to their style.


Many people choose to engrave their dog tag necklaces. Whether you go with identifying information or a meaningful turn of phrase, this is a great way to give a bold piece a personal twist.

14K Yellow Gold Mini Dog Tag Necklace
14K Yellow Gold Ribbed Dog Tag Pendant


The simple yet bold style of gold dog tag necklaces, like many pieces in our collection of gold jewelry, ensures they will easily go with most looks. Their ability to look good alone or layered adds to their versatility. These pieces look so good you’ll never want to take it off! 


What are dog tag necklaces made out of?

While the materials have changed over time, at James Allen, our dog tag necklaces are made out of 14K gold.

Can anyone wear a dog tag necklace?

Absolutely! Dog tag necklaces are great for men and women, and in fact, can be a great idea for couples or pairs. Wear them as the new and improved best friend forever necklaces or as a form of commitment before going for that engagement ring.

How do I take care of my necklace?

Here are some helpful tips to keep your new dog tag necklace as shiny as the day you got it!

  • Remove it before sleeping
  • Don’t wear it around harsh materials or chemicals
  • Remove it before swimming in chlorinated pools and saltwater
  • Remove it before participating in strenuous activities such as the gym
  • Store it in its own cloth bag

Can I engrave my dog tag necklace?

Unfortunately, at James Allen, we do not provide this service.

Make A Statement

Dog tag necklaces make a stylish statement. Their military chic aesthetic combined with historic symbolism, along with their wearability and versatility, make them an ever-popular choice.

Wear it alone or layer it with other pieces, take it from work to date night, from brunch to dinner, and shine all the way.  These pieces are a great way to showcase your personal style, so get yours today!



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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Topaz Cover

What Is The December Birthstone: A Guide To Blue Topaz

December’s birthstone, blue topaz, is cool, chic, and a perfect way to light up the holiday season…and every day after! This gemstone is as meaningful as it is beautiful, and versatile too.

Blue Topaz Jewelry

Read on to learn everything from its symbolism to how to style it and get yours today. Because whether or not you were born in December, you’re gonna want one of these gorgeous gemstone pieces.

What Is December’s Birthstone?

December, similar to other months of the year, actually has multiple birthstones. However, the most popular, or at least our favorite, is blue topaz. This beautiful gemstone is made up of aluminum and fluorine and known for its beautiful blue hues.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Topaz

Similar to other birthstones and gemstones, blue topaz is brimming with beautiful symbolism. Originally thought to bring protection, this gemstone is now also thought to bring love and affection and is often given as a symbol of one’s love.

14K White Gold Art Nouveau Inspired Blue Topaz And Diamond Necklace
14K Yellow Gold 1.8mm Petite Single Blue Topaz Birthstone Ring

Unique to blue topaz, it is also associated with the fourth wedding anniversary. But it doesn’t stop here, blue topaz is also thought to help with insomnia, indigestion, and in ancient times failing, eyesight.

Have you lost your creative edge or motivation? Well, many believe blue topaz can help with this too!

What Color is the December Birthstone?

December Birthstone Color  Infographic

Blue topaz is, you guessed it, blue. This birthstone comes in shades from light blue to dark, and is commonly sold in three different shades known as London blue, Swiss blue, and sky blue, with the first two being the most popular.

This gemstone is incredibly rare and is frequently created by heating a topaz stone in its natural, colorless state, and using trace elements to give it that beautiful blue hue.

A Brief History of the December Birthstone

December’s birthstone can be found throughout history. Multiple ancient civilizations prized blue topaz for its protective properties, including the Aztecs and ancient Egyptians, who thought the gemstone could help prevent injuries and other illnesses.

Understanding Topaz’s Sensitivity and Fragility

Moh Scale

The December birthstone is quite durable, ranking 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This durability makes it a great choice for jewelry, particularly jewelry you wear on a frequent basis. However, blue topaz is hard yet brittle, and some color variations like London blue are more easily scratched, so you should still be careful.

Practical Tips for Cleaning and Preserving Topaz Jewelry

Blue topaz is hard yet sensitive, so it is important to care for it and clean it properly. Follow these tips below to keep your December birthstone pieces shining all year long.

  • Store it separately from other pieces in original, soft, & protective packaging
  • Store it away from strong sunlight & high temperatures
  • Avoid using harsh cleaners
  • Wash in warm, soapy water
  • Clean gentle with a soft bristle brush
  • Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth

What Are the Other December Birthstones?

December is unique when it comes to birthstones because it has so many! While blue topaz may be your favorite (it’s certainly ours!), there are others to choose from including blue zircon, tanzanite, and turquoise.

Blue Zircon

First of all, blue zircon is not cubic zirconia, despite the similarities in their names. Blue zircon is one of the oldest gemstones ever discovered. The sparkle and shine of blue zircon have been compared to that of diamonds.

This gemstone is also available in multiple colors, but it is the blue variety that is a birthstone for December. This gemstone is thought to bring good luck and positivity.


Tanzanite became a birthstone for December in 2002 after being discovered decades earlier in Tanzania. This gemstone is named for the country where it was first found and is increasingly popular in jewelry today. It is associated with tranquility and compassion.


Deriving its name from the French word for Turkish, because French traders purchased the stone from Turkish traders, this gemstone is on the softer side, rating a 5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale. This gemstone is thought to bring good luck, friendship, and patience, and was even used in ancient healing practices.


What is the actual birthstone for December? 

December has four birthstones. Blue topaz, blue zircon, tanzanite, and turquoise. It is one of the few months to have so many birthstones.

What is the origin of blue topaz? 

Blue topaz was discovered in the 1960s in Brazil by British explorer Max Ostro.

Why does December have four birthstones?

It is not known exactly why December has so many birthstones. It is most commonly believed that it was to add more affordable options.



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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Blog Post Tungsten Wedding Bands Cover

Tungsten Wedding Bands: All You Need To Know

Your wedding ring is important. You’re going to wear this symbol of your love and commitment every day. We also understand you may want a more modern option that won’t break the bank. We have you covered thanks to our collection of tungsten wedding bands.

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten wedding bands are often described as the choice of the modern man. Known for their strength and bold style, as well as affordable price point,  this non-traditional metal may just be your new favorite. Interested in a tungsten ring? Read on to learn more!

What Is Tungsten?

In its purest form, Tungsten is very dense and fragile. However, once mixed with carbon alloys, it becomes one of the hardest metals available in jewelry. Tungsten is most commonly presented as a powder. It is this powder that is then used, along with an alloy such as nickel.

Gray Tungsten Carbide 8MM Low Dome Band By TRITON
Yellow Tungsten Carbide 6MM Bevel Edge Band By TRITON

Other alloys, such as cobalt, are not preferred as it can cause allergic reactions (not something we want considering tungsten rings are known for their hypoallergenic properties – see below!).

How Are Tungsten Rings Made

Tungsten rings are created much like other traditional metal wedding rings. In this case, tungsten rings are created by combining 85% tungsten and 15% nickel, with nickel being the binder for the alloy. These metals are bound at high heat, 3600 Fahrenheit to be exact!

What Color Is Tungsten?

Tungsten naturally has a silver-gray color (a great choice if you want something similar to traditional white gold or platinum). This color is also its most popular. However, this versatile metal is available in other colors as well including black, pink (similar to rose gold), and yellow (similar to yellow gold).

Black Tungsten Carbide 8MM Comfort Fit Band By TRITON
Rose Tungsten Carbide 8MM Black Diamond Band By TRITON

In addition to different colors, tungsten rings are also available in different styles and finishes. From beveled edges to diamond accents, tungsten wedding bands are anything but boring!

Top Reasons To Choose Tungsten

There are SO many reasons to choose tungsten, but we’ll stick to our favorites. From this metal’s strength to its style, this modern choice will only continue to grow in popularity.


An undeniable reason tungsten is great is its durability. So for those who work with their hands or generally lead an active lifestyle, this metal is a great choice!

Moh Scale

Ranking very high on the Mohs hardness scale, 8.5-9, only second to diamonds, this alternative metal can withstand pressures such as heat and daily wear.


The scratch resistance of tungsten helps to make it a great low-maintenance choice. In fact, it is widely described as the most scratch-resistant metal used in jewelry today. This metal also retains its shine long after you say “I Do,” just another reason to choose this terrific metal.


Tungsten wedding bands are a great choice for those with sensitive skin. This hypoallergenic metal can be worn safely and securely.


Similar to other alternative metal wedding rings, tungsten is considered an affordable choice. You can even find styles with dazzling diamonds considerably below the price of traditional metals.  

And at these prices, you can choose multiple rings! Go for a more traditional look for day-to-day and grab a ring with a dazzling diamond detail for date night. Whether you choose one or a few, tungsten rings are a great grab.

Tungsten Pros & Cons


  • Affordable price point: When compared with more classic metal choices for wedding rings, tungsten is widely considered to be more affordable.
  • Scratch-resistant: Worried about getting a nice wedding ring because you don’t want to scratch it? Go with tungsten, the durability of this metal also makes it resistant to scratches!
  • Hypoallergenic: When tungsten is created, the alloys come together in a way so that they lose their ability to react with and bother the skin. Making this metal a great choice for the groom with sensitive skin.
White Tungsten Carbide 9MM Round Diamond Band By TRITON
Gray Tungsten Carbide 8MM Domed Comfort Fit Band By TRITON


  • Heavy: Tungsten’s strength has many pros but in this case, it is also a con because, since it is so strong, it is also more dense, making it heavier than other classic metals.
  • Will break, not bend: Another downside to the strength of this metal, instead of bending, it will break.
  • Can’t be resized: Unfortunately, this metal cannot be resized. This is again, due to its durability. If you get the wrong size, you will need to have your ring re-made instead.

How do I take care of my tungsten ring?

This metal is as easy to take care of as it is to wear. To polish your ring simply follow the steps below:

  1. Mix warm water with gentle, detergent-free soap
  2. Gently clean with a soft toothbrush
  3. Dry it using a clean cloth
How To Clean Jewelry Infographic

As always, we still recommend avoiding long-term exposure to extreme temperatures and chemicals, as well as other similar situations.

Related Post: How To Protect Your Engagement Ring At The Gym: And Other Times To Remove Your Ring


What is tungsten and why should I get it for my wedding band?

Known for its affordability, hypoallergenic properties, and unique style, this alternative metal is growing in popularity in the wedding ring world.

Is tungsten affordable?

What is affordable can be a very personal question. When comparing wedding band metals, tungsten is widely considered to be an affordable choice. 

Is tungsten different from titanium?

Yes, although they look very similar, the main difference between these two metals is durability. Tungsten is the stronger choice.

Can I resize my tungsten ring?

Because of the nature of the metal, tungsten rings are unable to be resized. Therefore, we highly recommend trying to get the size right the first time. If you do end up with the wrong size, your tungsten wedding band can instead be re-made. Contact our fabulous customer service team for details!

Related Post: How To Measure Your Ring Size

Can I engrave my tungsten ring?

Of course! And at James Allen, we offer FREE ring engraving at checkout. 

Related Post: Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Totally Tungsten

Are you the non-traditional type? Maybe you just love the look of alternative metals? Or maybe you need a low-maintenance option. Whatever your reason, tungsten wedding bands are a great choice. Just make sure to get the right size because resizing these beauties is not an option thanks to their strength.



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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Various wedding rings

The Right Way To Wear A Wedding Ring: Your FAQs Answered

Congratulations! You’re married! It’s an exciting time, but as the initial shock wears off and life sets in, there are still a lot of details to account for, including the rings.

Wedding rings for women

How to wear them, where to wear them, what finger, in what order, and more. Read on to get the nitty gritty on all things related to these rings of love so you can shine confidently every day.

The Basics: Engagement and Wedding Rings 101

1. What is the ring finger?

Traditionally, the ring finger is your left hand’s fourth finger, between your pink and middle fingers. However, any ring can be a ring finger. So whether a buck in tradition or a nod to a different cultural belief, or simply a style choice, more and more people are choosing this route.

2. What is the history and meaning behind the ring finger?

The custom of wearing engagement and wedding rings on this finger was the belief that this was where the most direct vein to the heart is – showcasing your commitment and acknowledging the ring’s romantic intentions.

3. Can I wear rings on my ring finger if I’m not engaged or married?

Diamond rings

Of course. There are no rules or restrictions on where to wear your rings (try saying that three times fast!) Whether for fashion or commitment, rings are beautiful accessories and should be worn where you are most comfortable.

4. Which finger does a promise ring go on?

A promise goes on any ring you prefer it to go on. However, these rings are often worn on the traditional ring finger, that famous fourth finger on the left hand. This ring is a sign of love and a future “promise,” frequently of marriage. Once a couple is married, the promise ring is often moved to the right hand, also on the fourth finger.

5. Which finger does an engagement ring go on?

While we want to emphasize that this is first and foremost a personal preference, many people choose to wear their engagement ring on the traditional ring finger. But remember, you can wear your engagement ring on any finger you want!

6. Which finger does a wedding ring go on?

diamond rings and a wedding ring

Just like promise and engagement rings, the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger on one’s left hand. Yet while many people wear their wedding ring on the left hand due to the belief of directness to the heart, it is also a widespread custom to wear one’s wedding ring on their right hand, which is thought to symbolize trust and loyalty.

7. What’s the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

An engagement ring is given as a marriage proposition, whereas a wedding ring is traditionally given during the marriage or commitment ceremony.

Engagement rings also traditionally feature an elevated center stone, usually a diamond, while wedding rings are frequently round bands made from precious metal. While diamond wedding bands feature dazzling diamonds like their engagement ring counterparts, but do not have an elevated center stone.

8. Do I need to wear an engagement ring or a wedding ring?

You need to wear whatever you want to wear. Some people prefer to wear multiple, different-style rings representing the various stages of their love and life. Wearing an engagement ring and a wedding ring is a beautiful tradition. What’s important is that you wear rings you and your partner love.

9. Can men wear engagement rings?

A selection of engagement and wedding rings

Absolutely! While women have long been the traditional audience for engagement rings, men are finally getting in on this wonderful custom. After all, men get engaged, right? And thankfully, the styles coming of men’s engagement rings are simply stunning.

10. How should I wear my engagement ring during the wedding ceremony?

This is, once again, a personal decision. Different traditions call for other things; many brides choose not to wear their engagement ring during their wedding ceremony. They decide to wear it on the right hand, leaving the ring finger on their hand free for the wedding ring.

There are endless options. You can wear it on a different finger, hand, or wear it as a necklace during the ceremony, have your bridesmaid hold onto it. The options are endless, and the best option is the one you feel best about.

11. Which hand does a wedding ring go on?

The custom is that a wedding ring goes on the left hand. Another common tradition is to wear your wedding ring on your right hand. The choice is a personal one.

12. What does it mean to wear a wedding ring on your right hand?

Many believe that the right hand symbolizes loyalty, honor, and trust. This dates back to the times of Ancient Romans, who were thought to believe that the left hand was untrustworthy and unholy.

13. Which finger do men wear their wedding rings on?

Men, like women, traditionally wear their wedding rings on the ring finger on the left hand. However, just like women, many men also wear their wedding rings on their right hands.

14. What order do I wear my engagement ring and wedding ring in?

Tradition states that one should wear their wedding ring first, so it is closer to their heart. At the same time, others wear the engagement ring first, as it was given first. If you choose a matching set, you may need to style such rings in a specific order according to their design.

15. What are other ways I can wear my promise ring, engagement ring, and wedding ring?

You can truly play with your promise, engagement, and wedding rings. From wearing all three on the same finger, wearing your promise and engagement ring together and saving your wedding ring for a different finger, or wearing your engagement and wedding ring together and putting your promise ring on its own finger.

You can also stick to one metal choice or mix and match metals. Go for a white gold promise ring, a yellow gold wedding engagement ring, and top it off with a rose gold wedding ring. The options are numerous, and the choice is yours, so whatever your preference, whatever your style, go for it.

16. What about anniversary rings? Which finger do I wear anniversary rings on?

Anniversary rings are a beautiful, meaningful, and dazzling diamond-encrusted way to mark momentous occasions like your wedding. The traditions associated with promise, engagement, and wedding rings are not so relevant here.

Yes, you can wear your anniversary ring stacked with your other rings to get incredible maximum shine, but you can also let it make another finger glow. Or you can wear it on the opposite hand of your engagement and wedding rings and spread the shine around.

17. What about stacking rings? Which finger do I wear stacking rings on?

You can definitely stack your rings, and in fact, many people do. You’re stacking ’em if you wear your engagement ring and wedding ring on the same finger. Stacking these rings is a great way to augment their dazzle.

Depending on the length of your finger, the most common fingers for stacking are the third and fourth fingers. Many choose the traditional ring finger for stacking promise ring, engagement rings, and wedding rings.

Final Thoughts

Wedding rings have long been a symbol of love, commitment, and the beginning of a beautiful life together. What wedding rings look like, how they are worn, where they are worn, and what they are made out of have changed over time and evolved into the beautiful pieces we know today.

Whether you love the classic gold band or prefer a dazzling diamond-encrusted ring, we’re here to guide you so you sparkle comfortably always.



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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2023 Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide For Him

Buying the perfect gift for the man in your life is easier than ever! Whether it’s your dad, husband, brother, friend, or any other loved one, thanks to

Mens Jewelry

We’re here to make it easier than ever to check every man off your gift list. Keep scrolling to find the perfect piece that matches his taste and the demands of his day-to-day life.

James Allen Holiday Sale

It’s that time of year again! The annual James Allen Holiday Sale is here and it’s time to take advantage and enjoy 25% off SITEWIDE.*  

Don’t be a procrastinator this year! Avoid the holiday rush, sleigh your gift list, wrap up some super savings and get all your shopping done early. 

Get your holiday shine stress-free and enjoy a magical holiday season.

Jewelry Gifts For The Men In Your Life

Finding the perfect gift does not have to mean breaking the bank. More than ever, we’re all conscious of how much we spend. But having a budget does not mean compromising on quality or style.

We’re here to help you find the perfect gift, no matter your budget. Whether you are looking for a sparkling stocking stuffer or something on the more extravagant side, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever your budget, whatever his style, we’ll make sure you WOW him.


He makes you smile so let’s make him shine. Get your boyfriend, husband, or partner a gift that at once he will love and make all his peers jealous. Because let’s be honest, men love radiating style just as much as we do!

14K White Gold Four Prong Round Brilliant Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings (0.25 CTW - F-G / VS2-SI1)
14K Yellow Gold 7.5 Mm Satin Finish Channel Set Diamond Ring

Whether his taste is more classic or he prefers more a snazzier look with some dazzle, we’ve got gifts that will fit him perfectly.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so, get your dad the most wonderful gift. One he is sure to love for years to come.

Cobalt 8mm Band Diagonal Center Ring
Black Titanium 6mm Milgrain Celtic Love Knot Ring

Men’s fashion rings and personalized fine jewelry are always a winner. Engrave a meaningful message in a ring to create a gift that is extra special. Check out our entire selection of men’s rings


Whether he’s your stepbrother, brother-in-law, biological brother, or your brother by another mother, he’s a special guy and deserves a special gift. We’re here to help you find the gift that puts an end to the “who’s the better sibling” debate once and for all *wink wink.* 

14K Yellow Gold Knife Edge Design Cross
14K Yellow Gold Solid 5mm Miami Cuban Bracelet - 8.5 Inches

Whether you are ready to splurge or prefer something more inexpensive, we’ve got everything from chains and bracelets to signet rings and so much more. These pieces will definitely help you earn the title of a favorite sibling!


Impressing your father-in-law can be tricky, but we are here to help you with this too! This holiday season we’ve got gifts that are sure to impress. Whether you’ve recently walked down the aisle or he’s been “Dad” for years, our collection is sure to have pieces that are guaranteed to be a huge hit.

14K Yellow Gold Basket Weave Patterned Dog Tag
14K Yellow Gold 4.5mm Figaro Chain Necklace - 18 Inches


Friends are the family you chose, so this holiday season, let’s make them shine bright too! After all, these are the people that have been there for you through it all. You’ve celebrated each other’s accomplishments, experienced life-changing adventures together, and of course, they’ve given you some great advice. So, what do you get for such a friend? We think a stylish present fits the bill perfectly.

14K White Gold White Topaz Birthstone Earrings
Sterling Silver 8.85mm Miami Cuban Bracelet - 8.5 Inches

Prefer something a little more personal? Check out our birthstone jewelry, available in a variety of pieces including earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Each birthstone has its own special meaning and symbolism, making these a beautiful and budget-friendly gift idea any friend is sure to love! 


Does James Allen have free shipping for Black Friday?

Yes! James Allen offers fast and free worldwide shipping!

Can I see my diamond before I buy it for Black Friday?

Yes! Thanks to our 360° HD diamond display technology, you can explore your diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and sparkle in up to 40x magnification.

Is financing available for Black Friday?

Yes! James Allen has multiple financing options available.

What if I need help after hours when shopping for Black Friday?

No such thing for our fabulous customer service team. Our experts are here to help you 24/7!

Wrapping Things Up

At, we’re here to make sure that no matter the occasion or recipient, you can easily find the perfect gift. So, whether he’s your best friend, your dad, or your fiancé, let him know how much he means to you this holiday season with a special gift. 

Still unsure? We got you! Contact one of our non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts today. They are always available to help answer any questions you may have. Happy Holidays! 


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Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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1024x500 Cover

We Asked AI To Explain How To Pick The Best Diamond For Any Budget

So, you’re ready to seek that sparkle! Whether you’ve finally found the one and now you’re ready to pop the question or you simply want to treat yourself (because, hey? You deserve it!), but the thought of diamond shopping makes your head spin.

Well, we here at James Allen know how overwhelming shopping for diamonds is, so we asked AI for their best tips and we have to say, we agree! We also added our expert take to ensure you get the best info possible! Check it out below and happy shopping!

Let’s Get Started

We know there’s a LOT to consider, especially the Four ‘C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. That’s where we come in! We’ll guide you through the glittering labyrinth of diamond shopping and show you how to do so on a budget. We’ll help you get the perfect sparkle without breaking the bank! And even better, we’re gonna break it down into seven digestible steps.

1. Cut to the Chase:

Let’s start with the cut. When it comes to the glitz and glam factor, cut is KING. Cut affects how a diamond’s facets reflect light, the better the cut the more your diamond will dazzle. So, even if you can’t afford the largest rock, a well-cut diamond will always steal the show. In fact, many experts recommend prioritizing cut over carat weight. 

Pro Tip:
Opt for the best cut you can afford – it truly makes a difference.

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2. Get Smart with Shapes:

Here’s a little secret: Choosing a non-traditional diamond shape can stretch your budget. Round cut diamonds are the a classic choice and the most popular, but oval, pear, or marquise cut diamonds can often appear larger for the same carat weight. This is thanks to getting more surface sparkle, better for your dazzle and your dollar!

3. Clarity is Cool:

Now it’s time to talk about clarity. Yes, we’d all love a flawless diamond, but it’s important to remember the difference between truly flawless and eye clean flawless (i.e. the diamond is flawless under a powerful microscope or the diamond looks flawless to everyone who sees it).

The human eye can hardly see the tiny inclusions (read: teeny-tiny internal quirks) in a VS1 or VS2 clarity diamond, but your wallet definitely will! So why shell out more when you can get a near-perfect diamond at a friendlier price?

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4. Color?

The color of a diamond is important. But we’re not talking about fancy color diamonds, we’re talking about a diamond’s color grade. And let’s be real – unless you’re a gemologist with a magnifying glass, differentiating between the color grades is like trying to spot a unicorn in the wild. Diamonds in the G to J range can save you some big bucks, and they’ll still look icy white to your (and anyone else’s) naked eye.

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5. Carat Weight: Bigger Isn’t Always Better:

Lastly, there’s carat weight. Big is beautiful, but it’s not always better. Remember, it’s about the sparkle, not the size! A smaller diamond with an excellent cut can dazzle more than a big, dull one. So, if you’re on a budget, consider going light on the carat weight and focus on the cut and color to maximize your sparkle, ensuring that your diamond will still shimmer and shine like a star!

6. Set Your Priorities Straight:

Now that we’ve covered the basics on the 4Cs, remember – proportion is key. Prioritize what’s most important to you. If you value size, consider compromising on clarity or if you crave the purest color, maybe the cut can take a back seat. There are many characteristics to diamonds so it is important to determine what qualities are the most important for you.

7. Shop Savvy:

Last but certainly not least, be a savvy shopper! Shop online (like at, wink wink) to compare prices, get up-close 360-degree views of your diamond, and take advantage of customer service reps who can guide you. Not to mention the seemingly infinite collection and comfort of shopping online.

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The Bottom Line

It is ABSOLUTELY possible to find a diamond gives you the “wow” factor AND that matches your budget. Just remember: compromise is key, perfection is in the eye of the beholder, and your diamond’s sparkle is ultimately a reflection of your love (or self-love!).

So, when navigating the world of diamonds, make sure to always keep your sparkle game strong! And of course, we’re here to make sure that your diamond quest is an easy one.


What’s the big deal about a diamond’s cut?

The cut gives your diamond its sparkle. A high-quality cut means more shine and more “oohs and aahs” when you flash that rock. So, even if you can’t afford the Hope Diamond, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a well-cut diamond within your budget that will always dazzle.

Can’t I just get a flawless diamond?

Remember, flawless to the naked eye can be different than flawless under a microscope. And most people are not looking through a jeweler’s loupe for imperfections. A few inclusions not able to be seen by the naked eye can save you a pretty penny!

What’s the best color for a diamond?

Think of your diamond color like your summer tan: you want it to look natural. A diamond in the G to J range is the sweet spot – it looks icy white, and you are less likely to need to dip into your vacation fund to afford it.

Is bigger always better for carats?

Not necessarily! While many enjoy the look and feel of a big diamond, remember that a smaller, brilliantly cut diamond can outshine a larger, poorly cut one. Balance is the name of the game here.

Should I only consider round cut diamonds?

While round cut diamonds are certainly popular for a reason, non-traditional diamond shapes like oval, pear, or marquise cuts can give you more bling for your buck. So make sure to consider all the diamonds cuts to ensure you get the right dazzle for you.

How can I get the best diamond for my budget?

You need to decide what matters most to you. Whether it’s cut, clarity, color, or carat, and be willing to compromise on the factors that are less critical for you. And don’t forget to shop smart: online retailers (like us, duh!) often offer great deals, an incredible selection, and an in-depth look at your diamond before you buy.

Remember, a diamond is forever, so make sure you get the perfect one for you! And we are here to help, ensuring you don’t need to spend a fortune to find it. Now get out there and shine on!

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Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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What Is The October Birthstone? A Guide To Opal

October’s birthstone opal is exceptional for a number of reasons. From the special meaning this gemstone is thought to have to its gorgeous and unique coloring, which allows it to seamlessly match just about any outfit in your closet, opal is the birthstone you need no matter when you are born.

Cover photo with loose opals and model with opal necklace

Opal, the October birthstone, is known for its unique myriad of rainbow colors and milky shine. This gemstone’s kaleidoscope of colors is a result of light refraction. Rainwater is absorbed into the gemstone’s structure, and after years of pressure and heat, the water evaporates, and we are left with the gorgeous Opals we know today. The unique coloring of Opals is thanks to this formation.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Opal

Every birthstone has a unique meaning, making birthstone jewelry an extra-special gift, and opal birthstones are no different. It is thought that ancient Greeks believed that opals had the power to make one psychic, while ancient Romans, as well as many Asian cultures, were thought to associate this gemstone with hope and love, as well as fidelity.

Further still, others believed the opal to have healing properties. But that’s not all! Opal is also thought to symbolize creativity.

What Color is the October Birthstone?

Just like the falling leaves of the season, opal can be found in multiple colors. From yellow, red, pink, grey, brown, and even black, this gemstone is best known for the milky white option with rainbow shine. The ability of this gemstone to radiate multiple hues is why it is both so special and versatile.

different colored loose opals

A Brief History of the October Birthstone

The use of Opal as a birthstone goes back as far as the 15th century. Known in India as upala, or precious stone in Sanskirt, upala became opalus in Ancient Rome, also meaning precious stone, and leading to the name we know today. 

In addition to the ancient Greek and Roman beliefs mentioned earlier, Opals have been part of beliefs across the world, with many cultures crediting the gemstone with a variety of powers.

Arabic legends are said to believe the gemstone came from the heavens in the form of lightning. Today, there are those who believe it is unlucky for someone not born in October to sport this gemstone (but we say it’s worth the risk!).

Opals are now primarily found in Australia but have also been discovered throughout the world.

Understanding Opal’s Sensitivity and Fragility

This gemstone is as delicate as it is beautiful. Measuring between 5 and 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, out of 10, this delicate nature is thanks to their composition, being made up of up to 21% water, as well as air molecules. Due to their sensitive nature, one should pay extra attention to ensure its longevity.

different gemstones according to Mohs hardness scale

Practical Tips for Cleaning and Preserving Opal Jewelry

Opals are as delicate as they are unique and beautiful, make sure to follow the tips below to ensure your gemstone stays gorgeous for a long, long time.

  • Store separate from other jewelry
  • Keep safe from high heat & sudden temperature changes
  • Clean using warm, soapy water
  • Do not use harsh cleaning methods
  • Do not overexpose to water

What Are the Other October Birthstones?

October actually has two birthstones. In addition to opal, tourmaline, specifically pink tourmaline, joined the family and is considered the more modern birthstone option. Opal being seen as quite feminine, as well as delicate, is thought to be among the reasons the National Association of Jewelers added tourmaline to the list.

Love the look of tourmaline? Check out our collection of pink sapphires!


How rare is a black opal?

Black opals are the rarest color of this already rare gemstone. Found only in a small town in the outback of Australia, the limited origin and availability of this gemstone leads to its being the textbook definition of rare.

Can opal jewelry be passed down as heirlooms?

Of course! This rare and beautiful gemstone makes beautiful heirloom jewelry. However, due to its delicate nature, it is incredibly important to care for it properly to ensure it is available for multiple generations.

Are opals suitable for all types of jewelry?

Yes! Opals look good in yellow or white gold, as well as platinum, making them a fabulous option for whatever jewelry you desire.

Why does October have two birthstones?

Due to the delicate nature of the original October birthstone, Opal, pink tourmaline was added to the gemstones for this month. Other opinions cite the “overly feminine” nature of Opals, but if you ask us opals are beautiful for anyone and everyone!



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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Cover Octagon

Understanding Octagon Diamonds: A Deep Dive

The octagon diamond is unique among the various diamond cuts and shapes. Featuring eight sides, this unique-looking gemstone’s meaning is as alluring as its shine.

If you’re looking for a distinctive stone to complete a piece of jewelry, consider the octagon diamond. Learn all about this stunning shape and shop confidently so you can shine brightly.

What are Octagon Diamonds?

Octagon diamonds are similar to round cut diamonds but feature eight sides. According to Chinese and other Asian cultures, the number eight is said to bring good fortune, making the octagon cut diamond an ideal shape.

How Are Octagon Diamonds Cut?

Octagon diamonds are cut to optimize light, brilliance, and sparkle. They are cut using expert techniques to give the gemstones eight sides and typically more cuts or facets when compared to popular round cut diamonds. The crown’s main facets, in particular, produce incredible brightness.

Why Choose An Octagon Diamond?

With incredible shine, meaningful symbolism, and unique elegance, octagon cut diamonds are the perfect choice to express individual style while achieving ultimate shine. Octagon cut diamonds are also a great choice for a more active lifestyle. Their shape allows them to comfortably fit much more securely in prong settings than the fancy shapes and the popular round diamond.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Buying Octagon Diamonds

Unique Features of Octagon Diamonds


Octagon cut diamonds are the only shape featuring eight sides. This unique cut gives them incredible fire and brilliance, even under low light.

Broad Facets

The many facets of octagon diamonds allow this uniquely shaped gemstone to shine naturally bright, even under low light. It typically features many more facets than other shapes, including the popular round cut diamond.


Thanks to their unique shape, octagon cut diamonds fit stylishly and securely into several settings. From vintage to classic, you can rest assured your diamond is in place while it shines bright.

Octagon Diamond Buying Guide

Now that we’ve told you how special the octagon-shaped diamond is, let’s get you ready to shop for them! Follow our guide to ensure you get the best diamond for you!

Factors to Consider When Buying an Octagon Diamond

Of all the factors to consider, cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are arguably the most important. While many focus on the latter, being familiar with all four is a good idea to ensure you get the best diamond for your needs.


Cut refers to the shape of the diamond, and how well a diamond is a key factor in how bright it will shine. Color refers to how colorless the diamond is, and clarity refers to how clear or how many inclusions the diamond has. And, of course, there is carat weight, referring to the weight or size of the diamond.

What Is The Best Ring Setting For An Octagon Diamond?

Octagon diamonds actually fit best into multiple settings. Check out our favorites below and find yours!

Solitaire Setting

Perfectly classic, a solitaire setting allows the uniqueness of an octagon cut diamond to shine through. An added bonus, solitaire settings are easy to pair with wedding rings, anniversary rings, and more!

14K Yellow Gold Claw Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)

Vintage Setting

Octagon cut diamonds exude a sense of luxury and old Hollywood, making a vintage setting a perfect choice for these diamonds.

Pavé Setting 

You just can’t go wrong in a pavé setting. If you want to accentuate the incredible sparkle of your octagon cut diamond, a pavé setting will fit the bill.

14K White Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)

Bezel Setting

Bezel settings beautifully accentuate the lines of an octagon diamond and lean into the vintage feel of the shape.

Octagon Diamond Jewelry

Octagon diamonds are not only great in engagement rings! Go for a perfect pendant and elegant earrings to create a seamless look that will have you shining everywhere you go.


Adding a necklace is a great way to complete any look. A pendant featuring an octagon cut diamond is a stylish way to give a classic a unique twist.

14K White Gold Four Prong Basket Solitaire Diamond Pendant (Mounting)


Everyone needs a classic pair of diamond stud earrings. Perfect for every day to the fanciest occasion, a great pair of diamond stud earrings will always be in style. Take yours up a notch with octagon diamonds, and be ready to fall in love with these beauties.

14K White Gold Four Prong Stud Earrings (Mounting)


What is unique about octagon cut diamonds?

Their shape, meaning, and style. Not only do octagon diamonds have eight beautiful sides, but their unique symbolism is found throughout Chinese and other Asian cultures. Additionally, their singular shape gives them a style like no other.

Are octagon diamonds more expensive than other diamond shapes?

While the price of every diamond depends heavily on the 4Cs, octagon diamonds can cost more per carat when compared to popular shapes like round diamonds.

What is the best setting for octagon cut diamonds?

While multiple settings work well for this diamond cut, bezel settings are a great choice as they offer style and protection against the sharp corners of the octagon shape.

And check out even more fabulous engagement rings!



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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New Arrivals Bridal Summer 2023 Cover

Say “I Do” to Our Favorite New Bridal Arrivals For Summer

It’s that time! Summer is here, and love is in the air. We can’t think of a better time to pop the big question! So, what’s hotter than the summer sun? Our new collection of bridal jewelry.

3 different diamond engagement rings

We’re sharing some of our favorite new arrivals for the bridal season to help you shine on your big day (and every day!). So, brides-to-be, get ready to fall head over heels for these stunning pieces!

Flush Fit Sets: Rings That Fit Together As Perfectly As Your Love

Capture the dazzling summer sunlight with our flush-fit sets. These pieces feature breathtaking diamonds in various settings that are sure to make every bride glow brighter than the midday sun.

18K White Gold Diamond Half Halo Engagement Ring

Get Inspired By Nature and Shine Just As Bright

Grace your finger with these dazzling options. The engagement rings in these luminous sets will make every bride radiate with classic elegance.

18K White Gold Diamond Constellation Engagement Ring

Feathered Bypass: For the Regal Bride

Feel like royalty this summer and all year round with our ethereal bypass rings. These exquisite pieces radiate the lightness of a feather with their sparkling diamonds. Add the perfect wedding ring to complete your bridal look.

14K Yellow Gold Feathered Diamond Bypass Engagement Ring
14K Yellow Gold Feathered Diamond Contour Wedding Ring

Diamond Constellation: Designs Written In The Stars

Your love story was always written in the stars. Now bring that light to your finger. These adorable pieces, encrusted with shimmering diamonds, add a hint of summer shine to your bridal look.

14K White Gold Diamond Constellation Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Diamond Constellation Wedding Ring

Bezel Sets: Elegance Right on Your Finger

These diamond rings add a touch of modern brilliance to your bridal look. Beautifully built to give elegant, seamless sparkle, one look, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a romantic coastal wedding.

Beautiful Baguettes: A Drop of Timeless Elegance

Beautiful baguette rings are the perfect choice for those who love a minimalist, modern look. These pieces are a stylish way to symbolize the unbreakable bond between you and your partner.

18K Yellow Gold Simplistic Baguette Diamond Wedding Ring
18K Yellow Gold Simplistic Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Regal Elegance: Styles Fit For A Queen

Keep your sparkle close on your special day with these stunning styles. Combine a bright center diamond with beautiful smaller side diamonds. A luxurious way to mark the dawn of your new life together.

18K Yellow Gold Marquise And Round Diamond Wave Engagement Ring

Unique Halos: Surround Your Sparkle With Sparkle 

For the sparkle-loving bride, our halo rings are a must. With center diamonds highlighted by deliciously delicate diamonds, these pieces bring a little bit of heaven to your bridal look.

18K White Gold Diamond Halo With Marquise Accent Engagement Ring
18K White Gold Ascending Diamond Wedding Ring

Spectacular Side Stones: Sparkles As Special As You

Make a sizzling statement with our side stone rings. These beauties, encrusted with glittering diamonds, exude the elegance of a blooming summer garden on your special day.

Express Yourself: Unique Is Beautiful

Dazzle like a summer night sky with these impressive pieces. These rings shine like a shooting star thanks to their impressive diamonds that add a whimsical touch to any bridal ensemble.


What materials are used in your new bridal arrivals for summer?

Like all of our collections, our bridal collection features an array of metals, including 14K and 18K yellow, white, and rose gold and dazzling diamonds. Every piece is expertly crafted to ensure longevity and brilliance.

Can I customize any of the new bridal arrivals?

Many of our pieces offer various options for customization. You can choose from different types of gold and select your preferred diamond to ensure that your jewelry is as unique as your love story.

Are the new bridal arrivals suitable for outdoor summer weddings?

Absolutely! Our summer bridal collection is designed to sparkle year-round, whether you say “I Do” under the summer sun or make them the perfect accessory for a winter wonderland wedding.

How should I care for my bridal jewelry during the summer?

We recommend being careful with your new, precious jewelry all the time. But we understand that summer conditions can be particularly hard on jewelry. Make sure to remove your jewelry before activities such as swimming and avoid direct contact with sunscreen and other lotions and potions. Keeping your pieces clean will also help maintain their sparkle.

Final Thoughts

So, are you ready to be a dazzling bride on your big day (and every day after that)? These are just some of our summer bridal arrivals that will add that extra sparkle to your wedding celebrations and more. Here’s to a summer filled with love, laughter, and lots of sparkles!

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Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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Pave Cover

Pavé Engagement Rings: A Complete Guide

Pavé engagement rings are perfect for so many sparkling reasons. There is much more to pavé engagement rings than meets the eye. Confused? Don’t worry! Read on to get all the info you need and more to pick out the perfect pavé engagement ring.

If you are looking for a ring with incredible sparkle and shine, then look no further! Pavé engagement rings give your center stone that extra oomph, taking your shine to the next level.

This popular style is perfect if you love romance, glitz, and glamour. If you want an engagement ring that maximizes every spot for sparkle, then pavé engagement rings are for you.

What Is A Pavé Engagement Ring?

A pavé engagement ring is a ring where the band is literally paved with dazzling diamonds. It gets its name from the French word for paved, meaning that Pavé engagement rings include bands that are completely or partially covered with smaller diamonds, set so close together to resemble a paved road. A pavé engagement ring can include one or multiple rows of these diamond bands.

How Is A Pavé Ring Different From Other Engagement Ring Styles?

A pavé engagement ring is unique for many reasons. In addition to its unique style, the number of stones and density of those stones are normally far higher for pavé rings.

Pavé engagement rings have small diamonds set across half or the entirety of the band to accentuate the center diamond, as well as give the entire ring sparkle.

14K White Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)

What Are The Advantages Of A Pavé Engagement Ring?

Pavé engagement rings have many advantages, but most of all, the increase sparkle and shine from every angle. Yet this increased shine only highlights the beauty of your center stone. Does it get any better?!

14K White Gold Pavé Rope Engagement Ring

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Pavé Engagement Ring?

While we love love love pavé engagement rings, we have to recognize there are some drawbacks. Their intricate design also means they are delicate, and the ring can snag. So you need to be more careful, which may require some future maintenance. Resizing can also be difficult with this setting, so do everything you can to get the right size the first time around.

14K White Gold Cathedral Pavé Crown Diamond Engagement Ring

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What Should You Look For When Choosing A Pavé Ring?

When choosing your pavé engagement ring, it is important to remember a few things. It’s all in the details. In addition to traditional pavé bands, hidden details such as pavé halos can add sparkle and support to your center stone. There are also different styles of pavé engagement rings. Keep an eye out for micropavé and petite pavé, among others.

14K White Gold Trio Micropavé Engagement Ring

Pavé Wedding Bands

Give your pavé engagement ring a sparkling partner in a pavé wedding ring! Not only do they look seamless together, but the added sparkle is simply incredible! Be prepared to shine bright with these beauties.

14K White Gold Flush Fit Pavé Wedding Ring
14K White Gold Twisted Matching Pavé Wedding Ring

Caring For Your Pavé Engagement Ring

Caring for your pavé engagement ring is important, especially because of its delicate nature. Follow the steps below to keep your perfect pavé rings sparkling.

  • Always remove your ring before possibly harmful activities
  • Keep it clean (Do it yourself or get it professionally cleaned)
  • Consider an annual check up to make sure the settings are secure

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What is the difference between a pavé engagement ring and a solitaire engagement ring?

Pavé engagement rings include a partial or full band of small diamonds set in a pattern meant to resemble a paved street and the center diamond. A solitaire engagement ring focuses solely on the center diamond.

What are some popular styles of pavé engagement rings?

Popular styles of pavé engagement rings include micro pavé, French pavé, and petite pavé. Micro pavé engagement rings feature small diamonds, often in multiple rows, to create beautiful sparkles. 

French pavé engagement rings are known for their textured style, with diamonds set in v-shaped grooves in the ring’s band. 

Petite pavé rings utilize very small prongs to keep the small diamonds in place, ensuring that each diamond is distinctly highlighted despite its small size.

What metals are typically used to make pavé engagement rings?

Pavé engagement rings, similar to engagement rings generally, typically come in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum.

Are pavé rings more expensive than other styles of engagement rings?

Pavé engagement rings cost more than some styles and less than others. This is due to the increased number of diamonds. Therefore, a pavé engagement ring will likely cost more than a classic solitaire setting. Also, similar to all styles of engagement rings, the cost of a pavé engagement ring heavily depends on the size, cut, and quality of the center stone.

Can you customize an engagement ring?

Sure! Is every customization possible? No. But you can customize your pavé engagement ring by selecting a center stone. Go with a colorful gemstone or a fancy colored diamond for a unique hue, or choose a fancy shaped diamond that can also create an individual look.

Where can you purchase a pavé ring?

Pavé engagement rings are a mainstream and very popular style and be found at just about any reputable diamond and jewelry dealer. Try shopping online for a large selection of styles!

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Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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1024x500 Cover V3

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Gemstones

Gemstones are beautiful, fashionable, and a great way to express your style. But how do you know which ones to buy…and where? Read on to find out everything you need to know to ensure you pick out the perfect colored gemstone for you.

a selection of different gemstones with a rainbow background

We understand there is a lot to consider when making such a significant purchase. After reading this blog, you may not be a certified gemstone expert, but you might start to feel like one!

Gemstones Basics

Let’s start with the basics. Many of us know about birthstones, different gemstones that correspond to the months of the year. But what are these colorful creatures, and how are they created? Are all gemstones created equal? Let’s dive in.

What are the Different Types of Gemstones?

There are numerous gemstones, the most popular being garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, diamonds, emeralds, pearls, rubies, peridot, sapphires, opals, citrine, and topaz. Each gemstone corresponds to a month of the year, is associated with a special meaning, and has its own color (or colors…some gemstones come in more than one hue).

Related Blog Post: Birthstone Engagement Ring Ideas For Each Month

How are Gemstones Created?

You may have heard about earth created and lab created diamonds, well their fellow gemstones (yes, diamonds are a gemstone!) are no different. Gemstones can both be found in the earth and created in the lab. Lab created gemstones, like earth created gemstones, are 100% real. The only difference is their place of origin and process of creation. The final result is still a real, vibrant, colorful gemstone.

What is the Difference Between Precious vs. Semi-Precious?

Gemstones fall into two major categories: precious and semi-precious. Only four gemstones are considered precious: diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. All other gemstones are part of the semi-precious category. The main difference is hardness. While precious gemstones are incredibly sought after, they are necessarily more valuable than their semi-precious counterparts. The value depends on things like rarity, size, and quality.

an infographic table showing the different between precious and semi-precious gemstones

What Should I Consider When Buying Gemstones?

There is a lot to know when buying gemstones, we recommend keeping the following things in mind:

  • Type: Different gemstones have different characteristics. From colors to shapes to availability, knowing which gemstone you are shopping for is important.
  • Quality: The quality of a gemstone will affect its color and price, among other things. Check out the section on the 4Cs below!
  • Origin: Gemstones can come from the earth or the lab. While both are 100% gemstones, the origin can affect the brightness of the hue and the price. Some may have a personal preference for the origin as well.
  • Treatment: Many gemstones receive various treatments to ensure they are the best version of themselves. Some treatments can affect the value. See more below!
  • Certification: Certifications contain important information about a gemstone’s origin, quality, and characteristics. Experts recommend purchasing a gemstone certified by a reputable body such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Fun fact, all gemstones at James Allen are certified by either the GIA or the American Gem Society (AGS).
  • Maintenance: Different gemstones require different maintenance. From cleaning to circumstances when it’s recommended to remove them, it is important to keep this important factor in mind.

The Four Cs Apply To Gemstones Too

While some may be familiar with the 4C’s as they apply to diamonds specifically, they actually apply to all gemstones, and it is important to keep them in mind when shopping for them.


The color of a gemstone has three main factors: hue, tone, and saturation. The hue of a gemstone is what most people picture when you talk about color. Frequently, the color of a gemstone is mixed, consisting of a main color and a second color mixed in. Saturation refers to how pure or intense the main color is.

The purer a gemstone’s hue or color, meaning the smaller the tints of other mixed in colors, the more valuable the gemstone. Additionally, the brighter and more dynamic the color, the better. Many shoppers prefer gemstones whose color is more mild than dark.


When it comes to gemstones, clarity concerns the amount of inclusions or blemishes in the gemstone. This is an important consideration as it affects the value and appearance of the gemstone. Gemstone clarity is rated from “included” to “flawless.” The more flawless, the higher the value.

an infographic showing the clarity scale for gemstones


A gemstone’s cut is how it is shaped and polished. This affects the value of the gemstone, as well as its brightness. Gemstone cuts come in round, princess, Asscher, cushion, emerald, oval, marquise, and pear.

an infographic showing the different shapes for gemstones

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A gemstone’s carat refers to its weight, another important factor when determining the value of a gemstone. Larger gemstones are considered more rare and thus more valuable.

an infographic showing the different scale of carat sizes for gemstones

All You Need to Know About Gemstone Grading Reports

Gemstone grading reports state details and specifications about the gemstone, such as the carat weight, shape, and other measurements. It also notes if the gemstone has received treatment. You must purchase a gemstone with a grading report from a reputable agency, such as the GIA, IGI (International Gemological Institute), or AGS.

A GIA certificate for gemstones

Gemstone Treatments: What Are They?

Gemstone treatments, also known as enhancements, are the processes applied to gemstones to improve their natural state. These treatments generally make the gemstone stronger and improve its brightness. Some treatments have a permanent effect, while others require maintenance.

Common Treatments and Their Effects

The most common treatments are heat treatments, irradiation, dyeing, filling, and coating. Heat and irradiation treatments and coating treatments help to bring out the color and improve the gemstone’s clarity. Filling treatments help to repair any cavities or fractures that can affect a gemstone’s appearance.

Can You Tell If a Gemstone Has Been Treated?

While a professional gemologist using microscopes can tell if a gemstone has been treated, generally, gemstone treatments are unseen by the naked eye.

Top Tips & Tricks For Buying Gemstones

As you can see, buying a gemstone is a serious business. When making such an investment, it is important to keep the following things in mind:

  • Choose a Reliable Gemstone Dealer: Make sure you are shopping at a reputable shop that provides certificates for their gemstones and diamonds.
  • Ask Questions: Think about what is important to you and make sure to ask. Whether it’s the 4Cs or treatments, ensure that the gemstone you get has the desired qualities. 
  • Remember Personal Preference: Whether you prefer a dark or light hue, a certain shape, a permanent treatment, or are OK with a gemstone that may require some maintenance, the perfect gemstone is the one you love best.

How To Care For Your Gemstones

Once you have chosen your gemstones, it is important to maintain them so they always shine bright.

Cleaning and Storage

You have two choices when cleaning your gemstones: at home or with a professional. When choosing to do so at home, follow these steps:

  1. Take a small bowl and fill it with mild dish soap or special jewelry cleaner
  2. Mix the solution and take a soft-bristled toothbrush or special jewelry brush and gently scrub the gemstone.
  3. Now take a soft, lint-free cloth and gently pat dry the gemstone.

If unsure, you can always bring your gemstone to a professional for cleaning services. This can be done at most reputable retailers.

an infographic detailing how to clean your engagement ring at home

When storing your gemstone, keeping them in the original soft packaging is recommended to prevent scratches and other possible damage. 

Avoid These Common Risks

Keep your gemstones out of direct heat or sunlight, and always avoid harsh chemicals. It is also recommended to safely store your gemstones when going to the beach, swimming in a pool (hello chlorine!), working out, cleaning, and showering.

Remember, these things can damage the gemstones you spent so much time selecting. Let’s keep those gemstones shining bright!

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When To Go To The Pros

If your gemstone is part of an intricately designed piece or you are nervous about undertaking this task yourself, it is best to ask a professional. Most reputable jewelry retailers will provide cleaning services.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your Gemstones

This may be our most important tip! You have done the research and found the gemstones; now, it’s time to show them off! Whether you choose a unique, colorful gemstone engagement ring, a fabulous birthstone pendant, or gorgeous gemstone earrings, make sure to enjoy them!


What are the key factors when buying gemstones?

Keep in mind the type of gemstone you want, of course, your budget, and the 4Cs. Don’t forget to consider any treatments and look for certification.

What is the difference between earth created and lab created gemstones, and does it matter?

The only difference is where they come from. Gemstones from the lab are just as real as those found in the earth. They just have a different origin story.

What are common gemstone treatments, and do they affect the value?

The most common treatments are heat, irradiation, and filling. While these treatments improve the gemstone’s appearance, they can (but do not always) lower its value, making these beautiful pieces more affordable.

How can I find a reputable retailer?

Do your research! Read customer reviews and make sure their products are certified. Check their return policies and always look for jewelry associated with and/or uses certificates from professional organizations such as the AGS or GIA.

How do I care for my gemstone?

Make sure to safely store your gemstone and keep it clean. And, of course, enjoy it!



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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Colored Diamonds

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Fancy Color Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds are all the rage, but what exactly are they? Are they real? Are they like regular diamonds? And how do they get their color? Read on to get all the answers!

Colored Diamonds

In 2021, a new record was set. The largest, most valuable blue diamond was discovered in South Africa. It was larger, had a deeper color than the previous record holder, and was awarded the highest color rating available by the GIA, a prize offered to less than 1% of blue diamonds.

The stone took over a year to polish and facet into the 15.10-carat step-cut diamond it is today. Now The De Beers Cullinan Blue diamond is valued at $48 million USD.

Blue Diamond

While THIS fancy colored diamond is out of reach for most of us here on the ground, getting your own fancy colored diamond is easier than ever. James Allen carries a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

So get on board with the trend that is here to stay! From engagement rings to fine jewelry, fancy colored diamonds give that unique, personal edge to your bling. So get ready to sparkle, because embracing color has never been more in style.

What Exactly Are Fancy Colored Diamonds?

Essentially fancy colored diamonds are diamonds that feature a variety of colors. Diamonds normally come in an assortment of colorless options. Meaning that diamonds are either completely colorless all the way to a variety of light yellow.

How Do Fancy Color Diamonds Get Their Color?

While in traditional diamonds color is not desired, in fancy colored diamonds, color is EXACTLY what you want! From dark to light, color is what you are after. So how do they get their color?

These highly prized diamonds, similar to their traditional counterparts, get their color when they are formed. Intense heat and pressure during the diamond’s formation create trace elements that present themselves in a way to create either no color, or for fancy colored diamonds, brilliant color.

The strength of the color depends on the interaction of the trace elements. Whether you prefer a lighter pink or a brighter blue, it’s all about the carbon atoms.

Fancy colored diamonds

The Colors Of The Rainbow

Fancy colored diamonds are available in every color you can think of: pink, blue, purple, green, orange, brown, black, and even red or gray. While traditional diamonds lose value as they gain color, fancy colored diamonds do the opposite.

The stronger the color, the higher the value. Similar to traditional diamonds, fancy colored diamonds gain value the larger the size. The most common colors are in the yellow family, which is great because they are often the most economical choice of fancy colored diamonds.

Round colored diamond

Hue, Saturation, and Tone

Hue, saturation, and tone: what are they and what do they mean? Hue is the main or strongest color of the fancy colored diamond. Fancy colored diamonds can be one color but the hue is the strongest, followed by secondary colors and tints.

Saturation is just how strong the color, or hue, of the fancy colored diamond is. As in, how saturated is the color of the fancy colored diamond. A fancy colored diamond’s saturation can go from “light” to “intense,” all the way to “vivid.”

And finally there is tone. Tone is how light or dark the fancy colored diamond appears and is decided by the amount of brown, black, gray, or white color.

Hue, saturation, and tone all come together to determine a fancy colored diamond’s grade (light, fancy, fancy light, fancy intense, vivid, fancy dark, and fancy deep). Similar to their traditional diamond counterparts, fancy colored diamonds’ value and fit are not determined solely on their grade.

Different strokes for different folks, different grades for different fancy colored diamonds, for different engagement rings.

Engaging Color, Exclusive Style

Fancy colored diamonds are just as real as traditional diamonds and can be used in just as many ways. Fancy colored diamonds are a popular choice, especially for engagement rings and wedding rings. So how do you know which fancy colored diamond is right for you?

Fancy Pink Diamonds

Let’s start with fancy pink diamonds. Fancy pink diamonds have long been a favorite for those who love a burst of color. As part of the rarest of diamond colors, earth created pink (and red) fancy colored diamonds are an extraordinary find, with reports of only approximately 30 being in existence.

Get your very own fancy pink diamond engagement ring with James Allen!

Pink diamond
Pink diamond ring

Fancy Blue Diamonds

Love of color is not specific to pink. Fancy blue diamonds make a beautiful, calming choice. Another rarity, fancy blue colored diamonds are thought to represent spirituality, eternity, truth, and devotion. Getting their hue from boron, with their resemblance of a clear spring sky or a sparkling ocean, it is no wonder fancy blue diamonds are so popular.

Check out this example of a Fancy Blue Diamond Engagement Ring!

Fancy blue diamond
Blue engagement ring

Fancy Black Diamonds

Or maybe you wanna go dark like the black diamond ring? Fancy black diamonds have a strong color intensity and sparkle with a metallic shine. These exotic diamonds are a darling of the fashion world.

Found only in a few locations, fancy black diamonds are thought to symbolize love and eternity, making them a fabulously unique way to adorn your finger. Get your own version from James Allen and start showing off!

Black diamond
Black diamond ring

Fancy Green Diamonds

Representing life, renewal, and growth, green is a great color for a fancy diamond. Fancy green diamonds are extremely rare, as they are created due to exposure to radiation. The radiation can come from groundwater or radioactive rocks near the earth’s surface.

Often pricier than their counterparts due to their rarity, green diamonds are a lively colorful choice for an engagement ring. And don’t worry, while the stone may get its color from radiation, it is totally safe!

Green diamond
Green diamond ring

Looking for another color of the rainbow to make your engagement ring stand out? Check out the many colors of fancy diamonds that James Allen has to offer!

colored diamonds vs traditional diamonds

Real Diamonds, Real Fancy

Colored diamonds are not to be confused with gemstones (which also go great with diamonds). Fancy colored diamonds are just as much diamonds as their traditional counterparts.

The advantage is that you can express your personal style in a particularly unique way using color. Check out these examples below or create your own!

And let’s not forget fancy colored brown diamonds, better known as chocolate diamonds.

In addition to their rarity and value, fancy colored diamonds are extremely popular. At once elegant and trendy, fancy colored diamonds allow you to add an extra level of personal expression. But don’t be fooled by the name, fancy colored diamonds are also good to wear every day!

Pair with white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, James Allen has a variety of fancy colored diamonds to create the perfect engagement ring. Start shopping today!


1. How are Colored diamonds graded?

Fancy colored diamonds are graded using the GIA’s color grading system, which assesses the diamond’s hue, tone, and saturation. The more intense the color, the higher the rating, and the higher the price.

2. Are fancy colored diamonds a good investment?

If you know what to look for and you purchase a diamond with a proper GIA rating- then, yes! Colored diamonds make a great investment. While the colored diamond market can be volatile at times, there is comfort in knowing that fancy colored diamonds are rare, coveted, and stunningly beautiful- forever!

3. How rare are fancy colored diamonds?

While the rarity of a colored diamond depends on the intensity of its color, the short answer is yes! Fancy colored diamonds are incredibly rare and highly coveted. For example, less than 0.1% of diamonds mined are fancy yellow diamonds!

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Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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1024x500 Coverjpg

How To Create The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Budget

You’ve finally found “the one,” now you need to find “the ring.” This process can often have you feeling like Goldilocks. Looking at ring after ring, they are beautiful, but they aren’t quite right. So, it’s time to bring out your inner-designer and we are here to help!

Engagement rings and Diamonds

We’ll walk you through the entire process (it’s WAY easier than you think!) and you’ll end up with the perfect ring. The only thing you will need to worry about, is how to pop the big question!

How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?

This is a loaded question if there ever was one. Here at James Allen, we believe you should spend as much as your budget allows. It doesn’t help that there are many myths on the topic: “You need to spend three months salary” or “the ring HAS to be big.”

Fear not, we are here to help guide you in creating beautiful, budget-friendly engagement rings. Because creating and buying an engagement ring should be an easy and even, dare we say, a fun process!

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How To Create An Engagement Ring Under $1000

How To Create An Engagement Ring Under $1000

Choose A Setting

First things first, you want to choose a setting. Solitaire settings are not only a great choice when working with a budget, but they are a classic, timeless style. They will also pair beautifully with just about any wedding ring.

Second, choose a setting under $300, which will allow you maximum wiggle room when choosing a diamond for your center stone, i.e. the main event!

Third, choose your metal. We recommend going for a 14K gold setting as these are not only the most budget-friendly, but they are durable, making them perfect for everyday wear. Looking for a metal that will not need replating? Go for yellow gold! 

If you feel like splurging a bit here, you can go for platinum. But keep in mind, this metal is as rare as it is beautiful, resulting in a higher price point. Love the look of platinum but not the price? Go for white gold, just keep in mind there will be future costs for replating. 

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Select A Diamond

Now for the star of the show, selecting your diamond. First off, we recommend going for a lab created diamond. Not only can it save you up to 30%, but it is 100% a real diamond in every single way. And just because you are on a budget, does NOT mean you have to compromise on color or clarity.

Want your diamond to punch above its weight? Go for an elongated fancy shape diamond, such as an emerald cut, oval, or marquise. These diamond shapes have large table surfaces, allowing them to appear larger than their actual carat size.

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How To Create An Engagement Ring Under $1500

How To Create An Engagement Ring Under $1500

Choose A Setting

The first step is to choose a setting. Similar to the above, we recommend a solitaire setting of no more than $300. Not only are they beautiful and versatile, AND the most popular choice for engagement rings, they are also the most budget-friendly option around. Once you’ve chosen your solitaire style, you’ll need to pick a metal. 

Once again, we recommend going for gold here. 14K gold is popular, durable (making it an ideal choice for a ring that will be worn everyday), and available in yellow and white. If you prefer a more low-maintenance metal, go for yellow gold.

Love the look of white gold but want to spend a bit more? Or maybe you have very sensitive skin? Then go for platinum. This metal will be easier on your skin thanks to its purity, however keep in mind, this will also result in that higher price point.

Select A Diamond 

Now for the pièce de résistance! Selecting a diamond can be overwhelming, but we are here to help. We recommend choosing a round cut diamond. This diamond shape is not only incredibly popular and shines bright, but, when selecting a lab created diamond, you can choose a whole carat (or just under), and still get a high color and clarity grade.

Prefer an earth created diamond? The rules still apply, but you will need to select either a lower grade diamond or choose a carat weight under half a carat.

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How To Create An Engagement Ring Under $2000 

How To Create An Engagement Ring Under $2000 

Choose A Setting 

Designing an engagement ring with a higher budget allows for more options. In this case, you have two choices. You can go with a classic solitaire setting, choosing a budget of no more than $500 here, and use the rest of your budget to splurge on a big diamond. So if bigger is indeed better for your beloved, this might be the way to go.

Or, you can choose a setting with more sparkle, such as a pavé, halo, or side stone. These settings feature diamonds that will enhance the dazzle of your center stone. They will also come with a higher price point than the solitaire option, resulting in a smaller center stone diamond (if you plan to stay within budget of course).

In this case, you will need to choose a smaller diamond but can design a more unique looking ring. Whichever route you choose, your ring will shine bright!

Select A  Diamond

And of course, the main event! While a higher budget can mean you have more options when choosing a diamond, we still recommend going with a lab created option. Saving up to 30% will allow for a significantly bigger carat size and higher clarity grade.

If you prefer an earth created diamond, you will need to select a near-color diamond of SI1 or lower, and a carat size of 0.70 or smaller. We also recommend in this case, to stick to a solitaire setting so you are sure to stay within budget.

Factors To Keep In Mind When You Shop For An Engagement Ring Online 

There are multiple things to keep in mind when shopping for an engagement ring, especially online. Check out our tips below to ensure that buying your engagement ring is as seamless as possible…and even fun!

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Buying Online

Shopping online for an engagement ring has a number of benefits. First of all, if the proposal is a surprise, you can do your shopping whenever your partner is out. Midnight, lunchtime, while they are at work! The options are limitless.

And of course, buying an engagement ring online is great because of the seemingly endless selection of loose diamonds, settings, and ready-to-buy rings. Whatever you are searching for, shopping online will ensure a selection like no other.

Finally, shopping online allows you to take advantage of cutting-edge technology. At James Allen, you can view all our diamonds and rings in our highly magnified 360° HD Diamond Display Technology. This will allow you to look at every nook and cranny, so you can be sure you are buying your perfect diamond.

Access To 24/7 Customer Service 

Another great feature to shopping online, at least with James Allen, is access 24/7 to our excellent customer service team. Our experts are always available to answer any questions. So if you need to stealthily shop in the middle of the night, you can chat our experts with any to guide you through every step. Your secret will be safe!

More Engagement Ring & Diamond Variety 

As they say, variety is the spice of life. With online shopping, the selection of engagement rings and diamonds is seemingly infinite! Compare lab created with earth created diamonds, compare different styles of rings, and not just the ones limited to a display case. 

Thanks to online shopping, you can browse through literally hundreds upon hundreds of different styles, options, and combinations.

Added Technological Features

  • 360° HD Diamond Display Technology: This technology allows you to view and compare diamond characteristics including: cut, color, and clarity, so you can make the best-informed decision.
  • Real-Time Diamond Inspection: Browse loose diamonds with the assistance of one of our non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts. Ask questions and review everything together, all for free!
  • Virtual Try-ON: Don’t miss out on trying the ring on just because you are shopping online. See how the ring you design looks on your hand so you can make the most informed decision before such a big purchase. You really can try it before you buy!
  • Free Engagement Ring Engraving: Give your engagement ring an added level of meaning with a personal engraving. Choose a special date or a private joke, and add it for free!
  • Matching Bridal Sets: If you like things to match and you want your engagement ring to match seamlessly with your wedding ring, then online shopping is the way to go. Shopping online will allow you to easily see the recommended matching wedding ring when viewing the engagement ring of your choice.


What factors do I need to consider when creating an engagement ring budget?

When creating an engagement ring it is important to remember the price of the setting is separate from the price of the diamond. A setting’s price will be affected by metal choice and style.

Styles with diamonds such as halo or side stone, will cost more than a metal-only setting such as solitaire. Additionally, a setting with more intricate details can cost me, even if no additional diamonds are involved.

When choosing a diamond, lab created options will cost less than earth created diamonds. And with diamonds, the higher the clarity grades and the heavier the carat weights, the higher the price point.

How can I save money when designing an engagement ring online?

Choose a simple yet stylish setting, such as a solitaire. This is by far the most budget-friendly setting (it is also quite popular). Then go for a lab created diamond, this will truly allow you to get more bang for your buck, saving you up to 30%.

Is it better to choose a diamond or a gemstone for my engagement ring?

This is a matter of personal taste. While diamonds are certainly the more traditional choice, more and more couples are choosing gemstones for a variety of reasons. Whether it is sentimental value, a desire to be different, or a wish to choose a birthstone, both diamonds and gemstones make great choices for engagement rings.

What do I need to keep in mind when choosing the style and setting for my engagement ring?

There are multiple factors to keep in mind when choosing a setting for your engagement ring. Cost, style preference, and of course, life style. If your intended plans to wear their ring every day and have a job that is very hands on, then they may want a sturdier setting, such as the bezel setting.

How can I be sure that I create an engagement ring my partner will love?

This can be tricky. Check out the style of rings and other jewelry your partner wears on a regular basis. Maybe get their friends and family involved. Have you had friends get engaged recently? Make sure to comment on their ring to your partner to get their reaction.

And of course, you can always design the ring together. Rather than ruining the surprise, creating a ring together can be a beautiful bonding experience.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, creating an engagement ring can seem like a daunting process. Even more so when you apply a budget to the situation. But thanks to our wide selection of settings, the options for lab created, as well as earth created diamonds, cutting-edge technology, and 24/7 assistance from our team of experts, making the engagement ring of your dreams is easier than ever. 



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year Cover

Celebrate Your Love With Our Anniversary Jewelry Gift Guide

Find the perfect anniversary gift for your loved one with our guide to anniversary jewelry wedding gifts by year. From timeless classics to modern designs, we’ve got you covered.

Anniversary jewelry

Wedding anniversary celebrates the happiest day of a couple’s life, the start of forever together. Whether you are shopping for your own anniversary or want to celebrate a couple you love, whether you need the perfect gift for a first anniversary or a couple who’s been married so long they could (and maybe should!) write the book on marriage, we’ve got the perfect gift!

Read our guide to ensure that every anniversary shines as bright as the love that created it.

Why Anniversary Gifts Matter

A wedding anniversary is not just any day. It marks a significant, life-changing event. The day two people become one unit, a day two families are forever bonded. Such an important day deserves to be marked with a meaningful, beautiful gift. Anniversary gifts matter, because the date they celebrate matters.

Traditional vs. Modern Anniversary Gifts

So what kind of gift are you going to give? Most people go with either traditional or modern choices. But at James Allen, we prefer the not-so-secret, sparkling third category: gemstones! Not only are these gifts that will always shine, but they’ll always be in style too. Read on to see the gifts that will make everyone go WOW!

First Anniversary: Gold Jewelry

The first year of marriage is an exciting time, after all, time flies when you’re having fun! A time filled with many adventures and, of course, firsts, gold is both the metal, gemstone, and color (yellow) for these gifts

14K Yellow Gold Ball Station Bracelet

Whether you feel like you’re still recovering from the wedding or just bought them a gift, gold offers a myriad of options in various price ranges, including budget-conscious, to mark this beautiful moment.

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Second Anniversary: Garnet Jewelry

Garnets are said to symbolize perseverance and strength. What better way to mark a second wedding anniversary than with a gorgeous garnet? After all, you made it two years! That’s nothing to sneeze at;-)

14K Yellow Gold Oval Garnet Birthstone Necklace

Not only do garnets have a beautiful meaning, but they look good too! This gemstone comes in various styles and is sure to make you feel like royalty. Love the look but need a little more bling? Choose a piece with diamonds for that extra dazzle!

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Third Anniversary: Pearl Jewelry

We’re not afraid to say it, pearls are simply perfect! And happily, they are the gift to give for a third wedding anniversary.

14K Yellow Freshwater Cultured Pearl Drop Earrings

Timeless and stylish, classic yet modern, pearls look just as good dressing up a casual outfit as they do accessorizing an elegant, black tie look. Whether you wear them everyday or save them for a special occasion, like a third wedding anniversary celebration, pearls are the piece every jewelry box needs.

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Fourth Anniversary: Blue Topaz Jewelry

Blue topaz has long been thought to represent true love, making it an ideal gift for a fourth year wedding anniversary.

Also making this glorious gemstone a fab gift, is the fact that it is simply sumptuous! Its cool tones look good in both yellow and white gold, ensuring it will go with any look!

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Fifth Anniversary: Sapphire Jewelry

For your fifth wedding anniversary gift them the September birthstone, sapphire. Sapphires have long been beloved by royalty due to their symbolism and beauty. Thought to mean devotion and sincerity, while bringing good fortune and protection, we can’t think of a better gemstone to mark such a significant milestone.

14K White Gold Sapphire Birthstone Earrings

Most well known for their deep blue color, sapphires are actually available in a range of colors. It is no wonder monarchs throughout history have been drawn to this gemstone. So give a gift fit for a queen on such a special day.

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Tenth Anniversary: Diamond Jewelry

Ten years together is simply incredible and certainly something to celebrate. Such a significant anniversary requires a significant gift. Diamonds are strong and beautiful, just like a union that has lasted a decade, making them the perfect gift for such a momentous occasion.

14K White Gold Four Prong Lab Created Diamond Tennis Bracelet (4.00 CTW - F-G / VS2-SI1)

Choose a gorgeous, timeless piece such as a tennis bracelet, or take the opportunity to upgrade an engagement or wedding ring. Whatever piece you choose, you can’t go wrong with dazzling diamonds.

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Twentieth Anniversary: Emerald Jewelry

Two decades together is a true feat and calls for a massive celebration. Representing love, vitality, and an eternal relationship, what better gemstone to mark twenty years together?

Incredibly durable, just like the love of two decades ago, emeralds are versatile, beautiful, and rare (also like a marriage that’s lasted twenty years!). Perfect in yellow or white gold, emeralds are an elegant choice.

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Is it necessary to follow the traditional gift guidelines for anniversary gifts?

Absolutely not! A gift that comes from the heart will always be appreciated. But gift-giving isn’t always so easy either. What to give, how much to spend, there are so many variables. That’s why gift guides are a great tool. Follow our guide exactly or use it as inspo and find your perfect sparkle at

What are some other popular anniversary gift ideas besides jewelry?

Anniversary gifts range from paper to flowers, appliances to pottery. From traditional to modern choices, there are many options when giving an anniversary gift. We might be a bit biased, but we think bling is always a great gift!

What kind of jewelry is typically given for each anniversary year?

Each anniversary year is associated with a metal or gemstone, not a specific jewelry piece. However, earrings are the most popular choice no matter what the year. Classic, perfect for everyday wear, and no size needed.

What is the significance of giving jewelry for each anniversary year?

Giving jewelry for an anniversary, whether it’s the first year or the tenth, shows love and affection. It is a gift that is beautiful, unique, and has a personal touch. No matter what type of jewelry or style, giving a beautiful piece of gemstone jewelry adds the perfect amount of sparkle to the celebration.

What is the tradition of giving jewelry for wedding anniversaries?

Noone knows for sure where the tradition of giving gifts, let alone jewelry gifts, for wedding anniversaries comes from. However, it is widely believed that the idea originated in the Middle Ages when husbands give their wives silver and gold wreaths or garlands to celebrate their 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries.

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Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Every Budget

The weather outside might be getting frightful but the shopping is going to be so delightful! The holiday season is fast approaching, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for the James Allen Holiday Sale!

2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Every Budget

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James Allen Holiday Sale

It’s that time of year and once again, you’re making a list and checking it twice. Naughty or nice, has sparkles and shine for everyone on your list so you can be the gifting master of 2023.

Everyone will oooh and aaah when they unbox your gift, so let’s get shopping! Whether you need something for every day or a once-in-a-lifetime event, whether you want to spend big bucks or stick to a budget, we’re sharing our favorite pieces that are sure to suit all the personalities on your list.

Gifts Under $300

Perfect pieces for everyday wear, our fine jewelry collection is filled with sparkles to fill their stockings and so much more! From minimalistic metal magic to beautiful birthstone options, this shine is a great place to start.

14K Yellow Gold Mini Initial H Necklace
14K Yellow Gold Fleury Cross

Go for personalized options like those from our initial jewelry or zodiac collections, or choose something with religious significance like a lovely cross pendant. Whatever you decide, the dazzle will be real.

Gifts Under $550

The colors of the holidays shine especially bright in our gemstone jewelry, featuring all 12 birthstones, another personal, budget-friendly gift that is sure to please!

14K White Gold Evil Eye Diamond Ring
14K Yellow Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearl Double Strand Bracelet (6.0-7.0mm)

Perfect pearls and dazzling diamonds fit here too. And don’t forget the guys! Our collection of alternative metal rings looks so good they’ll think you spent a lot more. Check out our favorites below and get ready for all those thank you notes.

Splurge – Gifts Under $1,000

Want to splurge but just a little bit? We got you. Our collection of glorious glitz under $1,000 is so vast we could barely choose a few favorites to share here. We’ve got sumptuous metal choices, delicious diamond shine, and so much more!

14K Yellow Gold Inside Out Round Hoops, 1/2 Inch Diameter (0.25 Ctw.)
14K Yellow Gold Amethyst Line Bracelet

Whether you’re looking for rings, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces, whether you want to build it yourself or choose a ready-to-wear option, we’ve got you covered for the holiday season and beyond.

Investment Pieces – Gifts Under $5000

Are you looking for the ultimate WOW? Do you want a piece that will literally never go out of style? These classic diamond pieces are exactly what you’re looking for.

18K White Gold Double Halo Oval Diamond Earrings
14K Yellow Gold Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet (2 CTW - H-I / SI1-SI2)

Many experts suggest that jewelry is a true investment, specifically, diamond jewelry, along with emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. In addition to sentimental value and timeless design, these versatile and seamless pieces can go from casual to black tie and back again. 

Looking for pieces that are sure to be beloved? Try our diamond tennis bracelets and eternity rings.


Does James Allen have free shipping for the holidays?

We sure do! James Allen offers fast and free worldwide shipping!

Can I see my diamond before I buy it for the holidays?

Absolutely! Thanks to our 360° HD diamond display technology, you can explore your diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and sparkle in up to 40x magnification.

Is financing available for the holidays?

Of course! James Allen has multiple financing options available.

What if I need help after hours when holiday shopping?

There is no such thing when it comes to our customer service team. Our experts are here to help you 24/7!

What should my budget be for a meaningful gift?

Budgets are a very personal thing and a gift’s meaning is not tied to its price tag. What makes a gift meaningful is the thought (cheesy but true!). If you keep in mind the recipient’s style and what is important to them, that is what counts. And lucky for you, we’ve got a wide variety of options in a large array of price points. 

Does James Allen have more extravagant options for higher budgets?

Yes, yes, and yes! James Allen has some fabulously luxurious, and I do mean fabulous, options for those choosing to adhere to a higher budget. Drape yourself in diamonds to die for or get that perfect piece just in case you go to the Oscars or get invited to tea with a King.

Keep It Gorgeous

Best of all, you can do all this shopping from the comfort of your home…or anywhere else. Avoid the lines, shop on your schedule, and best of all, get gorgeous gifts for everyone on your list at prices that will let you stay within your budget. Check us out at

Wedding Rings
Fine Jewelry

Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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Princess Cut Engagement Rings: The Ultimate Guide

Give her a ring she will love and make her feel like the princess you know she is with a princess cut diamond engagement ring. This ring is beloved by so many for so many reasons. Read on to find out why your fiancée needs…and will love, a princess cut diamond engagement ring.

Princess cut engagement ring

Are you thinking of getting a princess cut engagement ring for your partner? Finding the perfect engagement ring can be an intimidating process, from deciding on the metal to choosing the perfect diamond.

Below we will guide you through the various factors to consider when buying a princess cut engagement ring so you can find both the best ring for your partner and something they are sure to love forever.

What Is A Princess Cut Diamond?

First things first, what IS a princess cut diamond? The princess cut diamond is one of the most popular diamond shapes available today. It is a square cut diamond with pointed corners and has a distinctive sparkle and brilliance. The princess cut was originally developed in the 1960s and has since become a stunning fancy shape and top choice for engagement rings and other jewelry. 

The princess cut diamond is renowned for its brilliance and light reflection and is often chosen thanks to its geometric shape. It can be cut in different sizes including 0.50 carats up to 3 carats, and combines seamlessly and stylishly with other cuts including round, cushion, emerald, and marquise. 

Overall, the princess cut diamond is a timeless and stylish choice that will continue to be a favorite for many years to come. 

What Does A Princess Cut Diamond Symbolize?

A princess cut diamond is often seen as a symbol of everlasting love and commitment, making it a great choice for an engagement ring. What better cut for a ring your love will love than a diamond that symbolizes love? (Say THAT three times fast!) The cut of the diamond is square and is designed to maximize its sparkle and brilliance. 

For many people, the princess cut diamond symbolizes a relationship that is strong, powerful, and timeless. It is a reminder that love can last through any obstacles or hardships, just like how the diamond itself is able to withstand the pressures of a tough cut.

This cut is also a symbol of luxury and opulence, as princess cut diamonds are often seen as one of the most valuable and sought after diamond cuts. Whatever the reason, a princess cut diamond is widely viewed as a symbol of beauty, love, and commitment.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Metal Types 

When choosing your princess cut diamond engagement ring, the first thing to consider is the metal. The most popular metals for engagement rings are gold, platinum, and palladium. Each metal has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Gold is the most popular metal for engagement rings because it is affordable, easy to work with, and offers color options: yellow, white, or rose. Platinum carries a higher price point, but it is accompanied by its high durability, and it’s hypoallergenic. 

The 4Cs

The next thing to consider is the diamond itself. Princess cut diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings because they are a very versatile cut. They look fabulous in a simple yet stunning solitaire ring but also look great surrounded by rows of multiple diamonds if your bride-to-be prefers a glitzier look.

When choosing a diamond, you need to consider the 4 Cs: carat, clarity, color, and cut. Let’s break those down briefly:

4Cs of diamonds

Carat is a measure of the diamond’s weight and is one of the most important factors in determining the price of the diamond. 

Clarity is a measure of inclusions in the diamond. The fewer inclusions, the more expensive the diamond will be. 

Color is a measure of the diamond’s color on a scale from D (no color detected) to Z (a yellowish color). The more colorless the diamond, the more expensive it will be. 

Cut is a measure of how well the diamond has been cut and includes height, depth, angles, and other factors. A well cut diamond will be more expensive than a poorly cut diamond.

Keep all of these factors in mind when shopping for your princess cut diamond engagement ring and you will be sure to find the perfect ring for your perfect partner.

Pros And Cons of Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are one of the most popular choices for diamond engagement rings and for good reason! The princess cut is a square shaped diamond with pointed corners that gives it a modern and elegant look. Although the princess cut is beautiful, it is important to understand both the pros and cons before making a purchase.

Let’s start with the pros. The main advantage of the princess cut is that it is highly versatile and looks great in a wide variety of settings and styles. The cut also maximizes the brilliance of a diamond and gives it a unique sparkle.

On the other hand, the princess cut is more expensive than other fancy cut diamonds (but less expensive than the also very popular round diamond). They are also more prone to chipping and breakage than other diamond cuts. The pointed corners also mean that the diamond will require more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

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Overall, the princess cut is a beautiful and timeless diamond choice that will look stunning in just about any setting. But remember, it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making such a substantial purchase.

Princess cut engagement ring size guide

The Best Ring Settings For Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are one of the most sought after shapes for engagement rings for so many reasons, chief among them, they look great in a wide variety of settings. For those looking for a classic style, the solitaire setting is always a safe bet. This timeless design features the diamond on its own and is the perfect choice if you want to show off the diamond’s unique shape and sparkle. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, the tension setting is an excellent choice. This setting creates an illusion of the diamond floating in mid-air and is sure to stand out from the crowd.

The bezel setting is a metal band that encircles the diamond and holds it securely in place, safeguarding it from chipping. This setting is ideal for those who want a more secure option that won’t snag on clothing. 

Finally, there is the halo setting, which features a ring of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone. This style is perfect for those who want an eye-catching look that maximizes the sparkle of the diamond.

Perfectly Princess

Finding “the one” is hard enough, finding “the ring” doesn’t have to be! Whether your love prefers the elegance of a solitaire or the sparkle of a heavenly halo, has the perfect setting for your princess cut diamond to ensure you get the diamond engagement ring of your dreams, and more importantly, your partners.

Browse our selection today and get ready to hear the best three letters in the English language!



Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Every Budget

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we can’t think of a better way to show your love and appreciation than with a beautiful piece of jewelry! But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect piece. That’s why we’ve put together this gift guide with fine jewelry ideas perfect for every budget.

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift

Why Choose Jewelry As A Mother’s Day Gift?

Jewelry is a timeless and thoughtful gift that your mom is sure to treasure for years to come. It’s a way to show your mom how much you appreciate her and how much she means to you. Plus, it’s something she can wear every day to remind her of your love and of course, show off to all her friends!

Getting Started

Before you start shopping, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First, set a budget. Not only will this help to narrow down your options from our seemingly limitless possibility, but it will help to ensure that you don’t overspend.

Next, keep in mind your recipient. Is their taste more classic or trendy, minimalist or sparkling? And finally, whether you are shopping for your mom or any mom in your life, we have a wide range of options to ensure you find the perfect gift no matter your budget. 

Choosing The Right Metal

When choosing a piece of jewelry, a good place to start is the metal. Gold, whether yellow or white, is always a classic choice, while platinum is a popular, luxurious option. Consider your mom’s style, skintone, and other pieces when selecting the metal for your gift.

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Gift Ideas Under $2,500

Ok, this Mother’s Day you are ready to splurge! And lucky for you (and your mom), the options are simply incredible! These show-stopping gifts are sure to 

If you really want to splurge, there are plenty of stunning jewelry pieces under $2,500. A diamond eternity band or a gemstone cocktail ring are both show-stopping gifts. You can also opt for a diamond necklace and really make mom stand out.

Emerald Cut Citrine And Diamond Halo Bypass Ring

Gift Ideas Under $1,000

Your mom is your hero, she deserves a gift worthy of that status. Give your mom a gift that shows her you put a lot of thought into her special gift for this special day.

High Karat Gold: The Complete Guide To Understanding Gold Quality

Go for a timeless pair of diamond stud earrings, an elegant diamond bracelet, a unique stackable diamond ring, and so much more! With tons of fabulous options to choose from, good luck picking just one!

Gift Ideas Under $500

While Mother’s Day is really every day, the second Sunday in May is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation. And we think a little bling can go a long way, so give a rock to your rock and gift your mom a gift that keeps on glistening.

Make her feel like royalty with pearl jewelry fit for a queen. Whatever gloriously glitzy gift you choose from this group, your mom is sure to feel majestic.

Different Colored Pearls

Looking for items with more color and a personalized touch? Here are some of our favorite fine jewelry items under $500.

Gift Ideas Under $200

If you are looking for more budget-friendly options don’t worry, we have lots of beautiful pieces for you to choose from. Our modern minimalistic gold initial necklaces are the perfect personalized gift for mom!

Initial Necklaces & Bracelets

Looking for something a little more colorful? Check out some of our top items, from our birthstone jewelry collection. You can treat mom to her favorite gemstone jam back with beautiful symbolism.

Everything You Need To Know About Gemstones 13

Design It Yourself

If you are looking for the grown-up version of a homemade gift, then look no further! Gone are the days of homemade drawings for the fridge, and in are the days of dazzling gifts to leave your mom speechless.

At James Allen, you can design a pair of earrings or a necklace yourself! Choose the metal, the setting, and the diamond or gemstone. This Mother’s Day, gift mom a luxurious, sparkling gift from you, designed by you.


What is the shipping estimate for Mother’s Day gifts?

Shipping times can vary depending on your location and which piece(s) of jewelry you choose. We recommend to order early to be double sure that your gift arrives on time.

Also, be sure to select a gift with the “fast shipping” icon. Make sure to place your order by 2:00PM EST in order to receive your item(s) by the listed date.

What is the best jewelry to give on Mother’s Day?

Whatever your mom will love the most! Whether she prefers classic diamond stud earrings, a timeless pearl necklace, or a gorgeous gemstone ring, we have the right piece and the right price to ensure you give the perfect gift.

What are the best materials to consider when choosing a piece of jewelry?

The best materials are the ones your mom will love the most! Some people prefer gold, others platinum, and some silver. Some will prefer minimalist metal jewelry while others will pieces dazzling with diamonds and gemstones. Choose the piece that fits your mom best!

What is the price range for jewelry gifts for Mother’s Day?

At James Allen, we have gifts for Mother’s Day (and everyday!) in various price ranges. Whether you are more budget conscientious or want to splurge, we have spectacular options in every category to ensure your mom shines bright.

Can I customize a piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day?

Yes! James Allen offers multiple options for customizing your jewelry. From choosing the diamonds or gemstones in a pair of stud earrings, to choosing the metal and setting in a perfect pendant necklace, you can give a gift you design yourself!

Because Mom’s The Best

Mothers are some of the most important women in our lives. Whether it is your biological mom, aunt, sister, wife, or just someone who gives that good motherly advice, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show your appreciation.

And we can’t think of a better way to say “Thank you for being you” than with a beautiful piece of jewelry. So no matter your budget, show your mom your love with some sparkle.

Subscribe to our email list for access to secret sales, practical ring-buying tips, and $100 off your first purchase!


Sarah Axelrad

With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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January Birthstone: A Guide To Garnet

What better way to start the new year than with a luxurious piece of garnet jewelry. January’s birthstone, famous for its rich color, has enough style to last the whole year! Read on to learn all about this glorious gemstone.

January birthstone jewelry

What Is The January Birthstone?

Garnet is the gloriously red gemstone that makes up January’s birthstone. Made up of a group of minerals, garnets come in a variety of colors, including the famous red (see more below). While the largest source of garnets today is Africa, the gemstone can also be found in India, Russia, and Central and South America.

The name Garnet has a multi-storied origin. The name can be traced to the Latin word for pomegranate, mirroring the rich red hue of the fruit’s delicious seeds. The name we know today derives from the 14th-century middle English word meaning dark red.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Garnet

The January birthstone is thought to symbolize perseverance, strength, loyalty, and friendship. Many believe that garnets have protective and calming qualities, and can even act as a dream catcher.

But wait, there’s more! It is also thought to bring health, wealth, and even happiness. Some even call it the energizer gemstone because it is believed to balance your energy.

What Color is the January Birthstone?

The Different Shades Of Garnet

While garnets are known for their intense red color, this gemstone actually comes in a variety of shades. From warm oranges to calm blues, and even greens, this gemstone actually has an eclectic color palette. The different colors of garnets can range from intense to opaque, depending on the gemstone’s light transmission.

A Brief History of the January Birthstone

Garnet has been popular for centuries. Dating all the way back to ancient Egypt, where the pharaohs would be entombed with their valuables, including garnet jewelry. People in ancient times are also said to have believed that garnets could restore relationships. Crusaders may have believed the gemstone could help keep them safe, and even guide them to victory.

Some even believe that garnet dates back to biblical times, with the legend that Noah used a garnet lantern to illuminate his ark. Garnets also show up in Greek mythology, where the gemstone is associated with faith and light.

After garnets were discovered in larger quantities around 1500, royal houses across Europe hopped on the garnet bandwagon.

Understanding Garnet’s Sensitivity and Fragility

Moh Scale

Garnets are considered quite durable, rating between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This makes garnets a great choice for everyday wear, but take care if you are on the clumsier side, you should still avoid being rough with your gemstone.

Practical Tips for Cleaning and Preserving Garnet Jewelry

Make sure to follow the tips below to keep your January birthstone jewelry shining all year long.

  • Fill a bowl with warm water
  • Add gentle dish soap
  • Soak in water
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to remove any debris
  • Wipe off jewelry using a clean, wet cloth
  • Allow to air dry
  • Other options:
    • Use an ultrasonic cleaner as long as your garnet has no fractures
    • NEVER steam clean
  • Store your garnet pieces in soft fabric jewelry boxes or bags

What Are the Other January Birthstones?

In addition to garnet, rose quartz is a birthstone for January. Known for its cotton candy pink color, this secondary birthstone is thought to bring the wearer a sense of contentment and love.

Similar to garnet, usage of rose quartz dates back centuries. It is believed that in ancient Egypt and Rome, women used rose quartz for skin care purposes.


Why is Garnet the birthstone for January? 

Just as January marks the beginning of a new year, pomegranate seeds represent birth and renewal. The connection garnets have to pomegranates make it the perfect stone to represent January.

Are there two birthstones for January?

Yes, in addition to garnet, rose quartz is a birthstone for January.

Is January a ruby or garnet birthstone?

The main birthstone for January is garnet. Rubies are the birthstone for July.

Who should not wear red garnet?

While we think everyone should rock this glorious gemstone, some believe that certain zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, or Leo) should avoid wearing this birthstone.