Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

7 Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas You’ll Love In 2023

Thinking about popping the question this Valentine’s Day? Keep reading to find out what V-Day proposal trends for 2023 will sweep your significant other off their feet. 

Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

Love is in the air, and it’s time to take advantage of cupid’s magic. At James Allen, we know every day is a special day with your someone special, but there’s only one day dedicated to pure romance and sweetness.

If you’re set on proposing on Valentine’s Day, we’re here to offer you some adorable proposal ideas and give you a look at some of our customers’ yes moments! Let their bright smiles and glowing rings inspire you to plan an unforgettable moment for you and your love. 

Wine ‘Em And Dine ‘Em

This may be a tad simple, but for many people, being present with your partner with some added yummies is all you need. 

Think before you pop the question: is your partner the type of person who would love being proposed to in a crowded restaurant, or is an intimate picnic/ candlelit homemade dinner the better way to go? If you’re both foodies, we suggest either booking a spot at their dream restaurant or cooking their fave dish at home.

It’s All About The View 

We call this the double jaw-dropper: a proposal plus a breathtaking view. A Valentine’s Day proposal may call for some extra effort. Let’s start with the most extreme to a simple yet sentimental backdrop.

If you and your partner are fond of traveling, met abroad, or have a favorite destination, we suggest you start making your travel plans now and get that perfect spot for your V-Day proposal. 

You could also keep it a little more low-key. Take your someone special to your favorite local hangout, the place you first met, or skip back in time to a key moment in your relationship, like your first kiss. 

No matter where you propose on Valentine’s Day, we’re almost certain that no view will be as stunning as the twinkle in your partner’s eye when they say yes. Your chosen picturesque setting will be a bonus for your Insta-worthy engagement shots. 

The Cliché That Works

There’s no Valentine’s Day without a box of chocolates, and we don’t think there’s anything wrong with embracing a few of cupid’s tasty clichés. Assuming your partner has a sweet tooth, a hidden engagement ring inside a heart-shaped box of chocolates could be your ticket to a cute chocolate-stained tooth YES! 

If you want to make it more personal, you could pick out their favorite types of chocolates and create a customized chocolate box. 

There are a few ways you could go about the proposal. Firstly, you could gift them the box, and as they open it, you’ll have time to drop it down to one knee. Alternatively, keep the ring at your side and have them open the box with the words “will you marry me?” written on the inside of the top lid. 

It’s sweet, it’s simple, and you’ll have a delicious snack to celebrate in between happy dances, fiancé selfies, and joyful phone calls to friends and family. 

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A Surprise Party

Good at keeping secrets? If yes, maybe a surprise party is the perfect way to propose on Valentine’s Day. 

It’s also the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone- a proposal party morphing into an engagement party. You’re also able to celebrate with all your loved ones, and what could be more special than that? 

Take your time to plan it perfectly, the food, music, location, and how you’re going to propose. You could get someone to create a video of you and your partner as a pre-proposal intro. If you’re not shy, you could even serenade them or get your family and friends involved in a game that will lead to the big question. 

A Scavenger Hunt 

Set yourself up for the perfect proposal with a meaningful scavenger hunt. This way, you can hit all those special places that mean a lot to you and your love. It’s also super fun!

You will need to set this up perfectly, so make sure you plan your scavenger hunt well, including who you need to be involved in it. 

We suggest you keep your partner on their toes without making the hunt impossible to figure out. Each clue should lead them to a different location (part of your house), and you could be waiting at another place (or room), ready to pop the question. 

Want to keep it interesting? Have your partner do it with some friends or family members if you want the proposal to be a complete surprise. 

Show Your Love Story 

We’ve seen this done in the sweetest ways in our favorite family sitcoms and films; this method is foolproof. Take your partner down storybook lane and show them all the places, moments, and memories that have meant the most to you throughout your relationship. 

This can be something that you do as a Valentine’s Day getaway, a small road trip around your town, or even in the comfort of your own home. Each particular spot can add to the buildup of your big questions and will only make that final moment all the more precious. 

Your proposal doesn’t have to be laced with sentimental Easter eggs, but we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t setting you up for the epitome of romantic proposals. You could even end the entire story off with all your family members and close friends. 

Need inspo- grab your tissues and check out episode 19, season 7 of The Office (US), where Michael Scott proposes to his girlfriend Holly using the storybook lane method.

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With A Book Or Homemade Movie 

Are you and your partner creatives at heart? You could propose using that creativity in the cutest way.

Google is filled with customizable love books, and any simple editing app can help you design a homemade love story using your best moments as a couple. You could even rewrite their favorite love story using the two of you as main characters. 

Nothing says I love you more than your words and reminiscing over your memories together. So take the time to create your happily ever after chapter one, and leave your big question at the end of your story to start your chapter two with a bang and some new sparkle. 

Need More Valentine’s Day inspiration?

Check out our related Valentine’s Day-inspired posts, and get in touch with our 24/7 customer service if you have any questions about your perfect sparkler!

Looking for inspo? Follow us on Instagram and see how other happy customers have got their proposals right!

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Yellow Gold vs White Gold

Yellow Gold vs. White Gold: Key Differences

Deciding between yellow gold and white gold? We can help!

Yellow Gold vs White Gold

Gold has long been a classic metal choice for any piece of jewelry- and for good reason! Gold is both strong and stunning. 

But when shopping for engagement rings, wedding bands, or even fine jewelry, it’s a good idea to determine the differences between yellow and white gold.
Apart from looking different from one another, each metal feels different on the skin, can have different price tags, and vary in durability.

In this blog, we’re going to break down the key differences between yellow gold and white to make your decision making process as easy as possible.

What Is White Gold?

Despite common misconceptions, white gold is always made up of pure gold and at least one other metal.

When the second metal (which is commonly palladium, nickel, or silver) is added to the gold base, it not only affects its color but makes it stronger. 

On its own, pure gold is quite soft and malleable. Alloy metals strengthen the gold while keeping its quintessential shine!

Interestingly, white gold is not completely white until it gets plated with the precious metal rhodium. This rhodium coating adds a further lustrous sheen to the jewelry and protects it from scratches. And an added benefit is that very few people are allergic to rhodium!

At the end of the entire process, white gold is sleek and shiny- very similar to platinum or silver.

What Is Yellow Gold?

Did you know that yellow gold is not pure gold? Yellow gold is composed of pure gold and at least one other white metal. For example, 18K gold is a mixture of 75% pure gold and 25% other white metals. 

This is a breakdown of the common types of gold:

  • 24K – 100% pure gold
  • 22K – 92% gold and 8% alloyed metals
  • 18K – 75% gold and 25% alloyed metals
  • 14K – 58% gold and 42% alloyed metals

As you can see, the higher the karat number, the more pure gold there is. 

Unfortunately, pure gold is far too soft to be worn as everyday jewelry. So white metals are added to strengthen the metal and give it that soft and creamy yellow that we all know and love. 

Yellow gold has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. Due to its historical rarity, gold was seen as a symbol of wealth and status. And even today, yellow gold remains highly desirable and sophisticated!

What Is The Difference Between Yellow Gold & White Gold?

The most obvious difference between these two beautiful metals is their color. White gold has a silvery tone, while yellow gold has that classic golden hue. 

If you want to wear a metal color that looks best with your skin tone, match your metal to pre-owned jewelry, or include certain gems onto your metal, the color will make all the difference.

Since the properties are mostly the same, it all comes down to visual preference. That being said, both metals have their own pros and cons. Keep reading to find out what they are in more depth!

Yellow Gold vs. White Gold

Yellow Gold vs White Gold A Guide infographic

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Yellow Gold vs. White Gold


Of the two metals, yellow gold is both the most expensive and the least durable. Yellow gold is more prone to scratches and dents, making it not the most durable option. This metal will also require regular polishing to keep its shine.

On the other hand, white gold has far more resistance to wear and tear. With its rhodium plating, white gold jewelry pieces have a shiny and strong finish. Unfortunately, this plating can wear off over time and may reveal the yellow-ish color underneath. While white gold is a stronger alternative to yellow gold, it still requires proper care and maintenance.

Neither of these metals is entirely hassle-free, but white gold is generally the safer and stronger option.

Price & Affordability

Believe it or not, yellow gold and white gold are frequently equal in cost. This is especially true if the percentage of pure gold is the same. For example, 14K white gold will be comparable in cost to 14K yellow gold.

In some instances, white gold may be slightly more expensive due to the rhodium plating. 

At the end of the day, these two metals are rarely placed at drastically different price points.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Generally, white gold is considered to be more hypoallergenic than yellow gold. This is because of the alloyed metals that are added to the base (such as nickel or palladium) which are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

That being said, it is still very possible that someone may also have a sensitivity to white gold. It’s worth noting that even though white gold is considered hypoallergenic, it is not completely free of allergens.

If you know that you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, it’s always best to consult with a dermatologist or a jeweler before buying gold jewelry of any kind. 

Especially when deciding on an everyday piece of jewelry- it’s best to make sure you’ll be comfortable!


As we know, the color of these two metals is their key difference.

In general, yellow gold tends to compliment warm skin tones beautifully. Yellow gold will bring out the warmth of yellow, olive, or medium-dark skin tones, creating a radiant glow. 

White gold, on the other hand, tends to compliment cool skin tones well. White gold can give you a fresh and vibrant look if you have slightly paler skin with pink or red undertones.

That being said, it is so important to remember that personal preference plays a huge role in choosing your color of gold. Some people may prefer the classic and traditional look of yellow gold, while others may prefer the modern and sleek look of white gold, regardless of skin color.

Wear what you like and what makes you feel good!


The weight difference between yellow gold and white gold can vary depending on the specific piece of jewelry, but in general, the weight of the gold itself should be roughly the same.

The difference in weight between the two comes from the other metals used to alloy it. White gold typically requires more alloy metals than yellow gold to achieve its silvery color, which can make it slightly heavier. But this difference in weight would be minimal and barely noticeable when being worn.

Ultimately, weight should not be a significant factor when deciding on a type of gold- both are durable and long-lasting choices for your jewelry.


The popularity of yellow gold versus white gold really depends on what type of jewelry you’re looking at. 

In a very general sense, white gold has risen in popularity, especially in engagement rings. White gold has a modern and sleek appearance that appeals to many young people moving away from the traditional look of yellow gold.

On the other hand, yellow gold remains a timeless choice that is still popular in wedding bands and many types of fine jewelry. 

Ultimately, personal preference plays a big role in determining which metal is right for you.

Both types of gold are stunning, classic, and easy to incorporate into any ensemble!

Why Choose A White Gold Engagement Ring?

There are plenty of reasons why white gold will make a great metal for your engagement ring!

The color of white gold is very similar to that of platinum but is less expensive, making it a more affordable option for the same look! 

White gold is also a durable metal that can withstand everyday wear and tear, making it a practical choice for your engagement ring. 

White gold is incredibly versatile; it will look good with a number of gemstones and styles! They even say that white gold tends to reflect the sparkle of any diamonds on your ring, enhancing their size and brilliance!

Why Choose A Yellow Gold Engagement Ring?

You simply cannot go wrong with a yellow gold engagement ring! This is a metal that has been used in jewelry for centuries!

Yellow gold has a warm, classic, and traditional appearance that many find attractive. Evoking these feelings suits engagement rings perfectly.

Additionally, if your ring has diamonds or warm-toned stones such as ruby, morganite, and purple sapphire, gold will pair with them nicely. 

Because of yellow gold’s prevalence in jewelry, it will not be hard to find a wedding band or fine jewelry to match it. 

Plus, they say yellow gold looks good on everyone!


Which is better, white or yellow gold?

This all comes down to personal preference! If you have cool toned skin, white gold may be better for you. If you like the classic look of traditional jewelry, yellow gold may be better for you. It all depends on what you are looking for in your jewelry. Wear whatever feels best to you!

Is yellow gold more expensive than white gold?

Generally, the answer is no. More often than not, yellow gold and white gold with the same amount of pure gold will cost the exact same. If they’re not, it’s actually more likely that white gold will be more expensive due to its rhodium plating.

Does white or yellow gold last longer?

With the proper care, both yellow gold and white gold can last a very long time!

Even though the rhodium plating that is often coated on top of white gold strengthens the metal, it can wear off over time and need to be reapplied.

Unlike white gold, yellow gold doesn’t require plating or re-plating.

It’s important to remember that all gold jewelry will eventually show signs of wear and tear and may need to be polished or repaired over time.

Is yellow gold out of style?

Not at all! While white gold has definitely risen in popularity recently, yellow gold is as strong as ever. Yellow gold can still be found in engagement rings, wedding bands, and all types of fine jewelry. Just like diamonds, they say yellow gold is never out of style!

Final Thoughts

With two stunning metals to choose from, it can be tricky to figure out which one is best for you. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferences and needs. Whether you decide on donning a silvery white gold piece or a creamy yellow gold piece, you’ll know they’re both stunning.

Check out all that James Allen has to offer- in both yellow and white gold!

Rachel Glassman

Rachel is fond of the written word and the moving image- and will talk about both with anyone who will listen!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him 2023

It used to be that men were overlooked when it came to Valentine’s Day…but no more! We know the man (or men) in your life need love, and more importantly, gifts on this Day of Love. But instead of the uninspiring gifts you see year after year on some top 10 list, get him something that is sure to WOW! Read on to find the perfect gift he never knew he wanted (or was too shy to ask).

Men's rose gold ring

What Is Valentine’s Day?

The romantic origins date back to ancient times, when Saint Valentine defied Roman Emperor Claudius II by performing marriages despite the Emperor’s ban. Claudius believed men made better soldiers than husbands and fathers. Valentine’s Day honors the Saint, who was eventually caught and executed.

Luckily, Valentine’s Day is now about celebrating love. It is a day of hearts, candy, flowers, teddy bears, and presents. Read on for stylish suggestions for your man, and then get him one more. After all, James Allen is giving 25% off site-wide for the occasion.

Why Do We Give Gifts On Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day presents have evolved over the years, from sending love letters to treating the one you love to meaningful (and might we add, fabulous) gifts. 

So why do we give a gift anyways? Well, giving presents is a sure-fire love language, helping many people express feelings of love by giving or receiving beautiful gifts. And as we all know, the best gifts are those that sparkle and shine! 

But giving your man, or men, the perfect gift isn’t always easy. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Luckily, you can’t go wrong with jewelry! An engagement for your soon-to-be fiancé? Diamond stud earrings? A classic gold necklace? We got you covered.

Check out our list of stunning Valentine’s Day gifts for him below! 

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Husband

He’s your soulmate, your better half, the love of your life. He deserves a present that will dazzle him as much as he does. Whether he prefers devastatingly gorgeous diamonds or goes for gloriously bold gold jewelry, we have a gift to fit every budget.

Gifts Under $500

Gifts Under $1000

Gifts Under $2000

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

You love him, you love him, you love him! You want to get him the perfect gift, not too small, not too big, and that sends the right message. That’s a toughie! Check out some options below because no matter your budget, we have a gift he’s sure to love for the day of love…and everyday after that!

Budget-Friendly Options

Top-Tier Options

Men’s Engagement Rings

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Son

He may not be a baby anymore but he’ll always be your baby boy! He is the star of your world, so this Valentine’s Day, give him a gift that shines as bright as he does. Go for a classic necklace or a trendy dog tag. Whatever you choose, he won’t just love it because it came from you, he will love it cuz it’s awesome!

Be His Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, give the man you love a gift they’ll never forget. From delicious diamonds to bold gold looks, we have the pieces every man in your life is dying to get. Visit James Allen for even more bling, and make sure to check out our socials for all the inspo: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter!

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Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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The Perfect Engagement Rings For An Action Packed Destination Wedding

Whether you are planning a grand destination wedding or turning your backyard into a DIY wedding venue, you need an engagement that will make your spine tingle. Read on to find the ring for your perfect wedding location, because no matter where you get married, that IS the destination.

Are you looking for some ring inspo? Need a unique way to drop a hint? How about a movie night featuring your favorite faces, filled with laughs and action?  Shotgun Wedding, streaming now on Prime Video, is the perfect blend of the rom-coms you love, the action movies he loves, and the comedies you both enjoy.

Oh, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show him this beautiful James Allen engagement ring that’s featured in the film that can go straight from the main character’s hand to yours.

18K White Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Call Shotgun And Get A Front Row Seat

Weddings are a magical time, but they are also filled with family, stress, endless checklists, and sometimes cold feet. Your wedding party may not get taken hostage, unlike our favorite bride and groom-to-be in Shotgun Wedding, but when push comes to shove, that love will get you down the aisle.

And when you do walk down the aisle, why not sport this ring worn by Jennifer Lopez’s character Darcy in her latest blockbuster? Oh, and you can complete the look with the matching wedding ring!

So grab some snacks, get cozy, and when you’re done watching the movie, check out for even more engagement ring inspo!

Creating Your Own Three Stone Engagement Ring

Much like Tom and Darcy, the film’s two main characters, you and your partner will need to work together to make sure the big day is a successful one. That’s marriage, right? Start that teamwork with the engagement ring. Take that movie inspo and design your very own three stone engagement ring.

Pick a setting, choose your metal color, and even add a personal engraving (for free!). Go for a traditional colorless diamond, or choose a colorful gemstone or fancy colored diamond for the center stone. Another option, select colorful gemstones for the side stones!

There are a plethora of styles to choose! From pavé to halo, three stone engagement rings come in every style, every color, and every sparkle, the choices are endless!

Shotgun Wedding Three Stone Engagement Ring Lookalikes You’ll Love

Did you love the movie AND the featured James Allen ring, but you need options? We got you covered. These three stone engagement rings aren’t just great because they look like the one featured in the movie! 

They are stylish, unique, have incredible sparkle, and of course, a special meaning. It is said that three stone engagement rings represent a couple’s past, present, and future…what could be more beautiful! It is no wonder this style, nicknamed the Holy Trinity, is one of the most popular styles of engagement rings.

Top Shopping Tips For Three Stone Engagement Rings

  • Lifestyle: Keep in mind your bride-to-be’s habits. Generally, a more active lifestyle tends to give more opportunities for the ring to get snagged or damaged. This also applies to people with physically active jobs or hobbies. 
  • Color Grade: It is recommended to choose all three stones or diamonds from the same color grade to ensure fluidity with the stones’ shine.
  • Budget: A lab created diamond is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for more value for your money.
  • Check it Out: Inspect each diamond carefully with our remarkable Diamond Display Technology and get help from one of our diamond experts. We offer a free, interactive Real-Time Diamond Inspection service. With the use of Super Zoom magnification, our experts will walk you through the specifications of your diamonds.

Shine Like A Star

Hopefully your wedding day is a little less eventful than Darcy and Tom, but either way, we are here to make sure your ring shines just as bright. Whether you choose Darcy’s exact ring, a lookalike, or a whole other style, we have the ring for you. Now don’t forget to stream Shotgun Wedding on Prime Video out now and be wowed by the movie, her ring, and your future ring too!

Ring shopping can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Utilize our experts, review our guides and get top tips at our blog, and we’ll make sure you have the perfect ring and a stress-free shopping experience.

Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring Guide

Your engagement is unique and special- so your ring should be, too! Let’s talk about all things marquise cut diamonds…

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

What Is A Marquise Cut Diamond?

A marquise cut diamond is known for its elongated oval shape and pointed ends. Its straight lines and sharp angles make it a bold and unique choice for any engagement ring.

Believe it or not, this diamond cut was named after Marquise de Pompadour, who was a mistress of King Louis XV. Legend has it that he requested a diamond be cut in the shape of her mouth. And the memorable marquise diamond was born!

In the 1960s and ‘70s, the marquise diamond cut gained in popularity as modern and unconventional engagement ring styles were in fashion. Today, people continue to love these beautiful stones on their engagement rings- though it is still considered somewhat unconventional.

Compared to round diamonds or princess cut diamonds, the marquise remains unique.

Marquise Engagement Ring Benefits

Apart from being distinctive and elegant, there are many benefits to wearing a beautiful marquise engagement ring:

The shape and cut maximize the surface area of the diamond, creating the illusion of a larger stone. Its high crown and narrow base allow more light to enter the diamond, increasing its brilliance. Paired with a solitaire setting, all eyes will be on your radiant ring!
The elongated shape of this diamond can also make your fingers appear longer and more slender.

Lastly, a marquise cut can be a great choice for those who want a diamond with a larger carat weight but want to stay within a certain budget.

Overall, a marquise cut diamond makes a classic and beautiful stone for any engagement ring.

What to Consider with a Marquise Cut Diamond

Despite their elegance, there are a few things to consider before committing to a marquise cut diamond:

Firstly, pay attention to something called the bow-tie effect. Also visible in oval diamonds, there may be a shadow across the stone’s center when viewed in a face-up position. While not all bow-ties are necessarily negative, an overly pronounced one can decrease the diamond’s shine and make the entire setting appear less vibrant.

The next point is relevant to all diamonds, but especially relevant to a marquise: It needs to be protected! The marquise cut has several fragile points that can easily be chipped or broken if not cared for properly. 
Consider your lifestyle before choosing a marquise cut diamond- you don’t want to accidentally chip one of its beautiful corners!

The Best Ring Settings For Marquise Cut Diamonds

Three Stone

Three Stone Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

A three stone setting with a marquise cut diamond is a great choice for your engagement ring! This setting typically features three diamonds placed side by side, with the marquise in the center. The smaller diamonds are a great way to draw attention to the marquise diamond and highlight its size. The three diamonds are typically set in a row on the ring’s band, but they can also be set at different heights or in a way that creates a graduated look. A three stone setting is an elegant and sophisticated choice for your gorgeous marquise!


A halo setting features a center diamond surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds. This halo creates a beautiful frame that compliments the center stone and draws the eye to its sparkle. The halo diamonds may be the same shape as the center diamond, or completely different- there are endless possibilities! The center diamond and the halo diamonds are usually set in a way that allows the halo diamonds to support and enhance the center one, enhancing its size and shine.

Halo engagement ring


bezel engagement ring

A bezel is a thin metal rim that surrounds the center diamond and holds it in place. Choosing a bezel setting for your marquise is a great option; it not only adds a sleek and modern look to the ring but also helps protect the diamond from potential damage. A bezel set marquise cut diamond will draw attention- while remaining safe and practical!


A pavé setting will have a center diamond surrounded by a band of smaller diamonds set closely together. These smaller diamonds enhance the center marquise, making it appear bigger and brighter. A pavé setting is sure to add extra sparkle to your diamond- and an element of elegance.

Pavé engagement ring


solitaire engagement ring

Solitaire settings are wildly popular- and for great reason! Solitaire settings feature a single center diamond with no added gems or stones. Simple and understated, this setting draws focus to the center stone in a classic way. This choice of setting for a marquise cut diamond will ensure that there are no distractions- your beautiful diamond will always be the star of the show!

Wedding Rings for Marquise Ring Settings

Every beautiful diamond deserves an equally beautiful band!

Curved Wedding Rings

As the name would suggest, curved wedding rings are literally curved. They are shaped to follow the engagement ring’s contours so they can fit snugly against one another on your finger.

Curved wedding bands are a popular choice for those who want to create a cohesive and sleek look with their two rings.

Especially with marquise cut diamonds, a curved wedding ring will ensure that no part of the diamond is getting obscured or hit. Wearing a curved wedding band with your marquise engagement ring will show off your diamond the way it was supposed to be!


Are marquise cut diamonds more expensive?

Marquise cut diamonds can vary in price depending on a number of factors, such as carat weight, clarity, color, and overall quality of the diamond. In general, marquise cut diamonds may be more expensive than other popular diamond shapes, such as round or princess cuts, because they require more rough diamond to be cut away.

Are marquise engagement rings out of style? 

Just like all styles, marquise cut diamond engagement rings have dipped in and out of fashion. However, their prevalence for so many decades proves that they remain coveted as ever! Remember to choose a diamond shape that you truly love, whether it’s at its peak popularity or not.


Now you know all about marquise cut diamond engagement rings! This diamond makes a beautiful and timeless choice for those who appreciate unique shapes and elegant lines. While they may be more expensive than other diamond shapes, and potentially easier to chip, they make stunning additions to any engagement ring.

Whether you are drawn to the elongated and slender shape of the marquise cut or simply adore its vintage-inspired aesthetic, this diamond will look stunning on any ring- and any finger!

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Rachel Glassman

Rachel is fond of the written word and the moving image- and will talk about both with anyone who will listen!

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Design engagement ring

Designing Your Ring Together: Here’s Why You Should

Good communication is a key tenet of any relationship. This means being open and honest about everything and anything. So why wouldn’t you work together on your engagement ring, one of the most significant pieces of jewelry you’ll ever wear?

Design engagement ring

Gone are the days when partners are expected to be mind readers. Thankfully, the days of open and honest communication are here. Don’t wait in silence for what you want, work together to ensure your engagement ring is one you both love.

Should You Pick An Engagement Ring Together?

More and more couples are choosing to experience picking out an engagement ring together. By working together, you can ensure it is a ring you will love, that it is your size, and that it contains any and all meaningful touches. This is one of, if not the most important ring you’ll ever wear, so why not make sure it’s perfect?

Working together is an added benefit when designing the ring. Instead of guessing based on the jewelry you own, you can ensure it is the exact metal, diamond, or gemstone cut, carat, clarity, and of course, style.

Is It OK To Shop For Engagement Rings Together?

Of course! The tradition of surprise, while a lovely one, is something more and more couples are saving for popping the big question itself. After all, a surprise proposal is that much less stressful when you know you are asking with a ring your partner absolutely loves!

What Are The Benefits Of Ring Shopping Together?

How to buy an engagement ring

The better question is, what aren’t the benefits? Shopping for an engagement ring together has so many benefits! From ensuring it is the right size and style, you can rest easy knowing you won’t need to make a return or exchange. Shopping together reduces stress and ensures a successful purchase.

Less Engagement Ring Stress

Most people have an idea of what they want their engagement ring to look like. They have a vision, if not of one design they love, then of a few. But those visions are in their head, and unless you are a mind reader, shopping together takes away the stress of “What if they don’t like it?”

By shopping together, you remove the stress of sizing, and instead of hoping it fits, you will KNOW it does. After all, this is a ring they will wear for the rest of their life, you want it to be perfect.

Openly Discuss Budget

This is a great perk of shopping together for a ring. Instead of overspending or accumulating debt, by working together, you can ensure to buy a ring your partner loves on a budget you can afford and are both comfortable with.

You can also discuss how to get the perfect ring within your budget. For example, choosing a lab grown diamond engagement ring will allow you to get a diamond she loves for a price that you love.

Risk-Free Proposal

Shopping together ensures your partner will say yes. No sweaty palms, no wondering what the answer is. You KNOW they will say yes, so you can save all your stress for planning the perfect proposal.

What Are The Benefits Of Designing Your Engagement Ring Together?

Just like shopping for a ring together, designing your engagement ring together has many benefits. Ensuring it is the right size, it incorporates both of your styles, that it is a ring you love, and of course, making the experience that much more special.

Style Preferences Are Guaranteed

While you can get hints when perusing (see spying) your partner’s jewelry box, they may have a totally different vision for their engagement ring. Someone with funky taste may opt for something more traditional for this momentous piece of jewelry. 

Not only can you ensure they love every detail, from the metal color and style, to the diamond or gemstone, but you can choose together a beautiful sentiment to have engraved.

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Ensure It Fits Correctly

Being sure the ring fits from day one is a huge benefit to shopping together. While James Allen offers free resizing (get more details here), some styles are harder to resize, some styles simply cannot be resized, and of course, resizing takes time. Getting engaged is so exciting! Having to wait to wear your ring because it is getting resized can really take the wind out of your sails.

Designing Your Engagement Ring Together

Shopping together guarantees that from the moment you hear “yes,” your partner can wear their ring comfortably. And comfort is important because they will wear this ring everyday forever.

No Subtle Hints Needed

Who knows what women are thinking? Who knows what anyone is thinking?! Shopping and designing your ring together removes the guesswork. No worrying your hints are too subtle, no being frustrated when they miss your hints altogether. 

Instead, complete security in knowing you will get the exact ring you want. How refreshing!

Avoid Redesigning & Resizing

Shopping for a ring together means you won’t hear that dreaded “I love it, but I just need to change a few things.” No worrying about the size or style, instead, you’ll have the full confidence that it fits because your partner was there with you to give their ring size. No fretting if they will like it because your partner was there to tell you what style they wanted. Instead of getting the ring almost perfect but they wanted a different metal color, you will simply get the ring perfect the first time.

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Spend Quality Time Together

Getting engaged is a special time. You are starting your journey to forever, committing to each other in a very meaningful way. Taking the time to design your engagement ring together gives this important piece of jewelry that much more meaning. From start to finish, getting married is a special experience, so make the most of it and start earlier by designing your ring together.

Engagement Ring Designing Tips For Couples

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing to design your own engagement ring. Read below for some tips and tricks, and of course, our experts at James Allen are always here to help.

Learn The 4Cs

Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight: these are the 4Cs, i.e., the 4 things you want to keep in mind when shopping for an engagement ring. In addition to applying to a center stone, many styles have accessorizing diamonds and side stones where this information is also useful.

Cut refers to the facets, angles, and proportions of a diamond or gemstone, color refers to the clarity or colorlessness of a diamond, clarity refers to how free of inclusions your stone is, and carat weight refers to the weight or size of your diamonds and stones.

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Design Your Ring Online

There are many benefits to designing your ring online, and most of all convenience. You can start this process anytime, whatever your schedule. No more running to the mall before the store closes or skipping brunch to spend the morning in some office.

Another perk is options! Options online are endless, you can choose from lab grown and earth created diamond options, as well as diamond alternatives like moissanite. You can look together at the different shades of gemstones that are available, see how different sizes will look, try your dream center stone in different settings, and so on and so forth.

Designing a ring online ensures you will get a ring you and your partner love, the only limit is your and your partner’s imagination!

Consult An Expert

There is a LOT to know about diamonds and fine jewelry, and at James Allen, our experts are here to help. Our Real-Time Diamond Inspection allows you to browse our loose diamonds while simultaneously speaking to one of our diamond experts. You can ask about everything from the specs of a diamond to reviewing a grading certificate.

When making an investment purchase like an engagement ring, speaking to an expert is just as important as doing your research, so make sure you get all the advice.  Speaking to experts and consulting with couples who have already gone through the process will help ensure that together, you pick out the perfect engagement ring.


Is it rude to change your engagement ring? 

We don’t think so! Your engagement ring is for life, you and your partner need to absolutely LOVE it! Just make sure to check the return policy of wherever you shop.

Should your rings match? 

This is entirely up to you. Some couples choose to get matching engagement rings, some choose to get matching wedding rings, while some brides choose to match their engagement ring to their wedding ring. While you are shopping, discuss with your partner the various options as you may want to purchase your engagement and wedding rings together.

What is the rule for engagement rings? 

The rule is…there are no rules! How much you spend, what style you choose, going for a diamond or gemstone as your center stone, these are all decisions that are personal. You will wear this ring for the rest of your life, so whether you go for a blinged out diamond engagement ring or prefer a simply sophisticated solitaire style, your engagement ring needs to be your way.

Better Together

It is not an easy mission to find the ring of your dreams. Even if you have a style in mind, the shopping process can be overwhelming. There are many factors to consider, including choosing a retailer, deciding on your budget, and picking a style.

When embarking on such an important mission, why not have your partner by your side? After all, they will present the ring when popping the big question; let’s make sure it’s one you both love!

Visit us at and start designing your dream ring today!

Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Lab Grown diamond rings

Lab Grown Diamond Rings: Everything You Need To Know

When shopping for the perfect diamond engagement ring, you have most likely come across all types of diamonds. You may have also come across lab-grown diamonds and wondered what they were. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about lab-grown diamonds to help you decide which sparkler puts that twinkle in your eye.

Lab Grown diamond rings

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are optically and chemically identical to earth created diamonds. The only difference is their origin. A diamond seed is placed in conditions identical to those in underground mines. Then, a carbon coating is added to help the diamond crystallize as it grows.

The crystalline form of carbon we call “diamond” can be attained only through intense heat, constant pressure, and a good amount of time. Nowadays, lab grown diamonds can be fully formed in a few weeks rather than millions of years. The result is a lab grown diamond that differs from a mined diamond in name only.

If you were to look at both types of diamonds through a professional jeweler’s loupe, or if you were to inspect both diamonds on a molecular level, you would see no difference. The same result was achieved through very different processes.

loose diamonds and diamond tweezer

How Is A Lab Grown Diamond Made?

A lab grown diamond is produced by replicating the natural process that diamonds are subjected to when their earth created counterparts are grown. Carbon is exposed to high temperatures and high pressure in a controlled environment (laboratory) thus creating a diamond. 

Lab created diamonds can be made using two different methods. The first is known as the HPHT method, where a small diamond seed is placed into a piece of carbon. The carbon is pressurized and exposed to high temperatures. Finally, the pressure and heat then melt the carbon allowing a diamond to form around the initial seed. 

The second is the CVD method, which also requires a diamond seed. The seed is placed into a sealed chamber that is heated and filled with carbon-rich gasses. These gasses are ionized into plasma using advanced technology that breaks down the gasses’ molecules and allows pure carbon to stick to the seed, forming a new diamond. 

Fun fact: It typically takes a lab created diamond less than a month to grow. A 1-carat white diamond takes around two weeks to form, whereas fancy color diamonds like yellow and blue diamonds take between 5-10 days to form.

Pros and Cons of Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab created diamonds are graded and certified using the same process as mined diamonds. So what are their pros and cons when it comes to lab grown diamond engagement rings? Let’s find out.

What to Look for in a Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring


Modern-day consumers will be happy to hear that lab grown diamonds are generally more affordable than earth created diamonds. Meaning,  lab grown diamonds often cost 40 to 65% less. Experts suggest that as new technologies develop, these prices will drop even further. Want to know why? Well, the diamond-growing process is less resource-intensive than the diamond-mining process. It simply costs less to grow a diamond in a lab than it does to mine a diamond from the earth, and those savings are passed along to diamond shoppers.

Color & Quality

The color of a lab grown diamond is everlasting. The lab created diamond you buy today will look exactly the same when your grandchildren inherit it from you. Additionally, lab grown diamonds are assessed and graded according to the 4Cs: color, cut, clarity, and carat (just like mined diamonds).

Did you know you can also shop lab grown diamonds by color? Choose your perfect diamond and view it in 40x superzoom & 360° HD to start designing your dream engagement ring today. Fancy color lab grown diamonds are available in yellow, blue, pink, purple, green, red and orange.


As lab grown diamonds are not mined, their popularity is growing. Not to mention this diamond choice is guaranteed to come conflict-free. It is also easy to track the origin of lab grown diamonds.

How to Care for Your Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Your lab grown diamond ring needs to be frequently cleaned, just like a traditional diamond ring. Depending on your ring style, definitely consider regular maintenance of your ring to check for loose stones and wear-and-tear of prongs. But on a regular basis, simply follow our step-by-step infographic to maintain your lab grown diamond engagement ring’s radiance.

How to Care for Your Diamond Ring

Where Should You Buy A Lab Grown Diamond Ring?

Lab grown diamonds are not available at every jeweler. But fortunately, at JamesAllen.come, we stock a tremendous inventory of lab grown diamonds along with premier engagement and wedding rings. Explore your desired diamond in 360° HD views and up to 40x magnification so you can truly design your dream engagement ring.

All loose diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry come with a lifetime warranty, financing options, and of course, a grading certificate.


Are lab grown diamonds less expensive than natural diamonds?

Typically lab grown diamonds can cost roughly 40 to 65% less than a natural, mined diamond. This means customers can easily get a high-quality diamond or a larger stone with a significantly less expensive price tag. Want to know why? The difference is due to supply. Natural diamond supply is sparse, due to the hundreds of years it takes for nature to create a diamond. Yet with man-made diamonds, there is no cap on the supply, which drives the price lower and lower as supply goes up.

Are lab grown diamonds actual diamonds?

Yes, yes, and yes! Lab grown diamonds are just as real as diamonds mined from the earth. There are no optical or chemical differences between the two diamonds, plus they have the same shape, size, color and clarity grades. In fact, the only real difference is in their formation.

Are lab grown diamonds considered a good investment?

It is very common for people to mistakenly assume that lab grown diamonds are not worth anything or a good investment. However, they are diamonds and possess value, even though they are manufactured.

Can you insure lab created diamonds?

Yes! Just like mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds can be insured.

Do lab diamonds pass the diamond tester?

The answer is yes! Lab diamonds have the same carbon composition as natural diamonds. Therefore, they have the same thermal conductivity. The test results are positive when exposed to the diamond tester, since the diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as natural mined diamonds.

Final Thoughts

So is a lab grown diamond for you? Ultimately, only you can decide the answer to this question. But if you’re looking to maximize your budget without compromising on quality, then a lab grown diamond engagement ring may be calling your name.

Still searching for the perfect engagement ring? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Our customer service team is here to assist 24/7. 

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Tarryn is a content writer by day and a criminology enthusiast by night.

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A Guide to White Gold Wedding Rings For Women

How do we love white gold wedding rings? Let us count the ways! Available in multiple styles, a timeless yet trendy option pairs seamlessly with your engagement ring yet looks perfect standing alone. White gold wedding rings are an increasingly popular choice. Read on to find out why!

White gold wedding rings

White gold looks amazing, but is it the right metal for your wedding ring? Let’s find out! White gold wedding rings are popular thanks to their icy color and how they enhance the shine of diamonds within the ring and adjacent rings. But beauty isn’t the only allure of white gold wedding rings. Their durability, as well as being lightweight, makes them the top choice of many with an active lifestyle.

Whether you want a white gold wedding ring to create a seamless look with your white gold engagement ring, you want to mix and match your metals, love the look of platinum but prefer a lower price point, or you simply love the look, we’ve got you covered!

What Is White Gold?

White gold happens naturally but is not a pure white metal, unlike platinum. (Want to know more about the differences? Check it out HERE). White gold is created when you mix yellow gold with nickel or zinc and is completed with rhodium plating. Essentially, white gold is a beautiful combination of alloys.

White Gold Wedding Rings Pros & Cons

White gold wedding rings are indeed fabulous! But like everything in life, they have pros and cons. Let\s dig in so you can make the most informed decision. After all, this is your wedding ring we’re talking about. It has to be PERFECT!

Great For Everyday WearNot A Pure Metal/Hypoallergenic
AffordableWill Need Replating
LightweightColor Can Yellow Over Time

Classic White Gold Wedding Rings

There’s nothing like a classic! Classic white gold wedding rings are a simply sophisticated choice, perfect if you prefer a more minimalistic look. It is also a good choice if you want the focus to be on your fabulous engagement ring. Got small hands? This clean style will work well for you.

14K White Gold 2mm Knife Edge Women's Wedding Ring

Diamond White Gold Wedding Rings

Looking to take the dazzle of your diamond engagement ring up a notch? You can’t go wrong with a diamond white gold wedding ring. The perfect way to up the dazzle and shine on that all important finger.

14K White Gold Flush Fit Pavé Wedding Ring

Did you forgo an engagement ring and you need your wedding ring to do the work of two? No problem! Diamond white gold wedding rings can do just that while highlighting your personal style.

Eternity Rings

Showcase your eternal love for your partner…and for sparkle with an eternity ring. Your go-to choice if you love endless sparkle, eternity rings feature diamonds that go all the way around the band offering, wait for it, eternal shine. If you need your rings to dazzle from every angle, you need an eternity ring.

14K White Gold Low Dome Basket Lab Created Diamond Eternity Ring (3 CTW F-G / VS2-SI1)

Curved Wedding Rings

Curves. Are. In. Known as “V” or “Chevron rings,” these rings are designed with a curve to snuggly fit your diamond engagement ring (or any ring featuring a center stone). Available in multiple styles, these rings have one thing in common, they are fabulous! 

Curved wedding rings look great alone or paired with a perfect diamond ring, shine bright, and show off your unique style. 

Chevron Diamond Station Engagement Ring

Love this look? Shop these styles below and find more at

18K White Gold Chevron Diamond Station Engagement Ring
18K White Gold Chevron Diamond Station Wedding Ring

Vintage White Gold Wedding Rings

Are you an old soul? Do you have a penchant for that old world charm? Do you want your something old to also be your something new? Enter vintage white gold wedding rings. While even rings as recent as the 1990s can be vintage, there are four popular eras of vintage rings: Victorian (1835-1900), Edwardian (1900-1920), Art Deco (1920-1940), and Retro (1940-1960).

Not to be confused with heirloom wedding rings, vintage indicates a nod to a certain era of time, while heirloom rings indicate they have been passed down through the generations. (We know what you are thinking, can a wedding ring be vintage and heirloom? Yep!)

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So get your vintage white gold wedding ring today because, as the saying goes, vintage is the new modern.

White Gold Wedding Ring Sets

Are you and your partner truly two peas in a pod? Have you become one of those couples that dress alike? Then you need to check out our matching wedding ring sets! Now when we say matching, we don’t mean the exact same ring (although you can do that too!), we are referring to rings that go together…kinda like you and your partner;-).

For the dazzling duo

White gold wedding ring sets

The yin to their yang

white classic gold wedding ring sets

The classic pair…with a twist

Classic white gold wedding ring sets

No matter your style or vibe as a couple, we have the white gold wedding rings to ensure you both shine bright.

How Much Do White Gold Wedding Rings Cost?

This is a great question but not an easy one to answer. The cost of a ring is personal and depends on the metal, in this case, 14K white gold vs 18K white gold, the style, and the number of diamonds or gemstones.

Classic wedding rings will be on the more budget-friendly side, starting at just over $200, while dazzling eternity rings will cost more thanks to the unending row of diamonds, and starting from around $2,000.

Another way to maximize your budget is to choose lab created diamonds, which will lower the price, as will choosing a design with fewer diamonds, for example, a half eternity ring that features diamonds on only the top half of the band.

Where Should You Buy A White Gold Wedding Ring?

Online shopping is not just convenient, it is often the most affordable option, particularly if you want to buy your engagement ring together with your wedding ring. This way, you can save money while being sure that your rings go together.

Shopping online also gives you access to an abundance of styles, customization options, and experts to answer your questions, often 24/7. Shopping online can be done alone, as a surprise, or done together as a couple.

Love the idea of online but aren’t sure it’s for you? Check out an in-person showroom of online retailers (such as our Washington, D.C. location), or if online isn’t for you, then head on over to your nearest jewelry retailer.

Wherever you choose to shop, make sure you get that perfect shine for that perfect partner.

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Is white gold OK for a wedding ring?

Of course it is! A white gold wedding ring will give a glowing, seamless look when paired with a white gold engagement ring. Or pair it with a yellow or rose gold ring to mix up your metals. And, of course, a white gold wedding ring can hold its own.

Do white gold wedding rings scratch easily? 

White gold wedding rings are popular thanks to their durability, making them great for everyday wear. However, they are still susceptible to scratching. White gold is less prone to scratching than yellow gold, yet more than platinum. The bottom line, wear your ring everyday, but wear it with care.

What do white gold wedding rings symbolize?

White gold symbolizes friendship, making it perfect for your wedding ring because, after all, you are marrying your best friend.

White Hot Thoughts

Beautiful, durable, and lightweight, white gold wedding rings are a great choice to seal forever with your love.  Match it to your white gold engagement ring, pair it with a yellow or rose gold ring, or let it shine on its own.

If you want a white gold wedding ring because it is a cost efficient alternative to platinum or you just love the way it shines, we have the style for you. So start shopping and find your perfect white gold wedding ring.

Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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6 Fancy Shaped Eternity Rings To Pair With Engagement Rings

You have found your forever, you’ve said yes, and now you need a ring to represent it all: a fancy shaped diamond eternity ring. Also referred to as infinity rings, an eternity rings band of nonstop sparkle is the perfect ring to represent your unending love. Read on to find your perfect fancy shaped diamond eternity ring.

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings get their name from the eternal or unending ring of diamonds around the band. Fancy shaped diamond eternity rings feature diamonds that are any shape other than round diamonds, but still in an unending ring of sparkle. Give your dazzling engagement ring a buddy and shine so bright you won’t need a flashlight!

What Is An Eternity Ring?

So, what exactly is an eternity ring? Is it a wedding ring? Is it a fashion ring? We’ll explain. Eternity rings come in two types, full and half (see more on that below), but both involve a row of shining diamonds. The unending sparkle of the diamonds represents your eternal love. 

The nonstop shine of an eternity ring is also eternally in style, I mean, are diamonds ever out of style? Eternity rings are available in a variety of diamond shapes and sizes, as well as different metal types, ensuring there is sure to be an eternity ring for you!

What Occasions Are Eternity Rings For?

Eternity rings have traditionally been given on special occasions such as significant wedding anniversaries; think five and ten years. Many people also choose an eternity ring as a wedding ring. After all, is there a more special occasion than when you say I Do?

But eternity rings are perfect for commemorating ALL special occasions. Many people show themselves or loved ones eternal affection for birthdays, graduations, getting THE job, and so much more. Any occasion can be made special by gifting yourself or someone you love a fabulous eternity ring.

Full vs Half Eternity Rings

Let’s get into the details, full vs half eternity rings. What is the difference, and which is better? Full eternity rings have diamonds that go ALL the way around the entire band, while half eternity rings have diamonds that go across the top half of the ring, in either five, seven, or nine stone options. Which is better? That’s up to you!

Many factors come into play, including a budget, lifestyle, and design preferences. Check out the chart below to see which ring is best for you:

14K White Gold Low Dome Basket Lab Created Diamond Eternity Ring (3 CTW F-G / VS2-SI1)
14K Yellow Gold Seven Stone Cushion Shape Diamond Ring (1.50 CTW - H-I / SI1-SI2)
Full Eternity RingsHalf Eternity Rings
Diamonds All Around The BandDiamonds On The Top Half Of The Band
VERY Difficult To ResizeMore Budget-Friendly
Great For Any Special OccasionGreat For Any Special Occasion
Symbolize Unending LoveLarger Carat Options Are More Comfortable

What Diamonds Are Best For An Eternity Ring?

The diamonds for eternity rings come in many shapes, but the best shapes are square and round diamonds, which include radiant, cushion, princess, oval, Asscher, and emerald; with round shapes being the most popular choice. Square shapes can be set more closely together, creating a seamless dazzle of diamonds, while round shapes are a classic choice that yet maximum light.

These shapes are also the best shapes for stacking, allowing for the most comfortable mixing and matching of various rings, including engagement rings, wedding rings, and anniversary rings. Because after all, diamond rings are like chips, you can’t have just one!

How To Wear An Eternity Ring

Eternity rings are great because there is no hard and fast rule for how to wear them. If you are using it as a wedding ring, you may choose to wear it on the ring finger on your left hand, with your engagement ring. If you received an eternity ring as an anniversary ring, you might choose to stack it on your left hand’s ring finger, along with your engagement and wedding rings.

Check out the inspo below and get the look!

Eternity Ring

If you received an eternity ring for another special occasion, you may choose to wear it on your right hand. Which finger is up to you. Put it on the ring finger of your right hand, go with the index finger, or even jazz up that finger in the middle.

The bottom line is you can wear your eternity ring any way you want. Stack it with other rings or let it shine on its own, whichever style you choose, get ready for the light.

What Setting Is Best For An Eternity Ring?

The best setting for an eternity ring is the one you love the most! Don’t know where to start? Love ‘em all? Us too! We’ll help you narrow it down. Bezel and prong are very popular settings. A bezel setting is considered to be a very secure setting, protecting your diamonds from chips, snags, and anything else daily wear might incur.

Prong settings are great because the way the stones are held in the ring allows for maximum light reflection. They are also considered more budget-friendly and come in a variety of styles. Whichever setting you choose, wear your ring with care.

How Much Should You Spend On An Eternity Ring?

There is no “should” when it comes to buying a symbol of love. That being said, eternity rings are certainly not something that will be considered “cheap.” There are eternity rings, such as prong settings, that are considered more affordable. And of course, half eternity rings will generally cost less than full eternity rings.

However, since eternity rings, both half and full, get their names from the dazzling row of diamonds, the price is certainly something to consider. Price is also affected by diamond size.

An eternity ring with a half carat weight will cost considerably less than an eternity ring with a six carat weight. Additionally, lab created eternity rings will be priced lower than earth created diamond eternity rings.

For example, with lab created full eternity rings, you are looking at prices from ~$2K-$5K, while with earth created full eternity rings you are looking at ~$3-$17. Prices are affected by cut and carat, and with earth created diamonds, the color grade has a significant effect on price.

Eternity rings are an investment piece. It is highly recommended to do your research and save for that perfect piece, because after all, it will be in style for….eternity.


What comes after an eternity ring?

If we are talking about ring order on your finger…anything! When stacking, many women choose to wear their engagement ring, followed by the eternity ring, followed by the wedding ring (if your eternity ring is different from your wedding ring).

If we are talking about what ring to buy next, well the sky’s the limit! If you got a half eternity ring, go for a full one! If you got a full emerald, go for a full Asscher cut. Or get a half eternity ring to pair with your full eternity ring. OR choose from our huge selection of fine jewelry rings and add a whole other style to your ring collection.

When should a woman get an eternity ring? 

Whenever she wants! Traditionally eternity rings are given as wedding rings at the marriage ceremony or landmark wedding anniversaries. However, many women get them for other reasons including just because, significant life milestones like college graduation, or as a push present. Any reason is a good reason to give an elegant eternity ring.

What ring goes with an eternity ring? 

A popular way of wearing an eternity ring is stacked with an engagement and wedding ring. However, if using your eternity ring as your wedding ring, you can pair it simply with your engagement ring for a traditional look.

Eternity rings also stack well with fine jewelry fashion rings in general and can be worn on either hand, or on the finger of your choice. Wear it alone or stack it with others, an eternity ring will always look great.

Eternal Thoughts

Fancy shaped diamond eternity rings will be your new favorites. Available in different diamond shapes and settings, half or full styles, it is easy to find the right ring for you.

Pair it with an engagement ring, wear it alone, or give it for a landmark occasion, eternity rings are always in style, always shine bright, and are worth the investment. Search our collection at James Allen and find your new favorite.

Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Engagement rings shapes

What Are The Different Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings

So many diamond shapes and so little time! But don’t worry, we’re here to finally demystify the diamond shopping experience…

Engagement rings shapes


Picking out your engagement ring is an exciting time. Unfortunately, with so many diamond cuts and shapes to choose from, that excitement can quickly turn into confusion.

With different terminology, lingo, classifications, measurements, and styles, the process can be overwhelming and hard to navigate.

That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect diamond for your perfect ring. Shopping for a diamond shouldn’t at all be stressful!

In this blog, we’ll cover popular diamond shapes from the classics to the more unique- as well as answer some commonly asked questions! 

What’s the Difference Between Diamond Shapes and Diamond Cuts?

This question is asked all the time- and for good reason!

When reading about diamonds, you’ve probably come across the terms ‘diamond shape’ and ‘diamond cut’ in the same sentence. You may have even thought that the two terms are interchangeable. 

In reality, shape and cut refer to two different things.

Shape refers to a diamond’s overall form, the literal shape that it takes. Examples of this are oval, heart, round, emerald, and princess.

On the other hand, a diamond’s cut strictly refers to the diamond’s symmetry, proportions, and polish. This includes the facets and angles that the cutter produced when shaping the stone. A diamond’s cut has the biggest influence on its ability to reflect light and shine. 

While shape and cut maybe two different features, they work together to create a beautiful and sparkling stone.

What Are The Different Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings?

Round Diamonds

The round diamond shape is a tried and true classic! Round diamonds, also known as round brilliant diamonds, are the most popular of all diamond shapes.

This particular shape and a high number of facets enables peak light reflection, creating a brilliant shine. It is also a classic and versatile shape that is easy to incorporate into just about any look and ring setting. 

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Cushion Cut Diamonds

A cushion cut diamond is a diamond that has been cut into a rectangular or square shape- but with rounded, soft corners. This pillow-like appearance is where the diamond gets its name!

This type of cut was very popular in the 19th century but has recently seen a resurgence in popularity. Due to their softer and more romantic appearance, cushion cut diamonds can often appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight.

The cushion cut is also known for its ability to hide inclusions and imperfections, making it the perfect choice for diamonds with lower-quality grades. 

Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are similar to round diamonds. The oval shape, however, appears bigger than a round diamond of the same carat weight. 

The oval shape can also do wonders in creating the illusion of longer and slimmer fingers for the wearer. 

Oval diamonds are great for those who enjoy the look of a round diamond but want something perhaps a little bit more unique. 

Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings due to their elegance and eye-catching allure. 

A princess cut diamond is square or rectangular with pointed corners. This cut is known for its modern look of sharp, clean lines. 

A princess cut diamond has beautiful facets and lines, creating excellent sparkle and shine. 

Emerald Cut Diamonds

An emerald cut diamond is a type of diamond cut into a rectangular shape with angled facets and a flat plane on top of the stone. 

If you’re looking for a diamond with striking clean-cut lines and symmetry, this is the shape for you!

Emerald cut diamonds are known for their elegance and sophisticated appearance. This diamond is a favorite for its unique shape and excellent clarity. While this diamond may be elegant and eye-catching, it is also slightly understated, creating a wonderfully balanced stone.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds are cut into a pear-like shape, with one rounded end on one side and a pointed end on the other. 

As a combination of both the round cut and the marquise cut, this diamond has the best of both worlds and looks like a perfect teardrop. 

Pear shaped diamonds are ideal for those who want to elongate their fingers while maintaining that brilliant shine. 

Asscher Cut Diamonds

If you’re a fan of vintage styles, an Asscher cut diamond is the diamond shape for you. 

This diamond is cut into a square shape with cropped corners and a unique step-cut pattern on the bottom portion of the stone. Inspired by the Art-Deco movement, this shape is admired for its antique aesthetic. 

If you want a truly timeless engagement ring, check out Asscher cut diamonds. 

Marquise Cut Diamonds

A marquise cut diamond is an elongated oval shape with pointed ends. 

This unique cut is actually known for its remarkable ability to create the illusion of a larger diamond. Because of this, it is one of the most affordable shapes out there! 

Regal and unique, opting for a marquise cut diamond will surely gain you some head turns and curious glances!

Heart Shaped Diamonds

The shape of love! Of course, heart shaped diamonds are a very romantic and sentimental shape for an engagement ring. 

If you’re looking for an engagement ring full of symbolic meaning and a distinctive appearance, this may be your shape. 

With its many facets, sharp points, and quintessential symbolism, this diamond is both a bright and adorable choice. 

How Diamond Shape Affects Price

It’s quite common to equate a higher carat weight with a higher price, but shape, too, has a direct influence on your diamond’s price tag!

While every diamond is beautiful and special, there are a number of factors that may make one shape more expensive than another.

The round shaped diamond, for example, is the most popular shape for engagement rings. Not only does this shape have the highest global demand, it is the most technically difficult shape to cut from a rough diamond.

Generally speaking, the least expensive shapes are the ones that use the largest amount of the original rough diamond. Shapes like this include the: Asscher, emerald, princess, and cushion cut.

Keep this in mind when you discover that two diamonds of the same carat but different shapes have drastically different prices!


1. What engagement ring shape is best?

The best engagement ring shape will ultimately depend on your personal preference! Look throughout this guide and read about what makes each shape unique. Once you determine your priorities, find one that checks off all your boxes. Your perfect engagement ring shape is out there!

2. What are the 4Cs of engagement rings?

The 4Cs of engagement rings are Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. If you want to learn more about the 4Cs, check out our blog on the topic.

3. How many carats should an engagement ring be?

Some people prefer larger, more impressive diamonds, while others prefer smaller, more delicate stones. It’s really up to you and what you value! It’s always important to remember that carat weight is not the only factor determining its value. 


As we now know, there are so many diamond shapes and cuts, and so many things to consider when shopping! 

Whether you’re looking for something classic and timeless, or something unique and bold, there is certainly a shape out there for you.

Use this guide when you need a quick reminder of what’s what- and before you know it, you’ll have a stunning rock on your finger!

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Pear Shaped Engagement Rings: How To Pick The Perfect Teardrop

Choosing who you want to spend the rest of your life with may be a no-brainer, but choosing the engagement ring that you or your future spouse will wear may not be an easy task.

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Today on the blog, we’re focusing on the pear shaped diamond. There’s no denying that pear shaped engagement rings are experiencing a major comeback, and it’s easy to see why.

These stunning teardrop-shaped pieces are not only timeless and eye-catching but they can also be easily customized because they have so many distinguishing characteristics.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this unique yet gorgeous diamond shape.

What Is a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring?

Pear shaped diamonds have graceful curves and a flattering, elongated teardrop shape. Essentially, this diamond shape is a combination of a marquise and a round diamond.  Also sometimes called “teardrop engagement rings,” pear engagement rings have one rounded end and one pointed. 

The teardrop diamond first originated in Belgium during the early 1400s. Created by Lodewyk, van Berquem was also responsible for the placement of facets in modern diamond cuts and for the use of symmetry in diamond cutting. Unfortunately, at the time, the pear shaped diamond was not so popular. 

However, today, there are pear shaped engagement rings for every aesthetic, from minimalistic solitaires to vintage-inspired styles with captivating colorful gemstones. Even famous celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Elizabeth Taylor, Emily Ratajkowski and Cardi B rock out-of-this-world pear-shaped engagement rings. 

14K Rose Gold Pavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring (Pear Center)
18K White Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)

Pros and Cons of a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

As with all diamond cuts, the pear cut has both advantages and disadvantages.

Pear shape diamonds: Pro and Cons infographic

What to Look for in a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

When searching for your perfect pear shaped diamond, there are a few important characteristics to keep in mind! Remember to look for…

  • Even Shoulders & Perfect Symmetry

Diamonds with pear shapes should have even rounded edges when viewed from above. In an instance where one edge is slanted more than the other, the value of the diamond decreases. Additionally, the point of the teardrop should lie directly between the two rounded edges. In other words, if you fold the diamond in half lengthwise, the point of the diamond should be right on the folding line

Teardrop diamond
14K White Gold 1.5mm Comfort Fit Engagement Ring
  • Proper Sparkle

As these types of diamonds are modified round brilliants, they should retain all of the sparkle and magnificence of the round brilliant diamond. Diamonds occasionally display a dark “bow-tie” shape within the diamond’s facets (center) that can be seen at a certain angle. It’s important to make sure that your pear-shaped diamond does not have this imperfection!

  • Good Length To Width Ratio 

The length-to-width ratio of your pear-cut diamond will impact how wide or narrow the diamond will look. This ration also refers to how long a diamond is in comparison to how wide it is. If the width of the pear shaped diamond is 1, it is generally agreed upon that the ideal length is about 1.5 to 1.7 times that. Using this ratio, you’ll be able to create the perfect ring shape for your engagement ring.

  • A Setting to Protect the Pear Shape

We have five different yet ideal types of settings that will perfectly protect your pear-shaped engagement ring from damage. 

  1. Prong setting – this refers to the metal claws that hold a diamond in place. Not only does this allow for maximum light reflection and a beautiful display of the diamond, but a prong setting offers a large amount of protection for the diamond. This is ideal for smaller pear diamonds and offers excellent protection for the point. 
  2. Halo setting – glamorous and stylish, the halo setting offers protection all around the diamond. Edges are kept secure while adding an extra sparkle to the stone. 
  3. Bezel setting – offering the best possible protection for any diamond cut. The entire diamond is beautifully wrapped in metal and kept in place. Contemporary, trendy with a minimalistic look, are also perfect for fancy-color pear diamonds.

Pear Shaped Diamond Anatomy

Understanding the parts and characteristics of a diamond, as well as its terminology can help you shop wisely for your desired stone.

Pear shaped diamond anatomy

How To Wear A Teardrop Engagement Ring

There are no rules when it comes to the ‘right’ way to wear a pear shaped engagement ring. But the most common way to wear a pear shape is to have the tip pointing upwards to your fingertips, with the round bottom towards the hand. This gives it the upright figure of a falling teardrop or pear standing up.

What Wedding Rings Go With Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Choosing a stand-out engagement ring style can make it a little trickier to pair it with a wedding band, so we’ve put together some of our favorite ideas to help you style your dream ring. 

While the simplest way to pair your fancy-shaped engagement ring might be with a straight wedding band, you can also jazz it up with an unusual wedding ring style. For example, a curved or contoured wedding ring will beautifully follow the curve of your pear shaped ring and accentuate its size.
One of the most beautiful ways to ensure your engagement and wedding rings perfectly match is to opt for a bridal set. In a bridal set, both rings are designed to fit seamlessly together. As teardrop engagement rings are often a unique style, you’re guaranteed that your rings will complement one another perfectly. 


  1. What does a pear shaped ring symbolize? A pear-shaped ring often represents the strong will, empowerment, independence, and unique style of its wearer. It is believed that these stones also symbolize tears of joy or wedding tears, both appropriate choices for an engagement ring.
  2. Are pear shaped diamonds more expensive? Generally, pear-shaped diamonds are less expensive than round diamonds of the same carat and quality. Since pear-shaped diamonds produce less waste when cut from raw diamonds, they are usually less expensive to cut. Additionally, pear-shaped diamonds will look larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight.
  3. Are pear shaped rings pretty? If you’re looking for an elegant, unique shape that’s different from the rest, a pear-shaped engagement ring is perfect for you! Pears give great sparkle, look larger than rounds of the same size, and are rarer than many other shapes. They’re a beautiful engagement ring choice!
  4. Do pear shaped diamonds sparkle? Yes! Pear-shaped diamonds are “brilliant” cut diamonds which are faceted in triangular and kite shapes. In other words, they sparkle like crazy!

We’re Here To Help

Looking for pear-fection? Why not put one of these gorgeous pear-shaped stunners in your cart? 

Plus, don’t forget, you can view all of these pear-shaped diamonds’ cut, color, clarity, and sparkle on in 360° HD views and up to 40x magnification so you can truly understand your diamond’s features.

Then, once you’ve picked the pear you wish to wear, feel free to share it with us on one of our social channels: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter.

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Engagement rings

How To Protect Your Engagement Ring During Winter

Winter is coming. Snow, sleet, and dropping temperatures. But while you fight the winter chill and navigate those icy roads, the most important ice in your life needs protection.

Your engagement ring, whether you are newly engaged or are a veteran at marriage, requires special protection during this snowy season, and we’re here to help.

Engagement rings

Your engagement ring always needs protection and care. But the cold winter months require some extra considerations. You’re wearing gloves or mittens, maybe you go skiing, and your fingers shrink due to the cold. Read on to make sure you keep your ring shining bright through all season long…and beyond.

Why Does Your Engagement Ring Become Loose During Winter?

As it gets colder, your ring may feel a little looser. And unless your fingers are on a diet, it’s probably due to your body reacting to the dropping temperatures. As it gets cold outside, your body responds with something called vasoconstriction. This is the process of your blood vessels contracting in order to essentially keep your body warm.

This is similar to when your fingers get all pruney and shrink after swimming or soaking in a long (and hopefully relaxing!) bath. It is this contracting of the blood vessels that causes your fingers to shrink.

If your ring was sized during the warmer months of summer or spring, or even during fall, then your ring is likely to loosen during the winter. Just how loose can vary from person to person.

Whether your fingers shrink just a tad or your blood vessels are super contractors, your engagement ring will need protecting.

5 Tips On How To Protect Your Engagement Ring During Winter

So now you know why your finger shrinks, but what can you do? Check out our five top tips below on protecting your engagement ring this winter…and all year round.

2 diamond engagement rings

Buy A Ring Guard

First of all, what’s a ring guard? Unfortunately, it’s not a security guard for your ring. A ring guard is a piece, usually some kind of bendable plastic, that subtly goes on the band of your ring in order to make it fit more snuggly. 

Ring guards, also known as ring adjusters, usually come in clear plastic that is easily hidden and comfortable to wear. Whether your ring is just a bit too big and you prefer not to resize it, or you need to make sure your ring fits well during the cold winter months, a ring guard is a great way to go to ensure your engagement ring, or any ring, stays put on your finger where it’s supposed to be.

Be Mindful Of Your Glove Choice

Diamond engagement ring

Baby, it’s cold outside! When outfitting yourself this winter, keep in mind your hand accessories. How you keep your hands warm can affect your ring…yes really! A pair of mittens knitted by hand might be super cozy, but save them for your ring-free days. Rings can easily get caught on knits and similar materials.

2 engagement rings

The basket and other details of your engagement ring can easily snag the material and ruin your favorite wool gloves or even slip off in the process. This risk is true for all knits, gloves, mittens, and even your favorite holiday sweater.

Does that mean your hands will just be cold? Of course not! But you do want to proceed with caution when wearing such pieces and materials.

Keep Your Diamond Ring Off During Outdoor Activities

Remember when we taught you How To Protect Your Engagement Ring At The Gym: And Other Times To Remove Your Ring? Well, this is one of those other times. Let’s start with winter sports: skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and snowshoeing, all these sports require you to keep warm, which means gloves or mittens. In addition to the risks we discussed above, these sports, let’s face it, no matter how good you are, involve falling down.

Every time you fall, your hands can bang against the ground, your equipment, or someone else, and this can cause damage. Every time you take off your gloves, whether to adjust your equipment, grab a cup of hot chocolate, or scan your ski pass, you risk losing or damaging your ring. It’s simply not worth risking damaging or even losing the ring you love for a sport you love. Leave the bling at home.

Are you escaping the blistering cold for fun in the sun? You’re not off the hook. Just because you are not dealing with shrinking fingers doesn’t mean you are out of the woods. From corrosive saltwater and sand to abrasive pool chemicals and the slipperiness of that suntan lotion, your ring could get damaged or lost.

Hiking, swimming, the beach, and other summer-style escapes all pose risks to your engagement ring, and are all activities where it is best to leave your ring at home where it’s safe.

Avoid Taking Your Ring From One Extreme Temperature To The Next

Do you preheat your car? Do you go straight from a freezing cold ice bath to a hot sauna? Proceed with caution. A little known fact, when a diamond goes from one extreme temperature to another can affect your diamond and not for the better.

While not a common occurrence, it is certainly something to be aware of. Extreme change in temperature can highlight or exacerbate inclusions in your diamond.

Diamond ring

Why risk it? Experts recommend keeping your diamond and jewelry covered when braving the cold temps when going between your cozy house and warm car, warm car and heated office, and any situation that would expose your engagement ring to an extreme temperature change.

But don’t forget to be careful with those mittens as we explained above!

Keep It Clean

This one really applies all year but is especially important during the winter. Over time your precious diamond engagement ring can collect dust, dirt, and other gunk (this applies to a gemstone and any other engagement ring, by the way). Keeping your ring clean will ensure it always sparkles bright.

How To Clean diamond ring  Infographic

Check out our blog on How To Clean Your Jewelry At Home & Other Useful Tips, which gives you all the tips, including how to clean your ring, how often to clean your ring, what to use to clean your ring, and how you can keep your ring clean.


Does cold weather make your ring loose? 

Essentially, yes. Cold weather causes your fingers to shrink, which in turn, makes your ring feel loose.

How do I keep my ring from tarnishing?

Most importantly, keep it clean and dry. Moisture is the culprit that can cause your ring to tarnish. So make sure to remove your ring when showering, swimming, applying lotion, and any other activity that could cause moisture to come in contact with your ring.

Where do you keep the engagement ring when not wearing it?

A safe and secure place! Where that is depends on the situation. Are you on vacation? Utilize the room safe, or better yet, ask the front desk about a hotel safe.

At the gym? Invest in a solid gym lock, or put it in a locked bag and ask that bag to be kept at the front desk. And, of course, your jewelry box at home is always a safe bet.

Don’t Get Those Winter Blues

Winter is a magical time. The falling snow, cozying up by the fireplace, and of course, romance. We want to ensure that your engagement ring, and all your diamond jewelry, shine bright all season long. Watch out for snags, keep it clean, and remove it when necessary. Make sure your engagement ring keeps its shimmer and shine all winter long.

Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Perfect push present ideas for new moms

Perfect Push Present Ideas: Jewelry for New Moms

Searching for the perfect push present for a loved one? Look no further!

Perfect push present ideas for new moms


New mothers need all the love and support that they can get! After nine months of pregnancy, something sparkly is sure to make them smile.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the origin of push presents, tips, tricks, and gift ideas to get you started! We’ll also answer some commonly asked questions to make sure you’re on the right track.

What Is A Push Present?

You may have heard the term push present being thrown around at baby showers, gender reveal parties, and on social media. But you may have found yourself asking: What exactly is a push present? Let’s break it down. 

A push present is a gift from a family member or partner given to a new mother after childbirth. Especially for a first-time mother, the gift is meant to symbolize her transition into motherhood. It will signify this new life brought into the world. Any mother, regardless of how they give birth, can be given a push present! 

The gift can be presented before the baby’s birth or after- in the delivery room or in the nursery. Whatever feels best to you! 

Traditionally, push presents are given to mothers by their partners, but really, they can be a gift from any loved one- family or friend. Jewelry is the most common choice of gift, but it can also be whatever makes this new mom happy! 

When Did Push Presents Become Popular?

While birthstones and mother’s jewelry have been around for a while, the term push present didn’t really appear until the 1990s. In the decades since, the concept has become increasingly popular. In 2010, after several celebrities shared their own push presents on social media, the idea really took off. 

These days, new parents are simply looking for a nice way to make their wives feel appreciated and special. Push presents do the trick! 

How Much Should You Spend On A Push Present?

Push presents are often associated with heavy price tags (thanks to the large number of celebrities that participated in the trend), but this does not to be the case! 

Push presents don’t need to cost any certain amount of money for them to be meaningful. Buy whatever gift you know your partner will love for many years, regardless of its cost.

Why Jewelry Is The Best Option For A Push Present

After childbirth, new mothers deserve some pampering! Now is the time to gift her something that is for her and only for her. Jewelry gets the job done.

Unlike baby shower gifts, push presents are something special just for mom. A piece of jewelry is not only something that could last her a lifetime, but it’s also something that she can wear to make her feel beautiful- especially after such an arduous experience as giving birth. 

Nothing can make a new mother feel more special than a new necklace or pair of earrings! And even better, every time she wears her new jewelry, she’ll think of her beautiful child!

The Best Types Of Push Present Jewelry

Personalized Necklaces

14K Yellow Gold Mini Initial A Necklace

Personalized necklaces are the perfect way to say thank you to your partner! Choosing an alphabet necklace with the first letter of her newborn’s name will ensure that her jewelry always puts a proud smile on her face! A letter necklace will remind her of this special time of her life.

Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are a convenient push present! If your partner already owns many rings, a couple new stackable rings will effortlessly fit into her collection. She can simply slip them onto her finger and incorporate them into her already stylish look.

14K Yellow Gold Round Diamond Station Cable Ring


14K Yellow Gold Citrine Line Bracelet

What new mom doesn’t love some sparkle around her wrist? A bracelet with the birthstone for her newborn baby is a lovely gift with a touch of personalization. 
For example, one of the birthstones for November is Citrine. This bracelet is a gorgeous gift, and it will remind your partner of her November baby. What more could she ask for?


Earrings are probably the most versatile of all types of jewelry! You can dress them up or down. As a new mother, your partner is probably going to be busy running errands and taking care of this new human! With this in mind, you can give her a pair of earrings that are simple yet eye-catching. 

14K White Gold Amethyst Beaded Hook Earrings


Why do we give push presents?

New mothers always deserve a thank you! Being pregnant for nine months and then giving birth is no easy task. Push presents are a sparkly way to say: thank you, we appreciate you, and we love you! 

What is a push present for husbands?

Some people are now considering giving their husbands push presents, too. At the end of the day, push presents are a token of appreciation and a unique way to mark such a meaningful milestone. With that in mind, you can definitely give a new dad a push present as well. 

Do friends give push presents?

Yes, close friends or family members can give push presents! There are no rules on showing appreciation and celebrating new life. If you have a dear friend who just became a new mother (or father!), feel free to show them you care with a push present. They are sure to be grateful.


Becoming a new parent is an exciting and often complicated time. New mothers especially, are tasked with unfamiliar frontiers and challenges. With all the trepidation that comes with a new phase in life, a gift is just a small way to say congratulations! And thank you for all your hard work. 

Whether it’s a mother’s first child or her seventh, she’s probably looking for some pampering. Mothers often give, give, give! She will undoubtedly be grateful for receiving something nice. 

Push presents can be big or small, lavish or modest. They can be from a partner or a close friend, and for new dads or new moms. They can be whatever you want them to be! Just as long as it’s special. 

Good luck with finding the perfect push present for your loved one!

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Lab Grown Diamonds Vs. Earth Created Diamonds: What’s the Difference?

Think you can tell the difference between earth created diamonds and lab grown diamond engagement rings? We’ll put you to the test with some of our best diamonds!

Lab grown diamonds vs Earth created diamonds

Although lab grown diamonds are created in a lab, they are real diamonds and have the same physical, chemical, and visual properties as earth created diamonds.

This striking similarity begs the question: Is it possible to tell the two apart?

You don’t need to be an expert to try and give it a go. We’re showing off some of our customers’ favorite custom-designed engagement rings. Some have lab diamond center stones, and others are set with mined diamonds. Keep scrolling to see if you can spot which is which.

Did you know that it takes earth made diamonds billions of years to form, whereas a lab grown diamond can be created in under 10 weeks? That’s right! Scientists have managed to recreate special chambers which replicate the exact environment needed for diamonds to form.

Another fun fact about lab created diamonds is they come in every shape, size, and color as earth created diamonds. While some fancy color diamonds are extremely rare, you wouldn’t struggle to find your favorite color as a lab diamond.

Any luck differentiating between the diamonds? Don’t fret if not. Even the experts can’t tell the difference between lab created diamonds and mined diamonds with the naked eye.

Let’s tally up your scores and see if you guessed correctly. For each set, we’ll go from left to right:

  1. Lab grown | Earth
  2. Earth | Lab grown
  3. Earth | Lab grown
  4. Lab grown | Earth

So, how’d you do??

What’s The Difference Between Lab Created Diamonds And Earth Created Diamonds?

If you found it difficult to spot the difference, just know you’re not the only one! Lab created diamonds are optically and chemically identical to earth created diamonds. The only difference between the two is their origin.

  • Earth created diamonds are sourced from below the earth’s surface.
  • Lab grown diamonds are created in simulated ‘below-ground’ conditions in a lab.

Getting The Best Diamond Ring For Your Buck

Modern-day consumers will be happy to hear that lab grown diamonds are generally more affordable than earth created diamonds, giving you a 30% larger stone for the same cost!


The diamond-growing process is less resource-intensive than the diamond-mining process. It simply costs less to grow a diamond in a lab than it does to mine a diamond from the earth, and those savings are passed along to diamond shoppers. If you’re looking to maximize your budget without compromising on quality and sparkle, lab created diamonds are a great choice for you. 

Worth It? We Think So

There’s no doubt that earth created diamonds contain millennia of history, tradition, and romance. While these diamonds are the classic choice, lab grown diamonds are an affordable option and equally fresh. No matter what you decide, both diamonds hold their magnificent sparkle forever!

Final Thoughts

Were you able to tell our lab grown and earth created diamonds apart? Here’s the bottom line: Both are winners! Lab grown diamonds offer equal brilliance and sparkle as earth created diamonds. That being said, if you’re looking to maximize your budget without compromising on quality, a lab grown diamond may be calling your name.

Something sparkly catches your eye? At James Allen, we’ve got loads more jewelry up our sleeve. Browse our stunning assortment of wedding rings, tennis bracelets, men’s engagement rings, and more to spoil your significant other (or yourself!) today.

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The December Birthstone: Blue Topaz

December is here and so are all its wintry hues! If you’re looking for a gem that will match this icy season, look no further. Blue topaz is one of December’s birthstones and for good reason.

Blue topaz comes in a range of azure tones, from sky to royal blue- so there’s something for everyone.

Keep reading to learn more about this striking stone.

What Is December’s Birthstone?

Depending on the source, December has 3 to 4 official birthstones. They are: tanzanite, zircon, turquoise, and blue topaz. Despite being very different in composition and properties, all four of these gems are known for their piercing blue color. 

In this blog we’re going to be focusing on the ever-clear blue topaz!

What Is Blue Topaz?

Topaz is a silicate mineral, which in its purest state, is entirely colorless. Topaz can be many different colors, including yellow, gray, and red, though it is most often associated with the rare color blue. 

Here are some fun facts about topaz:

1. On the Mohs scale of hardness, topaz registers at an 8 out of 10. This means it is harder than tanzanite and almost as tough as sapphire! Topaz is one of earth’s hardest naturally occurring gemstones, making it ideal for everyday wear- no matter how you choose to rock it.

2. Did you know that topaz has pleochroism? This means that depending on the angle of light, topaz can vary in color. Every which way you move, your topaz will appear in different aquatic hues.

3. And finally: topaz is also the gemstone for the 4th, 19th, and 23rd wedding anniversaries. Gifting your loved one a topaz piece for your December anniversary will make the occasion all the more meaningful.

Blue Topaz Birthstone Origin and History

In the Hindu religion, topaz means heat. In Sanskrit, the word ‘topazion’ means fire. This is likely because when it was first discovered, topaz was only known for its yellow-orange variety. In the 1700s, the name topaz came to refer to the gem we are now familiar with. 

In the 1970s, gemologists discovered how to take colorless topaz, expose it to heat, and produce that iconic vibrant blue. Since then, the popularity of blue topaz has been on a steady incline. 

Today, blue topaz can be found all over the globe, from Southeast Asia to Central Europe, to Southern Africa. 

Blue Topaz Symbolism and Meaning

Blue topaz is not only cool in color. Topaz has a rich history of being associated with having a cool mind as well.  

Even in the Middle Ages, people believed topaz could break curses and dispel fits of anger. In India, topaz has long been purported to assure a long life, beauty, and intelligence.

Today, blue topaz more commonly represents true love. A love that is clear-sighted, honest, and communicative. 

Let the crystal clear transparency of the blue topaz inspire such qualities within your own relationships! 

December Birthstone Colors and Appearance

Topaz naturally occurs in a columnar shape. For this reason, it tends to look its best in oblong cuts such as baguette, oval, and pear shapes. For the best clarity and color, go for an open facet cut. 

In addition to shape and cut, topaz also varies in color. Blue topaz comes in three different hues: sky blue, London blue, and swiss blue. 

Sky blue is pale with a light tone and saturation, London blue is deep with a moderate tone and saturation, and swiss blue is highly vibrant and rich in tone and saturation. Swiss blue does not occur naturally in nature but is highly sought after due to its electric shade. 

Whether it’s pale, deep, or bright, any topaz is sure to turn heads and stun while doing so. 

Types of Blue Topaz Jewelry

Blue topaz makes a beautiful addition to any piece of jewelry. Whether it’s a gift for someone else or a treat for yourself, topaz is the perfect December present!

Here are just a few ways you can show off this stunning birthstone.

Blue Topaz Rings

If you’re looking for a quieter way to don this regal gem, keep your eyes out for a blue topaz ring. Small but mighty, a topaz ring will add just a dash of striking blue to your ensemble. What’s not to love?

Blue Topaz Necklaces

Are you into statement pieces? A blue topaz necklace is the perfect way to draw attention to this birthstone. Front and center, a necklace will present this dazzling blue to everyone you encounter- loud and clear!

Blue Topaz Earrings

A pair of earrings means double the dazzle! Throwing on a pair of blue topaz earrings will instantly elevate your look while helping to keep your wits about you. 

Blue Topaz Bracelets

Who doesn’t love a little shine around the wrist? A blue topaz bracelet will showcase this beautiful gem in a neat row of dazzling blue. Paired with another piece of topaz jewelry, and voila! Your look is complete. 

What Jewelry Metals Look Good With Blue Topaz

Platinum silver is by the far the most popular metal type to pair with blue topaz. Silver and white gold accentuate the blue topaz’s clean and sleek energy beautifully. 

Rose gold is another popular option. The contrast between the blue and rose tones creates a compelling pair. 

But don’t feel the need to only stick to these suggestions! Think about your skin tone, eye color, and personal taste. Given the varying hues of blue topaz, you can pair it with just about any metal type!

How To Care For Blue Topaz Jewelry

Just like any other crystal, dirt and grime can easily accumulate on the surface of your topaz. Thankfully, this gem is very easy to maintain.

When you want to clean your stone, you can easily do so with warm water and soap. Make sure you scrub it gently with a brush or washcloth. Pat it dry and watch its shine return!

While this may sound very simple, make sure not to leave your topaz in water for too long. Doing so may cause damage to your piece. The cleaning process should be short, simple, and easy!

Just remember to handle your gem with care, and you’re all set. 

To Wrap Up

If you ever feel like you need some clarity of mind, simply look to blue topaz to change that! You may be surprised at the results. 

This December, you can pay homage to the chill of the season with equally chilly jewelry. We’re sure you’ll be cool as ice! 

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Rachel Glassman

Rachel is fond of the written word and the moving image- and will talk about both with anyone who will listen!

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James Allen Jewelry That Arrives In Time For Christmas

Are you a procrastinator? Have you delayed your shopping but don’t want gifts that reflect it? Then you’re at the right place! We have a fabulous selection of gifts to arrive in time for Christmas. Gifts that sparkle so bright, at such great prices, they’ll have no idea you waited to shop!

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We understand holiday shopping can be overwhelming, and maybe, you put it off and now that has added to the stress. Well, relax, we are here to put the joy back into gift giving! Whether you’re shopping for family, friends, or a significant other, they’ll have no idea you procrastinated at all!

So save 25% on an incredible number of options and go to, where we will show you exactly when your gift will arrive based on what day you order. We have a myriad of options that sparkle bright, are on sale, and will comfortably be under the tree on Christmas morning.

How Will You Know Which Items Arrive In Time For Christmas?

Not sure how to tell which items will arrive in time? Sort items by “Fastest Shipping and starting December 1, 2022, look for the Santa hat.

Make sure to place your order by 2:00PM EST in order to receive your item(s) on the listed date.* Check out below for more details and of course, Happy Shopping!

*Please note that this only applies to orders in the continental United States.

How To Order An Engagement Ring That Will Arrive In Time For Christmas

Are you looking to make this the best, most memorable Christmas ever? Have you decided to make the Holiday season an engaging one? Then you really want to make sure your ring arrives on time!

Keep in mind that when ordering an engagement ring both the setting and the diamond need to be available to arrive by the big day. That means that you’ll want to:

  1. Select “Fast Shipping” when looking at the settings
  2. Select “Fast Shipping” again when looking at diamonds
  3. Ensure that the setting AND the diamond of your choice ship by the same date

After all, this is not a situation where you want to say here is part 1, you want to present the grand finale!

Best-Selling Gifts That Will Arrive In Time For Christmas

Just because you’re not an early shopper doesn’t mean you can’t get the most dazzling gifts…at least not at James Allen! Christmas is a magical time of year, and you need presents to match.

Whether you’re proposing to the love of your life or are looking to cement your place as the family favorite, read on to get the best gifts at the best prices, comfortably under the Christmas tree.

Engagement Rings

We said it before, Christmas is a magical time. Snow, the tree, family and friends, mistletoe, and of course, presents! Now there are presents, and there are PRESENTS. And some presents, like an engagement ring, will outshine all other presents.

This is a gift that will last a lifetime. It is a gift they will wear every day and show everyone. You may not have shopped ahead, but that doesn’t mean you will be stuck with the leftovers either. 

Check out some options below and go to for more! But don’t dawdle too long! We can ship things fast, but unfortunately, we don’t have magical reindeer.

And don’t forget to check out our engagement rings for men, because everyone deserves to shine bright.

Fine Jewelry

Jewelry is the gift that keeps on giving, or in this case, shining. Whether it is a piece they can wear every day or you are gifting something to be saved for special occasions, fine jewelry is sure to bring a smile to the face of whoever receives it. And remember, from earrings to bracelets, necklaces, and rings, SHINE. IS. IN. for everyone. 

Let’s hear it for the boys! Give all the men in your life a little bit of fabulous and help them proclaim their personal style.

Nothing can dim the light of a strong woman, but you can certainly add to it. Why not enhance her natural light with some sparkle and shine? Check out these pieces below. Love what you see? 

Wedding Rings

It’s happening! The big day is approaching! Whether you are doing a Christmas-themed wedding or are just feeling inspired by the holiday season, now is the perfect time to grab the wedding ring of your dreams. From classic to trendy, uniquely modern to elegant and dazzling, we have the wedding for you…and in time for Christmas of course!

Your man will love these!

Seal forever with one of these beauties:


How long does it take to get a ring from James Allen?

When ordering a ring from us, it is important to keep in mind that the setting AND the diamond or gemstone need to have that fast shipping tag. The date listed for arrival applies to orders placed by 2:00PM EST and only to orders within the continental U.S.

Important to note: the last day to ship for Christmas is December 22, 2022 by 2:00PM EST and applies ONLY to items that qualify for same day shipping.

Where does James Allen’s jewelry ship from?

The majority of our products are shipped from our headquarters in New York City.

Does James Allen ship on Saturday? 

Yes! We do ship on Saturdays.

Faster Than Rudolph

Like it or not, the holidays are HERE! It seems every year they just sneak up on us. But don’t let the present pressure stress you out. has numerous products to choose from that will arrive in time for Christmas.

So, whether you are shopping for a ring to pop the big question, need the perfect ring to start forever, or just want to win gift-giving with your friends and loved ones, we are here to make sure you get the perfect gift in time. 

Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Evil Eye & Hamsa Hand Jewelry Meaning: A Hanukkah Gift Guide

Put on your yarmulke, here comes Hanukkah. We all know that famous Adam Sandler song, but do we all know just what Hanukkah is? And more importantly, what do you give on Hanukkah? (Or is it spelled Chanukkah? Or Channukah?) However you spell it, many have the tradition to give gifts.

Some give a gift for each of the eight nights of Hanukkah, while others prefer to give one great gift for the whole holiday. Whatever your tradition, we’re here to help make sure you give a gift that lights up their entire holiday season!

A Hanukkah Gift Guide

Hanukkah is known as the Jewish “festival of lights,” this is because every night of the eight night festival, people gather around what is known as a Menorah and light a candle. Each additional night, another candle is added.

Celebrating a rededication to Judaism’s Holy Temple, lighting the Menorah is a reminder that after the Greek destruction, a single drop of oil was found and used to light the Menorah, which lasted for eight nights.

This oil is also a reason Hanukkah is so delicious! Think latkes (fried potato patties) and sufganiyot (hello doughnuts!), and really any food fried in oil, and of course…presents!

Do You Give Gifts on Hanukkah?

In a word, yes. Originally, the tradition was to give the gift of money, or gelt, in order to teach children, in particular, to give to charity. This custom has grown, and today, many people still give gelt (real money and the delicious chocolate kind).

And while not part of the original celebration, giving and exchanging gifts on Hanukkah…some every night, is very much a part of the holiday! Not only does this gift giving allow those who celebrate to feel a part of the general holiday season, but gift giving is prominent throughout Jewish tradition.

How Many Gifts Do You Give for Hanukkah?

The short answer: as many as you want! Some people have the tradition to give a gift every night of Hanukkah. In this case, many choose for more budget-friendly options as there are eight crazy nights. While others choose to give one great gift for the entire festival, giving it either on the first or last night to start or close off the holiday.

Still, others have a tradition to give presents every other night. This allows continuous gift giving without feeling excessive. If you are participating in a holiday gift exchange and are purchasing for someone who celebrates Hanukkah, or want to impress someone who celebrates Hanukkah, or are just feeling super festive, any gift, small or big, one or eight in number, is sure to spread the holiday cheer.

Best Hanukkah Gift Ideas for 2022

Do you need some ideas? We thought you might! Whether you want something more holiday-themed, budget-friendly, or you wanna give the gift to be known as “the big shebang,” we got you covered. See below for some fabulous options and go to for more!

Evil Eye Jewelry

The Evil Eye, or Ayin Hara in Hebrew, represents negative energy. From jealousy to the concept not to covet, the evil eye is the negative feeling that comes from envy or ill will. You might be thinking, if the Evil Eye is so bad, why would you want to wear it?

The Evil Eye is a concept, not an actual, physical eye. In fact, dating back to various ancient cultures, wearing a symbolic evil eye charm has come to be thought to offer protection against the negative energy associated with the concept. And can’t we all use a little extra protection these days?

Check out some options below, whatever your budget, we’ll make sure you’re protected in style.

Under $200

These beautiful earrings offer style and sparkle while giving you protection. The perfect gift for anyone on your list, these minimalistic earrings can be worn every single day.

14K Yellow Gold Evil Eye Diamond Stud Earrings

Do you need a bracelet to match those earrings? Or do you prefer some golden wrist action? Check out this gloriously golden Evil Eye bracelet and carry your protection daily. And if you love how it’s styled below, then get on the layer train and add a classic diamond tennis bracelet.

14K Yellow Gold Evil Eye Bracelet
tennis bracelets

Under $300

This sweet bracelet and elegant necklace make quite the pair! Wear them together or separately, the yellow gold with the dazzling diamond detail is the height of simple sophistication.

14K Yellow Gold Evil Eye Diamond Bolo Bracelet
14K Yellow Gold Mini Evil Eye Diamond Necklace

Under $400

Do you prefer your protection to come with a pop of color? Then look no further! The light blue enamel on this evil eye necklace will certainly protect you from the evils of looking boring! Grab it today and enjoy stylish protection year round.

14K Yellow Gold Enamel Evil Eye Station Necklace

Under $500

Are you in the market for a gift with a bit more glitz? Something dazzling yet understated, can be worn everyday, and will literally go with everything in any closet? This Evil Eye diamond ring is for you. Gorgeous, available in white or yellow gold, and of course, covered in diamonds, this is the kind of protection we could all use.

14K Yellow Gold Evil Eye Diamond Ring
14K White Gold Evil Eye Diamond Ring

Hamsa Jewelry

The Hamsa symbols can be seen in many cultures and is symbolized by a hand with an eye in the middle. Some say it symbolizes the Hand of God. Similar to Evil Eye jewelry, the Hamsa symbol is thought to ward off evil and offer protection against general bad energy.

Many people hang Hamsas in their homes, use the symbol as a keychain, and even wear the symbol on their clothing. It is also used in jewelry, and why not? It is also thought to bring good luck and happiness to those who wear it. No bad vibes and some good luck to boot? Sign us up!

These gold Hamsa earrings have a diamond for a touch of glitz. Perfect for the holidays and everyday, bring on the good luck and good fashion with this well priced pair at under $200.

Good luck and protection against evil meet romance and sparkle with this incredible necklace. Rose gold with a ruby and diamonds brings the perfect pops of color to this understated piece.

14K Rose Gold Hamsa Ruby And Diamond Necklace

Star Of David Necklace

The Star of David is arguably the most visible symbol of Judaism. Also known as the Magen David, or Shield of David, it is made of two overlaid triangles, one pointing up, one pointing down.

While little is known of its true origin, it is thought that God gave King David a shield with a star on it to protect him from his enemies. The symbol is said by some to remind those who wear it of God’s presence.

A necklace is a very popular way to wear the Star of David. Many who have such a necklace wear it daily. Check out our fabulous option below!

14K Yellow Gold Mini Star Of David Necklace

Thoughtful Gifts For All Eight Nights

Many people have the tradition of giving a small present each night, but that can get expensive fast! After all, there are eight nights! Luckily, James Allen has some fantastic new pieces for $200 or less. Allowing you to make each night shine as bright as the flames of the Menorah.

Night 1: These ball stud earrings are the perfect gift! For less than $100 (yes that’s right!) you can start the holiday with a perfectly pretty pair of earrings.

14K Yellow Gold 5mm Ball Stud Earrings

Night 2: This sterling silver chain will show off the fashion forwardness of whoever wears it (& reveal the trendiness of whoever gave it). Add some bling to your wrist on night two!

Sterling Silver 5.5mm Figaro Chain Bracelet - 8.5 Inches

Night 3: Keep the shine going on night three with this simply sophisticated gold plate ring. Perfect for everyday and every occasion, this ring is just the right price at $150.

14K Yellow Gold Plate Ring

Night 4: You’re at the halfway point and now it’s time to up the shine. This gold beaded row ring gives just enough style to this minimalistic masterpiece.

14K Yellow Gold Beaded Row Ring

Night 5: These earrings will take you from the Menorah lighting straight to the Hanukkah party. A gold bar accompanied by a drape chain shows everyone you’re receiving gifts that will last far beyond the latkes.

14K White Gold Bar And Drape Chain Earrings

Night 6: Looking for a present to accompany that Evil Eye necklace? These earrings match PERFECTLY! And at less than $200, you cannot go wrong!

14K Yellow Gold Turquoise Enamel Round Stud Earring

Night 7: You’ve made it to a full calendar week of lighting candles and eating fried foods. Add to the revelry with these entwined hoop earrings. Classic, stylish, and trending for countless generations, you’ll want to gift this to everyone on your list.

14K Yellow Gold Entwined Hoop Earrings

Night 8: Finish out the holiday with a gorgeous pair of amethyst earrings. February’s birthstone looks great no matter when you were born! 

14K White Gold Amethyst Birthstone Earrings

Big Gift Options

Perhaps a bunch of small gifts is not your style. You’re looking to make a big, one-time gift splash. You’re a showman, you want to go all out. We can help! Check out the sets below. Pick one piece or choose both, either way, you are sure to leave only “ooohs” and “aaahs.”

White gold, emeralds, diamonds: elegant, elegant, and elegant. Bling up your casual wear and pair them with your black tie attire, alone or together these pieces shine brighter than the stars.

14K White Gold Diamond And Emerald Ring
14K White Gold Emerald Station Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Maybe you want something that just screams romance. Perfect for the modern-day princess in your life (or you!). These rose gold diamond hoop earrings literally shine inside and out. Pair them with a blossom diamond tennis necklace, also in rose gold. So beautiful whoever gets one or both will be left speechless.

14K Rose Gold Marquise Round Diamond Inside-Out Hoop Earrings
14K Rose Gold Blossom Lab Created Diamond Tennis Necklace

Or perhaps you are looking for some whimsical diamond fine jewelry. The kind that leaves the wearer feeling like they are an ice princess in a winter wonderland. Check out these stylish pieces below. Worn together or on their own, these pieces will give that regal feeling.

14K White Gold Twisted Diamond Hoop Earrings
14K White Gold Whimsical Scatter Diamond Ring


Is it OK to wear evil eye jewelry?

Not only is it OK, it is even a good thing! Many say wearing the evil eye can help to protect you from bad juju.

What happens if you wear the evil eye?

It is said you will be protected from evil energies, we say you will be protected while looking stylish!

Is the evil eye good or bad?

The evil eye itself is a symbol to ward off bad energies. The term Evil Eye does not refer to a physical eye. One could argue that since it is a form of protection, it is good.

Can you wear the Hamsa hand and evil eye together?

Yes. In fact, many Hamsa designs incorporate the Evil Eye.

Make The Light Last

Hanukkah is a wonderful time of year. Family, friends, fried foods, and lights, and of course…presents! Whether you go for a gift with Jewish symbolism in honor of the holiday, you prefer to go for straight glitz and glam, or are shopping for multiple budget-friendly options so you can share the light of the holiday season far and wide, we have the options for you!

Sarah Axelrad

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Happily Ever After Styles You’ll Love 

In celebration of Disney’s Disenchanted, now streaming on Disney+, we’re feeling very inspired to help you get that look that will make you feel like royalty.

Not everyone’s happily ever after looks the same, but if you picture yours with a fairytale wedding and the whole shebang, we foresee many potential occasions where you and your bride or groom-to-be may need some help dressing the part. 

So settle in and make some popcorn because we’re celebrating Disney’s Disenchanted, now streaming on Disney+, featuring a stunning pair of James Allen pearl earrings. Let us walk you through every step of your journey to looking just as gorgeous as the Disney princesses and princes you know and love.

The Proposal 

Everyone deserves their dream engagement ring. Make your proposal moment extra special by investing in a ring that truly reflects the love you have for your partner, and you’re sure to get extra points if it matches your unique style! 

So, how do you get the ring you know they’ll love? You could get their friends and family involved, use their current jewelry as a style guide, or design the ring together. Many couples opt for this more unconventional way, but it’s foolproof to get that perfect sparkler! 

Related Post: How To Buy An Engagement Ring: 10 Tips For Men & Women

Pre-Wedding Celebrations 

Pre-wedding celebrations span from your engagement party, bachelor/bachelorette bash to your rehearsal dinner and other exciting events in between. It’s the build up to your special day, and you deserve to look your best. 

Not everyone likes to be the center of attention, but you’re getting married! Let the people around you shower you with love, positive vibes, and maybe a cute accessory or two. Diamond jewelry for her, and plain metal jewelry for him, is the perfect way to dress up your celebratory looks. 

Say I Do In Style  

Choosing your wedding day jewelry can be nerve-racking, but knowing you can simply match your jewelry to your dress or suit should keep those pesky butterflies at bay. Bridal jewelry typically sways more towards timeless pearl pieces. Pearl jewelry is versatile in color and design and can prove to be inexpensive, particularly when bought from trusted online jewelry retailers. 

Get this stunning pair of James Allen pearl earrings featured in Disney’s Disenchanted, now streaming on Disney+.

Out Of Office 

It’s honeymoon time, and there’s an accessory for any adventure you’ve got planned. If you’re going on an outdoor trip, on-the-go jewelry is the best choice for you. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t wear a tennis bracelet with your activewear! 

If your honeymoon plans look more like you on a beach day drinking and taking wow-worthy Insta pics, first, we’re jealous, and second, we recommend a layered and stacked jewelry look with simple fine jewelry pieces. 

And They All Lived…You know The Rest 

We hope you get your happy ever after with a jewelry box full of items to remind you of your special journey. At, we love that we’re a part of our customer’s unique moments, from helping couples choose their engagement rings to finding the best anniversary gifts as the years go by. 

If you’ve found your princess or prince charming and you’re ready to get down on one knee, visit us here, and we’ll make sure every occasion is a sparkling one.

Jessica Thomas

Jessica feels too much anxiety trying to come up with a cool bio. Read her awesome blog post instead.

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How To Buy An Engagement Ring Using The 4Cs

Have you heard of the 4Cs? Wondering what they are? Let’s break it down!

Engagement rings

What Are The 4Cs?

A diamond’s quality is determined by the 4Cs: 

Cut: The facets, angles, and proportions

Color: The colorlessness of the diamond

Clarity: How clear the diamond is, how free of inclusions it is

Carat: The weight/size of the diamond

The Characteristics of Diamonds

Diamonds come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles.

Because of their individuality, the Gemology Institution of America developed a grading system that enables the evaluation and weighing of diamond characteristics. A diamond’s scores directly alters both its cost and shine- that’s why the 4Cs are so important! 

Let’s go more in-depth into what the 4Cs represent… 

4 sections describing the 4 cs: Cut, Clarity, Carat Weight, and Color

We often associate a diamond’s cut only with its shape, whether it be a heart, pear, or oval. But, really, a diamond’s cut is far more complicated than that. Evaluating a diamond’s Cut is all about observing how well it interacts with light.

A lapidary (a person who cuts diamonds and gems) needs to employ incredible precision and artistry to make a diamond as bright as possible. The diamond’s proportions, facets, symmetry, and polish all have a role in its return to light. 

Because of this, Cut is the hardest of the 4Cs to evaluate.

The 4C's Diamond

Despite the name, when one is grading a diamond’s color, they are actually looking for the absence of color. The perfect diamond will ideally have no hue whatsoever- almost like a drop of water. The clearer the diamond, the higher the value. 

The GIA developed a color grading scale that is now widely accepted throughout the industry. The highest-value diamond will have a D, meaning colorless, and the lowest-value diamond will have a Z, meaning full of color. 

The color of a diamond is carefully measured using controlled light and comparison tools. 

Diamond  color chart

We tend to forget that diamonds are actually the result of an intricate geological process. This process may certainly leave diamonds with inclusions and blemishes. 

A diamond’s quality is determined by noting the number, size, placement, and type of such blemishes. The fewer the blemishes, the higher the value!

A diamond’s clarity is evaluated using a specific rating system:

A diamond’s carat weight is measured by how much it weighs. 1 carat is 200 milligrams. Large diamonds are incredibly rare and highly sought after. The heavier the diamond, the higher the price.

Diamond Size Chart, from 0.5 carats to 2 carats

Keep in mind that two diamonds of equal carat weight can have very different values (and prices) depending on three other factors within the 4Cs: Clarity, Color, and Cut. It’s important to remember that a diamond’s value is determined using all of the 4Cs, not just carat weight.

How To Buy An Engagement Ring Using The 4C’s

Remember that the 4Cs are a guideline, not a straightforward good-or-bad scale. Keep this in mind when using the 4Cs as you shop for your engagement ring!

Once you fully understand the 4Cs, you can figure out which aspects to prioritize so you find the perfect ring within your budget!


Cut doesn’t just mean looking at a diamond’s shape and polish. Cut is directly related to the shine of the diamond, as well. Take a look at how the diamond reflects light; in an ideal diamond, there should literally be sparkles! When you find a diamond that shines brilliantly, make sure you are also happy with its shape. In addition to its light and shine, ask if it is appealing to you.


An absolutely colorless diamond is extremely rare and shouldn’t necessarily be your top priority. Remember that even G-I rated diamonds have no discernible color and have great value for their quality.

K rated diamonds are a budget-friendly option. Even though these diamonds may be faintly colored, they pair nicely with yellow gold metals. Keep in mind that there is always a way to make a less expensive diamond look gorgeous.


No diamond is perfect. Under the naked eye, a stone may appear free of blemishes and inclusions- but upon further inspection that may not be the case. When shopping for your engagement ring it is important to have a professional evaluate it. Getting a professional opinion will ensure that you get your money’s worth!

Carat Weight

Now that we know that value is directly tied to weight, it can be easy to get caught up in the carat of your diamond. But it’s important to remember that while carat is meaningful, the value of your diamond comes from all its Cs.

Two diamonds of the same carat weight may have completely different values! When choosing a diamond for your engagement ring, look at the piece as a whole, not simply for its weight. Take all factors into consideration, and you’ll make the perfect choice!

The Fifth C Of Diamonds: Conflict Free

Conflict free or ethical diamonds are any diamonds that were produced under ethical conditions. This can mean several things: the diamonds did not finance civil wars, they were mined and shipped under safe working conditions, miners were paid fair wages, and there were no human rights abuses during the production of the diamonds.

If you want to guarantee that your diamond is 100% conflict free, purchase a lab grown diamond. Lab-grown diamonds have no discernible differences from earth-grown diamonds and are friendlier on the pocket.


1. Which of the 4Cs is most important?

Experts say that Cut is the most important of the 4Cs. This is because when a diamond is poorly cut, no amount of clarity, color, or carat can make up for it. When well cut, it can present its other qualities in full force.

Diamond cuts

2. What Are The Best 4Cs For A Diamond?

Remember, the most important of the 4Cs is Cut. This is followed by Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Keep this order in mind when deciding on what you want to prioritize!

Need More Help on The 4C’s?

James Allen understands that shopping for the perfect diamond can be overwhelming! If you’re still unsure about the 4Cs, take advantage of our free diamond consultation and inspection services. We’re here to help make the diamond shopping process as smooth as possible!

And don’t forget to subscribe to our email list for access to secret sales, practical ring-buying tips, and $100 off your first purchase!

Rachel Glassman

Rachel is fond of the written word and the moving image- and will talk about both with anyone who will listen!

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What Is The Birthstone For November?

November is here and so is sunny, sparkling citrine!

November birthstone

What Is November’s Birthstone?

For many parts of the world, November is a time of changing leaves, warm drinks, and the transition into winter! The cozy warmth of this month is on full display in the orange hue of a Citrine crystal.

But Citrine is not the only birthstone for November! Topaz also shares the title for this month’s sunny gem. While topaz is often golden-yellow, it can also appear pale blue, green, or totally clear.

What Is Citrine?

Citrine is a crystal variety of quartz. While Citrine is cloudy or smoky in its natural form, it is best known for its transparent fiery hue. Citrine can appear anywhere from pale yellow to radiant orange.

In many languages, the word ‘citrine’ means ‘lemon’, which perfectly fits the citrus-color of this gem.

As fashion trends began to favor earth tones, Citrine boosted in popularity. Today, it is highly sought after, not only during November, but year round.

Citrine Birthstone Origin and History

Citrine has been around for thousands of years! Citrine can be found in all corners of the globe: from Scottish highlands to Brazilian rainforests. Perhaps it is this worldly history that gives Citrine its regal and vintage quality. 

Notable Greek and Roman figures were known to wear rings adorned with Citrine crystals. But Citrine’s dazzling color didn’t stay in the past- it has remained current throughout history! 

Queen Victoria loved Citrine and adopted it into her royal accessories countless times. And later, Hollywood royalty of the likes of Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford paraded this special gem down the red carpet. 

Citrine has a rich history, adding a vintage element to a gem that is both classic and current. 

Citrine Symbolism and Meaning

There is a reason why so many notable figures of the past favored Citrine! In addition to its dazzling beauty, Citrine holds many symbolic meanings and associations. Warmth, positivity, and illumination emanate from the crystal’s golden color. This is why Citrine has become a symbol of happiness, confidence, and vitality.

With this, Citrine has the ability to bring its wearers a burst of warm energy. The gem is fiery and passionate, just like the sun. Citrine can easily warm your senses and give off a sense of calm- especially during the cold winter months. When looking for a dose of optimism, simply look for Citrine!

Citrine Birthstone Colors and Appearance

In addition to its high clarity and durability, Citrine is prized for its rich color! The paler the orange, the more common it is. The darker the orange, the more valuable it is. Stones in a uniform dark orange, for example, are fairly rare and highly sought after.

Stones that appear reddish-orange or reddish-brown are the ones that are the rarest.

Whether you are drawn towards Citrine, which is yellow or fiery red, it is sure to give you the spark of warmth that you need. 

Types of Citrine Jewelry

Today, you can find just about any piece of jewelry that features Citrine! Whether it be understated and subtle or loud and eye-catching, each piece will beautifully display this alluring stone.

Citrine Rings

Sometimes our hands need a dash of color, too! Wearing a Citrine ring is a quieter way to incorporate this gem into your look. Although they might be small, a Citrine ring will sparkle with every gesture of your hand!

Citrine Necklaces

Citrine necklaces are a great way to really show off the glow that Citrine offers. Hanging around your neck, you can give everyone you pass a dose of warmth. We’re sure they won’t be able to look away!