How to Take a Picture Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

How to Take a Picture Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Just got engaged and want to share the exciting news with all your friends and family? We all know the feeling of wanting to show off your brand new, sparkling engagement ring. Check out our guide on how to take a picture-perfect ring selfie. 

Time to find the best angle, breathtaking background, and strike the perfect pose. And what better way to celebrate National Selfie Day than snapping a stunning engagement ring selfie. We do know this technique comes with its own challenges as we all want the picture to be flawless, especially for social media. Luckily we’re here to give you all the best tips and tricks to help you capture that perfect ring selfie.  Keep reading to see how to get #RingSelfie ready!

Natural Lighting Is Everything 

Good lighting is the most important factor, especially if you want your ring to radiate. And, the best place to capture the perfect engagement ring selfie is outdoors in natural light. As no filters are needed here, nothing will show off your engagement ring’s cut, brilliance, and sparkle quite like sunlight

However, if you’re in a rush and not outdoors, make sure to set up your shot near a well-lit window for some natural light. Artificial lighting such as a dim or yellow-toned lit room can lead to blurry photos. Also, many people tend to forget that what may look good in person does not always translate well in photos. 

Pro tip: Whether you’re inside or out, watch out for tricky shadows.

Find The Perfect Background

If you’re snapping the shot right after the proposal, we suggest finding that Instagram-worthy skyline or backdrop. After all, your engagement ring is the centerpiece of your ring selfie, but there is no reason you can’t enhance it with a gorgeous backdrop. 

If you do not have the ultimate background, you could always go with the lovely idea of using a prop. In fact, this is a great hack when you want your pose to look more relaxed and super natural. Some of our favorite props are coffee mugs, a bridal magazine, a glass of bubbly (you’re celebrating, after all!), or even putting your hand around your fiancé’s arm. The best is to try a few different backgrounds or props so you have plenty of options to choose from when you post it.

Pro-tip: To make your engagement ring selfie POP, why not try using bold, eye-catching colors as your backdrop? This is specifically for people who did not opt for a fancy color diamond engagement ring or gemstone ring which already features beautiful hues.

Pay Attention To The Focus

Another important factor in this process is to pay attention to the focus of the image. To get the photo perfectly focused, it’s recommended not to rely on the auto-exposure feature on your phone. Instead, want the focus and attention to be on your engagement ring. Simply, touch where you want the camera to focus and hold down for a second or two to get the focus and exposure to lock in place. If you have your fiance’ in the background, this trick will blur them and show off your dazzling new rock.

14K White Gold Cathedral Pavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Experiment With Angles

Angles are everything! Don’t be shy to play around with different perspectives and angles to make sure you capture all the details and personality of your ring. Additionally, depending on the cut of your diamond, different angles will catch different light and create more sparkle. 

Pro tips:

  1.  To show off the ring’s setting opt for a side shot, whilst a shot taken from above will highlight the diamond’s shape
  2. To make your engagement ring look appear bigger, experts recommend removing all other jewelry so that the focus is entirely on the ring.
14K White Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)

Nail The Manicure 

Of course, if your proposal is a surprise you may not be prepared with a beautiful, fresh manicure. But, if you do have some kind of idea that the big question may be coming soon, we highly recommend that your nails look fabulous! 

Nothing shows off your engagement ring bling like a rockin’ manicure. And, if you ask us, this is for sure a top priority for that polished engagement ring selfie.  

Pro tip: Choose a color that compliments your skin tone, or some trendy nail art. Just make sure all the attention is not averted from the bling.

Include Your Fiancé

While the engagement ring selfie is all about the ring, it’s important not to forget that this special moment is really about both of you. Make sure to feature them in your post, whether it’s mentioning them in the caption or including them in your actual photo. Some of our favorite customer ring selfies feature the newly engaged couple, and we love to see their bliss and excitement shining through. 

Feature Furry Friends

Who doesn’t love sparkling diamonds and adorable pets? And what better way than combining the two to create your greatest engagement ring selfie post? 

This is a two-for-one special of Instagram-able pictures: sparkling rings and adorable pets! If you have a sweet dog or cat who loves to be in the spotlight, consider including them in your special moment as a cute way to announce your engagement. 

Caption Is Key

Now that you have the beautiful photo ready to post on social media, it’s time to caption it. The caption to your engagement ring selfie should convey both this once-in-a-lifetime moment and something special that captures the love of you and your fiance. 

It can be sentimental or personal, humorous, fun, or even romantic – after all, this is your moment! Feel free to use emojis too.

Here are some of our favorite captions from our customers: 

  • “Mom and Dad may be engaged, but I still get all the treats!🤪” 
  • “He asked. I said Yes!💍💙”
  • “Cheers to our next chapter 🥂💍”
  • “Something magical happened yesterday…💍 ✨”
  • “Does this ring make me look engaged?💍💎❤”

Additional Pro Engagement Ring Selfie Tips 

Now that you know how to take the magnificent engagement ring selfie using our tips above, keep these engagement ring selfie etiquette rules in mind.

  • DO NOT zoom in – your picture will almost always come out blurry, out of focus, or pixelated. 
  • Don’t be shy to edit the photo before posting it. There are many great apps and filters to help elevate the quality of your picture and make your ring truly pop. A little editing can go a long way!  
  • Don’t forget to relax your hand. Trust us, we know the excitement but the ring selfie pose is supposed to be as natural as possible.  
  • Avoid unsolicited bragging. By all means, show off that stunning sparkler but do so without going overboard. For example, don’t mention how many carats your diamond has or how much it costs. Of course, discuss this with close friends and family but preferably not on social media. 

Ring Selfie Ideas And Inspiration 

14K Yellow Gold Pavé Halo And Shank Diamond Engagement Ring
Platinum Embellished Gallery Pavé Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Three Stone Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring

Show us your ring selfies! We love seeing your gorgeous engagement ring shots! Keep sharing them with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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The Best Locations & Rings For A Summer Proposal

Summer is here, love is in the air, and wedding season has arrived. You found the one, you’ve decided to ask, and now you have to decide where to ask, how to ask, and most importantly, to pick out the ring.

The Best Locations & Rings For A Summer Proposal

Getting engaged is a moment you’ll never forget. Everything has to be perfect, from the setting to the story, and of course the ring. This is a story you, your family, and your friends will be telling until your wedding day and beyond. 

Whether you jet off to Paris, do it at dinner, or make it a family affair, we are here to help you pick the perfect place and the perfect engagement ring for your dream summer proposal. 

Destination Proposal Tips

They say go big or go home, and you’ve decided to go big.  You’ve got a special trip planned, so let’s make it the vacation of a lifetime. Let’s start with a few tips to ensure it is the most epic yes!

Propose early. Don’t spend the entire trip being a nervous nelly, instead, start your vacation off with a bang.

Practice, practice, practice. Prepare what you are going to say ahead of time. You WILL be nervous, so rehearsing what you say will ease some of the stress.

Do your homework. No matter if you are going for romance, quirk, or privacy, make sure you have researched your location. Proposing will be difficult if you are amidst a sea of tourists if there’s another event taking place, or gasp, your location is closed! Take out the guesswork and take out the stress.

Trick them into it. Everyone should be dressed for the occasion. Nails did, hair did, everything did…right? So a little white lie here is OK. Plan a fake outing with a dress code similar to what you would like the big question to be. Going for glam? Fake an opera night. You get the idea.

Pics or it didn’t happen. You’ve gone through all this trouble. Make sure it is documented. Hire a photographer to document the moment. Remember, the more isolated and private, the harder incorporating a photog will be. Hire a pro and you’re sure to come up with a master plan no matter the scenario.

Celebrate. You’ve asked, and they said yes! (Congrats by the way!) Have something on hand to celebrate. A bottle of champagne, their favorite cookies, or reservations at their favorite restaurant.

Check out these halo engagement rings that will stop them in their tracks!

14K Rose Gold Compass Point Diamond Accents Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Sunburst Diamond Tiara Engagement Ring

Private Locations For A Private Moment

This is a huge moment between two people. If you want your proposal to be something for JUST the two of you, then pick a private location. Does that mean no one else can be around? Of course not. It just requires some research. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. New York, New York. We know what you’re thinking, New York?! Privacy?! Actually yes! This iconic city is so sizable, so large, that you are sure to find a private spot. A romantic picnic, a private stroll, or grabbing a view of the unforgettable New York City skyline, are just a few ideas.
  1. Pagosa Springs, Colorado. These hot springs ooze romance. With multiple secluded spots and a gorgeous natural background of mountains and forest, give your partner a piece of ice hotter than any spring in the state.
  1. Isle of Skye, Scotland. You’ll feel as if you are in a fairy tale at this gorgeous location that feels straight out of your fantasies. As beautiful as it is private, jump into the pools of the cascading river to celebrate….if you dare!
  1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia. You don’t get much more private…or romantic than the bungalows of Bora Bora. Take an intoxicating vacation to the next level by popping the ultimate question.

These engagement rings sparkle so bright they will light up the night sky!

14K White Gold Falling Edge Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring
14K Yellow Gold Rope Solitaire Engagement Ring

Budget Conscientious Proposals

Your proposal is a special moment, that does not mean it has to be an expensive one. Sometimes simple is best. Or maybe, you want the ring to have all the budget! Either way, check out some of these ideas for a great summer proposal that will be easy on your wallet.

Summer Proposal At The Beach

Most public beaches are free, and if you manage to find free parking even better! Go for sunset (or if you’re an early bird, sunrise). The sand, the water, the view, and you! Write it in the sand or celebrate by frolicking in waves, you just can’t ask for a better spot!

Propose At Your Local Park

Being out in nature and enjoying the summer breeze is about as cute as it gets. Being somewhere familiar will make it feel like home. So pack a picnic and make a day of it (make sure to pack it yourself so you can hide the ring!). Find a secluded spot, snuggle under your favorite tree, or have fun on the swings. Your local park is the perfect spot to create a million-dollar summer proposal for mere pennies on the dollar.

Have Your Proposal At A National Park

National parks are not only beautiful, but they are also affordable too. Choose one with free entry for the utmost frugality. But don’t worry, if your chosen national park has an entry fee, it will be minimal and only exists to help support the park. Feel the romance of nature when you pop the question. The beautiful, awe-inspiring geological features of national parks make them a perfect, economically conscientious scene to ask the most beautiful of questions.

Picture Your Summer Proposal On A Scenic Drive

Fancy a drive? Beauty is literally all around you. For this summer proposal, all you need is a bit of gas in your tank and the open road. We recommend getting your car cleaned first (fast food wrappers have a tendency to take away the romance) and pulling over (no distracted driving here!). This proposal is low cost, high intimacy, and all romance. Pick your spot and head out on the open road.

Check out these solitaire engagement rings that are so beautiful you’ll forget they don’t break the bank.

14K White Gold Ten Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
14K Yellow Gold Woven Solitaire Engagement Ring

Make It A Family Affair

If you and your partner are very family-oriented or maybe mom is their best friend, perhaps they have a gaggle of cousins who are just always around? More and more people are making their proposals a family affair. After all, they say you don’t just marry the person, you marry the whole family.

Having the family involved can be VERY helpful. They can help with everything from the ring all the way through to the big moment. Mom can find out the ring size, dad can insist they come to your desired location, big sis can find out what styles they love….and hate! And baby brother can record it all on his new phone.

Not only will having the family involved let them know you have their family’s blessing, but your partner will also appreciate having the people who love them most around for their biggest moment.

Whether it’s a family dinner, a family vacation, or maybe the family pops up out of nowhere, having family around for such an important moment can make it that much more meaningful.

Here are some pavé engagement rings the family is sure to approve of and will make amazing selfies with your family furbaby!

14K White Gold Graduated Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Proposals Fit For Royalty

They are royalty to you so make them feel like a monarch for a day. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Roses Are Red. For a romantic summer proposal, we suggest you fill the room with their favorite flower. Whether it’s roses or lilies, fill the room from top to bottom with their favorite petals. The scent will be gorgeous, the scene unforgettable, it will be a moment fit for royalty.
  1. I’m On A Boat. Summer proposals and boats? we think yes! Something about being ferried on a boat feels simply regal. Oh captain! Take us towards the sunset! Go for the wine and cheese package (if offered – if not BYOW&C) and amidst the luxury of the moment, present them with a diamond engagement ring just as elegant.
  1. Viva Italia! From the balconies of Verona to the canals of Venice, Italy is filled with regalia. Luxuriate with wine for the ages and the best pasta of your life. Enjoy views straight from a postcard and create a straight up Cinderella moment as they stare nonstop at their new icy finger.
  1. Literally A Castle. Europe’s royal families left castles all over the continent, many are open to visitors, and some even allow you to stay overnight. Visit one for the big moment and have a location as fabulous as the ring you are presenting. It does not get more regal than being in an actual castle.

Want a ring fit for a coronation? Here are some of our favorite summer-inspired engagement rings they are sure to love….almost as much as they love you!

14K White Gold Scalloped Cathedral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
14K Yellow Gold Double Row Majestic Diamond Tiara Engagement Ring

Find Out Your Partner’s Ring Size

You know what ring you want but you need the right size. We are here to help! Firstly, you can order a free ring sizer from JamesAllen!

Looking to be more sly? Check out the tips and tricks below to ensure you get their ring size right the first time!

How to measure ring size

No Time Like The Present

The perfect time, place, and ring are personal to you and your partner. Whether you want no one there or everyone there, want to save your pennies or prefer to put on a big show, we have the ring perfect for your summer proposal moment. Love what you saw here but need some more options? Visit to see all our engagement ring options or design your own!

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Cover - How To Protect Your Rings While Working Out

How To Protect Your Engagement Ring At The Gym: And Other Times To Remove Your Ring

Engagement rings are often your first piece of true diamond jewelry. But this piece presents a unique problem, you are meant to wear it every single day! Often fine jewelry is kept safe in a jewelry box, brought out on special occasions and worn with care. Even pieces meant for casual wear are kept safe.

Yellow Gold Oval Diamond engagement ring

So what are you to do when you’re a newly engaged fitness fanatic? Read on to learn how to keep your ring safe from your fitness routine and other opportune moments.

Why Do I Need To Remove My Engagement Ring?

The idea of needing to remove your ring at any time is new for many people. We don’t remember seeing our parents take them off. You also likely see other people working out with their rings on and you wonder, if they can do it, why can’t I? Yet this is not a pattern you want to repeat if you intend to protect what is arguably your most prized piece of jewelry. 

Of course you want to wear it all the time; you want to show it off! And rightly so! Whether an engagement ring symbolizing your love, or a gorgeous birthstone ring and fine jewelry are investment pieces. They are bought with love and made with expertise. The best materials and the most gorgeous gemstones merit the ultimate protection. Make sure that when you do show it off, it looks its best! Buying insurance is not the only way to protect your valuables.

yellow gold emerald diamond engagement ring

Is It Safe To Wear Your Engagement Ring AND Lift Weights?

When working out, you risk chipping the band, scratching a center gemstone, or damaging the prongs, causing your diamond to fall out, and even thinning the band to the point it can break. You don’t have to be clutz or a gym novice for this to happen. So how does this happen?

It doesn’t matter if you lift heavy weights with fewer reps, or lower weights at higher reps, the pressure of the weights, no matter if it’s a bar or dumbbells, will cause your band to bend. Pavé bands are particularly at risk. When the pressure of the weights causes the band to bend, on a pavé bend, there is an increased risk of the small stones falling out.

Even if you use weight machines instead of free weights, this still applies to you. And weight machines carry an added risk…your ring can get caught in the machine. Changing the weight load, your ring can get caught between plates or even when holding on it can get caught in the crevices of the machine.

Free weights or machines, bars or dumbbells, you risk damage if you wear your ring while pumping iron.

Avoid The Avulsion

In addition to risking damaging the ring, you can damage yourself! Working on that perfect push up? Trying to get that PR on pull ups? Or working on that perfect down dog? As the ring gets pressure from the bar or the ground, you will feel your ring press against your finger, which at a minimum is very uncomfortable and at a maximum, is painful.

Along with the pain, calluses can form around your ring that can be very uncomfortable as well. Especially when they peel and harden. Even if you’re tough enough for that pain, wearing your ring can cause a ring avulsion.

What is an avulsion you ask? This is what happens when your ring finger, or another finger sporting a ring, gets caught and the ring gets yanked off so fast that you damage your finger tissues, muscles, tendons, and even bones.

Also known as “Degloving,” while ring avulsions aren’t common, they sure are painful. And working out with your rings on puts you at increased risk. Another reason to get fit with your rings safely tucked away.

What About Cardio? Is That Ring-Safe?

Cardio is not a one size fits all and can still have an impact; sticking to running or spin classes can still cause damage. Tennis players, for example, have to watch for flying tennis balls and the impact from their rackets. Using cardio equipment like spin bikes, ellipticals, stair climbers, and even when doing floor exercises, your ring will get knocked every time, which can damage your precious wedding ring.

white gold diamond tennis bracelet and pave band round diamond engagement ring

Sports like running don’t have impact concerns, but they do come with other risks. Sweat can loosen your ring and cause it to fall off; ensuring your ring is the correct size will minimize, but not eliminate, this risk. See our tips and tricks, including our online ring sizer, to ensure you get the right size.

Another risk is sweat and dirt, this can tarnish your engagement ring and other fine jewelry, and while we can advise you on how to clean your engagement and wedding rings, it is still best to keep them as clean as possible, right from the start.

Dirt and other muck will affect your ring’s appearance and take away its brilliance. The more detailed your ring, the more easily dirt will get trapped in all the nooks and crannies. And we want to make sure your ring shines bright.

Swimming is another great workout, low impact, easy on those joints, BUT pools are not ring-friendly. The chemicals used to treat pools can dull your metal, diamonds, and other precious gemstones. Another risk, is prune fingers! When your fingers shrink and get all pruney from swimming, your ring can fall off! A damaged AND lost ring? No thank you!

white gold round diamond engagement ring

What About Yoga?

You still need to be careful when participating in activities like yoga, pilates, or barre. Not only can engagement rings get damaged when knocking against the floor or the ballet bar, but they can also throw off your balance, negatively affecting your workout.

The same is true for gymnastics, stretching, and even if you’re training to be a ninja warrior. Play it safe and ensure the best workout and remove your rings during your fitness routine.

Isn’t Gold Strong?

Gold, platinum, and other alternative metals ARE strong. But so are you! And the pressure of bars, barbells, bodyweight exercises, and other gym activities will bend and scratch these metals. Even stronger metals like platinum will eventually snap under the pressure.

Other Times To Remove Your Ring

Washing your hands, especially when using hand sanitizer. Typical hand soaps and sanitizers have harsh chemicals that can damage your ring. The same is true for cleaning products, so whether wiping down the machine after using it or cleaning the house and doing laundry, those chemicals can cause damage so it’s best to put your ring in a safe place. 

When cleaning your ring yourself, you want to stick to gentle soaps. See more about how to care for your ring here.

Sleeping and showering? You betcha! Your favorite body wash, shampoo, lotions, potions, and other cosmetics can cause damage. The chemicals can tarnish your jewelry, and lotions and cosmetics can also cause build-up in the crevices of a ring. Put your ring and other fine jewelry on once you’re fully quaffed but not during the beautifying process.

Experts also recommend taking your engagement ring off before you enter dreamland, as your engagement ring can get caught on your sheets or even your hair when you sleep. This can damage the prongs, causing them to loosen and thus damage your ring. Best to take off your engagement and wedding rings while you catch those Z’s.

The beach is also a hazard for multiple reasons! The saltwater is corrosive, and the sand can make your ring and jewelry dirty and actually damage your metals. Sand can also damage the prongs and cause your stones to fall out. A lost ring is not better than a damaged ring

Top Times To Remove Your Engagement Ring

  1. Working Out
  2. Cleaning
  3. Showering
  4. Applying Lotion & Makeup
  5. The Beach
  6. Swimming (pools & natural bodies of water)
  7. Hiking
  8. Sleeping

So How Do I Protect My Engagement Ring?

There are multiple products out there that claim to protect your ring. Some women suggest tucking it into your sports bra or putting it into pockets that are meant for your keys or your phone. And while these options and products work to varying degrees, none are full proof. One product may work great if you’re going for a run but may be totally useless if taking a HIIT class.

Different forms of physical activity have different risks of damaging your diamond engagement ring and other fine jewelry. Scratches, dents, dirt, they all affect it. Some products protect you from losing your wedding ring but fail to ensure it does not get dirty, some products make sure the band is protected but leave the diamond exposed for chipping. Truly the best way is to hold onto and utilize that original packaging.

How to protect your engagement ring?

Your James Allen ring box is a sure-fire way to protect your ring. Whether leaving it at home before heading to the gym or in your gym bag before heading out for a hike, your ring box and other original packaging are the easiest way to protect your fine jewelry.

yellow gold oval diamond engagement ring

You may worry, like so many of us, that you’re on the go and too busy to stop at home, but you don’t want to leave it in a gym locker. Investing in a good lock will protect all your valuables, your wallet, laptop, and other important things you carry with you on a daily basis.

Still worried? Take your ring box, put it in a locked bag or case, and leave it at the front desk or manager’s office.

Final Thoughts

We understand that when you get engaged, married, or treat yourself to a gorgeous piece of fine jewelry, you want to show it off. You want to wear it every day! You want to show your anniversary bling all the time to everyone….and you should! And while it might feel weird to take your rings off, you also need to protect them and protect yourself.

It is important to remember these pieces are true fine jewelry and need to be treated as such. They need to be cared for and protected just as much as they need to be shown off. Having a fabulous engagement ring, wedding band, and other fine jewelry does not need to interfere with your fitness routine or active lifestyle. 

Protect your fine jewelry while also living your best life. Whether at the pool, the beach, hitting the weights, or going for a run, safeguard your jewelry and ensure it always sparkles brightly.

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Our Top Engagement Rings For Same-Sex Couples

When it comes to popping the question, anything goes. But what about the ring? Something as personal as an engagement ring needs some extra thought, and that’s where we come in. Join us as we explore the perfect engagement ring duos for same-sex couples! 

Engagement Rings For Same-Sex Couples

We’re grateful that love is anyone’s game, and each player gets their own unique story. What better way to express your personal love story and style than with your engagement ring?

But first, the usual questions. Who proposes to who? Are you both jumping on the trend of wearing engagement rings together? If yes, are you going the cute route with matching rings? 

Overwhelmed? Don’t stress. There’s really no right answer on how to propose or what engagement ring to get. All we can do is inspire you. 

Here’s a look at our top engagement rings for same-sex couples. 

Engagement Rings For Same-Sex Couples

Same-Sex Engagement Rings For Women

Now, it’s important to remember that anything goes with your unique proposal and the same should be said about your engagement ring. Here are a few categories we’ve outlined about engagement rings for same-sex partners. 


For a classic proposal, one person would have a desire to be proposed to while the other would like to be the one who pops the question. If you and your partner fall into this category you’ll both appreciate the more traditional approach. 

Traditional rings are anything but boring. Classic solitaire engagement rings are a style that will be around forever. What we love about these rings is that you can pair this setting with just about any diamond shape and metal color. You can also opt for different prong settings to suit your individual style.

Solitaire engagement rings with different metal colors and styles

In the past, it was customary for women to wear the engagement ring as men would be the ones who typically proposed. However, for same-sex couples, there are really no hard and fast rules about this.

If you’d like to keep it within the traditional standard then your partner to whom you proposed to will be the one sporting the diamond ring you picked especially for them. Then you will get your wedding band once you’re married. 

Side stone engagement rings

Dual Proposals

In today’s society, it’s super normal to have the marriage talk as a couple and to decide together that it’s time to get engaged. That being said, it’s not completely uncommon for same-sex couples to propose to one another. In fact, it’s a growing trend that both partners will wear an engagement ring and we’re absolutely loving it! 

So what kind of engagement ring should you and your partner choose if you both plan to propose and be proposed to? 

We’ve got two answers. First, you could always do matching rings to make the moment even more memorable. Picking out matching rings is a process the two of you won’t easily forget. Also, knowing your partner has a ring exactly like yours will always remind you of them when you catch a glimpse of your sparkler. 

If you don’t want to match completely, you can always keep them similar by choosing the same type of ring setting and then adding in your preferred center stone of choice. 

Two pavé engagement rings with different styles

Second, you can both buy rings that showcase your significant other’s personal style and preferences. Going with this option means that you both have more options to choose from in terms of ring styles and also customization. Say you love halo engagement rings but you’d prefer a gemstone center stone instead of a traditional diamond- your partner can make that happen by designing your ring online. 

P.S. If you love the idea of creating a customized ring from scratch, try out our ring studio for the ultimate ring designing experience. 

Women's gemstone engagement rings

Same-Sex Engagement Rings For Men

Men’s engagement rings are a little more tricky than womens since they’re only just now becoming increasingly popular. That’s not to say they aren’t a thing yet, because they very much are on the rise. It’s more of a question of their style and what that’s supposed to look like.

Do men’s engagement rings keep up the concept that a diamond or gemstone needs to be involved in the ring’s design, or does anything go? 

We’d like to think it’s up to the individual. And for same-sex couples, the sky is the limit to the type of engagement ring style you wish to present your partner with. If you want to keep it traditional- diamonds really are for everyone! One of the most popular styles are comfort fit rings with added diamond or gemstone accents. 

Men’s Eternity Rings

Diamonds already symbolize love, commitment, and above all, strength. Now when they’re fitted in an eternity ring, your partner will know you’re in it for the long haul!

Eternity rings can be customized to suit your significant other’s personal style, from diamond cut preference to favorite metal color choice. The best part, they’ll be shining from every angle. 

An eternity ring is also the perfect style for matching same-sex couples’ engagement rings as they represent not only the time you’ve already spent together, but the long life you’ll enjoy together as a married couple. 

Men's diamond and gemstone engagement rings

Alternative Metal Men’s Engagement Rings 

Gold may be the most popular metal but alternative metals like tantalum offer a more rich and masculine color which is extraordinarily appealing.

Tantalum rings for same-sex couples offer durability, comfort, and it’s a low-maintenance metal. This metal is also a budget-friendly option as it’s cheaper than platinum and hypoallergenic. As an engagement ring option, they’re perfect for easy customization. 

Tantalum 6mm Channel Set Diamond Comfort Fit Ring
Tantalum 7.5mm Channel Set Diamond Satin Finished Comfort Fit Ring

How Do I Find Out My Partner’s Ring Size?

Getting your partner’s ring size is probably one of the most nerve-wracking exercises before your actual proposal. Lucky for you we have a few easy tips and tricks to help you get it right the first time round. 

How to measure ring size

At you can request a free ring sizer from us which we’ll have sent to you to ensure you get the perfect fit! Or you can have a go at our virtual try-on, which should come with disclosure because it’s highly addictive!

Same-Sex Engagement Ring FAQs

  1. Do we need matching engagement rings? 

The short answer is no. Matching engagement rings for same-sex partners is no more mandatory than it is for heterosexual couples. Matching rings is a personal choice you and your partner can make together. 

  1. Which hand do we wear our rings on?

Same-sex couples have been known to wear their rings in a number of different ways. From the traditional way with the ring worn on the left hand, to both partners wearing their rings on their right hands. In the end, you should decide on the hand that is most comfortable for you. 

  1. Should we shop together for engagement rings? 

You can shop together if you’ve both planned the style of your engagement rings or you’d like to be there to choose your own. Of course, if you want it to be a surprise you can always drop a hint to your partner and hope for the best. 

  1. Do we have to buy each other engagement rings?

You and your significant other don’t have to buy engagement rings. Whether you don’t believe in the symbolism or you’re not jewelry folks, it’s always up to you! There are no right or wrong ways to propose, and it can certainly be done without a ring. 

What Are You Waiting For?

When it comes to picking the right engagement ring for you, your partner, or both of you, James Allen has all the tools and convenience you need to find the perfect fit. Visit our site for all you need to know about the different metals, styles, designs, and more!

Jessica Thomas

Jessica feels too much anxiety trying to come up with a cool bio. Read her awesome blog post instead.

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cover National Paperclip Day

Perfectly Trendy: Get On Board With Paper Clip Jewelry

Remember when you were bored in homeroom and you strung together with paper clips from your pencil case to pass the time. Or maybe you gave them to your friends to cement your friend clique. Either way, paper clip jewelry has come a long way! They are now THE trend so get on board! Whether a single strand or layering, paper clips have reached a new level of chic.

Paper clip jewelry

National Paper Clip Day

There truly is a day for everything and paper clips are no different. Created back in the 1800s and popularized in the early 1900s to the shape we know today, the paper clip was originally created to attach tickets to the fabric. Its use to keep paper together was soon discovered and thus it got its current name.

The man who popularized the paper clip’s current shape, Johan Vaaler, was mistakenly thought to be Norwegian. This led students at Oslo University to wear the paper clip during World War II as a symbol of resistance, unity, and national pride. The non-violent symbol was chosen because it represented binding things together.

Paper clip necklace

National Paper Clip Day came into existence in 2015 and continues to be celebrated annually. Join James Allen as we celebrate National Paper Clip Day with our collection of paper clip fine jewelry.

Paper Clip Jewelry: Style Revamped

Whether this trend takes you back to homeroom or makes you nostalgic for the style of the 80’s, the paper clip necklace may be trendy but is anything but new. Created by Coco Chanel and made famous by none other than Jackie O herself, paper clip jewelry is actually a classic masquerading as a trend.

Paper clip necklaces have come a long way since you strung them together as a kid. Available in both yellow and white gold, as plain paper clip chains, and even accented with pearls, paper clip pieces need to be part of your fine jewelry collection. After all, if Jackie O and Coco Chanel approve, how can you go wrong?!

Join these style icons with a paper clip necklace from James Allen:

Why We Love The Paper Clip Jewelry

This industrial-chic style utilizes anywhere from one to multiple strands of paper clips in both slim and chunky styles. You can also jazz it up with a locket or something similar to close the piece, wear it in white or yellow gold, and pair it with both casual and fancier looks.

Traditionally, paper clip jewelry has been necklaces, but now you can find them as bracelets and earrings too! We love the versatility of this little piece of office equipment turned fine jewelry!

This fashion statement works great on its own but we love that it pairs effortlessly with diamond and gemstone jewelry. Any color, any shape, any size, it all works because the paper clip is so adaptable. Grab your own magnificently malleable paper clip pieces today!

How To Wear Paper Clip Jewelry

You already know this style is so amazing that you can wear it alone, layered, and with multiple other styles! But another reason to love this style is that it looks good in both short and long lengths. So whatever your height or body type, there is a paper clip necklace that is right for you! Are you taller? Go for a longer necklace to accentuate your height.

Are you all about that bass?  Go for a necklace that stops just below your neckline. But truly, the right length for you is the one you love best! No matter which length you choose, the paper clip is sure to flatter.

And if you’re thinking, well I can only pair this with other modern pieces, think again! The paper clip look goes great with both modern, classic, and even vintage pieces. You truly have the freedom to express your personal style with this staple.

Layered or a single strand, around your neck, around your wrist, or hanging from your ears, paper clip jewelry is a look that continues to top the trendy charts. It is no wonder that everyone, including countless celebs, are loving this look.

Gold paper clip necklace

Paper Clip Trivia

The world’s largest paper clip is currently a stainless steel creation standing approximately 30 feet high in Miass, Russia. Before this, a red paper clip memorial in Kiplin, Saskatchewan, stood as the largest paper clip in the world.

The red paper clip stood as a monument to Kyle MacDonald, who traded his way from a single red paper clip to a house. Prior to this, the world’s largest paper clip was in Sandvika, Norway, standing five meters tall as a national monument and a reminder of the paper clip’s role in the country’s history.

Paper Clip Trivia

Paper Clip FAQs

  1. Is it spelled paperclip or paper clip?

You can actually spell it both ways, but the more common way to spell it is as two words: paper clip

  1. What is the paper clip theory?

Some philosophers have hypothesized that if AI or artificial intelligence were tasked with creating paper clips, it could cause an apocalypse! This is because more and more resources would be diverted to this effort and the AI would ultimately rebuff attempts to be turned off.

Better be safe and stick to paper clip jewelry instead!

  1. What is a paper clip used for?

Paper clips were originally created to attach tickets to fabric and then became famous for what we know today, holding papers together.

Yet they do so much more! Forms of the paper clip are used to hold bags of unfinished chips together, fresher is better for that extra crunch! Or to hold fabric while a seamstress takes in that dress, or as a symbol to attach a document to an email.

The essential technology of the paper clip is unchanged. It is both as classic in its technology as it is in fashion.

Gold paper clip chain necklace
  1. What can I use instead of a paperclip?

You can use various clips, versions of the paper clip, rubber bands, or other binders. Instead of paper clip jewelry you can wear classic style chains or ball chains.

Clip That Paper

As the world moves in a more and more paperless direction, the paper clip continues to remain relevant. The paper clip emoji or symbol is used to indicate there is an attachment or as an indication that you can attach a relevant document or picture by clicking on the symbol.

White gold paperclip necklace

While paper clips have many uses, our favorite is of course fine jewelry. Holding papers together is well and good, but completing an outfit is the best! So celebrate National Paper Clip Day every day with one of our fabulous pieces and always be on trend.

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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16 Facts About Jewelry You Probably Didn’t Know

Ever wondered why your brain remembers useless facts but not the important stuff? We don’t have an answer to that question, but we do have more fun facts about jewelry to fill your head with for your next trivia night!

James Allen's Jewelry

Jewelry is everywhere, but what do we really know about our favorite accessories and their history? We know that men and women have worn jewelry for centuries and we know that gems, gold, and diamonds have played a vital role in human history. 

Whether you simply love jewelry or are a trivia enthusiast, we’re counting down 16 fun facts about jewelry you probably didn’t know! 

#1 What’s In A Name? 

Starting us off is a fun fact about the word jewellery or jewelry. It started with the French word joule (toy), which is derived from the Latin word jocale, which means playing. In late Middle English, around the 17th and 18th centuries, it was spelled “juelrye,” and it later became “jewelry/jewellery,” as we know it today.

#2 The First Engagement Ring 

Maximilian, the Archduke of Austria, started the concept of the diamond engagement ring. Back in 1477, he gave Mary, Duchess of Burgundy, a diamond engagement ring for their wedding. And so the trend began and it’s believed that many other wealthy couples of the era followed suit.  

So what did this ring look like? It was painted as being a yellow gold solitaire engagement ring with a bezel setting which secured the almost pyramid-like diamond center stone.

14K Yellow Gold Petite Solitaire Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

#3 The Largest Diamond Ever Found 

Presently, the largest diamond ever found was unearthed in South Africa in 1905. The famous Cullinan Diamond was recorded at 3,106 carats and weighed 1.3 pounds! Even more interesting is that the diamond was cut into smaller parts and formed part of the British Royal family’s crown jewels. 

#4 The Oldest Jewelry 

Let’s take you back to 100,000 years ago, where archeologists working in Morocco discovered 33 shell beads. These oldest jewelry pieces known to humankind were found in the Bizmoune Caves in the western Moroccan desert. Also known as Nassarius shells, they were assumed to be used for decorative purposes. 

#5 Origins Of Lab Created Diamonds 

The first-ever proven synthetic diamond was created by Howard Tracy Hall in 1954. The project was codenamed “Project Superpressure.” This experiment paved the way for gem quality lab created diamonds and is changing the industry to this day! 

Lab created diamonds

#6 Where Is Gold Really From? 

Believe it or not, gold is extraterrestrial. Nearly all of the gold found on earth was cooked up in space and came from meteorites that crashed into earth 200 million years after the planet formed. 

#7 You’re Made Of Gold, Baby! 

We bet you didn’t know that an average person – weighing roughly 70kg’s – has about 0.22 milligrams of gold in them. Insane, right?? Some scientists have determined that the gold in our bodies does serve a small role in maintaining the health of our joints. 

#8 The Most Unique Gemstone 

Though not as popular as other gemstones, peridot is the only gem that comes in a single color and is formed in the earth’s mantle (the mostly-solid bulk of earth’s interior). So, why is this cool? Well, the only other gem to be formed in the earth’s mantle is the diamond. All other gemstones (except pearls) are formed in the earth’s crust. 

Fun fact: Peridot is the August birthstone and comes in an array of stunning fine jewelry pieces.

Peridot: August birthstone

#9 Amber Is Sap

Amber is actually the result of resin from fossilized prehistoric trees! It’s considered to be the softest and lightest gemstone on earth. This sun-kissed gemstone is so light that it will float in saltwater. 

#10 The First Diamond 

Did you know that the first diamond was discovered in India during the 4th century? Up until the 18th century, people believed that India was the only source of diamonds. That was until a 21-carat diamond was discovered in South Africa! Nowadays, seven countries across five continents dominate the world diamond industry as leading diamond producers. 

#11 Pearls 

It may surprise some of you to learn that pearls are the only gemstone that comes from a living animal- the mollusk! That’s why pearls are known as “organic” gemstones. Nowadays, almost all pearls are cultured, making them readily accessible for commercial use. 

Fun fact: Pearl is one of June’s birthstones and has continued to be a staple trendsetter throughout the centuries.

Pearls: June birthstone

#12 The World’s Most Expensive Engagement Ring 

And the honor goes to none other than Mariah Carey. This legend was given a massive 35-carat diamond ring by ex-fiancé James Packer. The ring cost an astonishing $10 million!!! The style was a bold platinum band with an emerald cut diamond and two tapered baguette diamonds.

#13 Bending 24K Gold 

While gold is a durable metal, did you know you can bend 24K gold with your bare hands? For this reason, no jewelry is made using 24K gold. Instead, jewelers will alloy this gold with other metals to make it hard enough to create jewelry. 

#14 The Most Recognizable Piece of Jewelry 

Princess Diana’s stunning sapphire halo engagement ring is often said to be the most recognizable piece of jewelry of the 20th century. The iconic blue Ceylon sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds is now worn by The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

What did this ring look like? We’ve shared our closest and most affordable lookalike below!

14K White Gold Cathedral Pavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

#15 Leaving Gold To The Fishes 

Unfortunately for us, our next fun fact isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. The ocean we love is filled with close to $150 trillion of gold! And if we could find a way to cultivate it, each person on earth could have 4.5 kilograms of gold. For now, we’ll keep dreaming! 

#16 The Most Expensive & Famous Jewel In The World 

The most expensive and perhaps the most famous jewel in the world is a 45.52 carat blue stone known as the Hope Diamond. It was this diamond that also inspired the “The Heart of the Ocean” necklace featured in the blockbuster favorite, Titanic. 

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts! To learn more about fine jewelry or to see what’s trending this year, give us a visit at or check out our Insta page for everyday accessories and rings that’ll make you want to say I Do.

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Jessica Thomas

Jessica feels too much anxiety trying to come up with a cool bio. Read her awesome blog post instead.

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cover- French Open- Tennis Jewelry Spotlight copy

Game, Set, Bling: Jewelry Inspired BY The French Open

The second Grand Slam of the year, the French Open held at the Roland-Garros tennis complex in Paris is known for its challenging red clay courts. The sport has long been known for its white outfits as classic as its namesake, the diamond tennis bracelet, yet just as tennis has evolved so has its looks….and its inspo.

Read on to find out how you can shine as bright as the La Coupe des Mousquetaires (The Musketeers’ Trophy).

Jewelry Inspired BY The French Open

Chris Evert & Her Flying Diamonds 

Tennis legend and winner of multiple French Opens, champion Chris Evert is credited with popularizing the modern-day tennis bracelet. The accepted story is that in 1987 at the US Open, during a long volley, her diamond bracelet broke and flew across the court. Ever since they say, it has been known as the tennis bracelet.

While a fitting anecdote, it’s not quite true. The style has been around since the 1920s and the name since the 1970s. However, Evert certainly skyrocketed its popularity and familiarity, thanks to sporting one as she rose through the ranks to become an internationally known tennis star.

Chris Evert & Her Flying Diamonds 
Chris Evert wearing a tennis bracelet while she faces service from Martina Navratilova in the 1978 Wimbledon Final
Photo Getty

Beyond the court, it is no wonder tennis bracelets and necklaces have fast become a staple of fashion. A simple yet elegant, and timeless design, these pieces are made up of a string of diamonds in your chosen metal (platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold).

From royals to celebs, these diamonds can be seen everywhere! Perfectly appropriate for a black tie event yet just as stylish with a pair of jeans, there’s nothing diamond tennis bracelets (or necklaces) don’t go with! In fact, many brides sport this classic look on their wedding day.

No matter what style you sport on your special day, a diamond tennis bracelet will add those perfect sparkling touches. See below and go to for more options!

More Than Just Red Dirt

There are four types of tennis courts: fresh grass, artificial grass, hard courts, and clay. A clay court has multiple layers: thick gravel, crushed gravel, coal residue, crushed white limestone, and finally, red brick dust. It is this final layer that gives the courts of Roland-Garros their famous red color.

Clay is considered the most difficult surface to play on. While grass allows for fast tennis, the dirt of red clay courts is heavier, causing a slower, more tactical game. Likened to a game of chess, every move on a clay court carries that much more importance. One shot can affect the outcome four to five moves later!

Clay is also favorable to players who have a terrific topspin, a spectacular slice, or a dazzling drop shot. Players who master such skills often get to lift the Roland-Garros trophy as champion.

Want to style the color of these hallowed courts? Go for gemstones with red rubies or get yourself gorgeous garnets. Prefer a diamond? Choose a fancy red colored diamond! The gemstones from the fancy dark group are especially perfect. See below for inspo!

Who Was Roland Garros?

Roland-Garros is not only the tennis complex where the French Open takes place, its name is synonymous with the Grand Slam itself. Named after French aviator Roland Garros, the complex was built in 1928, originally for French players to defend their titles in the Davis Cup.

You might assume Garros was a tennis champion himself, or at least a tennis aficionado, even a great fan, but in fact, he was none of these things. Garros was an athlete in just about every sport besides tennis! So who was its namesake?

Roland Garros

In 1909, Garros went to an air show and it was love at first sight. Garros went on to buy a plane, become a self-taught pilot, was the first to complete multiple daring flights, and finally, became a war hero.

Not enough to have taught himself how to fly, Garros invented the first on-board machine gun in planes. A technology the Germans were able to co-opt to their advantage when he was shot down and captured without time to destroy his invention. 

After escaping captivity, his health, including his sight, severely deteriorated, but Garros insisted on getting back in the cockpit. A decision that proved fatal as he was killed in battle in 1918. Years later, a university friend of Garros who was President of the Stade Français, successfully campaigned to have the tennis complex named after his old friend.

The complex’s logo is identifiable to even the most novice tennis fan, and its colors are not random. The green represents the lush trees and lawns around the courts, the white lettering is for the colors of the complex, and red-brown center marks the famous clay courts.

Check out these pieces that are perfect for any match.

Stars To Watch

The French Open is where the stars of tennis from all over the world come to shine. This challenging court brings out the best of the best. This year’s tournament is no exception, with Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Naomi Osaka who are just a few of the familiar names.

Rising stars to watch are Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz and American Coco Gauff. Both are young, powerful, and considered to be dangerously talented. Alcaraz, who went pro at 18 and is the youngest player at 19 years old to reach the Madrid Open semi finals, beating fellow Spaniard Rafael Nadal. Alcaraz went on to win the entire tournament.

With his whole career ahead of him and a streak as hot as fire, you will not want to take your eye off this young champion.

Right alongside Alcaraz is Coco Gauff. The American is the youngest ranked player at just 18 years old, she is ranked #10 for singles and #15 for doubles, all before she can legally have a drink! Gauff is most famous for beating tennis great Venus Williams when she was just 15 years old!

Gauff is ready to set the tennis world on fire, inspiring young girls everywhere! Want to feel like a champion? Or looking for the perfect gift for your future champion? Check out these options below!

The French Open is the premiere tournament on clay courts. In a complex named after a war hero, riddled with current and future tennis stars, it is a Grand Slam not to be missed! Whether you want to shine as bright as these tennis stars, luxuriate in the beauty of a tennis bracelet (or necklace!), or are looking for a championship-level gift, James Allen has what you need.

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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The Best Place To Buy An Engagement Ring 

So you’re ready to pop the big question but you’re not quite sure where to start looking for that special sparkler…let us help you discover the best place to buy an engagement ring!

The Best Place To Buy An Engagement Ring 

We’re going to try and give you a simple answer to that special question you’ve been asking yourself lately– where is the best place to buy an engagement ring??

If you’re looking to take the next step and begin your engagement ring shopping experience, we absolutely recommend starting online! Whether you’re looking for a classic solitaire engagement ring with no extra bits or bobs, or you’re looking for the perfect halo engagement ring set in your dream fancy shape diamond, we guarantee your preference is bound to be online, and in abundance!

It’s no surprise that online shopping has become a comfortable and convenient alternative to in-person shopping over the past few years. But does it take away anything from the ring shopping experience? 

Let’s walk through the pros and cons of buying your dream ring online, and hopefully, you’ll come to agree that the best place to buy an engagement ring is from the comfort of your own home. 

Engagement Ring Shopping 

Engagement ring shopping is as exciting as it is overwhelming. Not only does it take some research but it’s a huge investment, and one you surely want to get right from the get-go.

Many online jewelry realtors understand the stress and unique needs of diamond engagement ring buyers, and so these same realtors are motivated to make sure your buying experience is incredibly easy and that you have every tool you’d need to make the perfect choice! 

So what questions should you be asking yourself? 

14K White Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)

Special Services & Technology 

What unique services will an online jewelry store offer you? You want to start by looking at their tech features. Are you able to do a free real-time diamond consultation and learn more about it and also have an up-close look at a particular diamond that has caught your eye? 

When searching for the center stone for your engagement ring, it’s important that you not only have access to the different types of diamonds available to you but also easy-to-understand information about important factors to consider when choosing a diamond for your unique budget and preference. 

Most online jewelry stores will have an education center filled with everything you need to know about choosing a diamond. You’ll likely also have access to expert and diamond jewelry consultants who are readily available to jump online with you to answer all your questions, help you pick out your diamond engagement ring, and allow you to view your diamond choices in 360° HD.

14K White Gold Embellished Gallery Pavé Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Online Engagement Ring Customization

Next, can you customize your engagement ring yourself? The short answer is yes! The best place to customize your engagement ring is online because you have the ability to see your creation form in real-time. You have all the tools available to mix and match different settings, metal colors, diamond shapes, etc. 

Like our very own Ring Studio, online customization is taken to the next level. You are the main designer and creator, as opposed to telling someone in a store what you like and having them create it for you. You don’t need to settle for an engagement ring that doesn’t quite suit your or your partner’s style because you can design one that is the exact representation of what you want down to every minute detail. 

14K Rose Gold Bypass Marquise Array Diamond Engagement Ring

Virtual Engagement Ring Try-On

Worried about being able to try on your ring and get that perfect ring size? To order engagement rings online is a daunting experience- but not one that isn’t without surety. Believe it or not, you’ll be able to do a virtual try-on. And when we say you’ll be trying on rings all day long, we mean it! 

You can see what ring styles look good on you, which metals match best with your skin tone, and what size diamond or shape suits your finger best. 

14K White Gold Entangled Vines Engagement Ring

Online Ring Sizer

Next, you can determine your ring size in so many different ways using helpful tips and tricks. There’s even an app you can use to get an exact measurement. At James Allen, we offer free resizing, done in a timely manner- in case you have a special proposal planned! 

14K Yellow Gold Bow-Tie Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Variety & Budget 

When buying an engagement ring online, you’ll find you have a much wider variety of diamond and gemstone center stones available to you. While some people prefer the traditional natural diamond, the perks of investing in lab created diamond alternatives are growing exponentially. 

Lab grown diamonds and earth created diamonds are optically and chemically identical. If you were to have both diamonds professionally inspected, you would find no differences. The only noticeable difference is the incredible price tag. A lab created diamond is by far the more budget-friendly option, allowing you to get the diamond you truly want, for less! 

We can’t stress this enough. In-store operations have gemstone and diamond engagement rings available for you to browse and try on, but online stores really do have so much more to offer you at a personal level. Especially if you’re looking for variety or to customize a specific ring. 

Fun fact: At we store hundreds of different ring settings and more than 300,000 natural and lab grown loose diamonds- in every fancy shape and color!

14K White Gold Woven Solitaire Engagement Ring

Shipping & Returns Policies

The best place to buy an engagement ring will certainly be one you can wholeheartedly trust to be fair and deliver on their promises. Most online jewelry stores have thorough shipping and return policies. It’s needed to ensure trust and long-lasting relationships with customers who have moved to purchase their jewelry online. 

Looking at our process and policies, every engagement ring from James Allen is hand-crafted, methodically examined, and checked by diamond and jewelry experts to ensure the quality of a piece before it’s shipped via secure delivery methods. Every order includes Free WorldWide Shipping, and Hassle-Free Returns with 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days. 

14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

The Best Place To Buy An Engagement Ring FAQs

  1. Is it safe to buy an engagement ring online?

The answer is yes. If you’re set on buying your ring online, make sure to do the proper research: choose a trustworthy vendor, verify their certification, read the return policy, and pay attention to the shipping details. 

  1. Can I return an engagement ring that I purchased online?

Usually yes, but it’s your responsibility to read through the vendor’s return policy before making a purchase from them. 

  1. Where should you not buy an engagement ring?

Always make sure you’re working with a reputable jeweler. Don’t buy an engagement ring from any vendor that cannot prove their legitimacy or if you can tell whether their site deals and special offers are too good to be true. 

  1. Is it cheaper to buy an engagement ring online or in-store?

Engagement rings are said to be 30-40% cheaper online than they are in physical jewelry stores. Because of the way diamonds are sold and distributed, diamonds are less expensive for online vendors.

We’re Here To Help

Finding the perfect engagement ring comes with stress, questions, and a lot of second-guessing. At James Allen, we offer you 100% free advice and will assist you in understanding the best diamond quality for your budget and unique preferences. 

Contact our customer service team and chat with non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts 24/7 regarding any questions you have about buying an engagement ring online and the process around it. 

Happy shopping! 

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Jessica Thomas

Jessica feels too much anxiety trying to come up with a cool bio. Read her awesome blog post instead.

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Eternity Rings vs. Anniversary Rings: What’s The Difference?

Jewelry that is given in the name of love always has extra sparkle. Eternity rings and anniversary rings definitely fall into this category. Symbolic of life-changing moments and epic love, these diamonds are not just your best friend but remind you of your best friend.

Eternity Rings vs. Anniversary Rings

Eternity Rings vs. Anniversary Rings: What’s The Difference?

While similarly popular, eternity rings and anniversary rings are different in both look and purpose. From the number of stones to the style of the band and the dates they are given, we explain the differences and clear up which ring you should buy and when.

Eternity rings are characterized by a band of uninterrupted diamonds, while anniversary rings feature a row of diamonds on the upper half of the band. Both consistently feature diamonds, which is not necessarily the case for wedding rings.

Whether you prefer sparkles so bright you need sunglasses, or something more muted, James Allen has the right ring for you.

What IS An Eternity Ring?

Eternity rings are available in a variety of diamond shapes and sizes, as well as different metal types, ensuring there is sure to be an eternity ring for you!

You might be wondering, can’t I just use an eternity ring for my anniversary or wedding ring? The answer is yes and no. Eternity rings have come to be given on very special occasions, and certainly, a wedding and an anniversary ARE special occasions!

Eternity rings are given on birthdays, landmark anniversaries (such as at the five, ten, and twenty-year marks), or even graduation!

Eternity rings shine bright with diamonds along with the entire band. The seemingly never-ending diamonds symbolize your never-ending love. And since your love is eternal, an eternity ring does not need an occasion! So feel free to profess your eternal love any day with an eternity ring! 

These diamonds are your pledge to your partner. And since diamonds are ALWAYS in style, so will be your eternity ring. This piece of jewelry is not just a momentary trend, you can safely wear your eternity ring for well…eternity! And you will always be en vogue!

Eternity Rings: How To Wear Them

While there are no hard and fast rules, eternity rings are often worn next to the engagement ring and wedding ring sitting on the ring finger on your left hand.

When choosing an eternity ring, you want to keep in mind the style of the engagement and wedding rings. If your engagement ring and wedding ring are more subtle, then you may want to go for ALL the flash of an eternity ring.

And if your engagement and wedding rings are already blinged out, you may want to match that bling with styles such as a pavé or fishtail style, as seen below.

If you like a consistent look, then you’ll want to stick to the same diamond shape. So, if your engagement ring features an Asscher cut diamond, you’ll want to stick with that and choose an Asscher cut eternity ring.

Whatever style you choose, your eternity ring will certainly enhance the radiance not just of your ring finger, but of your whole hand!

If your engagement ring features a gemstone, then you will want to keep that color in mind when choosing the metal for your eternity ring. Not sure which metal goes best with which gemstone? Click here to learn about gemstone engagement rings!

Most importantly! When choosing your eternity ring KNOW YOUR SIZE! Eternity rings are VERY hard to resize due to the entire band being covered in diamonds. Often, it simply isn’t possible.

If the ring is a surprise, click here to get tips and tricks to get your partner’s ring size. Measure their finger in their sleep if you have to! We promise it is easier than trying to resize an eternity ring.

What IS An Anniversary Ring?

Anniversary rings are often given on the anniversary of your wedding and are meant to enhance your wedding ring. They feature diamonds, with a variety of settings, along with half the band, which is available in multiple metals. The metal of an anniversary ring is also chosen to compliment an existing wedding band.

Rings are a VERY popular choice for an anniversary gift. Traditionally, gold is the gift for your first wedding anniversary, so for this event, many couples will choose a white or yellow gold band as seen below:

Whether choosing a five, seven, or nine stone option, you can’t go wrong with an anniversary ring. Enough diamonds for those who want to look ballin’ but not so much for those who prefer a quieter glam.

Anniversary rings are the goldilocks of iced out rings. However many diamonds, whichever metal, James Allen has a ring your partner is sure to love.

How To Wear Your Anniversary Ring

So if your engagement ring and wedding ring are on your ring finger on your left hand, where do you wear your anniversary ring? Literally, any finger you want! One of the beauties of an anniversary ring is that there is no “traditional” finger to wear them on, so choose any finger you like!

Many people do choose to wear their anniversary ring on the ring finger on their right hand (the finger next to your pinky). This allows the ring to both compliment your engagement, eternity, and wedding rings, but stand out on its own as well.

You can also wear your anniversary ring on your left hand on a different finger, allowing your left hand to be dripping in diamonds. Or you can stack your anniversary ring with your engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity ring, giving your left hand’s ring finger the appearance of a diamond-encrusted wand!

Wherever you decide to wear it, you are sure to enjoy the sparkle that came from a place of love.

Which Ring Is Right For You?

Top Things To Remember

Eternity Rings Anniversary Rings
Diamonds All Around The BandDiamonds On Top Half Of The Band
VERY Difficult To ResizePopular For Wedding Anniversaries
Great For Any Special OccasionAvailable In Five, Seven, Or Nine Stones
Symbolize Unending LoveSymbolize Continued Commitment

Eternity and anniversary rings are a gorgeous way to express your love for your partner. Something they can always wear, that will always be in style. These rings tell your partner how special they are, without you even having to utter the words.

Whether expressing your love with an anniversary ring or celebrating your love with an eternity ring (or both!), you are sure to be nominated for the partner hall of fame after gifting one of these beauties!

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Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Inspired By Nature: Celebrate Earth Day In Style

Earth Day is more important with each passing year. A time to stop and appreciate our planet and all its beauty. All the colors of the rainbow, all shades and textures can be found in every corner of the planet. Want to don jewels of all the hues of mother earth? Read on to see how!

Diamond engagement ring

Earthly Greens

The color green symbolizes nature and serenity. It is also said to bring good luck! Coming in a variety of shades, green can be as rich as freshly cut grass, as subtle as green tea, and as dark as a mighty evergreen tree.

You have multiple options if you want to dazzle in green. First gemstones, look no further than May’s birthstone, the Emerald. Harnessing more than just the luck of the Irish, sporting emeralds will give you a downright royal look!

However, May’s birthstone is not alone in rocking the lucky green! Fancy colored diamonds also come in this luscious color. Fancy green colored diamonds, which are thought to represent prosperity and abundance, are not only another great way to sport this look, but fancy green colored diamonds make beautiful, stylish, and unique engagement rings.

See options for emeralds and fancy green diamonds below!

Grande Falling Edge Halo Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Grande Falling Edge Halo Engagement Ring

Bringing to mind images of grassy knolls, tall trees, and commanding plants, green is a color that reminds us of the serenity and power of the earth. Such a dynamic color, you can also adorn yourself in green by wearing the gemstone peridot.

Practically screaming the freshness of a summer’s day, peridot gemstone jewelry is the perfect birthstone for August. Grab some peridot pieces today and always have that summer feeling.

Ocean Blues

Producing images of the sky above and the sea below, blue represents loyalty, wisdom, and sincerity. The color also brings to mind ideas such as freedom and intuition. Like water, which covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface, with ocean’s holding almost 100% of the Earth’s water, blue has a myriad of shades.

Some of blue’s many shades can be found in fancy blue colored diamonds, as well as the gemstones aquamarine, blue sapphires, blue topaz, and tanzanite. Its many shades allow it to create varied looks; from incredibly luxurious to sparkling fun, and everything in between.

The flexibility of blue’s multiple shades also allows it to pair well with yellow, white, and rose gold. Whatever shade, whatever metal, whatever stone, James Allen has a blue approved by mother earth, ready to add to your collection.

Sun Rays

When you think yellow you think sunshine, happiness, and warmth. Symbolizing youth, energy, and optimism, yellow can be found in the gemstone citrine, a fancy yellow colored diamond, and of course, yellow gold. 

The sun provides solar energy and the light and heat that makes life possible. Showcasing the brightness of the sun, and the yellow of a sunflower, these citrine and yellow sapphire gemstone pieces, yellow pearls, and yellow gold fine jewelry are giving us life!

Fancy yellow colored diamonds are all the rage. It is no wonder more and more celebrities are being spotted sporting fancy yellow colored diamonds. With their timeless, gorgeous, and unique style, fancy yellow colored diamonds are a perfect choice to create a jaw dropping engagement ring.

Whichever your shade of yellow, James Allen has the piece for you to start shining like the sun!

Textures Of Nature

Planet earth is an amazing marvel, featuring every texture you could ever imagine. Tree bark, mud, mountains, and stone; the earth’s textures are something to be celebrated everyday. See how bamboo brings the feeling of tranquility and nature to these engagement and wedding rings.

Playing with texture is a great way to bring depth to your look, but textures are not limited to textiles! Inspired by the different textures of nature, James Allen has a plethora of choices for rich textures when it comes to rings, especially engagement and wedding rings.

The style of these rings allows them to work fabulously as fashion rings too!

And since more and more men are complimenting their looks with jewelry, options are more important here than ever! Through alternative metals and styled carvings, these rings bring the feeling of nature simply by slipping them on your finger.

In particular, alternative and carved rings for men showcase textures and patterns found throughout nature. Checkout some options below! Unsure if a textured look is right for you? See our pros and cons chart below to help you decide!

Textured & Alternative Rings


  • Unique, Non-Traditional Look
  • More Affordable
  • More Scratch-Resistant
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Problematic To Resize
  • Heavier Than Traditional Gold Rings
  • Can Be Problematic Around Water
  • More Susceptible To Cracking

Pollinated Perfection

One of the most beautiful and fascinating things in nature is pollination. This essential part of plant reproduction sees bees and other insects fertilizing flowers. This captivating process is crucial as it leads to the creation of fruit and other foods humans and animals eat, as well as numerous products we use.

In short, the earth would not survive without pollination. It also allows very cute insects to create very beautiful flowers 🌺 and gorgeous fine jewelry. These pieces will remind you of insects, flowers, and other critters, but without allergies!

Not into the insect look? Check out these adorable pieces that will give you a constant reminder about your furry best friend and other adorable animals.

Earthly Style

Our planet is filled with natural inspiration and Earth Day is a good reminder that it is our job to protect it. The textures, colors, and creatures are fascinating works of mother nature and beautiful influences on style.

The calming colors and rich compositions, combined with the meaningful symbolism makes all the workings of earth the ultimate style guide. 

So rock those nature-inspired styles and tag @JamesAllenRings to show off your earthly inspo!

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Sarah Chin

Sarah is a stickler for grammar and prefers to use the Oxford comma. She enjoys her career as a writer since being a professional snowboarder/powerlifter/pastry chef didn’t pan out.

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Your Guide To Morganite Jewelry & Engagement Rings 

Find out everything you need to know about morganite engagement rings and fine jewelry, from the stone’s history to its romantic symbolism.

Morganite Jewelry

What Is Morganite?

Morganite is a pink semiprecious stone and belongs to the beryl family, along with emerald and aquamarine. This stone is a stunning diamond alternative and comes in hues from orange to coral to salmon to subtle pink, although you’ll notice light peachy pink is the most common. 

This stone is relatively free of inclusions, given its desirable clear appearance. Morganite is essentially colorless, but the presence of magnesium creates its pink effect while the presence of iron impurities gives a slight yellow or orange hue, combining for the iconic peachy color.

Morganite Origin & History 

Morganite was first discovered on the coast of Madagascar in the early 1900s. It is currently mined mainly in Afghanistan, Brazil, and Madagascar. It was first named pink beryl- but later renamed by a famous gemologist, George Frederick Kunz who wanted to honor his patron, John Pierpont Morgan.

Morganite Characteristics

Morganite owes its beautiful salmon pink color to the presence of manganese. Usually, Morganite is eye clean, which means that no inclusions are visible to the naked eye at a distance of about 15 cm. 

Primarily subtle and pale in color, some of the larger specimens demonstrate deeper saturation. Skilled cutters can also elicit richer colors by cutting the stones a little deeper than the norm.

When he first discovered it, George Kunz conducted several different experiments with morganite to examine all of its unique properties. One such characteristic is its intense red fluorescence upon exposure to x-rays. 

Morganite Symbolism 

With its soft pinkish hue, morganite is often associated with innocence, sweetness, romance, and love. In general, morganite is connected to the heart and is attuned to the heart chakra– talk about a perfect engagement ring center stone. Morganite is believed to bring healing, compassion, and promise to those who wear it. 

Morganite is said to open its wearers to unconditional love while dissolving the ego. Though not an actual birthstone, morganite is said to be an excellent stone for fine jewelry and non-traditional engagement rings. 

How Valuable is Morganite Jewelry?

Morganite fine jewelry is often scarce, which is why many avid collectors are on the lookout for high-quality morganite pieces.

A morganite carat can cost between $200 and $400 and remains an affordable option for couples who want this stone as the center of their dream engagement ring.

When shopping for morganite fine jewelry or your morganite engagement ring online, remember that cut, color, carat, and clarity are essential for consideration.

Morganite Necklaces 

A morganite pendant necklace will be a stunning gift for anyone who has a refined sense of style. This gemstone’s peachy radiance is even more captivating when paired with a sparkling halo setting.

Morganite Earrings

Morganite earrings are not something you hear about every day, but it has grown in popularity across the world due to their brilliance and appealing feminine colors. Their durability and affordability also make them great for daily wear. Their beautiful, demure hues offer an excellent centerpiece to anyone’s gem collection.

Morganite Fashion Rings 

Whether the occasion is a birthday or an anniversary, this piece of jewelry will never fail to gain attention or make a unique statement. When crafted in rose gold or yellow gold, a morganite’s elegance magnifies. 

With a variety of options available in shape, setting, and design, you will certainly be able to find something that complements your personality.

Should You Buy a Morganite Engagement Ring?

Morganite has become a popular choice for brides looking for an alternative to the traditional diamond. Of course, the primary allure of morganite is its pink and peachy hues. If you’re attracted to color gemstones, it comes as a refreshing alternative to a colorless diamond or a beautiful and affordable alternative to a pink diamond

Morganite stones offer intense brilliance and sparkle and are low-cost which makes them perfect as budget-friendly engagement ring options. Because the gemstone is fairly soft, it’s important to have your morganite stone set in a four or six-prong setting to avoid unwanted chipping. 

FAQs About Morganite

1) Is morganite a durable gemstone?

Morganite is a fairly durable gemstone having a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Moh’s scale.

2) Morganite vs pink tourmaline, what’s the difference?

Morganite has a peachy-pink hue, whereas pink tourmalines can range from pale pink to bright pink. Also, morganite is a member of the beryl family just like emerald and aquamarine, whereas tourmalines are made of boron silicate minerals.

3) How to clean morganite jewelry?

Like most jewelry, the best way to clean your stone at home is by using lukewarm soapy water and a soft toothbrush.

4) What are the major sources of morganites?

Morganites are mined in Afghanistan, Brazil, Namibia, China, Madagascar, and Mozambique.

5) What does morganite symbolize?

Morganite symbolizes love, passion, romance, and innocence. It is believed that morganites are connected to the heart chakra and can bring unconditional love to couples.

Final Thoughts

Morganite is a stunning vivid center stone and at James Allen, we have all the tools and convenience you need to browse and design your own engagement ring online and find the wedding ring of your dreams. Visit us for all you need to know about diamond options, ring settings, your fine jewelry favorites, and more! 

Read on for more about this year’s top trends:

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Your Guide To Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Ever wondered, “what is rose gold”? Read on for everything you need to know about rose gold engagement rings—plus, some of our favorites you can shop right now only at

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings are a unique alternative to traditional metal ring options like classic white gold or yellow gold rings. They’re the ideal choice for brides who want a ring that is elegant yet gorgeously distinctive. 

Rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands for women have been climbing the popularity ranks for quite some time now, especially among many celebrities like Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. It’s no wonder rose gold rings are finding their way onto the wishlists of more non-traditional brides everywhere around the world. 

14K Rose Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)
14K Rose Gold Pavé Rope Engagement Ring

What Is Rose Gold?

Let’s start with the basics. Rose gold is a blend or alloy of gold, copper, and silver. It is the copper that gives rose gold its gorgeous, characteristic pink hue. The more copper in the alloy, the pinker it looks. While there is a common misconception that rose gold is not “real gold” because it’s a mix of metals, in reality rose gold is real, but it’s just not 100% gold.

The History Of Rose Gold

It is believed that during the 19th century, rose gold was first used by czar jeweler Carl Fabergé when he was tasked with creating ornate Easter eggs as gifts for Russian tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II’s families.  At the time, rose gold was known as Russian Gold because of its historical importance. However, this unique pink-hued metal didn’t become fashionable until around 1924, when Cartier used rose gold in his iconic trinity ring. So yes, rose gold is not new to the jewelry world. 

Are Rose Gold Rings More Expensive?

One of the most common misconceptions of rose gold is that it tends to be more expensive than yellow or white gold. But the truth is, this is not the case. Just like an engagement ring, rose gold engagement rings vary in price. Essentially, it all comes down to the carat size, weight of the gold content in your ring, gemstones and diamonds and other details such as the setting or complexity of its design. Rose Gold is made with the same purity of gold as Yellow and White Gold, so the color of the metal of your ring will definitely not affect its overall price.

Besides Diamonds, What Gemstones Suit Rose Gold?

Apart from stunning, radiant diamonds there are also many colored gemstones that look amazing with rose gold engagement rings. These include, morganite and pink sapphires. 

The warm, pink hue of the precious metal complements the feminine shades of pink. And if you’re looking for something extraordinary, a gemstone and diamond combination often works very well too. 

What Type Of Bride Would Rose Gold Be Most Suitable For?

If you’re an adventurous bride-to-be looking for an engagement ring that is not just unique but also features a feminine, soft and romantic touch then opting for a rose gold metal is exactly what you need to stand out from the crowd. An engagement ring should not just be a symbol of your love but also needs to be a reflection of your personal style.

Whether you’re after something vintage or a ring more chic and contemporary, rose gold has the flair to complement any kind of setting and style. While tradition suggests that yellow gold best suits ‘cool’ skin and white jewelry suits ‘warm’ skin tones, the rosey pink hues rose gold looks equally beautiful on every skin tone.

Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings A Popular Choice?

The answer is, YES! Rose Gold has become more and more popular throughout the years. With a variety of styles and designs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect dream ring. The blushing pink hues and the warm romantic feel have captured the hearts of many brides to be. Plus, if you’re wanting a metal that is a lot more subtle than yellow gold, rose gold is exactly what you need. 

Rose Gold Symbolism

Rose gold is delicate, whimsical, and full of deeper meaning, and its color is unlike any other jewelry metal. It is often associated with passion and is considered to be a symbol of love and romance because of its lavish pink shade. The warm and rich metal also portrays a sense of style and elegance but also shows off your sense of fashion. The pinkish tones also signify femininity, although rose gold is not only intended for women.

How Do I Clean My Rose Gold Engagement Ring? 

Caring for rose gold jewelry is very straightforward and easy to clean. Because of its copper content, rose gold doesn’t tarnish and instead develops what’s called a patina. A patina is a sheen that develops on certain metals over time due to oxidation, which gives the metal a gorgeous vintage look. Essentially, rose gold will stay beautiful with very little maintenance. 

To care for your rose gold diamond engagement ring, you can simply soak it in warm water with a mild soap for a few minutes before giving it a light scrub with a very soft toothbrush or a cloth. To avoid damaging your ring please do not use any type of vinegar solution.

Use a mixture of lukewarm water and a small amount of dish soap to soak the ring for 1-2 hours. After that, gently use a toothbrush to clean the crevices and dry with a clean towel. 

Is Rose Gold Durable?

While pure gold is soft, rose gold is slightly different when it comes to durability as it contains copper. Jewelry experts maintain that copper is one of the most durable metals, so adding it to gold makes for a sturdy alloy that can easily withstand daily wear. There is a good reason as to why it’s used in industrial construction and engineering – this is tough stuff! So, rest assured, rose gold is long-lasting and will look beautiful in years to come. 

What Diamond Shape Is Best For Rose Gold?

Just like all metals, the type of diamond you choose for your rose gold engagement ring is important. Experts believe that diamonds such as emerald and Asscher cut should generally be avoided with rose gold bands. These diamond shapes tend to draw light from the bottom of the diamond, meaning, a rose gold band could easily make a colorless diamond appear to have a rosy tint. 

Of course, there are restrictions when it comes to diamond shapes for rose gold rings but the most preferred shapes tend to be round, pear, heart and oval shaped diamonds