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Best Graduation Jewelry Gift Ideas for Him and Her

As far as milestones go, graduations are a biggie. Donning that iconic cap and gown represents moving into the next stage of life. Whether going from university to the real world, high school to university, or even kindergarten to big kid school, all graduates deserve to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work.

What better way to say congratulations than with a meaningful and beautiful piece of jewelry. Read on for all the tips you need to give your graduate a perfect piece of sparkle.

When Is Graduation Season?

Colleges and universities typically hold graduations from May to June. Many institutions also hold mid-year graduations around December. High schools frequently hold graduations in early June.

However, there is no hard and fast rule about when graduations take place and there are many factors that can affect when a graduation is held. From the size of the institution to the size of the graduating class, and even weather, the date of graduation is ultimately up to the institution itself.

How to Choose the Right Graduation Gift

There are lots of things to consider when buying someone a gift for graduation. You want to make sure it is something that the recipient will not only love and appreciate for years to come but hopefully wear it all the time! Follow our three tips below to give your grad the gift of glitz.

Find Their Style

Style can be very individual so it helps to pay attention to what they wear everyday, as well as special occasions. Do they prefer subtle, minimal pieces? Or do they go for a big and bold look? Lucky for you, we’ve got something for everyone.

Not sure what their style is? That’s ok too! We’ve got classic pieces such as tennis bracelets or diamond stud earrings that are always winners!

Personalize It

Giving a gift with a personalized touch is a great way to make your grad feel extra special. One option is to engrave a meaningful message onto a ring. Whether you are proposing to your college sweetheart or just want to mark the date on a special piece of sparkle.

Other options include celebrating your graduation with a special piece of birthstone jewelry or a gorgeous option from our Initial Collection.

Focus on Versatility

Give your grad a gift they can wear everyday. At James Allen, we have tons of versatile options that can be worn all the time. From a lazy day to an elegant night out, these pieces will look good on anyone, anywhere. You simply can’t go wrong when you shop for classic gifts from collections including diamond basics and precious metal jewelry. Check out all the options and then watch your grad shine.

Graduation Gifts for Her

Whatever her style, whatever the event, we’ve got gifts for your grad in every budget. Give her the gift of glitz she is sure to love!

Under $250

Being budget-conscious does mean a lack of style or options. Your grad can shine bright with a beautifully timeless, universal piece from our precious metal collection. Or choose from one of the myriad of options in the birthstone jewelry collection. From a classic pearl station bracelet, a personal initial bracelet, or a trendy pair of hoop earrings, we’ve got gifts for every grad.

14K Yellow Gold Standard 0.6 Inch Tube Hoop Earrings

Under $500

With a little more budget, you get a lot more options! Are you super proud of your grad for managing all the extracurriculars while managing their academic obligations? Did your grad exceed your expectations? Or maybe you just want to give your grad some extra glitz.

14K Yellow Gold 1.5mm Dainty Paperclip Chain

Go for stylish diamond earrings, get a pop of color with a gemstone necklace, or grab a modern paperclip necklace. From trendy rings to timeless earrings and everything in between, we’ve got what your grad wants.

Under $750

Your grad is certainly worth it, and if you find yourself able to invest a bit more, there are some truly special options available to you. Choose from a gemstone bracelet that will endure any style change, or give your grad the gift of incredible glitz with a pair of diamond halo stud earrings. Check all the trendy and timeless options available under $750.

14K Yellow Gold Blue Topaz Line Bracelet

Under $1,000

Did your grad make the honor roll? Are they the valedictorian? Did they exceed your expectations? From perfect pearls to dazzling diamonds and glorious gemstones, we’ve got what your grad needs. Whether you are looking for a true investment piece or want to give them something terrifically trendy, these options are worth the splurge.

14K White Gold Graduating Lab Grown Diamond Curved Necklace

Graduation Gifts for Him

We haven’t forgotten the guys! Your grad worked hard and is ready for the next phase in life, make sure he enters every room with style. Check out all the options for every budget!

Under $250

Your grad has got swagger and style and we’ve got budget-conscious gifts to match. From stunning rings to chain bracelets and necklaces, these pieces are sure to bring a smile to his face. These pieces are as classic as they are versatile and perfect for your grad!

Black Tungsten Carbide 6MM Bright Step Band By TRITON

Under $500

Are you looking for gifts that are both unique and stylish? We’ve got you covered. Choose an alternative metal ring that will bring a unique style to his look every day or go for some bling with a diamond accented piece. These pieces are perfect for everyday use. Get ready to watch him go from blah to bold.

14K White Gold 4MM Brushed Finish Rope Accent Band

Under $750

Celebrate your graduates’ unique style! Go for a ring with unparalleled style or choose a gift that allows them to stylishly express their faith in a pendant cross necklace. Whether his style is more classic or he prefers bold trends, we’ve got the gifts to make your grad glow.

14K Yellow Gold Block Pattern Satin Finish Band

Under $1,000

If you are ready to splurge on your grad, we’ve got incredible gift options. Go for a stylish dog tag, an incredibly unique ring, from multi-gold options to gorgeous patterned finishes, or choose an iconic rope chain bracelet. Whatever you splurge on, your grad will be eternally grateful.

14K White Gold Ribbed Chevron Pattern Ring


How close to graduation should I buy a gift?

This is completely up to you! You can plan ahead and shop before your grad completes their studies or grab one of our Fast Shipping options and order your gift as the ceremony approaches. Or opt for a post-graduation gift because glitz is always in style.

What budget should I have in mind when shopping for a graduation gift?

This depends on a number of factors, most of all, what you are comfortable and able to spend. Any gift from the heart, no matter if it is under $250 or $1,000, will be cherished by the recipient. So figure out what you want to spend and then we’ll help you find the perfect piece.

Does offer free shipping and returns for graduation gifts?

Yes! At James Allen we are proud to offer free shipping and returns with full refunds within 30 days of purchase.

Are there any special promotions or discounts available for graduation gifts on

In addition to this helpful guide, James Allen has an entire category of graduation gifts, making finding the perfect present easier than ever! Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about sales, special offers, and other exciting news!

How can I get assistance if I need help selecting the perfect graduation gift?

In addition to the tips in our various gift guides, our fabulous team of diamond and jewelry experts is available 24/7. 


Graduation is a special time that calls for a special gift. No matter their style, no matter your budget, we’ve got gifts perfect for your honoree. Show your grad they are the valedictorian of your heart with a piece of jewelry they will love.


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