Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are forever. Want something a bit extra? Look no further than gemstone engagement rings.

loose gemstones (emeralds, rubies, and sapphires) for gemstone engagement rings

There are oh so many reasons to choose a gemstone engagement ring. Go gemstone in order to feature your favorite color, wear your birthstone, or honor a special memory. Or, you know, because gemstones are pretty.

The classics aren’t always in black and white. Before diamonds rose to the peak of their popularity, history was full of glowing gemstones in full color that radiated personality. In fact, Queen Victoria’s engagement ring featured a center emerald, rubies, and diamonds in the shape of a serpent. Now that is style.

Sapphire Engagement Rings


  • Sapphire is the September birthstone.
  • Sapphires are extremely hard, so they suit active lifestyles.
  • Not all sapphires are blue! Natural sapphires come in pink, yellow, green, or blue depending on the presence of certain trace elements.
  • If you go sapphire, you’ll be in exclusive company: the Windsor royals (including Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton) have traditionally received sapphire engagement rings. 

Blue Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

yellow gold blue sapphire pear-cut pavé halo gemstone engagement ring

“It is stunning! The sapphire makes the ring unique and special.
-Christian P.

Blue Sapphire Pavé Engagement Ring

white gold blue oval sapphire gemstone engagement ring with twisted diamond halo and shank

“Modern and simple in white gold. And the blue sapphire is stunning.
-Hillary M.

Yellow Sapphire Sunburst Engagement Ring

white gold yellow sapphire starburst halo gemstone engagement ring

“The yellow sapphire looks like the sun on my hand!”
– Amy N.

Pink Sapphire Bypass Engagement Ring

rose gold pink sapphire bypass gemstone engagement ring

“Having the pink sapphire with the rose gold gives it a peachy shade that complements my fiancée’s skin tone nicely.”
-Christian B.

Ruby Engagement Rings 


  • Ruby is the July birthstone.
  • Rubies range the red spectrum from pale pink to deep blood-red.
  • They’re nearly as hard as sapphires and make pretty invincible engagement rings.
  • Richard Burton gave an incredible ruby ring to his wife, Elizabeth Taylor. When she saw it, she said she “screamed” and “almost fainted.”

Ruby Engraved Swirl Engagement Ring

white gold ruby etched gemstone engagement ring

Rubies are my fave gemstone and my fiancé knew I always wanted an engagement ring that had a ruby in it.”
-Justine T

Ruby Art Deco Engagement Ring

yellow gold ruby art deco gemstone engagement ring

“The center ruby with the yellow gold makes for a lovely combination.”
-Alexandra A.

Emerald Engagement Rings


  • Emerald is the May birthstone.
  • It’s one of the rarest gemstones
  • Though not as hard as ruby or sapphire, emeralds are incredibly resilient and make wonderful center stones.
  • High society loves emeralds: Jackie O’s engagement ring, given to her by Jack Kennedy, featured a 2.84-carat emerald.

Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

yellow gold oval-cut emerald gemstone engagement ring with baguette diamond side stones

“My three favorite things in the world – diamonds, emeralds, and gold!”
-Rachel L.

Emerald Knife-Edge Engagement Ring

white gold emerald-cut emerald knife-edge gemstone engagement ring

“I chose this ring because emerald is my birthstone.”
-Cherlene R.

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