How Much Should Ypu Spend On An Engagement Ring

How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?

Getting the ring of your dreams may sometimes seem impossible, but we’re here to answer one very important question. How much should you really spend on an engagement ring? We’ve got all the tips and tricks to ensure you get the perfect ring for your buck!

James Allen's Diamond Engagement Ring

Shopping for engagement rings can be stressful, time-consuming, and even a little confusing at times. We know the assumption is that an engagement ring will cost a pretty penny, but most people don’t know all the ways they can get their dream ring without breaking the bank.

We’ll discuss unrealistic engagement ring cost myths and share all the clever ways to avoid them and still get the best ring for your buck. From diamond hacks to where you should shop for your ring, our tips and tricks are sure to help you avoid unnecessary ring costs.

What’s the Average Cost Of An Engagement Ring?

Today, the average price of an engagement ring ranges between $2,500 to $5,000. However, plenty of people purchase rings that are both below and beyond that price.

As you plan to buy your engagement ring, it’s important to remember that there is no one size fits all way of doing things. Each person has their own income, ring budget, and, of course, ring preference.

James Allen's diamonds with two engagement rings

Engagement Ring Cost Myths

Outdated myths about engagement ring shopping and societal expectations can lead you down an expensive path. Let’s take a look at some of those assumptions and how you can avoid them.

Spending Three Month’s Worth of Your Salary

Spending three months’ worth of your salary was a campaign started by De Beers in the 1930s. It was traditional until it wasn’t. It changed to two months’ salary as time passed, and then the diamond needed to cost one month’s salary. Slowly but surely, those ideas changed with time, and now there are no ironclad rules about what to spend on an engagement ring.

As Brilliant and Colorless as Possible

Color grading for diamonds isn’t as tricky as it seems- especially when picking a center stone for your engagement ring.

As you can see on the chart below, near-colorless diamonds barely have any yellow tint and are often cheaper than colorless diamonds. The diamonds below are exactly the same except for the color grade. The slight tint of color in these diamonds is almost impossible to detect with the naked eye.

For faint yellow diamonds, if cut in a flattering diamond shape and set with the right metal color, their slight color will also be disguised. In that case, you can walk away with a stunning diamond engagement ring for a fraction of the price you would’ve paid for a colorless diamond.

Diamond Grade Price Comparison Chart

The Bigger the Better

The bigger, the better- we must politely disagree. While the idea of a big and brilliant diamond sounds incredible, there are so many other ways to maximize your diamond’s appearance without having to purchase a huge diamond.

For one, most jewelry retailers have a large selection of diamond shapes and ring settings. So how do you go bigger without breaking your budget?

Try out an elongated diamond center stone, like emerald, oval, marquise, or pear. These diamonds can give off the idea of being larger than other round or square diamonds of the same carat weight.

Or you could invest in a setting that adds more sparkle to your ring. Side stone, halo, and pavé settings can give you the extra diamond accents you want without having to invest in a bigger diamond.

How Much Is Too Much to Spend On An Engagement Ring?

There is no correct answer to this question. How much you spend on an engagement ring depends on your personal budget and your partner’s expectations. If you are looking to save costs and get the absolute best ring for your budget, then you need to shop smart and do your research.

Overspending on an engagement ring can mean anything from picking a colorless diamond instead of a near-colorless diamond that would’ve looked just perfect in your chosen ring setting. But you won’t know which mistakes to avoid if you don’t utilize all the information at your disposal. Many ring shoppers use free online jewelry consultants- like our diamond consultants at

How To Cut Costs On An Engagement Ring 

Manipulate the 4Cs

How do you manipulate the 4Cs? Here are our top tips:

  • Find a balance between color and clarity. While that balance varies by diamond shape, you can save money without sacrificing quality by staying on the high end of the color scale but the lower end of the clarity scale, as long as there are no visible inclusions.
  • With round, emerald, and asscher cut diamonds; you can typically go as low as a J color grade without seeing any incredibly noticeable color.
  • Cuts such as oval, cushion, radiant, pear, princess, marquise, and heart require quality a bit higher on the scale (G and up) so as not to see any color.
  • Well-cut diamonds like round and princess shapes have an incredible firey brilliance, no matter the size of the diamond.
4cs Infographic

Opt For Lab Grown Diamonds Instead 

When buying an engagement ring online, you’ll find a wider variety of diamond and gemstone center stones. While some people prefer the traditional natural diamond, the perks of investing in lab grown diamonds are growing. 

Lab grown diamonds and earth-created diamonds are optically and chemically identical. If you were to have both diamonds professionally inspected, you would find no differences. The only noticeable difference is the price tag. A lab created diamond is by far the more budget-friendly option.

Lab Created round cut diamond price estimation

Ditch The Diamond Altogether 

If you’re on the fence about gemstones, remember this. All gemstones are rare, like diamonds, but more affordable per carat. They certainly put an alternative twist on a classic engagement ring, and they can be a more budget-friendly option compared to diamonds.

Gemstones can be set in ring settings with diamond accents or on their own in solitaire bands and still produce that show-stopping effect you want in your engagement ring.

If you want a larger yet inexpensive center stone on your ring, try a classic gemstone from sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and even morganite.

Buy Your Engagement Ring Online 

We know shopping online comes with many what if’s, and we’re sure you’ve been left with some trust issues. However, if you find a known and trustworthy online jewelry retailer, you can end up getting the most incredible engagement ring for much less.

Pros of shopping for your ring online:

  • Special services and technology (education center, 360° HD diamond viewing)
  • Online engagement ring customization
  • Virtual engagement ring try-on
  • Online ring sizer
  • More variety for your budget
  • Lab grown diamonds in all shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Affordable gemstones alternatives
  • Great shipping and return policies
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Ethically sourced diamonds
  • Jewelry insurance assistance
  • 0% interest payment options
An engagement ring in an open red ring box next to pink roses
Two stacked red ring boxes on top of a newspaper next to a topaz pendant

Wait For Sale Periods 

The holiday season is an excellent time to shop for your engagement ring. This is a promotional time for many jewelry and diamond retailers, and you could end up saving a significant amount on your engagement ring.

Once you’ve researched and found your potential go-to retailers, subscribe to their newsletter to get regular updates on upcoming sales.

Customize Your Ring Online 

Customizing your ring online is not only an incredibly personal experience but one that can ensure you get a ring within your budget that meets all of your wants and needs.

Our Ring Studio offers online customization on a whole new level. You are the leading designer instead of telling someone in a store what you like and having them create it for you. You don’t need to settle for an engagement ring that doesn’t quite suit your or your partner’s style because you can design one that is the exact representation of what you want down to every minute detail. 

The Ring Studio Select A Head

Trends Shaping Engagement Ring Spending

Engagement ring spending has changed significantly due to how millennials and older couples who are remarrying have shifted the dynamic of buying engagement rings.

Many individuals and couples choose to marry later in life after they’ve had their personal, professional, and worldly development. As a result, these people are more sure of what they want in an engagement ring regarding style, originality, price, ethics, and how they make their purchases.

These expressions of individuality and broader consumer awareness have manifested in several trends like unusual center stones, settings, colors, shapes, and styles. More couples opt for gemstones or lab grown diamonds because they are often more socially responsible, unique, and affordable.

We’re Here To Help

Finding the perfect engagement ring comes with stress, questions, and a lot of second-guessing. At James Allen, we offer you 100% free advice and will assist you in understanding the best diamond quality for your budget and unique preferences. 

Contact our customer service team and chat with non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts 24/7 regarding any questions you have about buying an engagement ring online and the process around it. 

Happy shopping! 



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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White Gold Rings And Jewelry

White Gold Rings & Jewelry: Your FAQs Answered

White Gold Rings And Jewelry 1

Considering white gold jewelry for your next purchase but not quite sure if it’s the right choice? Whether you’re eyeing an engagement ring, wedding band, or simply looking to add a new piece to your collection, understanding the intricacies of white gold is crucial. In this guide, we’re exploring everything you need to know about white gold jewelry.

Is white gold durable?

Yes, white gold is durable and suitable for everyday wear, but it may require periodic maintenance to preserve its appearance.

Can white gold jewelry tarnish?

While white gold is resistant to tarnishing, it may develop a dull patina over time. Regular cleaning and maintenance can restore its shine.

Is white gold more expensive than yellow gold?

While the price of white gold can vary depending on factors such as purity and craftsmanship, it typically falls within a similar price range to yellow gold. However, since white gold is often rhodium-plated to enhance its whiteness, the cost of maintenance may be slightly higher compared to yellow gold.

A Model Wearing White Gold Jewelry 2

How do I clean white gold rings at home?

To clean white gold rings at home, soak them in a solution of warm water and mild soap, then gently scrub with a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Is white gold hypoallergenic?

White gold may contain nickel, which can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Opt for nickel-free white gold or consider alternative metals if you have sensitivities.

Can white gold be resized?

Yes, white gold rings can be resized. Unlike pure gold, which is very soft and malleable, white gold is typically alloyed with other metals such as nickel, palladium, or silver to increase its strength and durability. These additional metals make white gold more resistant to bending and shaping, allowing jewelers to resize it without compromising its structural integrity.

White Gold Eternity Rings

How does this gold compare to other types of gold metals?

White gold is a popular alternative to traditional yellow gold, offering a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Compared to yellow gold, white gold has a cooler tone and pairs well with diamonds and other gemstones. Additionally, white gold is often alloyed with metals such as nickel, palladium, or silver to achieve its white color, making it a versatile choice for various jewelry designs.

Are white gold rings suitable for everyday wear?

White gold rings are durable and suitable for everyday wear, but proper care and maintenance are essential to preserve their appearance.

Can rings made from white metal be engraved?

Yes, white gold rings can be engraved with meaningful messages or symbols to personalize your jewelry.

A Model Wearing A White Gold Engagement Ring

What is rhodium plating, and does it affect light metal rings?

Rhodium plating is a process used to enhance the whiteness and durability of white gold jewelry. It may wear off over time, but can be reapplied to restore the ring’s luster.

How do I know if my gold ring needs re-plating?

If your white gold ring appears dull or yellowish, it may need to be re-plated with rhodium to restore its bright white finish.

Are there any alternative metals similar to white gold?

Alternative metals such as palladium and platinum offer similar aesthetics to white gold, each with its unique properties and characteristics.

White Gold Wedding Ring Set

Parting Thoughts

To sum up, white gold jewelry and rings are all about timeless charm and adaptability, adding that special touch to any look or event. Here at, we’re your partners in finding that perfect piece that truly speaks to you. Our customer service team is here for you around the clock, ready to make your shopping experience smooth and enjoyable. Let’s embark on this white gold journey together!



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Round Diamond Anatomy

Diamond Anatomy: How To Pick The Perfect Round Cut Diamond

Want to know more about the world’s most popular diamond shape? We’re exploring the diamond anatomy of a round diamond and how to pick the perfect one for your engagement ring or jewelry.

Round Diamond Anatomy

What Is A Round Cut Diamond?

A round diamond is one of the most popular and timeless choices for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. Renowned for its classic shape and brilliant sparkle, the round cut diamond is characterized by its circular outline and 58 meticulously angled facets. 

This particular cut is designed to maximize the diamond’s brilliance and fire, making it a favorite among those seeking a sophisticated and elegant look.

Round Diamonds

A Brief History Of The Round Diamond

The round cut diamond has a rich history that dates back centuries. While diamonds have been admired and treasured for millennia, it wasn’t until the 17th century that the concept of diamond cutting began to evolve. Early diamond cuts were primarily focused on preserving the stone’s natural shape, resulting in rough and uneven facets.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that Marcel Tolkowsky, a Belgian mathematician, revolutionized diamond cutting with his groundbreaking thesis on the ideal proportions for maximizing brilliance in round cut diamonds. Tolkowsky’s research laid the foundation for modern diamond cutting techniques, shaping the way we perceive and appreciate the beauty of round diamonds today.

Diamond Anatomy

Understanding the anatomy of a diamond is essential for appreciating its beauty and evaluating its quality. A diamond consists of several key components, each playing a crucial role in its overall appearance and brilliance.

Table: The table is the flat, topmost surface of the diamond. It acts as a window through which light enters and reflects off the diamond’s facets.

Crown: The crown is the upper portion of the diamond, extending from the table to the girdle. It comprises a series of facets that help refract and disperse light, contributing to the diamond’s sparkle.

Girdle: The girdle is the widest part of the diamond, separating the crown from the pavilion. It serves as the diamond’s perimeter and provides structural support.

Pavilion: The pavilion is the lower portion of the diamond, extending from the girdle to the culet. It contains additional facets that reflect light internally and enhance the diamond’s brilliance.

Culet: The culet is the small facet at the bottom tip of the diamond. Its presence prevents chipping and adds stability to the diamond’s structure.

Facets: Facets are the flat, polished surfaces of the diamond that interact with light to create brilliance and fire. Round diamonds typically feature 58 facets arranged in a precise pattern to maximize light performance.

Symmetry: Symmetry refers to the precise alignment of a diamond’s facets and proportions. Diamonds with excellent symmetry exhibit optimal light reflection and visual appeal.

Depth: Depth refers to the distance from the table to the culet. It plays a critical role in determining the diamond’s brilliance and overall appearance.

The Characteristics Of A Diamond

Diamond Cut Vs. Diamond Shape

Diamond Cut

The cut of a diamond refers to its proportions, symmetry, and polish.

It directly influences the diamond’s brilliance, fire, and overall visual appeal.

A well-cut diamond reflects light internally and disperses it through the crown, creating a dazzling sparkle.

Diamond Shape

The shape of a diamond refers to its outline when viewed from above.

While round is the most popular shape, diamonds can also be cut into various other shapes such as princess, emerald, and oval.

A Chart Featuring The Different Diamond Shapes

What Is A Brilliant Cut?

The term “brilliant cut” refers to a specific type of faceting pattern used in round diamonds. It is designed to maximize the diamond’s brilliance by allowing light to enter through the table and reflect off the facets, creating a stunning display of sparkle and fire. The brilliant cut typically features 58 facets arranged in a precise pattern to optimize light performance, making it the preferred choice for round diamonds.

Round Diamond Buying Tips

When purchasing a round diamond, it’s essential to consider the four Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.


Opt for a diamond with an excellent or ideal cut grade to ensure maximum brilliance and sparkle.

Avoid diamonds with poor cut grades, as they may lack fire and brilliance.


Choose a diamond with a color grade of G or higher for a colorless appearance.

Consider lower color grades for budget-conscious buyers, as slight color differences may be less noticeable in smaller diamonds.


Look for diamonds with minimal inclusions and blemishes, preferably with a clarity grade of VS2 or higher.

Consider eye-clean diamonds, where any imperfections are invisible to the naked eye.

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Carat Weight

Balance carat weight with cut quality to achieve the desired size without sacrificing brilliance. Keep in mind that smaller diamonds with excellent cut grades may appear larger and more brilliant than larger diamonds with inferior cuts.

Pros & Cons Of Buying Round Cut Diamonds 

Timeless and classicGenerally higher price per carat
Maximum brilliance and sparkleMay appear smaller than other shapes
Versatile and easy to pairVulnerable to chipping at the girdle
Widely availableMore visible inclusions and imperfections


Are round diamonds popular?

Yes, round diamonds are incredibly popular due to their timeless appeal and maximum brilliance.

Do round cut diamonds have the best sparkle?

Round diamonds are renowned for their exceptional sparkle and fire, making them one of the most brilliant diamond shapes.

Are round cut diamonds more expensive?

Generally, round diamonds tend to be more expensive per carat compared to other shapes due to their popularity and demand.

Where is the best place to shop for a loose diamond?

The best place to shop for a loose diamond is from reputable and established jewelers or online retailers with certifications and transparent grading policies.



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Ways To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

6 Ways To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Looking to upgrade your engagement ring this year? Join us as we explore the easiest and most significant ways to upgrade your ring!

Ways To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Why Upgrade Your Engagement Ring?

Sometimes a little change is good for the soul, and upgrading your engagement ring can feel just as good as a new haircut.

There are many reasons someone may look to upgrade their ring:

  • Symbol of an anniversary
  • The desire for a bigger diamond
  • Upgrade in quality or personal style
  • Financial improvement of the couple
  • Family heirloom/tradition
  • A personal milestone celebration
  • Renewal of vows or commitment ceremony
  • The original ring no longer fits

If one of these sounds like your reason you may also be wondering how exactly you can upgrade or change your ring. That’s why we are walking through our top 6 ways to upgrade your engagement ring based on our customers’ preferences.

Change The Center Stone

The first and most popular way to upgrade your engagement ring is by changing the center stone. Some want to switch their gem for something a little bigger or perhaps a different diamond grade altogether. Others want to change the shape of the diamond or gemstone to something more personal to their style.

There are plenty of diamond and gemstone shapes to choose from- and upgrading to a larger stone can cost a fraction of the price if you consider opting for a lab grown diamond.

Side Stone Engagement Ring

Alter The Setting

The setting of your engagement ring plays a crucial role in its overall appearance. Consider updating the setting to something more modern or intricate, such as a halo setting or a vintage-inspired design.

This change can breathe new life into your ring while maintaining its sentimental value.

Different Diamond Shapes

Add Side Stones

Enhance the beauty and brilliance of your engagement ring by adding side stones. Whether you choose diamonds, sapphires, or another gemstone, incorporating additional stones can elevate the glamour and sophistication of your ring.

Side stones are also a great way to add more sparkle to your ring and even add a second diamond shape into your design.

Three Stone Engagement Ring

Upgrade The Metal

Changing the metal of your engagement ring can make a significant impact on its appearance. If you currently have a white gold ring, consider upgrading to platinum for a more durable and lustrous option.

Alternatively, switching to yellow or rose gold can give your ring a warm and luxurious look.

If you’re considering changing the metal color of your ring, check out our related post on how to choose the best metal for your skin tone.

4 different metal engagement rings

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Swap For A Gemstone 

Want something a little less traditional? Learn more about gemstone engagement rings, from popular picks like sapphires to the classic emerald, you’ll have plenty of colorful stones to choose from. If you’re looking for the ultimate personalized engagement ring, perhaps your birthstone is the perfect fit for your upgraded ring! 

Pink pearl ring

Add A Matching Band 

It’s trendy to add stackable rings to your engagement ring- particularly ones that fit the original style of the band. These additional bands can complement your ring’s design, add extra sparkle, and allow for more versatility in wearing your ring.

A popular option is curved wedding bands, these work best for sharper shapes like marquise and pear shaped center stones.

Round diamond engagement ring

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How much does it cost to upgrade an engagement ring?

The cost of upgrading an engagement ring varies depending on the changes you want to make. Simple alterations like resizing or adding engraving may be relatively inexpensive, while more significant changes like upgrading the center stone or altering the setting can be more costly.

Can I use the same jeweler to upgrade my engagement ring?

Yes, many jewelers offer services for upgrading engagement rings. It’s often beneficial to work with the jeweler who originally created the ring, or find an online jewelry who specializes in customization.

Will upgrading my engagement ring affect its sentimental value?

While upgrading your engagement ring may change its physical appearance, its sentimental value remains intact. The love and commitment represented by the ring are independent of its design, and any changes made are a reflection of your evolving style and preferences.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are so many reasons why you may want to upgrade your ring, and several fun ways to do it! If you still have questions and want to know more details about your personal preferences, you can contact our 24/7 custom service team, and they’ll be happy to help you.



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Best Diamond Alternatives For Your Engagement Ring

The Best Diamond Alternatives For Your Engagement Ring

Looking for an engagement ring without the traditional diamond center stone? We’re breaking down our list of stunning diamond alternatives for your dream ring!

Gemstones: Best Diamond Alternatives For Your Engagement Ring

What Is A Diamond Alternative?

A substitute for diamonds refers to any gemstone chosen in place of a diamond for an engagement ring or other high-quality jewelry. While many often associate diamond simulants, such as cubic zirconia, with alternatives, there is actually a diverse selection of gemstones that we suggest exploring as unique options for those seeking alternatives to traditional diamonds.

Let’s dive right in!

What Stones Are Comparable To A Diamond?

Moissanite or white sapphire is most comparable to diamonds. There are visible differences between these two gems and diamonds, but they’re the closest gems to resemble diamonds- in both look and fragility.

What Is The Substitute For A Diamond?

Whether you want a gem that looks like a diamond or something totally unique to traditional center stones, we guarantee these diamond alternatives are tough, worth the hype, and every bit as stunning as diamonds.

The Most Popular Diamond Substitute

If you choose to go with a non-diamond gemstone for an engagement ring, two of the most popular options are moissanite and sapphires. Moissanite is a top pick because it resembles diamonds in both look and hardness, but it will guarantee you save a pretty penny! Sapphires are also budget-friendly gems but offer more symbolism and you can choose between many colors.

Most Brilliant Diamond Alternative

Moissanite comes out on top for this option too. If you need to know anything about moissanite, it’s that this gemstone has incredible brilliance and a superior sparkle to diamonds. Moissanite stones come in every shape so you won’t be limited in your options for engagement ring and jewelry styles.

Most Inexpensive Gemstone Center Stone

In general, most gemstones are significantly cheaper than diamonds. The popularity of gemstones does differ, with emeralds, sapphires, and rubies being the most popular, and other gemstones gathering attention from people who associate them with their birth month.

Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Diamond Alternative


  • Your engagement ring will be totally unique
  • Diamond alternatives are typically more cost-effective
  • You have more variety to choose from


  • No gem is as durable as a diamond
  • The perceived value of a diamond is much higher than most gems
  • Most diamond alternatives lack the rarity of natural diamonds

Popular Natural Diamond & Gemstone Alternatives

Let’s take a look at our top selection of diamond alternatives for engagement rings and how they measure up to a natural diamond ring.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds aren’t exactly a typical diamond alternative since they’re real diamonds. However, they are a popular option for those who want a real diamond but simply prefer to get more diamonds for their buck.

Remember, if major sparkle and perfect durability are what you’re looking for, a lab diamond is the perfect option for you and your engagement ring budget.

Pear Shaped Lab Grown Diamond


We love moissanite. Why? Simply put, this gem sparkles like no other! This diamond alternative is by far the closest thing to a natural diamond, in appearance and durability. It’s a top choice for engagement ring buyers who want the look of a traditional engagement ring, but not the price tag.

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Diamond Engagement Rings


Emerald has a vibrant green color that is sure to make any engagement ring stand out from the crowd. This May birthstone goes perfectly with dark and light metals and offers a unique aesthetic to jewelry pieces.

Notably less durable than sapphires and diamonds, this gem still makes for a fine center stone, available in all shapes and sizes.

Green Emerald Engagement Ring


Did you know that sapphires come in all the colors of the rainbow? This is the September birthstone and one of the most famous gemstones for engagement rings.

With its romantic symbolism, high durability, and endless variety, it really is the perfect choice for a non-traditional engagement ring center stone.

Sapphire and diamond Ring


It’s hard to keep your eyes off of July’s birthstone, ruby, and for good reason. These precious gems showcase a rich red hue that has fascinated civilizations throughout history. Rubies aren’t only a symbol of love but also a representation of strength and courage.

This gem has become a popular choice for those who want a distinctive and meaningful gemstone for engagement rings.

Ruby engagement ring


Pearl engagement rings are a true testament to unique brides everywhere. The June birthstone is by far the most classic gem and makes up one of the few organic gemstones.

Pearls not only come in an array of colors but they have a unique luster and complexity that is sure to make your ring feel as special as your relationship.

Pearl Engagement Ring


October babies know this gem well. We’re talking about the gorgeous pinky peach gem called morganite. Known for its tranquil energy and symbolizing unconditional love, morganite captures the essence of romance and commitment.

With its gentle and warm tones, morganite offers a distinctive alternative to traditional center stones and looks good with all gold metals.

Morganite Ring


Are diamond substitutes more affordable than diamonds?

Yes, in general, diamond alternatives are often more affordable than traditional diamonds.

What ethical and environmental considerations come with choosing a diamond alternative?

The easiest way to know if your chosen gem is ethically sourced is to make sure your jeweler can provide authenticate certificates for your gem before purchase.

How do diamond alternatives compare in terms of durability and sparkle?

It’s true that there is no gem more durable than diamonds, however, many do come close on the Mohs hardness scale and some gems, like moissanite, have a superior sparkle to that of diamonds.



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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How To Create A Custom Engagement Ring Online

Custom Engagement Rings Online

Let’s talk about something personal – your engagement ring! Why settle for ordinary when you can have something as unique as you? A custom engagement ring ensures you get the ring you actually want and it’s the perfect way for your future spouse to show they care. 

Let’s get those creative juices flowing as we explore why a customized ring is just what you need and deserve. 

Learn How To Create A Custom Engagement Ring Online

Why Choose a Custom Engagement Ring?

Choosing your ring – or your partner’s ring – is no easy task. This is a symbol of your love and something that’ll hopefully be worn daily. Customization is the easiest way to get that forever ring looking just right.

Personalization and Uniqueness

Forget cookie-cutter rings. Picture a ring that’s made just for you and reflects your unique style. When you choose to customize, you’re essentially creating something with unique features that are specific to your style and preferences.

Individual Preferences

Your love is one-of-a-kind, and your ring should be too. A custom ring allows you to add personal touches. For example, the diamond shape of your dreams or a ring setting that mirrors your personality. No compromises, just a perfect fit- down to the metal color that suits your skin tone best.

How To Design Custom Jewelry Online

Symbolic Meaning

Beyond aesthetics, a custom ring’s potential for symbolism goes beyond the norm in the best way. It’s not just a ring; it’s a tangible representation of your commitment, love, and individuality. 

No Room For Error 

A custom engagement ring is something you and your partner can design together- a popular choice for the modern couple indeed. This leaves no room for doubt about what your preferences are and what ring you want to see on your finger! 

Getting Started with Your Custom Engagement Ring

Setting Your Budget

Having a set budget for your ring doesn’t mean compromising on beauty. You can still create something extraordinary within your financial comfort zone. It also helps avoid unrealistic expectations and encourages you to explore all your options. 

P.S. Most jewelry retailers offer payment plans. Check out financing options if you’re thinking about getting your custom engagement ring online. 

Factors Influencing the Cost

Ever wondered what goes into the cost of a custom ring? Materials, design complexity, and the choice of gemstone or diamond play a big role. Knowing these factors can help you make the best decisions. We suggest you study up on the 4Cs! 

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Choosing the Perfect Diamond or Gemstone

We know when most people think “diamonds” they assume they’re going to need to break the bank. But did you know that lab grown diamonds are three times less expensive than natural diamonds? While gemstones are relatively less expensive than diamonds and offer an even more unique aesthetic. 

When picking your dream diamond or gemstone it’s so important that you or your partner inspect the gem beforehand and ensure it comes with the proper certification. 

Colored Diamonds

Selecting the Ring Setting

You have plenty of ring settings to choose from, especially online where jewelers offer a wide variety of options. Here are some of the ring settings you should look out for:

  • Solitaire 
  • Pavé
  • Halo
  • Chanel Set 
  • Side-Stone 
  • Three Stone
  • Vintage 
  • Tension 
  • Bezel 

Not all ring settings are created equal. Halo and pavé engagement rings are popular and known to add that extra sparkle, whereas solitaire and bezel engagement rings are simple and classic. Your engagement ring setting is likely the biggest custom feature to truly reflect your style. 

Engagement Ring Settings

Customization Options at James Allen

Here at James Allen, we love a good custom-made ring! That’s why we have hundreds of ring settings to choose from, all available in your preferred metal color. We also have one of the largest collections of loose diamonds, with over 500,000 gems to choose from in every color, cut, carat, and clarity grade. 

Basic Customization 

For our basic customization, you can simply pick your ideal ring setting from our collections, select your preferred metal type, and add your dream diamond or gemstone. Take full advantage of our virtual engagement ring try-on to test out whichever ring/diamond suits your hand best (and yes, you can spend hours doing this!) 

Virtual Try On Feature

The Ring Studio 

Want full control over your custom engagement ring? Say no more. Pop into our ring studio where you can design your sparkler online from scratch. View all changes in real-time and just have fun! 

The Ring Studio

Finalizing Your Design

Whether you create your dream ring in a jewelry store or online, remember that final touches can make it above and beyond sentimental. Some of our favorite details include hidden diamonds and personalized engravings inside the band. 


What is the average cost of a custom engagement ring?

The cost of a custom ring varies based on design, materials, and center stones. Typically, prices range from $2000 and beyond.

How long does it take to create a custom engagement ring?

If you’re using an online jewelry store, customization could take under an hour based on the technology the store uses. In-store customization can take days, even weeks to happen.

Can I use my own diamond or gemstone in a custom ring?

Of course! Check with your chosen retailer- but it’s more than likely you’ll be able to use your own stone.

Is there a return policy for custom engagement rings?

Return policies differ so it’s essential to clarify terms before making your purchase!


Feel like a custom engagement ring is the right route for you or your partner? Try it out at or chat about it more with one of our expert consultants- available 24/7!



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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A Guide To Choosing And Wearing Mens Necklaces

A Guide to Choosing and Wearing Men’s Necklaces

Men’s necklaces are a staple this year! For those trendsetting gentlemen, there are so many necklace types to choose from and a few styling tips to help you on your way.

A Guide To Choosing And Wearing Mens Necklaces

Types of Men’s Necklaces

Looking for the perfect men’s jewelry gift? Or perhaps the newest accessory to add to your own collection? Look no further than a men’s necklace. They came in a variety of lengths, metal colors, and types that go perfectly with all styles and personalities. 

Let’s explore the different men’s necklaces and see which one was made for you!


Men’s chains are a classic- and a classic for a reason! They’re simple, suit most necks, and they’re versatile. You can wear a chain for a sleek look or accessories with one to make your outfit more bold. If you’re starting your jewelry journey and you want to dip your toe in the water- a chain is the way to go!


Pendants are more of a bold necklace accessory and here’s why. Men’s pendants come with a flair- whether it be a diamond or gemstone. If you or the person you’d like to gift loves to stand out in the crowd, a pendant may be the way to go here.

Fancy Black Enamel Dog Tag

Dog Tags

For the manly man, we suggest a dog tag. Kidding! Any man looks good in a dog tag and this accessory is great for more of a personalized look. Dog tags come in just about any metal option and can be simple, carved, or even two-toned! They’re super fun and look good with layered necklace looks, too.

Statement Necklaces

What’s a statement necklace? Well, maybe you’re the type of guy who likes to wear what no one else is wearing. If so, you’re looking for the kind of necklace that makes your outfit pop and has everyone asking you where you got it from. This type of necklace can simply be one with an intricate style or even an uncommon metal shade for necklaces like rose gold. Don’t be afraid to explore and push the boundaries of your style.

Metals for Men’s Necklaces

The most common necklace metals are gold, platinum, and silver. Some are certainly more durable than the others, but all are perfect for men’s necklaces. 

Gold Necklaces

Gold necklaces can come in different gold shades. White, yellow, and rose gold. Yellow gold necklaces have been the common pick for decades as the metal looks good on most skin tones. However, as men enjoy more freedom with their style- we have started to see an upward trend of other gold shades for men’s necklaces. Gold certainly requires less maintenance than silver and is the pricier investment for a reason.

Silver Necklaces

The perfect metal to start with is silver. If you’re trying to see if men’s necklaces are for you but you don’t want to break the bank, go with silver. White metals like silver usually suit cool and neutral skin tones more.

Silver necklaces for men can be maintained with regular cleanings and proper care- like not showering with it on or taking your necklace off while exercising. 

Check out our guide on how to clean your silver necklace or jewelry below! 

Necklace Length and Sizing

Infographic Showing Chain Lengths For Men

Neckline Considerations

It might seem obvious, but yes, the width of your neck is the most important measurement to consider when necklace shopping. Same with rings and bracelets, necklaces are not always one-size-fits-all! Make sure you consider how you want your necklace to fit around your neck before you commit.

Keep reading to learn how to measure your neck size and determine your ideal necklace length.

Measuring for Necklace Size

Determining your ideal necklace length is an easy process. 

You’ll need: 

  1. Flexible measuring tape or string
  2. Ruler or measuring tape

Prepare the measuring tape or string: If using a measuring tape, ensure it’s flexible and can wrap around the neck comfortably. If using a string, cut it to a suitable length.

How to find the base measurement point:

  1. Identify where you want the necklace to rest on the neck.
  2. Common points include the base of the neck or slightly below the Adam’s apple.
  3. Place the measuring tape or string around the chosen point on the neck.
  1. Ensure it sits comfortably without being too tight or too loose.
  2. If using a measuring tape, note the length where the tape meets or overlaps.
  3. If using a string, mark the point where it meets and then measure it against a ruler.

Styling Men’s Necklaces

There are several ways to style your necklace up or down.

Layering Necklaces

If you have a few favorites you’d like to wear together try this. Try layering your necklaces by adding two or three with varying lengths. Or add two or three with different metal types for a bolder look. 

Solid 5mm Miami Cuban Chain Necklace 22 Inches

Occasion-Based Styling

For a sleek and clean look, we always recommend you go with a single-chain necklace. This suits both day and night. Make sure you pick the right metal to go with your outfit. 

If you’re going out and you want to add a bit of personality to your style, try wearing more of a branded necklace, like your favorite pendant or dog tag necklace. Spice up your look by layering with added chains if the event calls for it. 

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning and Polishing

Keep your necklaces looking as good as new with our simple cleaning and polishing tips. Shine bright, always. Discover the best practices for maintaining the luster of your favorite pieces.

An infographic on how to clean sliver jewelry at home

Storage Tips

Proper storage is the key to preserving your necklaces. A jewelry box isn’t just for ladies- so find one that’s padded with soft material to store your silver and gold necklaces. This ensures your jewelry won’t be scratched, bent, or go missing. 


Are men’s necklaces in style?

Absolutely! Men’s necklaces are a timeless accessory, always in vogue. Express your style with confidence.

What is the significance of gold necklaces for men?

Gold symbolizes luxury, success, and timeless elegance. A gold necklace is a statement piece that speaks volumes about your taste. 

How do I determine the right necklace length for me?

Scroll up to see our easy measuring guide takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect fit.

Can I wear a silver necklace with formal attire?

Of course, you can! Silver necklaces are just as sophisticated as gold or platinum necklaces. Make sure you give your silver necklace a good wash and polish before any special event to make sure it shines.



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Mens Engagement Rings Your Faqs Answered

Men’s Engagement Rings: Your FAQs Answered

Whether you’re planning to propose or looking to find the perfect men’s engagement ring, we’re here to guide you through ensuring your decision is as superb as the ring itself. 

Mens Engagement Rings

By now, you’ve probably caught wind of the buzz around men’s engagement rings, a trend that has been gaining momentum in the last several years. We have also seen that engagement rings for men really have no rules, the wearer can choose to be as unique or traditional as they wish.

As with all modern jewelry, rings are becoming increasingly personalized to reflect an individuals taste and style. There’s no wrong or right. When it comes to representing their love, men don’t shy away from wearing whatever they want.

What Are Men’s Engagement Rings?

A men’s engagement ring usually features a larger center diamond or gemstone. However, today you can find men’s rings in a variety of chic and masculine designs in a wide range of alternative metals too. 

Additionally, men’s engagement rings can be worn together with wedding bands. It’s up to men whether to stack their wedding bands and engagement rings or wear them separately. 

Why Do Some Men Choose to Wear Engagement Rings?

Similar to women, many men choose to wear engagement rings as a symbol of their commitment and love. On the other hand, some men choose to wear them as a modern and inclusive way to signify their engagement and the upcoming marriage, breaking away from gender stereotypes.

Three Black Wedding Rings

What Are the Different Styles of Men’s Engagement Rings?

Men’s engagement rings are available in a variety of styles to suit individual preferences and different lifestyles. Traditional styles often feature classic metals like yellow gold or platinum with a minimalistic design, while contemporary options may embrace alternative metals such as titanium, ceramic, or tungsten, often boasting sleek and modern aesthetics.

Some men also choose elaborate or personalized designs, including men’s diamond rings with multiple diamonds or intricate engraved details. This definitely makes their engagement ring truly more unique and meaningful.

What Finger Should Men Wear Their Engagement Ring On?

The tradition of which finger to wear a men’s engagement ring differs around the world, however, it is mainly worn on the fourth finger of their left hand, just like women. This finger is commonly referred to as the “ring finger” and is the traditional placement for engagement rings.

Nonetheless, men are free to choose which finger to wear their engagement rings on based on their own preferences and cultural traditions.

Are Men’s Engagement Rings Different from Wedding Rings?

One of the two key differences between men’s wedding and engagement rings is their symbolism and when they’ll be worn. For wedding bands, it’s all in the name – typically, wedding rings are first worn for the first time on the day of the actual wedding. Couples usually give these rings to each other as a symbol of the beginning of their marriage and commitment to one another.

On the other hand, men’s engagement rings receive a lot more hype and attention and are usually worn from the time of the proposal. An engagement ring, in every way, symbolizes intent and also creates excitement for the couple and their loved ones.  

Seven different men's engagement rings

What Materials Are Used for Men’s Engagement Rings?

Men’s engagement rings can be made from a variety of metals, including the more traditional options such as white, yellow, and rose gold, or platinum. However, there are also many contemporary alternative metal options available such as tungsten, titanium, ceramic, titanium, cobalt chrome, and tantalum

Can Men’s Engagement Rings Have Diamonds?

Certainly! Although many men’s engagement rings with classic designs are one of the more common choices, it is not the only option available. You can find men’s engagement rings with a single diamond or those featuring a selection of stones on the band, either as accents or encircling the entire band

There are also many engagement rings for men that include various gemstones. Did you know that the most popular gemstone used in men’s rings is blue sapphire as it adds a hint of masculinity to the ring? 

How Do You Determine the Right Size for a Men’s Engagement Ring?

Ring sizes are determined based on the inner circumference of the ring, usually measured in millimeters. The standard ring size scale ranges from 8 to 15 for men, with half-size increments available for a more precise fit. Now, to help you find the right size from the comfort of your own home, try out one of these tools;

  1. Using a measuring tape is considered to be the best and most accurate method to determine your ring size. Measure the finger where you plan to wear the ring, since the finger size on your left and right hands may differ.

STEP 1: 

Place the measuring tape over your finger and pull it around into a circle. 

STEP 2: 

Adjust the size of the circle, move it over your knuckles, and make sure it fits comfortably.

STEP 3: 

Take note of the measurements in millimeters and use the comparison chart if needed. 

  1. Alternatively, you can simply request a free ring sizer that will be delivered to your home. 

Related blog post: How To Measure Your Ring Size

Three different Men's Carved Wedding Rings

How Much Should You Spend on a Men’s Engagement Ring?

The cost of a men’s engagement ring can vary depending on a variety of different factors. Ranging from the type of ring, the metal used, the quality of the diamond, and of course your budget.  Generally, men’s engagement rings range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

A more basic ring with a plain metal band and a single diamond will usually cost less than $1,000, while a more ornate ring with multiple stones and intricate details can cost significantly more. Nonetheless, the value of the ring should reflect the love and commitment you share with your partner rather than conforming to a specific price point.

Mens Diamond Engagement Rings

Can Couples Choose Matching Men’s Engagement Rings?

This completely depends on your preference (and of course your partner’s). But if that’s what you’re both after then absolutely go for it! Matching men’s engagement rings are not just a fun and sentimental choice for couples who want to be connected in a special way, but it’s perfect for those wanting a coordinated and harmonious look that shows off their love.

With so many ways to do this (especially with James Allen), you and your partner will have no problem at all finding the perfect set. 

Are Engravings Common in Men’s Engagement Rings?

Although engravings on men’s engagement rings are less common than on women’s, they remain a popular option for men who wish to personalize their ring. At, we offer free engravings, allowing you to add your own personal touch with a meaningful inscription.

Final Thoughts 

When it’s time to choose the perfect men’s engagement ring, James Allen provides all the tools and convenience you need to find the perfect one. Still have questions? Our customer service team is available 24/7 for your convenience. Feel free to reach out at any time, and one of our experienced, non-commissioned experts will be happy to answer all your questions.



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Moissanite 101 A Complete Guide

Moissanite 101: A Complete Guide

Interested in moissanite but not too sure about the gem? We’ve got your complete guide on this gorgeous diamond substitute.

Moissanite 101 A Complete Guide

What Is Moissanite?

Moissanite has a different chemical makeup from natural and lab grown diamonds. While a diamond is pure carbon, moissanite is both silica and carbon. As a result, Moissanite sparkles differently and is slightly less hard than diamond. In terms of appearance, it does look nearly identical to a diamond and sparkles even more. 

Natural moissanite is incredibly rare, so most moissanite available today is created in laboratories. Moissanite is often referred to as a diamond simulant and sold as a substitute, giving the illusion of similarity to diamonds.

How Is Moissanite Made?

The basic process of making moissanite involves the same pressure and heat, similar to what is needed when it’s formed in nature. Silicon carbide powder is heated enough to become a gas. Then, through a carefully monitored process, the right chemical and environmental conditions are created to allow the moissanite to grow. This process can take a few months.

Moissanite Shapes

The History & Origins Of Moissanite

Henri Moissan was the first person to identify these stones in 1893 in a crater caused by a meteorite in Canyon Diablo, Arizona. At first, he believed he’d found diamonds, it was only 11 years later that he discovered the stones had a different chemical makeup and were, in fact, natural silicon carbide.

Nowadays, since these stones are so rare, most moissanite gems are created in controlled lab environments using advanced technology. Moissanites require absolutely no mining to produce, making their origins easily traceable. 

Why Choose A Moissanite Engagement Ring?

Moissanite is appealing to modern jewelry buyers for several stellar reasons, but is it the best option for an engagement ring? Let’s count all the ways why moissanite may be the best option for your dream ring. 

Exceptional Brilliance

Moissanite exhibits remarkable sparkle and fire, often surpassing that of diamonds. Its high refractive index results in a dazzling play of light.


Moissanite is a cost-effective alternative to diamonds, allowing you to allocate your budget wisely. You can get a larger and more eye-catching stone for your money.


Moissanite ranks high on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it suitable for everyday wear. It is resistant to scratching, chipping, and breaking.


Moissanite is a distinct gem with its own characteristics, offering a unique and captivating choice. It stands as a symbol of your individuality and style.

Color Options

Moissanite comes in various colors, including colorless (D-F) and near-colorless (G-H), allowing you to select the perfect hue for your ring.


Moissanite engagement rings offer versatile design options, enabling you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personality and love story.

Proven Quality

Moissanite has been extensively tested for its quality and performance, ensuring you receive a beautiful and enduring gem.


By choosing moissanite, you contribute to the avoidance of potential conflict associated with diamond mining.

Low Maintenance

Moissanite requires minimal care to maintain its brilliance, making it a practical choice for busy lifestyles.

Moissanite Vs Diamond comparison chart

What Are The Qualities Of Moissanite?

Moissanite vs Diamond: Color

Moissanite comes in colorless, near-colorless, and yellow/green shades. This is perfect if you’re looking for a more traditional-looking center stone. On the other hand, diamonds come in every color under the rainbow. You will have no trouble finding an affordable white or fancy color lab diamond.

Moissanite vs Diamond: Price

Moissanite certainly has an advantage over diamonds in terms of price. If you choose to go with a moissanite engagement ring, you’ll pay almost four times less than that of a lab grown diamond ring. If you’re looking to maximize your budget and the size of your center stone, a moissanite ring may be the best option.

Moissanite vs Diamonds: Durability

A gemstone’s durability is measured using the Mohs hardness scale. FYI, diamonds are the hardness substance on earth, rating a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale! 

Moissanite doesn’t do too badly either, coming in a close second at 9.25 on the scale. This means your moissanite ring will remain clear and unscratched. In fact, the only thing hard enough to scratch it would be a diamond.

Moissanite vs Diamonds

Moissanite Pros And Cons

Moissanite Pros

  • Budget-Friendly. Moissanite is cheaper than diamonds, making it an attractive option for budget shoppers. It has many similarities with diamonds, such as being high in fire and brilliance. To the untrained eye, it looks like a diamond. Some married couples have opted for moissanite wedding rings because it’s less expensive while remaining durable and beautiful.
  • Inclusions Aren’t Visible to the Naked Eye. Diamonds in which inclusions aren’t visible to the naked eye are usually more expensive than those that don’t have inclusions visible to the naked eye for obvious reasons. When you shop for moissanite, you don’t have to worry about making a choice between a gemstone with inclusions and a gemstone without inclusions. Moissanite doesn’t have inclusions visible to the naked eye. This eases the buying process and helps you save money as well.
  • Exceptional Brilliance. Part of a diamond’s appeal is how sparkly it is. Moissanite is also sparkly due to its high level of brilliance. Many people are surprised to find out that moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamonds. Thus, if sparkle is important to you in the gemstone you want to buy, moissanite is a good option. It rivals the sparkle of diamonds.

Moissanite Cons

  • It’s Not a Diamond – The biggest drawback of moissanite has nothing to do with its durability, sparkle, or clarity. It’s that moissanite isn’t a diamond. Many people view a diamond ring as a necessity in marriage. You may have to deal with some ridicule if you and your spouse opt for a moissanite ring instead of a diamond one. Even when it comes to other jewelry, others can be judgmental about someone with moissanite jewelry because they view it as an alternative to diamonds.
  • Not As Valuable as a Diamond. If owning valuable or expensive jewelry is important to you, then moissanite might not be a better option than diamonds right now. Although they are stronger than diamonds and have higher fire and brilliance, consumers don’t view them as valuable as diamonds. Due to the rules of supply and demand, diamonds are still more valuable and expensive. People are willing to pay more for a diamond despite its slightly weaker characteristics.

How To Clean Your Moissanite Ring At Home

Jewelry maintenance doesn’t need to cost you a lot but it is important if you want to maintain that shine you love. Try out our DIY cleaning tips for moissanite engagement rings and other moissanite jewelry.

How To Clean Moissanite Ring


Is moissanite a fake diamond?

Moissanite is not a fake diamond, but rather a distinct gemstone composed of silicon carbide. While it shares some visual similarities with diamonds, it has its own unique properties and characteristics.

Is moissanite a real gemstone?

Moissanite is absolutely a real gemstone. Composed of silicon carbide, moissanite is a popular diamond alternative due to its many visual similarities.

Will moissanite pass a diamond test?

Moissanite typically won’t pass a traditional diamond test, such as a thermal conductivity test or a diamond tester, as it has different thermal and electrical conductivity properties than natural diamonds.

Is moissanite affordable?

Moissanite stones are generally more affordable than diamonds due to differences in rarity and production costs. Natural diamonds are scarce, whereas moissanite can be created in laboratories, making it more cost-effective.

Can you shower with moissanite?

Yes, you can shower with moissanite jewelry. Moissanite is a durable gemstone that can withstand exposure to water and mild detergents. However, it’s important to avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners, as they can potentially damage the metal settings or diminish the gemstone’s brilliance over time.

Is moissanite ethical?

Moissanite is often considered an ethical gemstone option. This is likely because most moissanite is lab grown since naturally occurring moissanite is very rare. This controlled environment is largely considered to be conflict-free and without ethical concerns that can be associated with gemstones that are mined from the earth.

The Verdict on Moissanite

Moissanite is a remarkable gemstone that has gained popularity for its striking brilliance, durability, and affordability. While it may resemble diamonds, it possesses unique qualities that set it apart. So why not invest in your dream moissanite engagement ring or fine jewelry today? 

Still have questions about this gem? Feel free to contact our exceptional customer service team, available 24/7!



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Bridesmaids Proposal Ideas And Gift Suggestions

Bridesmaid’s Proposal Ideas And Gift Suggestions

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, the support of your closest friends and family is invaluable. We’re here to help you find the best bridesmaids’ proposal ideas and gifts they’ll love!

Bridesmaid's Proposal Ideas And Gift Suggestions

What Is A Bridesmaid Proposal?

A bridesmaid proposal is a special, thoughtful, and often creative way to ask your closest friends or family members to be a part of your wedding. This generally involves presenting them with a personalized gift or a heartfelt message that officially invites them to be bridesmaids. In recent years it has become common for bridesmaids to propose to each other during the wedding planning process, adding a special touch of anticipation and sentiment.

When Should You Send A Bridesmaid Proposal?

Ideally, bridesmaid proposals should be sent well in advance of your wedding date. Typically, brides-to-be send out these proposals a few months before the wedding. Usually, after they have chosen the wedding date and venue and have a clear idea of who they want in their bridal party. Sending the proposals early allows your chosen bridesmaids to plan and prepare for their role, especially if they need to make travel arrangements or take time off work.

Additionally, it gives them ample time to find and order their bridesmaid attire, which can sometimes take several weeks. Bridesmaid proposals are best sent out 6 to 9 months before your wedding but feel free to adjust the timing to suit your wedding planning schedule and individual circumstances.

How Should You Propose To Your Bridesmaids?

As far as bridesmaid proposal etiquette goes, the sky’s the limit. You know your ‘I do crew’ better than anyone else and your proposal should reflect that. While some proposals may be more intimate and low-key in nature such as a one-on-one brunch, others may opt to send a personalized gift or organize a social gathering bringing all the bridesmaids together.

There truly is no shortage of creative ways to do the asking. The most important thing is to show your appreciation for their support by making it personal and memorable.

Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

1. Personalized keepsake boxes with a heartfelt note

One of the sweetest ways to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids is by gifting them personalized keepsake boxes. These boxes can hold cherished memories and tokens of your friendship. Include a heartfelt note expressing your gratitude and excitement for having them by your side on your big day.

2. Customized puzzle revealing the proposal

Create a unique and engaging experience for your bridesmaids by giving them a customized puzzle. As they put the pieces together, they’ll discover your heartfelt proposal. It’s a fun and interactive way to involve them in your special moment.

3. “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” scavenger hunt

Turn the proposal into an adventure with a scavenger hunt. Leave clues at significant locations that hold special memories for both you and your bridesmaids. This creative idea adds an element of surprise and excitement to the proposal.

14K White Gold Akoya Cultured Pearl Earrings

4. Virtual proposal with a heartfelt video message

In this digital age, you can connect with your bridesmaids no matter where they are. Create a heartfelt video message expressing your love and appreciation. Share your excitement about having them as part of your bridal party.

5. DIY proposal cards with a favorite memory

Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes. Craft personalized proposal cards that feature a favorite memory you share with each bridesmaid. It’s a touching and sentimental way to ask them to be a part of your special day.

Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry is a timeless and meaningful way to show your appreciation to your bridesmaids. It symbolizes the lasting bond you share and serves as a beautiful keepsake of your wedding day. Why not consider these options:

Simple Gold Jewelry Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings & Rings

Explore a selection of simple gold jewelry, including elegant bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Each piece is designed to complement your bridesmaids’ style, add a touch of elegance to their wedding look, and even a wink at their personality.

14K Yellow Gold Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Personalized Initial Jewelry

Make the gift even more personal with customized initial jewelry. These pieces are a beautiful way to showcase each bridesmaid’s unique identity and your deep connection. Whether it be an initial bracelet or an initial necklace, there are plenty of minimalist and extravagant styles to choose from.

14K Yellow Gold Mini Initial M Necklace

Minimalist Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is a thoughtful and personalized choice. Suggest birthstone rings, necklaces, or earrings that correspond to each bridesmaid’s birth month. It’s a gesture that shows you’ve considered their individuality.

14K Yellow Gold Dangling Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

Jewelry Gift Sets

This stunning idea proves that jewelry doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag to be a winning present. This thoughtful bridesmaid proposal gift can be anything from a diamond pendant and matching stud earrings to pearl or floral-themed jewelry sets.

Matching Metals

Another beautiful gift for your gals is to select jewelry that will perfectly match the colors of their dresses. For example, gold or rose gold would look stunning with a pink dress, whereas silver or white gold would gorgeously pop against a yellow or blue dress. When it comes to bridesmaid accessories like colorful jewelry, they serve as an excellent means to seamlessly blend additional wedding colors into your bridal party’s overall ensemble.

A Pop Of Color 

Depending on what your bridal party is wearing, gemstone jewelry may just be the perfect touch of color and sense of individuality you’re looking for. Gemstone jewelry allows each bridesmaid to showcase their unique style while maintaining a cohesive look. We offer a wide variety of gemstone options that make it easy to coordinate with the wedding’s color scheme or theme. Additionally, gemstones are renowned for their symbolic significance, making them thoughtful and sentimental presents that can elevate the wedding experience for both the bridesmaids and the bride.


Can I personalize jewelry gifts with names or initials?

Absolutely! Personalization adds a special touch to your bridesmaid gifts. You can include their names or initials on selected jewelry items to make them even more unique.

Are there affordable options for birthstone jewelry?

Yes, there are affordable options available for birthstone jewelry. You can find a range of beautiful pieces that fit different budgets without compromising on quality and style.

What is the process of ordering bridesmaid gifts from

Ordering bridesmaid gifts from is easy and convenient. Simply browse our collections, select your preferred items, customize as needed, and follow the simple ordering process. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

How long does shipping usually take for jewelry items?

Shipping times may vary, but we strive to deliver your jewelry items as quickly as possible. Use our online filter to see which items ship soonest, as many of our best-selling items are shipped for free overnight!


Make the moment you ask your nearest and dearest to be part of your bridal party special with creative proposals and heartfelt gifts. These thoughtful gestures will make them feel cherished and set the tone for the wonderful journey ahead.

So, go ahead and create unforgettable memories with your bridesmaids as you prepare for your big day. And remember, at, we’re here to help you find the perfect bridesmaid gifts to make your wedding day even more special.



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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A Guide To Buying Jewelry For Yourself

A Guide To Buying Jewelry For Yourself

In today’s world, jewelry has evolved beyond a mere accessory; it has become a powerful means of self-expression. We’re here to share more about the growing trend of personalized jewelry and its empowerment and tell you why you deserve to buy jewelry for yourself. 

Not sure where to start? We’re breaking it all down from the why to the how in this guide.

A Guide To Buying Jewelry For Yourself

Why Buy Jewelry for Yourself?

Not that you need an excuse to treat yourself, but personalized jewelry is more than just adornment; it’s a canvas that reflects your identity and sense of self. It allows you to show others your personality and unique style without saying a word. But there’s more to it than aesthetics alone.


Your choice of jewelry speaks volumes about who you are. Whether you prefer minimalistic designs or bold statements, your jewelry becomes a visual representation of your personality.


Believe it or not, personalized jewelry is empowering. It’s a way to celebrate yourself, your achievements, and your journey. Each piece becomes a symbol of your strength and resilience.


Nowadays, we’re all about choosing jewelry for yourself as an act of self-love. It’s a reminder that you are worthy of nice things and that you deserve to feel beautiful and confident.

Types of Jewelry for Personalized Expression

When it comes to buying jewelry for yourself, there will always be a diverse offering of a wide range of options to suit every style and taste. Here’s a closer look at some of the types of jewelry that allow for personalization:


A personalized necklace can feature initials, names, or meaningful symbols. It rests close to your heart, making it a perfect choice for sentimental expressions.


Customized rings can bear special dates, names, or even coordinates that hold personal significance. They are a constant reminder of cherished moments.


Initial bracelets can be engraved with motivational quotes, coordinates of a special place, or even a short message to yourself. They are like wearable affirmations.

14K Yellow Gold Mini Initial M Necklace

Factors to Consider When Buying Jewelry for Yourself

To make informed choices when buying personalized jewelry, consider the following factors:

  1. Your Style: Understanding your style is the first step. Are you drawn to classic elegance, contemporary designs, or something entirely unique? Your jewelry should resonate with your taste.
  1. Metal Choice: The choice of metal can significantly impact the look and feel of your jewelry. Gold exudes warmth and luxury, while silver offers a sleek, modern appeal. Consider what suits you best.
  1. Gemstone Meaning: Gemstones carry meanings and energies. For example, amethyst symbolizes clarity, while turquoise embodies creativity. Choose gemstones that align with your personality traits or values.
  1. Budget: There’s personalized jewelry available for every budget. Set a realistic budget and explore options within that range. Remember that the value of personalized jewelry extends beyond its price tag.

Where to Buy Personalized Jewelry

When it comes to purchasing personalized jewelry, the source matters. Trustworthy retailers, both in-store and online, provide a wide selection and peace of mind through certifications. What to look out for: 

Online Convenience: Shopping online offers the convenience of exploring vast options from the comfort of your home. It allows you to take your time and make considered choices.

Authenticity and Certifications: When purchasing personalized jewelry, authenticity is crucial. Look for certifications that verify the materials’ quality and the craftsmanship involved.

Customization and Personalization Options

Personalization is at the heart of this trend, offering a multitude of options to make your jewelry truly unique:

Engraving Your Jewelry

Adding names, dates, or meaningful symbols through engraving turns your jewelry into a personalized keepsake. It’s a tangible reminder of moments and connections.

Embracing Birthstones

Incorporating birthstones, whether your own or those of loved ones, adds a layer of sentimental value to your jewelry. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your connections.

East West Pavé Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

Finding Your Style

Discovering your jewelry style is a process of self-discovery. Are you a minimalist or someone who loves to layer up on bracelets, rings, and necklaces? Trial and error is the best way to go about finding your style. And remember, our styles are meant to evolve with time and new trends! 

  • Use Self-Reflection: Take the time to reflect on what styles resonate with you. Consider the clothes you feel most comfortable in and the accessories you’re naturally drawn to.
  • Take A Style Quiz: Online style quizzes can be super fun and provide insights into your preferences. They can help you pinpoint your style, whether it’s classic, bohemian, minimalist, or eclectic.


Is it common to buy jewelry for oneself?

Yes, it’s becoming increasingly common as people recognize the value of self-expression through fashion and jewelry.

How can I ensure the quality of personalized jewelry?

It’s always a good idea to do your research. Look at previous customer reviews and see what others recommend.

Are there budget-friendly options for personalized jewelry?

Absolutely, personalized jewelry is available in various price ranges, metal choices, and buying online can save you a lot of money!

What are some popular ways to personalize jewelry?

Popular personalization options include engraving names, dates, or meaningful symbols onto your jewelry.


Personalized jewelry is a celebration of who you are. It’s a way to express your individuality, celebrate your journey, and remind yourself of your worth. By making informed choices and selecting pieces that resonate with you, you’re creating a unique collection that reflects your beautiful, authentic self. So, embrace the world of personalized jewelry, and let your style and personality shine through your exquisite adornments.



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Diamond Price

Diamond Price: A Guide To Buying Diamonds

Understanding what factors influence diamond price is so important to know before you make an investment or purchase. We know it’s not an easy decision, and so we’ve created this guide to help you understand the key elements of buying diamonds along with helpful tips to make your journey as simple as possible.

Diamond Price

Factors Influencing Diamond Price

Not all diamonds are created equal. There are ideal features you should know to look out for and certain characteristics you want to avoid. Get your notepad ready and let’s start getting into buying diamonds 101. 

Carat Weight and Diamond Cost

Naturally, the bigger the carat the higher the cost. But it’s important to remember the following things when trying to save money on a larger diamond: 

  1. Not all diamond shapes with the same carat weight look equal in size. E.g. A one carat oval cut diamond will look larger than a one carat round cut diamond.
  2. Lab grown diamonds are three times less expensive than natural diamonds so you can afford to go bigger with a lab diamond and remain within your budget.

Diamond Cuts Impact on Price

Diamond cut is graded from poor to excellent- most folks will aim for a “very good” cut grade. The cut of the diamond impacts the price because the cut essentially influences every other aspect (the 4Cs) of a diamond’s overall grading. 

The better the cut grade the higher the price. Our experts suggest that you never compromise on cut. Even a lower color, carat, and clarity grade diamond will still sparkle with brilliance and luster if the cut grade is high. 

Different diamond shapes

Clarity and Diamond Price

A diamond’s clarity is determined by its internal and external imperfections. There are diamonds with more imperfections than others, and even some that are flawless. Larger imperfections lower the price of a diamond, whereas fewer to no imperfections cause the price and value of the diamond to rise. 

But don’t be afraid of the word imperfections or blemishes. These flaws are usually not obvious to the naked eye and can only be seen under microscopes or a jeweler’s loupe. 

Remember the clarity grades:

  • Flawless (FL)
  • Internally Flawless (IF)
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2)
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2)
  • Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2)
  • Included (I1, I2, and I3)

Generally, diamonds in the Very Slightly Included (VS) and Slightly Included (SI) categories tend to offer good value for money. 

Color Grading and Its Effect on Diamond Cost

The color grade of a diamond significantly affects its cost. Diamond color is graded on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown), with D being the most valuable. 

The more colorless a diamond appears, the higher its value. Near colorless diamonds are also popular and offer a good balance between quality and cost. Lower-grade diamonds are generally more affordable, but the choice between color grades depends on personal preferences and the desired balance between diamond quality and budget constraints. 

Diamond color grade

How to Buy Diamonds at the Right Price

Now the hard part – how do you buy the diamond of your dreams (or one close to that) for the right price. First, there are some things you should decide on before you go about choosing your diamond.

  1. What diamond shape do you prefer? 
  2. Do you want a natural diamond or a lab grown diamond?
  3. Do you prefer to buy your diamond online or in-store?
  4. What setting type and metal color do you want to pair your diamond with?
  5. Your lifestyle 

It’ll be easier to know what type of diamond you want and how much you’re willing to spend once you have a better understanding of the above preferences. Our experts suggest that you mention this to a diamond consultant/jewelry before you look at diamonds. 

P.S.: Did you know that offers free real-time diamond inspections and consultations?  

Setting a Budget for Your Diamond

This next step is key. Having a budget in mind makes it that much easier to understand what diamond price you’ll be happy with. It will also help the jeweler find you the best diamond for your budget and your or your partner’s preferences. 

On average – a basic diamond engagement ring costs anywhere from $1500-$4000. Check out our TikTok page to see just how to create your ideal engagement ring on a budget! 

Diamond budget

Understanding Diamond Certification

Think of your diamond certification as its very own birth certificate. Getting the proper diamond certification is essential, not only to know that you’ve purchased a real and conflict-free diamond but also in case of resale and insurance. 

Many organizations offer different diamond certificates but some of the most recognizable and popular are GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute), AGS (American Gem Society Laboratories), and European Gemological Institute.) 

Never purchase a diamond that doesn’t come with a reputable diamond certification. 

Comparing Diamond Prices

Diamond Price Per Carat Chart

Negotiating Diamond Prices

If you’re going to a jeweler and have the opportunity to buy your diamond straight from the market try these negotiating tips: 

Research Rapaport Prices: Read the weekly Rapaport Diamond Report to understand average wholesale prices for diamonds.

Compare Multiple Quotes: Get quotes from different jewelers and compare them to Rapaport values for similar diamonds and use this information as a negotiation tool.

Use the 4Cs Strategically: Leverage your knowledge of the 4Cs to negotiate your diamond price.

Ask About Diamond Characteristics: Inquire about specific diamond features and negotiate based on any imperfections or characteristics that may affect its value.

Build a Positive Relationship: Establish a good relationship with the jeweler, that way they will want to give you the best diamond price possible.

Be Prepared to Walk Away: Be willing to walk away if negotiations don’t meet your expectations.


What Factors Affect the Price of a 1 Carat Diamond?

The 4Cs affect the price of a diamond – carat weight, clarity, color, and cut. So make sure you research these before buying your diamond. 

What Is the Average Diamond Price Per Carat?

The average price of a diamond per carat depends on several factors. Check out our detailed diamond price comparison chart above! 

Can I Find Affordable Diamond Prices Online?

Of course! Most online diamond retailers offer lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds at affordable prices (and oftentimes these diamonds are on sale several times throughout the year.) 

How Can I Ensure I’m Getting the Best Diamond Price?

Do your research- compare diamond prices at different jewelers- online and in-store. 


We have this guide that has answered some of your diamond-buying questions, or at least opened your eyes to the topic of diamond price and how to buy them! If you’re still unsure and want to chat with a professional – take full advantage of our 24/7 diamond consultants at today! 



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Simulant Diamonds Vs. Lab Created Diamonds

Simulant Diamonds Vs. Lab Grown Diamonds: What’s The Difference?

Wondering which affordable stone to choose for your engagement ring or next piece of jewelry? We’ll walk you through all there is to know about simulant diamonds vs. lab grown diamonds and help you make the best choice for your budget and preferences!

Simulant Diamonds Vs. Lab Created Diamonds

What Are Diamonds?

Before we dive into the world of simulants and lab grown diamonds, let’s get to know the star of the show – diamonds themselves. Diamonds are precious gemstones formed deep within the Earth’s mantle under immense pressure and heat. They are renowned for their exceptional hardness, brilliance, and timeless beauty. 

What Are Simulated Diamonds?

Simulant diamonds, often referred to as diamond simulants, are gemstones that mimic the appearance of natural diamonds but are composed of different materials. These stones are crafted to imitate the sparkle and allure of genuine diamonds.

Loose diamonds and simulants

Simulant Diamonds vs. Lab Grown Diamonds: Factors To Consider


Simulant diamonds closely resemble natural diamonds in terms of their appearance. They possess remarkable brilliance and clarity, making them visually indistinguishable from their natural counterparts to the naked eye.


One significant advantage of simulant diamonds is their affordability. They are generally more budget-friendly compared to natural and lab diamonds, making them an attractive option for those seeking a diamond-like aesthetic without the hefty price tag.


From an ethical standpoint, simulants are conflict-free. Since they are not mined, they do not contribute to the ethical concerns associated with the diamond industry, such as blood diamonds.

Examples of Diamond Simulants

  1. Cubic Zirconia
  2. Moissanite
  3. White Sapphire
  4. Rutile

How Are Simulant Diamonds Created?

Stones like moissanite and cubic zirconia are created using a method called crystal synthesis. In this process, scientists replicate the conditions found deep within the Earth’s mantle, where natural gemstones are formed.

By heating and cooling specific chemical compounds, they can generate crystals with properties resembling those of diamonds or other precious stones, making them popular choices for jewelry due to their brilliance and affordability.

Pros of Diamond Simulants

  • Affordability: Simulant diamonds offer an affordable alternative to natural diamonds, allowing more people to enjoy their beauty.
  • Conflict-Free: They are ethically sound, contributing to peace of mind for conscientious buyers.
  • Appearance: Simulants like moissanite have even more sparkling brilliance than diamonds.

Cons of Diamond Simulants

  • Durability: Simulants are not as durable as natural or lab created diamonds, which means they may scratch or lose their luster over time.
  • Authenticity: While mimicking the appearance, simulants lack the intrinsic value and rarity of natural diamonds.
diamond and simulant jewelry

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab created diamonds, also known as lab grown or synthetic diamonds, are a product of advanced scientific processes that replicate the natural diamond formation process. They are created in controlled environments, such as laboratories, rather than being extracted from the Earth’s crust.


Lab diamonds are virtually identical to natural diamonds in terms of appearance. They possess the same brilliance, fire, and optical characteristics that make diamonds so captivating.


Compared to natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are more affordable. While they may not be as inexpensive as simulants, they still offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional diamonds.


One of the key ethical advantages of lab diamonds is their environmentally friendly production. They have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to mined diamonds and do not contribute to harmful mining practices.

Pros of Lab Grown Diamonds

  • Quality: They offer the same high-quality appearance and durability as natural diamonds.
  • Value: Lab grown diamonds provide excellent value for their cost, making them an attractive option for buyers.
  • Conflict-Free: They are ethically sound, contributing to peace of mind for conscientious buyers.
  • Versatility: They come in all fancy color diamond options

Cons of Lab Grown Diamonds

  • Perceived Value: Some individuals may still value natural diamonds more due to their rarity and tradition.
  • Initial Cost: While more affordable than natural diamonds, lab created diamonds may have a higher initial cost than simulants.
loose fancy shaped diamonds and a diamond engagement ring

Simulant Diamonds vs. Lab Grown Diamonds: Comparing Durability

When choosing a diamond, durability is a crucial factor to consider. Let’s take a closer look at how simulant diamonds vs. lab created diamonds compare in terms of their ability to withstand daily wear and tear.

Simulant Diamonds

When it comes to durability, simulant diamonds, while dazzling in appearance, have limitations. These stones are generally much softer than natural and lab created diamonds, which means they can be more susceptible to scratches and abrasions. However, moissanite is an exception here, with a hardness closer to diamonds at 9.5 on the Mohs scale.

Lab Grown Diamonds

On the other hand, lab diamonds share the exceptional durability of natural diamonds. Their hardness on the Mohs scale is identical to that of natural diamonds, making them highly resistant to scratching and damage.

The Mohs Scale of Hardness

The Science Behind Lab Grown Diamonds

The creation of lab grown diamonds is a marvel of modern science. To appreciate these gems fully, let’s delve into the intricate processes and advanced technologies that bring them to life.

Lab diamonds are grown through two primary methods: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT)

In the HPHT method, scientists recreate the extreme conditions found deep within the Earth’s mantle, where natural diamonds form. Carbon atoms are subjected to high pressure (over a million pounds per square inch) and high temperature (around 2,200 degrees Celsius).

Under these intense conditions, carbon atoms arrange themselves into the crystal structure of a diamond. Over time, a diamond crystal grows layer by layer.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

The CVD process involves placing a small diamond seed in a sealed chamber filled with a carbon-rich gas, such as methane. When the gas is heated to extreme temperatures, carbon atoms are released and bond to the diamond seed, causing it to grow. This method allows more precise control over the diamond’s growth and purity.

The result of these scientific processes is a lab grown diamond that possesses the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds. They are indistinguishable from natural diamonds even under close inspection.

loose fancy shaped diamonds with tweezers and a loupe

Simulant Diamonds vs. Lab Grown Diamonds: Choosing Your Stone

Now that you have a clearer understanding of simulant diamonds vs. lab diamonds, we’ll break down the reasons why you should choose these stones:

Natural Diamond:

  1. You love diamond’s sparkle
  2. You’ll wear your diamond jewelry often
  3. You admire the billions of years of history contained in each stone

Lab Grown Diamond:

  1. You love diamond’s sparkle
  2. You’ll wear your diamond jewelry often
  3. You want a large diamond at a lower price


  1. You’re on a budget
  2. You like small-carat stones
  3. You’ll wear your jewelry intensively

Cubic Zirconia:

  1. You’re on a budget
  2. You’ll wear your jewelry carefully and not every day
  3. You’re saving up for a more expensive stone

Choosing the stone that suits your lifestyle is an important part of designing meaningful jewelry that will last you throughout your life. And if you choose to buy either lab-created diamonds or earth-created diamonds, you can choose from 1000’s of beautiful options at James Allen.


Are simulated diamonds worth anything?

Simulated diamonds have value primarily in their aesthetic appeal. They are not as valuable as natural or lab created diamonds from a monetary standpoint.

Is a simulated diamond good quality?

Simulated diamonds are crafted to mimic the quality of natural diamonds in terms of appearance. However, they lack the intrinsic hardness and longevity of natural or lab diamonds.

Is a simulated diamond a cubic zirconia?

No, simulated diamonds are not the same as cubic zirconia. While cubic zirconia is a popular diamond simulant, simulants can be made from various materials, including moissanite and white sapphire.


As we wrap up this sparkling exploration of simulant diamonds vs. lab grown diamonds, it’s clear that both options offer unique advantages. Simulants provide an affordable and ethically sound option for those who desire the appearance of diamonds.

While lab created diamonds offer a sustainable, high-quality alternative. The choice ultimately comes down to individual preferences and priorities.



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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How To Measure Ring Size

How to Measure Ring Size for a Surprise Proposal

Finding the perfect ring size is just as important as finding the perfect engagement ring. Read on to find out all the ways you can measure ring size for a surprise proposal!

This task may seem daunting, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! We’ve come up with multiple methods to measure ring size accurately and discreetly. 

Whether you opt for our free ring sizer or more straightforward at-home techniques, we’re sure you’ll get that ring size down without your partner knowing, and you’ll be well-prepared for that magical moment. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Ring Sizing

Before you embark on your mission to find the perfect ring size, it’s important to understand how ring sizing works. Ring sizes are determined based on the inner circumference of the ring, usually measured in millimeters. The standard ring size scale ranges from 3 to 13 for women and 8 to 15 for men, with half-size increments available for a more precise fit.

To measure someone’s ring size accurately, you have a few options.

Measure Your Ring Size With A Ring Sizer Tape Measure

Using a tape measure is a convenient and accurate way to determine your partner’s ring size. Here’s how:

  1. Wrap the ring sizer tape around your partner’s ring finger (left or right, depending on their preference.) 
  2. Adjust the tape until it feels comfortable, allowing for easy movement.
  3. Read the size indicated on the tape measure where it overlaps.

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How to Measure Your Ring Size Using A Ring Size Conversion Chart

A conversion chart is a super valuable tool to translate measurements into the appropriate ring size. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Measure the inner circumference of your partner’s finger using a string.
  2. Compare the measurement to the ring size conversion chart to find the corresponding size.
Ring Size Conversion Chart

How to Measure Ring Size Using String, Paper, and a Ruler

This is a classic method, and it only requires everyday items to measure ring size:

  1. Wrap a piece of string or dental floss around your partner’s finger.
  2. Mark the spot where the string overlaps and measure its length.
  3. Use a ruler to determine the measurement in millimeters.
  4. Refer to a ring size chart to find the appropriate size.

6 Ways to Measure Ring Size Without Your Partner Knowing

Maintaining the surprise is essential for your stealthy proposal, so here are six ingenious methods to measure ring size discreetly:

  1. Friend’s Insight: Enlist the help of a trusted friend or family member to ask your partner about their ring size without giving away the surprise.
  2. Trace and Sneak: Borrow one of their rings and trace its inner and outer circles onto paper to estimate the size- you can take this to a jeweler for a more accurate sizing! 
  3. Paper Slip Trick: Slip one of their rings onto your finger and mark how far it goes. A jeweler can convert this into the correct size. Make sure it’s a ring they wear on their ring finger! 
  4. String-Length Comparison: Borrow one of their rings and compare its inner circumference to a piece of string, then measure the string. Again, make sure you take the ring they wear on their ring finger! 
  5. Virtual Ring Sizer: Take one of their rings and use an online virtual ring sizer tool that allows you to match a ring against a screen to determine the size. 
  6. Disguised Discussion: If your significant other isn’t too suspicious, casually discuss jewelry preferences and sizing while watching a movie or TV show to gather information or get a friend or family member to start the discussion. 
Different sized engagement rings

Why Finding The Perfect Size Matters

Why does size matter? Well, a ring that’s too tight can be uncomfortable and difficult to remove, while a ring that’s too loose might slip off or spin around the finger. Finding the perfect fit ensures your partner can wear their engagement ring with joy and pride daily.

Creative Ways to Find Their Size

Figuring out their ring size without spoiling the surprise can be a fun challenge. Here are some creative ideas to consider:

  • Friend in Disguise: Ask a friend or family member to casually bring up the topic of rings and sizes in conversation with your partner.
  • Trace and Sneak: Borrow one of their rings and trace the inside and outside circles on a piece of paper. A jeweler can use these tracings to estimate the size.
  • Subtle Comparisons: Slip one of their rings onto your own finger and mark how far it goes. A jeweler can determine the size based on your finger.

Sneaky Techniques For Keeping The Ring A Secret

Keeping the proposal a secret can be just as exciting as planning the proposal itself. Here are some tips to help you keep the engagement ring under wraps:

  • Private Browsing: When researching rings online or checking out ring size guides, use a private or incognito browsing window to prevent any accidental discoveries.
  • Digital Distraction: Create a folder on your computer or smartphone specifically for ring-related research and label it something inconspicuous.
  • Temporary Tattoo: If you’re worried about hiding the ring at home, consider getting a temporary tattoo to keep the ring safe and concealed.
Keeping The Ring A Secret

How To Hide The Ring at Home and Abroad

Whether you’re proposing at home or on a romantic getaway, keeping the ring secure until the big moment is essential. Here’s how to do it:

  • Travel Tricks: If you’re traveling with the ring, keep it in your carry-on bag to avoid any mishaps during security checks. A travel pouch or hidden pocket can also keep the ring discreet.
  • Home Sweet Hideaway: At home, consider creative hiding spots like a well-disguised jewelry box, inside a book with a secret compartment, or tucked away in a sock drawer.

Which Finger Should You Be Sizing?

The most common finger for an engagement ring is the fourth finger of the left hand. This tradition stems from the belief that this finger contains the “vena amoris” or the “vein of love” that leads directly to the heart. However, cultural and personal preferences vary, so take note of your partner’s preferred finger for jewelry.

an engagement ring on the correct ring finger

Easiest-to-Resize Metals

When choosing a metal for the engagement ring, keep in mind that some metals are easier to resize than others. White gold, yellow gold, and platinum rings are generally more malleable and can be resized relatively easily. On the other hand, metals like titanium and stainless steel are more challenging to resize due to their durability.

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How accurate are online ring measurement charts?

Online ring size charts provide a general guideline, but the most accurate measurement can be given by a professional jeweler. 

What if the ring is too big or too small?

Most jewelers offer resizing services, so if the ring doesn’t fit perfectly, it can be adjusted accordingly. Just remember that not all metals are easy or can be resized. 

Can I propose without a ring and choose one together later? 

Absolutely! Many couples choose this route to ensure the ring matches their partner’s style and preference.

Should I measure in mm or cm? 

We find it’s best to measure in millimeters (mm) for the most accurate fit. Using millimeters ensures precision and helps you find the perfect fit for your finger.

What happens if I order the wrong size? 

Don’t stress! If you happen to order the incorrect size, most reputable sellers have a return or exchange policy in place. Reach out to them as soon as possible, and they’ll guide you through the process of getting the right size so that you can enjoy your new ring with a perfect fit.



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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The Ultimate Engagement Ring Buying Guide

The Ultimate Guide For Buying Engagement Rings

Looking for tips on buying engagement rings? This comprehensive guide provides valuable information and expert advice to help you make an informed decision. Discover everything from diamond selection and ring styles to budgeting tips and proposal ideas.

A couple holding hands- she is wearing a large engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring is an exciting and significant milestone. However, it can also be an overwhelming experience with many options and considerations to remember.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about buying an engagement ring. From understanding the 4Cs of diamond quality to exploring different ring settings and learning how to set a budget, we’ve got you covered!

Understanding the 4Cs For Buying Engagement Rings

When it comes to buying engagement rings, the diamond takes center stage. Understanding the 4Cs—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight—will help you evaluate and choose the perfect diamond for your ring. Let’s explore each of these factors in detail:


The cut of a diamond refers to how well it interacts with light, creating sparkle and brilliance. Various options exist, from classic round cuts to fancy shapes like princess or emerald. Understanding the cut grade and its impact on a diamond’s beauty will help you make an informed choice.


Diamonds come in various colors, from colorless to fancy vivid yellows and pinks. The color grading scale ranges from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Understanding diamond color and how it affects a diamond’s appearance and value will help you make the right decision for your engagement ring.

An infographic showing the 4Cs of diamonds


Diamonds are formed under immense pressure and heat, resulting in unique internal and external characteristics called inclusions and blemishes. The clarity grade determines the presence and visibility of these imperfections. Understanding diamond clarity will enable you to balance beauty and value.

Carat Weight

Carat weight refers to the size of a diamond. While it’s tempting to equate carat weight with the overall value of a diamond, it’s important to consider the other 4Cs as well. Understanding carat weight and how it influences the appearance and cost of a diamond will help you make an informed decision.

Setting a Budget For Buying An Engagement Ring

Determining your budget for your ring is a crucial step. Balancing your financial situation and your desire to make a meaningful and lasting impression is essential. Here are some tips to help you set a budget and maximize the value when buying engagement rings:

  • Research and compare prices from reputable jewelers to understand the market value.
  • Consider alternative options like lab-grown diamonds or gemstones for a more budget-friendly choice.
  • Explore different metal options (e.g., white gold, yellow gold, platinum) and their price ranges.
  • Determine your priorities and allocate your budget accordingly, focusing on the 4Cs that matter most to you.
Price estimation infographic for lab created round cut diamond engagement rings

Exploring Ring Settings

Apart from the diamond, the ring setting plays an important role in a ring’s overall design and appeal. Let’s explore popular ring settings and their unique characteristics:

Solitaire: Timeless Elegance

The solitaire setting is a classic choice, featuring a single diamond held securely by prongs. This timeless design highlights the beauty of the center diamond and offers a sleek and sophisticated look.

Halo: Brilliant Surrounding

The halo setting features a center diamond surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds or gemstones. This setting adds extra sparkle and creates the illusion of a larger center stone, making halo engagement rings popular!

Vintage: Romantic Nostalgia

Vintage engagement rings draw inspiration from different periods, showcasing intricate details and ornate designs. These rings exude a sense of romance and nostalgia.

Three Stone: Symbolism and Balance

The three stone setting represents your relationship’s past, present, and future. It typically features a larger center diamond flanked by two smaller diamonds or gemstones, symbolizing your journey together.

Tension: Modern and Minimalist

The tension setting creates the illusion of a floating diamond, held in place by the tension of the metal band. This contemporary design offers a sleek and minimalist look, perfect for those seeking a modern twist.

Pavé: Sparkling Brilliance

The pavé setting features small diamonds set closely together, covering the band’s surface and accentuating the center diamond. This setting creates a dazzling and glamorous look, perfect for those who love extra sparkle.

An infographic of different ring settings

How To Pick The Perfect Metal Color For Your Ring

Among the big decisions is choosing the right metal setting for your ring. The metal setting not only influences the overall aesthetics but also affects the durability and maintenance of your ring.

1. Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a timeless choice for engagement rings. Its warm and radiant hue has been a symbol of luxury and devotion for centuries. The gold purity is measured in karats, and everyday choices include 14k and 18k. The higher the karat, the purer the gold and the softer it becomes, so keep that in mind for everyday wear.

Why Choose Yellow Gold?

  • Classic and traditional, perfect for those who appreciate timeless elegance.
  • Complements a wide range of skin tones, making it universally flattering.
  • Its romantic glow adds a touch of warmth to any gemstone.

2. White Gold

For a contemporary twist on the classic yellow gold, white gold is an excellent choice. White gold is an alloy of gold and other white metals, often plated with rhodium for a bright, shiny finish. It shares the same karat options as yellow gold, offering both durability and style.

Why Choose White Gold?

  • Sleek and sophisticated, perfect for the modern bride or groom-to-be.
  • Enhances the brilliance of diamonds and gemstones, creating a stunning contrast.
  • Versatile, seamlessly matching with various jewelry styles.

3. Rose Gold

Rose gold has taken the jewelry world by storm with its romantic and captivating charm. Created by blending gold with copper, it boasts a beautiful pinkish hue that stands out from the crowd. Like yellow and white gold, it comes in 14k and 18k options.

Why Choose Rose Gold?

  • Unique and trendy, an ideal choice for those who want to make a bold statement.
  • Its warm undertones add a touch of romance and femininity.
  • Complements vintage-inspired or bohemian engagement ring designs.

4. Platinum

If you seek the utmost durability and prestige, platinum is the metal for you. Known for its incredible strength and natural white luster, platinum is an exceptional choice for engagement rings. Unlike gold, which can develop a patina over time, platinum engagement rings retain their brilliance with minimal maintenance.

Why Choose Platinum?

  • Offers unparalleled durability, making it perfect for everyday wear.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  • The rarity and premium nature of platinum symbolizes everlasting love.

Choosing the Best Metal Setting for You

Selecting the best metal setting ultimately comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. Consider the following factors to guide you in your decision-making process:

  1. Style Preference: Choose a metal that resonates with your taste and reflects your personality. Whether you prefer classic, modern, or unique designs, the right metal can accentuate the beauty of your engagement ring.
  2. Skin Tone: Consider your skin tone to find a metal that complements and enhances your natural beauty. Yellow gold suits warm skin tones, while white and rose gold can be more flattering for cooler undertones.
  3. Practicality: If your engagement ring will be worn daily, consider the metal’s durability and scratch resistance. Platinum and 18k gold are excellent options for those who lead an active lifestyle.
  4. Budget: Keep your budget in mind, as the metal choice can impact the overall cost of your ring. Yellow gold and white gold are typically more affordable than platinum.

Understanding Diamond Shapes

Buying engagement rings come with understanding your partner’s preferences -and we guarantee they’ll have a preferred diamond shape!

Round shapes like the round brilliant cut are the most popular choice because of their exquisite sparkle. Still, in recent years, elongated shapes like oval and emerald cut diamonds are trending for their better finger coverage and overall glamourous aesthetic.

An infographic of different diamond shapes

Proposal Ideas

Buying engagement rings is just one part of a truly memorable proposal. Here are some creative and heartfelt proposal ideas to make the moment truly special:

  • Plan a surprise picnic in your favorite park and pop the question surrounded by nature’s beauty.
  • Create a scavenger hunt leading your partner to significant places in your relationship, with the final clue revealing the ring.
  • Arrange a private dinner at home and cook your partner’s favorite meal. As dessert is served, present the engagement ring and ask the question.
  • Take a romantic getaway to a destination with sentimental value for both of you. Seize the moment and propose during a sunset stroll on the beach or overlooking a scenic view.
  • Organize a surprise gathering with close friends and family. As everyone gathers for a special occasion, make a heartfelt speech expressing your love and commitment, followed by the proposal.
  • Create a personalized video montage or slideshow showcasing your journey as a couple. End the presentation with a slide that asks the big question.
  • Remember, the most important aspect of a proposal is to make it personal and reflective of your relationship. Choose an idea that resonates with you both and creates a memorable and cherished moment.

Caring For Your Engagement Ring

Keeping your ring clean and sparkling can be done in the comfort of your own home! All you need is:

  • A small bowl or container
  • Mild dish soap or specialized jewelry cleaner
  • A soft-bristled toothbrush or jewelry brush
  • Lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth
  • Distilled water

Pro Tip: Make sure your dish soap or jewelry cleaner is specifically made for delicate gems and metals. Harsh chemicals and abrasive materials can damage your ring!

An infographic on how to clean your engagement ring


How do I determine the ring size without spoiling the surprise?

There are a few ways to discreetly find out your partner’s ring size. You can borrow a ring they frequently wear and have it sized at a jeweler, trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper, or seek assistance from a close friend or family member.

Can I customize an engagement ring to make it more unique?

Absolutely! Many jewelers- like, offer customization options, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. From selecting a specific diamond shape and size to choosing a unique band design or engraving a personal message, customization adds a special touch to your ring.

Is it necessary to buy a diamond engagement ring?

While diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings, they are not the only option. You can explore alternative gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, or rubies, or even consider lab grown diamonds a more budget-friendly option.

How can I ensure the quality and authenticity of the diamond?

When purchasing a diamond, always opt for a reputable jeweler. Look for certifications from trusted gemological organizations like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to ensure that the diamond has been graded and verified by experts.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

The amount you spend on an engagement ring is a personal decision. It’s important to set a budget that aligns with your financial situation and comfort level. Remember, the value of the ring lies in its symbolism and the love it represents rather than its price tag.

Are there any ethical considerations when buying engagement rings?

Ethical sourcing and sustainability are important factors to consider. Look for jewelers that adhere to responsible practices, such as using conflict-free diamonds and supporting fair labor standards. You can also explore options like recycled metals and lab-grown diamonds, which have a lower environmental impact.

Happy Shopping

We hope you found this guide helpful! By understanding the 4Cs of diamond quality, exploring various ring settings, setting a budget, and incorporating personalized proposal ideas, you can create a truly memorable and meaningful experience.



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Oval Engagement Rings A Complete Guide

Your Complete Guide To Buying Oval Engagement Rings

Oval engagement rings have become increasingly popular among couples looking for that perfect ring.

Today, we’ll explore why couples are falling in love with oval engagement rings, the pros and cons of choosing this style, and the best ring settings to enhance your oval diamond.

A woman biting the band of an oval engagement ring

In the market for your dream engagement ring that perfectly symbolizes the everlasting commitment and love you share with your partner? While traditional round brilliant cut diamonds have long been the preferred choice, oval rings are fast becoming a trendy alternative. And we’re going to tell you why! 

What Are Oval Engagement Rings?

Oval engagement rings feature a diamond cut in an elongated oval shape. This shape is achieved by combining the brilliance of a round diamond with the length of a marquise cut. The result is a diamond that looks elegant, elongates the finger, and creates a unique sparkle. 

They can be set in various metals such as platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold and can be personalized to suit individual preferences.

14K Yellow Gold Eight Stone Shared Prong Contour Engagement Ring (0.50 CTW)
18K Yellow Gold Diamond Half Halo Engagement Ring

The Popularity of Oval Engagement Rings

In recent years, oval engagement rings have gained significant popularity among couples seeking a modern and sophisticated alternative to traditional round diamonds. The elongated shape of oval diamonds creates an illusion of a larger size, making them visually appealing. 

Celebrities like Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber have helped to make this ring style surge in popularity with their stunning oval diamond rings!

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Benefits of Choosing Oval Engagement Rings

The elongated shape of the oval draws attention and creates a captivating sparkle, and creates an illusion of longer, slender fingers, adding a touch of grace to the hand.

Oval diamonds can have exceptional brilliance and fire. Their shape maximizes the surface area, allowing light to reflect and refract, resulting in an impressive display of sparkle.

Finally, oval diamonds can complement various ring settings and metals, providing versatility in design options.

What To Consider When Buying Oval Engagement Rings?

Before purchasing an oval ring, consider a few factors to ensure you make the right choice.

Proportions: Pay attention to the length-to-width ratio of the oval diamond. This ratio affects the overall appearance and the lengthening effect on the finger.

Certification: Make sure that your oval diamond comes with a reputable diamond grading certificate, such as those provided by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS). These certificates provide an unbiased evaluation of the diamond’s quality.

Ring Settings: Consider different ring settings that really complement oval diamonds, such as halo, solitaire, or three stone setting ring. Each setting can create a distinct look and highlight the diamond’s brilliance.

14K Yellow Gold Trio Micropavé Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Two Row U Pavé Engagement Ring

Pros and Cons of Buying Oval Engagement Rings

Here’s our list of advantages and disadvantages to buying oval diamond rings to help you make your choice a little easier:

Pros of Buying Oval Rings

  • Unique and Eye-Catching: Oval engagement rings offer a distinctive look that differentiates them from traditional diamond shapes.
  • Elongating Effect: The elongated shape of oval diamonds creates an illusion of longer, slender fingers, adding elegance to the hand.
  • Versatility in Design: Oval diamonds can be set in various ring settings, allowing creative and personalized designs.

Cons of Buying Oval Rings

  • Bowtie Effect: Some oval diamonds may exhibit a bowtie effect, where a darkened area resembling a bowtie shape appears in the center of the diamond. This can affect the diamond’s overall appearance and sparkle.
  • Potential for Chipping: Oval diamonds have pointed ends, making them slightly more susceptible to chipping. Opting for protective settings and regular maintenance can help mitigate this risk.
  • Subjective Preferences: Personal taste plays a crucial role in selecting an engagement ring. Oval diamonds may not appeal to everyone, and it’s essential to consider individual preferences.

Best Ring Settings for Oval Diamonds

Your choice of ring setting can significantly enhance the beauty of oval diamonds. Here are a few popular options we know our customers love! 

Halo Setting

A halo engagement ring features smaller diamonds surrounding the diamond of your choosing, usually accentuating its brilliance and creating a captivating frame. It’s also the perfect setting to help make your diamond look bigger!

14K White Gold Pavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring (Oval Center)

Solitaire Setting

A classic solitaire engagement ring focuses solely on the oval diamond, allowing its beauty to take center stage.

14K White Gold Rope Solitaire Engagement Ring

Three Stone Setting

Placing two smaller diamonds on either side of the oval diamond adds a touch of sophistication and creates a unique three stone engagement ring design.

14K Yellow Gold Marquise Shape Three Stone Ring

Bezel Setting 

A bezel setting provides excellent protection for the oval diamond while highlighting its shape and brilliance.

14K Yellow Gold East West Knife Edge Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring


Are oval engagement rings more expensive than other shapes?

The price of an oval ring is influenced by various factors, including the quality of the diamond, the chosen metal, and the complexity of the ring setting. However, oval diamonds are generally priced similarly to other diamond shapes of the same quality.

Can oval engagement rings be customized?

Yes, all engagement rings can be customized in-store or online to your personal style and preferences. From selecting the metal and ring setting to choosing additional accent diamonds or gemstones, customization options allow you to create a truly unique ring.

How do I choose the right size for an oval engagement ring?

Try it on! When selecting the size of your ring, consider the length-to-width ratio that appeals to you – try on different ring sizes to find the most comfortable fit for your finger.

Do oval engagement rings suit all hand shapes and sizes?

These rings tend to suit a wide range of hand shapes and sizes. The elongated shape of the diamond helps create an illusion of longer, slender fingers. However, personal preference and style should ultimately guide your choice.

We’re Here To Help 

Buying an engagement ring comes with stress, questions, and a lot of second-guessing. At, we’re here to offer you 100% free advice and will assist you in understanding the best diamond quality for your budget and unique preferences. 

Contact our customer service team and chat with non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts 24-7 regarding any questions you have about the ring-buying process.



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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What Is A VVS Diamond

What Is A VVS Diamond? A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our ultimate guide on VVS diamonds! If you’re curious about VVS diamonds and eager to discover more about their unique qualities, grading, and why they’re so highly sought after, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is A VVS Diamond

In this article, we’ll explore the dazzling world of VVS diamonds, their stunning features, special characteristics, and what makes them a top choice for diamond jewelry and engagement ring buyers. 

What Exactly Are VVS Diamonds?

VVS, short for Very Very Slightly Included, is a fancy term used to describe the clarity of diamonds. Clarity- one of the 4Cs –  refers to internal or external imperfections of a diamond, called inclusions and blemishes. VVS diamonds are incredibly clear and have super tiny inclusions that are almost impossible to see without magnification.

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Understanding the Grading System

VVS diamonds fit within a specific range on the clarity grading scale, which helps both buyers and jewelers understand their quality. This scale, created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), includes several categories:

  • Flawless (FL): No inclusions or blemishes visible under 10x magnification.
  • Internally Flawless (IF): No inclusions visible under 10x magnification.
  • Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2): Tiny inclusions that are hard to spot under 10x magnification.
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2): Minor inclusions visible under 10x magnification.
  • Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2): Noticeable inclusions visible under 10x magnification.
  • Included (I1, I2, and I3): Inclusions visible to the naked eye.

Characteristics That Make VVS Diamonds Special

VVS diamonds possess outstanding qualities that set them apart from other diamonds:

Unbelievable Clarity

 VVS diamonds boast an exceptional level of clarity due to their minimal inclusions. This clarity enhances the diamond’s brilliance and sparkle, creating a mesmerizing visual appeal.

Unmatched Shine

With their remarkable clarity, VVS diamonds are famous for their breathtaking brilliance. Light reflects and refracts flawlessly within the stone, resulting in a stunning display of shimmer and shine.


VVS diamonds are relatively uncommon in nature, making them highly sought after by collectors and diamond enthusiasts. Their rarity adds to their overall value and exclusivity- making them a top choice for engagement ring center stones!


The minimal presence of inclusions in VVS diamonds contributes to their durability. These diamonds are less prone to chipping or cracking, ensuring long-lasting beauty and resilience.

Uncompromising Beauty

VVS diamonds possess a captivating beauty that makes them a perfect choice for various types of jewelry. Their clarity enhances the overall aesthetic, allowing the true brilliance of the diamond to shine through.

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Comparing Diamond Grades

Whether you’re looking for the perfect diamond for your dream engagement ring or a new diamond accessory for your collection, knowing how to compare diamond grades can save you time and money!

Flawless Diamonds vs. VVS Diamonds

Flawless diamonds are like the cream of the crop in the diamond world. They are rare and valuable because they have absolutely no flaws inside or outside. On the flip side, VVS diamonds (Very, Very Slightly Included) have tiny imperfections that are so hard to see, even if you zoom in with a 10x magnifying glass.

They may not be flawless, but VVS diamonds still have amazing clarity and are considered really high-quality gems.

An infographic comparing a vvs diamond to a flawless diamond

VVS Diamonds vs. VS1 Diamonds 

When you compare VVS diamonds to VS1 diamonds (Very Slightly Included), the big difference is how noticeable the imperfections are. VVS diamonds have fewer and smaller flaws than VS1 diamonds, so they look cleaner to the naked eye.

But don’t get us wrong, VS1 diamonds still have great clarity and offer a good bang for your buck.

An infographic comparing a vvs diamond to a vs1 diamond

VVS Diamonds vs. SI1 Diamonds 

VVS diamonds really shine when you put them up against SI1 diamonds (Slightly Included) because they have way better clarity. SI1 diamonds have visible imperfections you can see without fancy tools, while VVS diamonds have much smaller and less visible flaws.

That means VVS diamonds look cleaner and clearer, making them more valuable.

An infographic comparing a vvs diamond to an si1 diamond

VVS Diamonds vs. I1 Diamonds 

Lastly, let’s talk about VVS diamonds versus I1 diamonds (Included). These two have a huge gap in clarity. I1 diamonds have visible flaws that can affect how they look overall, while VVS diamonds have only a few tiny imperfections that are super hard to spot, even under magnification.

As a result, VVS diamonds have a much higher level of clarity and are generally seen as way better quality compared to I1 diamonds.

An infographic comparing a vvs diamond to an I1 diamond

Why Choose VVS Diamonds?

Investing in a VVS diamond comes with many benefits:

Exquisite Elegance

VVS diamonds exude elegance and sophistication, making them a symbol of luxury and style. Owning a piece of VVS diamond jewelry adds a touch of class to any outfit.

Impressive Resale Value

Due to their rarity and exceptional quality, VVS diamonds tend to hold their value over time. They can be seen as an investment, offering the potential for higher resale value in the future.

The Bottom Line

We hope you now have the tools to buy the perfect diamond for you! However, we know all this diamond talk and all the different grades can be quite confusing. That’s why we offer 24/7 customer service and free diamond consultations at



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Shopping For Diamond Jewelry Tips

How To Buy Diamond Jewelry The Smart Way

When it comes to buying diamond jewelry, it’s important to make informed decisions to ensure you get the best value for your money.

How To Buy Diamond Jewelry The Smart Way

With so many options available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But fear not! We’ll walk you through the smart way to buy diamond jewelry. From shopping online to understanding the 4Cs and considering lab created diamonds, these tips will help you make a confident and smart purchase.

Tip 1: Shop Online

Gone are the days of traditional jewelry stores being the only option for buying diamond jewelry. Shopping online offers several advantages. You can explore a wide range of designs and compare prices from the comfort of your own home. Online retailers often have lower overhead costs, allowing them to offer competitive prices. Just be sure to buy from reputable sellers with secure payment options and return policies.

Tip 2: Know The 4Cs

When buying a diamond or diamond jewelry, understanding the 4Cs is essential. The 4Cs refer to the diamond’s Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight. Familiarize yourself with these characteristics to evaluate a diamond’s quality and value. Educating yourself on the 4Cs will enable you to choose a diamond that suits your preferences and budget.

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Tip 3: Don’t Compromise On Cut

While all the 4Cs are important, the Cut of a diamond is particularly significant. The cut determines how well the diamond reflects light, resulting in its brilliance and sparkle. Even with excellent color and clarity, a poorly cut diamond may appear dull. Prioritize a good cut grade to ensure your diamond jewelry shines brilliantly.

Tip 4: Try Lab Created Diamonds

Lab created diamonds offer a fantastic alternative to mined diamonds. These diamonds are grown in a controlled environment using advanced technology, producing high-quality stones that are chemically and optically indistinguishable from natural diamonds. Lab diamonds are often much more affordable. Consider this option to get more value for your money – especially if you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring!

Tip 5: Fancy Shaped Diamonds Tend To Be Cheaper

Consider fancy shaped diamonds if you’re looking for a unique and affordable diamond jewelry piece. Traditional round diamonds tend to be more expensive due to their popularity, while fancy shapes like princess, pear, or cushion cut can offer similar visual appeal at a lower cost. Don’t shy away from exploring different diamond shapes to find the perfect fit for your style and budget.

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Tip 6: Know Your Metal Preference

When buying diamond jewelry, think about your metal preference. Common choices include gold (white, yellow, or rose), platinum, and sterling silver. Each metal has unique qualities, so choose one that aligns with your style, durability requirements, and budget. Be aware that different metals may require specific care and maintenance; some aren’t hypoallergenic.

Tip 7: Make Sure To Inspect The Diamond/Jewelry

Always inspect the diamond or jewelry piece before purchasing whether you’re buying online or in a physical store. Look for any visible flaws, irregularities, or damage. If shopping online, ensure that the product images are clear and detailed, and read customer reviews to gauge the quality and customer satisfaction.

Tip 8: Pay Attention To Certification

Before finalizing your purchase, check if the diamond has a reputable certification. Certifications from well-known organizations, such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society), ensure the diamond’s authenticity, quality, and grading. A certified diamond gives you confidence in your purchase.

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Diamond buying 101: 8 Tips for Success

Shop Smarter

Buying diamond jewelry doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. By following these smart tips, you’ll be well-equipped to make the best decision and find the perfect diamond jewelry piece for yourself or a loved one.

Still have questions? Contact one of our experts at anytime, and we’ll be happy to offer you expert advice or a free diamond consultation. 



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Cover Wedding Ring Buying Guide

Your Essential Wedding Ring Buying Handbook

Congratulations on your impending nuptials! Selecting the ideal wedding ring is one of the most exciting and important decisions you’ll make for your big day.

A couple touching hands while showing off their wedding rings

Find a wedding band that fits your style, personality, and lifestyle because it symbolizes the unbreakable bond you share with your soon-to-be spouse. 

Join us as we go over everything you need to know about picking the best wedding ring that will endure the test of time in this comprehensive buying guide.

The Various Wedding Ring Styles

Traditional Wedding Bands

Simple and smooth in design, classic wedding rings are elegant and timeless. Because they come in a variety of metals, including gold (yellow, white, and rose) and platinum. They’re a preferred option for both conventional and modern couples.

Diamond Wedding Rings 

Diamond rings for women are a wonderful choice if you want a little glamour for your ring finger. Modern brides are particularly fond of eternity or half-eternity bands. Diamond rings for men can be bought as engagement rings or as a wedding band.  

Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage rings offer intricate designs from various eras for those who adore a retro look. These rings range from art deco to Victorian designs and are unique and romantic. 

Customized Rings

You can realize your individual vision by having custom wedding rings made. Create a one-of-a-kind piece that captures your love story and unique personality by working with a talented jeweler.

 the different wedding ring styles

Choosing the Ideal Metal for Your Wedding Ring 

Gold Wedding Rings 

Gold wedding rings are available in various hues, including rose, white, and yellow gold. Select the type that best suits your skin tone and sense of fashion because each type has a distinctive and classic appearance. 

Platinum Wedding Rings 

Platinum is a robust, hypoallergenic metal that is a great option for people with sensitive skin. Their naturally white luster enhances the beauty of diamonds and other gemstones. It’s a metal that requires much less maintenance than white gold or silver. 

Titanium Wedding Rings 

Wedding bands made of titanium are renowned for their extraordinary strength and lightness. They can withstand normal wear and tear, making them ideal for people who lead active lives. Black titanium wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular for men, making for a stylish accessory with romantic symbolism. 

Cobalt Chrome Wedding Rings

Cobalt chrome wedding rings are an exceptional option for couples seeking a balance between style, affordability, and hypoallergenic properties. This alloy is remarkably durable, scratch-resistant, and maintains its original shine for an extended period.

Tungsten Metal Wedding Rings

Tungsten metal wedding rings have gained immense popularity among modern couples looking for a durable and stylish option. Known for their remarkable strength and scratch-resistant properties, tungsten rings are perfect for individuals with active lifestyles or those who work with their hands.

Different types of metals for wedding rings

Selecting Wedding Ring Design and Style

  1. Band Thickness and Width

To find a snug fit that complements your hand size and finger shape, take into account the wedding band’s width and thickness.

  1. Personalization and Engravings

Your ring will have a sentimental touch and become truly yours if you inscribe a special message or add a special symbol to the inside.

  1. Complementary or Matching Sets

Choose whether you want a wedding band that matches your partner’s or adds a similar design element to their ring. Matching bridal bands are trendy and guarantee your engagement and wedding ring fit perfectly together! 

Different types of wedding ring sets

How Much Should You Spend On A Wedding Ring? 

The metal, gems, and other features that go into wedding bands can vary greatly. Additionally, there are price differences between bands for men and women.

Average Men’s Wedding bands Price

It’s estimated that men’s wedding bands typically cost between $110 to $600. The type of metal used can have a big impact on the price. The least expensive material is titanium, and platinum is the most expensive.

Average Women’s Wedding Ring Price 

Wedding rings for a woman cost between $250 to as high as $4000 for diamond wedding bands. The cost can be significantly impacted by customization. Compared to bands that feature diamonds and other stones, the price of a band made entirely of plain metal is much more affordable. 

Price estimation for wedding rings

Understanding Diamond Settings and Cuts 

Shapes of Diamonds

To pick the right diamond for your eternity ring or diamond ring, consider diamond shapes like round, princess, emerald, or cushion. 

Diamond Placements

The diamond’s appearance and security are impacted by its setting. Prong, bezel, channel, and pavé settings are available options.

The Diamond’s Four Cs

To determine the quality of your diamond, consider the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. If your engagement ring center stone is a certain clarity and color grade, your diamond wedding ring should try to match it. 

The 4Cs of diamonds

Wedding Ring Upkeep and Care

  • Polishing and Cleaning: To keep your wedding ring sparkling and immaculate, regularly clean and polish it.
  • Appraisal and Insurance: Consider getting your wedding ring insured and appraised to safeguard its value and sentimental significance.
  • Repairs and Resizing: If necessary, learn how to resize and repair your ring, and pick metals that are simple to modify.


If my wedding ring doesn’t fit properly, can it be resized?

Yes, a professional jeweler can resize most wedding rings to make sure they fit comfortably.

Are antique rings appropriate for regular wear?

Because vintage rings are frequently delicate, it is best to wear them gently and limit their exposure to the elements.

Should my partner and I pick matching wedding bands?

You are in complete control of the choice. While some couples choose complementary designs, others prefer matching rings.

Do I need insurance coverage for my wedding ring?

It is advised to purchase wedding ring insurance to guard against loss, theft, or damage.

Can I fill my wedding ring with stones?

Absolutely! Add sentimental or birthstone-related gemstones to your wedding band to make it more unique.

Happy Shopping 

The journey of finding the ideal wedding ring is one to be enjoyed and treasured. Whether you choose a timeless gold band, a glittering diamond ring, a vintage item, or a custom design, your ring will always stand for your devotion and love.

Remember to select a metal and style that complements your personality and way of life. So go ahead, find the ideal ring, and start living happily ever after. Still have questions? Visit us at, where we’re available to you 24/7!



Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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A Guide To Sofia Richies Engagement Ring

The Ultimate Guide To Sofia Richie’s Engagement Ring

Learn all there is to know about Sophia Richie’s stunning engagement ring, from size, diamond shape, and price, and how to recreate the perfect lookalike at an affordable price. 

Sofia Richie at her wedding celebrations showing off her engagement and wedding ring

Last April, we were blown away by Sofia’s stunning engagement ring, and in typical fashion, we need to share all there is to know about this particular style and how to get the look on a budget! 

Sofia Richie announced her engagement to music executive Elliot Grainge in early 2022 on Instagram, sharing photos of their special proposal and also giving us a good look at her breathtaking diamond ring. 

Sofia Richie’s Engagement & Wedding Ring Pics

What Style Setting is Sofia’s Engagement Ring?

Her ring is a simple solitaire setting, a classic and popular choice for brides-to-be. At a closer look, the dainty band appears to be yellow gold, the perfect match to suit her warm skin tone. 

Yellow gold is the most traditional choice, suits almost all budgets, and is easy to engrave and resize. 

What Diamond Shape is Sofia Richie’s Engagement Ring?

Sofia’s center stone is an emerald cut diamond

Like other fancy shapes, emerald cuts are excellent at consuming much of the rough diamond’s carat weight. Their shape has trimmed corners, a small feature that brings out an old-school glamour that comes with wearing any emerald cut diamond.

How Many Carats is Sofia’s Engagement Ring?

It’s estimated that Sofia’s diamond ring is 6 carats. Given that emeralds are an elongated diamond shape, they offer maximum finger coverage and often appear much larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. 

Sofia Richie’s Engagement Ring Lookalikes

Want to recreate the perfect lookalike to Sofia’s engagement ring? Take a peek at some of our custom-designed rings.

14K White Gold 2mm Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

We’ve got some stunning options– whether you’re looking for an exact replica or something similar with unique features – like a hidden pavé basket. 

14K Yellow Gold 2mm Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

P.S. Use your smartphone to access our virtual try-on and see what these rings will look like on your hand!

14K White Gold Diamond Pavé Basket Engagement Ring

Sofia Richie’s Wedding Ring Lookalikes

Sofia’s wedding band appears to be a stunning eternity ring with either a white gold or platinum band. The diamonds appear to match her emerald cut engagement ring, too.

14K White Gold Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Ring (2 CTW H-I / SI1-SI2)

Eternity rings are becoming more popular as a diamond wedding ring choice, especially among younger couples.

14K Yellow Gold Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Ring (2 CTW H-I / SI1-SI2)

And rightly so! We love their romantic symbolism and how they suit most engagement ring types.

14K White Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring (2 CTW H-I / SI1-SI2)

We’re Here To Help 

Buying an engagement ring comes with stress, questions, and a lot of second-guessing. At, we’re here to offer you 100% free advice and will assist you in understanding the best diamond quality for your budget and unique preferences. 

Contact our customer service team and chat with non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts 24-7 regarding any questions you have about the ring-buying process.

Subscribe to our email list for access to secret sales, practical ring-buying tips, and $100 off your first purchase!


Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Gemstones 101: How To Shop By Color

Calling all jewelry lovers! Want to know the foolproof way of shopping for jewelry when you’re unsure of what you want? Try shopping by color! We’ll walk you through this fun process and help you find the best new accessories for your wardrobe.

Gemstone Jewelry

How To Shop By Color

Step 1: Open up your closet and think about the colors you typically wear. Do your outfits consist of bold and bright colors or more neutral tones? This will help you determine which jewelry colors will complement your personal style.

Step 2: Open up your trusty friend Google and search for a “color wheel.” This visual aid will help you see that complementary colors are opposite on the wheel. Realizing opposites attract is the exact formula here to help you shop jewelry by color.

Step 3: Monochromatic looks might be your new go-to if you prefer sticking to singular colors. Pick a color you love and add shades and textures, like pearls, to your all-white outfit and white gold or silver jewelry pieces.


Blue jewelry mainly consists of some of the most breathtaking birthstones, like blue sapphire, aquamarine, and blue topaz. You’ll be sure to find a blue shade that fits you perfectly.

Blue gemstone jewelry

It’s easy to add blue jewelry accessories to look if your usual outfits include red, orange, beige, and grey clothing.

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  • 8343112W14
  • 17306W
  • SKU-95230E116Y14
  • 8321812Y


Green jewelry is a must for good energy. With the ever-vibrant birthstone emerald and a unique favorite, peridot, you’ll have plenty of green hues to choose from.

Green gemstone jewelry

Add green pieces to your outfits if you’re wearing yellow, grey, and neutral tones.

  • East West Set Oval Halo Emerald And Diamond Necklace
  • 14K Yellow Gold Dainty Peridot Bezel Diamond Ring By Brevani
  • emerald-ring
  • 8303308Y
  • SKU-8346505W14

Purple & Pink

Take it from us; every day is perfect for wearing purple and pink jewelry. From pink sapphire, morganite, and breathtaking amethyst, you’re sure to stand out with these summery gemstones.

Purple gemstone jewelry

We recommend you shop for pink and purple jewelry colors if your wardrobe consists mostly of off-white, black, and green tones.

  • 14K Yellow Gold Amethyst Line Bracelet
  • 14K Yellow Gold Ruby Birthstone Earrings
  • Amethyst_Ring
  • 18K White Gold Sideways Pear Pink Sapphire And Diamond Halo Necklace
  • 8342902Y

Yellow & Orange

There’s nothing but happy vibes when wearing orange and yellow pieces with your day and night looks. These warm citrine and yellow sapphire hues will attract compliments and bring out your inner shine.

Yellow gemstone jewelry

If your daily outfits are mainly light blue, pink, and violet, yellow and orange jewelry colors are what you should shop for.

  • Citrine-Birthstone-Earrings
  • Blog-Minimalist-Jewelry-A-Beginners-Guide_8343311Y
  • yellow_Ring_18012
  • Blog-What-Is-The-Birthstone-For-November__8328411Y
  • 8343011Y

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Jewelry is meant to be fun and expressive, so try mixing and matching different colors and styles until you find what works for you. Who knows, you may just discover a new favorite color or style.

Happy Shopping

Get to know what jewelry is trending at! Our large collection of gemstone jewelry is fun to browse and will help you see which colors are out there for you.

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Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Mixed Metal Jewelry Invest In Two Tone

Mixed Metal Jewelry: Here’s Why To Invest In Two-Tone Pieces

Elevate your style with mixed metal jewelry! Discover the allure of two-tone designs and why they’re a unique style to invest in.

Mixed metal jewelry

Types Of Mixed Metal Jewelry

Two-Toned Jewelry

The two-tone look is considered to be classic. It blends instantly with your existing wardrobe and won’t turn over with changing color fads. The key is to mix two contrasting tones, like white gold and yellow gold. It’s eye-catching and also timeless in its appeal. Blending your metals is a fun way to spice up your look. 

Multi-Toned Jewelry

Here’s where things start getting wilder. Designers are in love with this lately, experimenting with the three standard tones (yellow, white, rose) and mixing in new shades of matt, bronze, and sterling silver. This jewelry trend is for the bold and those who love to stand out. 

designer jewellery

Styling Mixed Metals

Did you know you can mix and match metal colors for a stunning and unique look? This modern trend isn’t going away anytime soon, and we dare you to break the rules just to see that this isn’t your regular fashion fad.

From mixed metal fine jewelry to engagement rings, there is something out there for everyone. This trend complements any style, from a casual outfit to a fancy night out. If you prefer an understated style, choosing rings in various sizes, shapes, and colors is the perfect way to go about this fun fashion craze.

Mixed Metal Engagement Rings

A two-tone engagement ring is a ring that is usually made up of two different metals. The most common combinations are white and yellow gold. However, a mixed metal ring can feature any combination of yellow, rose, or white gold, depending on your metal preference.

14K Gold Two-Tone 2.0mm Comfort Fit Infinity Pattern Solitaire Engagement Ring
14K Gold Two Tone Ribbon Bypass Solitaire Engagement Ring

Mixed metal engagement rings can symbolize the coming together of two different lives, which is the perfect way to start your married life with your forever person.
14K Gold Two-Tone 2.2mm Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

Mixed Metal Wedding Rings For Her

If you’ve picked a single metal color for your engagement ring but want to go further for the big day, a two-tone wedding ring is the way to go. Here are some of our favorite pieces.

14K Gold Two-Tone 1.8mm Comfort-Fit Wedding Band

Picking a unique bridal stack is certainly a fun way of showing off your personal style. They’re even a cute option if you and your significant other want to get matching bands.

14K Gold Two-Tone 2.2mm Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Mixed Metal Wedding Rings For Him

Traditional wedding rings for men aren’t always the most fashion-forward choice, and they don’t leave much in the way of individuality. That’s why a mixed metal wedding band is perfect for that outgoing hubby-to-be.

Platinum And 18K Yellow Gold 8mm Comfort-Fit Satin Center Band

The best part is you don’t need to compromise on getting a tougher metal. Most jewelry retailers are ready with durable, yet stylish metal options for men of every lifestyle.

Black Titanium And 14K Yellow Gold Satin Center 7 Mm Ring

Start Mixing 

Investing in essential jewelry pieces can help you create a timeless wardrobe that you can rely on for years to come. Quality pieces can add an element of sophistication and elegance to any look while also being versatile enough to be dressed up or down. Investing in classic jewelry pieces can also be a great way to save money in the long run, as they are likely to last longer than trendier pieces.

Need help shopping? Visit us at and choose from a wide range of affordable gifts to investment pieces you’ll love forever.

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Jessica Thomas

Jessica is a seasoned content writer with four years of experience and a qualified gemologist. She enjoys educating new shoppers on the best practices for buying jewelry.

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Cross Necklace Styles

Our Top 10 Favorite Cross Necklace Styles

Looking for the perfect cross necklace to add to your collection or gift someone special? We’ve got the perfect design for every type of style.

Cross necklaces

Cross necklaces have been a popular accessory for centuries and are a staple in many people’s jewelry collections. They not only serve as a symbol of faith but also a personalized fashion statement.

With so many styles and designs, finding the perfect cross necklace that fits your style and personality can be tough, but not impossible. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of our top 10 favorite cross necklace styles at to make your search easy.

Our Top 10 Most Popular Cross Necklace Styles

Whether you like your jewelry with a bit of extra sparkle or more simple as plain metal, here are the best designs our customers love.

Alternating Diamond Cross Necklace

This modern choice features round diamonds alternating with tapered baguette cut diamonds along a cross shape. It’s the perfect pendant, suspended along an 18-inch cable chain with an extra jump ring at 16 inches for versatility and secures with a lobster clasp. It comes in yellow, white, and rose gold!

14K White Gold Alternating Diamond Cross Necklace
14K White Gold Alternating Diamond Cross Necklace

Duo Cross And Infinity Necklace

This necklace features a sideways cross and infinity pendant that hang 16 and 18 inches below the neckline. It’s the ideal piece for someone who enjoys a layered and minimalist look. This cross necklace is available in the ever-popular yellow gold.

14K Yellow Gold Duo Cross And Infinity Necklace
14K Yellow Gold Duo Cross And Infinity Necklace

Pearl Cross Necklace

Who doesn’t love pearls? The world’s oldest gemstone and a staple for every jewelry box. Our next favorite is a delicate cross necklace, lined with 1.5-2.0mm freshwater seed pearls for a modern take on a timeless look. We love this piece because of its chic aesthetic, and the pearls make it a great gift for those June babies.

14K Yellow Gold Freshwater Cultured Seed Pearl Cross Necklace (1.5-2.0mm)
14K Yellow Gold Freshwater Cultured Seed Pearl Cross Necklace (1.5-2.0mm)

Shared Prong Diamond Cross Necklace

Looking to spend extra on more shine? Look no further than our ultimate diamond cross necklace, available from 0.18ct-1ct. This stunning piece is crafted in 14K white gold with glimmering diamonds set in elegant baskets that beautifully showcase the stones.

14K White Gold Shared Prong Diamond Cross Necklace (1.00 CTW)
14K White Gold Shared Prong Diamond Cross Necklace (1.00 CTW)

Sideways Cross Diamond Necklace

Here’s one for the minimalist who loves a little color and sparkle. This dainty cross worn sideways is a new approach to a timeless look. Set on a gold cable chain, it is the perfect addition to your daily collection. Choose between yellow, white, and rose gold.

14K Rose Gold Sideways Cross Diamond Necklace
14K Rose Gold Sideways Cross Diamond Necklace

Infinity Cross Diamond Necklace

If you’re searching for a statement piece, we believe we’ve got it right here. Our infinity diamond cross necklace has elegant loops of 14K white gold and pavé diamonds form to create this airly and beautiful cross pendant. With a 16-inch cable chain, it’s the perfect standalone necklace.

14K White Gold Infinity Cross Diamond Necklace
14K White Gold Infinity Cross Diamond Necklace

Mini Cutout Cross Disk Necklace

This mini cross necklace is a bestseller for a reason. Not only is it an affordable accessory at $190, but it looks great on everyone. It’s a modern take on a classic style, and can be paired with other chains and necklaces for a layered look.

14K Yellow Gold Mini Cutout Cross Disk Necklace
14K Yellow Gold Mini Cutout Cross Disk Necklace

Moderne Cross Diamond Necklace

This diamond cross necklace is a beautiful display of faith, with unique tapered baguette cut diamonds lining the design with a classic round diamond at the center of the cross. It hangs at 16 or 18 inches and has a lobster clasp. Don’t forget it comes in yellow, white, and rose gold!

14K White Gold Moderne Cross Diamond Necklace
14K White Gold Moderne Cross Diamond Necklace

Sideways Cross Necklace

Next, we have a petit cross positioned sideways in this adjustable necklace finely crafted in 14K gold and secured with a spring clasp. This is a minimalist favorite, as the cross is small and dainty on a thin cable chain. This specific piece also has a pair of matching cross earrings, if you’re looking for a symbolic gift for someone special.

14K Yellow Gold Sideways Cross Necklace
14K Yellow Gold Sideways Cross Necklace

Fancy Black Enamel Accent Cross

A style you can truly cherish, this enamel cross pendant looks elegant alone and will seamlessly accompany any piece of your collection. It has a bolder, more modern look, and can be paired with a chain of your choice as it comes as a standalone piece.