Fine Jewelry Trends 2020

Engagement Ring Trends 2020: Our Predictions

Planning on getting engaged in 2020? Here’s what’s #trending. 

2020 engagement ring trends yellow gold three-stone round ruby

As we dive into a new decade, we’ve been busy keeping a close watch on some of the hottest ring styles we’re anticipating in the coming months. From three-stone to vintage and hidden halos, scroll down for our take on 2020’s biggest engagement ring trends. 

1. Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The engagement ring trend that started gaining traction in 2019 is here to stay for 2020. Not only does rose gold pair seamlessly with yellow gold, it also looks great with just about every skin tone. Join the trend with this beautiful, romantic metal.

Cushion Basket Diamond Engagement Ring

2020 engagement ring trends rose gold engagement ring

Pavé Split Shank Contour Engagement Ring

2020 engagement ring trends rose gold engagement ring

2. Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

We’re seeing an upward ring trend in settings with a vintage vibe. Whether you’re repurposing a treasured family piece or looking for a new design with a vintage twist, you can’t go wrong with a vintage engagement ring. It’s got glitz, glam and a timeless appeal. Go vintage or go home!

Yellow Gold Floral Halo Engagement Ring 

2020 engagement ring trends yellow gold halo engagement ring

White Gold Vintage Infinity Engagement Ring

2020 engagement ring trends white gold vintage infinity

3. Colorful Stones & Birthstones

We expect colorful gemstones to join the list of 2020 engagement ring trends. Nowadays’s, some brides are looking for that pop of color to add to their engagement rings. Not only are birthstones unique, they reflect your personal style. What better way to do this than to incorporate your birthstone into the design?

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

2020 engagement ring trends cushion cut halo engagement ring

Blue Sapphire Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

4. Hidden Halos

We definitely see halos staying in the game this year, and hidden halos have boomed in popularity. This 2020 engagement ring trend is a great option if you aren’t up for a traditional halo or are looking to add some extra sparkle to your setting. Take a look at these stunning hidden halo rings by Verragio.

White Gold Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

 White Gold Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

White Gold Tradition Oval Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

White gold oval hidden halo engagement ring

5. Three-Stone & Fancy Shaped Side Stone Accents

Remember Meghan Markle’s jaw-dropping three-stone engagement ring? Since the ‘Meghan Markle Effect’, this setting continues to pop up everywhere. Get creative by mixing up the combination of stone shapes and colors to add even more bling to your ring, so you can sparkle like Markle.

White Gold Three-Stone Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

White Gold Three Stone Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Yellow Gold Three-Stone Round Ruby Engagement Ring

Yellow gold three-stone round ruby

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