9 Valentine’s Day Engagement Rings 

So you’ve got the romantic atmosphere, have found the love of your life, and mapped out the perfect proposal for Valentine’s Day, now you need the ring! If you are planning to pop the question, stay tuned for everything you need to know for that perfect engagement ring!

9 Valentine’s Day Engagement Rings 

It’s here! The most romantic day of the year has finally arrived! This day that is all about love and affection is an incredibly popular time to propose. And it is no wonder, the pitter-patter of snowfall, snuggling in front of the fireplace, the afterglow of the holiday season, Valentine’s Day is not called the day of romance for nothing!

What exactly IS Valentine’s Day?

History tells us that Valentine’s Day’s romantic origins date back to Ancient Roman times, when Saint Valentine defied then-Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor had banned marriages for young men, believing they made better soldiers than husbands and fathers.

Saint Valentine felt so strongly that this decree was unfair, that he continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. Eventually, the Saint was caught and executed, but this day of love which some say commemorates Saint Valentine’s burial, is associated with the love he died to protect.

Valentine’s Day has since moved on from secret marriages. This day of love is often used to commemorate various milestones in a relationship……or to start one! Who doesn’t remember sticking a paper lunch bag to your desk, handing out cards and candies to your classmates. Then check your bag to see if your crush gave you one and if they wrote a special message!

The thrill of someone coming up to you in the hallway, giving you a Valentine from your crush, because they were too shy to do it themselves! Then save the card and read it over and over to your friends, talking about how cute your crush is!

Or your first Valentine’s Day with your first significant other. Buying all the traditional gifts, teddy bears, candy, flowers, ahhhhhhh young love! And now here you are, ready to pop THE big question.

Maybe you are planning a big public proposal using the jumbotron at a basketball game, or you’ll attach a ring to your dog’s collar, or perhaps you’ll go more intimate, a quiet candlelight dinner, either way, you will need the perfect engagement ring….and then wedding ring!

You have the perfect day, the perfect love, the perfect proposal, make sure you have the perfect sparkles. From asking someone out for the first time “Will you be my valentine?” to proposing to your long-time love, this is truly a day of romance.

Holy Ring Choices!

Engagement rings have come a long way, from traditional diamond solitaire engagement rings, to engagement rings (& wedding rings) that utilize gemstones and diamonds together; the classic yellow gold band, to white and rose gold options, the ring you choose can be as unique as your love.

Engagement rings and wedding rings are symbols of your love and commitment, of your togetherness, your past, your present, and of course, your future together. This, for example, is often symbolized by a three-stone engagement ring.

You can design your ring to reflect not just your love’s style, but the romance of the day. If you want to design your own ring, we are here to help!

You can learn how to design an engagement ring, customize an engagement ring, or if it’s right for you and your partner, you can design the ring together.

But maybe you’ve used all your energies on planning the perfect proposal, then never fear! We have lots of gorgeous options for perfect engagement rings that are impossible not to love. See below for just a few of our favorite options.

Valentine’s Day Engagement Rings

So many engagement rings, so little time! A proposal on this day of romance should be accompanied by an engagement ring that will set your partner’s heart on fire! Here are some of our most romantic engagement ring options! 

Ruby Engagement Rings

Celebrate this day of love and passion by choosing an engagement ring featuring a  gemstone that does the same. Like a red rose, a warm red ruby is an ultimate choice for a romantic, gemstone engagement ring.

Three Stone Trillion Shaped Ruby Engagement Ring

18K Yellow Gold Three Stone Trillion Shaped Ruby Engagement Ring
18K Yellow Gold Three Stone Trillion Shaped Ruby Engagement Ring

Romantic Symbolism

An engagement ring, like a wedding ring, is a symbol of your commitment to your partner. It shows your love is timeless and a 3 stone engagement ring shows that your love covers the past, the present, and the future.

Custom-Designed Engagement Rings

Nothing screams romance more than a sentimental gift. There are plenty of custom design options available to you, especially when buying your engagement rings online. From choosing the exact diamond shape and size to the metal color and setting, you can personalize your dream engagement ring down to the very last detail.

Celebrity Inspired Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings

Take it from some of our favorite trendsetting celebs- a heart shaped engagement ring can make you glow and bring out all the aspects of your unique style. From Lady Gaga to Paris Hilton, heart-shaped sparklers are always an option!

Lady Gaga taking a ring selfie of her heart-shaped engagement ring
Paris Hilton and her fiancé drinking champagne while she shows off her diamond engagement ring

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Check out celebrity engagement rings and looks:

Sofia VergaraHailey Bieber * 2020 Oscars * Royal Engagements * Pippa Middleton * Gabrielle Union * Miranda Kerr * Gwen Stefani, Demi Lovato, & More!

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Jennifer Lopez’s Engagement Ring: The Ultimate Guide

Jennifer Lopez’s Engagement Ring and Arod

It’s no secret Jennifer Lopez has seen her fair share of over-the-top engagement rings, and every one of them has been drool-worthy. One, in particular, has been the envy of many. J.Lo’s most recent engagement ring, courtesy of now-ex, Alex Rodriguez, became Insta famous on March 9, 2019, when the couple announced their engagement. 

The couple first began dating back in 2017 and gave us all the feels with their picture-perfect relationship. A-Rod popped the question during their vacation in the Bahamas with a classic sunset beach proposal. And to top it off, we got to see that beauty up close with a fantastic ring shot shared by them both online. 

Here’s all we know about J.Lo’s gorgeous diamond sparkler and where you can find a ring just like it at

We’ll share: 

  1. What style J.Lo’s engagement ring is
  2. The diamond shape
  3. The diamonds carat size
  4. How much the engagement ring is worth 
  5. Where you can find the lookalike  

Jennifer Lopez’s Engagement Ring Pictures 

The two shared this shot of them holding hands as they both show off J.Lo’s engagement ring, which is glowing as bright as the bonfire behind it. The second image is taken from a distance and manages to capture the dazzling diamond rock from afar.

A-Rod holding Jennifer's hand as they both show off her emerald-cut diamond engagement ring

What Style Setting is JLO’s Engagement Ring?

J.Lo’s sparkler is a three-stone setting featuring an emerald-cut diamond. The band is either white gold or platinum.

14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Three-stone engagement rings are a sure way to make sure the center stone pops and shines with an intense sparkle. The two side stones not only sit flush against the center stone but truly bring out its magnificence and size.

For this particular engagement ring, A-Rod chose a three-stone setting. Three-stone rings feature two side stones that accentuate the size and brilliance of the center stone.

What Diamond Shape is JLO’s Engagement Ring?

The center stone on J.Lo’s engagement ring is an emerald-cut diamond. 

Like other fancy shapes, emerald cuts are excellent at consuming much of the rough diamond’s carat weight. They’re cheaper than round-brilliant cut diamonds but require less manufacturing to be cut. That means they waste less raw material. 

Emerald Cut Diamond - Viewable In 360° HD

The emerald cut has been worn, first by royalty, since the 1500s. It evolved from the table-cut and has become a preferred cut as it reduces the pressure during the cutting process, and as a result, prevents unwanted chips in the diamond.  

A popular choice among celebrities, the emerald cut offers a powerful combination of understated light return and intense clarity.

This elongated shape is cut in such a way that it has a large surface area, making the wearer’s hand look elegant and slimmer, while the diamond beams from every angle. 

How Many Carats is Jennifer Lopez’s Engagement Ring?

It’s clear Alex wanted his woman to have nothing but the best, and he accomplished this by getting her a massive 15-carat emerald-cut showstopper. 

This diamond appears to be colorless and possibly to be collection grade quality, which is the highest diamond quality available. 

How Much Did J.Lo’s Ring Cost? And What’s It Really Worth?! 

While love doesn’t cost a thing in her books, J.Lo’s engagement ring certainly broke the bank. Experts estimate the diamond sparkler to have cost between $1 million to $3 million. 

Looking at an emerald-cut with excellent specifications (D Color, IF Clarity) at James Allen the estimate seems accurate. 

Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring Lookalikes

This ring isn’t a complicated one to replicate, given its modest sophistication. Here are two budget-friendly, yet stunning lookalikes, that will have you looking and feeling like a star. 

First, we have an almost identical match with James Allen’s tapered baguette three-stone diamond engagement ring. You can find it here

The Second is another three-stone emerald cut center but with an added flair of two more fancy-shaped diamonds. If you’re looking for something similar but not identical, then this three-stone pear-shaped J.Lo engagement ring lookalike could be the one! 

We’re Here To Help

Buying an engagement ring comes with stress, questions, and a lot of second-guessing. At James Allen, we’re here to offer you 100% free advice and will assist you in understanding the best diamond quality for your budget and unique preferences. 

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2020 Celebrity Engagements: Our Top Picks

2020 Celebrity Engagements moments

Earlier this year, we covered all of our favorite celebrity engagements and their A-list engagement rings. Now, we’re back for another round of star-studded sparkle. Scroll to find out which celebrities took the next big leap in their relationships – then shop their lookalike engagement rings.

Gwen Stefani + Blake Shelton

Fans were over the moon after the Hollaback Girl singer and Shelton took to Instagram to announce their engagement. Stefani said yes to a gorgeous round-cut diamond, beautifully finished on a white gold solitaire setting. Like her engagement ring? We have no doubt (get it?) you’ll want to check out the lookalike:

The Lookalike:

Six Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

Stefani said yes to a gorgeous round-cut diamond ring
14K White Gold 2mm Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

Derek Peth + Saffron Vadher

The Bachelor in Paradise star took to Twitter to announce his engagement to model Saffron Vadher, tweeting ‘She said yes!!!’. Vadher was beaming as the star posted a clip of himself alongside his new fiancée, who flaunted a dazzling, custom-made emerald cut engagement ring. Feeling the FOMO? Go ahead and shop our emerald solitaire ring below: 

The Lookalike:

Emerald-Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

Derek Peth and Saffron Vadher with the new engagement ring
14K Yellow Gold 2mm Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

Bobby Bones + Caitlin Parker

The host of The Bobby Bones Show announced his engagement to his girlfriend Caitlin Parker. Bones pulled out all the stops with a romantic backyard proposal, like something straight out of a fairytale! It’s safe to say that Parker’s stunning oval cut solitaire ended the night on a sparkling good note. Want to try something different? Go long with this oval ring.

The Lookalike:

Oval-Cut Comfort Fit Engagement Ring

Parker’s stunning oval cut solitaire ended the night on a sparkling good note
14K Yellow Gold 2mm Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

Elle King + Dan Tooker

The Ex’s and Oh’s singer’s engagement to her boyfriend Dan Tooker may be the cutest of all the 2020 celebrity engagements to happen (so far!). Turns out, King had proposal plans of her own after getting down on one knee at the same time as her partner after they went horse riding together. If that isn’t couple #goals, we don’t know what is. Feeling inspired by her floral-style engagement ring? Shop this dazzling alternative.  

The Lookalike:

Floral Engagement Ring

Elle King amd Dan Tooker and the new engagement ring
14K White Gold Floral Engagement Ring

James Lafferty + Alexandra Park

The former One Tree Hill star certainly cooked up a storm after popping the question to actress Alexandra Park in the comfort of their kitchen. Lafferty broke the news on Instagram with a selfie and a simple caption: ‘She said yeah’. While proposing does tend to leave some people at a loss for words, we sure can talk about Park’s stunning solitaire ring all day long. Get your version of this simple, yet stunning ring that’ll make you glow. 

The Lookalike:

Claw Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

Park's stunning solitaire ring
14K Yellow Gold Claw Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

Demi Lovato + Max Ehrich

Five months of dating was all it took for the Young and the Restless star Max Ehrich to realize that Demi Lovato was the one. In true beach fashion, Ehrich proposed to the Heart Attack singer in gorgeous Malibu with an equally stunning emerald three-stone ring, featuring a whopping seven carats! Pick up your own piece of heaven with our Lovato ring lookalike:

The Lookalike:

White Gold Tapered Baguette

Demi Lovato with the new engagement ring
14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Feeling starstruck by celebrity engagement rings? Check out the articles below to get more inspiration!

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design a ring with your partner

Designing Your Ring Together: Here’s Why You Should

Are you and your SO thinking about designing a ring together? Here’s why you should.

Designing Your Ring Together

Buying an engagement ring is no easy task. It often takes time, patience and planning to score the perfect ring that your partner will wear forever. To ease the process, can a couple design a ring together without taking the surprise or romance out of the proposal? We think so. Find out why designing a ring may just be one of the best decisions you’ll make together.

1. A Modern Love

Nowadays, choosing to design a ring together has gained more popularity and comes with many pros. Not only does it alleviate pressure from your fiancé to find a ring that suits her style and preferences, but it’ll also give your partner comfort knowing that they made a perfect choice. Win-Win. Not sure where to begin? Start with a simple solitaire ring and take it from there.

White Gold Split Shank Solitaire Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Classic Split Shank Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow Gold Tapered Milgrain Solitaire Engagement Ring

Yellow Gold Tapered Milgrain Solitaire Engagement Ring

2. You Glow Girl

Traditionally, the man picks the ring, comes up with an elaborate proposal plan, pops the question, then it’s all smiles and ring selfies. Today, more women prefer to add their two cents. Designing a ring together will give you peace of mind knowing your SO is getting exactly what they want. It’s a pretty bold choice. In the spirit of bold decisions, go big and design a halo.

White Gold Navette Leaf Halo Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Navette Leaf Halo Engagement Ring

Yellow Gold Cushion Outline Pavé Engagement Ring

14K Yellow Gold Cushion Outline Pave Engagement Ring

3. In It Together

When you design a ring as a duo, it means you do everything together. You’ll be able to choose a ring you love and set a budget you’re both comfortable with. You’ll also know what setting and diamond to choose and get your partner’s ring size on the spot. Why not use our try-on feature together and test drive these vintage, three-stone or channel set rings?

Yellow Gold Vintage Infinity Engagement Ring

14K Yellow Gold Vintage Infinity Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Three Stone & Pavé Engagement Ring

14K Rose Gold Three Stone Trillion And Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

White Gold Bow-Tie Channel Set Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Bow-Tie Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

4. Tried and Tested

Many of our customers have chosen to design a ring together and could not be happier. Does it ruin the proposal moment? Hardly. Some decisions can still be a secret, like where, when or how the proposal will take place. Plus, they’ll be surprised in a good way with a ring they love. Read what our customers have said after designing their rings together.

We took the modern approach of picking out the ring together. We are so happy with it! – Lea H.’

White Gold Petite Pavé Cathedral Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Petite Pave Cathedral Engagement Ring

‘My fiancée and I picked the ring out together and I am so happy we did’ – Roxanne E.

Yellow Gold Twisted Vine Engagement Ring

14K Yellow Gold Twisted Vine Engagement Ring

‘We picked our ring together and found the experience to be wonderful.’ – Erik S.

Rose Gold Graduated Halo Engagement Ring

14K Rose Gold Graduated Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Sounds Like Love

What’s better than crafting the ring of your dreams together? Designing a ring with a sweet beat. Follow us on Spotify for a dazzling selection of tunes that’ll up the romance when you’re ring shopping on (wink wink). 

Designed your dream ring yet? Check out the articles below to get more inspiration!

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Winter Engagement Rings: One Moment in Shine

Keep your eye on the prize with these game-changing winter engagement rings.

winter engagement rings three stone diamond engagement ring

Preparing to pop the question is a lot like training to be a world-class athlete; you need to be committed, focused, and ready to go the distance. Here are some Olympic medalists who have taken the plunge and won something far more precious than gold.

Winter Engagement Rings: The Sparkle of Champions

See which engagement rings these champs are sporting and how you can get the look without breaking a sweat… or the bank!

Meryl Davis and Fedor Andreev

winter engagement rings falling edge pavé diamond engagement ring

Ice dancing gold medalist Meryl Davis must’ve been jumping for joy when she received this ring from former Canadian skater Fedor Andreev. The shimmering cushion-cut yellow diamond is set in rose gold with a halo of white diamonds and little rose gold hearts on either side.

Put on your own impressive fireworks display with this falling-edge pavé diamond halo ring.

Sasha Cohen and Tom May

winter engagement rings petite pavé engagement ring

Figure skating silver medalist Sasha Cohen glided into this gorgeous engagement ring from boyfriend Tom May. The oval-cut diamond is mounted on a simple, thin band, creating a look that’s as graceful as she is on the ice.

Get your skates on and snag this petite pavé diamond engagement ring, designed to maximize the amount of light that hits the diamonds from all sides.

Kendall Coyne and Michael Schofield

winter engagement rings three stone diamond engagement ring

Ice hockey silver medalist Kendall Coyne was blinded by sparkle when her longtime boyfriend, Los Angeles Chargers offensive lineman Michael Schofield, presented her with this three-stone stunner.

Score a hat trick with this classic three-stone diamond engagement ring, whose center and side stones resemble a floral bouquet.

Winter Engagement Rings: Freestyle Finesse

From snow-covered slopes to gold medal hopes, there’s something quite thrilling about getting engaged at this time of year. Check out these wintery proposal ideas for inspiration.

Planning to go down on one ski this winter? This fast-track route to designing your own engagement ring offers spectacular 360° views!

Tell us which glacial ring style you’re rooting for in the comments below or over on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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winter engagement rings petite pavé engagement ring

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three stone engagement ring

Style Series: Side-Stone & Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Do you have best friends who make you shine even brighter? Side-stone and three-stone engagement rings can relate.

14K White Gold Three Stone Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

These rings feature at least two smaller diamonds or gemstones flanking the center stone.

Side stones can be any cut or gem – some match the center stone while others are contrasting shapes. Side gemstones, like those in blue sapphire engagement rings, accentuate the center diamond with a vivid splash of color. Side-stone and three-stone engagement rings look even more radiant thanks to their complementing gems.

Thankful for your sparkling support system? Celebrate your engagement with one of our side-stone and three-stone engagement rings.

Design Your Own Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Which side stones will you choose?

Diamond Side-Stone Engagement Rings

Scroll Undergallery Cushion Cut Three-Stone Engagement Ring

This trending ring is a spot-on replica of Meghan Markle’s royal engagement ring. The metal swirl detailing underneath the center diamond adds a bonus fairytale factor.

14K Yellow Gold Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring With Scroll Undergallery

Pear and Pavé Round Cut Three-Stone Engagement Ring

The super-popular pear shape makes for a sweet, surprising side stone. A pavé-accented band brings even more shine to highlight the center diamond.

14K White Gold Three Stone Pear And Pavé Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Tapered Baguette Round Cut Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Part of the band itself looks like it’s made of diamond thanks to the baguette cut side stones. This clean geometric design contrasts nicely with warm, rose gold metal.

14K Rose Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Channel Set Emerald Cut Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Emerald cut diamonds have icy, glacier-like lines. Choose a center stone to be framed by these symbols of stability and natural beauty.

14K White Gold Three Stone Emerald And Pavé Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Twisted Vine Round Cut Side-Stone Engagement Ring

These marquise-shaped, pavé-set side stones are the leaves of the center stone’s flower. Every rose has its thorn — luckily, this ring has none.

14K White Gold Twisted Vine Engagement Ring

Hand-Engraved Princess Cut Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Feel like a storybook hero every day with these princess cut center and side stones, milgrain detailing, and floral engraving.

hand engraved three stone engagement ring

Blue Sapphire Side-Stone Engagement Rings

Vintage Milgrain Blue Sapphire Side-Stone Engagement Ring

Patterned with marquise-cut sapphires, this ring has a delicate and artistic color pop. The flower wire basket and milgrain framing add an extra creative touch.

14K White Gold Vintage Round Diamond And Marquise Sapphire Engagement Ring

Round Cut Blue Sapphire Side-Stone Engagement Ring

This crisp design lets its center diamond and sapphire side stones take their own spotlight even as they complement each other.

14K White Gold Three Stone Round Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Pavé Floral Blue Sapphire Side-Stone Engagement Ring

Blue sapphire gemstones bookmark a breathtaking amount of sparkle. Plus, this band’s milgrain detailing gives this center flower an equally beautiful stem.

14K White Gold Floral Engagement Ring

Gemstone Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Round Cut Trillion Ruby Three-Stone Engagement Ring

We love the way this ring evokes the power, Lasso of Truth, and natural beauty of Wonder Woman. The open wire basket is a modern flair for a classic design.

18K Yellow Gold Three Stone Trillion Shaped Ruby Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Emerald Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Haven’t you heard? Green means glow. The tones of these emerald side stones give you a constant connection to nature, representing rebirth and love.

14K White Gold Three Stone Step-Cut Emerald Engagement Ring

Ready to design your own engagement ring? Get started.

Style series: Modern Tension Engagement RingsSleek Channel-Set Engagement Rings ♦ Inspired Vintage Engagement Rings ♦ Heavenly Halo Engagement RingsTimeless Solitaire Engagement RingsLuminous Pavé Engagement Rings

Can’t wait for more expert ring info? The next installment of our Engagement Ring Style Series is coming up next week!

Obsessed with one (or more) of the rings from this post? Let us know in the comments below, or on our social channels: Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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 three stone engagement ring pin pinterest

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