younger engagement rings team liza josh charles

Our “Younger” Engagement Ring Picks for Liza

*Younger Engagement Ring Picks and Spoilers Ahead!*

younger engagement rings team liza josh charles

Between Liza’s ex, Charles’ ex, Kelsey and Thad (RIP), Diana’s ex, Josh’s failed proposal to Liza (still crying), and Josh’s weird green card marriage (can someone please explain what happened there??), Younger has so many engagement rings we never got to obsess over. We the Fans deserve an amazing engagement (with an amazing sparkler)! Season 5 can’t premiere soon enough.

So whether it’s a proposal from Charles or from Josh (second time’s the charm), we decided to fantasize about which rings the Younger men would choose:

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Team Charles Engagement Rings

Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

14K White Gold 2mm Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

Proof that maturity has its benefits: Charles is undeniably, totally classically handsome. This solitaire engagement ring with a cushion cut diamond is crisp and timeless, a perfect fit for his vibe.

Bow Tie Channel-Set Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Bow-Tie Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Wow, can this man rock a tux. And luckily as a ritzy executive, he gets to wear one quite a lot. A bow tie ring setting would both nod to his dapper style and narrow in to spotlight of a sparkling center diamond.

Bird of Paradise Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Bird Of Paradise Engagement Ring

Remember when Charles told Liza that Freedom by Jonathan Franzen changed his life and they bonded over complex relationships? This ring connects to the warbler on the novel’s cover and to Liza and Charles’ meaningful convos.

Embossed Vintage Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Embossed Diamond Engagement Ring

Liza and Charles share a strong eye for detail and a passion for good stories, and this pavé crosshatch vintage ring feels like a story in itself. Novelized and publicized well, this story could knock Marriage Vacation off the bestsellers list.

Spiral Tension-Set Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Spiral Tension Set Engagement Ring

How could he not pay tribute to the years of tension between him and Liza? The force of tension works in this engagement ring to hold a precious brilliant cut diamond, seemingly in mid-air. Much better than those furtive, across-the-office glances.

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Team Josh Engagement Rings

Three-Stone Emerald Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Three Stone Pear Shaped Emerald Engagement Ring

We all know Josh is a fan of green cards and the luck of the Irish… #toosoon. In any case, the emerald gemstones would represent the freshness that Josh brought into Liza’s life. He’s the one who inspired her to start over, after all.

Engraved Solitaire Engagement Ring

14K Rose Gold Engraved Solitaire Engagement Ring

The milgrain engraving on this engagement ring looks like a work of art from Josh’s Williamsburg tattoo shop. Knowing how emotionally he connects to tattoos and Liza (and, okay, video games), this rose gold ring feels like a great pick.

East-West Pavé Engagement Ring

14K White Gold East-West Petite Pave Engagement Ring

The horizontal emerald cut diamond on this petite pavé engagement ring is unconventional, transparent, and gorgeous, some of the best qualities that Liza loves (loved? Hm.) in Josh.

Criss-Cross Solitaire Engagement Ring

14K Yellow Gold Criss Cross Diamond Solitaire

Because all the best things split and come back together, right? This modern and unique engagement ring design fits right into Josh and Liza’s Brooklyn world. Of course, he’d add a cushion cut center diamond for a dazzling romantic touch.

Antique Bezel Pavé Engagement Ring

14K Yellow Gold Antique Bezel And Pave Set Engagement Ring

This vintage ring, like Josh, has the kind of hipster style that wouldn’t call itself hipster. The diamonds and warm yellow gold shine like Josh’s old soul, one of the reasons why he might be the best for Liza…

So, are we Team Josh or Team Charles? Honestly, we’re always Team Liza; we’ll love whatever (and whomever) her heart chooses. Here’s to season 5!

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