coffee engagement ring selfie

Cup O’ Glow: The Coffee-Flavored Ring Selfie

This National Coffee Day, make sure your ring selfie is the toast of the town.

coffee engagement ring selfie

There are exactly two things that get us out of bed in the morning: the smell of freshly ground coffee and the sparkle of an engagement ring. Put the two together, and you’ve got an Insta-worthy blend fit for your big announcement.


The Coffee-Flavored Ring Selfie: Baristas of Bling

Our customers are no strangers to the caffeinated ring selfie. They’ve got the presentation down to a fine art, perfectly balancing beverage and bling. These pumpkin-spiced pics give new meaning to #nofilter!

The Bird’s-Eye Brew

To best showcase her cushion outline pavé engagement ring, blogger @arie_carie went for a simple overhead shot. The clever composition places the latte art front and center, but it doesn’t take long for her sparkler to steal the bean.

coffee sapphire engagement ring selfie rel dade

The Side Sippers

This photo is an intense blend of 5% arabica coffee, 95% James Allen sparkle. @deirdreroache has opted for a classic profile shot that puts her dazzling pavé crown diamond engagement ring in full brew.

coffee pave engagement ring selfie deirdre roache

Sticking with the side view, @Gkarlijo31 flaunts her petite pavé crown diamond engagement ring while enjoying a cup o’ joe with her SO. If that delicate sparkler on her hand is too subtle a hint, their matching Mr. and Mrs. mugs add some flavor.

coffee pave engagement ring selfie mugs

Uncomplicated as a cup of instant coffee, this ring selfie says it all with one simple-yet-powerful word. Yes, Jorden B., we do love your robust pavé halo diamond engagement ring, oval-cut center stone and all.

coffee oval halo engagement ring selfie

The soft focus of this “gorgeous” ring selfie by Nicole W. is giving us major Snow White vibes! Her cushion outline pavé engagement ring blends perfectly into the image, creating an ethereal, dreamlike quality. Many cups come pre-printed with cute little phrases like this, but you can always buy a plain cup and have it customized, if that’s more your cup of tea.

coffee winter cushion halo engagement ring selfie

The Different Perk-spective

Blogger @hkcung shows off not one but four stunning pave-set rings; two halo engagement rings with oval and pear center diamonds on one hand, and a petite pave crown engagement ring and pave set diamond eternity ring on the other. The photo’s angle lends an interesting perspective that draws the viewer in. The use of bold colors really makes the image pop.

coffee engagement ring selfie hoang kim cung

How romantic is this couple’s shot of his and hers rings? @shannondelanyron is rocking an exquisite cushion outline pave engagement ring while her hubby is sporting a handsome squared groove comfort fit wedding band. Notice how they’ve adopted the same pose, giving the photo a real sense of visual harmony.

coffee vintage engagement ring selfie wedding

The Coffee-Flavored Ring Selfie: Spill the Beans

How will you espresso your sparkle this National Coffee Day? Latte us know in the comments below or over on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter.

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Jonny Hart

Jonny is passionate about puns, adores alliteration, and finds diamonds positively facet-nating! Since joining James Allen, he has written the word 'sparkle’ 9,732 times and counting.

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Jonny Hart

Jonny is passionate about puns, adores alliteration, and finds diamonds positively facet-nating! Since joining James Allen, he has written the word 'sparkle’ 9,732 times and counting.

More Posts