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Sparkle Squared: Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Sometimes, you have to search the four corners of the earth before you find that special someone with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Nothing symbolizes that lifelong search better than a princess cut engagement ring, whose center diamond brings the proverbial four corners to your true love’s hand. Read on to find out why princess cut engagement rings are gaining popularity as the ‘Square to Wear’ in 2021!

The Right Angle

Princess cut is a relative newcomer to the diamond scene. Created in the 1960s, this edgy cut has gained popularity due to its clean, modern lines and intense sparkle. More than 50 facets make up a princess cut diamond, and these increase light dispersion for maximum fire and brilliance. Its geometry lends a delicate accent to long, slender fingers in particular, though it can be worn and enjoyed by all.

Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

Classic and refined, this piece offers understated elegance and unsurpassed comfort while highlighting your chosen princess cut center stone. The perfect width for pairing with any number of wedding bands, it’s versatile enough to create a wedding set that shows off the wearer’s true personality.

Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

The knife edge design of this ring draws attention to the center diamond, showcasing its brilliance without detracting from its beauty.

Perfect Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

Achieve a classic look without the bulk or the age-old issue of a turning ring with the Perfect Fit design. This engagement ring is ergonomically crafted for an elegant and comfortable feel so your ring will always stay in place.

Fair & Square

Another reason people are choosing princess cut over round is the price. Because princess cut diamonds retain the four corners that make them square, less of the rough diamond goes to waste. As a result, princess cut diamonds are slightly more affordable than round cut diamonds of the same weight. When purchasing a princess cut engagement ring, be sure to choose a setting that protects the corners of the diamond so they are not exposed to daily wear and tear.

Bow-Tie Channel Set Engagement Ring

This beautiful tapered engagement ring design is channel set with eight round shaped diamonds. A setting designed to draw the eye to the princess cut center stone of your choice.

Three-Stone Princess & Pavé Engagement Ring

A classic for all of eternity, this three stone ring features two princess shaped diamonds on each side of the center diamond of your choice. It also features pavé set diamonds that glitter down both sides of the shank.

East-West Marquise Engagement Ring

Submerge in the magical sparkle of this romantic yet ravishing engagement ring. Six marquise diamonds set east to west compose the shank and set the stage for the center stone of your choice.

Stars of Bling

Princess cut is the second most popular diamond shape after round cut for good reason; it packs a lot of sparkle into a unique square form. Celebrities like Kate Bosworth, Hilary Duff, and Snooki have all been spotted rocking princess cut engagement rings, and now it’s your turn to join the Quad Squad. We’ve rounded… er, squared up some of the hottest James Allen rings for your princess-perusing pleasure!

Channel Set Princess Cut Engagement Ring

This delicate version of the classic channel-set engagement ring features 20 channel-set princess shaped diamonds mounted into the shank around your princess cut center stone of choice.

Thin Channel Set Princess Cut Engagement Ring

This narrower, more delicate version of the classic channel-set engagement ring features 24 channel-set princess shaped diamonds mounted into the shank around the center diamond. 

Pavé Halo Princess Cut Engagement Ring

This gorgeous engagement ring features pavé set diamonds on the halo and along each side of the shank, highlighting your choice of princess cut center stone.

Embossed Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Double bezel accents adorn this open design, featuring graduated pavé shoulders and an embossed designer shank – A stunning setting for your chosen diamond! 

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