Marquise Cut Diamonds with Pointed Precision

Graceful and elegant, marquise cut diamonds are the only kind of side-eye you’ll ever want to give… or receive!

Split shank ribbon engagement ring
Split Shank Ribbon Engagement Ring

If eyes are the window to the soul, then marquise cut diamonds are the sparkly window dressing. These eye-shaped beauties, with their curved sides and pointed ends, give the appearance of a watchful guardian protecting the wearer from a life less lustrous.

Seize the marquise!

Marquise Cut Diamonds: Ahead of the Curve

Like the gentle outline of oval cut diamonds, but want to score some extra brownie points with your SO? Point your attention to marquise cut diamonds, which are blessed with not one but two points — one at either end.

Typically set in a ‘north/south’ orientation, the marquise cut makes fingers seem longer and more slender. Its elongated shape also creates the illusion of a larger stone, carat for carat, especially when set with round or pear-shaped side stones.

14K Rose Gold Etched Profile Solitaire Engagement Ring
Etched Rope Profile Solitaire Engagement Ring

Marquise cut diamonds are not lacking in the sparkle department either. Boasting approximately 58 facets, these “fancy shape” stones are more than capable of lighting up a room.

14K Rose Gold Pavé Infinity Diamond Engagement Ring
Pavé Infinity Diamond Engagement Ring

Who Rocks Marquise Cut Diamonds?

Wondering how marquise cut diamonds look IRL? Take your cue from these celebrities and their elegant eye-catchers:

Victoria Beckham, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Jerry Hall, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Katie Cassidy, Holly Marie Combs, Portia de Rossi, and Ashlee Simpson.

We don’t mean to tease with celebrity marquise; here’s a more affordable lookalike to put your mind at ease.

14K Yellow Gold Presentation Solitaire (Six Prong)
Knife-Edge Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

What to Know About Marquise Cut Diamonds?

Okay. So, you’ve set your heart on a magnificent marquise for your main squeeze. Now what? To ensure you’re getting the most attractive stone for your money, consider the following:

Go Deep as Your Love Choose a diamond that hasn’t been cut too shallow, otherwise light could leak through the stone diminishing its fire and brilliance.

Get Symmetrical Both endpoints of a marquise cut diamond should be perfectly aligned; otherwise, they can throw the stone off balance once it’s mounted in the setting.

Beware the Bow Tie Marquise cuts tend to produce a darkened area at the center of the gem that resembles a bow tie. A well-polished brilliant cut diamond should hide this undesirable effect.

Block Off the Old Chip Like any diamond cut with exposed corners, the ends of a marquise cut need securing. V-tip prongs are widely considered to offer the best protection from chipping.

14K White Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)
Petite Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Beaded Marquise Shape Engagement Ring
Floral Milgrain Engagement Ring

Mad about marquise? Go on a spree for the perfect marquise!

Don’t forget — you can view all of the marquise cut diamonds on in glorious 360° HD at up to 40x SuperZoom.

Once you’ve found the marquise to your true love’s heart, let us know in the comments below or on our social channels: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter.

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Jonny Hart

Jonny is passionate about puns, adores alliteration, and finds diamonds positively facet-nating! Since joining James Allen, he has written the word 'sparkle’ 9,732 times and counting.

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Jonny Hart

Jonny is passionate about puns, adores alliteration, and finds diamonds positively facet-nating! Since joining James Allen, he has written the word 'sparkle’ 9,732 times and counting.

More Posts