heart shaped diamonds solitaire engagement ring classic unique

Heart Shaped Diamonds with Romantic Style

The cleft at the top of this cut gives heart shaped diamonds their unique, super-lovable form.

heart shaped diamonds solitaire engagement ring classic unique

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Why Heart Shaped Diamonds?

First, the obvious: who wouldn’t want to propose or give a gift marked with the international symbol for love? A fancy shape with a brilliant cut, heart diamonds give off a spectacular amount of sparkle.

Common Prong Pavé Engagement Ring

Who Rocks Heart Diamond Engagement Rings?

Heart shaped diamonds are a great choice for the romantics in your life who love to stand out. Case in point: both Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have chosen heart shaped diamond engagement rings.

heart shaped diamonds celebrity engagement rings

Because this fancy diamond shape is so unique, it’s best to go for this shape only if your SO has hinted at it (read more about this and more in our Ring Buying 101 blog post!).

What to Know About Heart Shape Diamonds

Anyone who has cut out a paper heart knows that symmetry is essential to the heart diamond’s shape. For a diamond with a distinct heart shape, choose a gem with symmetrical halves as well as a sharp cleft in the cut.

Comfort Fit Engagement Ring

Heart Shaped Diamond 2mm Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

Heart diamonds also tend to show their shape better in larger sizes – if you want a more pronounced heart form, consider a larger carat size for your stone.

Antique Bezel Engagement Ring

heart shaped diamonds vintage engagement ring

Like other fancy shape diamonds (ex. pear and oval cut diamonds), heart shaped diamonds feature the “bow tie effect”: there is a space in the center of each heart shape diamond that does not reflect light. The better cut the heart diamond, the smaller the bow tie effect.

Unique Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

For the extraordinary person in your life (who sometimes might like to just be extra), consider one of these intricate heart shaped diamond rings:

Criss Cross Solitaire Engagement Ring

1.03 Carat E-VVS2 Heart Shaped Diamond Criss Cross Diamond Solitaire

Pavé Halo Engagement Ring

heart shaped diamonds pave halo engagement ring

Sapphire Floral Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Floral Engagement Ring

Triple Diamond Engagement Ring

heart shaped diamonds side stone engagement ring

Ready to shop your heart out? Find your heart shaped diamond engagement ring.

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