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Stackable Rings: The Essential Guide

We’ve compiled a dazzling assortment of stackable rings. P.S. You’ll want to start stacking these beauties ASAP.

Stackable Rings: Top Ring Stacking Tips

What is a Stackable Ring?

A stackable ring is more than wearing a variety of sparkle, it’s a symbol of your individuality. Whether you stack multiple rings on many fingers or pile sparkle on one finger, both make a shining statement. Stackable rings are also a foolproof gift to spoil a loved one to mark a special occasion. Read our top ring stacking tips, then stack the perfect combo! 

Love At First Stack

When it comes to stackable rings, the creative floodgates are open! Start with a statement ring on your ring finger and build around it. Alternatively, choose small rings with subtle bits of sparkle and work your way up. There’s no right or wrong answer – you are the leader of your stack! We think white, rose and yellow gold rings make the dream stack.

White Gold North South Diamond Ring

14K White Gold North South Diamond Ring

Rose Gold Shared Prong Alternating Diamond Ring

14K Rose Gold Shared Prong Alternating Diamond Ring

Yellow Gold Fishtail Diamond Ring

14K Yellow Gold Fishtail Diamond Ring

Mix & Match

Learning how to build a mixed metal ring stack requires a combination of practice and personal preference. If you’re feeling adventurous, use two contrasting metals to mix and match your statement ring. Pick a primary color, then add 2-3 secondary pieces to the top and bottom of the center ring for a stunning alternating combo.

Yellow Gold Petite Station Diamond Ring

14K Yellow Gold Petite Station Diamond Ring - Stackable Rings

White Gold Twisted Pavé Wedding Ring

Yellow Gold Baguette & Round Alternating Ring

14K Yellow Gold Baguette And Round Alternating Diamond Ring

Simple Stacking

In the pursuit of the perfect stack, sometimes things can go from #onpoint to slightly over the top. To avoid this, slim it down using a thin ring and use stackable rings of the same width. This sleek look is dazzling AND gives you more finger freedom – double win, triple shine 😉

White Gold Sleek Accent Diamond Ring

14K White Gold Sleek Accent Diamond Ring

Yellow Gold Single Row Diamond Ring

14K Yellow Gold Single Row Diamond Ring

Rose Gold Thin French Cut Pavé Eternity Ring

14K Rose Gold Thin French-Cut Pave Set Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring

Weighing Your Options

Create a stackable look that demands attention. To avoid your stackable rings feeling too matchy matchy, experiment with different weights and shapes. This adds personality and variation to your stack. A bold piece, like this eternity ring, stacked with a simple pave՛ makes the perfect pair.

White Gold Half Bezel Set Diamond Eternity Ring

14K White Gold Half Bezel Set Diamond Eternity Ring

White Gold U Pavé Rounded Wedding Ring

14K White Gold U Pave Rounded Wedding Ring

Ready to stack? Check out the articles below to get more inspiration!

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