Finding Her Engagement Ring Style: A Wink & A Smile

Whether you’re a secret agent or a straight shooter, check out our pro tips for finding her engagement ring style.

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Everyone has a personal style. Some are more understated than others and, therefore, harder to discern. Your job as Buyer of Rings, Proposer of Marriage, is to hone in on that style by whatever means necessary. Put on your detective hat and do some snooping around or straight up ask your partner what she’d like. Either way, finding her engagement ring style needn’t be a chore with our handy guide. Just pop on some good music and get sleuthing.

Finding Her Engagement Ring Style: Cut to the Chase

finding her engagement ring style cut to the chase

Let’s start by clearing something up: the ring doesn’t have to be a complete surprise.

There, we’ve said it.

These days, it’s perfectly acceptable – preferable even – to bring your partner into the design process. No one knows the wearer’s style better than the wearer herself, so why not involve her in the decision making? Goodness knows you’ll need all the help you can get when confronted with terms like pavé, halo, and tension! (That last one’s a setting style btw, not a headache.) By promoting your partner to Chief Ring Adviser, you’ll come across as the sensitive and considerate human being you are while eliminating much of the guesswork. It’s a win-win.

Now, the direct approach won’t work for everyone, mind you. Some customers – proposer and proposee alike – have their hearts set on a solo ring selection, culminating in the Big Reveal. To those irrepressible romantics, we say… read on!

Finding Her Engagement Ring Style: A Spy on the Wall

finding her engagement ring style spy on the wall

Like all good detectives, you’ve been waiting for the right case to come along; a case worthy of your powers of deduction. Finding her engagement ring style is right up there with #WhoBitBeyoncé and that whole Yanny vs Laurel thing – except the odds of you solving this one are far higher!

Seriously though, your partner’s online and offline activity might give away key clues about her ring preferences. If she has a Pinterest account, it’s worth checking to see if she’s created any boards with sparkle-related titles or pinned any specific rings. Assuming you have access to her Facebook account, check her profile and activity log for any ring posts she’s liked or shared.

What’s the Buzz?

Even if she’s been careful not to leave a digital trail, she may have confided in her best friend or sibling. Once you’ve got a sparkly bee in your bonnet, it’s almost impossible to keep it to yourself! Listen for subtle hints that might come up when she’s chatting with her inner circle, especially if the topic of celebrity engagement rings comes up.

Finding Her Engagement Ring Style: How She Rolls

finding her engagement ring style how she rolls

When finding her engagement ring style, it often helps to draw on your own personal experience. Presumably, you’ve spent a fair bit of time with your SO and have gleaned an insight or two about her day-to-day.

What kind of lifestyle does she lead? If she has a job or hobby that requires her to wear gloves, she’d be better off with a setting that doesn’t have exposed diamonds on the band. Solitaire and channel-set rings are both practical options as they minimize the risk of the diamonds getting caught or falling out. A less hands-on lifestyle would allow for more exposed diamonds on the band – pavé being the obvious example.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

14K White Gold Vintage Inspired Floral Bouquet Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Floral Bouquet Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Spiral Tension Set Engagement Ring
Spiral Tension Set Engagement Ring

If your girl is more Devil Wears Prada than Devil Wears Nada, you might consider a more daring setting. Pay close attention to her wardrobe. If she dresses to impress and won’t touch anything unless it’s by a top designer, go for something with character, such as a vintage engagement ring or hyper-modern tension ring.

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Glow-Key Glam

14K White Gold Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring
Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

If, on the other hand, her idea of glamour is a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt, we’d recommend opting for something simple like a baguette side-stone engagement ring. Understated yet elegant.

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Finding Her Engagement Ring Style: A Sure Thing

14K White Gold Presentation Solitaire (Six Prong)
Six Prong Presentation Solitaire Engagement Ring

If none of the above tips speak to you, no one would fault you for playing it safe and going with a classic style such as a solitaire. This is essentially a single center diamond mounted on a plain setting. Solitaires are considered classics for a reason: they work with practically any individual style and never go out of fashion.

Once you’ve figured out your setting style, it’s time to consider the diamond shape. If you have even the slightest doubt about what shape to get, you can’t go wrong with a round cut. Round-cut diamonds are by far the most popular shape for engagement rings, owing to their perfect geometry and abundant sparkle. These timeless classics are tried and true, but if it’s a little more edge you’re after, a princess or cushion-cut diamond should suffice.

Walk a Mile in Her Style

How did you manage to pinpoint your partner’s style preference? Did you go undercover or were you upfront about it? Let us know in the comments below or over on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter.

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Jonny Hart

Jonny is passionate about puns, adores alliteration, and finds diamonds positively facet-nating! Since joining James Allen, he has written the word 'sparkle’ 9,732 times and counting.

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When planning a romantic getaway, three L’s come to mind: Location, Location, Location. This makes sense as without a suitable destination, you’d still be, well, at home! But there’s a fourth L that no travel checklist is complete without: Luster. As in, how to keep your engagement ring looking at its lustrous best while you and bae are off galavanting around the world.

Engagement Ring Care: Precious Cargo

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The first thing to do before taking your sparkler on vacation is to make sure it’s covered by your insurance policy. You do have one, right? Good. Just checking. Whether it comes under your home insurance or its own separate policy, make sure that you’re covered for theft, loss, or damage while away. If not, you may need to adjust your policy to include overseas travel. It’s advisable to take proof of ownership with you on your trip in case you’re stopped at customs. A copy of the receipt or the insurance policy should suffice.

Engagement Ring Care: Off with the Ring!

When you finally receive the ring of your dreams, it’s hard to imagine ever wanting to take it off. But there are certain situations when it’s necessary to de-jewel.

Handle with Care

14K White Gold Pavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring (Oval Center)
Pavé-Set Halo Engagement Ring

Unless you’re Mariah Carey, traveling often involves hauling your own luggage around. The stress this puts on your ring can stretch the band and even bend or break the delicate prongs. That’s why you should take extra care when lifting anything heavy.

Swimming in Sparkle

engagement ring care swimming in sparkle

Although the beach is a romantic destination for newly engaged couples, it’s less than ideal for the engagement ring itself. If the sea is cold enough to shrink your fingers, your ring could slip right off. If you stay on dry land, grains of sand could get caught between the ring setting and the diamond. This won’t harm the stone per se, as diamonds are pretty tough, but that doesn’t mean you should put it through needless wear and tear.

What about putting your engagement ring in an airtight plastic bag, I hear you cry? This might seem like a clever hack, but the lack of oxygen together with the heat from the sun may cause the metal to fuse with the plastic. You’d be much better off leaving your diamond ring in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place, such as your hotel room safe.

Losing your ring in a swimming pool is less risky than the open sea as it would most likely turn up once the pool has been drained. However, harsh chemicals in the water like chlorine can severely discolor/corrode gold and silver over time. Only platinum is durable enough that it can withstand most chemicals.

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Keep It Clean

14K White Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)
French Cut Petite Pavé Engagement Ring

Sunscreen. Great for your skin, not so great for your bling. By all means, slather it all over yourself (sunburn is not a sexy look), but for the love of sparkle, remove your ring first! The same goes for lotions and perfumes, which can cause your precious stone to cloud up.

Fake It, Don’t Break It!

engagement ring care classic solitaire rings

If the thought of taking your engagement ring on vacation seems too daunting, why not switch it with a fake one? Get one that closely resembles your sparkler’s setting style and diamond cut for a fraction of the price. It’s a relatively inexpensive solution that could end up saving you sleepless nights and potential financial loss.

Engagement Ring Care: Your Passport to Sparkle

Do you give your most precious jewel enough TLC when traveling? Let us know your engagement ring care regimen in the comments below or on our social channels: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter.

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Jonny Hart

Jonny is passionate about puns, adores alliteration, and finds diamonds positively facet-nating! Since joining James Allen, he has written the word 'sparkle’ 9,732 times and counting.

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