A Slice Of Clarity: Emerald-Cut Diamond Pavé Engagement Rings

The emerald cut isn’t reserved for only the verdant gem; this clarity-flaunting cut has been a diamond’s choice form since the 1940s. And an emerald-cut diamond’s BFF? Pavé, of course!

Emerald-Cut Diamond Pavé Engagement Rings

The popularity of emerald-cut diamond engagement rings is rising as style-savvy ring shoppers draw inspiration from the glamour of days past. This retro, stepped shape displays a striking “hall of mirrors” effect that gives emerald-cut diamond engagement rings a truly unique shine. 

Emerald-cut diamonds can rock any setting, and pavé is top of the list. A pavé setting’s small, round sparklers peerlessly complement an emerald-cut diamond’s rectangular shape.

Emerald-Cut Diamond FYI:

  • An emerald-cut diamond’s limited facets tend to reveal inclusions, making it the perfect cut for flaunting a diamond’s clarity
  • Emerald-cut diamonds reveal color more easily than other shapes do, so choose a high color grade if you’re setting your diamond in white metal. However, setting a “warmer” diamond in yellow or rose gold will make the diamond appear more colorless.
  • An emerald-cut diamond’s length creates the optical illusion of elegantly “elongating” the wearer’s fingers.

Keep scrolling to see our customers’ picks for their favorite emerald-cut diamond pavé engagement rings:

Perfect Pavé

pave engagement rings

“This ring is absolutely gorgeous. It is perfect and elegant for small hands.
– Kent P.

Pavé Cross-Over

Pavé Cross-Over ring

“There are pavé rings, and then there is this ring. This is a pavé with a twist!”
– Carl L.

Tapered Pavé

Tapered Pavé ring

“My now-fiancé absolutely loved her ring, and cannot stop looking at it!!! Everyone who sees her ring says it’s stunning and that I knocked it out of the park.”
– Lance B.

Split-Shank Pavé

Split-Shank Pavé ring

“The delicate, low profile setting was a perfect choice for my fiancée’s active lifestyle. The simple but sparkly band compliments the diamond, making it the star of the show.”
– Gregg J.

Twisted Pavé

Twisted Pavé ring

“My now-fiancée has had loads of compliments on the ring already! The setting sparkles beautifully in the light and the twisted band is beautifully intricate.
– Joe B.

Three-Sided Pavé

Three-Sided Pavé ring

“This ring has this incredible vintage feel to it. It has an old kind of glamor that is exactly my taste and is still edgy in its own way.”
– Juliana J.

Pavé Halo

 Pavé Halo ring

“In person, this setting is BREATHTAKING. The falling edge is such a unique and quaint detail, and even the underneath has a little flare!”
– Matthew P.

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