pet proposal dog engagement ring

Rebarkable Dog Proposal Ideas

Fall in wuff with these dog proposal ideas…

pet proposal dog engagement ring

Our customers’ pet proposals are doggone adorable. If your partner is a dog lover and especially if you have a dog in the family, prep an emotional pup proposal!

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Inspiration for Dog Proposals

1. Take the Dog for a Rock

To make sure the whole family is there when you pop the question, propose while taking your dog for a walk! Our customers have found romantic spots for dog proposals in parks, on doggy beaches, at scenic lakes, and on spontaneous sidewalks.

pet dog proposals beach engagement ringpet dog proposals engagement ring sidewalk

2. Teach a New Dog Gold Tricks

Why not let your dog be your wingman? This one works with a dog you already love or a brand new dog that’ll come with the ring. Write a proposal message on a little t-shirt or personalized dog tag, tie the ring around the leash, or teach the dog to fetch a toy that says “Will you marry me?” Once your partner sees the dog, get down on one knee and clarify that the question is from you 😉

pet dog proposals t shirt engagement ring

3. Snap a Fluffy Photoshoot

You know what they say: a dog is a plan’s best friend. Either stage a family photoshoot for your dog proposal, or save the pics for after you pop the question. We love how cute those puppy dog eyes are – almost as bright as their owners’ engagement rings!

pet dog proposals photo shoot engagement ring

pet dog proposals engagement photo shoot

4. “Answers to the Name of…”

For a sweet tribute to your pet, plan a wordplay proposal inspired by your doggo’s breed or name. Have a poodle? Take your partner to Paris! If you happen to have a Jack Russell Terrier named after a champion racehorse like our customers Kara and Nick, be sure to propose at the horse’s beautiful farm!

pet dog proposals name horse engagement ring

5. Bonus: Post a Bow-WOW Ring Selfie

A happy engagement announcement and a lil’ puppy nose?? Social media never looked better. Tell the world you said yes with an all-hands-in pic, a high five with your pup, or (*for those who can stay still*) balancing the ring on your pet’s noggin. Check out our Instagram and Pinterest for more ring selfie inspiration!

pet dog proposals selfies engagement ring

You’re almost ready for your adorable dog proposal… Now fetch the perfect engagement ring!

Have dog proposal stories or pics to share? Let us know in the comments below, or on our social channels: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter.

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Looking for more puppy proposal inspiration? Check out our dog proposal Pinterest board and pin this!

pet dog proposals pin pinterest

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