The Royal Wedding: Matching Rings Made in Heaven

With the royal wedding almost upon us, we’ve taken the liberty of picking out matching wedding rings for Markle’s sparkle.

royal wedding matching wedding rings

The big news out of Kensington Palace last year was Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle. Oh, and that ring. You probably don’t need reminding that he popped the question with a classic three-stone sparkler, complete with a cushion cut center diamond. Or that the two round cut side stones came from Princess Di’s personal collection. But just in case you do, here’s a more affordable James Allen lookalike ring to jog your memory:

14K Yellow Gold Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring With Scroll Undergallery

Feeling nostalgic? Get Inspired by Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring all over again!

In honor of the upcoming royal nuptials, we’ve rounded up some Insta-worthy wedding rings that would look perfect alongside Ms. Markle’s stunner. Think of them as the stylish yin to her sparkling yang.


The Royal Wedding: Ringin’ in the Reign

The future royal has described her style as “classic with a modern twist”. This is evident in Harry’s choice of engagement ring, which features an intricate floral-like motif. She would do well to pair it with an understated wedding ring that doesn’t draw attention away from that magnificent diamond trio.

14K Yellow Gold 3mm Bezel Set Diamond Wedding Ring
Bezel Set Diamond Wedding Ring

This eternity ring has that classic style, but the surrounding diamonds give it an added je ne sais quoi.

14K Yellow Gold Baguette Wedding Ring
Baguette Diamond Wedding Ring

Classic meets contemporary in this sleek and sophisticated design.

The Royal Wedding: Your Other Other Half

One of the nice things about three stone engagement rings is how truly versatile they are. They can be paired with most wedding ring styles and metal types, so you’re bound to find something that suits your taste and “royal” wedding budget!

Double or Nothing

Pavé bands are the obvious choice if you want to accentuate your diamonds, as they essentially double the amount of sparkle.

14K White Gold Matching Wedding Band
Overlapping Single Row Pavé Wedding Ring
14K White Gold 0.20CTW. Pavé Diamond Wedding Ring
Pavé Diamond Wedding Ring

A Shine of the Times

14K White Gold Round And Baguette Milgrain Diamond Wedding Ring
Round and Baguette Milgrain Diamond Wedding Ring

Ever feel like you were born into the wrong era? Then you’ll dig the vintage stylings of this art deco charmer. Seriously, rings this regal should be illegal!

14K White Gold Blue Sapphire And Diamond Ring
Sapphire and Diamond Rope Style Wedding Ring

If you have a penchant for a more modern aesthetic, you may appreciate the smooth contours of this rope-style wedding ring. Its pavé diamonds are interwoven with blue sapphires, delivering a refreshing pop of color.

Mix or Match

Matching metals bring harmony to the wearer’s hand, while mixed metals lend a decidedly eclectic look. Demand for these sexy stackables is piling up!

14K White Gold Thin French-Cut Pavé Set Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring
French Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring
14K Rose Gold Thin French-Cut Pavé Set Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring
French Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring

The Royal Wedding: Princess Charming

For more classy combos, read up on How to Match Your Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring. Tell us which crowning jewel gets your royal seal of approval on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

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