blue topaz december birthstone jewelry

Cool Blue Topaz: the December Birthstone

Shine through the winter with blue topaz, the December birthstone.

blue topaz december birthstone jewelry

Blue topaz jewelry is perfect for December birthday gifts, 4th and 19th wedding anniversary presents, or particular fans of the state gemstone of Texas. The gemstone’s wintry shades range from pale sky to deep London blue. Want to learn more about our favorite December birthstone? Read on and explore James Allen’s blue topaz jewelry collection!

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December Birthstone Symbolism

Blue topaz is the gift that keeps on giving – it’s said to bring creativity, focus, calmness, confidence, and sweet dreams to the wearer. The Portuguese royal family clearly took these qualities to heart: the Braganza Portuguese Crown features an uncut topaz weighing over 1,600 carats!

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December Birthstone Gifts: Blue Topaz Rings

A mark of loyalty throughout history, blue topaz engagement rings are an extra meaningful choice. Not quite ready to lay those blueprints yet, or already tied the knot? Go for a blue topaz ring as a romantic jewelry gift!

Emerald Cut Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

emerald cut blue topaz december birthstone pave ring

Perfect Fit Pavé Blue Topaz Ring

blue topaz december birthstone perfect fit stackable ring

Oval Cut Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

oval cut blue topaz december birthstone pave ring

Bezel Trio Topaz and Diamond Ring

double blue topaz december birthstone diamond ring

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December Birthstone Gifts: Blue Topaz Earrings

Blue topaz represents attentiveness, so earrings in the December birthstone reflect the wearer’s power of listening. Opt for bold blue topaz earrings with halos or drops, or keep it classic with blue topaz studs.

Octagon Halo Blue Topaz Earrings

octagon halo blue topaz december birthstone earrings

Round Cut Blue Topaz Studs

blue topaz december birthstone studs earrings

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December Birthstone Gifts: Blue Topaz Necklaces

Our #1 takeaway from Cinderella: if the blue fits, wear it! A blue topaz pendant completes any outfit with a vivid burst of color. Browse December birthstone necklaces to give as a present or to adorn and adore for yourself.

Round Cut Blue Topaz Pendant

blue topaz december birthstone solitaire pendant necklace

London Blue Topaz Necklace

14K White Gold Art Nouveau Inspired Blue Topaz And Diamond Necklace

Bezel Blue Topaz Diamond Necklace

blue topaz december birthstone bezel pendant necklace

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To Dos: Blues

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