Choker Necklaces

Choker Necklaces: A Guide

Looking for a way to make a bold statement with your jewelry? From diamond choker necklaces to gold choker necklaces – these stylish pieces are bound to do the trick!

Choker Necklaces

What Is A Choker necklace?

As the name would suggest, choker necklaces are necklaces that sit closely to the neck. While they certainly shouldn’t be choking you, these bold necklaces should leave little room between the chain or band and your neck. 

Though choker necklaces can come in many different styles and materials (Gold chains, velvet bands, etc.), and have slipped in and out of fashion, their appeal remains the same: A bold piece of jewelry with a rich past. 

Keep reading to discover their place in history, as well as their enduring presence in today’s fashion world. 

The History of Choker Necklaces

The history of choker necklaces is a rich one, spanning across continents and eras. No one knows the exact time and place when chokers were first embraced, but they have been recorded as far back as a thousand years ago. 

From ancient Egyptian culture to Mesopotamian culture, chokers were worn both as a means of armor for women and as a way to denote status. This can be seen in the chokers worn throughout the French Revolution in 1789. Such chokers symbolized job, rebellion, or class. 

Even royals such as Anne Boeyln, Queen Victoria, and Queen Alexandra of The United Kingdom can be seen donning elaborate chokers in royal portraits.

Whether chokers are entirely mainstream again or not, It is clear to see the historical and cultural significance of these unique pieces. And who wouldn’t want to pay homage to such a powerful symbol?

Different Types Of Choker Necklaces

Given the long and spanning history of choker necklaces, there are many different interpretations and takes on the style. 

14K Yellow Gold 2.7mm Curb Chain Choker Necklace

An effortlessly cool way to rock a choker is with a gold metal chain. This option evokes the traditional style- with a modern twist. Better yet, these necklaces can be dressed up or down.

Diamond chokers are a way to wear a choker in a more elevated way. If you’re looking for a choker for a big night out, this is the option for you. All eyes will be on you!

14K Yellow Gold Alternating Pierced Diamond Choker Necklace By Brevani
14K Yellow Gold Bead Dangle Choker Necklace

Pendant chokers are a fun way to wear this style. The combination of a short chain with dangling elements make for an engagement and eye-catching visual statement. Depending on the material, these can be dressy, casual, or anything in between! 

Tips On Choosing A Choker

With so many chokers to choose from, it can be difficult to opt for the perfect one! Here are some tips:

  • Opt for a choker that matches jewelry you already own
  • If you have a short or wide neck, go with a simple and thin band
  • If you have a thin or long neck, you can go with a thick and bold band
  • Opt for a choker that matches your personal style!

Keeping this tips in mind, you’ll find the perfect choker in no time!

How To Style Choker Necklaces

When it comes to chokers, usually less is more. Stick to wearing one choker by itself, or pairing it with a longer necklace of a different thickness. Doing so will create an eye-catching and engaging visual effect.

Because choker necklaces tend to command a lot of attention, we recommend keeping the rest of your jewelry understated while you wear one. Your look might get a little overwhelming if you have two choker necklaces with a pair of statement earrings on. Try wearing one with a small pair of hoops or studs.

Styling your jewelry pieces is a great opportunity to show off your style and make a popular look your own! Enjoy and do what makes you feel best. 

Top Do’s And Don’ts To Wearing Choker Necklaces


Take into consideration what neckline you are wearing. While we’d like to think chokers go with every outfit, make sure it gets the presentation it deserves with the right outfit!

Don’t be afraid to mix & match materials, colors, and textures when trying to find the perfect necklace for you!

Pair your choker with another long chain for a cascading effect. Experimentation is everything!

Don’t tie or close your necklace too close to your neck! Make sure your necklace feels 100% comfortable to you!

Experiment with different widths of chokers. There are thick bands for a more serious look, and thin dainty chains for a more subtle and understated look. There are so many out there- the choice is yours!

Don’t pair your choker with a pair of really bold and eye-catching earrings. Let each piece shine on its own! Sometimes less is more. 

How To Measure Your Neck For A Choker Necklace

Get a flexible tape measurer and place it comfortably around your neck. Once you find your neck measurement, add 2 inches or 5 centimeters. That would be the ideal choker length for you!


Are choker necklaces in style?

With so many 90s styles and trends making a comeback, we can almost certainly say that chokers are among them! While chokers may not be entirely mainstream yet, they are gaining traction both in the high fashion world, and in the city streets!

When can I wear my choker necklace?

You can wear your choker literally anytime, anywhere! While this may depend on the style and material of your choker, there is nothing inappropriate about wearing a choker out and about. You can even wear your diamond choker to do groceries if that’s what you want! 

Can everyone wear a choker necklace?

While anyone can wear a choker, we would recommend any very young people stick to longer necklaces that may be more comfortable! As long as your choker is safe, anyone can rock one!

How long should my choker necklace be?

A choker should always rest gently around your neck or with a few inches of space between your skin and the chain. Your choker should never be so short that you feel restricted or uncomfortable in any way. As long as your necklace is comfortable, that’s the right length for you!


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