What Is a VVS Diamond and Is It Right For You?

Are you wondering what a VVS diamond is but not sure where to start? This handy guide will help you decide if a VVS diamond is right for you.


You’re probably here because you’re thinking about getting engaged – yay you! An engagement is an incredibly exciting milestone, but let’s be honest: buying a diamond can feel overwhelming sometimes. If you’re in the market for an engagement ring, you might be asking yourself: “what is a VVS diamond and why in the world does it matter?”

1. Let’s Talk Basics: What Is A VVS Diamond?

To get a little technical: VVS is an acronym for “Very Very Slightly” – which refers to a diamond that is very, very slightly included. An “inclusion” is the official term for a diamond’s internal characteristics and a “blemish” is the term for a diamond’s external characteristics. These can include characteristics like feathers, crystals, twinning wisps, clouds and surface graining. They will determine how much light is able to pass through a diamond, which will in turn affect the stone’s light return – arguably, the best part of buying a diamond. Who doesn’t want a diamond that sparkles

On the clarity scale, VVS diamonds are one step below “flawless” diamonds. They are always clear of any imperfections to the naked eye and usually have no visible imperfections under 10x magnification. At James Allen, we use up to 40x magnification technology, so you can be sure you’re seeing each diamond with the same detail and ease as you would in a jewelry store. 

2. VVS1 vs VVS2 Diamonds

VVS diamonds fall into two categories: Very Very Slightly Included 1(VVS1) and Very Very Slightly Included 2 (VVS2). VVS2s are slightly more included than VVS1s, and the nature of these inclusions is usually different. For example, VVS1 diamonds tend to have tiny imperfections towards the side of the diamond, as opposed to the center. Imperfections on the side are preferable to those in the center because they do not affect light performance as much. 

VVS1 diamonds are generally more expensive than VVS2 diamonds. Because VVS diamonds fall just under flawless diamonds (FL and IF), they’re a great option for people who want a practically flawless diamond without the flawless price tag. 

3. VVS vs Flawless Diamonds

One of the main reasons to choose a VVS diamond is that it often will look just like a flawless diamond but saves you a nice chunk of cash. 

Let’s compare the two diamonds below. The one on the left is 1.02 carats, H color and IF clarity. The one on the right is 1.00 carat, H color and VVS1 clarity.

Can you spot any differences between the two diamonds?

Both diamonds are roughly the same size, as the .02 difference will not be perceptible to the naked eye. Both diamonds are the same H color, which faces up white. Neither has any fluorescence. Both have excellent symmetry and polish grades. Both are certified by GIA. 

In short, the only real differences between these two diamonds are their clarity and price tags. There is roughly a $600 difference between them, which is a result of the clarity grade jump. 

If you’re looking to maximize your budget for a high-clarity diamond engagement ring, VVS diamonds are a great choice. The difference in price could get you any of the following engagement rings:

Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring (Six Prong)


Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring


Split Shank Solitaire Engagement Ring


Cable Solitaire Engagement Ring


4. Which jewelry pieces are most suitable for a VVS diamond?

VVS diamonds are great choices for higher carat engagement rings (above 3 carats) and step cuts (emerald and Asscher, or square). They also allow you to buy a setting that really showcases the center diamond, as opposed to settings that are better at hiding inclusions (for example, this bezel setting). Settings that have fewer prongs, less metal, as well as  tension settings are ideal for showcasing VVS diamonds, like the ones below:

Petite Pavé Engagement Ring


Bow-Tie Channel Set  Engagement Ring


Spiral Tension Set Engagement Ring


Rope Solitaire Engagement Ring


Tapered Half-Bezel Engagement Ring 


Pinched Bar Pavé Engagement Ring 


If you’re looking for fine jewelry that features smaller diamonds, like tennis bracelets, there’s no need to go for VVS clarity. You can stick with SIs or VSs since inclusions are harder to spot in smaller diamonds.

5. Wrapping Up

A VVS diamond is a great choice for someone who is looking for a flawless-looking diamond, without the flawless price tag. VVS diamonds are intended to be the pièce-de-resistance of any engagement ring, so you might want to show off your stone with a setting that puts the diamond front and center. 

If you need help picking out a diamond, our non-commissioned gemologists are available 24/7 via phone, chat, text and email. 

Looking for the perfect diamond? Check out the articles below to get more inspiration!

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Jackie B.

Jackie B.

Jackie is a writer who loves a good deal, especially when it comes to jewelry!

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covid-friendly spring porposal ideas

8 COVID-Friendly Spring Proposal Ideas

Spring is just around the corner, making it the perfect time for an outdoor (and COVID-friendly) proposal!


If you’re looking for spring proposal ideas during the COVID era, we’ve got tips on planning the perfect one below. From beaches to camping, to drive-ins and hikes, there are a myriad of options to make your engagement unforgettable. As an added bonus, outdoor springtime proposals are usually also pet friendly – and who doesn’t want their unofficial, furry family members included on such a special day? Finally, if you’re in the market for an engagement ring, we’ve got good news for you: James Allen is always COVID-friendly. 

While planning a proposal can be a lot of work, just remember – within every spring lies the word ring. Coincidence? We think not. 

1. Hike Proposal with a View

If your partner loves exercise and nature, why not combine the two with a hike proposal? To get started, pick a trail filled with local flora and fauna. Revel at nature’s beauty as you make your way up to a scenic viewpoint – don’t worry, your hard work will pay off once you get to the top! Find a secluded spot with a great view and pop the question. 

Planning Tip: Spring proposal ideas can be sometimes thwarted by weather, so make sure to take into consideration the forecast (you don’t want rain or even a very cloudy day to dampen the mood), your partner’s level of fitness (most hikes are categorized into easy, medium and hard) and fill a backpack with water and snacks – just make sure not to forget the engagement ring!

Ring Tip: Consider an engagement ring that speaks to your partner’s appreciation of the outdoors like our Entangled Vines Ring.

Entangled Vines Engagement Ring

hike proposal
entangled vines ring

2. Sunset Proposal at the Beach

There’s a reason why the beach is a classic spring proposal idea: the sea is as beautiful as it is romantic. If your significant other loves spending time on the coast, a beach proposal might be the way to go. Enjoy the gorgeous sky as the sun descends over a vast, blue ocean. Breathe in the gentle breeze before getting down on one knee and asking the question of a lifetime.  

Planning Tip: The coast is generally cooler than the inland, especially as the sun goes down, so make sure to bring jackets or blankets to account for the change in temperature. To make sure the timing is just right, be sure to check sunset times in advance and give yourself a buffer for any possible delays, like traffic jams and bathroom breaks. Romantic touches like candles and rose petals in the sand are best left for other settings – the wind will likely blow them away.

Ring Tip: Consider an engagement ring that evokes the serenity of the ocean and the beauty of the sunset, like our Rope Solitaire Ring. 

Rope Solitaire Engagement Ring

beach proposal
rope solitaire ring

3. Lake Proposal

The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu advised: “Make your heart like a lake with a calm, still surface and great depths of kindness.” If you don’t live near the coast and your partner loves water, a lake offers an incredible backdrop for a proposal. Pack a picnic basket with your favorite foods and head out to the lake of your choice. Take in the beauty of nature reflected back at you through a still body of water, as you and your partner contemplate your future, together as one.

Planning Tip: Lakes are often surrounded by rocks, which can be uncomfortable to sit on. You might want to bring foldable chairs or a bench, in addition to a few blankets.

Ring Tip: Consider an engagement ring with sapphire accents, to give a pop of blue color, like this gorgeous French-Cut Pavé Ring. Or think about using a sapphire as your center stone. 

French Cut Pavé Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

lake proposal
french cut pavé blue sapphire engagement ring

4. Field of Flowers

Springtime makes everything bloom, so what better place to celebrate your love than in a field filled with flowers? Whether lavender, daisies or tulips, flowers provide not only a gorgeous backdrop but also a sweet smelling setting. Be sure to check for superblooms in your area – rare opportunities in which an unusually high number of wildflowers bloom at the same time. Flowers are a staple of every relationship – why not use them to signal the start of your engagement?

Planning Tip: To really nail your spring proposal idea, make sure to take into consideration the color palate. For example, if you’ll be proposing in a field of yellow daisies, you might want to think about choosing a contrasting wardrobe to make your pictures pop. 

Ring Tip: Consider an engagement ring inspired by your surroundings, like the gorgeous flower design below. Or choose a fancy color lab diamond for a center stone that really pops.

Open Lace Pavé Halo Engagement Ring

field of flowers proposal
open lace pavé halo engagement ring

5. Drive-In Movie Theater Proposal

If your significant other is a cinephile, a drive-in movie pays homage to their personal preferences while also being COVID-friendly. Pack your car with popcorn and your favorite candy. Think about which parking spot makes the most sense for a proposal – do you prefer to be towards the back, for more privacy? Would you propose before, after or during the movie? Drive in and get ready for the most memorable movie experience of your lives!

Planning Tip: Many drive-ins have limited movie selections, so be sure to research different options to understand in advance which movie your partner prefers. If you’re unsure, consider a classic romantic comedy, which is a propos for day’s events. 

Ring Tip: Consider an engagement ring that screams classic Hollywood, like this Art Deco Inspired design.

Art Deco Inspired Halo Engagement Ring

art deco inspired octagonal halo engagement ring

6. Camping Proposal

This spring proposal idea is for the adventure seekers: if you and your significant other are the outdoors-y types, how romantic is a proposal under the stars? Escape the city and take advantage of all Mother Nature has to offer – hikes with spectacular views, crisp river water and cuddling over a campfire at night (don’t forget the s’mores!). You might even cross paths with wildlife like deer, elk or bears. Springtime offers the perfect weather for camping and lush greenery – and proposals! 

Planning Tip: Make sure to reserve your campsite well in advance and check the weather before heading out. If you don’t want to invest in a ton of camping gear, ask friends if they’d be willing to let you borrow their gear.

Ring Tip: Consider an engagement ring that gives a nod to the beauty of nature, like our Organic Bamboo Engagement Ring. 

Organic Bamboo Engagement Ring

camping proposal
organic bamboo engagement ring

7. Bring Spring Indoors

If your significant other isn’t the outdoors type, you can still hit your spring proposal idea out of the park by bringing spring to you! Start by finding out your partner’s favorite flower and fill your home with them. Sprinkle petals and light candles around the house for added effect. If you’re not the decorating kind, take to Pinterest for inspiration or enlist the help of a visually savvy friend. To make this sweet day even sweeter, top it off with your partner’s favorite dessert – what could be better than Calla Lilies and cupcakes or freesia and fondue? 

Planning Tip: Some flowers are harder to find than others, so make sure to take this into consideration when figuring out your timeline. Some people prefer potted plants because they last longer – it never hurts to do a little detective work to find out your partner’s preferences! 

Ring Tip: Consider an engagement ring that combines delicate beauty with strength and elegance. Our recommendation? A dazzling Petite Pavé design. 

Petite Pavé Engagement Ring

indoor proposal
petite pavé engagement ring

8. Back-Up Plan

Life throws curveballs, so consider having a contingency plan. If all else fails, hit up your local outdoor farmers market (don’t forget your masks!), choose fresh ingredients and whip up a delicious dinner for two. You can also order a meal prep kit, which delivers all of the ingredients to your house, ready for you and your significant other to cook in unison. If you’re not the cooking kind, opt for a meal delivery service (also a great way to support your favorite restaurants!) paired with a beautifully set table and candles.

Ring Tip: Bring out the classics for this one! You’ll never go wrong with any of our best-selling solitaire, halo or three-stone designs.

Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

backup plan proposal 1
comfort fit solitaire engagement ring six prong

Pavé Halo & Shank Engagement Ring

backup plan proposal 2
pave halo and shank diamond engagement ring

Marquise Three-Stone Engagement Ring

backup proposal 3
marquise shape three stone ring

Proposal plans sorted? Check out the articles below to get more inspiration!

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Jackie B.

Jackie B.

Jackie is a writer who loves a good deal, especially when it comes to jewelry!

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Men’s Engagement Rings

Women aren’t the only ones wearing engagement rings. 

It’s 2020 and men’s engagement rings are FINALLY here and getting recognized in their own right. Men are also participating in this age-old proposal tradition and honoring their newly engaged status! However, distinguishing a man’s engagement ring isn’t always clear-cut.

So – what’s the difference between a man’s engagement ring and his wedding ring?

Simply put, they can be whatever you’d like. New(ish) traditions come with a huge advantage: you can make them your own. Men’s engagement rings and wedding rings may be interchangeable, the only difference being that they’re worn at different times.

Men’s engagement rings may be worn up until the wedding ceremony, upon which they’re taken off and put on again in order to symbolically become wedding rings. Some men also choose to buy one ring for the marriage proposal and another for the wedding.

Mix, match, replace, swap – there are endless ways to design your engagement ring and/or wedding set.


Classic men’s engagement rings come in unadorned white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. They feature clean lines, simple composition, and are free of any detailing.

Slightly Flat

Slightly Domed


Carved men’s engagement rings feature intricate design work like hammering, special finishing (like satin), patterning and milgraining.  


Bark Pattern


Men’s diamond engagement rings pull off a stylish twist on a classic design. Choose your shine: these rings feature diamonds and every type of gemstone.




Alternative men’s engagement rings are made of non-traditional metals like titanium, tantalum, tungsten, cobalt and even wood. In addition to being some of the most affordable setting materials, many are also hypoallergenic.

Cobalt Chrome

Carbon Fiber

Get inspired! The perfect men’s engagement ring is one that’s loved by its wearer – so go with whatever design speaks to you. 

Starting your ring search? Check out the articles below to get more inspiration for the proposal!

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Drop a hint to your SO with this pin:

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Jackie B.

Jackie B.

Jackie is a writer who loves a good deal, especially when it comes to jewelry!

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Diamond Terms: Your Essential Pocket Dictionary

Just starting your diamond search? This bite-sized dictionary of the most important diamond terms is a life-saver.

Keep this list of diamond terms open on a browser tab. Diamond terminology can be a headache. But hey, you’ve got to speak the language! We’ve created a list of the diamond terminology that will be most helpful to you. As you begin to ring-shop, this is THE list.

Good luck! Let’s start it off with the MOST important diamond terms: the 4 Cs:


How well-proportioned a diamond is.

Many consider cut to be the most important C, as a well-cut diamond will give off more sparkle than a less expertly-cut diamond. A well-cut diamond also hides color and imperfections better. Cut grades range from Good to Very Good to Ideal. James Allen also carries True Hearts™, a Super Ideal cut that displays perfect internal symmetry, optimal proportions, and the highest gem grading for cut and polish. (Psssst…less than 1% of diamonds qualify for the True Hearts™ title.)

Emerald-Cut Pavé Ring


A grading system based on a diamond’s lack of color.

In general, more colorless diamonds are more valuable. While most diamonds have some degree of color, in many cases it can only be seen under specific viewing circumstances. Additionally, metal color choice can often affect a diamond’s perceived color.

Yellow Gold Milgrain Ring


The presence or absence of imperfections (or “inclusions” in gem-speak) in a diamond.

These inclusions can be found on the surface of the diamond (like chips) or inside the diamond (like clouds or crystals). Clarity is graded on a scale from “Included” (lowest) to “Flawless” (highest). See “Eye Clean” below for additional info.


A measurement of a diamond’s weight.

Higher carat weight often correlates with larger size, but not always. Due to certain cuts’ specific proportions, sometimes a diamond of a higher weight can actually look smaller than one of a lower weight.

Vintage Oval Ring

COST (the 5th C)

Getting the most out of your ring budget!

To many people, this is actually the most important C! There are countless ways to get the most for your money, including opting for a lower clarity graded diamond, dropping color grades in a yellow or rose gold metal, opting for a lab diamond and buying just under the desired carat weight.

Extra-credit blog reading:
Tips & tricks on how to make your diamond look bigger while staying in-budget.

keeping the ring a secret hiding spot


The form in which a diamond is cut.

The most popular diamond shapes include round, princess, oval, cushion, and marquise. Don’t confuse shape (the diamond’s form) with cut (the diamond’s proportions)!

Tapered Heart-Shaped Ring


Whether or not a diamond’s imperfections are visible to the naked eye.

Higher clarity grades indicate that a diamond’s inclusions are visible only under professional magnification. These diamonds may offer good value; they’re less expensive while still lacking any visible flaws.


A diamond that may not be colorless, but which will look colorless to the naked eye in a setting.

In many cases, the color grade “I” and above will “face up white.” If you opt for a lower color-graded diamond, setting it in a warm metal will help mask its color.

Rose Gold Entwined Ring


Diamonds that have been formed in the earth’s mantle under immense heat and pressure over millions of years.

Diamond Halo Pendant


Diamonds that are created in a laboratory, but are actually chemically and optically identical to traditional diamonds.

There are two ways to make lab-created diamonds:

1) “High Pressure, High Heat” mimics the pressure and heat of the earth to create a diamond.

2) “Chemical Vapor Deposition” builds up carbon vapor into a diamond within a low-pressure vacuum chamber.  

Lab-Created Diamond Pendant

Want to make your diamond knowledge a cut above? Check out the articles below!

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Jackie B.

Jackie B.

Jackie is a writer who loves a good deal, especially when it comes to jewelry!

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How to Budget for an Affordable Engagement Ring

Here are tips on how to create an affordable engagement ring within your budget.

Finding the Perfect Affordable Engagement Ring

Let us say this once and for all: there is no such thing as a “right amount” to spend on an engagement ring. Two months salary is a myth. If you’re going into debt to buy a ring – don’t. If you both would rather spend the money elsewhere – do. You should never feel pressured to spend more than what you’re comfortable with. Buy an engagement ring not because you have to, but because you want to.

Still looking for some general engagement ring budget guardrails? The average amount spent on an engagement ring last year was $6,000, according to The Knot’s 2015 Real Weddings survey. And the average diamond size was just under 1 carat: 0.9 to be precise.

Once you and your partner have decided what budget range feels right for your circumstance and priorities, here are some tips to help you get the most value for your money and score an affordable engagement ring.



Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to buy a flawless or even near-flawless diamond to get a jaw-droppingly gorgeous engagement ring. Round and princess diamonds are cut precisely to maximize brilliance and minimize the appearance of inclusions.

Round cut diamonds for an affordable engagement ring
Round cut diamonds for affordable engagement rings

Princess cut diamonds for an affordable engagement ring
Princess cut diamonds for affordable engagement rings

Let’s do a quick comparison of two round diamonds on leading online diamond bridal jewelry retailer www.jamesallen.com. Both are the same carat weight, but this one is a lower grade (H, VS2), priced just below $5,000 and this one (G, VVS2), priced over $8,000.

Keep in mind that they are both magnified 15x, so if you can’t notice much of a difference in 360° High Definition, then you definitely won’t notice it in person. Knowing that, you can then decide for yourself the diamond grades that best balance your budget and expectations and will deliver the perfect affordable engagement ring.


Diamond chart showing "under-sized" diamonds - affordable engagement ring
Diamond chart showing “under-sized” diamonds just below 1 carat can be more affordable

Another way to score an affordable engagement ring is to buy an “under-sized” diamond – one that is just shy of the standard carat weight you were aiming to purchase. For example, if you’re looking to buy a 1-carat Round diamond, consider buying one that is slightly under a full carat. The difference will be virtually imperceptible and you’ll save a nice chunk of cash.

Let’s compare two diamonds with the same specs, except for the carat weight. Both of these diamonds are H-color, VS1, excellent cut, but this one weighs 1 carat and this one weighs .91 carat.  To the naked eye, these 2 diamonds look virtually identical, but you’ll definitely notice the difference in your wallet.


Find an affordable engagement ring online
Find an affordable engagement ring online

One of the reasons we love collaborating with couples looking for engagement rings online is because it’s a sure-fire way to find an affordable engagement ring. The simple reason is this: online jewelers have less overhead, so they can sell the same products — and usually a much bigger selection — for less than brick and mortar stores.

Regardless of where you decide to shop, be sure that the diamonds you are exploring are certified by one of the top 3 grading laboratories: GIA, AGS, IGI. Keep in mind that two diamonds can be graded exactly the same on a diamond certificate, yet be priced differently, and the certificate won’t tell you why. You need to actually see a diamond to understand the nature of its inclusions. At www.JamesAllen.com you can interact with each and every one of our diamonds in 360° and superzoomed up to 40x, which is a much higher magnification than a jeweler’s loupe. In addition you can receive a FREE real-time diamond inspection with one of our non=commissioned diamond experts, who can walk you through a diamond’s inclusions and help you compare two diamonds up close.

You also want to look for a money-back guarantee (no restocking fees), free ring resizing and 24/7 customer service. That way, you can feel secure with your purchase, knowing exactly what you’re getting before it arrives safely at your door.

And, a final bonus – four little words that go a long way: Shopping. In. Your. Underwear.

Find Your Affordable Engagement Ring

Start here!

Read on for more engagement ring wisdom! Engagement Rings Under $3,000 ♦ How Much to Spend ♦ 11 Affordable Engagement Rings ♦ How to Budget ♦ How to Make Your Ring Look Bigger

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Jackie B.

Jackie B.

Jackie is a writer who loves a good deal, especially when it comes to jewelry!

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Should I Propose? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

should i propose?

Should I Propose?

So you’ve been in a serious relationship for some time now, and started imagining what the future might entail and asking yourself “Should I propose?” Before you pull the proposal trigger, here are 4 important questions worth mulling over.


This may sound like an obvious one, but it can be so easy for couples to get caught up in other people’s expectations – often times without even realizing it – that they forget to ask themselves such a fundamental question.

Notice the phrasing – it doesn’t say, “Do I want to get married?” “Do you want to get married?” or “Do our families want us to get married?” – the operative word here is we. If both of you can’t agree on this question, then think carefully about your next steps.

Should I propose? DO WE WANT TO GET MARRIED?


You’re wondering “Should I propose?” But before popping the question, you should clearly define your engagement ring budget. Remember that there is no such thing as a “right amount” to spend on an engagement ring – you can find stunning rings at every price point, from under $100 to upwards of $100,000. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are the only person who can decide what’s right.

Second, you should think about how you want to pick out the engagement ring. Some people prefer to choose a ring without the help of a partner, whereas others love the idea of making it a shared affair. The good news is there are no rules: just as many people are picking out rings together as a couple as they are alone.



An engagement ring breaks down into two major parts: the center stone plus the band and prongs (aka the engagement ring setting that holds the diamond). The center stone is most often a colorless diamond, though yellow and other fancy color diamonds and gemstones have become more common over time.

Ring settings can vary greatly – from a simple band designed to showcase the center stone, to an ornate setting featuring side stones. There is also a wide array of metals to choose from – white gold, yellow gold and platinum are most common, and rose gold has made a comeback in recent years.

As you’re thinking about rings, you should take a few things into consideration. What does your partner do for work? If, for example, a person is highly active or works with their hands, you might consider choosing a stone and a metal that can withstand more than the usual wear and tear.



Here at JamesAllen.com, we love hearing our customers’ proposal stories. Whether a remote setting in Iceland or a plane ride over the midwest, your proposal is a chance to celebrate the start of a new and beautiful journey. Before you propose, though, you should know both of your comfort zones with regard to public versus private proposals.

Does she love being the center of attention? Do you mind the spotlight? Would she swoon at a homemade dinner proposal but freak at a flash mob proposal? If you’re unsure, ask her friends and family to chime in – they’re sure to have valuable insight to help strike the right balance between your preferences and hers.

But most importantly, remember this: a proposal is a unique and special unifying moment – make sure you both enjoy it!


Proposal Ideas You’ll Love

Jackie B.

Jackie B.

Jackie is a writer who loves a good deal, especially when it comes to jewelry!

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