wedding rings for women unique diamond

Wedding Rings for Women: The Complete Guide

When it comes to wedding rings for women, here are a few factors to keep in mind…

wedding rings for women unique diamond

Your wedding day is almost here! We can practically hear the bells ringing, which means it’s time for you to choose your perfect band to go with your engagement ring.

Between lustrous gold and platinum, classic and diamond-studded, how can any of us be expected to choose just one wedding ring?? Well, you already chose The One and we have no doubt you’ll rock this decision too. We’re here to guide you through the options!


Wedding Rings for Women: Choose Your Metal

When you choose your wedding band metal, consider your engagement ring look, the maintenance required, cost, and any relevant metal allergies. Want your wedding rings to reflect how well you and your partner go together? Choose matching wedding rings in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum!

Silvery Metal Wedding Rings for Women

White gold and platinum wedding rings are super popular with the brightest sheen. White gold wedding rings tend to be more affordable and lighter weight, while platinum wedding rings are longer lasting and hypoallergenic.

Knife Edge Classic Wedding Ring

14K White Gold 2mm Knife Edge Women's Wedding Ring



Gold Metal Wedding Rings for Women

Yellow gold wedding rings give a timeless glow and never need to be replated.

Angled Common Prong Diamond Eternity Ring

18K Yellow Gold Ladies 0.28CTW.* Angled Common Prong Diamond Eternity Ring


Rose gold wedding rings are trendy and durable with warm, vintage style.

Twisted Pavé Stackable Ring

14K Rose Gold Twisted Pavé Wedding Ring


Wedding Rings for Women: Choose Your Style

From brilliant sparkle to crafted carvings, women’s wedding rings come in all shapes and styles. Which is the best fit for your future together?

Classic Wedding Rings for Women

You can’t go wrong with unadorned metals! These rings are traditional, timeless, and easiest to resize if necessary. Classic wedding rings are known for their comfort, a key quality for everyday wear.

Slightly Curved Wedding Ring

14K Yellow Gold 2.0mm Traditional Slightly Curved Wedding Ring

James Allen classic wedding ring styles include high and low dome, knife edge, flat, and traditional slightly curved. To keep it totally classic, pair your solitaire engagement ring with one of these bands.


Diamond Wedding Rings for Women

If you love sparkly jewelry, you’ll love the look of a diamond wedding ring. The stones on these rings can be set in various ways: pavé, which allows for more light to reflect off the diamond; channel, which gives a sleek look and protects the diamonds; or bezel, which encases and secures the outer edge of the diamonds.

Bezel-Set Diamond Wedding Ring

14K White Gold 4mm Bezel Set Zig-Zag Diamond Wedding Ring


Knife Edge Diamond Wedding Ring

14K White Gold Pavé Knife Edge Lotus Band

For maximum sparkle, we’d suggest pairing your channel-set or pa engagement ring with a diamond wedding band.

engagement ring wedding rings for women

Want your band covered in shimmer? Eternity rings celebrate your infinite love with diamonds encrusted all around.

Pavé-Set Eternity Ring

14K Rose Gold Pavé Set Diamond Eternity Ring


Stackable Wedding Rings for Women

Big on style and thin on metal, stackable rings are the gift that keeps on giving. Go ahead, start with a wedding ring – over time, you can customize and add more! James Allen stackable ring styles include gemstones, shape patterns, and twists.

Open Infinity Stackable Ring

14K White Gold Open Infinity Diamond Ring

Sapphire Gemstone Stackable Ring

18K White Gold Sapphire And Baguette Diamond Anniversary Ring

Round and Marquise Diamond Stackable Ring

14K White Gold Round And Marquise Diamond Wedding Ring


Wedding Rings for Women: More Brilliant Tips

    • Those with smaller hands or thinner engagement ring bands may want to opt for thinner classic wedding rings, and vice versa.
    • Get jewelry insurance! Once you’ve found your dream wedding ring, you’ve got to protect it. Because let’s face it – life happens.

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