The 2022 Guide To Wedding Bands And Fashion Rings For Men

The 2023 Guide To Wedding Bands And Fashion Rings For Men

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Between the fun and excitement of the engagement ring and the ongoing wedding planning, you may have neglected one detail—your own wedding ring!

While shopping for men’s wedding bands is an essential step in the wedding planning process, sadly it is very often outshined by everything else going on. But the truth is, men deserve to find a significant and special ring, too! 

If you or your significant other are like most traditional men who have never worn a piece of jewelry except for maybe a watch, then a wedding ring might be the first meaningful piece of jewelry they own. Luckily, there is no shortage of ring options to choose from, regardless of the groom’s budget, unique personality, or lifestyle.

Still, looking for more information and ring inspo? We’re here to help! Keep reading our handy guide to find out all there is to know about men’s wedding and fashion rings. Just remember, there are no rules! Pick the one that you are most confident wearing and know you’ll honor forever! 

Cobalt Chrome? 6mm Comfort-Fit High Polished Design Ring

A Brief History

While wedding rings, in general, have been around for many decades, it is believed that the earliest men’s wedding ring was called “Gimmel Rings.” Additionally, engagement and wedding rings symbolized everlasting love and devotion during Ancient Egyptian times. 

During World War II, many men who fought on the front line began wearing wedding rings as a keepsake or memory of their wives and families back home. The same custom was carried through WWII, which is why it is presumed that during the 20th century, men started wearing wedding rings as a symbol of their marital status. In recent years, we have seen a spike in popularity and focus on the groom. And today, we could not imagine a wedding ceremony without the classic ring exchange, right?  

Men’s wedding rings are a tradition that is here to stay and is a beautiful token of the love and commitment that two people share. 

14K White Gold 6mm Wire Finish Comfort Fit Wedding Band
White Tungsten Carbide Domed 6MM Comfort Fit Band By TRITON

Select A Metal Type

When deciding on a metal for your wedding ring, there is indeed a range of options. You may want to ask yourself a few questions before the big purchase as well. For instance, are you allergic to any materials? Do you and your partner want matching rings? What kind of lifestyle do you lead? What best suits your complexion? When making such an important purchase, you do not want to make a hasty decision.

Although yellow gold wedding rings are the most popular choice for men, there are other gold hues that are available too. Generally, men who are the conventional type tend to opt for the traditional gold ring. This classic metal gives off a warm, subtle glow, and is best suited for people with warm skin tones. Another great advantage of opting for yellow gold is that it does not tarnish easily. We stock both 14K and 18K yellow gold rings.

Another very popular metal is white gold. Rings made of white gold have a silvery radiance that makes their appearance classic and contemporary. This option is not only an affordable one but is lightweight and is also an easy-to-wear metal. These rings are also ideal for those who want to add delicate detailing or engraving to create the perfect unique men’s wedding band.

14K Yellow And White Gold Satin Center Comfort-Fit Band
14K White Gold 7MM Centric Two Tone Brushed Band

One of the less common choices amongst the metals is rose gold. However, this is a beautiful hue that is rising in popularity and becoming very trendy for both men and women. Rose gold wedding rings are the perfect choice for grooms wanting a more daring and distinctive look. 

If these metals have not yet grabbed your attention and you much prefer a ring that is completely conventional. Then perhaps a platinum wedding ring is what you need. Now, you may be thinking that platinum is the same as white gold, but actually, this is not correct! Although the two are very similar, they have some differences too. Including the cost, appearance, and structure. Platinum is ideal for those who frequently work with their hands or are exposed to activities that result in friction against the ring surface. Considered to be the most durable metal, platinum is also one of the many hypoallergenic metals.

18K Yellow Gold 6mm Arrow Design Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Choose A Style

Another benefit that comes with selecting a wedding ring is the variety of styles and designs that are available. We definitely understand that with all the choices available, the overall process of searching for the perfect “one” can become overwhelming. Here is a list of some of our most popular styles along with some details of each to make things a little more simple.


Classic wedding rings commonly feature an all-metal band that is either smooth or has a slight texture. Timeless and traditional rings are one of the most popular choices amongst customers. Our classic wedding rings are available in platinum, yellow, white, and rose gold.


Carved men’s rings are a trendy and popular choice for those looking for a twist on the classic wedding ring. With the evolution of men’s fashion and jewelry, our unique collection of men’s carved rings is not just the perfect accessory but these affordable options complement every masculine style. All our men’s carved wedding rings are available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.

14K White And Yellow Gold 6MM Band Grooved Band
14K Yellow Gold Cable Insert Satin Finish Comfort Fit Band


Gone are the days when the groom had to settle for a plain yellow or white gold wedding ring, while the bride got all the glitz and glam. Thankfully stocks a wide selection of male wedding bands featuring diamond accents that are a great way to add that extra bit of personality to your ring.

Rose Tungsten Carbide 8MM Black Diamond Band By TRITON


As we mentioned previously, most of the time when we think of men’s wedding rings, we tend to only think of metals such as yellow or white gold. However, by no means are these the only materials that can be used for wedding rings. In fact, more men are now stepping out and embracing elaborate and very swank looks. 

Black wedding rings for men are all the rage right now and becoming increasingly popular due to their striking, masculine look. Of course, this is an excellent way to show your personality and break tradition.  Not only are they sleek and modern, but they also serve as a versatile piece of jewelry that can be worn for any occasion as a fashion ring – #ootd.

At we have a gorgeous collection of men’s alternative wedding rings created with metals that include, cobalt chrome™, titanium, black titanium, and ceramic. These rings are designed with every kind of man in mind, especially those who love some modern luxe. 

Pros of alternative metal rings 

  • Budget-friendly 
  • Many of these metals are hypoallergenic
  • So trendy right now 
  • Most are scratch-resistant
  • Durable yet lightweight 
  • Great for men who work with their hands
Grey Tantalum With 14K Yellow Gold Inside 6.5 Ring

Decide On A Band Shape

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of the different kinds of ring shapes available at

Domed (Or D-shaped)Comfort Fit
Soft, rounded appearanceExtremely comfortable
Perfect for long wearMore popular for the younger generation
ClassicModern look and feel
18K White Gold 7mm Low Dome Wedding Ring
Platinum 4mm Slightly Domed Comfort Fit Wedding Ring
Securely holds and protects the diamondsRounded edge for increased comfort
Unlikely to snag on clothingSophisticated and stylish appearance
14K Yellow Gold 6mm Etched Channel Set Diamond Wedding Ring
Yellow Tungsten Carbide 6MM Bevel Edge Band By TRITON

Ring Finishes

A ring’s finish describes the surface texture of the metal. A large part of the appeal of wedding rings for men lies with the texture, or finish, of the metal. We believe that most wedding rings owe their handsome appearance in large part to the texture, or finish, of the metal. This is why our wedding rings are available in a variety of different finishes, including polished, satin, brushed, matte, and hammered. Take a look at the different finishes to see what you prefer.

Polished – this classic finish is considered a traditional choice and the most common, specifically for wedding rings. This describes a band that features a smooth, reflective finish. 

Satin –  although a satin finish is also known to have a smooth surface, it is not reflective like a polished finish. A satin finish is generally more appealing to men who prefer a contemporary design. 

14K Rose Gold 6mm Flat Satin Finish Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Hammered – this style gets its name from the tiny “dents” that are featured around the band that is created using a specialized jewelry hammer.

Brushed – similar to a satin finish, a brushed texture on a band resembles slight brush strokes. It has a similar soft shine to a matte finish. For men who lead active lifestyles,  a brushed finish is the best choice as it is able to hide scratches better than other finishes.

14K Rose Gold 6mm Hammered Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Keep Your Lifestyle In Mind

Once you’ve gone through all the different things you need to look at before purchasing a wedding ring, it’s also important to take into account the type of lifestyle you have. 

As you or your partner will be wearing the ring every day, or at least we hope so, the ring you choose needs to perfectly match your Keep in mind how much time you spend with your hands throughout the day. You don’t need to be hesitant about wearing a wedding ring while working but. If for example, you are a construction worker, athlete, or even a nurse, 

One of the biggest things to consider is how much you work with your hands during the day. For example, if you play sports or have a career as a mechanic or chef, a ring that is durable, scratch resistant, and has maximum comfort is crucial.

On the other hand, if his (or your) day-to-day life is less demanding on his hands, something more detailed and stylish is a perfect choice. But, always remember to also keep his personal style in mind.

White Tungsten Carbide 9MM Bright Step Band By TRITON
14K Yellow Gold With White Gold And Black Titanium Sawtooth Center 9mm Ring


  1. How much should a man’s wedding ring cost? 

Wedding rings for men can cost anywhere from $100 to $2,000 on average. However, people generally spend around $600 on their wedding bands. The price will largely depend on the materials and chosen style. 

  1. Who typically buys the man’s wedding ring?

A bride traditionally shops and purchases the man’s wedding bands. In today’s world, tradition is becoming a thing of the past, and every couple has their own preferences. It’s possible that one couple’s approach may not work well for others. 

  1. Which is the ring finger for men?

In Western traditions, wedding rings go on the left ring finger (second from the left). However, this does not apply to all cultures and countries around the world. There is no set rule, so you can wear your ring on any finger you prefer.

Final Thoughts

More than just a “must-have”, a wedding band represents a new beginning. It can be challenging to choose the right ring, especially when it comes to men’s wedding bands. However, with numerous options available, choosing the perfect style that reflects you or your man’s personality has never been easier.  

Once you have chosen your dream wedding ring, why not make your mark with a meaningful inscription? James Allen offers free engraving on most of its wedding bands.

Still got questions? Our high-rated 24/7 customer service team will gladly assist you. 
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