Matching Your Wedding Rings With Style

5 creative ideas for matching your wedding rings, whatever your personal styles!

Matching Wedding Rings

Wedding ring sets: to match or to do your own thing? Well, both! Just because you’re the perfect couple doesn’t mean your tastes are perfectly identical.

The good news: you can create your unique wedding ring set by playing up at least one shared element between the two rings. Here are 5 creative ideas to get you started on matching your wedding rings:

1. Pair Your Metals

For the classic couple, a handsome metal wedding band is the ultimate for him; for her, a bright, minimalist wedding ring highlights the sparkle of her engagement ring

Hers & His:

Yellow Gold Knife Edge Ring

Yellow Gold Slightly Domed Ring

18K Yellow Gold 2.5mm Knife Edge Women's Wedding Ring
18K Yellow Gold 5mm Slightly Domed Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

2. Pair Your Patterns

For the creative couple, get artsy! Pick a unique wedding ring motif that not only makes you ooh but also makes you aah.

Hers & His:

Leaf Motif Ring

Wheat Pattern Ring

His & His:

Hammered Comfort Fit Ring

18K White Gold 6mm Hammered Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Hammered Bevel Edge Ring

18K White Gold 6mm Comfort-Fit Vertical Hammer Beveled Edge Band

3. Pair Your Themes

For the whimsical couple, opt for a matching wedding band theme that sings your history. These unique wedding rings may not look 100% identical, but YOU will know why they twist you into love knots!

Hers & His:

Love Knot Ring

Love Knot Triangle Ring

14K White Gold Love Knot Wedding Ring
14K White Gold 6mm Comfort-Fit Love Knot Triangle Band

Hers & Hers:

Knotted Pavé Ring

14K White Gold Knotted Pavé Matching Wedding Ring

Pavé Love Knot Ring

Pavé Love Knot Ring

4. Pair Your Shine

For the couple who loves to be the center of every party, these gleaming wedding ring styles demand attention. Because baby, you both deserve to shine!

Hers & His:

Pavé Knife Edge Lotus Ring

Wire Finish Comfort Fit Ring

14K White Gold Pave Knife Edge Lotus Band
14K White Gold 6mm Wire Finish Comfort Fit Wedding Band

5. Pair Your Gems

Do you crave pops of color? Gemstones are a bold choice for couples looking for matching wedding rings with distinct styles.

Hers & His:

Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Channel Set Sapphire Comfort Fit Ring

14K White Gold Blue Sapphire And Diamond Ring
14K White Gold 7.5mm Comfort-Fit Channel Set Sapphire Ring

Hers & hers:

Diamond & Marquise Sapphire Ring

Diamond & Baguette Sapphire Ring

Platinum Round Brilliant Diamond And Marquise Sapphire Wedding Ring
14K White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Baguette Milgrain Ring

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