Shape Series: Radiant Cut Diamonds

We reveal why radiant cut diamonds are something squarish you’ll want to cherish.

radiant cut diamonds cover pavé set engagement ring
Pavé-Set Engagement Ring

If the adage “opposites attract” could be summed up in one diamond cut, it would have to be radiant. This sparkling cut marries an angular shape with brilliant cut facets, creating a look that’s at once classic and complex.

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Why Radiant Cut Diamonds?

Radiant cut diamonds are the sparkly love child of round brilliant and emerald cut diamonds. They are faceted like the former and shaped like the latter, giving you the best of both worlds.

18K Yellow Gold Twisted Pavé Shank Contemporary Diamond Engagement Ring
Twisted Pavé Shank Solitaire Engagement Ring

Disclaimer: No corners were cut in the polishing of this stylish solitaire (at least not in the figurative sense!).

Made up of a staggering 70 facets on their pavilion and crown, radiant cut diamonds can disperse a good deal more light than other square and rectangular-shaped stones. As such, they provide way more brilliance and fire than you’d find in traditional step-cut diamonds.

Platinum Octagon Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Octagon Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

What of color and clarity?

The radiant cut is something of a chameleon when it comes to color. It has that rare ability to alter a diamond’s hue, making it appear lighter or darker when viewed from above. In terms of clarity, radiant cut has a higher tolerance for inclusions than, say, emerald cut, which demands a much higher level of clarity.

14K Yellow Gold Petite Pavé Crown Diamond Engagement Ring
Petite Pavé Crown Diamond Engagement Ring

Who Rocks Radiant Cut Diamonds?

Chicago Cubs infielder Javy Baez recently proposed to his girlfriend Irmaire Marquez with this stunning James Allen ring, complete with a 3-carat radiant cut diamond:

Platinum Graduated Triple Row Pavé Engagement Ring

But he wasn’t the only Cubs player to go down the radiant route. First baseman Anthony Rizzo gifted his girlfriend Emily Vakos with a radiant cut diamond engagement ring, much like this one:

14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Let’s Get Salient About Radiant

If you’ve read this far, it’s probably safe to assume that radiant cut diamonds are squarely on your radar. Here are some important things to consider when picking out a stone.

  • A well-proportioned radiant cut diamond with centered culet and even sides will appear larger than it really is.
  • Radiant cut is more durable than other diamond cuts as there are no brittle corners left exposed — perfect if you lead an active lifestyle.
  • Thanks to their incredible depth and evenness of color, radiant cut diamonds are often graded as fancy color diamonds, which only adds to their appeal.

Don’t forget — you can view all of the radiant cut diamonds on JamesAllen.com in glorious 360° HD at up to 40x SuperZoom.

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