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Grass-Green Peridot: The August Birthstone

Looking for a gift for a special August-born someone? Peridot jewelry is here to end your search! Its bright yellow-green hue complements both cool and warm skin tones – plus, it looks stunning in any design.

August Birthstone Peridot jewelry: diamond and peridot ring, peridot stud earrings


Peridot is the August birthstone, and it’s an especially summery treat! Widely believed to sharpen the mind, imbue positivity, and promote good health, peridot is simply delightful. Its grass-green hue pairs perfectly with those hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer. Wear the August birthstone as you sip a mint mojito by the side of the pool.


Peridot is the gem-quality form of olivine, a silicate mineral found in the earth’s upper mantle. It’s also called chrysolite. It’s always green, although the particular shade depends on its iron content. Peridot is the form of olivine that contains 12% – 15% iron, although it also contains a good amount of magnesium. Olivine with high magnesium content is called forsterite – and appears brighter green- while those with more iron content are called fayalite – and appear muddy brown. 

Peridot has also been found in meteorites! These stunning silvery meteorites are honeycombed with yellowish peridots.


Peridot has been treasured for thousands of years. The earliest record we have of mined peridot is from around 1500 BCE, off the coast of Egypt on St. John’s island. Although the etymology of peridot is disputed, it possibly derives from the Arabic “faridat,” meaning “gem.” 

Peridot has often been mistaken for emerald; the broad color spectrums of the two green stones tend to overlap. The Three Holy Kings shrine in Germany’s Cologne Cathedral was – for centuries – famous for its impressive emerald decorations, which turned out to be several hundred carats’ worths of gorgeous peridot! Similarly, historians suspect that Cleopatra’s renowned collection of emerald jewelry was, in fact, largely a collection of peridot jewelry.


This sunny green gem looks incredible with warm metals. Yellow gold + peridots are an especially winning duo. And it goes without saying that anyone with green eyes would see their natural iris color boosted 10x over by a pair of verdant peridot earrings.

The real kicker? It looks fabulous in any cut. You can rock your favorite stone shape – oval, princess, baguette, cushion, classic round – in peridot.

The August Birthstone – Peridot Earrings

Yellow Gold Peridot
Stud Earrings

14K Yellow Gold Peridot Birthstone Earrings

Gift this simple pair of peridot stud earrings to your favorite green-eyed August birthday!

Cushion-Cut Peridot
Drop Earrings

14k Yellow Gold Cushion Halo Peridot And Diamond Drop Earrings

The cushion cut on this pair of gems means that dozens of facets are ready to catch the light and make these peridot beauties sparkle!

The August Birthstone – Peridot Rings

Bezel-Set Diamond and
Peridot Ring

14K Yellow Gold Dainty Peridot Bezel Diamond Ring By Brevani

This princess-cut peridot, accented with 4 round diamonds and set in yellow gold, ticks all the right boxes. 

Engagement Ring

18K Yellow Gold East-West Oval Peridot And Diamond Ring

Want to propose to your August-born beloved with a stone that’s uniquely suited to them? Propose with peridot! The pavé-set diamonds along the shank of this ring make this peridot engagement ring particularly well-suited to popping the question.

Petite Peridot
Birthstone Ring

14K Yellow Gold 1.8mm Petite Single Peridot Birthstone Ring

Dainty, delicate, and just the right amount of glitter. This simple ring is especially suited for younger gift recipients. 

Diamond and Peridot
Open Ring

14K Yellow Gold Peridot And Open Diamond Halo Ring

This art deco-esque ring is a real attention-grabber. Two diamond-studded, baguette-cut peridots make for an unbeatable dynamic duo in this open ring.

The August Birthstone – Peridot Bracelets

Yellow Gold Peridot
Line Bracelet

Encircle your wrist with a line of pure peridot! 18 oval-cut peridots, lined up and held fast in yellow gold prongs, make for an undeniably stunning birthstone jewelry piece. This bracelet will make you want to get your hands on every cocktail party invitation you can get, just for more excuses to wear it out!

Gemstone and Peridot
Line Bracelet

14K Yellow Gold Multi Gemstone Line Bracelet

In this bracelet, peridot stars alongside garnet, blue topaz, citrine, and amethyst. It’s an ideal gift for anyone with a playful sense of humor and a love of all things colorful.

The August Birthstone – Peridot Necklaces

Cushion-Cut Peridot

14k Yellow Gold Cushion Halo Peridot And Diamond Necklace

Facets, facets, and more facets! Cut to catch the light at any angle and accented with pavé diamonds, this centerpiece stone wows with its sparkle.

Beaming Diamond and
Peridot Necklace

4K Rose Gold Oval Halo Peridot And Diamond Necklace

What better for the August birthstone than a sun-inspired pendant setting? Rose gold and peridot make for a unique, eye-catching color pairing.

Oval-Cut Peridot
Birthstone Necklace

14K Yellow Gold Oval Peridot Birthstone Necklace

A half-carat, oval-cut peridot is the jewelry pendant gift that will make any August birthday smile. Its flat-backed setting keeps the stone lying flat as it’s worn throughout the day.

Classic Peridot
Birthstone Necklace

14K Yellow Gold Peridot Birthstone Necklace

This clean, simple necklace highlights what an August birthday wants most: yellow gold and peridots. This is a no-fail birthstone jewelry piece that suits absolutely any gift recipient.

The Bottom Line

Peridot, the August birthstone, provides a welcome pop of summery green color to any sunny ensemble. It’s just – loveable! Peridot jewelry is THE go-to purchase when you’re searching for a successful August birthday gift. The leafy hue complements most skin tones and looks especially stunning on those with green eyes. 

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