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4 Reasons to Buy Engagement Rings Online

Online Engagement Ring

With smartphones essentially an extension of our hands and time spent on the internet continuing to increase, average consumers are already at ease, and often prefer, purchasing products online. However, when it comes to buying meaningful, personal and expensive items like engagement rings online, the internet is not yet the go-to destination for purchase. Turns out you could be missing out – Grooms and brides-to-be can in fact be better off buying a diamond ring on the internet.

Buying Engagement Rings Online: Why It’s Better Online

1. You’ll show her you put effort into it

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When you buy a ring from a brick-and-mortar store, the (often commissioned) salesperson tends to steer the process. S/he hands you a few options and you are left with finite choices in stock. Buying engagement rings online, however, gives you a much wider selection and more control to do your own research. This is not to say that you’re on your own, as most online retailers have customer service available by live chat and phone. For example, James has 24/7 non-commissioned diamond experts who can help walk you through the process, with an option to interact with your favorite diamonds in real-time while they share their screen with you and walk you through the diamond attributes in Super Zoom magnification.

Your girlfriend will perceive this as incredibly romantic when she learns of all the time you spent making sure you got the ring of her dreams. What could be more romantic than taking control and making your own decisions, rather than leaving matters in the hands of a salesperson?

2. You’ll save money buying an engagement ring online

Save on Online Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring online can save you up to 50% off what you would spend for the exact same specs in a physical store, since online retailers don’t have overhead costs. Why not use the money you’ll save for an even more romantic honeymoon destination, or towards saving up for a home? Just make sure you do your research and find a good company. Online is usually the smart way to find the best quality for the best price. makes this possible for whatever your budget may be.

3. You’ll be sure that what you see is what you get

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Since an engagement ring is one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make, you should definitely make sure that you know what you’re getting. When you look through a jeweler’s loupe at a local jewelry store, it’s impossible to see every inclusion. If you choose a trustworthy engagement ring e-tailer, you will be able to see actual 360° HD photos of the diamonds photographed on their website, zoomed in much closer than you would be able to see with a jeweler’s loupe. There are lots of diamonds in the world; with every two that have the same certification grading, there is one that will appear more beautiful to you than the other. Using a retailer with Diamond Display Technology will give you a 360° ultra-clear look at the diamonds you’re interested in. is the only retailer to display each and every diamond in 360° HD on their site. And don’t worry – their 100% money-back return policy allows you to make sure your fiancée loves her ring.

4. You’ll feel confident with your purchase

Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the reassuring points about consumer e-commerce is the power of online consumer conversations. You can use this to your advantage, by making sure you’re purchasing your fiancée’s dream ring from a trustworthy retailer. People on the internet are not afraid to speak their minds, and online jewelers have customer reviews all over the place. Make sure you do your research and check out different websites to get enough of an idea of the type of company you’re dealing with.

It’s important to note that credible diamond retailers will only sell conflict-free laboratory graded diamonds and will display a copy of an AGS, GIA, or IGI diamond certificate on their website before you purchase the ring.

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