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Christmas Proposal Ideas

Christmas Proposals

Some call it “holiday season”, but here at James Allen we call it “Proposal Season.” One of the most popular times of the year to propose is Christmas; it’s a magical day which centers around being with the ones you love and giving. What better time to start a forever with the one you love?

If you’re looking for some Christmas proposal ideas, you’re in the right place. Get inspired by a few of our favorite James Allen Christmas Proposals:

Christmas Proposal Idea #1: Let There Be Gifts!

Max & Anna from Othello, Washington

christmas proposal ideas

Max proposed to Anna in an insanely adorable way. Spoiler Alert: It involved gifts and several love letters! Now there’s a Christmas proposal idea!

“…here we are a month away from spending forever with my best friend!”

She said:

“A very simple, yet extremely sweet and thought-out proposal.

Max came over to my house early on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts before he headed off to his parents for Christmas. He came in with four small gift bags. He had a very particular order in which I was to open them. We took turns opening gifts – I made him go first and then I went.

My first gift had a letter inside telling me different traits and qualities I had that made him love me. Of course, I thought it was the sweetest thing and didn’t suspect anything about a proposal. It wasn’t until the next two gifts (which each had letters in them that got deeper) that I was sure the last gift was a ring! He was proposing!!

As I was opening the last gift, I had started to shake and get really nervously excited. I opened it and it was a bottle of perfume! I remember thinking to myself: can he not catch a hint?! Needless to say I was a bit disappointed, yet still excited about the gift. I remember Max getting up off the couch and going outside. He came back in with this massive box and told me to get in front of the tree. This is when he read a huge letter proposing to me, and when he got down on one knee. 🙂 Of course I said YES! Now here we are a month away from spending forever with my best friend!

Thank you James Allen for the perfect ring!”

Anna’s Ring:

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Christmas Proposal Idea #2: A Fake Out

Tom & Marie from Parlin, New Jersey

christmas proposal ideas

Proposal fake-outs are an interesting way to go if you want a sure surprise!

“She was in such a state of shock; it literally took five minutes for her to say ‘YES.”

He said:

“It was December – Marie and I had been talking about getting engaged. She knew that I had ordered the ring. Thanks to Angie at James Allen, I knew the ring would be a home run.
After consulting her friends, I was warned that a big public proposal would not be appreciated, and to propose on Christmas or New Year’s might be to cliché. I teased her several times with fake proposals so she would be off guard when the day finally came.

I happened upon a customized Christmas ornament. We had picked up a Christmas tree for her place but didn’t get a chance to decorate it. We were having a party the following weekend and we were busy preparing for it. When she came home from work, I told her I got an ornament for the tree. I walked up and hung it. Marie came closer and stared at it…..and continued to stare at it. I asked her if she noticed the date. She said ‘okay…’ I pointed out that the date on the ornament is today. Still nothing but silence… So, I got down on one knee and proposed.

She was in such a state of shock; it literally took five minutes for her to say “YES”. I asked her what she was thinking when she was staring at the ornament. She was thinking about how awkward the upcoming party would be because all her friends would see this ornament and think we were engaged, but I hadn’t proposed yet. It didn’t dawn on her that I was proposing at that moment.

The real fun part was getting to announce our engagement at the party!”

Marie’s Ring:

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Christmas Proposal Idea #3: Get Santa Claus in on the Fun

Lorelei & Kevin from Mount Olive, New Jersey

christmas proposal ideas

An engagement ring from Santa himself!

“Christmas once again became a magical holiday for us.”

She said:

“Kevin and I have been together for five years. Our favorite time of year has always been the holidays – especially Christmas time. When our daughter was born in 2012, we started up our visits to Santa, and Christmas once again became a magical holiday for us.

This past Christmas, like many before, Kevin and I decided to take our daughter to visit Santa. We went to one of our favorite places, Johnson’s Farm in NJ. As we were in line to see Santa, I could see the excitement on our daughter’s face; she was two years old and truly believed in the magic of Christmas. As she sat on Santa’s lap, she smiled and looked up at him while we took pictures.
Before she walked down off of the sleigh, Santa said to my daughter, ‘I have a little gift for you, since you have been such a good girl this year.’ Our daughter walked down and handed the small wrapped box to my boyfriend at the time. As he started to unwrap it, he said ‘I think it is for mommy.’

Right then and there my heart dropped and I could not think of a better moment. Kevin got down on one knee and asked me to marry him that night in front of our daughter and the magic that Christmas truly is. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with this man, and still to this day cannot thank him enough for making our engagement so unbelievably special. It truly was worth the wait.”

Lorelei’s Ring:

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Christmas Proposal Idea #4: Make it Personal to the Two of You

Amanda & Brad from Murray, Kentucky

christmas proposal ideas

Two single parents joining families together…

“We just seemed to click. We want the same things in life.”

She said:

“After my divorce, I just started praying that God would send me my soul mate. I was a single mom and just wanted a family. I wanted a good Christian father figure for my son. So I would pray The Lord would send me someone to love my son and me.

Brad & I met four years ago, on a blind date. We had an instant connection; me a single mom & him a single dad. Our kids are one year apart in age.

We just seemed to click. We want the same things in life.

We have had good times & bad just like every couple. Argue, fight, breakup and always get back together. We talked about getting married but always wanted to wait until we could afford it…….

Every couple has ‘their restaurant.’ So do we. We would always take one night and it would be a ‘date night.’ Brad and I were going to ‘our restaurant’. Brad picked me up at my apartment. As we were pulling out of my driveway he said, ‘I forgot my money bag. I have to go back and get it.’ (Brad always carries around a bank bag with money.) I said ‘Oh, just use your credit card. Don’t drive all the way back to your house.’ He said ‘No!’ So we did. We get to his house and I said ‘I’m just going to wait here in the car.’ I didn’t want to go in since we were already running late for our dinner reservations. Brad runs into his house and comes back out a few minutes later telling me ‘Come in and help me look! I think Mariah hid my money bag from me!’ Mariah is his daughter. I laughed and said ‘Ok!’

He ran inside before me and I walked in the door through the garage, turned and there in the living room were candles lit spelled out in rose petals ‘Will you marry me?’ and Brad on one knee. I was so SHOCKED! I screamed!!

Brad could never keep a secret! He would tell me what he bought for my birthday or Valentine’s Day or if I was getting roses) and he KEPT a SECRET!!!! The best secret!!!! I walked up to him and he was holding a rose bud still on one knee. He said, ‘Mandy, we have been through some good times and bad…. And we have always worked it out. We always will. I love you. I promise to always take care of you and Jake. I promise I will never leave you. Will you marry me????’

I’m just crying and in the rose bud was my ring and I screamed ‘YESSSS!!!!!’ We kissed and hugged!!! It was so perfect! He placed my beautiful ring on my finger. I said ‘Brad, this is the best night ever! I love you so much! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!’ We went to dinner and we just had the best night. I kept taking pics of my ring. It just sparkled!! It is just beautiful. We plan for a beach wedding….. Thank you for designing the perfect ring! I absolutely love it!!!!!!”

Amanda’s Ring:

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Let us know what you think of these heartwarming Christmas proposal ideas in the comments!

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