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Everything You Need to Know About CanadaMark™ Diamonds

What sets CanadaMark™ diamonds apart, you ask?

You’ve heard of the four Cs — we now present the three Es, covering everything you need to know about CanadaMark Diamonds:

Platinum Octagon Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
  • Ethical sourcing.

Although all diamonds are certified conflict-free, CanadaMark™ diamonds are also carefully tracked from the moment they’re mined in Northwest Canada to the moment they’re polished. The CanadaMark™ certificate ensures that your diamond comes from the most ethical of sources. Plus, both of CanadaMark™’s  mines were founded on a partnership which invests in the well-being of local communities.

All in all, CanadaMark™ engagement rings hold incredible meaning: you’ll begin your life together with a certified commitment to honesty and care.

  • Exceptional craft.

Of course, the diamond that you buy needs to be gorgeous. CanadaMark™ delivers.

These diamonds go through a rigorous selection process, producing a diamond that meets the highest standards for symmetry, color, clarity, and finish. CanadaMark™ diamonds are extra stunning because they’re sourced from the Arctic tundra, one of the purest locations of glacial beauty in the world. These diamonds are crafted by nature itself and stay away from artificial touch-ups like laser drilling.

  • Earth-friendly mining.

The earth produces these beautiful rocks, and the mines give back.

CanadaMark™’s mines work closely with the local aboriginal peoples to protect the surrounding land, air, water, and wildlife. The mines also maintain the sustainability of the land so that they can restore it to its original condition after use.

Surpise! There’s a fourth E: Envision your own. is a leading online retailer of CanadaMark™, which means that you get to view your diamonds in 360° HD and select from thousands of expertly designed settings.

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Perfect-for-CanadaMark™ Pieces

Spark your design imagination!

Refined Comfort Fit Engagement Ring

14K Rose Gold 1.5mm Comfort Fit Engagement Ring

Pavé Halo and Twisted Shank Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Pavé Halo And Twisted Shank Engagement Ring

Double Prong Diamond Pendant

14K White Gold Double Prong Diamond Pendant

Vintage Infinity Engagement Ring

14K Yellow Gold Vintage Infinity Engagement Ring

Ready to rock? Design your own CanadaMark™ diamond piece.

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