buying engagement ring 101

Buying an Engagement Ring 101

Let’s be honest: we could all use a class called Buying an Engagement Ring 101 at some point in our lives.

buying engagement ring 101

Some of us have absolutely no clue where to start when buying an engagement ring. “Pavé”? How is that even pronounced? (protip: “pah-vay”). And how does one narrow down all of the sparkly choices??

Still, we know the process is worth the perfect reaction. For such a meaningful choice and such an important spend, how do you surprise your SO with exactly what they want?

Buying an Engagement Ring 101

Deep breaths! Our non-commissioned Customer Service team is here to answer your questions, 24/7. To start you out, we sat down with our Customer Service certified experts to mine their most helpful tips and tricks.

No idea what you’re doing? Start with the diamond shape.

choose diamond buying engagement ring 101

If you’re not sure what kind of ring to get, our experts suggest you start by choosing the diamond shape: “There are lots of little nuances between all the different faceting styles,” explains one of our Customer Service reps. The first and most basic decision is whether your SO would want a fancier shape or a more timeless diamond.

So, what do we know about your SO’s style?

find style buying engagement ring 101

Would she love to rock a more unique diamond? “When it comes to fancier shapes, such as a heart, a pear, an oval, marquise, etc., I always ask if she’s mentioned that she likes that specific shape,” says our rep. It’s better to know in advance if your SO would want a unique diamond shape, which tends to be more polarizing. If she is looking for trendy, “then ovals and pears are a great direction to go in. Marquises are really starting to gain strength as well!”

14K White Gold Pave Halo And Shank Diamond Engagement Ring
Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

If you’re just not sure, you might want to stick with a more classic diamond shape, like round, princess, or cushion cut diamonds.

You can’t go wrong with a round cut diamond!

“Whenever someone is very unsure or just completely clueless about what style to get their significant other, I always resort to a classic round center stone,” one of our experts says.  

round cut diamonds

Benefits of the round cut diamond? It has amazing sparkle, it’s not going out of style anytime soon, and it’s by far the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings.

14K Rose Gold 2.2mm Wire Basket Solitaire Engagement Ring
Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

For more in-depth diamond education, check out our Diamond Shape Series!

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Next step: choose the engagement ring setting.

Now onto Buying an Engagement Ring 101, lesson 2! The setting of the engagement ring is, basically, everything but the center diamond. The type of ring, if you will. The most important consideration when choosing a setting according to our Customer Service team:

How will the ring fit with your SO’s lifestyle?

How active is she on the day-to-day? If she goes rock climbing, for example, or if she works in a medical field where gloves are necessary, you might want to go for a setting without exposed diamonds on the band, like a solitaire or channel-set ring.

The diamonds grooved into this ring’s band and the center stone’s basket minimize the risk of diamonds getting caught or falling out:

14K White Gold Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring
Channel-Set Engagement Ring

This sleek and modern engagement ring’s center diamond is strongly protected by a bezel setting:

14K Yellow Gold Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring
Solitaire Bezel-Set Engagement Ring

If her day-to-day is less hands-on, you can consider a wider range of settings like the super-popular pavé setting which features more exposed diamonds on the band.

14K White Gold Petite Pave Cathedral Engagement Ring

Petite Pavé Engagement Ring

Is your SO more trendy or low-key?

Like with diamond styles, our experts suggest you look at how trendy your SO is on the day-to-day. Some helpful guiding questions: Does she like to keep up with the latest fashions? Is she somebody who likes to read all the fashion magazines and blogs? If so, you might want to go for a more daring setting, like a romantic vintage engagement ring or a hyper-modern tension ring:

14K Yellow Gold Bird Of Paradise Engagement Ring
Bird of Paradise Vintage Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Spiral Tension Set Engagement Ring
Spiral Tension-Set Engagement Ring

Or is your SO a bit more low-key? If the usual wardrobe is T-shirt and jeans, and especially if she doesn’t usually wear jewelry, our experts suggest opting for a simple, more classic style, like this baguette diamond stunner:

14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring
Baguette Side-Stone Engagement Ring

Explore Ring Settings

The Conclusion(ish)

Still, feeling lost? Our Customer Service experts suggest a foolproof combo: “You can never go wrong with a solitaire setting and a classic diamond shape, like round, princess, or cushion cut.”

Ready? Get Started on Buying Your Engagement Ring! And don’t forget to get jewelry insurance at checkout.

Don’t worry, this won’t end with Buying an Engagement Ring 101! Stay tuned to this proposal series for expert advice about proposing on a budget, proposing on vacation, collaborating on the ring, and more!


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