baguette diamond rings

Baguette Diamond Rings: the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Get your Gatsby glam and sparkly headbands ready: it’s time to try a baguette diamond ring.

baguette diamond rings

Baguette diamond rings are elegant and edgy at once, a perfect encapsulation of the 1920’s Art Deco period during which they became popular. The baguette cut diamonds they feature are step-cut and often rectangular — similar to emerald cut diamonds, but with square corners.

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Grandé Illusion Halo Baguette Diamond Ring

baguette diamond rings grande illusion

Now, to address the obvious: how are these diamonds connected to the French loaf of bread? As it turns out, the gem may have come first; “baguette” comes from the 17th century French word “bague,” which meant “jewel” and today means “ring.” Alternatively, the diamond cut’s name may have been inspired by the long lines of the French bread. Food for thought.

Vertical Twin Illusion Baguette Diamond Ring

baguette diamond rings vertical twin illusion

Though they make for popular side stones in engagement rings, baguette diamonds with round diamonds in the corners can also be gorgeous main events:

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Illusion Halo Baguette Diamond Ring

A clean, white gold band and diamond halo complement the sharp lines in the baguette center stone.

baguette diamond rings illusion halo

Illusion Trio Baguette Diamond Ring

With this ring, third shine’s the charm — distinctive design balances three baguette cut diamonds.

baguette diamond rings illusion trio

Oval Frame Baguette Diamond Ring

The baguette diamond almost floats in this pavé halo and split-shank band, giving a magical, vintage feel.

baguette diamond rings illusion oval halo

Grandé Three-Stone Baguette Diamond Ring

Hello, statement piece! The luxury of this ring’s halo combines beautifully with the baguette diamonds’ elongating lines.

baguette diamond rings three stone halo

Bonus: Baguette Diamond Bracelets

Grandé Illusion Baguette Diamond Bracelet

This simple, sparkling baguette diamond stunner is a step up from the classic bangle.

baguette diamond jewelry bangle bracelet

Grandé Baguette Diamond Wave Bracelet

Go with the flow with this chic and unique pavé double-diamond baguette bracelet.

baguette diamond jewelry wave bangle bracelet

Think you’ve got this one in the baguette? Shop more diamond rings and explore our shimmering fine jewelry collection.

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