winter proposal story

A Winter Proposal – Meghan and Ian’s Proposal Story

winter proposal story

The Perfect Winter Proposal

There’s just something about the snow that brings out the inner romantic in us. Who can resist gazing out the window at the ground blanketed with dazzling white snow, or at an individual spectacular snowflake as it falls gracefully into your palm? A snowy day seems to go hand-in-hand with cuddling up with a cup of hot cocoa next to the fireplace.

Meghan and Ian are one couple who has been taking full advantage of the snowy New England weather.

Read on for their winter proposal story.


Meghan & Ian from Newmarket, New Hampshire

“I could not have imagined a more magical and more ‘us’ proposal.” – Meghan


winter wedding

Meghan and Ian’s love story began back when they were in high school. The high-school sweethearts, although for sure having caught one another’s eye previously, got together not long before their senior prom.

They had been dating for five and a half years and living together, when one day, they went to enjoy a snow-filled weekend at Meghan’s parents’ house. Meghan, perfectly cozy and content watching movies in her sweats, could not be easily persuaded by Ian (who had a secret plan in mind) to go for a walk outside in the bitter cold. Finally, they reached a compromise: they would go sledding in the backyard, one of Meghan’s favorite pastimes growing up.

After paving a path together in the thick, powdery snow, and sledding down the hill a few times, Ian told Meghan that he’d give her a prize if she beat her own distance. Meghan, happy with her two prizes (a kiss and a hug), wanted to sled down the hill once more before heading back inside – it ended up being the day’s best run. She turned around to go back inside, when Ian called after her, telling her she forgot her prize.

When she turned to him, she saw him down on one knee in the snow, holding a shiny red James Allen box. Inside it was a perfect, sparkling solitaire ring. A teared up Meghan then put her brand new ring on and went to tell her mother her exciting news. Turns out, her mother already knew – she’d been watching from the window the entire time.

Read the full story in Meghan’s words

The ring

winter proposal - solitaire engagement ring
white gold 2mm comfort fit solitaire engagement ring (six prong)

View the ring in 360° HD

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