surprise proposal

Surprise Proposal Story – What Ends in Olitaire?

surprise proposal

Have you ever been surprised by someone, and thought afterward, “how in the world did I not see it coming?!” Despite all of the pretty obvious clues, the surprise was somehow not ruined for you. When we really want something, we can trick our mind into ignoring things it doesn’t want to see, and to only focus on what really works for us.

This phenomenal mind control was exercised perfectly by Gabrielle – nothing could stop her from being surprised by her boyfriend, Tyler.

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Gabrielle & Tyler from St. Petersburg, Florida

“He asked me to marry him, and though I did nearly pass out from sensory overload – I said yes!”

surprise proposal - Gabrielle & Tyler from St. Petersburg, Florida

It was an ordinary workday for Gabrielle. Her boyfriend Tyler, whom she had been with for six years, sent her a text message, like any other day. The text included a photo with a receipt titled “OLITAIRE.” Gabrielle, who, like most girls in long-term relationships, was no stranger to engagement ring setting types, gasped. After all, what could end in “olitaire” other than the most popular engagement ring choice – the solitaire ring?

Gabrielle asked Tyler what the picture was all about. Tyler explained that he had invested in a company ending in “olitaire,” and he had accidentally sent her the receipt. Gabrielle so didn’t want any potential surprise to be ruined, that she believed him! I’m sure Tyler let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Gabrielle hadn’t caught on to the sparkling surprise that he had surely been planning for months.

A few weeks went by, with no mention of anything solitaire, or even olitaire. Gabrielle and Tyler arrived at the Don Cesar hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida, for a weekend away with close friends. Gabrielle had some slight suspicions, but she wasn’t sure if this would be the weekend.

When they checked in, the high school sweethearts Gabrielle and Tyler mysteriously received a room upgrade to an amazing suite with a magical view of the beautiful beach and the hotel grounds, complete with enchanting buildings reminiscent of pink castles.

While getting ready for dinner, Gabrielle hoped that maybe Tyler would propose that evening – after all, what could be a more romantic setting? However, when Tyler received a call from their friends telling them to come to meet for drinks at a rooftop bar before dinner, Gabrielle disappointedly assumed that there would be no proposal for her that night; she thought that Tyler would never have changed their dinner reservations last minute if he was planning on proposing, and she knew that a ring box could never fit in the pocket of his tight pants. Sadly, Gabrielle told herself to just enjoy the night, “another evening as an un-engaged human,” as she put it.

On their way to the hotel rooftop, Gabrielle noticed some of the staff staring at her, and began to get nervous. When they reached the rooftop, she was blown away by the sight of hundreds of red rose petals forming an aisle to a romantic table with champagne, a massive bouquet of flowers and what could be none other than a shiny red engagement ring box. A dazed Gabrielle listened to Tyler explaining that the glittering water behind them was the very water that they grew up on, and the city in front of them was where they would come to call home. He then asked her to marry him, and of course, she said yes!

diamond ring

The newly engaged couple then went down to the beach, where there were 200 more red roses in the sand, framing a blanket that was set out for them. On the blanket were candles surrounding a scrapbook Tyler made for this moment, with pictures of their relationship, from their high school years until the present.

The bride and groom-to-be danced in the white sand to the song they had danced to for the first time in high school. Gabrielle then saw their friends and both of their families coming towards them, with tears in their eyes.

Read the full surprise proposal story in Gabrielle’s words

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Watch the video of their surprise proposal:

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