summer proposal tips split shank cushion engagement ring

Our Top 6 Summer Proposal Tips

If you’re planning on proposing during the sunny season, check out our ultimate summer proposal tips!

summer proposal tips split shank cushion engagement ring

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Ah, summer. The season of picnics, performances, frozen drinks, and some of the most romantic proposals we’ve seen. Before you pop the question, read through our tried-and-true guide to summer proposals!

Summer Proposal Tip 1: Get Outta Here

Summer gives some of the best weather for a proposal in the great outdoors! Connect to nature through a hike, a walk on the beach, or a park picnic proposal to make it as timeless as possible. Consider even tying in one of these nature-inspired floral engagement rings.

summer proposal tips solitaire engagement ring

Summer Proposal Tip 2: Don’t Sweat It!

The flipside of proposing outdoors: sometimes nature presents, shall we say, unphotogenic moments. Think about plans that avoid sweat, bugs, and dehydration – both of you should feel as wonderful as possible (and as clean as a solitaire engagement ring) when you ask that question.

summer proposal tips split band cushion halo engagement ring

Summer Proposal Tip 3: Celebrate with Sunset

Summer has some of the most vivid sunsets of the year, making it the perfect opportunity for an unforgettable, fiery sunset proposal! To maximize all the nice photo hours, propose during what photographers call the golden hour (the hour right before sunrise or sunset) then celebrate while watching the sun go down. For an extra burst of color, opt for a gemstone engagement ring.

summer proposal tips rose gold halo engagement ring

Summer Proposal Tip 4: Weather or Not…

This season brings rain storms out of nowhere; so unless you’re going for an Allie and Noah moment, have a backup plan indoors in case it pours! If you are going for rainy romance a la The Notebook (or Sweet Home Alabama or Spider-Man or The Office… the list goes on), consider a water drop (pear shaped) diamond ring and prep to keep all electronics and leather apparel dry.

summer proposal tips bypass solitaire engagement ring

Summer Proposal Tip 5: Suddenly I See

An underratedly practical one here: if you’re proposing somewhere sunny, make sure your SO can keep her eyes open! All the tears should be out of emotion and not from squinting – consider taking her to a shaded area.

summer proposal tips comfort fit solitaire engagement ring

If it’s gotta be bright and sunny, have sunglasses at the ready!

summer proposal tips pear halo engagement ring

Summer Proposal Tip 6: Come Fly Away

If your job gives bonus vacation time in the summer, take advantage! Go on a fantastical and gorgeous vacation and pop the question there. There’s lots of planning involved in a destination proposal, but have no fear – our guide to travel proposals can take you through every step.

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