Proposal Story

She Said “Yes, Sir” – Damaris & Sean’s Proposal Story

Proposal Story

Damaris & Sean’s Proposal Story

People often warn against long distance relationships, claiming that they never work out. Damaris and Sean, however, prove that distance really does make the heart grow fonder. It’s people like them who teach us that love can conquer all.

Read on to get inspired by this exceptional military proposal story.

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Damaris & Sean from Rockland County, New York

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Damaris and Sean were college sweethearts. They met in their teens while working at a retail store, and ended up going to the same college as well. They dated for a couple of years, but bad timing and life kept them apart after that.

During their time apart, Sean joined the Marines and was stationed in Okinawa, Japan – a whopping 8,000 miles away from Damaris. The two did not keep in touch… until Sean decided to follow Damaris on Instagram. They began exchanging messages and fell in love again – neither had ever gotten over the other, and distance and destiny (and social media!) ended up bringing them closer together.

“The universe somehow seemed to put us on the same path again, and in a cheesy way we knew it was destiny!” – Damaris

One day, Damaris traveled to Okinawa to visit Sean. Under the guise of an award ceremony, she was escorted to meet Sean in front of his platoon, all information. Sean had cleverly told Damaris that she would be pinning him with a new medal. Instead of a medal, however, Sean’s commanding officer gave him a shiny red box. Sean got down on one knee, beside a shocked Damaris, opened the box to reveal a stunning James Allen ring, and asked her to be his wife.

Damaris said yes, of course, and Sean carried her off into the sunset.

Read the story in Damaris’s words

white gold double halo diamond engagement ring
white gold double halo diamond engagement ring

View Damaris’s ring in 360°

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