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Maldives Engagement Story: Alyssa & Tom

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A Maldives Engagement Story

All us ladies grew up with that fairy tale image of romance in our heads. Chick flicks like Pretty Woman and Bridget Jones’s Diary had us dreaming of our own movie love. Whether you’ve yet to find that fairy tale romance or failed past relationships have made you think life isn’t a movie … you’ll be pleased to know that fairy tales DO indeed exist. And the proposal story of this wonderful couple Alyssa and Tom proves it.

And guys, if you’re planning on proposing, you won’t want to skip this story – use it for proposal inspiration and start planning!

Get out the popcorn, sit back and live vicariously through this worthy engagement tale!

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Alyssa & Tom from Townsville, Australia

engagement story - Alyssa & Tom from Townsville, Australia

Tom began planning the proposal months in advance, making sure to plan each and every detail carefully. 3 months before the proposal, he sent Alyssa 3 roses. The next month she received 2, and finally one month prior to the big moment, a single rose. Alyssa, completely unsuspecting, didn’t notice the date, and went about her daily routine at work. It was then that her coworker handed her a card from Tom, which told her he had arranged for her to take the day off, and instructed her to get a manicure, buy a new bathing suit (he had put money in her account), and get home by 1:00.

Alyssa excitedly followed Tom’s mysterious instructions. She arrived home at 1 to a candlelit bedroom – their passports and suitcases were on the bed, along with a bottle of Moët chilling on ice. With no hint as to what their destination was, Alyssa packed her luggage and the two headed off to the airport. They were going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

They followed Tom’s organized itinerary, and on the last night the couple enjoyed a romantic boat ride complete with beautiful scenery – fireflies lit the trees and brightened their magical night. Surprised that Tom didn’t propose that night, Alyssa supposed there wouldn’t be a proposal on this trip. The next morning, however, after they packed and arrived at the airport (they were meant to be flying home), Alyssa found out that there were more surprises to come – Their trip wasn’t over yet! Next stop: Malé, a beautiful island in the Maldives!

Alyssa had never even heard of Malé and had no idea what to expect. They arrived at breathtaking waters in the Maldives and a resort at Lily Beach, where their bungalow overlooking the water had petals arranged in a heart shape on their bed.

It was then that Tom asked Alyssa to come outside to enjoy the view. When she did, she saw ‘Alyssa, will you marry me?’ spelled out with rocks at the bottom of their private pool. Tom then got down on one knee, showed her the sparkling James Allen ring, and asked a happy-tear-filled Alyssa to be his wife. She said yes, of course, and their fairy tale romance continued on.

engagement story - Alyssa & Tom from Townsville, Australia

Read the story in Alyssa’s words

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