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A Grand Canyon Proposal – James and Verity’s Proposal Story

proposal story

A Grand Canyon Proposal

A proposal at the Grand Canyon is great. A proposal at the Grand Canyon including a video of the couple’s love story, with a song written and performed by the proposer, is omigod-am-I-living-in-a-fairy-tale fantastic.

Read on for an incredible love story culminating in a dream proposal, and find out what the couple has been up to since!

Engagement Moment of the Month

James & Verity from Neath, Wales

James and Verity’s story began on holiday in Spain (did anyone else just get the Counting Crows’ song “Holiday in Spain” stuck in their heads?), in 2009. Although they are both from Neath, a small town in Wales, it took travelling to another country with their separate groups of friends for them to meet.

“As soon as I saw her at the airport on that trip, I knew I was going to marry her.” – James


Having been together for six years, James waited for just the right moment to propose, after months of planning. After extensive research on diamonds and help from the James Allen team, he was ready. He would do it on their trip to America’s Wild West. For the proposal he had planned, it was a must that he receive the ring at their Las Vegas hotel on an exact day – you can imagine how nervous he was that something would go wrong. However, his nerves relaxed when he saw the ring.

“I need not have worried. Once I hid myself away in the bathroom of the hotel and unwrapped the box to get my first glimpse of the ring, I was blown away. It was everything I had wanted and more.” – James


Now let’s get to the proposal.

After a long drive to the Grand Canyon, they stopped to take in the breathtaking view and take photos. While Verity was busy admiring the canyon, James called her over to look at something, and took out his headphones. She didn’t understand what could be so important to show her right then.

James plugged both of their headphones into the phone. With the beautiful canyon in front of them, they sat and watched a video. Verity noticed a shot of their house in the beginning of the video – it was then that she realized that something big was happening. The video continued on to show their lovable dog Wilson and a song began playing – James was singing! The song told the story of a boy who felt alone until he met a girl on a trip. Overcome with emotion and tears, Verity saw the video end with James holding a sign, instructing her to look at him. She turned around, and there was James, offering her a beautiful James Allen ring in a shiny red box. Of course, she said yes!

Read the full story in their words

The ring

engagement ring - grand canyon proposal
platinum french cut pave diamond engagement ring

View the ring in 360° HD

“In the sunlight, it sparkled like nothing I’ve ever seen, and the simplicity of it makes it even more beautiful. I admire it every day, and each time I find it catching the light in a new and gorgeous way.” – Verity

Watch the proposal video:

Life since the proposal

When couples head off into the sunset, we don’t usually get to hear about what happens after the proposal – what we sometimes forget is that life goes on after the proposal! Let’s hear from James a bit about their lives now.

“Life since our engagement has brought so many wonderful moments, the most special of which being the birth of our first baby! We welcomed our little boy, Ari into the world on the 3rd November this year, and we are so in love with him!

We have also started planning another trip to America, which will incorporate a visit to Yosemite (where we would love to get married!). We are so excited by everything that has happened in the last year and are even more excited for all the adventures that lie ahead for us as a family.”

Welcome to the world, Ari Fox Blake!

engagement story

What do you think of this grandiose Grand Canyon proposal? Share your thoughts and congratulate the couple in the comments!

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