6 Wedding Proposal Ideas That Will Wow Your Partner


Guys – you’ve decided she’s the one and are ready to put a ring on it. That’s all fine and dandy, but how in the world are you supposed to ask her? There are about a gazillion different proposal ideas floating around there on the internet, and you’re also getting confused by having each friend you’ve consulted with telling you conflicting advice…

Well, here’s a new piece of advice – CALM DOWN! It’s her we’re talking about… and she adores you. The most important thing is that you be yourself. The rest is just logistics. Then again, a little advice never hurt anyone. If you’d like to hear from proposal experts, you’ve come to the right place. At James Allen, we know everything proposal. Just take a deep breath, follow these steps, and you’ll be fine.

And ladies, help your man out and send him these proposal ideas – he’ll thank you for it!

Proposal Tips

Proposal Tip #1: Don’t Wing It

Proposal Ideas: Don't Wing It

She may know you love her, but she still needs you to show her every so often. To most women, there’s nothing we appreciate more than when you make an effort. And that could mean anything from picking up your dirty socks from the floor, to take us on a fun date night, to planning the proposal of our dreams. So go ahead, put your thinking cap on and get to work!

Proposal Tip #2: Have Fun With It

Proposal Ideas: Have Fun With It

Just because you’re about to ask her to make an enormous decision which will change your lives as you know it (no pressure or anything), that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little bit of fun with the proposal. After all, one of the things she loves about your relationship is that you know how to make life fun, in your own, unique way.

Proposal Tip #3: Make it Memorable

Proposal Ideas: Make it Memorable
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Nobody forgets their own proposal. That would be weird. But still, make it something that will bring a dreamy look to her eyes whenever she looks back on it. Make it something that she’ll be proud to tell her friends and grandchildren about – something that’s worthy of writing a story about for James Allen’s Engagement Moments. How do you do this? Sorry, you’re on your own for this one. That’s where Step No. 1 (put effort into it) comes in handy. As long as you do that, it’s going to be memorable.

Proposal Tip #4: Value Tradition

Proposal Ideas: Value Tradition

Some of us make a big thing about not conforming to society and paving our own way. However, when it comes down to it, show me one girl in love who wouldn’t like her boyfriend (or girlfriend) to get on one knee and ask her to marry him. It shows respect, and that you’re taking this commitment seriously. We are all connected to the past, to the people who came before us, to the men who knelt down before their brides-to-be and asked the anticipated question, to the women who were taken aback when hearing that question (even if they knew it was coming) and said yes. The very idea of proposing itself is a tradition, as is the engagement ring.

Proposal Tip #5: Enchant Her

Proposal Ideas: Enchant Her
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Keep in mind that this is the moment she has been waiting for since, well, pretty much ever. She acted out proposal scenes with her Barbie and Ken dolls, she imagined finding her own Prince Charming when watching Cinderella walk to the carriage in her wedding gown (why do you think Disney Proposals are such a popular choice?)… and now she finally found the one who could give her her very own fairy tale. So it’s your job to give her that magical feeling she deserves – embrace the romantic inside you and sweep her off her feet!

Proposal Tip #6: Be Yourself

Proposal Ideas: Be Yourself

You’re the one she’s going to say yes to – not the proposal. Do something that feels like you, and you’ll both be more comfortable. Don’t try to compare your proposal idea to other people’s proposals – while you should take a look at other proposal stories for inspiration, at the end of the day, it’s you who she fell in love with, and she’ll adore whichever direction you choose to go in.

Now that you’re ready to plan the proposal, it’s time to choose the ring!

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