emerald birthstone engagement ring jackie kennedy zoe saldana olivia wilde

Spring Emeralds: the May Birthstone

Capture the freshness of spring with May birthstone jewelry and engagement rings!

emerald birthstone engagement ring jackie kennedy zoe saldana olivia wilde

Emerald, the May birthstone, is one of the rarest gemstones out there. Literally meaning “green” in Greek (kind of like an orange being called an orange), emeralds vary from light to intense hues. The better the emerald gemstone’s cut, the richer its color.

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Emeralds represent youthful vitality, which makes them meaningful presents for birthdays. Gift a necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings with May’s vivid green stone!

Emerald and Diamond Cluster Ring

diamond emerald birthstone cluster ring

Emerald Diamond Tennis Bracelet

diamond emerald birthstone tennis bracelet

Emerald Stud Earrings

emerald birthstone earrings studs

Alternating Emerald Ring

alternating leaf emerald birthstone ring

Oval Halo Emerald Necklace

east west halo emerald birthstone necklace

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Famous Emerald Jewelry

Cleopatra famously obsessed over emeralds – she laid claim over every single emerald mine in Egypt while she was queen. Though they’ve refrained from buying any mines, celebrities like Beyoncé (a.k.a. Queen B), Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie have also rocked emeralds in their red carpet jewelry.

emerald birthstone angelina jolie elizabeth taylor beyonce


The May birthstone is the perfect green light to “Will you marry me?” Choose a ring with emerald side stones or a vibrant center.

Pavé Halo Emerald Engagement Ring

oval halo emerald birthstone engagement ring

Pear Shaped Emerald Engagement Ring

side stone emerald birthstone engagement ring

Emerald Pavé Engagement Ring

pave emerald emerald birthstone ring

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Customized Emerald Rings

Want to design your own emerald engagement ring? Get inspired by a few of our favorite customer designs!

Twisted Pavé Emerald Engagement Ring

twisted halo emerald birthstone engagement ring

Baguette Side-Stone Emerald Engagement Ring

baguette side stone emerald birthstone engagement ring

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Famous Emerald Engagement Rings

Celebrities bold emerald engagement rings range from Jackie Kennedy’s brilliant combo of emerald and diamonds to Olivia Wilde’s emerald halo to Zoe Saldana’s emerald center stone.

emerald birthstone engagement ring jackie kennedy zoe saldana olivia wilde

Emeralds are said to bring their wearers foresight and good luck…

Do you see an emerald in your future?

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published May 2018. It was updated May 2019.

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