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Gorgeous Garnets: the January Birthstone

Garnet, the January birthstone, holds powerful significance. The garnet ranges from transparent to opaque and all across the color spectrum, though the most common shade is an intense red. Red garnet is especially striking when set in white gold and platinum and has a softer beauty when set in warmer metals.

rhodolite garnet necklace january birthstone

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History of Garnet, the January Birthstone

The origin of the word “garnet” is “gernet,” the 14th century Middle English word for dark red. “Garnet” may have the same root as “pomegranate,” which shares the gemstone’s deep hue.

Garnet jewelry traces back to the Bronze Age, and was extremely popular in Late Antique Rome. Plenty of other civilizations did as the Romans did: ancient Egyptian pharaohs and medieval nobility favored the garnet gemstone as well.

Garnet Claims to Fame

  • Aside from being the January birthstone, the garnet is the gemstone associated with gifts for second wedding anniversaries.
  • The garnet is also Connecticut’s state mineral and the state gemstone of New York and Idaho.
  • The garnet birthstone is believed to revitalize, purify, and bring serenity to the wearer.
  • Garnets have been known to symbolize loving, lasting friendship.
  • Tradition holds that those who wear a garnet and act kindly will receive kindness in return.

Gorgeous Garnet Birthstone Jewelry Gifts

Does someone you love have a January birthday? Find the perfect radiant present!

Art Deco Inspired Garnet Birthstone Ring

For the classy January gem with glamour worthy of the 1920s. This ring is the perfect size for everyday wear and the perfect diamond-garnet combo for showstopping style.

art deco garnet ring january birthstone

Mozambique Garnet Birthstone Necklace

For the January statement-maker who lives as boldly as this stone’s shade. This necklace’s diamond halo highlights the garnet’s deep, vivid color.

mozambique garnet necklace january birthstone

Bezel Set Pavé Garnet Birthstone Ring

For the January sweetheart as warm as this ring’s metal and center stone. This pavé-accented band can stack well with other rings.

pave garnet ring january birthstone


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