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Fresh Aquamarine: the March Birthstone

Aquamarine, the March birthstone, evokes the clarity and serenity of ocean waters. The aquamarine gemstone is a variety of the Beryl stone and is mostly mined in Brazil.

aquamarine diamond circle halo necklace march birthstone

This birthstone’s color ranges across the blue spectrum. Plus, because aquamarine grows as six-sided, extra-clear prisms, each crystal reflects a spectacular amount of light. Celebrities have always taken note of the March birthstone’s beauty, including timeless comedian Lucille Ball with her rumored 40-carat aquamarine engagement ring.

So, water you waiting for? Learn more about the meaning behind the March birthstone and find the perfect gift for a March birthday.

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Fresh Aquamarine Birthstone Jewelry Gifts

Aquamarine and Diamond Falling Edge Necklace

Like the diamond halo enveloping this pendant’s center stone, aquamarine is believed to protect sailors with ideal, tranquil weather.

aquamarine diamond halo necklace march birthstone

Aquamarine and Diamond Pavé Halo Earrings

These studs bring out the sparkle in any color eye, echoing the aquamarine’s classic purpose of soothing tempers and nurturing love.

aquamarine diamond halo stud earrings march birthstone

East-West Oval Aquamarine and Diamond Necklace

The “East-West” jewelry trend places the gemstone horizontally, ensuring stability just like its aquamarine center stone.

aquamarine diamond oval halo east west necklace march birthstone


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Fresh Aquamarine: the March Birthstone

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Fresh Aquamarine: the March Birthstone

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