oval halo yellow gold engagement rings

Winning Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold lends engagement rings a luxurious, classic quality.

oval halo yellow gold engagement rings

Yellow gold engagement rings have been in vogue for as long as the engagement ring itself, which gives the rings a beautifully timeless quality. The engagement ring metal is just as popular today, chosen by celebrities like Mary-Kate Olsen, Jessica Simpson, and Kirsten Dunst.

The conclusion? All that glitters can be gold.


Benefits of Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

1. Though gold is classic, it’s also malleable; this makes yellow gold rings easier to engrave and detail than non-gold metals.

Vintage Floral Bouquet Engagement Ring

14K Yellow Gold Vintage Inspired Floral Bouquet Engagement Ring
2. Because gold is naturally yellow, the color of the metal stays vibrant without needing to be replated.

Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

14K Yellow Gold 2mm Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring
3. Gold engagement rings also don’t corrode, tarnish, or rust, so you can count on them for lasting beauty.

Tapered Pavé Engagement Ring

14K Yellow Gold Tapered Pave Engagement Ring
4. Yellow gold jewelry comes in varying karat counts: 14k yellow gold is more durable, making it a good choice for engagement rings.

Emerald Halo Engagement Ring

emerald halo unique yellow gold engagement rings

Winning Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Cushion Outline Pavé Engagement Ring

The nostalgic outline of a cushion shape and the classic gold metal hue strike brilliantly against a round cut diamond.

14K Yellow Gold Cushion Outline Pavé Engagement Ring

Tapered Baguette Engagement Ring

Clean and refined, this ring’s baguette cut side stones give the appearance of a band partially made of stone.

14K Yellow Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Spiral Tension Engagement Ring

Combine the timelessness of yellow gold with the modern take of tension rings to produce this unique stunner.

14K Yellow Gold Spiral Tension Set Engagement Ring

Bezel-Set Solitaire Engagement Ring

This minimalistic setting sleekly surrounds its center diamond with yellow gold luster.

14K Yellow Gold Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Three-Stone Pear Ruby Engagement Ring

Between the warm metal and romantic rubies, it doesn’t get more old hollywood than this ring.

18K Yellow Gold Three Stone Pear Shaped Ruby Engagement Ring

Antique Bezel Pavé Engagement Ring

Vintage detail at its finest: milgrain accenting and alternating mock-marquise and round diamond shapes.

14K Yellow Gold Antique Bezel And Pavé Set Engagement Ring

Ready to design your own yellow gold engagement ring? Get started.

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