How To Pick The Perfect Diamond Necklace

How To Pick The Perfect Diamond Necklace

Buying your first diamond necklace is an exciting experience. Diamond necklaces are timeless, perfect for any occasion, and are a must-have accessory for your jewelry collection. As a jewelry staple, they can be styled with just about any outfit.

There are options available at James Allen for every budget, making these accessories absolutely worth investing in. Here are our tips for picking the perfect diamond necklace.

How To Pick The Perfect Diamond Necklace

Buying A Diamond Necklace Using The 4Cs 

By understanding the 4Cs-cut, color, clarity, and carat weight-you will be able to select the perfect necklace that’s just right for you. Let’s explore each of these factors in detail:


The cut of a diamond refers to how well it interacts with light, creating sparkle and brilliance. Various options exist, from classic round cuts to fancy shapes like princess or emerald. Understanding the cut grade and its impact on a diamond’s beauty will help you make an informed choice.


Diamonds come in various colors, from colorless to fancy vivid yellows and pinks. The color grading scale ranges from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Understanding diamond color and how it affects a diamond’s appearance and value will help you make the right decision when shopping for any piece of diamond jewelry. 


Diamonds are formed under immense pressure and heat, resulting in unique internal and external characteristics called inclusions and blemishes. The clarity grade determines the presence and visibility of these imperfections. Understanding diamond clarity will enable you to balance beauty and value.

Carat Weight

Carat weight refers to the size of a diamond. While it’s tempting to equate carat weight with the overall value of a diamond, it’s important to consider the other 4Cs as well. Understanding carat weight and how it influences the appearance and cost of a diamond will help you make an informed decision.

4cs Infographic

Diamond Necklace Styles 

Whether you’re looking for a classic elegance necklace or a contemporary chic design, James Allen has a diamond necklace style for you. Diamond pendants, tennis necklaces, and diamond station necklaces each boast their own distinctive characteristics that contribute to their timeless appeal. Let’s check out each of these diamond necklace styles to learn more about them.

Diamond Pendants 

Whether you decide to wear a diamond pendant as a standalone statement piece or layered with other necklaces, their versatility ensures they’re the perfect accessory for every occasion. A timeless classic that adds a touch of sparkle and sophistication to any ensemble, diamond pendants are a definite must-have for any jewelry collection. 

Different Diamond Pendants

Tennis Necklaces 

Indulge in the glamour of our diamond tennis necklaces, where every sparkle tells a story of luxury and style. Whether you’re drawn to classic elegance or a bright pop of color, our collection offers something for everyone. Whether you opt for lab grown or a natural diamond tennis necklace, we guarantee you a sophisticated accessory that will never go out of style.

Different Styles Of Diamond Necklaces

Diamond Station Necklaces

Our feminine and delicate diamond station necklaces are subtle enough for everyday wear and glamorous enough for a special event. Loved for their versatility, our collection is crafted in white, yellow or rose gold in several different styles. Whether you’re drawn to minimalist chic or crave a touch of sparkle, our diamond station necklaces are designed to effortlessly elevate your look. 

Different Gold Metal Diamond Necklaces

How Much Does A Diamond Necklace Cost? 

The cost of a diamond necklace can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors such as the quality of the diamonds, the complexity of the design or the type of metal selected.  A basic  diamond necklace could cost a few hundred dollars, while a top of the line, customized creation with rare diamonds or gemstones can come with a heftier price tag, ranging from tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, the ultimate cost is primarily influenced by personal preferences and budget limitations. 

Understanding Diamond Necklace Settings 

Necklace settings are like the backstage crew of your favorite show, quietly holding all the glitz and glamor together while ensuring it stays dazzling on center stage. Let’s take a closer look at some of the bestselling settings we offer for our diamond pendants. 

Scallop Basket : Designed to cradle the diamond securely within its intricate framework, this setting features an elegant scallop shell design that enhances both style and durability.

Wire Basket: The slender wire prongs and rolled wire basket in this design enhance the beauty of the diamond or gemstone of your choice. 

Double Prong: The diamond is held in place with two sleek prongs, providing a balanced and elegant appearance.

Four Prong Basket Solitaire: This classic setting is popular for its elegant simplicity, allowing the beauty of the diamond to take center stage while providing secure and stylish support with its four prongs. 

Six Prong Wire Basket: Featuring a design with six delicate prongs cradling the diamond securely in an open wire basket, allowing maximum light exposure for enhanced brilliance.

Kite Set Solitaire: With its kite-shaped frame, this setting features a diamond or gemstone that offers a modern twist set in a classic solitaire setting. 

• Milgrain Bezel: This setting features a delicate border of tiny beads (milgrain) surrounding and securing the diamond in a smooth, elegant frame.

• Bezel: In a bezel pendant setting, the diamond is enclosed within a metal rim which offers protection and a contemporary look. 

• Halo: This setting features a ring of small accent stones, often pavé diamonds, that elegantly frame the diamond , creating a radiant and glamorous aesthetic. 

Diamond Pendant Settings

How To Choose The Right Chain Length For Your Diamond Necklace

When it comes to selecting the ideal chain length for your diamond necklace, there are a few elements that you should take into consideration. Some of these include, your neckline, personal style, your face shape and of course the look you’re going for.

Experimenting with different lengths allows you to find the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics, this here you will be sure that diamond necklace perfectly complements your look.

Necklace Size Chart: How To Find The Best Necklace For You

When To Buy A Diamond Necklace 

  • Wedding Anniversary: a diamond necklace is the perfect, timeless gift to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary, such as the 10th, 25th, or 50th year.
  • Push Present: A diamond necklace is a popular gift for new mothers as a “push present” to commemorate the birth of a child. Even more perfect if the baby is born in April, as the birthstone for April is diamond.
  • Birthday: a diamond necklace is the gorgeous birthday gift, especially if it’s a milestone celebration. You may want to consider this for someone turning 21, 30, 40 or 60. 
  • Mother’s Day: what more would mom want than a sparkling diamond necklace? Let her know how much you love and appreciate her with elegant diamonds, of course! 
  • Graduation: graduation from college or university or completing is a major achievement in one’s life. A diamond necklace will certainly be the ideal token to commemorate this momentous occasion.


How many carats is good for a diamond necklace? 

The ideal carat weight for a diamond necklace depends on personal preference, style, and budget. While some people may prefer smaller, delicate necklaces with diamonds under 1 carat, others may choose a bolder, statement necklace featuring diamonds that range from 1 to 5 carats.

Is it OK to wear a diamond necklace every day? 

Yes, in general it is ok to wear a diamond necklace daily, but it’s important to consider the design and setting of the necklace to ensure its durability and comfort for prolonged wear. We recommend regular maintenance, such as cleaning and occasional diamond inspections by a trusted jeweler to help keep your necklace in perfect condition.

Is 14K gold better than 18K gold for necklaces? 

Choosing between 14K and 18K gold for necklaces is a personal choice and can depend on a variety of factors such as durability, style or price. While 14K gold contains a higher alloy content and is more durable, 18K gold offers a richer color and higher purity, making it more valuable. If you are unsure whether to choose 14K or 18K, we recommend that you do further research so that you fully understand the differences.



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