Hawaii Proposal

Hawaii Bound – Donald & Alexis’ Engagement Story

Hawaii Engagement

A Hawaii Engagement Story

How do you plan a proposal to someone who never gets surprised? That’s the question which Donald had when he was brainstorming proposal ideas.

Turns out the answer lay in their ordinary daily life during a lazy summer day in their backyard.

Take a look at their romantic Hawaii engagement story.

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Donald & Alexis from Kailua, Hawaii

Donald was at a loss for extravagant ideas that would catch his girlfriend Alexis off-guard. As she was usually the one who planned things in their relationship, he couldn’t take her away to somewhere special without her expecting a proposal.

He ended up deciding on something simple and utterly romantic, involving their future plans. Sometimes the simplest things are the sweetest. Donald and Alexis were planning to move to beautiful Kailua, Hawaii, which gave him the perfect idea…

Inviting her to sit outside in the summer sun, he casually brought the Hawaii Lonely Planet book with him. He told her to open the travel book to Kailua, their future home. When she did, she saw that he had carved out a section in the Kailua chapter and placed the sparkling James Allen ring inside the carefully cut-out section. The four most beautiful words “Will you marry me?” adorned the page, along with the adventures that were to come.

Taken aback, of course Alexis said “YES!” The happily engaged couple is now “living the dream” in Hawaii.

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Romantic Proposal

Alexis’s Ring:

white gold carat french cut pave diamond engagement ring

Check out the ring in 360° HD

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