split shank engagement ring with marquise diamond

Give Shanks with a Split Shank Engagement Ring

Join some of our favorite celebs in “putting on the splits” with a super-trendy split shank engagement ring.

14K White Gold Split Shank Ribbon Engagement Ring

Throughout history, many things have been split: the atom, the banana, the dinner bill (if you’re the progressive type). But perhaps none so exquisitely as the split shank engagement ring – one of 2017’s hottest jewelry trends. Named for its unique open design, this ring style is distinguished by a band that splits apart as it reaches the center stone. Depending on the stone’s shape and carat size, the shank can be split into two, three, or four strands that are either spaced apart, twisted, or woven. This creates an opening that elegantly frames the center diamond or gemstone, making it really stand out. If there is a more perfect metaphor for two lovers opening their hearts to one another, we haven’t seen it!

Rings with Benefits: The Split Shank Engagement Ring

If you’re still divided over whether a split shank engagement ring is right for you, the following benefits might help you decide.

  1. Pavé-set diamonds along the shanks reflect onto the center stone, making it appear significantly bigger, not to mention more beautiful.
  1. The split shanks provide additional support to the center stone, for a more secure and comfortable setting. This is especially important when worn for extended periods.
  2. Split shank engagement rings are available in various designs, each offering a uniquely glamorous look and feel.

Celebrity Swank: The Split Shank Engagement Ring

A favorite among the glitterati, split shank engagement rings have been spotted on a number of famous fingers. A-listers Hayden Panettiere, Beyoncé, and Paris Hilton have all been seen putting on the splits.

Step into the Ring

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere is the proud owner of a split shank ring, given to her by boxer boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko. The ring sports a 6-carat emerald cut diamond that really packs a punch! Don’t have $500,000 to blow on a ring? This James Allen pavé set, diamond-encrusted split shank engagement ring bears a striking resemblance and costs significantly less. It features the perfect balance and proportions to showcase the emerald cut center stone.

Check out Hayden Panettiere's 14K Yellow Gold Emerald Shape Split Shank Engagement Ring

Beyoncé YES!

Jay-Z clearly liked it, judging by the $5 million split shank engagement ring he put on it. Beyoncé’s no stranger to the spotlight, but in 2008, it was her extravagant 18-carat emerald cut sparkler, beautifully accented with micro-pavé diamonds, that took center stage.

If you’re as Crazy in Love with her ring as we are, you’ll be obsessed with this James Allen lookalike, which features a rounded crossover band with pavé diamonds and an integrated basket designed to securely display the center stone.

Check out Beyoncé's 14K White Gold Twisted Pave Shank Contemporary Diamond Engagement Ring

Split Heirs

Socialite Paris Hilton recently got engaged to boyfriend Chris Zylka, who presented her with a split shank engagement ring complete with a massive pear-shaped diamond. Now, that’s hot! Snag the look with this James Allen split shank halo engagement ring, which features a pavé undergallery and stunning pavé halo. It’s bound to be your New BFF.

For more practical (and affordable) lookalikes, read our Paris Hilton-inspired blog post.

Check out Paris Hilton's 14K White Gold Round Split Band Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

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