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How to Measure Ring Size

How to Measure Ring Size

So you’ve decided to pop the question? Congrats! The hardest step in proposing is making the decision to do it. Now it’s time to start planning. It all begins with the perfect engagement ring, of course! That’s a whole journey in itself, which we’ll prepare you for in future posts. But first, let’s get started with the basics – finding her engagement ring size. Before you can design her ring, you’ve got to know which size to choose.


It’s actually easier than you think. You can even do it online with our free online ring sizer. Alternatively, you can request a free plastic ring sizer that will be delivered to your home. No matter what, rest assured that your engagement ring can be resized for free within 60 days of your purchase.

If you’re buying the engagement ring as a surprise, choose one of these options:

1. If you don’t know your girlfriend’s ring size, ask her close friends or family members. Tell them to keep it hush-hush so that they don’t accidentally ruin the surprise!

How to Find Her Engagement Ring Size

2. Go into her jewelry box and sneakily borrow one of her rings (make sure it’s from the correct ring finger!) and use James Allen’s online or plastic engagement ring sizer to determine the ring’s size. Try to take a ring she doesn’t wear too often so she won’t notice it’s missing.

3. Find a ring of hers (like in option 2) and place it on a sheet of paper. Trace around the inner part of the ring. Bring the paper to a local jeweler so they can determine what her size is.

4. Take a bar of soap and press the ring into it until the shape of her ring is formed in the soap. Bring the soap to a local jeweler. Make sure not to use a ring with a lot of detail, so that soap doesn’t get stuck in the crevices.

How to Find Her Engagement Ring Size

5. This one’s for heavy-sleepers only! When she’s fast asleep, take a piece of string and measure around her ring finger. Cut the string so that you can take it to a local jeweler who can help you determine her ring size. Make sure not to pull the string too tight.

How to Find Her Engagement Ring Size

Watch to see how to find her engagement ring size!

Ladies – If you’re finding your own engagement ring size:

1. Measure your finger at the end of the day, as your fingers tend to be warmer and larger at the day’s end.

2. Measure several times to make sure your calculations are accurate.



We hope this was helpful! For more information regarding ring sizing, feel free to contact our Customer Support team. We are available and happy to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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