Engraved Rings: Make a Personalized Gift Special

An engraved ring with a personalized message is the ultimate way to create a unique and thoughtful sentiment. From marking your wedding ring with a message just between you and your spouse or seeing a special message on your engagement ring when you say yes, personalized rings are always in style. 

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What to Consider Before You Engrave Your Ring

Most importantly, when personalizing a ring with an engraving, you want to consider the message. Remember to keep it short, at James Allen, we have a limit of 20 characters using letters or numbers. Also, stick to a block text or cursive script so your message is easy to read.

And of course, make it meaningful, this is something the wearer will see every time they wear it, everyday if it’s an engagement or wedding ring. So make sure the message, like your love, is timeless.

Engraved Rings

Engraved rings are the easiest romantic gesture you may ever make (or receive!). Not only is it reasonably easy to customize your engagement ring or wedding ring with an engraving, but it’s affordable too. 

If shopping with us, simply choose the “+Add free inscription” option at checkout, enter the text, choose the font, preview the inscription, and voilà! And the cost? At James Allen, engraving your ring is free at checkout, while many jewelers and retailers charge a small fee for engraving.

14K Rose Gold Petite Pavé Cathedral Engagement Ring

Perhaps you and your partner have an inside joke you want to be engraved on your wedding rings. Or you’d like to add a personal touch but have no idea where to start? That’s where we come in.

We have plenty of romantic, funny, and traditional ideas to share with you, as well as some helpful facts and tips about engraved rings. Read on to learn more and get inspired. 

Engraved Engagement Rings

Planning a proposal is one thing, but gifting your love with a custom ring will take the touching moment to a whole new level. When engraving engagement rings, sentiment plays a huge role, but so does personality. The message is truly yours, so skies are the limit!

Dare to be cute, funny, and even a little cheesy! Your proposal is sure to be a happy and memorable occasion, so use this opportunity to make sure the inscription you choose adds to the laughs, smiles, and happy tears. 

14K Yellow Gold Three Stone Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Here are some romantic and funny ideas for engagement ring engravings, and of course, these messages work on engraved wedding bands too:

Romantic Engravings For Rings:

  • I love you 
  • Yours forever 
  • My one and only
  • Keeper of my heart
  • All my love
  • Always and forever 
  • Love you more 

Funny Engravings for Rings:

  • Resistance is futile 
  • Non-refundable 
  • Dibs
  • Do not remove 
  • Finders keepers 
  • The better half 
  • Finally

Our tip: keep the engraving a secret (if your partner has helped you pick out or design the engagement ring, this will make the reveal so much sweeter).

Engraved Wedding Rings

Wedding rings, are another symbol of your love, the ring that you are your partner says “I do” too is another great opportunity for customization. Make it personal with a special message.

Once again, you have lots of options. Choose an inscription to compliment your engagement ring engraving, go for something romantic that tugs on the heartstrings, make it funny – like an inside joke or funny nickname, or add your wedding date. You’ll certainly never forget your anniversary now!

14K Yellow Gold 3mm Traditional Slightly Curved Wedding Ring

A few traditional options: 

  • Your wedding location 
  • Pet name or nickname
  • A line from your wedding song 
  • A line from a poem you both love 
  • A Bible verse 
  • The date of your wedding
  • The date you first met  
  • Your initials 
  • Mr & Mrs _____
  • Split message; you will be one half of a whole, after all! 

Our tip: take your time to choose the perfect engraving for your wedding ring. Whether working with your partner to do a split message, using a combination of ideas you both like, or making it a surprise, make sure it is timeless.

Engraved Anniversary Rings

Celebrate your anniversary with a stunning anniversary ring. These beautiful rings celebrating the anniversary of the day you said yes to forever, are another great opportunity to send a personal message. Add a custom message and make this milestone truly memorable.

  • The date of your honeymoon 
  • The initials of your children 
  • The dates of your child/children’s birthdays 
  • The number of years you’ve been together 
  • A special phrase that represents you two 
  • A sentimental quote such as: “still going strong” or “more beautiful today” 
14K White Gold Seven Stone Low Dome Basket Lab Grown Diamond Anniversary Ring (0.50 CTW - F-G / VS2-SI1)

Our tip: we know it’s not always easy to think of a suitable inscription, luckily it can always be added in the future. 

Traditionally, engravings are done by machines that use a diamond tip instrument and a clamping technique. The introduction of the latest technology, laser engravings, engravings on your wedding, anniversary, or engagement ring are clearer than ever. 

What Is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is performed using a machine equipped with a pencil-like laser that a person or artist controls. A laser beam allows the device to trace words, images, symbols, and patterns, to create the perfect custom engraved rings. Laser engraving can be done on just about any surface and works on all precious and alternative metals. 

Fun fact: laser engraving is different from machine engraving, as it allows for more accurate engravings with clear-cut and deeper lines. Plus, it’s not limited to any particular font.

Why Is Laser Engraving Easier To Read?

Laser engraving is much easier to read than machine engraving because it has a higher precision rate. It doesn’t chip away at the metal and there is no wear and tear from tool usage because it’s a laser. 

The laser burns the metal, turning the messaging or imagery darker, making it easier to read. The laser is also more detail-driven and can produce the tiniest features, making engraved rings all the more appealing. 

Will the Engraving Scratch off?

Our rings go through natural erosion the longer we wear them. Your ring may need to be polished and mended for damage or breakage. The tougher your lifestyle, the more strain your ring will take long-term. 

While most people choose to engrave the inside of the ring, if you’re planning to make a personalized engraving on the outside of your ring, you are more likely to need the engraving redone. At the end of the day, the permanence of the engraving relies heavily on the durability of the metal itself.

Opt for stronger metals like tungsten or platinum when engraving on the ring’s exterior, as softer metals, like white gold, are more vulnerable to chips and scratches. 

If you choose to engrave the inside of your band, it is likely never to wear away or become scratched, no matter the ring metal. 

What’s the Cost for Engraving?

Wedding bands are the most popular jewelry to personalize with laser engraved messages and details. Jewelers and retailers have varying fees for engraving a ring, depending on a few things, mainly the number of characters.

Here at James Allen, our customers can opt for a free engraving at checkout! We offer you the choice between block or script fonts, and a message of up to 20 characters. You choose the engraving and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Pro tip: choose the block font if your band is less than 2mm thick. 


Can I engrave on any metal?

The ability to engrave on a specific metal depends on its hardness and the engraving method used. Common metals like gold, platinum, and silver are generally suitable for engraving, as they are relatively soft and can be engraved using various techniques, including hand engraving and laser engraving.

Can I get a ring engraved after I’ve purchased it?

Yes, you can usually get a ring engraved after purchasing it, even if it wasn’t originally engraved. Many jewelers offer engraving services and they can add the engraving to your ring.

Is there a limit to the number of characters I can engrave on a ring?

Yes, ring engravings typically have a character limit, usually ranging from 20 to 30 characters, including spaces. It’s important to check with your chosen jeweler for their specific limitations. Keep in mind that shorter engravings may be easier to read and more visually appealing on smaller ring bands.

What is the cost of engraving an engagement ring?

Engraving an engagement ring typically costs between $50 and $200, depending on various factors, such as the complexity of the design, the number of characters, and the jeweler you choose. Simple text engravings are usually less expensive, while intricate designs or custom fonts may cost more.

Keep Us In Mind

Here at James Allen, we want to do everything we can to make all your experiences special. That’s why our amazing customer service team of non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts are here to help you 24/7. From choosing the ring and diamond or gemstone, to adding a custom engraving, there’s no question to big or small. We’re here to make you sparkle, not stress.


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