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Couples Take the BuzzFeed Engagement Ring Challenge

engagement rings
couples take the buzzfeed challenge

The Engagement Ring – to Surprise or Not to Surprise

Proposals are still, much more often than not, a surprise. The engagement ring, however, does not need to be. Today, many couples are opting to choose the engagement ring together, and they venture into the ring buying process as a team. Perhaps it’s because women are stronger and fiercer than ever today, and they want to speak their minds and say what exactly they want. Or maybe too many women had been disappointed in the past, receiving a ring that needed to be exchanged for another ring more to their liking and society learned its lesson that the ring could be chosen together by both partners. Of course, there is a certain timeless romance in having no idea what’s to come and being completely surprised by both the ring and the proposal. Usually any ring that’s received is adored, as it’s a symbol much more than a material thing. It’s really up to the couple and their particular personalities.

There are several factors to consider:

If you’re the one proposing:

How well do you know your girlfriend’s ring style? Do you think she would be happy with a complete surprise, or has she hinted at her ring preferences? Maybe ask her best friend what they think.

If you’re the one being proposed to:

Do you have a particular setting in mind, or are you open to whatever your fiancé-to-be chooses for you? Do you want the ring to be a surprise, or does the idea of not loving it worry you? If the thought concerns you and you’d like to go ring shopping together, just tell your significant other straight out. You’ll still be surprised by the proposal!

Take a look at this BuzzFeed video of couples who try to design their partners’ dream rings, and decide for yourself if you’d like the ring to be a total surprise or if you’d prefer for it to be a joint effort.

Couples Take the Engagement Ring Challenge

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