Princess Cut Engagement Rings: The Ultimate Guide

Give her a ring she will love and make her feel like the princess you know she is with a princess cut diamond engagement ring. This ring is beloved by so many for so many reasons. Read on to find out why your fiancée needs…and will love, a princess cut diamond engagement ring.

Princess cut engagement ring

Are you thinking of getting a princess cut engagement ring for your partner? Finding the perfect engagement ring can be an intimidating process, from deciding on the metal to choosing the perfect diamond.

Below we will guide you through the various factors to consider when buying a princess cut engagement ring so you can find both the best ring for your partner and something they are sure to love forever.

What Is A Princess Cut Diamond?

First things first, what IS a princess cut diamond? The princess cut diamond is one of the most popular diamond shapes available today. It is a square cut diamond with pointed corners and has a distinctive sparkle and brilliance. The princess cut was originally developed in the 1960s and has since become a stunning fancy shape and top choice for engagement rings and other jewelry. 

The princess cut diamond is renowned for its brilliance and light reflection and is often chosen thanks to its geometric shape. It can be cut in different sizes including 0.50 carats up to 3 carats, and combines seamlessly and stylishly with other cuts including round, cushion, emerald, and marquise. 

Overall, the princess cut diamond is a timeless and stylish choice that will continue to be a favorite for many years to come. 

What Does A Princess Cut Diamond Symbolize?

A princess cut diamond is often seen as a symbol of everlasting love and commitment, making it a great choice for an engagement ring. What better cut for a ring your love will love than a diamond that symbolizes love? (Say THAT three times fast!) The cut of the diamond is square and is designed to maximize its sparkle and brilliance. 

For many people, the princess cut diamond symbolizes a relationship that is strong, powerful, and timeless. It is a reminder that love can last through any obstacles or hardships, just like how the diamond itself is able to withstand the pressures of a tough cut.

This cut is also a symbol of luxury and opulence, as princess cut diamonds are often seen as one of the most valuable and sought after diamond cuts. Whatever the reason, a princess cut diamond is widely viewed as a symbol of beauty, love, and commitment.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Metal Types 

When choosing your princess cut diamond engagement ring, the first thing to consider is the metal. The most popular metals for engagement rings are gold, platinum, and palladium. Each metal has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Gold is the most popular metal for engagement rings because it is affordable, easy to work with, and offers color options: yellow, white, or rose. Platinum carries a higher price point, but it is accompanied by its high durability, and it’s hypoallergenic. 

The 4Cs

The next thing to consider is the diamond itself. Princess cut diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings because they are a very versatile cut. They look fabulous in a simple yet stunning solitaire ring but also look great surrounded by rows of multiple diamonds if your bride-to-be prefers a glitzier look.

When choosing a diamond, you need to consider the 4 Cs: carat, clarity, color, and cut. Let’s break those down briefly:

4Cs of diamonds

Carat is a measure of the diamond’s weight and is one of the most important factors in determining the price of the diamond. 

Clarity is a measure of inclusions in the diamond. The fewer inclusions, the more expensive the diamond will be. 

Color is a measure of the diamond’s color on a scale from D (no color detected) to Z (a yellowish color). The more colorless the diamond, the more expensive it will be. 

Cut is a measure of how well the diamond has been cut and includes height, depth, angles, and other factors. A well cut diamond will be more expensive than a poorly cut diamond.

Keep all of these factors in mind when shopping for your princess cut diamond engagement ring and you will be sure to find the perfect ring for your perfect partner.

Pros And Cons of Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are one of the most popular choices for diamond engagement rings and for good reason! The princess cut is a square shaped diamond with pointed corners that gives it a modern and elegant look. Although the princess cut is beautiful, it is important to understand both the pros and cons before making a purchase.

Let’s start with the pros. The main advantage of the princess cut is that it is highly versatile and looks great in a wide variety of settings and styles. The cut also maximizes the brilliance of a diamond and gives it a unique sparkle.

On the other hand, the princess cut is more expensive than other fancy cut diamonds (but less expensive than the also very popular round diamond). They are also more prone to chipping and breakage than other diamond cuts. The pointed corners also mean that the diamond will require more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

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Overall, the princess cut is a beautiful and timeless diamond choice that will look stunning in just about any setting. But remember, it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making such a substantial purchase.

Princess cut engagement ring size guide

The Best Ring Settings For Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are one of the most sought after shapes for engagement rings for so many reasons, chief among them, they look great in a wide variety of settings. For those looking for a classic style, the solitaire setting is always a safe bet. This timeless design features the diamond on its own and is the perfect choice if you want to show off the diamond’s unique shape and sparkle. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, the tension setting is an excellent choice. This setting creates an illusion of the diamond floating in mid-air and is sure to stand out from the crowd.

The bezel setting is a metal band that encircles the diamond and holds it securely in place, safeguarding it from chipping. This setting is ideal for those who want a more secure option that won’t snag on clothing. 

Finally, there is the halo setting, which features a ring of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone. This style is perfect for those who want an eye-catching look that maximizes the sparkle of the diamond.

Perfectly Princess

Finding “the one” is hard enough, finding “the ring” doesn’t have to be! Whether your love prefers the elegance of a solitaire or the sparkle of a heavenly halo, has the perfect setting for your princess cut diamond to ensure you get the diamond engagement ring of your dreams, and more importantly, your partners.

Browse our selection today and get ready to hear the best three letters in the English language!


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